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Full text of "British manuscripts project; a checklist of the microfilms prepared in England and Wales for the American Council of Learned Societies, 1941-1945"

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Y * 

* ** S S 


^ CHECKLIST of the 

Microfilms Prepared in England and Wales for the 
American Council of Learned Societies 




44»-*T x L y 




^ CHECKLIST of the 

Microfilms Prepared in England and Wales for the 
American Council of Learned Societies 


1941-1945 I 

Compiled by LESTER K. BORN 
Coordinator of Microreproduction Projects 



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L. C. Card 55-60041 

Table of Contents 






Foreword vii 

Introduction ix 

Annex A — Preliminary Memorandum . . . xiv 
Parti: Checklist 1 


hem Nos. 
Bath, Marquises of. Library, Longleat. 

Coventry papers 1-79 

Devereux papers 80-89 

Dudley papers 90-92 


Bedford, Dukes of. Library. 
Manuscripts 93 


British Museum. Department of Manu- 

Additional Mss 94-540 

Additional Charters 541-543 

Arundel 544-549 

Class Catalogue of Mss 550-662 

Cotton Appendix 663-694 

Cotton Augustus 695-696 

Cotton Caligula 697-742 

Cotton Claudius 743-783 

Cotton Cleopatra 784-814 

Cotton Domitian 815-821 

Cotton Faustina 822-873 

Cotton Fragments 874 

Cotton Galba 875-924 

Cotton Julius 925-968 

Cotton Nero 969-A12 

Cotton Otho A13-A64 

Cotton Tiberius A65-A114 

Cotton Titus A115-A213 

Cotton Vespasian A214-A318 

Cotton Vitellius A319-A408 

Egerton A409-A440 

Hargrave A441 


British Museum, etc. — Continued Item Nos. 

Harley A442-A544 

Lansdowne A545-A550 

Royal A551-A557 

Sloane A558-A645 

Stowe A646 

British Museum. Department of Printed 

Thomason Collection A647-A674 


Cambridge. University. Library. 

Additional Mss A675-B235 

B B236-B247 

C B248-B269 

D B270-B291 

DD B292-B480 

E B481-B501 

EE B502-B538 

F B539-B605 

FF B606-B665 

G B666-B689 

GG B690-B750 

H B751-B771 

HH B772-B794 

I B795-B805 

II B806-B837 

J B838-B862 

K B863-B870 

KK B871-B896 

L B897-B901 

LL B902-B952 

M . . . B953-B954 

MM B955-B981 

N B982-B987 

NN B988-B995 

O B996-C3 

OO C4-C72 

P C73-C107 

Q C108-C113 

QQ C114-C386 

R C387-C391 


C AMBRI DGE— Cont inued 

Cambridge. University, etc. — Con. Item Nos. 

S C392-C401 

T C402-C406 

U C407-C417 

V C418-C511 

W . C512-C521 

X C522-C535 

Y C536-C546 

Z C546 bis 

Supernumerary Mss C547-C553 

Cambridge. University. Christ's College. 

Manuscripts C554 

Cambridge. University. Emmanuel College. 

Manuscripts C555-C566 

Cambridge. University. Fitzwilliam 

Manuscripts C567-C58& 

McClean C589-C627 

Marlay C628-C629 

Cambridge. University. Gonville and Caius 
Manuscripts C630-C676 

Cambridge. University. Jesus College. 

Manuscripts C677-C690 

Cambridge. University. Newnham College. 

Manuscripts C691 

Cambridge. University. Pembroke College. 

Manuscripts C692-C770 

Later manuscripts C771 

Cambridge. University. Peterhouse. 

Manuscripts C772-C782 

Cambridge. University. Queen's College. 

Manuscripts C783-C785 

Cambridge. University. St. Catherine's Col- 
Manuscripts C786-C787 

Cambridge. University. St. John's College. 

Manuscripts C788-C935 

Cambridge. University. Sidney Sussex Col- 
Manuscripts C936-C956 

Cambridge. University. Trinity College. 

Manuscripts C957-D100 

Cambridge. University. Trinity Hall. 

Manuscripts D101-D102 


Eton College. Library. 
Manuscripts . . . . 


Item Nos. 
. D187 

Carolina . . . 
North Carolina 
South Carolina 
Georgia . . . 
Maryland . . 
New Hampshire see 

New Jersey . 
New York 

Great Britain. Public Record Office. 
Admiralty . . 
Colonial Office. 
Colonial Office. 
Colonial Office. 
Colonial Office. 
Colonial Office. 
Colonial Office. 
Colonial Office. 

Colonial Office. 
Colonial Office. 
Colonial Office. 

Foreign Office 

Home Office. Disturbances 
Home Office. Domestic . 
Special Collections . . . 

Star Chamber 

Treasury. American Loyalist Claims 
War Office. Amherst Papers . . . . 






Leicester, Earls of. Library (Holkham Hall). 

Deeds E679-E687 

Manuscripts E688-E881 

Miscellaneous E882-E892 

Billingford Court Rolls E893-E902 

Burnham Court Rolls E903-E909 

Castleacre Court Rolls E910-E926 

Creake Court Rolls E927-E929 

Dunton Court Rolls E930-E933 

Elmham Court Rolls E934-E935 

Fulmodestone Court Rolls E936-E943 

Holkham Court Rolls E944-E977 

Longham Court Rolls E978-E982 

Massingham Court Rolls E983-E985 

Tittleshall Court Rolls E986-F9 

Warham Court Rolls F10-F17 

Wellingham Court Rolls F18-F25 

Wells Court Rolls F26-F61 

West Lexham Court Rolls F62-F69 

Wighton Court Rolls F70-F71 

Downshire, Marquesses of 
Trumbull manuscripts . 




Lincoln Cathedral 





Middleton, Barons of. Library (Birdsall 

House). Item Nos. 

Manuscripts F73-F207 


London. Royal College of Music. 

Manuscripts " F208-F213 

Singer, Dorothea (Waley). Bibliography. 

Manuscripts F214 

Imprints F215-F216 

Smith, Vernon. 

Manuscripts F217-F218 

Victoria and Albert Museum. Library. 

Catalogs F219F232 


Northumberland, Dukes of. Library (Alnwick 
Manuscripts F233-F483 

Northumberland, Dukes of. Library (Syon 

C F484-F526 

E F527-F565 

L F566-F578 

O F579-F612 

P F613-F622 

Q F623-F645 

R F646-F683 

U F684-F900 

W F9O1-F910 

Y F911-F950 


Oxford. University. Bodleian Library. 

Additional Mss F951-F977 

Archivum Seldenianum F978-F982 

Ashmole F983-G42 

Auctarium G43-G45 

Ballard G46-G48 

Bodley G49-G158 

Bodley Rolls G159-G160 

Canonici G161-G171 

Carte G172-G174 

Clarendon G175-G265 

Digby G266-G288 

D*Orville G289-G290 

Douce G291-G361 

English Bibles G362-G363 

English History G364-G366 

OXFORD— Continued 

Oxford. University, etc. — Continued Item Nos. 

English Miscellaneous G367 

English Poetry G368-G375 

English Theology G376-G379 

Fairfax G379£/'j-G387 

Gough Ecclesiastical Topography . . G388-G389 

Greaves G390-G394 

Hatton G395-G416 

James G417-G418 

Junius G419-G440 

Latin Liturgies G441 

Latin Miscellaneous G442 

Laud Greek G443 

Laud Miscellaneous G444 G505 

Liturgical Mss G506 

e Musaeo G507-G519 

Music G520 

Rawlinson G521-G772 

Rawlinson Liturgical G773-G775 

Rawlinson Poetry G776-G801 

Sancroft G802-G941 

Selden Supra G942-G952 

Tanner G953-H399 

Topography H400 

Unidentified H401 


De ITsle and Dudley, Barons of. Library. 

Penshurst Deeds H402-H420 

Penshurst Muniments H421-J518 

Robertsbridge Deeds J519-K152 

Sidney Deeds K153-K191 

Tattershall Deeds K192-K213 


Sackville, Barons of. Library (Knole Park). 

Papers K214-K347 


Wales. National Library. 

AberdarMss K348-K349 

Additional Mss K350-K835 

Carreglwyd Papers, Series I K836 K843 

Cwrt Mawr K844K897 

Evans Ms K898 

Llanstephan Mss K899-L99 

Merthyr Tydvil Mss L100 

Mostyn L101-L161 

Panton L162 L263 

Peniarth L264 L77S 

WALES— Continued 

Wales. Library, etc.- — Continued Item No. 

Puleston Documents L779-L815 

Puleston Mss L816-L843 

Wrexham L844 

Parti: Supplement page 144 

Oxford. University. Bodleian Library. 

Carte Mss L845 

Northumberland, Dukes of. Library (Syon 

D L846-L848 

K L849-L884 


Oxford. University. Balliol College. 

Manuscripts L885 

Oxford. University. Bodleian Library. 

Additional Mss L886-L888 

Ashmole L889 

COLOR FILM— Continued 

Oxford, University, etc — Continued Item No. 

Barocci L890-L891 

Bodley L892-L893 

Buchanan L894 

Canonici Greek L895 L896 

Canonici Liturgical L897L899 

Canonici Miscellaneous L900-L901 

Douce L902 

E. D. Clarke L903 

Latin Theology L904 

Laud Latin L905 

Laud Miscellaneous . . . L906-L907 

E Musaeo L908-L909 

Roe L910 

Selden Supra L911 

Oxford. University. New College. 

Manuscripts L912 

Part II: Index page 147 



The purpose of this Checklist, prepared in the Processing Department of the Library 
of Congress, is to make generally known the contents of the 2,652 reels of microfilm 
containing reproductions of nearly five million pages of manuscript and, in a few 
instances, rare printed materials found in some of the major public and private col- 
lections of England and Wales. The films were made in 1941-45 for the American 
Council of Learned Societies and have been given to the Library of Congress. The 
Project was made possible by a substantial grant from the Rockefeller Foundation, 
by the effective collaboration of many American scholars representing the various 
fields of knowledge, by the generous cooperation of British custodians of collections, 
and by the technical services of University Microfilms, Inc. The inception of the 
Project, the progress of the microfilming operation, the cataloging and servicing of 
the films, and the methods followed in the compilation of the Checklist are described 
in the Introduction which follows. 

Copies of the films are available for purchase at the cost of the positive prints, 
which may be ordered from the Photoduplication Service, Library of Congress, 
Washington 25, D. C. 

The American Council of Learned Societies and the Library of Congress are 
gratified to have been able to participate in making available these source materials 
for the study of the arts, sciences, social sciences, and the common heritage of man. 
They are grateful for the cooperation of all those who have made possible this 
contribution to learning. 

Mortimer Graves, Executive Director, American Council of Learned Societies 
Waldo G. Leland, Director Emeritus, American Council of Learned Societies 

L. Quincy Mumford, Librarian of Congress 



The extensive microfilming operation which has 
become officially known in the Library of Congress 
as "American Council of Learned Societies, British 
Manuscripts Project" was undertaken in 1941 by the 
American Council of Learned Societies, in cooperation 
with the Library of Congress, with the substantial 
financial support of the Rockefeller Foundation sup- 
plemented in the final stages of the project by funds 
of the Library of Congress. The purpose of the pro- 
ject was two-fold: (1) to preserve from the hazards of 
warfare the content of valuable historical, scientific, 
and literary manuscripts in British repositories, and 
(2) to provide American scholars with important 
materials for research. The Checklist is the final stage 
in that project. This Introduction, therefore, is both 
a report upon the inception and course of the project 
and an explanation of the methods employed in prep- 
aration of the Checklist. 

Early in 1940, after consultation with officers of the 
Library of Congress and other interested persons, and 
with the encouragement of the Rockefeller Founda- 
tion, the American Council of Learned Societies de- 
cided to convene a conference of scholars, scientists, 
librarians, archivists, and technicians for consider- 
ation of a number of problems connected with micro- 
copying research materials in foreign repositories. 
Although it was the state of war in Europe that had 
given impetus to the decision and that gave a sense 
of urgency to the discussions, many of the topics 
placed upon the agenda were basic to an understanding 
of the applicability of recent technological develop- 
ments to the requirements of scholars, and many 
others were of universal applicability to all long- 
range planning in acquisition and preservation of 
research materials as well as to the dissemination of 
information concerning their availability. 

A Preliminary Memorandum dated May 7, 1940, 
reproduced as Annex A to this Introduction, which 
set forth the purpose of the conference and the reasons 
for calling it, was sent to some 50 persons who were 
asked for suggestions and comments. The responses, 
received at a speed and on a scale which gave com- 
pelling evidence of the wide interest in the subject, 

were communicated in advance of the meeting to those 
50 persons who were invited to participate in the 
conference. 1 

The Conference on Microcopying Research Ma- 
terials in Foreign Depositories met, under the co- 
chairmanship of Dr. Waldo G. Leland, then Director 
of the American Council of Learned Societies, and 
Dr. Harry M. Lydenberg, then Director of the New 
York Public Library, for three sessions on June 5 and 
6, 1940, to discuss six major topics. 2 

a. Existing agencies, facilities, and plans. 

b. Technical problems. 

c. General problems in the light of existing con- 


d. Selection of materials. 

e. Organization, direction, and support of copy- 

ing operations. 

f. Receipt, storage, and servicing of materials. 

Some of the needs recognized have been filled over 
the years, some immediately and others only after a 
long period of development. For example, the lack 
of a central record of microfilming projects — in the 
planning stage, in progress, and completed — was not 
remedied until 1949, when the Microfilming Clearing 
House (with its Bulletin) was created in the National 
Union Catalog. The need for the systematic catalog- 
ing of manuscripts, which led to the investigation 
and authoritative discussion of the matter at the be- 
hest of the American Council of Learned Societies in 

1 This corpus of constructive thought, which fills nearly 50 mimeo- 
graphed pages, unfortunately was not included on the microfilm 
which reproduced the typewritten transcript of the conference: 
American Council of Learned Societies. Proceedings, Conference 
on Microcopying Research Materials in Foreign Depositories, June 
5-6, 1940, Washington, D. C. iii, 289 p. The Library of Congress 
has the original files, a positive microfilm of them, and an index of 
the transcript on approximately 1,000 cards. 

2 The Proceedings were summarized in a 10-page report by the 
Recorder, Dr. Vernon D. Tate (then Chief of the Division of Photo- 
graphic Reproduction and Research in the National Archives), 
Director of Libraries at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 
The original of this and other unpublished reports mentioned in 
this Introduction are in the files of the Library of Congress. 


1942, 3 is only now being made possible by the prepara- 
tion of the preliminary edition of Rules for Descriptive 
Cataloging in the Library of Congress: Manuscripts. On 
the other hand, the data upon which to plan an 
extensive microfilm project, as well as specific plans 
for its organization, direction, and execution were 
provided promptly by the continuation committee of 
the conference. 

The Committee on Microcopying Materials for 
Research, as the continuation committee of the Con- 
ference came to be called, set to work with vigor. 
Dr. Keyes D. Metcalf, Director of Harvard University 
Library, was chairman of the Committee, 4 and Dr. 
Herbert A. Kellar (then Director of the McCormick 
Historical Association and Chairman of the American 
Historical Association's Committee on Research 
Materials), Coordinator of the McCormick Collection, 
State Historical Society of Wisconsin, was chairman 
of the Subcommittee on Selection of Materials. 5 This 
phase of the "follow-up" has been vividly presented 
in the Report of the Subcommittee on Selection of 
Materials from which several paragraphs have been 
quoted (with certain liberties) immediately below. 

"In order to explore the magnitude of our task, 
particularly for the emergency program, Dr. Leland 
suggested that it would be desirable to ascertain in 
detail what important source materials were not 
available in this country, and where these were located 
abroad. Further, he believed that we ought to have 
this information as soon as possible. . . . The re- 
sponsibility was accepted and work begun at once. 
The first task was the preparation of a list of individ- 
uals who were intimately acquainted with the records 
in Europe and elsewhere. ... A letter was then 
drawn up and sent to some 400 individuals requesting 
descriptive data about foreign sources: names of col- 
lections, their content, volume, location and, if 
known, catalog numbers. 

"Each letter was four pages in length and individ- 
ually typed and signed. Mailed from Chicago on 

3 W. J. Wilson, "Manuscripts in Microfilm," Library Quarterly 
13: 212-226; 293-309 (1943). 

4 The original members of the Committee were, in addition to the 
chairman, D. H. Daugherty (American Council of Learned Societies), 
secretary; Herbert A. Kellar; Harry M. Lydenberg; Archibald Mac- 
Leish (then Librarian of Congress) ; George A. Schwegmann, Jr. 
(Library of Congress); Irvin Stewart (Committee on Scientific Aids 
to Learning); and Vernon D. Tate. Luther H. Evans replaced Mr. 
MacLeish on the Committee when he succeeded him as Librarian 
of Congress. 

5 The original members of the Subcommittee were, in addition to 
the chairman, G. W. Cottrell, Jr. (Mediaeval Academy of America); 
and Percy W. Long (Modern Language Association of America). 
Charles C. D. Miller later replaced Mr. Cottrell as the representative 
of the Mediaeval Academy. 

June 26, just 3 weeks to the day from Dr. Leland's 
request, these letters brought astonishing returns. . . . 
Spurred by the emotional tension caused by daily 
disastrous reports from the war zone, scholars every- 
where responded with alacrity, and an 80 percent 
return came in very shortly. Eventually the return 
rose to 90 percent. This is the more remarkable 
because the letter went out at a poor time, just at the 
end of the academic year, when many had already 
departed upon vacations, to teach, or to do research 
in other localities. 

"As the mail poured in, offering a bewildering 
wealth of information about various collections 
located in a number of countries, it soon became 
apparent that, in order to be able to make a report 
within a reasonable period, a final date for receiving 
replies would have to be established. This was set 
for the end of August. . . . Separate notes were made 
for each collection cited in a letter, and these were 
assembled according to a form which was prepared 
for individual countries. We found that we had 200 
pages devoted to the British Isles, 70 to France and to 
Sweden, 66 to Italy, 40 to Spain, and so on in lesser 
numbers for other countries, including those in Latin 
America. . . . The Emergency Want List, as the 
compilation was called, filled 4 typewritten volumes 
and contained information concerning the source 
materials of 40 countries." 

In November 1940 the Committee on Microcopying 
Materials for Research, which now had the status of 
a regular committee of the American Council of 
Learned Societies, met in Washington. There it was 
decided that the subcommittee already had at hand 
the raw materials upon which to base a project, and 
that, because of contemporary political and military 
events on the continent of Europe, the project should 
be restricted to Great Britain. Formal application 
for financial support of such a project was made by 
Dr. Leland on December 18 in a letter addressed to 
Dr. David H. Stevens, Director of Humanities of the 
Rockefeller Foundation. The Foundation forthwith 
provided a grant of $30,000 for immediate commence- 
ment of operations. The American Council of Learn- 
ed Societies, British Manuscripts Project had come 
into being. 

The Subcommittee on Selection of Materials set to 
work at once. 

"Selections took the form of separate descriptive 
lists which, with a few exceptions at the outset, at- 
tempted to deal with groups or classes of material 
rather than individual documents. ... A total of 
40 lists was eventually projected, and of this number 
33 were actually prepared, approved, and forwarded 

to England between February 1941 and June 1944. . . . 
The information for the lists was obtained from 
numerous individuals and places. The Want Lists 
proved useful. 

"As in the case of the original Emergency Want 
List the volume of information assembled quickly 
necessitated precise arrangement. ... A card entry 
was made for each item included in a list, and the 
cards were arranged alphabetically by country, and 
then by county, city, and town. Under each geo- 
graphical locality the cards were grouped according 
to depository and collection. This inventory quickly 
grew to more than 10,000 entries but, notwithstanding 
its size, it provided full information on the state of 
progress as it developed from list to list." 

Copying in English depositories under wartime 
conditions, which provided obstacles in abundance 
but only shortages in equipment, supplies, and person- 
nel, made the overseas phase of the work somewhat 
less than routine. This part of the operation was 
entrusted on a contractual basis to University Micro- 
films, Inc., which was fortunate in securing as its 
liaison with British owners and depositories Mr. 
Arundell Esdaile, formerly secretary of the British 
Museum and president of the Library Association. 
The copying operation is described in the report of 
Mr. Eugene B. Power, President of University Micro- 
films, entitled Manuscript Copying Program in Eng- 
land, 1941-1945, 6 two paragraphs of which are quoted 

"Mr. Esdaile first announced the project in a long 
letter to the London Times, outlining the fact that 
preservation of irreplaceable manuscripts, then in 
danger of destruction, and a sharing of the resources 
of scholarship were the aims of the project. Later, 
as requests were received for specific manuscripts or 
collections located in libraries approached for the 
first time in this program, Mr. Esdaile wrote to or 
called upon the director, explaining in detail the 
scope of the project. . . . The directors and owners 
of English libraries, both private and public, respond- 
ed with magnificent cooperation, indicating that even 
in ' England's darkest hour' they still retained a world 
point of view. 

"While these negotiations were being carried on, 
requests were being typed in Ann Arbor. Each item 
on a Kellar list was put on a 4" x 5" form giving 

8 The origin of the project and part of the operations also have 
been described in two printed sources: D. H. Daugherty, "The 
Current Microcopying Program in England," Journal of Documentary 
Reproduction 4:207-211 (1941) and Eugene B. Power, "The Manu- 
script Copying Program in England," American Archivist 6:28-32 

the full reference and carrying a consecutive number. 
Photographing instructions were on the reverse side. 
Two copies on airmail paper were sent by air to 
England; the third copy, on card stock, was retained 
at University Microfilms for use in checking the film 
as it came in. The request number, which appeared 
on the title frame, thus served as an easy and quick 
means of identification." 

In addition to the regular copying in black and 
white a carefully selected sample of illuminated manu- 
scripts was reproduced on color film. In all, over a 
period of 5 years and at an expenditure of $130,000 
(the sum provided by the Rockefeller Foundation), 7 
the Project copied the equivalent of nearly five million 
pages, which have enriched the resources available 
to scholars in the United States to a degree that can- 
not be measured in quantitative units. 

This brief description of a notable achievement 
omits any characterization of the conditions under 
which it was executed. This was a wartime project, 
and during the whole period that Mr. Power's repre- 
sentatives were setting up cameras in various reposi- 
tories — including some in cellars and caves — and 
drawing upon the fitful and scarce supply of electrical 
current for operation of their equipment, England 
was a very much beleaguered isle. This account can, 
in consequence, only hint at the enormous courtesy 
represented by the wholehearted support of the project 
given by the British custodians of manuscript and 
book collections — even if allowance is made for their 
natural interest in preserving their treasures. It can 
only hint at the technical difficulties of locating in 
their wartime hideaways the materials to be copied, 
of setting up equipment, of transportation, of secur- 
ing supplies which, of course, all had to come from 
the United States. Although the period was one of 
active submarine warfare, yet the losses to the Project 
from this hazard were small. In order to expedite 
return to the United States of exposed film, so that 
the need for "retakes" could be discovered as quickly 
as possible, films were delivered to the American 
Embassy in London, which shipped them by pouch 
to the Library of Congress. It, in turn, forwarded 
them to University Microfilms, Inc., for close exam- 

It soon became evident that a catalog of the com- 
pleted films would be needed. Arrangements were 
made with the University of Michigan whereby work 
on such a catalog, made from positive films deposited 
there, would be undertaken. Over a period of 4 

7 The Library of Congress supplemented this copying by acquisi- 
tion, at its own expense, of those materials listed in the Supplement 
to the Checklist. 


years, starting in March 1944, the manuscripts and 
printed materials reproduced on the microfilms were 
listed on cards at the General Library of the Uni- 
versity of Michigan by Miss Frances Hamman. It is 
copies of these cards that form the backbone of this 
Checklist. A small segment of the original listing has 
been published by the Modern Language Association 
which had hoped to publish the whole. 8 The listing 
phase of the Project is described briefly in the Report 
on the Listing of Microfilm Copies included in the 
British Manuscripts Project, prepared by Dr. Warner 
G. Rice, then Director of the General Library at the 
University of Michigan. A fuller description of the 
several catalogs that resulted from the activities in 
Michigan (content cards; index to Amherst papers; 
author, title, subject catalog), together with a de- 
scription of some of the editorial work done upon the 
collection of microfilms at the Library of Congress 
preliminary to servicing the films, already has been 
published 9 by Miss Faustine Dennis, then Curator of 
the Microfilm Reading Room in the Library of 

The purpose of this Checklist is to make more readily 
available, and in somewhat reduced form, the informa- 
tion that heretofore has been available to scholars 
only as the result of personal examination of the card 
files housed at the General Library of the University 
of Michigan and at the Library of Congress or of 
inquiry about specific items carried on through cor- 
respondence. Now, with publication of this Checklist, 
individuals and institutions may always have at hand 
the essential key to this vast assemblage of source 
materials in the arts, sciences, social sciences, and the 
humanities which have, regrettably, been too little 
exploited in the years since they have become avail- 
able in microfacsimile. 

The Checklist is not a definitive catalog, and it is not 
intended as such. Neither does it provide all the 
information which one could gather from the several 
elements in the card files. It does, however, provide 
for each item listed the accepted designation by de- 
pository name and number, 10 a concise enumeration of 
the contents of each item, and the number of the reel 
(together with the position on the reel) on which the 

8 "American Council of Learned Societies, British Manuscripts 
Project," PMLA (Publications of the Modern Language Association) 
59, Supplement: 1463-1488 (1944). 

9 "American Council of Learned Societies, British Manuscripts 
Project: the Collection in the Library of Congress," American 
Documentation 1:130-132 (1950). 

10 The Middleton manuscripts, described as found at Birdsall 
House when they were microfilmed, are now located at Nottingham 
University where they are being rearranged. 

item is reproduced. The serial numbers prefixed to 
each item serve only for reference in the Index which 
is limited to names, personal and geographic, as found 
in the card files. In every instance data have been 
accepted as found; limitations of time and budget 
have precluded any other course. 

We have permitted ourselves one check, because it 
was indispensable. This was the comparison of the 
cards made in Michigan with those made at the 
Library of Congress. By this operation we were able 
not only to supply the reel numbers that were lacking 
on many of the Michigan cards but also to add to the 
Michigan file cards not found therein. Most of these, 
of course, were for the 600-odd reels containing 
Arabic, Persian, and Welsh entries. In all, some 
3,500 cards were integrated into the working file (the 
Michigan cards) upon which the Checklist is based. 
This same operation uncovered in the Library of 
Congress file the supplementary cards made at the 
Library of Congress, which embodied, with the rarest 
exceptions, only the manuscript designation and the 
reel number. This means that nearly one-third of 
the entries in the Checklist are devoid of any clue to the 
content of the item listed and, therefore, without 
representation in the Index. 

The method of listing is the obvious one: in the 
alphabetical order of depositories (Public Record 
Office appears between Eton and Holkham Hall 
because library practice demands that it be designated 
as "Great Britain. Public Record Office."); within 
depositories, in the alphabetical order of collections; 
and within collections (or subdivisions thereof), in 
the numerical sequence of the manuscripts. Only 
one artificial grouping, Miscellaneous, was found in 
the files and it was retained as fulfilling the purpose 
for which it had been created. To conserve space, 
and therefore limited funds, names of depositories and 
collections are given only once; titles recurring in im- 
mediately successive entries are, for the same reasons, 
given in full only once and thereafter represented by a 
dash and the appropriate punctuation, e. g., " E 894 — , 
bundle 4, nos. 124-125, 1300-1400." 

The 28 items copied on color film have been enumer- 
ated separately at the end of the list. Those who 
want to see at one glance all items from a par- 
ticular depository or collection will be slightly 
inconvenienced and, perhaps, displeased by this 
arrangement. Those, however, who are concerned 
with illuminations rather than text will be conven- 
ienced and, it is hoped, pleased. There is, of course 
no representation in the Index. 

The index of nearly 10,000 separate entries, and 
certainly, at a minimum, twice the number of refer- 


ences, records in a single alphabet the personal and 
geographical names found in the contents listed on the 
cards prepared at the University of Michigan. The 
Index does not contain names of owners of collections, 
names of collections, names of depositories; it does 
not contain personal names used solely to establish 
chronology — e. g., "in the time of Charles I"; it does 
not contain names of offices, which are more properly 
subjects — e. g., Star Chamber, Houses of Parliament; 
it does not contain Bible or the component parts 
thereof, unless these bear the names of persons; it 
does not contain names of sects or of peoples — e. g., 
Puritans, Romans — because they are more properly 
subjects. The index does contain the names of 
geographical localities and entities; the names of 
ships; the titles of persons or office — e. g., North- 
umberland, duke of, and Urban VI; the names of 
persons, real or fictitious, in titles of books or plays; 
the names of persons which are part of a non-personal 
name — e. g., St. Asaph's, St. Augustine Chapel; and 
the names of persons as individuals. 

Within the alphabetical arrangement personal 
names have been filed in this order: initials, names 
alone, saints, beatified persons, popes, other clergy 
(in alphabetical order), kings and queens, nobility 
(in alphabetical order of title), names compounded 
with a place name — e. g., Geoffrey of Monmouth, 
names (in English) combined with other names — e. g., 
John, son of Henry, surnames. Names of places 
precede names of places combined with personal names 
or titles. 

Names occurring in variant forms (except obvious 
inadvertences of spelling) have been left as found; for 
example, Ives de Chartres, Ivo Carnotensis, and Ivo, 
bp. of Chartres have not been coordinated; Benedictus 
XII and Benoit XII will be found in their respective 
places; Lugdunum has not been combined with Lyon — 
it might be equivalent to Lugdunum Batavorum; 
John Norton and Johannes de Nortone (are they 
identical?) each are listed; under St. Alban, for ex- 
ample, have been gathered citations to St. Alban, St. 
Alban's priory, St. Alban's chronicle; Adrian and 
Hadrian, Charles and Karl, Joannes (Johannes) and 
John, William and Guillaume (Guiellmus, Gulielmus, 
Willelmus), and similar variants are listed separately. 

Cross-references were a luxury not allowed. 

Leonardo Bruni, Aretino has been listed as Bruni, 
Leonardo and no cross reference has been made from 
Aretino. Bernard de Clairvaux, St. John of Beverly, 
Monk of Evesham, for example, are listed as shown 
without reference to Clairvaux, Beverley and Eve- 
sham. In like manner Bartholomaeus Pictaviensis and 
Eberhardus Bethuniensis are listed as shown above, 
and no substantive entry for Poitiers or Bethune has 
been created from the adjectives. In violation of 
library practice, but in deference to popular usage, 
Thomas Aquinas has been listed not as Thomas 
Aquinas, St. but under Aquinas, Thomas; in like 
manner, Thomas a Becket is listed uader Becket, 
Thomas a. Names which appear to be in a transi- 
tional state — atte Wode to Atwood — have been 
treated as surnames as have occupational names not 
in adjectival form — e. g., Wode, John atte; Bovier, 
William le. The nuisance caused by vagaries of spell- 
ing that altered the alphabetical sequence was clearly 
recognized, but nevertheless corrections (what is 
"correct"?) were not made — e. g., Humbria, found on 
the cards, appears under H and not under U. 

It should be noted that the dictionary catalog — 
author, title, subject, cross reference — which was 
prepared on some 17,000 cards at the University of 
Michigan has not been reproduced but that, except 
for subject entries, the data are available in the 
checklist entries and in the Index. Likewise, the 
extensive catalog (name index) of the Jeffery Amherst 
papers, also prepared at the University of Michigan, 
on approximately 10,500 cards has not been re- 
produced but the data have been assembled con- 
cisely in the Index. Indebtedness to this special 
catalog is implicitly recorded in the full names, title, 
and similar refinements which appear unpredictably 
throughout the Index. 

The compiler reserves for himself first place on the 
roster of those who would want the Index to be more 
than it is. Decisions with respect to inclusion and 
exclusion have been made under stress; dubiety neces- 
sarily has gone unchallenged; inconsistency, not to say 
error, undoubtedly, albeit regrettably, has insinuated 
itself. Any who have encountered dilemmas similar 
to those which confronted the compiler will be sym- 
pathetic. Mea culpa, vestra indulgentia. 


Annex A 


Washington, D. C, June 5-6, 1940 


General situation. — With the improvement of high- 
speed microphotographic processes, it has become 
possible to secure at low cost microfilm copies of 
materials for research on the basis of quantity pro- 
duction. American scholars whose investigations 
require the use of materials, printed or manuscript, 
that are to be found only in foreign depositories, are 
much concerned by the effect upon their work of the 
present situation in Europe and in Asia. This con- 
cern arises out of the increased difficulty of securing 
materials and also out of a natural apprehension for 
the physical safety of the materials. 

Numerous suggestions have been made looking to- 
ward microcopying, on a large scale and in advance 
of specific needs, of material that has become more 
difficult of access or that may even be in danger of 
destruction. The proposals range from suggestions 
for the copying of certain categories of materials to 
suggestions for exceedingly comprehensive copying 
in order to place within reach of American scholars 
a substantial part of the materials that they do not 
already possess. Whatever plans may eventually be 
adopted, it seems necessary to give careful consider- 
ation to three groups of problems: 

1. Problems of selection of materials to be copied. 

2. Problems of organizing and carrying on the 
actual operations of copying. 

3- Problems of distribution in the United States 
of the copies that may be secured, in such a 
way as most effectively to meet the needs of 

The first group of problems must be considered pri- 
marily by the scholars themselves; the second must be 

considered by technical experts; and the third are sub- 
stantially library problems and involve a better 
coordination of library services and acquisition poli- 
cies than has yet been achieved. 

Agencies interested in problem. — Various agencies have 
already given much thought to these problems, and 
some have had experience in dealing with them. 
Among these are the American Library Association's 
Board on Resources of American Libraries and Com- 
mittee on Photographic Reproduction of Library 
Materials, the American Documentation Institute, 
the Joint Committee on Materials for Research of the 
American Council of Learned Societies and the Social 
Science Research Council, the Committee on Scientific 
Aids to Learning of the National Research Council, 
the Executive Committee of the Union Library Cata- 
logue of the Philadelphia Metropolitan Area, the 
Rotograph Service of the Modern Language Associa- 
tion of America, and the Committee on Historical 
Source Materials of the American Historical Associa- 
tion, as well as numerous libraries which operate 
microfilm services and procure microcopies of materials 
from abroad. A number of plans have been formu- 
lated during the last few months, which vary greatly 
in scope and magnitude but which all have the same 
objectives: to secure rapidly and inexpensively copies 
of research materials and to assure the preservation 
(in microcopy) of materials that may be in danger of 

Existing facilities. — Facilities for domestic micro- 
copying have been organized in several important 
establishments, such as the National Archives, the 
Library of Congress, the Department of Agriculture, 
the New York Public Library, and in certain univer- 


sities. Similar facilities have also been organized (in 
part with the assistance of American foundations) in 
foreign countries (Great Britain, France, China, etc.). 
Such facilities make possible exchanges of material 
on a large scale, both among American institutions 
and between American and certain foreign institutions. 

Necessity for discussing plans. — In these circumstances 
it is desirable for those who are considering plans of 
possible action to confer with each other as to the 
nature and scope of their plans, and to discuss the best 
means of achieving useful results through well con- 
sidered and coordinated activities. It is for the pur- 
pose of facilitating such discussion that the American 
Council of Learned Societies has decided to invite a 
small group of scholars, technicians and librarians to 
meet in conference. 

Plans already formulated. Premises of plans. War 
risks. — Reference has been made to plans already 
formulated. They are not presented in detail in 
this preliminary memorandum, but various sug- 
gestions or proposals included in them are recorded 
here. In the first place, emphasis is laid upon the 
dangers, from acts of war, to which many depositories 
of valuable materials are exposed, and irreparable 
losses, already incurred, are cited. It is urged, there- 
fore, that extensive operations of copying should be 
organized at once in order to preserve as much as 
possible of the contents of valuable and irreplaceable 
books, manuscripts, and archives. 

Dispersion of materials. — It is also pointed out that a 
considerable dispersion of the more valuable materials 
in the principal depositories of certain cities has 
already been effected, in an effort to place such ma- 
terials in relative safety, and that such dispersion 
makes access to those materials difficult, if not im- 
possible. It is suggested, therefore, that microfilming 
of these displaced materials, so far as that is possible, 
would enable scholars to make use of them, in spite 
of the temporary inaccessibility of the originals. 

Needs of American scholars. — Regardless of special 
circumstances, it is urged that American scholars need 
to have readily at hand for use in their investigations 
vast amounts of material now available only in distant 
depositories. Reference is made to experience in 
acquiring copies of such materials: for example, 
through Project A of the Library of Congress, the 
purpose of which was to secure, on a large scale and in 
advance of specific needs, copies of archival and manu- 
script documents relating to American history; or 
through the Rotograph Service of the Modern Lan- 
guage Association (also performed through the Li- 
brary of Congress), the purpose of which is to enable 
individual scholars to secure copies of specified ma- 

terials needed for specific investigations actually under 
way, such copies to form part of a general pool and to 
be available for all who may require them. A more 
debatable argument is that American scholarship 
must prepare itself, and is even destined to assume a 
position of world leadership and must therefore have 
command of the world sources of scholarship which 
can be secured through copying the enormous mass of 
materials not available in American depositories. 1 

Substance of plans. — The above are the premises on 
which most of the existing plans are based. The 
methods and devices that are proposed for carrying out 
the plans have to do with 1) the selection of the ma- 
terials to be copied, 2) the organization and execution 
of the actual operations of copying, and 3) the receipt, 
preservation, and servicing of the copies thus secured. 

Methods of selecting materials to be copied. — Various 
methods of selecting the materials are suggested. 
The most comprehensive plan proposes that a vast 
operation should be conducted of selecting from the 
catalogues of foreign depositories all materials of 
importance which an examination of tfie catalogues 
of the principal American depositories indicates as 
not to be found in the latter. The scale of this opera- 
tion is indicated by the estimate that some 16,000,000 
items of printed books alone would be selected in this 
way. Another plan proposes that, under the direc- 
tion of an American Institute of Bibliography, subject 
bibliographies should be compiled of all important 
works in the various disciplines or fields of study, and 
that these bibliographies should be checked against 

'Just 10 years later the Director of the National Library of 
Ireland, Dr. Richard J. Hayes, advocated support of the United 
States in her "manifest destiny," in his paper entitled "Future of 
the Humanities: the American Contribution," published in Studies 
39:154-158 (June 1950). The passage quoted here is found on 
page 158: 

"The United States of America is heir to the traditions of Western 
civilization in as full a degree as is Europe. If the European tradi- 
tion of scholarship and learning is to survive in succeeding genera- 
tions it will be, in large measure, on the American continent. It is 
an inescapable fact that the advancement of knowledge, the develop- 
ment of the arts, the appreciation of the higher values, the growth 
and spread of culture depend on the level of general prosperity. In 
view of this the future of learning is going to depend more and 
more on the procession of events in America than in Europe. Those 
who value scholarship must welcome increasing American interest 
and participation in every field of study. In Europe we must be 
prepared to share the treasures of the past with the scholars of the 
future. We must realize that in America the scholars are available, 
but much of the basic research material for the humanities is not. 
It must be made available in order to win back towards the humani- 
ties the American universities which are definitely turning away from 
them. American institutions must be persuaded and helped to 
microfilm on a vast scale the manuscript collections of the libraries 
and archives of Europe." 


the subject catalogue of the New York Public Library 
and of other libraries, and against the Union Cata- 
logue of the Library of Congress. The items not 
found in these catalogues would constitute the pro- 
visional want list of items to be copied. Still another 
plan urges that want lists be prepared directly by 
experts in the various fields of study, without waiting 
for the compilation of subject bibliographies. 

Specific suggestions as to materials to be copied. — Numer- 
ous suggestions as to specific materials or categories 
of materials to be copied have been made, of which 
the following are noted by way of example: a) Ad- 
ditional manuscript or archival materials relating to 
American history, not included in Project A of the 
Library of Congress; b) Classical and medieval manu- 
scripts; c) All English books printed before 1640; 
d) Materials transferred from central depositories to 
places of greater security; e) Chinese gazetteers: 
f) Catalogues, inventories, and similar bibliographical 
apparatus, for the most part in manuscript and not 
available in America — e. g., the 15,000 volume index 
of the Public Record Office; the subject catalogues and 
the supplement to the author catalogue, as well as the 
special catalogues of the Bibliotheque Nationale; the 
numerous inventories, in manuscript only, of the 
Archives Nationales. (It is obvious that such ap- 
paratus would greatly facilitate the preparation of 
large scale want lists, as well as the selection, by 
individual scholars, of specific materials required for 
special investigations.) 

Organisation of operations of copying. — With respect to 
the organization and execution of the actual opera- 
tions of copying, proposals have been made for "the 
organization of a microphotographic expeditionary 
force", fully equipped and capable of working at high 
speed not only in the principal centers and depositories, 
but in provincial and minor depositories. This force 
would be composed of several units capable of work- 
ing separately and in different countries. The sug- 
gestion has also been made that, so far as oossible, 
the facilities already existing in numerous foreign 
depositories should be fully utilized, and that when- 
ever feasible, resort should be had to the exchange of 
materials between foreign depositories and those of 
the United States. In any case, it is clear that the 
means to be employed, as well as the personnel, must 
be acceptable to the custodians of the materials of 
which copies are to be made. It is also clear that 
employment of foreign personnel must be contem- 

Receipt, preservation and servicing of materials. — As to 
the receipt, preservation, and servicing of the copies 
to be secured, it appears to be generally believed that 

the Library of Congress is the most appropriate 
agency to assume leadership, and indeed general 
sponsorship, of the whole undertaking. It is also 
urged that the major American libraries must reach 
practical agreements among themselves for the better 
coordination of policies of acquisition and of special- 
ization of holdings, and for utmost development of 
practices of interlibrary loans and exchanges. 

Points to be discussed by conference. — On the basis of 
this brief survey of plans and suggestions, it is sug- 
gested that the conference of June 5-6 should consider 
the points enumerated below, should endeavor to 
reach agreements as to general principles and methods 
of procedure, and should appoint a continuation com- 
mittee, representative of the different interests con- 
cerned, to study further the problems of method and 
application and to prepare, with estimates, definite 
plans of operation for the execution of which the 
necessary support may be sought. 

Points to be discussed 

1 . Is it desirable to make a special effort at the present 
time to secure microcopies of considerable bodies 
of research materials in foreign depositories? 

2. What principles of selection of materials to be 
copied can be formulated? 

3. How, and by what agencies, shall the selection 
be made: a) Sciences, including applied sciences, 
technology, medicine, etc.; b) Social sciences, law, 
administration, affairs; c) Humanities and the 
arts; d) Education; e) Libraries, archives, mu- 

4. What are the technical possibilities, conditions, 
and limitations of high speed copying? Processes, 
apparatus, quality, cost? 

5. What facilities exist and what facilities must be 
created for execution of plans? 

6. Organization of copying operations, sponsorship, 

7. Where should materials to be secured be pre- 
served? How serviced to make them available? 
What agreements between institutions are neces- 

8. Estimates of cost. 

9. Should plans be made now for continuing opera- 
tion to assure the securing of new materials as 
they are created? 

10. Appointment of continuation committee: its 
mandate and instructions. 
Request for Suggestions.— Those who are invited to 
attend the conference of June 5-6 are requested to send 


to the undersigned, at the earliest possible moment: received not later than May 25. The final list of 

a) Suggestions for the final list of agenda; b) Memo- agenda, with definitive schedule of sessions, will be 

randa respecting their own experience or activities, distributed about May 25. 
so far as these are pertinent to the subjects under dis- Waldo G. Leland, 

cussion; c) Plans or proposals which they desire to Director, American Council of Learned Societies, 

have considered. Memoranda and plans or proposals 907 Fifteenth Street 

will, within the limits of practical possibility, be Washington, D. C. 

duplicated and distributed in advance, if they are May 7, 1940 



[Gaps in serial numbers do not indicate omissions; all 
copied material is included] 

Bath , Marquises of . Library , Longleat . 

Coventry Papers 
1 Vol. 1: Royal autographs, 1665-1680 Bath 1/1 

2 Vol. 2: Select letters and papers, 1656-1680/ 
Letters of officers abroad, 1672-1679 Bath 1/2 

3 Vol. 3: Minutes of council meetings, 1672-1680 
Bath 2/1 

4 Vol. 4: Official home correspondence, vol. 1, 
Dec. 1663-Apr. 1676 Bath 2/2 

5 Vol. 5: Official home correspondence, vol. 2, 
May 1676-Dec. 1678 Bath 3/1 

6 Vol. 6: Official home correspondence, vol. 3, 
Jan. 1679-July 1686 Bath 4/1 

7 Vol. 7: Letters from bishops, 1671-1680/ Papers 
relating to church and university matters, 1636-1679 
Bath 5/1 

8 Vol. 8: Royal speeches, addresses, etc. , in 
Parliament, 1624-1679 Bath 5/2 

9 Vol. 9: Proceedings of House of commons, vol. 1, 
Apr. 1675-Feb. 1678 Bath 6/1 

10 Vol. 10: Proceedings of House of commons, vol. 2, 
Mar. 1678-May 1679 Bath 6/2 

11 Vol. 11: Papers relating to plots, papists, etc., 
1665, 1672-1680 Bath 7/1 

12 Vol.12: Miscellaneous official papers, 1561-1686 
Bath 8/1 

13 Vol. 13: Petitions, 1624-1680 Bath 9/1 

14 Vol. 14: Orders in council relative to ships, etc. , 
1666-1680 Bath 9/2 

15 Vol. 15: Miscellaneous maritime papers, 1661- 

1680 Bath 10/1 

16 Vol. 16: Papers relating to London, 1674-1680/ 
Papers relating to Scotland, 1559, 1640-1682/ Papers 
relating to Channel Islands, 1673-1679 Bath 11/1 

17 Vol. 17: Letters from Lord Essex, lord lieuten- 
ant of Ireland, vol. 1, Aug. 1672-July 1676 Bath 12/1 

18 Vol. 18: Letters from Lord Essex, lord lieuten- 
ant of Ireland, vol. 2, Aug. 1676-Aug. 1677 

Bath 13/1 

19 Vol. 19: Letters from Duke of Ormonde, lord 
lieutenant of Ireland, vol. 1, Apr. 1663-Sept. 1678 
Bath 13/2 

20 Vol. 20: Letters from Duke of Ormonde, lord 
lieutenant of Ireland, vol. 2, Oct. 1678-Apr. 1680 
Bath 14/1 

21 Vol. 21: Miscellaneous Irish correspondence, 1671- 

1681 Bath 15/1 

22 Vol. 22: Papers relating to Ireland, vol. 1, 1601- 
1677 Bath 16/1 

23 Vol. 23: Papers relating to Ireland, vol. 2, 1677- 
1680 Bath 16/2 

24 Vol. 24: Papers relating to Irish Revenue, 1673- 

1682 Bath 17/1 

25 Vol. 25: Letters from Sir G. Talbot, envoy to 
Denmark, 1664-1666 Bath 17/2 

26 Vol. 26: Letters from English residents at 
Copenhagen, 1667-1677 Bath 18/1 

27 Vol. 27: Letters from the Duke of Richmond, 
ambassador to Denmark, 1672 Bath 19/1 

28 Vol. 28: Papers relating to Denmark, 1640-1679 
Bath 19/2 

29 Vol. 29: Letters from Sir Richard Bulstrode at 
Brussels, etc., vol. 1, June 1672-June 1676 

Bath 20/1 

30 Vol. 30: Letters from Sir Richard Bulstrode at 
Brussels, etc. , vol. 2, July 1676-Oct. 1677 

Bath 21/1 

31 Vol. 31: Letters from Sir Richard Bulstrode, 
vol. 3, Nov. 1677-Dec. 1678 Bath 22/1 

32 Vol. 32: Letters from Sir Richard Bulstrode at 
Brussels, etc. , vol. 4, 1676-1686 Bath 23/1 

33 Vol. 33: Letters from ambassadors at Paris, 
vol. 1, Nov. 1644-Mar. 1677 Bath 24/1 

34 Vol. 34: Letters from ambassadors at Paris, 
vol. 2, Apr. 1677-May 1680 Bath 25/1 

35 Vol. 35: Letters from English agents in France, 
1673-1679 Bath 26A 

36 Vol. 36: Letters from J. Brisbane, maritime 
agent at Paris, 1676-1679 Bath 27/1 

37 Vol. 37: Papers relating to France, vol. 1, 
1572-1576 Bath 28/1 

38 Vol. 38: Papers relating to France, vol. 2, 
1676-1685 Bath 29/1 

39 Vol. 39: Letters from Hamburg, Frankfort, and 
Vienna, 1667-1680 Bath 30/1 

40 Vol. 40: Papers relating to Germany, 1579, 1649- 
1686 Bath 31/1 

41 Vol. 41: Letters from ambassadors at The Hague, 
1664-1679 Bath 32/1 

42 Vol. 42: Papers relating to Holland, vol. 1, 
1585-1673 Bath 33/1 

43 Vol. 43: Papers relating to Holland, vol. 2, 1673- 
1680 Bath 33/2 

44 Vol. 44: Negotiations at Breda, 1667 Bath 34/1 

45 Vol. 45: Negotiations at Cologne, Apr. 1673-May 
1674 Bath 35/1 

46 Vol. 46: Papers relating to the Congress of 
Nlmeguen, vol. 1, Jan. -Nov. 1676 Bath 36/1 

47 Vol. 47: Papers relating to the Congress of 
Nimeguen, vol. 2, Dec. 1676-May 1677 Bath 37/1 

48 Vol. 48: Papers relating to the Congress of 
Nimeguen, vol. 3, May-Nov. 1677 Bath 38/1 

49 Vol. 49: Papers relating to the Congress of 
Nimeguen, vol. 4, Nov. 1677-June 1678 Bath 39/1 

50 Vol. 50: Papers relating to the Congress of 
Nimeguen, vol. 5, June 1678-Jan. 1679 Bath 40/1 

51 Vol. 51: Papers relating to the Congress of 
Nimeguen, vol. 6, Feb. -Aug. 1679 Bath 41/1 

52 Vol. 52: Letters and papers relating to Savoy, 
1675-1680 Bath 42/1 

53 Vol. 53: Letters and papers relating to Venice, 
1672-1680 Bath 42/2 

54 Vol. 54: Letters relating to Tuscany, 1674-1680 
Bath 43/1 

55 Vol. 55: Letters and papers relating to Genoa, 
Modena, Naples, and Rome, 1675-1680 Bath 44/1 

56 Vol.56: Francis (?) Parry, resident at Lisbon. 
Letters, 1674-1680 Bath 45/1 

57 Vol. 57: Papers relating to Portugal, 1654-1680 
Bath 46/1 

58 Vol. 58: Sir William Godolphin. Letters from 
Madrid, vol. 1, 1654-1680 Bath 47/1 

59 Vol. 59: Sir William Godolphin. Letters from 
Madrid, vol. 2, Jan. 1676-July 1677 Bath 48/1 

60 Vol. 60: Sir William Godolphin. Letters from 
Madrid, Aug. 1677-Mar. 1680/ Sir Henry Goodricke. 
Letters from Madrid, 1678-1680 Bath 49/1 

61 Vol. 61: Letters from consuls in Spain, etc., 
1665-1680 Bath 50/1 

62 Vol. 62: Correspondence with the Spanish am- 
bassadors, vol. 1, 1673-1677 Bath 51/1 

63 Vol. 63: Correspondence with the Spanish am- 
bassadors, vol. 2, 1677-1680 Bath 52/1 

64 Vol. 64: Papers relating to the embassy to Sweden, 
1664-1666 Bath 53/1 

65 Vol, 65: Papers relating to the embassy to Sweden, 
1671-1672 Bath 53/2 

66 Vol. 66: Letters from envoys in Sweden, 1672-1679 
Bath 54/1 

67 Vol. 67: Papers relating to Sweden, vol. 1, 1646- 
1667 Bath 55/1 

68 Vol. 68: Papers relating to Sweden, vol. 2, 1668- 
1679 Bath 56/1 

69 Vol. 69: Sir John Finch. Letters from Constanti- 
nople, 1676-1679/ Letters from the Levant, Poland, 
and Russia, 1628-1679 Bath 57/1 

70 Vol. 70: Tangier correspondence and papers, 
vol. 1, 1664-June 1677 Bath 58/1 

71 Vol. 71: Tangier correspondence and papers, 
vol. 2, July 1677-May 1680 Bath 59/1 

72 Vol. 72: Algiers, Tripoli, and Tunis correspond- 
ence, 1662-1679 Bath 60/1 

73 Vol. 73: Tripoli and Tunis treaties and other 
papers, 1674-1679/ Papers relating to the East 
Indies, 1619-1683 Bath 61/1 

74 Vol. 74: Jamaica correspondence, vol. 1, Apr. 
1673-June 1676 Bath 61/2 

75 Vol. 75: Jamaica correspondence, vol. 2, July 
1676-Dec. 1679 Bath 62/1 

76 Vol. 76: Papers relating to Virginia, Barbados, 
and other colonies, vol. 1, Apr. 1606-Aug. 1675 
Bath 63/1 

77 Vol. 77: Papers relating to Virginia, Barbados, 
and other colonies, vol. 2, Sept. 1675-Feb. 1677 
Bath 64/1 

78 Vol. 78: Papers relating to Virginia, Barbados, 
and other colonies, vol. 3, Mar. 1677-Feb. 1705 
Bath 65/1 

79 Vol. 79: Keys to ciphers, 1664-1679/ Report on 
public accounts, 1669 Bath 65/2 

Devereux Papers 

80 Vol. 1: Bath 68/1 

81 Vol. 2: Papers relating to Ireland Bath 68/2 

82 Vol. 3: Bath 69/1 

83 Vol. 4: Bath 69/2 

84 Vol. 5: Book of accounts [ Note: Target • Univer- 
sity Library, Cambridge] Bath 70/1 

85 Vol. 6: Accompt of Impost of wine, 1592 Bath 70/2 

86 Vol. 7: Leicester's commonwealth and other papers 
Bam 70/3 

87 Vol. 8: Report on accompts of Thomas Gardiner 
Bath 70/4 

88 Vol. 9: Notes and evidences of Bourchler, 
Ferrers, Devereux Bam 70/5 

89 Vol. 10: Household accompts of Henry Bourchler 
Bam 70/6 

Dudley Papers 

90 Vols. 1, 2: Robert Dudley, earl of Leicester. 
Letters Bath 66/1-2 

91 Vol. 3: Accounts, inventories, schedules of deeds 
Bath 66/3 

92 Vol. 4: Correspondence of Amye Robsart and 
others Bath 67/1 


Bedford , Dukes of . Library . 


93 "Abstract of old title deeds and evidences with 
other miscellaneous deeds relating to estates in sev- 
eral countries wherein His Grace, the Duke of Bedford, 
has an estate and interest and likewise to estates in 
several places wherein it is apprehended [His] 
Grace has at this time no interest, 1755. " 
Camb 787/1 

British Museum . Dept. of Manuscripts. 
Additional Mss. 

94 5015: Samuel Ayscough. Catalogue of all the 
manuscripts bequeathed by the Rev. Thomas Birch to 
be preserved In the British museum to which is added 
a catalogue of all the other manuscripts bequeathed, 
presented, or purchased to the present time by the 
Rev. Samuel Ayscough, 1781 BMab 414/1 

95 5220: Drawings of animals, monsters, skeltons, 
etc. BMab 390/2 

96 5282: Drawings of herbs, flowers, and trees, both 
wild and cultivated, in England, 1684 BMab 391/1 

97 5415: Maps, charts, and plans BMab 394/4 

98 5415B: Portions of a large outline atlas of the 
world, drawn on a spherical projection, c. 1700 
BMab 394/3 

99 5716: Clayton Mordaunt Cracherode. CoUection 
of royal and illustrious autographs BMab 24/6 

100 6362: Original warrants dating from the reign of 
Henry VTH to James I BMab 24/7 

101 6676: Adam Wolley. Collection of papers relating 
to the county of Derby BMab 388/3 

102 6677: Adam Wolley. Collection of papers relating 
to the county of Derby (partly printed) BMab 388/1 

103 6678: Adam WoUey. Collection of papers relating 
to the county of Derby (partly printed) BMab 389/1 

104 8827: Journal of the passages in the first session 
of Parliament at Westminster, Mar. 17-June 26, 1628 
BMab 406/1 

105 8867: Journal of meetings of H. M. Commissioners 
for trade and plantations, June 19, 1699-June 3, 1701 
BMab 412/1 

106 8868: Journal of meetings of H. M. Commissioners 
for trade and plantations, June 11, 1701-June 19, 1702 
BMab 412/2 

107 8888: Tamerlane, the beneficent, a tragedy, 
1692/ Collection of 17th century poems BMab 407/2 

108 8978: Petitions of the Puritans for reformations, 
etc., 1603-1604 BMab 410/11 

109 9806: Sir Kenelm Digby. Letter to Earl of Bris- 
tol, detailing a conversation with Charles I respecting 
the Earl's disgrace, May 27, 1625/ Warrant from 
Duke of Grafton to Richard Arundel, Treasurer, re- 
garding a new position of John Cook, Jan. 1, 1755/ 
Victor Hugues. Letter to Col. D'Este, Nov. 15, 1795/ 
Alexandre Petion, of Haiti. Letter to General Marion, 
Apr. 3, 1810/ Thomas Sidney. Will, 1641/ W1U of 
Laurence Seddon proved by extract from the registry 
of the diocese of Hereford, 1685 BMab 414/3 

110 9828: Collection of letters, chiefly originals, 
addressed for the most part to Sir Robert Atkyns, 
1666-1694, and to Sir John Eardley Wilmot, 1746- 
1778, with some others of later date BMab 24/8 

111 9835: Papers relating to the household of Henry 
Vffl BMab 410/6 

112 9844: Reports of cases In the Court of Common 
Pleas, 1601-1611 BMab 413/3 

113 10111: Book of fees of all officers belonging to the 
Crown at beginning of reign of Charles I BMab 410/7 

114 10112: Abraham Van der Doort. Inventory of the 
pictures and statues belonging to Charles I, 1639 (?) 
BMbm 9/2 

115 10113: Sir Julius Caesar. Collection of 400 papers 
relating to the mint and mint affairs BMab 414/5 

116 10115: Sir Joseph Williamson. Collection of 
papers relative to the projected war with France, 
1677 BMab 413/1 

117 10116: Thomas Rugge. Mercurius politicus 
redlvivus, 1659-1661 BMab 411/2 

118 10117: Thomas Rugge. Mercurius politicus 
redlvivus, 1662-1672 BMab 411/1 

119 10296: Boccaccio. Filocolo BMab 408/1 

120 10301: South English legendary [Note: Contin- 
ued in 10626] BMab 53/3 

121 10303: Chaucer. Dream BMab 410/4 

122 10305: Chester pageants BMab 67/1 

123 10306: Simon Baylle. The wizard BMab 412/3 

124 10308: Sir Robert Ayton. English and Scotch 
amorous poems BMab 410/8 

125 10337: Virginal book of Elizabeth Rogers, 1656 
BMab 401/8 

126 10389: Aesopus. Fabulae, Ital. tr. by Accio Zucco 
BMbm 10/3 

127 10410: Sir Henry Caverley. Remarks on his 
travels begun Feb. 17, 1683 BMab 411/3 

128 10420: Reply to an answer of a Protestant to a 
rhyme lntltled "Catholicke questions to the Protes- 
tants", a dialogue In verse BMbm 10/4 

129 10616: Proceedings In monopoly case brought 
against the East India company by Thomas Sandys, 
1683-1684 BMbm 9/4 

130 10619: Sir Thomas Twisden. Reports BMbm 10/5 

131 10623: Richard Chiswell. Remarks on a journey 
to the Euphrates, Apr.-May, 1698/ Journal of travels 
throughout Germany and Italy to Scanderoon with Henry 
Maundrell, Mar.-July, 1696/ Journal of a voyage from 
Aleppo to Jerusalem with Henry Maundrell, 1697 
BMab 413/2 

132 10626: Fragment of the South English legendary 
[ Note: A portion of Add. 10301] BMab 414/2 

133 11035: Macrobius. Commentarius in Ciceronis 
Somnlum Sciplonls/ Joannas Sco^j". Ert^ona (?). 
Physiologus/ Prudentius. Carmina BMab 21/6 

134 11252: Charles I. Letters to the Prince and the 
Speaker of the House of Lords, 1646, 1648/ Key to a 
cipher used by Charles 1/ Charles U. Private in- 
structions to James, Duke of York, 1681/ Earl of 
Perth. Letter to Charles H/ Epitaph on Mary, relict 
of Klldare, Lord Digby/ Key to a cipher used in the 
time of James H BMab 20/1 

135 11284: John Hoveden. Speculum laicorum 
BMab 21/3 

136 11597: Yearly income of England, Scotland, and 
Ireland, and charges of the army, etc., of the 
Commonwealth, 1659/ List of perpetuities and pen- 
sions, 1689/ Reports relating to revenue/ Considera- 
tions concerning free ports in England/ Questions 
concerning precedency between the Masters of the 
Chancery, Serjeants-at-law, and Doctors of Civil Law/ 
Patents of the Masters of the Rolls, 1292-1602/ 
William Lambarde. Archeion BMbm 9/3 

137 11602: Richard Gibson. Collection of 120 papers 
and letters relating to the navy of England, 1650-1700 
BMbm 9/5 

138 11608: Songs and other pieces set to music by 
various hands, 1640-1660 BMbm 9/1 

139 12042: Roman de la Rose BMab 387/1 

140 12495: "Brelfe collection of the certeriUes and 
casuelties in the sheriefes accomptes chardged before 
the Clerk of the Pype, with the deductions oute of the 
same, temp. James I" BMbm 3B/9 

141 14086: Ovid. Ars amatoria with marginal notes 
BMab 21/2 

142 14408: De reglmine principls, etc./ Lydgate 
BMbm 1/5 

143 14866: Ancient Welsh poems by various authors 
(W) BMab 684/1 

144 14867: Poems of primitive Welsh bards Including 
those of Aneurin, Taliesin, Myrddin Wyllt, Llywarch 
Hen, and other (W)/ William Morris. CoUection of 
triads and other ancient compositions made 1758-1763 
(W) BMab 109/4 and BMab 659/5 

145 14868: Richard Morris. Collection of Welsh 
poems (W)/ Treatise on consonances BMab 659/8 

146 14869: Poems of the Middle-age Welsh bards (W) 
BMab 659/1 

147 14870: Dafydd ap Gwilym. Poems collected by 
Lewis Morris (W) BMab 660/2 

148 14871: Lewis Glyn Cothi. Collection of his works 
(W) BMab 678/1 

149 14872: Thomas Price. History of the ancient 
Britons to the time of Charles I (W)/ A British ex- 
positor (W)/ Account of the Eisteddfod in 1524 and 
1576 (W)/ Gruffydd ap Cynan's statute in relation to 
poets (W)/ The art of poetry, grammar, and rhetoric 
(W)/ Poems (W) BMab 669/2 and BMab 670/2 

150 14873: CoUection, by William Morris, of poems 
by ancient and modern bards with some coUations with 
other copies (W) BMab 663/9 

151 14874: Poems by various bards (W)/ Elegies and 
other poems/ Treatise on feeding of bees/ Dedication 
to Lady Mary NevU of a translation of the first Epistle 
of Horace BMab 669/3 

152 14875: Poems by various bards/ Brief treatise 
on Welsh prosody (W)/ Lewis Morris. Englyn 
BMab 665/8 

153 14876: CoUection of poems by various bards (W) 
BMab 666/4 

154 14877: Ancient Welsh poems copied from the book 
of Gwern Eigron BMab 666/1 

155 14878: Ancient poems and triads by various bards 
BMab 665/9 

156 14879: Poems by various bards (W) BMab 681/8 

157 14880: Poems by various bards (W)/ Ode on death 
of Queen Caroline (W) BMab 666/3 

158 14881: Poems by various bards (W)/ Entries rel- 
ative to the deaths of various Welsh famUies, 1644- 
1698/ Poems (L & E) BMab 666/2 

159 14882: Poems by various 'oards (W)/ Calendar/ 
Astrological treatises (W) BMab 666/5 

160 14883: John Davies. Proverbs (W & L)/ Lewis 
jtyfcrrto, Fxtra'-*? f >"»*i Oe1^~ remine, Henry Rov- 
lands. Letters/ Henry HI. Letter to Llywelyn ap 

Jerwerth.prince of Wales (L)/ Notes relating to 
British bards (E & W)/ Papers relating to British 
saints (W)/ Miscellaneous historical tracts/ Poems 
(E & W) BMab 677/2 

161 14884: Goronwy Owen. Poems (W & L); Letters, 
1751-1752 (E & W)/ Poems by various authors (W)/ 
British chronology/ Richard Thomas. Life of 
Llywarch Hen/ Llywarch Hen. Works with notes 
(W&E) BMab 677/3 

162 14885: Poems by various bards (W) BMab 666/6 

163 14886: Collection of poems (W)/ Thomas Alloth. 
Poem/ Calendar (W) BMab 662/4 

164 14887: Poems by various bards (W) [Note: 
Target • 15002] BMab 675/3 

165 14888: Poems and englyns (W) BMab 667/4 

166 14889: Poems and englyns by various authors 
(W) BMab 666/7 

167 14890: Poems, englyns, Psalms by various bards 
(W)/ Wlllam Miltwn. Treatise on the art of poetry 
(W)/ Collection of quotations from various Welsh 
authors (W) BMab 664/1 

168 14891: Englyns and poems by various authors 
(W) BMab 664/2 

169 14892: Collection of Welsh englyns, chiefly by 
modern authors (W)/ Short poems by ancient writers 
(W) BMab 662/2 

170 14893: Collection of poems, many of them anony- 
mous (W)/ Lists of officials, temp. Eliz/ Lists and 
other material relating to ecclesiastical matters/ 
Names of privileged towns in England/ Names of the 
Custodes Rotulorum in every shire of England and 
Wales/ Names of fugitives/ Thomas Buckley. Poem 
BMab 662/3 

171 14894: Poems by various bards (W)/ Chronicle 
of Britain (W)/ Medical recipes (W & E)/ Miscella- 
nea (W) BMab 662/1 

172 14895: Psalms, Welsh tr. by James Parry 
BMab 667/3 

173 14896: Fragment of history of British kings/ 
Ancient divisions of kingdom of Wales/ David Williams. 
Collection of Welsh pedigrees/ Poems by various bards 
(W) BMab 666/8 

174 14897: Miscellaneous poems (W)/ Prophecy of 
the Eagle ascribed to Merddln (W)/ Short chronology 
of the British kings/ Prediction concerning the Prot- 
estant church/ Metrical and prose prophecies/ List 
of badges borne by various noblemen/ William 
Philipp. Elegy on the death of Charles I (W) BMab 

175 14898: Poems by various authors (W & E)/ "The 
gipsies' prophecy"/ Henry m. Letters to Prince 
Llewelyn (L) BMab 695/1 

176 14899: Lewis Morris. Poems and lyrical compo- 
sitions with notes by Richard Morris (W) BMab 671/1 

177 14900: Sermons by various ministers/ Cry of the 
country against ignorant and scandalous ministers/ 
Medical recipes/ Prophecy found in Powls Castle/ 
Poems (W & L)/ Notices of births and deaths/ Pray- 
ers/ Welsh genealogies BMab 678/2 

178 14901: Poems by various bards (W) BMab 684/4 

179 14902: Poems and englyns (W) BMab 663/2 

180 14903: Geoffrey of Monmouth. History of Britain 
(W) Interleaved with notes and comments (E) by Lewis 
Morris BMab 662/5 

181 14904: Poems and englyns (W) BMab 665/3 

182 14905: Extracts from various manuscripts on 
Welsh music/ Queen Elizabeth. Commission to 
Counsel of Wales for admission of minstrels, 1567/ 
Drawing of the sliver harp at Mostyn, 1748/ Muslca 
neu Berorlaeth BMab 685/4 

183 14906: Collection of Welsh poems (W ) 
BMab 659/6 

184 14907: Lewis Morris. Miscellaneous collections 
relating to British antiquities and history BMab 660/3 

185 14908: Lewis Morris. Documents of British his- 
tory BMab 660/4 

186 14909: Richard Morris. Poetical works (W & E)/ 
Tables of abbreviations, arithmetical signs, etc./ 
Notes or voices of birds and quadrupeds (L, E, W)/ 
Pedigrees/ Lewis Morris. Poems (W); Dictionary of 
Welsh rimes; Remarks on the triads/ Table of English 
works translated Into Welsh/ Various lists of words 

(W & E)/ Proverbs (L, E, F)/ Abstracts of several 
wills/ Directions for reading old Welsh manuscripts 
BMab 698/2 

187 14910: Lewis Morris. Celtic remains, or the 
ancient Celtic empire described In the English tongue, 
with an Introduction concerning the ancient history of 
Britain, vol. 1 BMab 659/7 

188 14911: Lewis Morris. Celtic remains, or the 
ancient Celtic empire described In the English tongue, 
with an introduction concerning the ancient history of 
Britain, vol. 2 BMab 660/1 

189 14912: Calendar/ Meddygon Myddfal, or the prac- 
tice of physic of the Myddval Doctors (W)/ Aristotle's 
Instructions to Alexander (W)/ Vocabulary of herbs 
(L&W) BMab 659/2 

190 14913: CoUection of medical recipes, synonyms 
of plants, treatise of urines, etc. (W) BMab 661/1 

191 14914: "The ancient descent of divers noble 
houses and worthy gentlemen springing from Wales" 
with arms In trick BMab 697/2 

192 14915: Pedigrees of Welsh families BMab 665/1 

193 14916: CoUection of pedigrees of Welsh families 
written in 1579 by Jevan ap John Wyn BMab 664/5 

194 14917: Pedigrees of Welsh families written about 
1730 BMab 664/6 

195 14918: Pedigrees of Welsh families/ Explanation 
of law terms (F)/ Poems by various authors (W)/ 
Various forms of deeds (L & E)/ Abridgment of 
sacred history (W)/ Extracts from Scriptures, 
Church Fathers and Latin poets: De lnvldla 

BMab 664/4 

196 14919: Pedigrees of Welsh families/ Catalog of 
peers of England, temp. Car. H/ Inventory of 
possessions and will of Thomas Bankes, dean of 

St. Asaph/ Poems (W)/ Account of private expenses 
and receipts, 1628/ Badges borne by the nobility of 
England/ Names of Church Fathers and reformers/ 
Treatise on nature of animals (W)/ Prophecies of 
Merddln and Taliesln (W)/ Triads (W)/ Legendary 
history of Owaln Miles (W)/ Genealogy of British 
kings BMab 662/6 

197 14920: Leonard Wright. A summons for sleepers, 
Welsh tr. by Son Conway (W) BMab 672/2 

198 14921: Legendary account of Palestine, Ethiopia, 
India, etc., with drawings (W) BMab 678/3 

199 14922: John Davles. The British tongue In an 
English habit BMab 663/1 

200 14923: Proverbs (W & L)/ Lewis Morris. 
Characteristics of the South Wales dialect (W & E) 
BMab 677/7 

201 14924: Lewis Morris. Miscellaneous collections 
In relation to British history (E & W) BMab 676/8 

202 14925: Sir John Price. Defence of British 
history BMab 676/6 

203 14926: Lewis Morris. Index to the Cantrefydd 
and Cymmydau of Wales; Index to parishes of Wales 
BMab 676/1 

204 14927: Lewis Morris. Collections and notes re- 
lating to British history and antiquities (W & E)/ 
Miscellaneous papers (W)/ Drawings of various 
Welsh scenes BMab 671/2 

205 14828: Lewis Morris. Genealogies of the saints 
of Britain collected out of several ancient manuscripts 
(W) with a preface (E) BMab 671/3 

206 14929: Miscellaneous papers relating Wales (W)/ 
Poems (W,E,L)/ Correspondence of Lewis Morris 
(W & E) BMab 697/5 

207 14930: Indexes to Sir John Price's Description of 
Wales, to Tallesln's works, and to Lewis Morris' 
The extent of Anglesey BMab 665/2 

208 14931: Laws of Hywel Dda (W) BMab 686/4 

209 14932: Dafydd ap Gwllym. Poems (W)/ Poems 
by other authors (W) BMab 697/1 

210 14933: Collection of poems (W) BMab 685/3 

211 14934: Lewis Morris. Miscellaneous collection 
of pieces relating to Wales and the Welsh language and 
literature (W, E, L, Gr, Cornish)/ Plans of Gibraltar, 
MUford Haven, Dulas Harbor, and Rhoscolyn church 
and a drawing of the tombstone of King Pabo 

BMab 690/2 

212 14935: Lewis Morris. Miscellaneous collection 
of pieces relating to Wales and the Welsh language 
and literature (W, E, Ir, L, Cornish, Armoric) 
BMab 690/1 

213 14936: Richard Morris. Miscellaneous collections 
relating to British history and containing transcripts 
of poems by various bards (W, L, E ) BMab 691/1 

214 14937: Poems by various authors (W & E ) 
BMab 689/3 

215 14938: Lewis Morris. Remarks on Welsh poetry 
(W); Old songs collected from ancient and modem 
manuscripts (W); Axioms In metaphysics and natural 
philosophy/ Indexes to various Welsh manuscripts 
(W)/ Bernard Fo n tenelle. Extracts from Dialogues 
of the dead/ Notices of various poems (W)/ Poems 
(W) BMab 688/2 

216 14939: Lewis Morris. Rise and progress of 
music among the ancient Britons/ Extracts from 
Welsh manuscripts relative to music (W)/ Antient 
British music, Pt. 1/ Drawing of the silver harp at 
Mostyn/ List of songs and melodies commonly used 
by the poets and harpers In Wales BMab 688/1 

217 14940: Poems by various bards (W & L) BMab 

218 14941: Lewis Morris. Indexes of names of men 
and places In the Triads, the Gododln, etc./ Index to 
Tallesln's Englynlon beddau mllwyr Ynys Prydaln/ 
Index to Lewis Glyn Clothi's works/ Index to Meddygon 
Myddfal/ Edward Llwyd. Translation of British 
names/ Notice of various transcripts of Welsh poems, 
etc., made by L. Morris BMab 665/4 

219 14942: Lewis and William Morris. Collection of 
Welsh pedigrees/ David Williams. 2 letters giving 
an account of the Bulkeley family, 1730-1736 
BMab 697/3 

220 14943: William Phyllp. Compendium of Welsh 
grammar and prosody BMab 663/3 

22^ 14944: John Davles. Antiquae linguae Britannlcae 
et linguae Latinae dlctionarium duplex (Printed) 
(W & L)/ Biographical memoranda on Davles/ Poems 
(W)/ List of ancient British cities BMab 685/2 

222 14945: John Davles. Antiquae linguae Britan- 
nlcae et linguae Latinae dlctionarium duplex (Printed) 
with manuscript additions by Richard and William 
MorriB (W & L)/ Lists of princes of Wales, bishops 
of Welsh sees, and lord presidents/ Various lists of 
words (W)/ Welsh chronicle, 1230-1420 (W)/ Other 
extracts (W) BMab 686/1 

223 14946: Interleaved copy of Dr. Davles' Dictionary 
supplying words omitted, many of them apparently 
taken from the original work of Sir Thomas Wlliems, 
and giving additional proverbs at the end (W & L) 
BMab 670/3 

224 14947: Thomas Richards. Antiquae linguae 
Britannlcae thesaurus (W & E) (Printed) with manu- 
script notes by William Morris (W) BMab 675/4 

225 14948: Aneurin. Y Gododln/ Taliesln. Poems 
(W)/ Directions for the performance of the church 
service (W)/ Poems by various bards (W)/ William 
Morris. Terminations metrically arranged (W)/ 
Thomas Price. Letter to Josiah Bablngton about 
British antiquities, 1701/ Jevan Llwyd ap Gwylllm 
(?). Poem(W)/ Edward Llwyd. Copies of 2 letters 
to Robert Davles, 1701, 1703/ Evan Evans. Poem 
(W) addressed tc William Vaughan with an epistle (E) 
prefixed/ Customs of the manor of Perveth, co. 
Cardigan, 1746/ Welsh inscriptions at Llanllar/ John 
Thomas. Additions to Richard's Welsh dictionary 
BMab 663/7 

226 14949: Richard Morris. Humorous story of an 
old gentleman and his servant (W), Pedigrees of 
Welsh saints (W)/ Thomas Williams. Corrections of 
John David Rhys' Grammar (W)/ Manuscripts missing 
from the I.lannerch Library, 1759/ Variations between 
a manuscript copy of Nennlus and Gale's printed copy/ 
Lord's Prayer in Hebrew, Arabic, Syriac.and Ethioptc/ 
Pllnius. Extracts from his Natural history/ Robert 
Vaughan. Extracts from his letters to abp. Usher 
relative to Nennlus, 1651-1652/ Note of an original 
grant of Llywelyn ap Jorwerth to Ednyfed Vychan, 
1230/ Lewis Morris. History of crown manor of 
Creuthyn, co. Cardigan BMab 682/1 

227 14950: Lewis Morris. The silver mines restored 
to the ancient Bri tains, being a discourse on the 
Welsh mines In general, touching their antiquity, 
value, etc., with the laws relating to mines, and of 
the mines of Cardiganshire In particular (W) 

BMab 671/4 

228 14961: Lewis Morris. Common-places In relation 
io mines, minerals, metals, engines, smelting, 
essaying, etc. BMab 663/8 

229 149S2: Chronological account of the editions of 
the Bible and Prayer Book In Welsh to 1718/ Various 
papers, letters, and proof sheets relating to the 
editions of the Welsh Bible In 1746 and 1752 and the 
Prayer Book In 1768/ Richard Morris. Collection of 
errors In several editions of the Bible, Welsh and 
English BMab 690/3 

230 14953: Charles I. Certified copy of letters patent 
containing a grant of mines In Cardiganshire to William 
Collins and Edward Fenn of London, 1631 BMab 690/5 

231 14954: Sir John Davles. Argument upon the ques- 
tion of Impositions BMab 684/2 

232 14955: Catalog of the library of Lewis Morris 
at Penrhyn, c. 1760/ Catalog of manuscripts from 
this collection/ Catalog of books and manuscripts in 
the Morrlslan library belonging to the Welsh Charity 
School, 1796/ Catalog of printed books of Morrlslan 
library, 1826/ Manuscripts missing from the Welsh 
School collection when presented to the British 
Museum, 1844 BMab 692/3 

233 14956: William Owen Pughe. Catalog and index of 
the Morrlslan manuscripts In the collection at the 
Welsh school In Gray's Inn Lane, London, 1790 (W) 
BMab 686/2 

234 14957: Edward Charles. Papers and correspond- 
ence Including poems by himself and others, 1788- 
1798 (W)/ Letters from various persons but chiefly 
from John and Thomas Jones to Edward Charles and 
others, 1791-1811 (W & E)/ David Samwell. Poems; 
Letter on a colony of Welsh Indians in America, 1791 
BMab 692/2 

235 14958: Collection of poems by various authors 
(W) BMab 661/2 

236 14959: Edward Charles. Collection of poems, 
letters, etc. (W) BMab 660/5 

237 14960: Edward Charles. Poems (W) BMab 672/3 

238 14961: Edward Charles. Poems (W); Compendium 
of the history of six counties of North Wales (W)/ 
William Wynn. Poems (W)/ Edward Samuel. Poems 
(W)/ Griffith Williams. Poems (W)/ Slon Pywell. 
Poems (W)/ Vocabulary of words of similar meaning 
and sound (W & E) BMab 672/4 

239 14962: Collection of works of some early Welsh 
bards (W) BMab 691/2 

240 14963: Lewis Glyn Clothi. Poems (W) 
BMab 698/4 

241 14964: Englyns and poems by various bards (W) 
BMab 695/3 

242 14965: Poems and englyns by various bards (W)/ 
Lodowlck Lloyd. Sonnet to the Queen/ Pedigrees of 
Welsh families (W) BMab 696/1 

243 14966: Poems by various bards (W) BMab 688/5 

244 14967: Miscellaneous poems (W)/ Medical tract 
(W)/ Chronicle from Creation to 1705 (W)/ Life of 
St. Martin (W)/ History of the crucifixion and of 
Joseph of Arlmathea (W)/ Hanes Gwldw/ Prayer 
(W)/ Ystoria Peredur/ Welsh genealogies/ Vision 
of St. Paul (W)/ Grant to St. Ellen by Caswallon 
Lawhlr, King of North Wales (W)/ Charm against the 
ague (W) BMab 91/2 angBMab 689/2 

245 14968: Goronwy Owen. Poems and letters, 1753- 
1767 (W & E)/ Poems by various authors (W & L) 
BMab 689/1 

246 14969: Cwrach Hen, poems by various authors 
(W) BMab 685/1 

247 14970: Poems by various bards (W)/ Edward 
Williams. Notes on the poems (W) BMab 686/3 

248 14971: Twm o'r Nant, no. 3, the works of various 
bards (W) BMab 680/5 

249 14972: Twm o'r Nant, no. 4, poems by various 
bards (W) BMab 684/5 

250 14973: Interlude on Crucifixion (W)/ Dramatic 
dialogue on offerings of the three kings (W)/ Poems 
(W)/ Dialogue between Arthur and the eagle in verse 
(W)/ Carols and hymns (W)/ Proverbs (W)/ 
Prayers (W)/ Orations (W)/ Helfa Hawdd 1 hepkor/ 
Prophetic mablnogl (W) BMab 684/3 

251 14974: Poems by various authors (W)/ Aphorisms 
and proverbial sayings (W)/ Verses/ List of tenants 
of Robert Salesbury of Rug, c. 1610/ Spurious letters 
of Pontius Pilate and Lentulus/ David Jones. Common- 
place book (W) BMab 672/5 

252 14975: Collection of poems by various authors 
(W)/ Poems/ John Thomas. Christmas carol 
BMab 661/5 

253 14976: Collection of poems by various authors 
(W) BMab 661/4 

254 14977: Poems (W)/ Scale of tunes/ Prophecies 
(W) BMab 665/7 

255 14978: Caer Rhun, no. 1, poems by various bards 
(W) BMab 687/2 

256 14979: Caer Rhun no. 2/ Treatise on physiognomy 
(W)/ Aphorisms and moral triads (W)/ Life of 

St. Peter (W)/ Genealogy of Edward VI from Brutus/ 
Englyns on the English sovereigns from William the 
Conqueror to Elizabeth (W) BMab 664/3 

257 14980: Caer Rhun, no. 3: collection of poems 
(W)/ Honorius m. Interdlctio adversus Lewelinum 
prlnclpem Northwalliae, 1223/ Llywelyn ab Gruffydd. 
Llterae ad clerum Angliae, 1275/ Marsly Williams. 
Letter (W)/ Lewis Morris. Chronological notes on 
history of Wales (W) BMab 680/2 

258 14981: Caer Rhun, no. 4: collection of poems, 
chiefly by Michael Prichard BMab 665/6 

259 14982: Caer Rhun, no. 5: Collection of Welsh 
poems (W) BMab 650/4 

260 14983: Caer Rhun, no. 6: chiefly poems of John 
Griffith (W, E, L) BMab 676/2 

261 14984: Caer Rhun, no. 7: collection of Welsh 
poems BMab 661/3 

262 14985: Caer Rhun, no. 8: collection of Welsh 
poems BMab 661/6 

263 14986: Caer Rhun, no. 9: coUectlon of Welsh 
poems (W) BMab 676/4 

264 14987: Collection of poems by Welsh authors 

(W & E)/ Life of St. Collen (W)/ Order for repair of 
bridge In Co. Denbigh/ Metrical tale: Araeth y 
Trwstan BMab 659/3 

265 14988: Welsh poems (W)/ Araeth Wgan/ Moral 
sayings of Solomon the Wise (W) BMab 665/5 

266 14989: Poems by various bards (W)/ History of 
poetry (W) BMab 676/9 

267 14990: Collection of englynlon by various bards 
arranged under the following subjects: enigmas and 
elegiac, moral and serious, similes, those relating 
to weather and tokens, eulogies, those complimentary 
and abusive In regard to young women, and epitaphs 
(W)/ Memorial verses on the coronations of the 
kings of England from William I to Elizabeth by 
various bards (W) BMab 674/4 

268 14991: Rhys Jones. Gorchestion Beirdd Cymru 
(Printed) with notes, collations, and poems added 
(W) BMab 673/3 

269 14992: CoUectlon, made by Richard Morris, 1716- 
1718, of carolau, dyriau, awdlau, and englynlon by 
different authors/ Lists of the names of Welsh tunes 
BMab 663/6 

270 14993: Robert Hughes. Poems (W)/ 2 elegies on 
Richard Morris (W)/ Address to the Cymmrodorion 
Society BMab 695/2 

271 14994: CoUectlon of Welsh poems and englynlon 
by various bards BMab 663/5 

272 14995: Prize poems and competitions in the 
Eisteddfods, 1789-90, with letters relating to them 
(W)/ Pedigrees/ Poems (W&E)/ Welsh proverbs 
(W) BMab 663/4 

273 14996: Poems by various authors Including a 
group of Biblical and religious poems (W) 
BMab 677/6 

274 14997: Caer Rhun, no. 10/ Grammatical rules 
(L)/ Charms and medical receipts (L & E)/ Verses/ 
Christmas carol BMab 110/2 and BMab 666/10 

275 14998: Caer Rhun, no. 11 BMab 666/9 

276 14999: Poems by various bards (W) BMab 667/1 

277 15000: Evan Evans. Some specimens of the poetry 
of the antlent Welsh bards (Printed); Dlssertatlo de 
bardls (W) (Printed )/Poems (W)/ Short account of the 
principal bards (W)/ Mr. Gray. Odes (Printed) 
BMab 673/1 

278 15001: Collection of works of the bards of the 
Early and Middle Ages (W)/ Indexes of the Uyfr 

Coch o Hergest and of the Llyf r Gwyn 1 Rydderch/ 
Dafydd Ddu o Hiraddug. Offlcium B. Mariae In verse 
(W)/ Chronology from Vortigem to King John (W)/ 
De Christlanae fide! propagatlone ex Ubro vetusto 
Herefordensl BMab 692/1 

279 15002: Collection of the works of the early Welsh 
bards (W)/ Pedigrees (W)/ William Morris. Letter 
(W)/ Ynglynnion y Beddau/ Hanes TaUessln 

[ Note: Target • 14887] BMab 675/2 

280 15003: Geoffrey of Monmouth. Extracts from his 
History (W)/ Caradog, of Llancarvan. Extracts from 
his History (W)/ Contents of Liber S. Teiliaul with 
notes by Jolo Morganwg (L & W)/ Note on Cotton 
Cleopatra B. V (W)/ Statutes of the bards and min- 
strels (W)/ Poems (W)/ Proverbial sayings (W)/ 
William Owen. Notes on some words used in Welsh 
poetry (W)/ Vocabularies (W)/ The Creed In verse 
(W)/ Medical receipts (W)/ List of cantreds and 
commots of Wales/ Accounts of various Eisteddfods 
(W)/ Achau Saint Ynys Prydaln/ Life of St. CoUen 
(W) Genealogies (W)/ Prophecies (W) BMab 674/1 

281 15004: Poems by various authors (W) BMab 677/5 

282 15005: CoUectlon of poems, carols, and songs 
(W)/ Metrical dialogue giving a description of various 
parts of the world (W). ' Sir William Dawes. Elegy on 
Queen Anne/ Verses and songs BMab 668/2 

283 15006: Anonymous englynlon and lyric pieces (W) 
Poems (E & W)/ Poems by various bards (W) 
BMab 668/5 

284 15007: Poems by various bards (W)/ Grammati- 
cal treatise (W) BMab 696/2 

285 15008: Poems by various bards (W) BMab 668/6 

286 15009: Thomas Edwards. Poems and songs (W)/ 
Other poems (W) BMab 681/7 

287 15010: CoUection of odes, englyns, songs, and 
other pieces (W)/ Welsh pedigrees (W) BMab 677/4 

288 15011: Poems and englynlon chiefly by modern 
bards (W)/ Robert Hughes. Letter on structure of 
Welsh poetry (W)/ Thomas Humphrey. Songs 
BMab 678/6 

289 15012: Poems, songs, carols, etc., of recent 
bards (W)/ Sermon (W) BMab 670/1 

290 15013: Robert Davles. Poems, songs, and 
englyns (W)/ Other poems (W)/ WUliam Myddelton. 
Short treatise on Welsh prosody and metre (W) 
BMab 668/4 

291 15014: Robert Davles. Poems and lyric pieces 
(W)/ Thomas Edwards. Easter carol (W) 

BMab 673/2 

292 15015: Robert Davles. Poems and lyrical pieces 
(W)/ Poems and letters by other writers, most of 
which are addressed to R. Davles (W&E) 

BMab 696/4 

293 15016: Treatise on the 24 metres used In Welsh 
poetry (W)/ Poems and englyns by various bards (W) 
BMab 688/4 

294 15017-15018: Genealogies of the principal families 
of Wales (W)/ Hugh Morris. Arms of the princes, 
noblemen, and genUemen of Wales BMab 699/1-2 

295 15019: Extenta comitatus Anglesey, 1352/ Henry 
VH. Charter of liberties granted to North Wales, 
1507 (L)/ Edward IV. Charter of confirmation of the 
possessions of the church of St. Eilian, co. Anglesey, 
1468 (L)/ Julius H. Papal dispensation from 

Ulegitlmacy In order to hold ecclesiastical preferment 
for John Hughes, 1506 (L) BMab 698/3 

296 15020: Ancient Welsh law pleadings (W)/ Various 
pieces In prose and verse (W)/ Catalog of kings of 
Britain from Brutus to Cadwaladr/ John Morgan. 
Letters relating to Welsh literature/ Extracts from 
various manuscripts (W)/ Sayings of Solomon (W)/ 
Lodowlck Lloyd. Sonnet to the Queen/ 13 rarities of 
Britain (W)/ Copy of the North Briton, no. 45/ Fables 
(W)/ Poetical controversy between Edmund Prys and 
William Cynwal (W)/ Lewis Morris. Additions to 
Davies' Dictionary (W&E) BMab 694/2 

297 15021: Notes of several manuscripts (W)/ Burial 
places of bards of 15th and 16th centuries (W)/ 
Proverbs (W)/ Miscellaneous letters (E & L)/ 
Robert Vaughan. Account of possessions of coUegiate 
church of Clynog/ Extracts from genealogy of John 
WUliams (L)/ Epitaph of Mcrgan Herbert (W)/ 
Miscellaneous extracts (E & W)/ Lewis Morris. 
Extracts from Celtic remains/ Poems (W)/ Humphrey 
Lloyd. Aerae Cambrobritannicae, 520-1265 (W)/ 
Breuddwyd Grono Ddu o Fon/ Historical notes relative 
to Britain/ Prophwydollaeth y Bardd Cwsg/ 

Prophwydolleth y Wennol/ Medicinal recipes (W)/ 
Ystorl Gwaitvoed BMab 694/3 

298 15022: Goronwy Owen. Letters to Lewis Morris, 
1752-1757 (W & E)/ Historical extracts and notices 
(W)/ Medicinal recipes and charms (W)/ Pedigree 
of Einion ap Gwalchmai (W)/ Cantreds and commots 
of Wales, 1550-1553/ Parishes of Wales/ Account 
of old Welsh musical notation (W)/ Laws of min- 
strelsy (W)/ Extracts relative to education in Wales/ 
Charters relative to Chirk (W)/ Welsh chronologies 
(W)/ Meiul Hirlon/ Account of Carmarthen Eisteddfod 
(W)/ Ancient manorial claims (W)/ 7 cantreds of 
Glamorganshire/ 24 wonders of Britain (W)/ Notice 
of Simwnt Fychan (W)/ Poems (W)/ List of Welsh 
historians/ 15 tribes of North Wales/ Genealogical 
notices (W) BMab 688/3 

299 15023: Vocabularies (W & E)/ Account of the 
original manuscript of Thomas Williams' Dictionary 
(W)/ Lists of kings, princes, bishops, and lords 
presidents of Wales/ Proverbs (W)/ Poems (W & E)/ 
15 tribes of North Wales/ Names of places com- 
pounded with Aber/ Historical notices of the family of 
Bleddyn ap Cynfyn (W)/ Chronlcl Cymreig to 1420/ 
Short chronological entries, 653-1404 (W)/ Lewis 
Morris. Extract of a letter to Owen Meyrick, 1738/ 
Genealogies of Powys (W) BMab 694/4 

300 15024: Collection of original letters principally 
addressed to Owen Jones and Richard Morris relating 
to British history, literature and antiquities with some 
miscellaneous poems and papers (W & E) BMab 693/1 

301 15025: Original letters chiefly addressed to 
Richard Morris from his brothers, 1739-1763 (W & E)/ 
Edward Lloyd. Poem (W)/ Drawings of harps/ Pedl- 
gTee of Jane Morris/ Words omitted In Davles' 
Dictionary but used by the Inhabitants of Anglesey (W)/ 
Names of British quadrupeds and birds (E & W)/ 
Commission of L. Morris to be superintendent of a 
mine In the manor of Mevenyth BMab 694/1 

302 15026: William Morris. Original letters to his 
brothers, Lewis and Richard (W & E)/ Other letters, 
1739-1806 (W &E)/ Poems (W) BMab 693/2 

303 15027: Miscellaneous papers, poems, and letters, 
1782-1807, many of them addressed to the Welsh peri- 
odical, Greal(W & E) BMab 694/5 

304 15028: Original letters chiefly relating to the 
literature of Wales, 1743-1806 (W & E)/ Poems (W)/ 
Richard Morris. Notes on introduction of Christianity 
among Britons (W)/ History of Britain/ Genealogical 
notices (W) BMab 672/7 

305 15029: Lewis Morris. Lists of the cantrefs, 
commots, and parishes of Wales fW)/ Letters, poems, 
and other papers (W,E,Gr,L) List of the editions of 
the Bible in Hebrew, Greek, Latin, etc., and names of 
commentators BMab 669/4 

306 15030: Original letters relating to the poetry and 
literature of Wales (W & E)/ Notes of obits of Welsh 
bards (W)/ Papers relative to the Eisteddfod at Bala, 
1789 (W)/ Notice of Taliesin/ Poems (W)/ Papers 
relating to Walters' Dictionary/ John Williams. Peti- 
tion to the Cymmrodorion society (W)/ Papers relat- 
ing to an elegy on R. Morris (W & E)/ Owen Jones. 
List of manuscripts relating to Wales in the Harleian 
collection, 1784 BMab 687/1 

307 15031: Extracts from Brut y Twywysogion (W)/ 
Pedigrees (W)/ Original letters, 1779-1797 (W & E)/ 
Poems (W)/ Prospectuses of various Welsh works 
(Printed) BMab 687/3 

308 15032: William Morris. Letters to bis brothers 
Robert and Lewis, 1749-1763 (W1E)/ Other mis- 
cellaneous letters (Wl Lists of British shells/ 
Fragment of Welsh etymological dictionary (W & E)/ 
William Roberts. Englyns/ Biographical notice of 
Humphrey Llwyd BMab 681/9 

309 15033: William Morris. Letters to Richard and 
Lewis Morris, 1749-1763 (W & E)/ Other miscella- 
neous letters (W)/ Evan Evans. Ode (W)/ Griffith 
Williams. Englyns BMab 682/2 

310 15034: Henry Perry. Treatise on rhetoric (W)/ 
William Salsburi. Letter to Gnifludd Hlraethog (W)/ 
Treatises relating to British saints (W)/ Poems (W)/ 
Tribes of Wales (W) Genealogies of Welsh saints 
(W)/ Polychronlca (W)/ History of British kings 
from Brutus to Cadwalader (W)/ Disputation between 
Body and Soul, Welsh tr. by Iolo Goch, On the nine 
virtues (W) On the complexions of men and nature 
of planets (W), Aristoteles. Letter to Alexander on 
knowledge of human qualities (W) BMab 675/1 

311 15035: Lewis Morris. Indexes of British names 
of men and places compiled from various Welsh works 
(W)/ Remarkable events chronologically arranged, 
B.C. 1800-A.D. 1422 (W)/ Index to the Meddygon 
Myddval (W)/ Edward Llwyd. Translation of British 
names/ Catalog of Hengwrt manuscripts (W)/ Short 

historical notices, 1262-1507 (W)/ Portion of the 
Mabinogi of Jarlles y ffynnawn (W)/ Llewelyn Offelrlad. 
History of seven wise masters (W) BMab 680/6 

312 15036: Tracts relating to ancient British music 
with sketches of musical Instruments (W) BMab 681/2 

313 15037: Abridgment of the universal English short- 
hand invented by J. By rom/ Goronwy Owen. Letters , 
1741-1767 (W & E)/ Verses (L) BMab 668/7 

314 15038: Caer Rhun, no. 27: Abbey of the Holy 
Ghost, Fifteen signs, Gospel of Nicodemus, Treatise 
on seven deadly sins, Epistle ascribed to Ovid, Poems, 
Kings of Cologne, Seven works of mercy, Seven wise 
masters, and a treatise on the four kinds of music (W) 
BMab 676/7 

315 15039: Caer Rhun, no. 28: Medicinal recipes (W), 
Poems by various authors (W), Herbal (W & L), 
Proverbs BMab 682/4 

316 15040: Caer Rhun, no. 29: Poems by various 
authors (W), Fragment of legend of Mary Magdalen (W), 
Ipotys (W), Life of St. Margaret (W), Treatise on 
faith (W) BMab 682/5 

317 15041: Collection of ancient Welsh genealogies 
(W)/ Thomas ap Llywelyn. Treatise on origin of 
amortal bearings (W)/ List of regiments serving In 
the expedition to Cadiz under the Earl of Essex 
BMab 668/3 

318 15042: Dares Phryglus. De excidio Trojae (W) 
BMab 674/2 

319 15043: Survey of lands of Powls and of earldom 
of Chester (W)/ Lists of the hundred, towns, 
parishes, churches, castles, counties, and episcopal 
sees of Wales (W ) / Institution of Dyfnwal Moelmud 
(W)/ Possessions of sons of Cunedda (W)/ 15 tribes 
of North Wales (W)/ Genealogical notes relating to 
the family of Lewis (W)/ Poem (W)/ Orders relating 
to the rents of Bromfleld and Yale (W) BMab 680/8 

320 15044: Moses Williams. Repertorium poeOcum 
slve Poematum Wallicorum, being a transcript of the 
edition printed at London in 1726 BMab 667/5 

321 15045: Caer Rhun, no. 16: chiefly medical 
recipes with some poetical pieces intermixed (W) 
BMab 667/2 

322 15046: Treatise on different ranks of society 
called graduelys (W)/ Treatise on various branches 
of science (W)/ Simwnt Fychan. Treatise on 
grammar, prosody, and music (W) ' Treatise on 
figures of grammar (W)/ Notes on grammar and 
music (W)/ Poems (W) BMab 667/6 

323 15047: Solar table/ Proverbs (W)/ Poems (W)/ 
Taliesin. Poems (W)/ Maxims and moral precepts 
(W)/ 13 rarities of the Isle of Britain (W)/ Short 
ethical pieces (W)/ Dimensions of Gog.Magog and 
Korneus/ Tract on the Trinity (W)/ Dialogue 
between Emperor Adrian and Eppig (W)/ Dialogue 
between Solomon and Marcholfus (W) Explanation 

of the calendar In verse (W)/ Astronomical tract (W)/ 
Names of herbs, age of moon, etc. (W)/ Awgrym llaw/ 
Notes of sermons BMab 668/1 

324 15048: Vocabulary (W & E ), Charms and prayers 
(W) BMab 667/7 

325 15049: Medical recipes (W) BMab 668/10 

326 15050: Jean Frederic Osterwald. Arguments on 
the chapters of the Holy Scriptures, Welsh tr. by Evan 
Evans, vol. 1 BMab 676/5 

327 15051: Jean FredeVic Osterwald. Arguments on 
the chapters of the Holy Scriptures, Welsh tr. by Evan 
Evans, vol. 2 BMab 677/1 

328 15052: Jean Frederic Osterwald. Arguments on 
the chapters of the Holy Scriptures, Welsh tr. by Evan 
Evans, vol. 3 BMab 668/8 

329 15053: Nomina vlrorum et femlnarum propria col- 
lected from the works of Camden, Verstegan, the 
Saxon chronicle, Goldastus, Junius, Procoplus, Kilian, 
L. Rotter, and others BMab 678/4 

330 15054: Tables of various kinds of paper and a list 
of paper-makers/ Notes on manuscripts in the 
Hengwrt and Sea bright collections (W & E)/ Humphrey 
Humphreys. Chronological account of British princes 
to 960/ Historical and topographical notes relating to 
Wales/ Lord's prayer and Creed (W) BMab 679/1 
and 680/3 

331 15055: William Owen. Vocabulary (W)/ Aneurin 
(?). Englynlon 1 Fisoedd y Flwyddyn BMab 672/1 

332 15056: Thomas Hopcln. Counsels of a father to 
his son respecting husbandry (W)/ Poems by various 
authors (W)/ Walter Davles. Letter to Owen Jones, 

1803 (W)/ Owen Jones. Glossarlal memoranda from 
the poems of Davydd ap Gwilym, etc. (W)/ Thomas 
Pennant Extracts from Tour to Scotland (W)/ 
Glossarlal notes from New Testament printed In 1630/ 
Scottish words from Os elan's poems/ Catalog of 
Welsh books and manuscripts/ Miscellanea (W) 
BMab 669/1 

333 15057: Extent* common de Leyn, co. Carnarvon/ 
Index to collection of Welsh poems/ Poems (W & E)/ 
Historical notes and commonplaces (E & W)/ Letter 
on firing of London, 1676/ Account of Spanish 
Armada, 1588 BMab 678/7 and 680/4 

334 15058: Owen Jones. Glossarlal notes (W)/ 
Sermons (E & W) BMab 671/5 

335 15059: Miscellaneous papers of the 17th and 18th 
centuries, manuscript and printed, relating to Welsh 
literature (W & E) BMab 679/4 

336 15060: Edward Llwyd. Parochial queries in order 
to a geographical history of Wales (W) (Printed)/ 
Papers relating to the Cymmrodorion and Gwyneddigion 
societies, 1783, 1793 (W) (Printed)/ Engraved plan 

of Dulas Bay and Harbor by Lewis Morris, 1748, with 
manuscript additions by W. Morris/ Poems (W)/ 
Thomas Williams. Treatise on Welsh prosody, Welsh 
tr. by Einion Ofelriad and Davydd Ddu (W)/ Treatise 
on astronomy (W)/ Proverbial sayings (W)/ Brief 
Welsh chronology, 542-1232/ Evils of drunkeness (W) 
BMab 672/6 

337 15061: Indexes to the volumes of Welsh poetry In 
the Myvyrian collection at Havod Ychtrud and elsewhere 
(W) BMab 697/6 

338 15062: Indexes to the Welsh poetry in the Myvyrian 
and Caer Rhun collections BMab 679/5 

339 15063: Tables of the authors of Welsh poetry, 
arranged alphabetically, with the first lines of their 
poems and references to manuscripts (W) BMab 674/3 

340 15064: History of Britain from Julius Caesar to 
William the Conqueror (W) BMab 698/1 

341 15065: List of shells arranged in genera and 
species with some miscellaneous drawings (L) 
BMab 680/9 

342 15066: Edward Llwyd. Alphabetical list of plants 
(L)/ Vocabulary (L & Ir) BMab 681/1 

343 15067: Catalog of mountain plants (L)/ Drawings 
of fossils and various minerals/ Georg Agricola. 
Extracts from De re metalllca et de natura fossilium 
(L)/ "Stirpium hoc seculo inventorum catalogus"/ 
Comparison of style of Woodward and Harris, two 
writers on natural history/ Welsh synonyms 

BMab 681/3 

344 15068: Extracts from Klrcher and Pliny on 
precious stones (L)/ Collections on the same sub- 
ject (L)/ Plantae rariores In Brechlnia BMab 680/7 

345 15069: Catalog of plants according to their genera 
(L) BMab 681/6 

346 15070: Observations on experiments with plants/ 
Names of kingdoms, cities, etc. (L & E)/ Topo- 
graphical and antiquarian notes relating to the counties 
of England/ Pllnlus. Extracts on herbs and shells/ 
Receipts for unguents/ List of medicinal herbs/ Lists 
of seeds sent from Oxford, St. Christopher's, and 
Virginia/ Catalogs of plants In Wales BMab 681/4 

347 15071: Chemical and other processes, and experi- 
ments on metals (E & L) BMab 682/3 

348 15072: Elements of geometry/ "The sphaerlck 
part of astronomy"/ Elements of stereometry/ 
Chrystalline stones, fossils, etc. of Britain arranged 
in classes (L)/ William Nlcolson. Letter relating to 
some Roman Inscriptions, 1701/ Michael O'Clery. 
Prefatory epistle to his Irish dictionary/ Ballard oi 
Robin Hood and the shepherd/ Andrew Frommenius. 
Synopsis metaphyslca/ Henry Marten. Pt. of Letter 
I of the Familiar epistles BMab 681/5 

349 15073: Francis Wlllughby. De hlstoria pisclum, 
libri IV; De materia medlca [Note: Target. 15075] 
BMab 668/9 

350 15074: History of birds/ Continuation from Ms. 
15073 of De materia medlca (L) BMab 682/6 

351 15075: Inscription from coffin-plate of Sir Leoline 
Jenkins, 1685 (L)/ Extracts from various works on 
natural history (L & E)/ Part of history of fishes (L) 
BMab 682/7 

352 15076: Epistolae de coralllo/ Pierre BourdeloL 
Responslo ad Dn. Boccone de lncendlo mentis Aetnae, 
1670/ Catalog of books of the arts In the Bodleian 
library/ Charles Ogier. Excerpta ex Itinere Danlco/ 
Nehemlah Grew. Catalog of rarities of the Royal 

Society/ Caspar Hogius. Oe lapldlbus ichthyoniorphitis 
prope Lipaiam repertls/ Coraliia quae In Musaeo 
Ashmoleano conservantur/ Llgna et fructus exoticl, 
etc., In Musaeo Ashmoleano/ Dialogue and miscella- 
neous observations (G) BMab 682/8 

353 15077: List of coins and medals/ Extracts on 
subject of natural history (L),' Loci communes/ 
List of books BMab 678/5 

354 15078: Johannes XXI. The treasury of health, 
Welsh tr. by Jhon ap Ifan (W)/ Medical receipts 
(W1E) BMab 669/5 

355 15079: John Roderick. Welsh grammar, vol.1 
(W) BMab 683/4 

356 15080: John Roderick. Welsh grammar, vol. 2 
(W) BMab 682/9 

357 15081-15082: Thomas Richards. Antlquae linguae 
Brltannlcae thesaurus, vol. 1-2 (Printed with manu- 
script notes) (W & E) BMab 683/1-2 

358 15083: Thomas Wilson. Instruction to the Ignorant 
(W) BMab 683/3 

359 15084: Letters and orders from Theophllus and 
James Howard, earls of Suffolk, and Algernon Percy, 
earl of Northumberland, to the deputy lieutenants of 
Suffolk/ Letters and warrants from the Privy Council, 
June 1639-Sept. 1640 BMab 683/6 

360 15085: Account of apparitions seen by Elizabeth 
Hobson of Sunderland, 1744-1768/ Arthur Bedford. 

Account of Thomas Parker's conversation with evil 
spirits/ Of the heavenly dream of Dr. Phlllpp 
Dodderidge/ Edmund Jones. Circular letter to the 
neighboring clergy with his book of the account of the 
parish of Aberystwlth/ Shute Barrington. Letter to 
the Inhabitants of Bedwas and Ruddry, 1775/ Samuel 
Palmer. Extracts from the Nonconformist's memo- 
rial relating to Thomas Gouge BMab 683/5 

361 15086: Epitome of ancient history, principally 
collected from the writings of Mr. Rollln, vol. 1: 
History of Egyptians and Carthaginians BMab 676/3 

362 15087: Treatise of Judicature in Parliament 
BMab 690/4 

363 15088: James Logan. Catalog of Welsh manu- 
scripts and documents relating to Wales In libraries 
of the British museum BMab 696/3 

364 15089: Catalog of the library of the Cymmro- 
dorion society, 1833 BMab 697/4 

365 15229: Roman de Renart (F) BMab 33/3 

366 15549: Alchemical treatises BMbm 1/1 

367 15566: Geoffrey of Monmouth. Chronicle of isle 
of Britain (W)/ John Thomas. Poems (W) BMab 

368 15580: Table of lessons/ List of books of the 
Bible/ Wyclif. Bible (Earlier version) BMab 32/4 

369 15606: Calendrier/ De Dauld li prophecle/ 
Metrical paraphrase of Psalm XLTV (F)/ Tralte" de 
la messe/ Wace. Conception de Notre Dame/ Des 
polgnes d'enfer/ Hymns to Christ and the Virgin (F)/ 
Sermon In verse on vices and virtues (F)/ Seven pen- 
itential Psalms (F)/ Bible de Hugue de Berzi/ Des 
bestelotes, moraliteV Des deux chevaliers/ Adam de 
Suel. Tr. of Distichs of Cato/ Doctrinal Sauvage/ 
Por chatoier les orgulUoz/ Quinze signes/ Pleure- 
chante/ Vie de saint Denis/ Dit de Guillaume 
d'Angleterre/ Liures de sapience/ Clolstre 
esperituel/ Anthem, Nlcene creed, and Lesson from 
St John (L)/ Form of confession (F) BMab 23/4 

370 15685: Jacobus de Cessolis. De ludo scaccorum/ 
Martlnus, abp. of Braga (?). De formula honeste vlte/ 
De quatuor virtutlbus cardlnallbus (I)/ Seven sages 

of Rome (L) BMab 50/4 

371 15723: Life of St. Elizabeth of Schbnau (L)/ 
Miracles of the Virgin (L)/ Herbert de Torres. De 
mlraculis Clsterclensium monachorum BMab 28/2 

372 15833: Eynwlcus. Vita Wllbirgls/ Notes on 
Christmas mass and sermons (L)/ 168 religious 
tales (L) BMab 28/3 

373 16165: John Shirley. Verses and a receipt 

(E & L)/ Boethius. De consolatlone philosophiae, 
Eng. tr. by Chaucer/ Gospel of Nlcodemus, Eng. tr. 
by John Trevlsa/ Edward, of Norwich. Master of 
game/ Lydgate. Complaint of the Black Knight; 
Temple of glas; Invocation to St. Anne; On the depart - 
yng of Chaucer; My lady dere; Doublenesse; A lover's 
New Year's gift; Servant of Cupid forsaken/ Regula 
sacerdotalis/ Chaucer. Anelida and Arcite/ 
Halsham. Balade on mutability of man's nature/ 
Pseudo-Chaucerian Balade, Plowman's song, and 

Proverbs/ Devotisslma suffragia pro mullerlbus lm- 
pregnandls/ Richard de Beauchamp. Poem for the 
Countess of Warwick/ Devynale per Pycard/ Doctrina 
sacerdotis, Balade of compleynte BMab 32/3 

374 16168: Law, Common-place book BMbm 1/4 

375 16441: Alexandre de Bernay. Athis et Porfilias 
(F) BMab 23/6 

376 17013: Laurent, Dominican. Book of vices and 
virtues/ Religious poetry BMab 53/4 

377 17299: Barlaam and Josaphat BMab 34/1 

378 17361: "Compotus Johannls de Nortone, clericl 
asslgnatl ad supervidendum operatlones Palatli 
Westmonasteril, Turris Londoniae, et Mutarum regis 
Juxta Westmonasterium, de denarils receptls pro 
eisdem operationibus", 1311-1315 BMab 34/2 

379 17503: List of ships in British navy with numbers 
of men, charge of victualling, etc., 1642-1647 
BMbm 9/7 

380 17799: James Shirley. Cupid and death, a masque 
with music by Matthew Locke and Dr. Christopher 
Gibbons BMab 68/1 

381 17802-17803: Masses and motets in separate parts 
for four voices by English composers BMab 39/4-5 

382 17804-17805: Masses and motets in separate parts 
for four voices by English composers BMab 40/1-2 

383 18023: Certificate of Commissioners of Court of 
Claims In Ireland, 1666/ Indenture by which Earl of 
Cork settles lands in trustees for his children, Mar. 
1625/ Charge of accoutrements for Lord George 
Hamilton's regiment, 1691/ Receipts of officers of 
Hamilton's regiment for their pay, 1691 BMbm 9/6 

384 18199: Thomas Forde. History of the League and 
rise of Presbytery in England, 1670 BMab 409/2 

385 18236: Sir George Mackenzie. Discourse on civil 
law, 1691 BMab 410/3 

386 18450: Reply to the objections of the government 
farmers to Marshall's claim to occupy lands in 
County of Down, Ireland, 1680 BMab 409/3 

387 18597: Report of proceedings in Parliament, 
principally the House of Commons, Feb. 19-May 29, 
1624 BMab 410/1 

388 18648: "Three moneths observation of the Lowe 
Countries, especially Holland"/ Sir Thomas Bodley. 
Letter to Sir Francis Bacon, Feb. 19, 1607/ "To a 
freind who intreated an antidote against drunkennes"/ 
Letter to George Wither In answer to a late pamphlet 
BMab 410/2 

389 18649: Journal of the ship, the Royal Marye, from 
the Downs to the coast of India, Feb.-Oct. 1631, and 
from Surat to Masullpatam and Gombroon and back to 
Surat, Apr.-Nov. 1632 BMab 410/5 

390 18675: Letters of James Tyrrell, Theophilus 
Banoslus, Queen Elizabeth, James Sandilands, Charles 
I, Charles, prince Palatine, Walter Montagu, Anne 
Lenclos, Sir Edward Nicholas, Thomas Oldfeild, Earl 
of Clarendon, William, prince of Orange, Viscount 
Dursley, William HI, Duchess of Portsmouth, Duke of 
Queensberry, Viscount Bolingbroke, Robert Monckton, 
Teresa Blount, and others, 1478-1735 (F & E)/ Oath 

of confirmation of a treaty with Karl V, 1520 (L)/ 
Documents signed by Karl V, William Overton, 
Francois Eudes de Mezeray, and Karl XH of Sweden, 
1521-1705 (G, F,L)/ Orders of the Privy Council, 
1601-1604/ Letter of news to the Earl of Abingdon, 
1688/ Letters to William IH from Johannes Georgius, 
John Hugh von Oresbeck, Leopold I, John Lewis von 
Eldern, Joseph Clement, elector of Cologne, John 
William, elector Palatine, Frederick Christian, bp. 
of Minister, Ernst August, elector of Hanover, 
Lotharius Franclscus, bp. of Mayence, 1692-1697 
(L & F) BMab 18/6 

391 18772: List of English ships of war built between 
the years 1617-1683 with names of builders, dimen- 
sions, and armament/ Tables of wages and victuals 
allowed to men and ships/ Instructions to pursers 
BMbm 8/10 

392 18849: Agreement of the Governor and Company 
of Merchants of London on East Indian trade, July 20, 
1610/ Document signed by Admirals Robert Blake 
and Richard Deane, Mar. 31, 1649/ 2 documents 
signed by the Duke of Albemarle, 1653, 1668/ Peti- 
tion of Capt. John Powell to the Lords of the Treasury 
with the answer, May 1635/ Power of attorney from 
Frances, Countess Dowager of Portland, to receive 
her annuity at the Exchequer, 1679 BMab 24/3 

393 18936-39: Madrigals, masses, and motets princi- 
pally by English composers BMab 41/2-5 

394 18992: Charles I. Letters to Edward, Lord 
Littleton, and others, 1642 BMab 20/2 

395 19047: Account of pensions and annuities payable 
on account of suppressed religious houses in Dorset- 
shire BMbm 8/11 

396 19333: Lucretius. De rerum natura, Eng. tr. by 
Lucy Hutchinson BMab 50/5 

397 19374: Abstract of the royal patent conveying the 
territory of Carolina to the first proprietors, 1665/ 
Fundamental constitutions of Carolina, regulations 
for the settlement and administration of the colony, 
1669 BMbm 8/12 

398 20778: Miscellaneous autographs, including those 
of eminent political and ecclesiastical men, 1603-1701 
BMab 24/1 

399 21115: Johannes Phllippus de Lignamine. Dedi- 
catory epistle to Cardinal Francesco Gonzaga/ 
Apulelus Barbarus. Herbarium BMab 20/6 

400 21147: Liber medlclnalis BMbm 1/3 

401 21410: Lydgate. FaU of princes BMab 388/2 

402 21571: Nomenclator navalls, 1625 BMbm 1/6 

403 22087: Babrtus. Fabulae Aesopeae (Gr) 
BMab 21/5 

404 22356: Laws of Howel Dda (Welsh) BMab 109/3 

405 23922: Antlphonarlum with accentual notes and a 
miracle-play BMab 20/8 

406 23938: Johannes Brekenok and Johannes Everdon. 
Compotus de expensls hospitil Margaretae Reginae in 
Angliam venientls, 1444-1445 BMab 25/3 

407 24059: Chronicle of English affairs, 1356-1384 
(L)/ Note on weights (L)/ List of priors of Durham, 
1087-1519 (L)/ Chronicle of English history, 870- 
1362 (L)/ Diagram of England with description (L)/ 
Geoffrey of Monmouth. Extracts from Hlstoria, B.C. 
400-A.D. 596/ Informacio ad computandum 
algarlsmum/ Optima medlclna pro lapide (E)/ List 
of hosband-lands and their values In Berwick/ Table 
of events in English history from 1391 (L)/ History of 
bishops and priors of Durham, 1214-1381 (L) 

BMab 111/2 

408 24060: Nicholas IV, pope. Taxatio omnium 
bonorum ecclesiastlcorum tarn spirltualium quam 
temporalium provlnciarum Cantuarlae et Eboraci, 
1291 BMab 51/3 

409 24062: Copies of letters and warrants Included in 
a large collection of forms of public documents, com- 
piled by Hoccleve, Clerk of Privy Seal, at beginning 
of 15th century (F & L) BMab 22/1 

410 24202: Wycliffite tracts/ John Gaytrigg. Seven 
sacraments BMab 53/5 

411 24371: Joannes Chrysostomus. Fragments of 
Homilies on St. Matthew (Gr) BMab 25/7 

412 24969: Volsunga saga and Ragnars saga 
Lodbrokar/ Geoffrey of Monmouth. Bretasogur/ 
Travels of Frederik Boiling (Icel)/ Treatise on 
animals of India and other places (Icel)/ Bae rings 
saga/ Ambrosius and Rosamund (Icel)/ Melusine 
(Icel)/ Skjoldunga saga/ Drauma-Jons saga/ Hakonar 
Thattr Harekssonar/ Ulfars saga/ Uluga saga 
(Jridarfostra, Elis saga ok Rdsamundu/ Bardar saga 
Snaefellsass/ HJalmters saga ok Olvis/ Halfdanar 
saga Eystelnssonar/ Jon Slgurdsson. Tfma rfma/ 
Brandr Jonsson. Prose version of Alexandreis 
(Icel)/ Thldreks saga/ Letter from an abbot of 
Cosenza in Calabria to a prince of Blsignano (Icel ) / 
Fortunatus (Icel)/ Eyrbyggia saga/ Narrative of life 
of Hercules (Icel)/ Asmundar saga vikings/ Eglls 
saga Einhenda ok Asmundar berserkjabana/ Eglls 
saga Skallagrfmssonar BMab 409/1 

413 25080: Household accompts of the family of 
Spencer from Nov. 1599-May 1602 BMab 408/2 

414 25081: Household accompts of the family of 
Spencer from June, 1602-Sept. 1605 BMab 408/3 

415 25093: 

Gouldesmythes storehouse by H.G. 

416 25594: Guillaume de DeguillevUle. Pelerinage 
de la vie humalne; Pelerinage de l'ame BMab 20/3 

417 25872: Italian- English-Turkish voc. BMbm 1/7 

418 27451: Memoranda of plate of William Paston/ 
Anonymous memorandum/ Inventory of plate of 
Pastons/ Richard Chambyr. Deer account/ Sir 
Thomas L' Estrange. Household-book BMab 394/5 

419 27841: Francis Place. Collections of newspaper 
cuttings and other papers relating to elections at 
Westminster and other political events, vol. V, 1818 
BMab 391/2 

420 27842: Francis Place. Collections of newspaper 
cuttings and other papers relating to elections at 
Westminster and other political events, vol. VI, 1818, 
1819 BMab 392/1 

421 27862: Joannes of Damascus. De dialectica (Gr); 
De fide orthodoxa (Gr)/ Quaestiones philosophicae 
(Gr) BMab 21/7 

422 27879: Collection of English metrical romances 
and ballads, with marginal notes by Thomas Percy, 
bishop of Dromore BMab 51/1 

423 27909A: Hymn to Virgin BMab 24/2 

424 28026: John Wyclif. Commentary on St. Matthew's 
Gospel/ Short religious tracts BMab 38/4 

425 28078: Miscellaneous Treasury papers, consist- 
ing of revenue accounts with reports, memoirs, peti- 
tions, and other documents relating to the customs, 
excise, coinage, etc., 1660-1679 BMab 390/1 

426 28079: Miscellaneous papers relating to matters 
of trade and commerce, consisting chiefly of proposals 
and memoirs submitted to the Privy Council, the 
Commissioners of Customs, etc., temp. Chas. II- 
George m BMab 389/2 

427 28082: Establishments, muster rolls, accounts, 
and other papers relating to the army, 1640-1702 

(E & F) BMab 394/1 

428 28196: Account of Thomas Berthelette, printer to 
Henry VTA, for books supplied to the king and copies of 
public acts and proclamations delivered to Lord 
Chancellor, 1541-1543 BMab 50/6 

429 28221: Thomas Percy. Correspondence with 
William Shenstone, Nov. 24, 1757-Jan. 16, 1763 
BMab 48/6 

430 28222: Thomas Percy. Correspondence with 
Dr. Richard Farmer, chiefly relating to Reliques of 
ancient poetry, 1762-1773 BMab 22/3 

431 28256: John Wyclif. Revelation of St. John 
BMab 28/4 

432 29549: 38 original letters, etc., of English 
statesmen and others, 1514-1744, including those 

of Daniel Finch, Peter Martyr, Sir Christopher Hatton, 
Cotton Mather (E & L) BMab 22/4 

433 29729: Pece of ye battayU of the Psalms/ Quid 
eligam ignore/ Lydgate. How the plage was sesyd In 
Rome; Of ye ymage of Owr Lady; Ryght as a rammes 
home; XV oes; Nine properties of wine; Sege of 
Thebes; Ballade to King Henry VI on his coronation; 
Magnificat; Songe of Just mesure; Amor vinclt omnia; 
Tr. of St. Bernard's hymn; That now is hay; Pyte to 
the wretched synner; See myche, say lytell; Upon a 
cross; Tyed with a lyne; Four things that make a man 
a fool; Mumming for the mercers of London; Mumming 
for the goldsmiths of London; Mumming at Eltham; 
Mumming at Hertford; Mumming at London; Mumming 
at Windsor; On a New Year's gift of an eagle; 
Gloriosa dicta sunt de te; Wikked tong will seye amis; 
Thoroughfare of woe; So as the crabbe goth forward; 
Valentine to her I love best of all; Ballade of her that 
hath all virtues sette in hir image; On Gloucester's 
marriage; Gentlewoman's lament; Procession at Corpus 
Chrlsti; Sodelne fall of princes in oure dayes; Ex- 
tract from Fall of princes; Legend of St. Margaret; 
Testament; Pt. of Resoun and sensuallyte/ Benedict 
Burgh. In praise of Lydgate/ Leson to kepe well ye 
tonge/ Remember man thou art but wormes mette/ 
Skelton(7). Epitaph of King Edward ye fowrthe/ 
Testament of a Christian/ Hymn on the five joys/ 
John Shirley. Kalendare/ XV ooes/ Boethlus. De 
consolatione philosophiae/ Sum wemen wepyn of 
peure femlnite BMab 62/4 

434 29747: 48 Miscellaneous original letters and 
papers, Including some of Sir John Fastolf, c. 1430- 
1837 (E.L.F.I.D.G) BMab 24/4 

435 29886: Breviary of French use (L)/ Peter, monk 
of Burgundy. Summa super canonem missae/ 
Bernard. Planctus beate Marie BMab 28/5 

436 30039: Gregorlus I. Dialogues (S) BMab 50/2 

437 30055: Joannes Cassianus. Liber institutionum/ 
Leander, bp. of Seville. Chap. 18 of the Rule (L)/ 
Gregorius I. Bk. 34, chap. 23 of Moralia/ Macarius, 
the elder, of Egypt (?). Regula/ Hleronymus. Pre- 
fatio in regulam S. Pacomii/ Pachomius. Regulae cum 
vita eius et epistola ad Slmm et Johannem/ Rufinus, 
Tyrannius, Aquileiensls. Prefatio ad regulam S. 
Basllii/ Basilius. Regula/ Benedictus. Regula/ 

Isidorus. Regula/ Fructuosus, bp. of Braga. Regula 
monachorum; Regula monastica communis/ Smarag- 
dus, abbot of St. Mihiel. Fragment of Commentarlus 
in regulam S. Benedict! BMab 39/1 

438 30262: Miscellaneous letters Including those of 
Mary Shelley, Benedict Arnold, William Blake, 
Edmund Waller, and Thomas Hood, 1581-1863 
(E,I,F,G,W) BMab 24/5 

439 30485: Pavans, galliards, and songs for the vir- 
ginal by various composers BMab 401/7 

440 30486: Collection of music for the virginal 
BMab 397/4 

441 30489: John Jenkins. Three-part fancies, vol. 2, 
second treble BMab 401/3 

442 30490: John Jenkins. Three-part fancies, vol. 3, 
bass BMab 401/2 

443 30520: Sir Christopher Barker. Grant of arms to 
Alexander Amcottes, of Astrop, 1549/ 2 leaves of an 
English choral-book BMab 394/2 

444 30808: Arms and styles of the Knights of the 
Garter, 1564, 1567 BMab 48/5 

445 30931: 51 anthems and a secular songs, by Will- 
iam Croft, Henry Purcell, William Raylton, John 
Blow, Henry Hall, Henry Aldrich and others, collected 
by William Flackton, vol. 1, with some autographs 
BMab 396/2 

446 30932: 56 anthems and sacred songs by Henry 
Purcell, Michael Wise, Thomas Tudway, Benjamin 
Rogers, John Sargenson, John Blow, Christopher 
Gibbons, and others, coUected by William Flackton, 
vol. 2, with some autographs BMab 396/1 

447 30934: 5 odes in full score composed by Jeremiah 
Clark, Daniel Purcell, and Henry Purcell, each one 
composed for a special occasion, with some autographs 
BMab 400/9 

448 31022: Miscellaneous letters, chiefly autograph, 
Including those of Charles Dickens, Sir Walter Scott, 
and Louis Philippe of France, 1530-1870 (E,I, F,G,Sw) 
BMab 26/1 

449 31042: Quatrefoil of love/ Prayer to the guardian 
angel/ Paraphrase of 51st Psalm/ Moralisacio 
sacerdotis/ Carol for Chrystenmasse/ Three kings 
of Cologne/ Proverbs of Solomon/ Richard Coeur-de- 
Lion/ Romance of childhood of Jesus/ Parlement of 
three ages/ Fragment of Cursor mundl/ Meditation 
on the life of Christ/ Northern Passion/ Titus and 
Vespasian/ Siege of Milan/ Hymns ot the Virgin/ 

Sir Otuell/ Lydgate. Cristes passioun; Kings of 
England; Dietary; Vertues of the masse/ Verse (L)/ 
The world is turned upso downe/ BMab 62/3 

450 31304: Final concord between John Barnard and 
Henry Smith on the one part, and Richard Lane and 
Mary Lane, his wife, on the other part, conveying 
lands and tenements in Old Stratford, Welcombe, and 
Strattord-on-Avon, co. Warwick, property formerly 
belonging to Shakespeare, 1650 BMab 22/2 

451 31392: William Byrd. 6 pavans and galliards 
written for the virginal/ 29 fantasias, pavans, galli- 
ards, etc., for the lute by various composers/ 
Alfonso Ferrabosco and Master Valentine. 5 bandora 
lessons BMab 401/6 

452 31424: Simon Ives. 17 fancies for two basses/ 
John Jenkins (?). Chamber music BMab 398/5 

453 31430: John Jenkins. Fantasias and sonatas for 
three bass viols/ William Gregorie, Matthew Locke, 
and John Jenkins. 100 suites for three strings with 
theorbo-bass BMab 401/4 

454 31432: Duets, trios, and other songs, most of 
them by William Lawes, with some autographs 
BMab 400/8 

455 31433: William Lawes. 62 airs and dances, 
theorbo and dividing-bass parts only BMab 400/3-4 

456 32050: Wardrobe-book of Thomas of Brotherton 
and Edmund of Woodstock, 1310-1311 BMab 39/3 

457 32085: Collections of statutes and legal treatises 
including the Magna Carta and the Statutes of West- 
minster (L & F)/ Culinary recipes (F)/ On precious 
stones (F)/ Qualities for a steward, bailiff, provost, 
and other officers of a manor, and for a lord (F)/ Ex- 
planations of terms of weight and measure (L)/ Reg- 
ister of forms of writ in Chancery BMab 405/3 

458 32578: Rolle. Prick of conscience/ Farnelay. 
Credo In Anglicis (E)/ Templum Domini (E)/ Gospel 
of Nicodemus/ Mesure is best of all thynge 

BMab 29/1 

459 32647: Official correspondence and state papers 
relating to transactions between England and Scotland, 
vol. 2, Jan.-Sept, 1542 BMab 69/1 

460 32648: , vol. 3, Oct. -Dec. 1542 BMab 69/2 

461 32649: , vol. 4, Jan. -Feb. 1543 BMab 70/1 

462 32651: , vol. 6, June-Aug. 1543 BMab 70/2 

463 32653: , vol. 8, Nov. 1, 1543-Feb. 28, 1544 

BMab 72/1 

464 32654: , vol. 9, Mar. 1-May 28, 1544 

BMab 72/2 

465 32655: , vol. 10, June 1-Oct. 31, 1544 

BMab 72/3 

466 32656: 
BMab 84/1 

vol. 11, Nov. 1544-Sept. 1545 

467 32678: Vie des anclens peres BMab 64/4 

468 33063: Patents of honours and appointments con- 
ferred upon the Duke of Newcastle, Oct. 19, 1714- 
Sept. 12, 1765 BMab 401/11 

469 33131: Letters of Queen Charlotte, chiefly to 
Mary, Countess of Holdernesse, 1774-1808 (E & F) 
BMab 22/5 

470 33132: Letters of the Royal Family and others, 
1774-1836 (E & F) BMab 23/1 

471 33133: Letters and papers, chiefly addressed to 
Lord Pelham, and relating to members of Royal 
Family, 1785-1804 BMab 23/2 

472 33196: Collection of prayers and meditations 
known as The Christian Life (Ir) BMab 110/1 

473 33233: Views of fortifications and landscapes 
BMab 395/1 

474 33381: Collection of religious tracts, offices, 
prayers, etc., connected with the priory of Ely, 
including the meditations and prayers of Anselm 
(L & E) BMab 405/1 

475 33448-33449: General accompts of Ramsey abbey, 
2 vols. (L) BMab 394/6-7 

476 33971: Chastising of God's children/ Pistill of 
saynt Machari \e ermyte/ Epistill of saynt Johan j,e 
ermyte/ Meditacio pauperis BMab 29/2 

477 34122A: Receipts and disbursements of William 
Stather, clerk, on behalf of Isabella, lady Morley, for 
the year ending Michaelmas, 1464 (L) BMab 402/3 

478 34193: Guillaume de Deguilleville. Pilgrimage of 
the soul/ St. Patrick's purgatory/ De spiritu 
Guidonis/ Hymns (L&E)/ Edmund Leuersegge. 
Vision/ Reule of heremytes/ Distichs of Cato with 
Burth's paraphrases/ Lydgate. Pt. of Testament/ 
Other religious and moral treatises (L&E) 

BMab 56/1 

479 34213: Household-book of Anne, Duchess of 
Buckingham, containing a dally accompt of her expen- 
ses from Apr. 1, 1465 to March 31, 1466 BMab 33/1 

480 34217: "Transcripts of political papers, letters, 
treatises and poems, chiefly relating to the times of 
James I. and Charles I., with a few original papers. 
Several of the documents relate to Francis Fane, 1st 
earl of Westmoreland, in his connections with co. North 
Northampton, 1616-1663." BMab 25/4 

481 34360: Lydgate. Fabula duorum mercatorum; 
Order of fools; Horse, the shepe, and the goose; 
Benedic anima mea; Gloriosa dicta sunt; Kings of 
England; Dietary; Letter to Gloucester; On kissing at 
verbum caro factum est; Stella ceU extlrpauit; Prayer 
for King, Queen, and people; Consulo, qulsque erls; 
Horns away; On worldly worship; Pt. of Treatise for 
lavendars; Secreta secretorum/ Chaucer. Complaint 
to his purse; Complaint to pity/ Roundels (F)/ Other 
poems BMab 54/4 

482 34560: Extents, accompts, etc., of the estates of 
Slbton abbey, Suffolk (L) BMab 52/2 

483 34602: Nine leaves from a Psalter: Ps. lxtv (lxv), 
7-lxv (lxvl), 1; cxxix (cxxx), 3-cxxxvil (cxxxvili), 8 
(Gr)/ Leaf from a Psalter: Ps. i, 1-11, 3 (Gr) 
BMab 25/8 

484 34657: Religious conversations at Little Glddlng 
between John Ferrar, his sister Susanna Collet and her 
daughters, vol. 1 BMab 38/1 

485 34658: Religious conversations at Little Glddlng 
between John Ferrar, his sister Susanna Collet and her 
daughters, vol. 2 BMab 38/2 

486 34659: Religious conversations at Little Gldding 
between John Ferrar, his sister Susanna Collet and her 
daughters, vol. 3 BMab 38/3 

487 34714: Sir Philip Warwick. Memoirs upon the 
reign of King Charles I; Of government, as examined 
by reason, Scripture, law of the land BMab 28/1 

488 34727: West papers, vol. 1: miscellaneous letters, 
mostly original, of interest historically or otherwise, 
1532-1734 (E, F, L, & Ir) BMab 102/3 

489 34801: Collection concerning office of Earl 
Marshal and Admiralty: Names of Norman families 
(F); Foundation and duties of College of Heralds (F); 
Order of battle In court of chivalry (F); Statutes of 
order of the Garter (F); Form of proclamation of 
jousts (F); Order for creation of Knights of Bath (F); 
Forms of challenge for jousts (F), Maritime code 
known as Laws of Aileron (F); Rules for Lord Admiral 
(F); Table of clerk's fees (F); Manner of burying great 
personages; Ordinance concerning Herald's fees (F) 
BMab 25/1 

490 35029: Five holograph letters of Charles I, 1647, 
1648, 1660 BMab 51/2 

491 35157: Piers Plowman (C-text) BMab 25/2 

492 35287: Piers Plowman (B-text) BMab 43/4 

493 35288: Parthenope of Blols BMab 45/2 

494 35291: John de Drokeneaford. Wardrobe book of 
1299 BMab 52/3 

495 35292: Daily receipts and expenses of the Ward- 
robe, 1303-1305 BMab 25/6 

496 35349: Hardwlcke papers, vol. 1 BMab 27/1 

497 35395, ff. 132-135: Hardwlcke papers: Sir Joseph 
Sydney Yorke. Letter to his uncle, the 2d Earl of 
Hardwlcke, giving an account of Rodney's victory In 
April, 1782 BMab 403/6 

498 35679, ff. 312-315: Hardwlcke papers: "Minutes of 
an engagement between the English and French fleets 
under the command of Sir Edward Hawke in the Royal 
George & Conflans, the French admiral, in the Solell 
Royal of 80 guns and 1200 men; Taken by the Venge- 
ance Frigate on 28 November, 1759, off Crozle on the 
coast of France"/ List of the French fleet 

BMab 403/4 

499 36271: Hardwlcke papers: Original deeds, most of 
them being grants of offices and honors to successive 
Earls of Hardwicke, 1630-1849 [Note: 8 of the 26 
papers listed In catalog (B, E, F, H, I, K, O, U) are lack- 
ing] BMab 402/5 

500 36273 A-I: Wills of the following persons, gener- 
ally probate copies: John Seyncler of St. Osyth, 1410; 
Henry VII, 1509; Sir Thomas Pope Blount, 1637; 
Thomas Pope Blount, 1654; John GrenvlUe, earl of 
Bath, 1684, 1701; Thomas Rutland of Long-Stanton, 16 
1687; John Belasyse, baron Belasyse, 1689; John Pope 
Blount, 1733; Katharine Talbot, 1728 BMab 403/1 

501 36276 A-C: Hardwlcke papers: Patent to Case 
Blllingsley, merchant, for his invention of an engine 
for raising water, 1727; Act of Parliament, 1741, for 
carrying Into execution the marriage articles of 
Philip Yorke, 2d earl of Hardwicke and Jemima 
Campbell, marchioness Grey; Decree of the Court of 
chancery In a lawsuit between Rowland Belasyse and 
children vs. Sir Thomas Frankland, Charles Jernegan, 
etc., concerning succession to property in Durham and 
York, 1745 BMab 402/7 

502 36444: Aston papers, vol. 1: Correspondence of 
Sir Walter Aston BMbm 5/2 




507 36449 

-, vol. 2 

-, vol. 3 

-, vol. 4 

-, vol. 5 

-, vol. 6 

BMbm 5/3 

BMbm 5/4 

BMbm 5/5 

BMbm 5/6 

Letter-book of Sir Walter 

Aston, 1620-1625 BMbm 7/1 

508 36450: , vol. 7: Letter-book of Sir Walter 

Aston, 1635-1638 BMbm 7/2 

509 36451: , vol. 8: Spanish letter-book of Sir 

Walter Aston, 1620-1625 BMbm 7/3 

510 36452: , vol. 9: Private correspondence of 

the family of Aston, 1613-1703 BMbm 7/4 

511 36484: Bass part of a collection of vocal and in- 
strumental pieces of the 16th and beginning of the 17th | 

centuries made in Scotland by David Meluill including 
madrigals by William Byrd, Thomas Morley, Berna- 
dino Mosto, Ruggiero Giovanelli and Michael Este 
BMab 401/9 

512 36529: Ovid. Heroldes, Ep. XVH, Eng. tr. by Sir 
Thomas Chaloner/ Virgil. Aeneid, Bks. I-m, Eng. 
tr. by Thomas Phayer/ Sir Thomas Wyatt. Seven 
poems/ Sir John Harington. Sonnets/ Petrarch. 
Sonnets/ Lodovico A riosto. Orlando furioso, Eng. 
tr. by Sir John Harington/ Henry Howard, earl of 
Surrey. Poems; Paraphrases of Psalms and Ecclesi- 
astes/ John Harington. Advice to his wife/ Poems/ 
Edmund Campion. Nascentis ecclaeslae generatio 
prima BMab 68/2 

513 36683: Primer (Salisbury) with Calendar and 
Psalter BMab 34/5 

514 36747, f. 55: Horatio Nelson. Instructions to his 
admirals and captains on the best way of fighting an 
enemy, 1805 [Note: Pt. is lacking] BMab 403/5 

515 36767: Sir Julius Caesar. Correspondence and 
papers, 1547-1619 BMbm 7/5 

516 36932: James I. Letters patent creating his son, 
Henry, Prince of Wales and Earl of Chester, June 4, 
1610 (L) BMab 402/4 

517 36933: Articles of agreement between John Dryden 
and Jacob Tonson, stationer, for the translation by the 
former of the works of Virgil June 15, 1694, witnessed 
by William Congreve BMab 402/6 

518 36999: Assize of bread consisting of a set of 
tables regulating the weight of loaves of seven different 
kinds calculated on the variable price of wheat per 
quarter BMab 403/7 

519 37049: John MandeviUe. Travels/ Extracts from 
chronicles relating to Babylon and Rome/ Pseudo- 
Methodius. Revelations/ Fragment of Speculum 
Christian!/ Short charter of Christ/ Desert of re- 
ligion/ Rolle. Excerpts from Prick of conscience/ 
Apple of solace/ ABC of Aristotle/ Form of con- 
fession/ Miracles of the Virgin/ Other poems and 
religious pieces BMab 54/3 

520 37534: Life and miracles of SS. Cos mas and 
Damianus (Gr) BMab 26/2 

521 37654: Wardrobe-accompt of Richard de Bremes- 
grave, keeper of the king's stores at Berwick upon 
Tweed, 1298-1299 BMab 39/2 

522 37664: Guild book of the Fraternity of the Trinity 
and SS. Fabian and Sebastian in St. Botolph's church, 
Aldersgate: Calendar with obits of benefactors; Rules 

of Fraternity; Lists of members with their yearly pay- 
ments; Accompts of the Fraternity, 1432-41, 1443-56; 
Deeds of property of the Fraternity including wills of 
benefactors (L & E) BMab 111/1 

523 37677: Richard Grant. Summa qui bene presunt/ 
Richard Alkarton. Sermon at St. Mary's hospital, 
1406/ Laurent, Dominican. Somme le roi (E)/ 
Richard Wimbledon. Sermon, 1388/ Wyclif. Sermon/ 
Theological tracts (L &E)/ Charm (E) BMab 30/1 

524 37788: Reginald Pecock. Poore mennls myrrour/ 
Isidorus. Consilia/ Augusttnus de contempru mundl/ 
Erthe out of erthe/ Verses (L & E)/ Receipt (E) 
BMab 30/2 

525 38009: Fragments of 13th century chartulary of 
Malmesbury abbey t county Wilts (L, F, &E) 

BMab 48/3 

526 38010: Imperfect copy of Northern Homily Collec- 
tion BMab 30/3 

527 38131: Statutes of England and documents relating 
to London (L, F, &E ) BMab 54/1 

528 38492: Townshend papers, vol. 1: Religious ques- 
tions during the reigns of Elizabeth and James I 
BMbm 8/1 

529 38823: Commonplace-book of Sir Edward Hoby, 
containing entries relating to America, Parliament, 
the Isle of Sheppey, the siege of Calais (1346-1347), 
Mary, Queen of Scots, and various other subjects 
(E, L, F, I, &Turklsh ) BMab 23/3 

530 38892: Sir Philip Sidney. Arcadia BMab 48/2 

531 39220: Wodehouse papers, vol. 3. Legal papers 
relating to titles, lawsuits, etc. BMbm 8/2 

532 39574: Orison of the Passion/ Hymn to the 
Virgin/ Hymn to St. John the Baptist/ Seven penitent- 
ial Psalms/ Lessons from the dirige/ Song of mercy 
and judgment/ Prayer for mercy/ God's complaint/ 
Poems to God, to the Virgin, and to St. John/ Prayer 
to the Virgin/ Life of Adam and Eve/ Prayer at the 
Elevation BMab 32/2 

533 39822: Samuel Pepys. Statements concerning the 
birth of James Francis Edward, Prince of Wales, 
1688-1695; Proposition touching the navy, 1686/ 
Larcum Kendall. Correspondence and papers, 1765- 
1797 BMab 25/5 

534 39828: Tresham papers, vol. 1: Correspondence 
and papers, 1440-1597 BMab 399/1 

535 39829: Tresham papers, vol. 2: Correspondence 
and papers, 1598-1605 BMab 399/2 

536 39830: Tresham papers, vol. 3: Historical and 
theological collections BMab 400/1 

537 39833: Tresham papers, vol. 6: Weekly accounts 
of George Levens, Sir Thomas Tresham's steward, 
Dec. 30, 1598-July 12, 1600 BMab 400/2 

538 39866: Sir Thomas Chamberlayne. Letter-book/ 
Political poems/ Accompts (S) BMbm 8/3 

539 40732: Bulk of Alexander, Eng. tr. by Sir Gilbert 
Hay BMab 64/1 

540 40769: RoUe. English Psalter BMab 65/1 

Additional Charters 

541 26691: Confirmation by Charles I of the mar- 
riage settlement of Allan Cathcart on his second wife, 
Jean, 1632 BMab 410/9 

542 36271: Charter relating to estates of the Hale 
family in Weston, co. Hertford BMab 410/10 

543 56425: Writ to sheriff, co. Devon, 1473 
BMab 415/1 


544 20: John Capgrave. Life of St. Katheryne/ Peter 
Idle. Book n of Instructions BMab 46/1 

545 231: Joannes ab Abbatisvllle, cardinal. Morales 
expositiones/ Odo de Cantia. Morales expositiones/ 
Rogerus de Salisbury. Morales expositiones 

BMab 45/1 

546 248: Religious treatises, sermons, etc. (L)/ Re- 
ligious verses, with music (L, F, E) BMab 46/3 

547 288: Religious poems (F)/ Prayers and medita- 
tions (F)/ William de Wadington. Manuel des peche's/ 
Grosseteste. Peines de purgatoire/ Religious trea- 
tises (F)/ Edmund Rich. Speculum ecclesiae with 
English quatrain (F)/ Disputation of body and soul 
(F) BMab 41/6 

548 327: Osbern Bokenham. Lives of saints 
BMab 47/1 

549 396: John Capgrave. Life of St. Katharine/ Versus 
demonstrates diem paschae ab anno 1446, ad annum 
1649/ Lydgate(?). Interpretacio Misse (E) 

BMab 46/4 

Class Catalogue 

550 Vol. 1: History, vol. I: Great Britain & Ireland, 
pt. 1 BMab 117/1 

551 Vol. 2: History, vol. 2: Great Britain & Ireland, 
pt. 2 BMab 117/2 

552 Vol. 3: History, vol. 3: General & foreign 
BMab 118/1 

553 Vol. 4: Public records BMab 118/3 

554 Vol. 5: Church history, vol. 1 BMab 118/2 

555 Vol. 6: Church history, vol. 2 BMab 118/4 

556 Vol. 7, pt. 1: State papers coUected, vol. 1: 
Great Britain & Ireland BMab 118/5 

557 Vol. 7, pL 2: State papers collected, vol. 2: 
Foreign BMab 119/1 

558 Vol. 8: Single state papers, vol. 1: Great Britain, 
995-1558 BMab 119/2 

559 Vol. 9, pt. 1: Single state papers, vol. 2: Great 
Britain, 1558-1873 BMab 119/3 

560 Vol. 9, pt. 2: Single state papers, vol. 3: Wales, 
Scotland, etc. BMab 120/1 

561 Vol. 10: Single state papers, vol. 4: Foreign, 
passports, treaties BMab 120/2 

562 Vol. 11: Political tracts 121/1 

563 Vol. 12: Public revenue, etc., ToL 1 BMab 121/2 

564 Vol. 13: Public revenue, etc., vol. 2 BMab 121/3 

565 Vol. 14: Trade BMab 122/1 

566 Vol.15: Single state letters, vol.1: Gr. Brit., 
Earliest times - 1509 BMab 122/2 

567 Vol. 16: Single state letters, vol. 2: Great Britain, 
1509-1520 BMab 123/1 

568 Vol. 17: Single state letters, vol. 3: Great Britain, 
1521-1530 BMab 123/2 

569 Vol. 18, pt. 1: Single state letters, vol. 4, pt. 1: 
Great Britain, 1531-1539 BMab 123/3 

570 Vol. 18, pt. 2: Single state letters, vol. 4, pt. 2: 
Great Britain, 1540-1558 BMab 123/4 

571 Vol. 19: Single state letters, vol. 5: Domestic 
series, pt. 1, 1558-1603 BMab 124/1 

572 Vol. 20: Single state letters, vol. 6: Domestic 
series, pt. 2, 1603-1885 BMab 124/2 

573 Vol. 21: Single state letters, vol. 7: Foreign 
series, vol. 1, 1558-1579 BMab 124/3 

574 Vol. 22: Single state letters, vol. 8: Foreign 
series, vol. 2, 1580-1589 BMab 125/1 

575 Vol.23: Single state letters, vol. 9: Foreign 
series, vol. 3, 1590-1603 BMab 125/2 

576 Vol. 24: Single state letters, vol. 10: Foreign 
series, vol. 4, 1603-1625 BMab 125/3 

577 Vol. 25: Single state letters, vol. 11: Foreign 
series, vol. 5, 1625-1884 BMab 125/4 

578 Vol. 26: Single state letters, vol. 12: Scotland, 
1306-1602 BMab 126/1 

579 Vol. 27: Single state letters, vol. 13: Foreign 
series BMab 126/2 

580 Vol. 28: Single state letters, vol. 14: Foreign 
series BMab 126/3 

581 Vol.29: Letter writing, collected private letters, 
albums BMab 126/4 

582 Vol.30: Single private letters, vol.1: British 
series to AD 1600, A - G BMab 127/1 

683 Vol. 31: Single private letters, vol. 2: British 
series to AD 1600, H - Z BMab 127/2 

584 Vol. 32: Single private letters, vol. 3: British 
series after AD 1600, A - B BMab 127/3 

585 Vol. 33: Single private letters, vol. 4: British 
series after AD 1600, C - D BMab 128/1 

586 Vol. 34: Single private letters, vol. 5: British 
series after AD 1600, E - H BMab 128/2 

587 Vol. 35: Single private letters, vol. 6: British 
series after AD 1600, H (cont.) - L BMab 129/1 

588 Vol. 36: Single private letters, vol. 7: British 
series after AD 1600, M - P BMab 129/2 

589 Vol. 37: Single private letters, vol. 8: British 
series after AD 1600, Q - S BMab 129/3 

590 Vol.38: Single private letters, vol.9: British 
series after A.D. 1600, T - Z BMab 130/1 

591 Vol.39: Single private letters, vol.10: Foreign 
series to A.D. 1600, A - Z BMab 130/2 

592 Vol.40: Single private letters, vol.11: Foreign 
series after A.D. 1600, A - E BMab 130/3 

593 Vol. 41: Single private letters, vol. 12: Foreign 
series after A.D. 1600, F - O BMab 131/1 

594 Vol. 42: Single private letters, vol. 13: Foreign 
series after A.D. 1600, P - Z BMab 131/2 

595 Vol. 43: Civil and Canon law BMab 131/3 

596 Vol.44: Laws of England, vol.1: Statutes, 
commentaries BMab 132/1 

597 Vol. 45: Laws of England, vol. 2: History and 
practice of courts, opinions, etc. BMab 132/2 

598 Vol. 46: Laws of England, vol. 3: Treatises, 
commonplaces, writs BMab 132/3 

599 Vol. 47: Parliament, vol. 1: Treatises, journals, 
etc. BMab 132/4 

600 Vol. 48: Parliament, vol. 2: Miscellaneous pro- 
ceedings, speeches, trials BMab 132/5 

601 Vol. 49: Naval and maritime BMab 133/1 

602 Vol. 50: Military BMab 133/2 

603 Vol. 51: Biography, vol. 1: Collected lives, single 
lives, diaries, parish registers, wills BMab 133/3 

604 Vol. 52: Biography, vol. 2: Notes and genealogies, 
A - B BMab 153/1 

605 Vol. 53: Biography, vol. 3: Notes and genealogies, 
C - G BMab 153/2 

606 Vol. 54: Biography, vol. 4: Notes and genealogies, 
H - N BMab 153/3 

607 Vol. 55: Biography, vol. 5: Notes and genealogies, 
O - Syn BMab 153/4 

608 Vol. 56: Biography, vol. 6: Notes and genealogies, 
Ta - Z BMab 154/1 

609 Vol. 57: Biography, vol. 7: Foreign BMab 154/2 

610 Vol. 58: Geography, topography, vol. 1 
BMab 456/3 

611 Vol. 59: Geography, topography, vol.2: Great 
Britain. General collections, Bedfordshire-Cam- 
bridgeshire BMab 155/1 

612 Vol. 60: Geography, topography, vol. 3: Great 
Britain. Chesire-Durham BMab 155/2 

613 Vol. 61: Geography, topography, voL 4: Great 
Britain. Essex-Lincolnshire, Isle of Man 

BMab 155/3 

614 Vol. 62, pt. 1: Geography, topography, vol. 5: 
Great Britain. Middlesex-Staffordshire BMab 156/1 

615 Vol. 62, pt. 2: Geography, topography, vol. 6: 
Great Britain. Suffolk- Yorkshire, Wales, Scotland; 
Ireland BMab 156/2 

616 Vol. 62, pt. 3: Geography, topography, vol. 7: 
Customs, etc. BMab 156/3 

617 Vol. 63: Heraldry, vol. 1 BMab 157/1 

618 Vol. 64: Heraldry, vol. 2 BMab 157/2 

619 Vol. 65: Heraldry, vol. 3 BMab 157/3 

620 Vol.66: Heraldry, vol.4: Arms, vol.1 
BMab 158/1 

621 Vol. 67: Heraldry, vol. 5: Arms, vol. 2 
BMab 158/2 

622 Vol. 68: Heraldry, vol. 6: Arms, vol. 3 
BMab 158/3 

624 Vol.69: Theology, vol. 1 BMab 456/4 and 
BMab 608/2 

625 Vol. 70: Theology, vol. 2 BMab 159/1 

626 Vol. 71: Theology, vol. 3 BMab 159/2 

627 Vol. 72: Theology, vol. 4 BMab 159/3 

628 Vol. 73: Theology, vol. 5 BMab 160/1 

629 Vol.74: Bibles and Service books BMab 160/2 

630 Vol. 75: Bibles, commentaries, etc. BMab 160/3 

631 Vol. 76: Service books, vol. 1 BMab 160/4 

632 Vol. 77: Service books, vol. 2 BMab 161/1 

633 Vol. 78: Lives of saints BMab 161/2 

634 Vol. 79: Religious orders and monasteries, vol. 1 
BMab 161/3 

635 Vol. 80: Religious orders and monasteries, vol. 2 
[Note: Target. Vol.79] BMab 161/4 

636 Vol. 81: Philosophy BMab 162/1 

637 Vol. 82: Bibliography, literary history, antiquities, 
manners and customs, societies BMab 162/2 

638 Vol. 83: Latin classics BMab 163/1 

639 Vol. 84: Greek classics BMab 163/2 

640 Vol. 85: Greek general literature BMab 163/3 

641 Vol. 86: Poetry, vol. 1 BMab 164/1 

642 Vol. 87: Poetry, vol. 2 BMab 164/2 

643 Vol. 88: Poetry, vol. 3 BMab 164/3 

644 Vol. 89: Poetry, vol. 4 BMab 164/4 

645 Vol. 90: Poetry, vol. 5 BMab 165/1 

646 Vol. 91: Fiction and drama BMab 165/2 

647 Vol. 92: Art, vol. 1: Illuminated manuscripts 
BMab 165/3 

648 Vol. 93, pt. 1: Art, vol. 2: Drawings, pt. 1 
BMab 165/4 

649 Vol. 93, pt. 2: Art, vol. 3: Drawings, pt. 2 
BMab 166/1 

650 Vol. 94: Music BMab 166/2 

651 Vol. 95: Mathematics, chronology BMab 166/3 

652 Vol. 96: Astronomy, astrology BMab 166/4 

653 Vol. 97: Natural science, magic BMab 167/1 

654 Vol. 98: Chemistry, alchemy BMab 167/2 

655 Vol. 99: Medicine, vol. 1 BMab 167/3 

656 VoL 100: Medicine, voL 2 BMab 167/4 

657 Vol.101: Medicine, vol. 3 BMab 168/1 

658 Vol. 102: Owners, vol. 1 BMab 168/2 

659 VoL 103: Owners, vol. 2 BMab 168/3 

660 VoL 104: Donors BMab 169/1 

661 VoL 105: Chronological list of manuscripts, vol. 1 
BMab 169/2 

662 Vol. 106: Chronological list of manuscripts, vol. 2 
BMab 169/3 

Cotton Appendix 

663 I: Orlgenes. Homlliae super Vetus Testamentum 
BMab 584/3 

664 II: Court roll of Wareley manor, In Essex in the 
time of Richard m (L) BMab 386/2 

665 HI: Evangellum S. Matthaei cum glossa lnterlin- 
earl et commentarlls BMab 384/4 

666 TV: Guido. De arte dictandi eplstolas/ Sir John 
Mandeville. Iter/ Prophetta Merllni Silvestris/ 
Richard Aungerville. Philobiblon/ Hanlbaldus. Pro- 
vinciale catholicorum christianorum virorum 

BMab 329/2 

667 V: Petrus Comestor. Bible hystorlaus ou les 
hystoires excolastres, tr. by Guyard des Moullns 
BMab 383/1 

668 VI: William Grlsaunt. De urlna non visa/ 
Pseudo-Hippocrates. De astronomla/ Pseudo- 
Arlstoteles. Astrology (L); De natlvltatlbus; De 
electionlbus/ Commentaries on the preceding trea- 
tises (L)/ Sex tabulae de aspectu planetarum 
secundum Albertum/ Astronomla secundum Judaeos/ 
Ja'far lbn Muhammad (Abu Ma'shar) al-Balkl. Flores, 
al-Kindi. De lmpresslonlbus aeris; De theorlca plane- 
tarum; De judlcils, Latin tr. by Robertus Retenensls/ 
Arzachel. Canones et regulae de eclipslbus; De 
aequatlonibus planetarum/ Haly. De subradlls 
planetarum/ Aliraganus. De natlvltatlbus/ Ma 

Sha' Allah, al-Mlsrl. De natlvltatlbus/ Abu' All al- 
Khaiyat. In judiclis nativitatum, Latin tr. by Plato, 
of Tivoli BMab 361/1 

669 VQ: Four daughters of God/ Rolle. Stimulus 
consclentlae BMab 98/4 

670 Vm: Lydgate. Life of Our Lady/ Memoranda for 
the use of travelers In the East BMab 98/5 

671 DC: "Fundatlo et erectio coenobli S. Petri 
Gloucestrlae In eccleslam cathedralem per Henricum 
Vm cum chartls donationum terrarum" BMab 329/4 

672 X: "Formulae brevlum, eplstolarum, et variorum 
lnstrumentorum Juris" BMab 329/3 

673 XI: Confirmatto chartarum de libertatlbus, pri- 
vileglis, et consuetudinlbus clvltatls London, per 
Ricardum U BMab 376/3 

674 XII: Processus de approprlanda ecclesla de 
Stradebroke praeposito et capellanis collegll de 
Wyngfleld In diocesl Norwicensl BMab 386/3 

675 XHI: Ambroslus. De officiis, Gemma anlmae, de 
dlvlnls oftlclie, Hlldebertus. Versus de explanaUone 
mlssae allique versus/ Homilla de regula B. Augus- 
tird, Orationes ad B. Marlam Magdalenam/ Hymnus 
ad B. Marlam vlrginem cum orationibus (F) 

BMab 329/5 

676 XIV: "Breriarlum, cum officlie, In conventu 
moniaHiim de Slon habiUs" BMab 376/2 

677 XV: "Liber antiquus et optlmae notae de 
Brerlbus" BMab 385/1 

678 XVI: Statutes of England from the Magna Charta 
to 1442 (L) BMab 377/1 

679 XVII: "Reglstrum chartarum terrarum et 
reddltuum, ollm pertlnentlum ad Rogerum, flit™ 
Brlanl de Throcking" BMab 376/1 

680 XVHI: Gregorlus, bp. of Tours. De virtuttbus 
et mlraculls B. Martini confessorls BMab 362/2 

681 XDX: Liber testamentorum et chartarum de 
dlmlsslonlbus terrarum praesertim tern. Henrlci VI 
BMab 330/1 

682 XX: Hugues de Fouilloy. De ordinatione claustrl 
materiaUs; De duodeclm abuslonlbus claustrl 
BMab 378/2 

683 XXI: Chartulary of Stoke by Clare priory (L) 
BMab 375/2 

684 XXII: "Periochae eplstolarum, lectarum In dlebus 
Domlnlcls et testis sanctorum" BMab 385/3 

685 XXHI: "Lectlones In testis dlebus sanctorum" 
BMab 381/1 

686 XXIV: "Tractatus morales de septem capltalibus 
vltlls et de peccato linguae" BMab 377/2 

687 XXV: "CollecUo statutorum AngUae sub Henrico 
m et RR. Edwardis" (L & F) BMab 380/3 

688 XXVI: Augustinus. De doctrina Christiana; De 
periectlone justitlae; De correptlone et gratia; De 
dono perseverantiae; Super epistolam Johannis; Varia/ 
Ambroslus. De offlclls/ Gregorlus L In morallbus 
BMab 378/1 

689 XXVII: Lydgate. Fifteen joys and fifteen sorrows 
of Mary; Siege of Thebes/ On marriage and divorce 
of Henry VHI (L)/ Treatise on right of women to 
reign/ Ordlnum foederatorum Hollandlae et West- 
frislae orthodoxla vlndlcata/ De primatu reglo/ 
Johannes Carpenterus. De cathollcorum oplnlonibus 
(L & Gr)/ De exemptions clericorum de potestate 
PapaU BMab 98/3 

690 XXXH: Notes out of chartularies/ Notes from 
rolls/ Fragments relating to marriage contracts 
BMab 330/3 

691 XXXTV: Collectanea juridlca/ Excerpta quaedam 
ex historicls BMab 352/2 

692 XXXIX: Fragments: historical, poetical, etc. 
(E & L) BMab 349/1 

693 XLI: Fragments of some geographical and histor- 
ical collectanea BMab 349/2 

694 XLV, no. 12-13: Fragments of chartularies (L)/ 
Notes of mss. lent out by Sir Thomas Cotton, cata- 
logues of books, and other fragments BMab 378/3 

Cotton Augustus 

695 D3: 39 miscellaneous drawings/ 81 prints of 
ancient buildings, bas-reliefs, etc., chiefly at Rome 
BMab 206/1 

696 VI: Livres des proprietes des choses, Fr. tr. by 
Jehan Corbechon BMab 207/2 

Cotton Caligula 

697 A. I: Ecclesiastical treatises, chiefly relating to 
the Councils of Basel and Magdeburg (L)/ Nlcolaus 
Cusanus. Summa dlctorum/ Eugene IV. Bulla ad 
rectorem et universitatem Montispessulani/ Augustin- 
us. De assumptlone B. Vlrglnis/ Leo I. Excerpta de 
sermonlbus BMab 181/2 

698 A. H: Susannah/ Sir Eglamour/ Lydgate. Churl 
and the bird; Deus in nomine tuo salvum me lac; 
Dietary; Stans puer ad mensam; Upon a cross/ 
Octavian/ Thomas Chestre. Sir Launfal/ Lybeaus 
Desconus/ John Hoveden. Nightingale/ Emare/ 
Long charter of Christ (B-text)/ Ypotis/ Stations 

of Rome/ Trentalle sancti Gregoril (E)/ Urbanitas 

(E)/ Fifteen signs to precede doomsday/ St. Pat- 
rick's purgatory/ Vision of Tundal/ Sege of Jeru- 
salem/ Chevalere assigne (E ) / Isumbras/ Jerome 
and Eustas from South English legendary/ Miscel- 
laneous medical and religious prose and verse/ 
Statutes passed in general chapters of Carthusian 
order, 1411-1504 (L) BMab 76/1 

699 A. HI: Nlcolaus of Gloucester. Chronicle to 838 
(L)/ Brevis historia regum Anglorum (F)/ Laws of 
HoweU Dha (Welsh)/ Fragmentum theologlcl argu- 
mentum BMab 181/1 

700 A. VI: Humphrey Llwyd. Chronicle of Wales to 
1293; Fragment of chronicle (Welsh)/ John Josseline. 
Excerptum ex historia monasterii de Abendonia; 
Exscriptum ex chronico regum Angliae to 1142 
BMab 181/3 

701 A. VHI: Calendarium/ Simeon of Durham. Chron- 
icon/ De VH mirabilibus mundi/ Nennius. Res 
gestae Britonum/ Eadmer. Vita S. Wilfrid!/ Lives 

of Sts. Werburga, Margaret, Sexburga, Birinus, 
Aethelwold, Benedict, Scholastica, Mary Magdalene, 
and Katherine (L)/ Miracula St. Wihtburgae/ Vision 
of the monk of Eynsham BMab 181/4 

702 A. DC: Layamon. Brut/ Chardri. La vie de Seint 
Josaphaz; La vie de set domanz; Le petit plet/ Short 
chronicle (F)/ Owl and the nightingale/ Religious 
verses/ Lutel soth sermun BMab 1/2 

703 A. X: Chronica regum Angliae, Britonum, Saxo- 
num, Danorum, et Normannorum ad 1289/ Other 
chronicles (L)/ Historical articles chiefly relating to 
Worchester (L)/ Prophecy of the tenth Sibyl (L)/ 

De St. Jeronimo et Bibliis ejus/ Historical verses (L) 
BMab 182/1 

704 A. XI: Robert of Gloucester. Chronicle/ Piers 
Plowman (B-text)/ De vita monachorum BMab 1/1, 
4/1, and 4/2 

705 A. XH: Marttnus Polonus (?). Chronica ad 1246/ 
Registrum chartarum abbatiae de PipeweU BMab 59/1 

706 A. XIV: Hymns, with music (L)/ Homilies/ 
Aelfric. Passio S. Thomae ApostoU (E)/ Natale 
Sanctae Mildrythae virginls (E) BMab 1/3 

707 A. XV: Hieronymus. De viris illustribus, sec. 
VHI; Vita B. Paull monachi/ Isidorus. Excerpta ex 
libris etymologarium/ Cyprianus. Liber HI Testi- 
moniorum/ Beda. De temporibus, tr. by Aelfric/ 
Other miscellaneous treatises chiefly on computation 
of religious holidays (L & E) BMab 78/1 

708 A. XVI: Marttnus Polonus. Chronicon pontlflcum 
et imperatorum ad 1284/ Coluccio Salutati. Eplstolae 
BMab 327/1 

709 A. XVII: ReUgious discussion of WiUiam DUlon' s 
murder of a maid servant and of himself, May 24, 
1589 BMab 182/4 

710 B. IV: 41 letters and papers relating to Scottish 
affairs, chiefly concerning Queen Mary, 1559-1589 
(E.L.&F) BMab 174 B/l 

711 B. V: 75 letters and papers relating to Scottish 
affairs including a note of the inroads made into 
Scotland, 1544-1546; papers of and relating to Mary 
of Scotland, Queen Elizabeth, and Henry VDJ; list 

of items in state papers concerning Scotland; chrono- 
logical table of happenings in Europe, 1509-1546; and 
miscellaneous verses (E, L, F,I) BMab 323/1 

712 B. VHI: 116 letters and papers relating to Scottish 
affairs, 1508-1597 (E,F,L,Sp) 174 B/2 

713 B. IX: 258 letters and papers relating to Scottish 
affairs, 1556-1570 (E, F,L,Gr) BMab 176/1 

714 B. X: 149 letters and papers, 1558-1567 including 
those of Queen Elizabeth, Mary of Scotland, Sir Ralph 
Sadler, Thomas Randolph and the Earl of Bedford 
BMab 454/1 

715 C. m: 272 letters and papers, 1571-1581 including 
those of John LesUe, bp. of Ross, William Herle, 
Queen Elizabeth, Mary of Scotland, Duke of Norfolk, 
Sir William Drury, Lord Burghley, Sir Francis Wals- 
ingham, Sir Henry KiUigrew, William Wharton, 

and Robert Bowes BMab 455/1 

716 C. IV: 145 letters and papers relating to Scottish 
affairs, 1572-1575, including those of Queen Elizabeth, 
H. KiUigrew, Lord Burleigh, Sir Wm. Drury, Regents 
of Scotland, etc. BMab 111/4 and 175/1 

717 C. V: 89 letters and papers, 1575-1579, including 
those of Queen EUzabeth, Mary of Scotland, the Earl 
of Huntingdon, Robert Bowes, and the Earl of Morton 
(E, F,L) BMab 454/2 

718 C. VI: 116 letters and papers relating to Scottish 
affairs, 1580-1581 (E & F) BMab 178/1 

719 C. VH: 249 letters and papers relating to Scottish 
aflairs, 1582-1583 (E & F) BMab 178/2 

720 C. VHI: 264 letters and papers relating to Scottish 
affairs, 1584-1586 (E & F) BMab 179/1 

721 C. DC: 288 letters and papers relating to Scottish 
affairs, 1581-1587 (E & F) BMab 180/1 

722 D. I: 234 letters, poems, and other papers chiefly 
relating to Scottish affairs, 1560-1589, Including 
correspondence of Queen EUzabeth, Mary, Queen of 
Scots, Roger Aston, James VI of Scotland, Henry HI 
of France, Sir Francis Walsingham, WiUiam Ashby, 
Sir Robert Bowes, and T. Fowler (E, L, F) 

BMab 325/3 

723 D. H: 233 letters and papers relating to Scottish 
affairs, 1491-1603, including correspondence of James 
VI of Scotland, Sir Robert Bowes, Sir William Bowes, 
and Queen EUzabeth (E & F) BMab 326/2 

724 D. IV: Fragments relating to affairs of EngUsh 
dominions in France in time of Henry IV (F & E) 
BMab 182/3 

725 D. V: Fragments of transactions between England 
and France in the reigns of Henry V and VI including a 
declaration of Henry VI and his council of the innocence 
of Richard, Duke of York and others BMab 182/2 

726 D. IX: 91 letters and papers concerning relations 
of England with France, 1525-1526 (E, L, F) 

BMab 183/2 

727 D. X: Fragments of letters concerning relations 
between England and France, 1527-1528 BMab 208/1 

728 D. XI: Fragments of letters concerning relations 
between England and France, 1529 BMab 209/1 

729 D. XH: Letters and papers concerning relations 
between England and France, 1529-1538 (L) [Note: 
Target » XHI] BMab 208/2 

730 E. I: 20 letters and papers concerning relations 
between England and France, 1486-1569 (E, F.L.I) 
BMab 209/2 

731 E. H: 28 letters and papers concerning relations 
between England and France, 16th century (E, F, L) 
BMab 209/3 

732 E. HI: Letters, dispatches, and other papers con- 
cerning relations between France and England, 16th 
century (E, F,L) BMab 184/1 

733 E. IV: 71 letters and papers concerning relations 
between France and England, 1538-1552 BMab 184/2 

734 E. V: 47 letters and papers concerning relations 
between England and France, 1553-1566 (E, F, L) 
BMab 185/2 

735 E. VI: 117 letters and papers concerning relations 
between England and France, 1567-1576 (E & F) 
BMab 185/1 

736 E. VH: 165 letters and papers concerning relations 
between England and France, 1577-1591 (E & F) 
BMab 186 A/1 

737 E. VHI: 157 letters and papers concerning rela- 
tions between England and France, 1591-1592, includ- 
ing many letters from Sir Henry Unton (E & F) 
BMab 186 B/l 

738 E. DC, pt. 1: 84 letters and papers on relations 
between England and France, 1593-1595 (E & F) 
BMab 182/5 

739 E. DC, pt. 2: 65 letters and papers on relations 
between England and France, 1595-1600 (E & F) 
BMab 183/1 

740 E. X: 164 letters and papers, 1600-1603, In- 
cluding correspondence of Queen Elizabeth, Henri IV 
of France, John Holman, Sir OUver CromweU, WiU- 
iam Cecil, and James I (E, F,I) BMab 330/2 

741 E. XI: 104 letters and papers concerning relations 
between England and France, 1604-1613 (F, E,L,I) 
BMab 196/2 

742 E. XH: 104 letters, papers, and satirical verses 
on relations between England and France during 
Elizabeth's reign (E, F, L) BMab 197/1 

Cotton Claudius 

743 A. I: Lives of Sts. WUfrld, Ambrose, Jerome, 
Hllarlus, Martial, John, abp. of Alexandria (L)/ 
Letters of various popes (L)/ Beda. Praefatto de 
vita S. Cuthbertl; Miracula S. Cuthberti BMab 213/1 

744 A. IV: Tractatus de calendario et computo 
eccleslastico/ Statuta coHegil Reglnae Oxonlensls/ 
Compilatlo decretorum Gratianl/ De locls sacris 
civitatts Jerusalem/ Alexander m. Letters to arch- 
bishops of Canterbury and York and bishops of Exeter 
and Worcester (L) BMab 213/2 

745 A. V: Chronlcon Petrlburgense/ William of 
Malmesbury. Gesta pontiflcum Anglorum; Vita Ald- 
helml; Vita S. Wulstani/ Genealogia Henricl H/ Vita 
S. Erkenwald/ Robert of Shrewsbury. Vila et mlrac- 
ula Wenefredae/ William of Ramsey. Vita S. Neoti 
BMab 101/4 

746 A. VI: Chartularium monasteril de Boxgrave in 
comitatu Sussexiae/ Ivonis, bp. of Chartres. Ser- 
mones; CCLTXI epistolae/ Marbode, bp. of Rennes. 
Eplstola ad Agenidorem/ Guillaume Pontil (7). 
Epistolae BMab 213/3 

747 A. VHI: Chronicle of King Henry V/ Richard 
Sporley. De fundaUone abbatlae Westmonasteriensis/ 
John Felix. De abbatibus ejusdem ecclesiae/ John 
Fortescue. De dominio regali et politico (E)/ Various 
charters and ecclesiastical records of the monasteries 
BMab 89/1 

748 A. X: Joannes de Garlandia. Epithalamium B. 
Marlae Vlrginis/ De virtutibus gratuitis, pollticls, 
et naturallbus/ De triumphls ecclesiae BMab 214/1 

749 A. XI: Anselm. Epistolae BMab 608/3 and BMab 

750 A. Xm: Registrum chartarum de manerlis Jo- 
hannlsde Woodford (E) BMab 214/2 

751 A. XTV: Jacobus Nicholaus de Dacla. Poem in 
honor of Aymer de Valence, earl of Pembroke (L) 
BMab 215/2 

752 B. I: Birgltta of Sweden. Revelations BMab 91/3 

753 B. Id: Chartulary and names of prebends of 

St. Peter's cathedral, York (L)/ Nota instrumentorum 
quae tangunt libertates et privilegia totius ecclesiae 
Anglicanae BMab 216/4 

754 B. VI: Registrum chartarum abbatiae Abben- 
doniensis BMab 217/1 

755 B. VII: Historical treatises (L)/ Turpin. Chron- 
icle of Charlemagne (L)/ Notes on counties of 
England (L)/ Prester John's letter to Emmanuel (L)/ 
Lists of English bishops (L)/ Dares Phrygius. 
Troianum bellum/ Prophecy of the tenth Sibyl (L)/ 
Prophecies of Merlin Ambrosius and Merlin Silvestris 
(L)/ De mirabilibus Britannie/ Cursus planetarum/ 
Poem on names of rivers (L) BMab 88/2 

756 B. IX Helinandus. Chronlcon, prima pars/ 
Nomina Scor. martyrum, confessorum, et virginum 
quorum corpora in ecclesia Cantuariensi sepeliuntur/ 
Nomina Scor. confessorum quiescentium In monas 
terio Petri et Pauli, atque S. Augustini/ Walter o'. 
Evesham (7). Hlstoria vltae et regni Ricardi H 
BMab 217/4 

757 C. I: Heneage. Collection relating to English 
noble families from charters, registers, etc. 
BMab 306/2 

758 C. H: Collection of historical lists chiefly relat- 
ing to feudal holdings (L)/ Sibylla Hippocrates 
BMab 220/1 

759 C. HI: Names and arms of such as have been ad- 
vanced to the order of knighthood in the reigns of 
Henry VH and VIH, Edward VI, Mary, Elizabeth, and 
James I BMab 229 A/1 

760 C. IV: Titles and records respecting property (L)/ 
Chronicles (L)/ Charters of King John, Henry D, 
Henry HI (L) BMab 220/2 

761 C. V: Catalogus tenendum terras per singulas 
hundredas In comitatu Llncolnlensi tempore regis 
Henricl I BMab 218/1 

762 C. VI: Nomina provinciarum Imperii Romani/ 
Leo IV. Epistola/ Borchardus. Collectio canonum/ 
Leo IX PrivUegia ad Hugonem Vesonticensem / 
archlep. concessae/ Miscellaneous pieces relating to 
Canterbury (L)/ Elogium de Lanfranco/ Lanfranc. 
Eplstola ad fratres suos, Henricum priorem, etc. 
BMab 218/3 

763 C. VHI: Index of the heirs of the noble families of 
England from reign of Edward to that of Queen Eliza- 
beth BMab 221/2 

764 C. X: Nomina eorum qui de rege tenuerunt in 
capite, per servitium mllitare, aut in soccagio, ad 
termlnum vltae, per magnam serjanttam, parvam 
serjantiam, vel in burgagio, 13th-15th century 
BMab 217/2 

765 C. XI: Kalendarium/ Registrum de inquisiontibus 
maneriorum, de advocationlbus ecclesiarum, de 
maneriis^e foedls mllitum, de placiUs, de prlvileglis 
et consuetudinibus, ad episcopatum et eccleslam 
Eliensem pertinentibus BMab 218/2 

766 C. XH: Registra inquisitlonum et eschaetarum a 
tempore Henrici HI ad tempus Ricardi HI BMab 219/3 

767 D. I: John Whethamstede. Epistolae; Acta 
Johannis VI abbatls/ Rentale hospitaUs S. Julianl/ 
Rentale Monasteril S. Albani BMab 221/1 

768 D. HI: Fragment of a martyrology (L)/ Verses, 
Inventory, calendars, etc. relating to Wlntney nunnery 
(L & F)/ Beda. Marty rologium/ Benedict. Regulae 
(L&E) BMab 92/1 

769 D. IV: De oxordio et statu ecclesiae cathedralis 
Dunelmensis ad 1194/ Reginald of Durham. De 
virtutibus et mlraculis Cuthbera BMab 211/5 


D. VI, f. 12: Matthew Paris. Maps BMab 80/3 

771 D. VH: Henry of Huntingdon. Excerpta ex chron- 
ico/ Ralph Niger. Excerpta e chronicis/ Chronicles 
and ecclesiastical lists (L)/ Hlstoria de gestis regum 
Britannorum et Anglorum a Cassibellano ad 1346 
BMab 222/2 

772 D. VHI: Oxford university. Statuta, etc. 
Posttls BMab 2/1 


773 D. IX Decreta Romanorum pontiflcum/ Canones 
apostolorum et conciliorum BMab 219/1 

774 D. X: Chronica de regibus AngUae ad 1377/ 
Registrum chartarum monasteril S. Augustini 
Cantuariensis BMab 222/1 

775 D. XI: Registrum Chartarum prioratus B. 
Marlae de Malton in agro Eboracensi BMab 223/1 

776 D. XH: Register of charters of Daventry priory 
(L) BMab 219/2 

777 D. XHI: Registrum chartarum prioratus de Binham 
in agro Norfolciensi BMab 222/3 

778 E. I: Augustinus. Contra Manichaeos super 
Genesin libri duo/ Arnaud de Bonneval. De operibus 
sex dlerum; De sex verbis Domini in cruce/ Anselm. 
MenoLogion; Proslogion; Epistolae; De processione 
Spiritus SancU; De veritate; De casu diaboU; De in- 
carnatione verbi; Cur Deus homo; De sacrificio azyml 
et fermentati; Quomodo grammaticus sit substantia et 
qualitas; De concordia praescientiae cum libero 
arbitrio; De praedestinatlone Dei; De gratia et libero 
arbitrio/ Petrus Comestor. Explanatlo visionum 
Danielis; Verbum abbreviatum/ Esdrae prophetae 
liber secundus, apocryphus BMab 318/2 

779 E. H: Wyclif. Bible (Later version) BMab 100/1 

780 E. EH: Ralph de Dlceto. Epistola ad Johannem, 
archlepiscopum Lugdunensis; Abbreviatlo chronicorum/ 
Commendatio Britannlae/ De mirabilibus Britanniae/ 
De dlversls auctoribus historiarum/ Centones ex 
Justino, Josepho, Hegeslppo, Julio Caesare, Eusebio, 
Orosio, Roberto abbate S. MichaeUs de Monte, Augus- 
tino De civitate Dei, Ivone Carnotensi aliique/ Henry 
Knighton. Chronica/ Chronica R. R. Henricl m et 
Edwardi I, 1259-1297/ Tito Llvlo del Frulovisi. 
Chronica R. R. Henrici V et VI vltae; Elogium eplscopi 
Bathonensls et Wellensis/ Grosseteste (?). Epistola 
ad D. Papam et cardinales contra Ulorum injusta de- 
creta et mandata BMab 318/3 

781 E. IV: Thomas, of Elmham. Annales regum Brito- 
num, Saxonum, et Anglorum/ Passiones et vltae S. 
Albani et S. Amphibali/ Radulphus de Dunstaplia. 

Vita S. Albani (verse)/ Matthew Paris. Historia 
gestorum Ossae I et H, regum Merciorum/ Matthew 
Paris and Thomas Walslngham. Gesta abbatum monas- 
teril S. Albani; Processus malefactorum et rebeUlonls 
tenentium et villanorum monasteril S. Albani contra 
abbatem et monachos/ Constitutlones D. Thomae 
abbatis/ Tractatus de praerogativis et dignitatibus 
ordinem monasticum concernentibus/ Treatises re- 
lating to St. Albans abbey (L)/ Constitutlones hospi- 
talis S. Julianl/ Consuetudines et regulae monalium 
B. Marlae Sopewell BMab 319/1-2 

782 E. VI: Registrum chartarum hospltalis S. Jo- 
hannis Jerusalem in Anglla, de terris ad firman 
dlmlssis ab 1503 ad 1526 BMab 320/1 

783 E. VH: "CoUection of aU privileges, liberties, and 
immunities whatsoever, granted to or claimed by the 
merchants of the Hanse cities; with copies of many of 
the inquisitions, treaties, ordinances, and letters re- 

' Ed U & IH to Jau:td T (L & E) 

BMab 320/2 

Cotton Cleopatra 
784 A. HI: Latin-Saxon glossaries BMab 2/3 


A. IV: William Camden. Collectanea BMab 333/4 

786 A. VH: Chronlcon breve a Christo nato ad 1062/ 
Annals of Tewkesbury monastery to 1263 (L)/ Register 
of Tewkesbury monastery (L)/ Albricus. De computo 
lunae BMab 333/2 

787 A. XHI: Tractatus de reglmlne principum/ Offlcla 
matutiiia et aliis horis dlcenda/ Prayers to the Virgin 
and to John of Bridlington (L) BMab 75/1 

788 B. V: Brut y Brenhinoedd/ Brut y Saeson/ Laws 
of Howel Dha (W)/ Dares Phrygius. Hisioria Tro- 
Janorum (W) BMab 335/2 

789 B. XHI: HomUlee/ Sermons/ De dedlcatlone 
ecclesiae (E)/ Lectio secundum Lucam (E)/ Domini- 
ca ante rogationem (E)/ Jura men turn regum Anglo- 
Saxonum tempore coronationls (E)/ Oratio et sym- 
bolum apostoUcum (E)/ Vita B. Dunstanl/ Hymnus de 
conversione Saxonum cum notulie muslcls/ Chronlcon 
de regno et gestis Britonum et Anglorum ad 1305 
BMab 333/5 

790 C. I: Hlldebertus, abp. of Tours. Poemata varia 
miscellanea/ Chartulary of Peterborough abbey, pt. I 
(L) BMab 321/2 

791 C. H: Chartulary of Peterborough abbey, pt. H 
(L)/ Orationes/ Versus de amaritudine praesentls 
vltae, et horribili judlcii tlmore/ Fragmentum de 
quaUtatibus glortflcati corporis BMab 321/1 

792 CHI: Francis Thynne. Collections including 
notes on arms and monumental Inscriptions; excerpts 
from chronicles; notes on various abbeys; parts of 
Leland's Itinerary; notes on ecclesiastical offlcla' s; 
historical notes out of the year books; and a chron. ~le 
of Stanlaw abbey (L&E) BMab 321/3 

793 C. IV: Ecclesiastical history of York in prose and 
verse (L)/ Fragment of a history of Henry V/ 
Nomina majorum et vlcecomitum London, 1419-1444/ 
Battle of Otterburn/ Trust not the ontrustye/ Verses 
in praise of women/ Prophecies of Merlin and others 
(L); De cometls/ Papal bulls and letters (L) 

BMab 100/5 

794 C. V: Instttutlo et statuta hospitaUs de Savoy/ 
Names of captains who went into France, 1513, with 
bearings in their standards and names of French 
prisoners taken at Tirwyn/ John Taylor. Dlarium 
gestorum anno 5 R. Henricl Vm In Gallia/ Leonardo 
Bruni, Arettno. Oratio in hypocritas; Eisagogicon 
moralis phllosophiae; Oratio in Nebulonem maledlcum/ 
Lapo da Castlglionchio. Dlalogus de curiae commodis; 
Vita PericUs; Praefatio vitae Themistocles; Vita 
Demonactls ex Luciano/ Antonius Tudertinus. Con- 
solatto ad cardlnalem Capuanum in obi turn fratris/ 
Coluccio Salutati (?). Epistolae ad Malatestam 
domlnum Pesauriae, Petrum Turcum, et Passium/ 
Titus Qulntus Flameus (?). Ad Rupertum/ Proemium 
In vitam Dionis BMab 321/4 


C. VI: Ancren riwle/ Religious verses BMab 2/2 

796 C. VH: Brief miscellaneous legal treatises (L)/ 
Exposltto verborum Anglorum/ Nomina comltatum 
et episcopatum Angliae et Walliae/ Ordenaunces 
faltes a Londres, 5 Edw. H, touchant l'estat de 
seon houstal et de seon realme/ Charta et lastum 
marlscorum de Romeny, 1287/ Chartulary of Merton 
priory (L)/ Vita S. Albani/ Ecclesiastical treatises 
(L) BMab 322/1 

797 C. IX: Roger of Hoveden. Transcript of Hlstoria 
de gestis Henrici H et Ricardi 1/ Matheolus. Lament- 
ationes/ Jacques Le Fevre, d'Etaples. Versus ad 
Engelramum praesulem BMab 609/1 and BMab 322/3 

798 C. X: Ralph Niger. Chronlcon/ Geoffrey of Mon- 
mouth. Epistle to Bishop Alexander of Lincoln (L); 
Prophecy of Merlin (L)/ Rules for electing mayor of 
Norwish/ Chronicon de reuibus Saxonicis et Anglicis/ 
Miracles of the Virgin (L)/ Prester John. Epistolae/ 
Prophettae de Anti-Christo/ Fragmentum de specie- 
bus olei BMab 36/3 

799 D. H: Chronicon ad 1346/ Annotattones chartarum 
monasteril de Gisebum BMab 322/2 

800 D. m: Chronicle uf England to 1314 compiled at 
abbey of Hales Owen, Shropshire (L)/ Chronological 
tables to 1295 (L)/ Chronicles of England to 1333 (F)/ 
Prophecy of the lily, the lion, and the Son of Man (L)/ 
Miscellaneous documents chiefly relating to abbey of 

Selby, Yorkshire (L) BMab 58/2 

801 n rv- a 
BMab 323/2 

i-v pi-rorlr'p to "PR <1 \ 

802 D. V: Giraldus Cambreiisls. Topographla Hiber- 
niae; Expugnatio Hlbernlae; Symbolum electorum; 
De descripHone mundi/ Life of Alexander, the Great, 
abridgment of Julius Valerius (L)/ Alexander, the 
Great. Eplstolae ad Dindimum/ Recapitulation of acts 
of Alexander and his successors BMab 331/2 

803 D. VI: Transcriptum concessionum terrarum, 
relaxationum, aliarumque chartarum in Cestria, Laii- 
castria, et Macclesfield, multae chartae pertinentes 
ad Robertum de Montealto BMab 331/1 

804 D. VTI, ff. 189-190: Chaucer. Truth BMab 2/4 

805 D. Vm: Historical notes (L)/ Tags of verse (L & 
E ) King Arthur and Hermit of Merry (L), De origine 
glgantum/ Compendium de Britannia/ Rules of life/ 
Geoffrey of Monmouth. Hlstoria regum Britanniae/ 
Concise histories of Saxon kings, and of Norman dukes 
and Anglo-Norman kings (L)/ Religious tales, chiefly 
from Vitae Patrum (L)/ Grosseteste (?). Extracts 
from his work (L) BMab 101/2 

806 D. DC: Historical miscellany Including Annals of 
Lichfield to 1388 (L & F)/ Alblna and her sisters (F) , 
Simon Islip. Speculum R. Edwardi m/ Fragment of 
South English legendary Including St. John, St. Cecilia, 
Miracles of Virgin, Gregory BMab 103/4 

807 E. H: State of the Church of Great Britain, from 
the first plantation of religion unto the most happy 
reign of King James; with all other occurrences 

between the see of Rome, and the sovereigns of this 
realm collected out of public records, papal bulls, 
original Instructions, and other letters of state, 
ancient histories of the kingdom, registers of religious 
houses, vol. 2, beginning with the reign of Edward HI 
and ending with the reign of King Henry V BMab 340/1 

808 F.I: Collectanea de potestate ecclesiastlca (L & E ) 
BMab 342/1 

809 F. U: Collectanea de potestate ecclesiastlca (L & 
E) BMab 341/2 

810 F. m: "Collection of detached articles being acts 
of the Privy Council, decrees, ordinances, summons, 
and other documents relating to public affairs, both 
at home and abroad, " in the time of King Richard H, 
Henry IV, and Henry V (L & E) BMab 343/1 

811 F. IV: Collection of the Acts of the Privy Council 
in the reign of King Henry VI (L & E) BMab 343/2 

812 F. V: Collection of Acts of Privy Council in the 
reign of Henry VI (L & E) BMab 344/1 

813 F. VI: CoUecUon of papers, relating chiefly to 
the revenue of the Crown, made by Sir Robert Cotton 
BMab 96/2 

814 F. VTI: Collectanea de precedentia regum Angli- 
ae, Franclae, et Hlspaniae (partly printed) (L, E,I), 
Diego de Valdes. De dignltate regum regnorumque 
Hlspaniae (printed, 1602)/ John Donne. Letter to 
Robert Cotton, concerning Valdes' book BMab 340/2 

Cotton Domltian 

815 I: Isidorus. De natura rerum/ Glossae dlversae/ 
Tabulae de quatuor legltlmis Jejuniis/ Priscianus. 
Libellus ad instruendos pueros (L & E)/ Beda. Versus 
de die judlcli; Chronica ad 1288/ Index llbrorum 
Athelstani/ Giraldus Cambrensis. Ittnerarium Cam- 
briae; Descriptlo Cambriae; Retractlones/ De 
successione episcoporum Menevensium et gestls 
eorum/ Carmen satyrlcum in monachos/ Genealogla 
Byrchain unde Brechinla dicta est pars Demetiae 
BMab 336/2 

816 m: Peter of Ickham. Chronica de regibus Angliae 
ad 1301/ Chartulary of Reading abbey including 
matters pertaining to Leominister priory (L) 

BMab 336/1 

817 V: Ralph d'Escures. Epjstola missa Calixto II 
querentis de injuria sibi et ecclesiae Cantuar. illata, 
In consecratlone archiepiscopi et causis ecclesiae 
Eboracensis/ William I. Attestatio de prlmatu Can- 
tuariensls ecclesiae/ Thomas of Bayeux. Professio 
quam fecit Lanfranco/ Concilia Lanfrancl, quibus 
interfult Thomas/ De Girardo, qui successit Thomae 
Eboracensl, ad eius professione et de controversia 
inter archieplscopos Cantuarienses et Eboracenses/ 
Giraldus Cambrensis. On the metropolitan right of 
St. David's (L) BMab 383/2 

818 VHI: Chronicles and historical treatises (L & E)/ 
Ecclesiastical letters and treatises (L)/ Religious 
verses/ Beda. Chronica ex Hlstoria ecclesiastlca/ 
Robert de Torigni. Epistola ad Rogerum Abbatem 
Beccensem; Annales de rebus Romanorum, Francor- 
um. et Anploniin 1153-1179/ leges An^J.ices/ 
Henry of Huntingdon. Epistola ad Guaterum de contem- 
ptu mundl/ Cantredae Walliae/ History of Gloucester 
abbey (L)/ Quaedam alphabeta literarum, in modum 

cyphrarum/ Calendarium BMab 336/3 

819 XI: Denis Piramus. Vie de S. Edmond/ Guernes 
de Ponte-Sainte-Maxence. Vie de S. Thomas de Cant- 
erbury/ Genese de N.D.S. Marie/ L'assomption de 
N.D.S. Marie/ Traduction de l'Evangile/ Nicole 
Bozon. Lives of saints (F)/ Liber formularum de 
modo electionis, etc., in usum monasterii B. Mariae 
Helluni in urbe Rothomago/ De exequis et sepultura 
Ymerii deciml octavl abbatis monasterii B. Mariae 
de Becco, 1304, et de electione et benedictione 
8uccessoris Gilleberti et gestis ipsius BMab 94/1 

820 XTH: Chronicle of Winchester monastery to 1277 
(L)/ Richard of Devizes. Chronicon de gestis 
Ricardi 1/ Joannes Diaconus. De Sanctis sanctorum ad 
Alexandrum P./ Nicolaus Manuacutius. Versus/ An- 
tiquities of the Church of St. John Lateran (L)/ 
Prophecy of the Tenth Sibyl (L)/ Meanings of the 
various forms in the coronation of a king (L)/ Re- 
ligious poem (L)/ Provinciate/ Description of shores 
of the Mediterranean (L)/ Prester John. Epistola ad 
Emanuelem/ Accounts of Saladin and Saphadln and 
their realm (L)/ Treatise on signs of good or bad 
luck (L) BMab 336/4 and BMab 107/3 

821 XVIH: Treatises relating to coronation of Richard 
1/ Modus tenendi Parliamentum/ Duties of marshall 
and constable of England in times of peace and war 

(L & F)/ Ordinatio belli R. Edwardi contra Scotos 
anno regni 9 (L)/ Saxon inscription in Runic letters/ 
Laurence Nowell. Excerpta ex historia Petriburgensi, 
189-997 (E); Excerpta exannalibus Saxonicis/ 
Chronica Hiberniae, 948-1507/ Genealogte Butleriorum 
et Darciorum, comitum Ultonlae, Kildariae, et 
Burgensium/ Abbreviate of the getting of Ireland, and 
of the decay of the same/ Variae mappae chorograph- 
icae Hiberniae, Scotlae, Angliae, et Walliae/ Girald- 
us Cambrensis. Excerpta de topographla Walliae/ 
Bernard Andreas. De vita et gestls R. Henrici VTI/' 
De la creacion des heraulx/ Fondacion de l'ordre du 
Jartier/ Fondacion de l'ordre des chevaliers del 
Bathe/ Verses in praise of K. Henry VH BMab 336/5 

Cotton Faustina 

822 A. I: Chartulary of St. Augustine's abbey, Canter- 
bury (L) BMab 324/1 

823 A. D: Frater Johannes Somour. Kalendarium 
composltum, 1380, ad lnstantiam Johannae, matris 
R. Ricardi H/ Lists of Saxon kings (L)/ List of bis- 
hops of and register of possessions of Sherborne 
abbey (L)/ Constitutiones ordinis S. Benedlcti 
factae Abingdoniae, 1279, et Oxoniae, 1249, confirma- 
tae in capitulo general!, 1387/ Heraclides of Cyprus. 
Paradisus BMab 324/2 

824 A. IV: Chartulary of St. Neot's priory (L)/ 
Statutum de moderandis operariorum et servientium, 
quae ab 1111s exigebantur, salaxlis (L & F)/ Exposi- 
tio vocabulorum quae occurrunt in legibus forensibus 
Angliae BMab 324/4 

825 A. VI: Liber praesentationum et literarum 
prlorls et conventus ecclesiae Dunelmensis/ Benedic- 
tus XH. Constirutiones super monachos nigros/ 
Sextus Pythagoncus. Sententtae/ Bernard de Clair- 
vaux. De honesta vita; Sentential ' Religious verses 
(L)/ Quales debent esse consiljarii/ Sequentia de 
peccatis/ Prayer to the Virgin ;LV Adjuratio contra 
procellas et tempestates/ Matutinaie nfficium, de 
planctu Mariae/ Bonaventura. Parvuiji ounum 

BMab 324/3 

826 A. VH: Richard, canon of the Holy Trinity, Lon- 
don. Itinerarium sive gesta Ricardi 1, regis Angliae, 
in Judaea/ Mores et leges Saracenorum/ Fragmen- 
tum contlnens descriptionem Hierosolymorum et 
allarum civitatum Judeae BMab 325/1 

827 A. VHI: Bartholomew, bp. of Exeter. Penlten- 
tiale (L)/ Beda (?). De compoto manuali/ Ralph 
de Diceto. Epistola/ Excerpta ex Julio Caesare, 
Solino, et Eutropio, de Gallia et Gallis/ Prophecies 
of Merlin (L)/ Miscellaneous historical and religious 
treatises, several relating to St. Mary's Priory, 
Southwark BMab 58/3 


ADC: Aelfric and others. Homilies BMab 101/1 

829 A. X: Aelfric. Grammar and glossary (E & L); 
Excerpts from Aethelwold's De consuetudine monach- 
orum (E) BMab 101/3 

830 A. XI: Treatise in behalf of Lady Catherine Gray 
and Earl of Hertford (L) BMab 325/2 

831 B. I: Correspondence of Pope Alexander HI, 
Thomas a Becket, and other officials (L)/ Annals, 
1050-1231/ Chartulary of Barlings abbey, Lincoln- 
shire (L)/ Vita S. Eadmundi/ Simon Islip. Exhorta- 
tio ad Edwardum HI/ Itinerarium trium monachum, 
970/ Petitionee ^^joi-is el civium ijondonensium (r')/ 
Edward HI. Chartae et litterae (F &L)/ Articuli contra 
Hugonem le Despencer (F)/ Thomas Charlton. Appro- 
priate ecclesiae de Lugwarden, 1330 BMab 326/1 

832 B. H: Beda. Excerpta: De Saxonlbus; De gestls 
Anglorum; De regibus Cantiae/ Chartulary of 
Clerkenwell priory (L)/ Martinus Polonus. De gestls 
pontificum et imperatorum cum continuatione ad 1389/ 
Duae homiliae BMab 327/3 

833 B. HI: Names of kings of England to Edward IV / 
Treatises relating to Peterborough abbey (L)/ List 
of Roman emperors to 723/ Restauratio vitae et dis- 
ciplinae monasticae cura regis Eadgari/ History of 
foundation of priory of Wilton in verse/ Life of St. 
Editha/ Names of founders of Wilton/ Life of St. 
Ethelreda BMab 103/1 

834 B. IV: Lives of saints: Alban, Amphlbalus, 
Wilfricus, Bega, Aldhelm, John of Beverley, Alexius 
(L)/ Ecclesiastical letters (L)/ Sermo/ Theological 
treatises (L) BMab 327/2 

835 B. V: Register of Rochester monastery, 1315- 
1350, especially relating to Hamo Hethe, bp. of 
Rochester (L)/ Implementa quae in maneriis post 
obitum cuiuslibet episcopl demittuntur/ Quae perti- 
nent ad archidiaconum Cantuariensem ratione inthroni/ 
zationis episcoporum totius provinciae Cantuariensis 
BMab 333/6 

836 B. VI: Meriaduc (L)/ Gawain (L)/ Geoffrey of 
Monmouth. Brief abstract of Hlstoria (L)/ Annals (L)/ 
List of monks of Croxden, Staffordshire (L)/ Papal 
letters (L)/ Notices of churches and church lands in 
London that belong to the cathedral church of Canter- 
bury (L)/ Calendar obituary of the Daunton nunnery 
(L) BMab 103/2 

837 B. VH: Lists of popes, bishops in England and 
Ireland, and other ecclesiastical officials (L)/ Trea- 
tises relating to the Roman church and its officials (L)/ 
Chronicon sacrum/ Dynastiae Assyriorum, Sicyonlo- 
rum, Aegyptiorum, aliorumque Greciae, Asiae, et 
Africae regnorum; item reges Latinorum et consules 
Romani/ Series annorum primorum patrum genera - 
tiones/ De regionibus mundi/ Names of Cistercian 
abbeys founded 1114-1234 (L)/ List of kings of Eng- 
land to Henry I (L)/ De castramentatione filiorum 
Israel in deserto; de operibus sex dierum; tabulae 
genealogicae patrum veteris testament!, imperatorum 
Romanorum et pontificum, regum Angliae et Franclae, 
etc./ Registrum honoris Richmondiae BMab 328/1 

838 B. VHI: Calendarium/ Registrum capellae regiae 
S. Stephanl infra palatlum Westmonasterii/ E., monk 
of Evesham. Vita Thomae archiep. Cantuar./ Founda- 
tion of Werburg abbey, Chester (L)/ Charter of foun- 
dation of Combermere abbey (L)/ De abbatia de Bur- 
ton/ Chartulary of Malmesbury abbey (L)/ Names of 
founders of Malmesbury abbey (L) BMab 337/1 

839 B. DC: Chronica de Mailros, 733-1270/ William 
Rishanger. Chronica, 1259-1306/ St. Alban'6 chron- 
icle, 1360-1399/ Prophetia de asino coronato/ Elegy 
on Richard Scrope (L) BMab 337/2 

840 C. I: Chartulary of Huntingdon priory/ Rhygy- 
farch. Versus/ Cicero. Somnium Sciplonis cum 
expositione Macrobli Ambrosii Theodosll/ Historlcum 
et chronologicum compendium de sex aetatibus mundi 
ab Adamo ad Leonem imperatorem/ Benedictus. 
Admonitio ad monachos BMab 351/2 

841 C. H: Miscellaneous collection of letters and 
papers of the reign of Queen Elizabeth including a 
treatise on the government of Florence under Laurence 
de Medicis; a discourse on the reformation of the laws 
of England; papers relating to trade and matters of 
revenue (E, L, I, F) BMab 351/1 

842 C. HI: Collectanea de academla Cantabrigiensi 
(L & E) BMab 352/1 

843 C. IV: Giraldus Cambrensis. Topographia 
Hiberniae BMab 351/4 

844 C. V: Registrum ecclesiae Roffensis BMab 338/1 

845 C. VI: Placita, 1312-1328 BMab 351/3 

846 C. VH, ff. 125-188: Documents of Oxford univer- 
sity (L)/ Articles and decrees concerning Wyclif and 
church affairs (L) BMab 2/1 

847 C. VTH: 17 brief articles relating jo arms, to 
ranks of nobility, and to precedency BMab 354/3 

848 C. DC: Genealogiae quarundair. nobillum famili- 
arum in Anglia/ Cancellarii Angliae/ Custodes 
rorulorum/ Admiralli Angliae/ Brevis adnotatio 
concessionum officiorum et tituiorum honoris tempore 
Henrici VHI/ Adnotationes e chartis, 1311-1312/ 
Discourse about Ireland add ecsed to Q. Elizabeth/ 
Breve chronicon Angliae arl 13f 6/ Breve chronicon 
Hiberniae ex Henrico Mar our'ensi desumptum. 1051- 
1375/ Notuiae chronologicac ae temporibus regum 
Saxonum in Anglia BM.iD '<<4/5 


C. X: Liber esc eta am, 1327-1422 BMab 354/2 

850 C. XI: Summonittones parliamentorum, 1296-1398/ 
Fragments of the Domesday Book (L) BMab 353/2 

851 C. XII: "De regulis consuetudinlbus et regimine 
monachorum; de electionlbus abbatum; de abbatis, 
praecentoris, sacristae, caeterorumque ofilclls; 
abisque ad mores et observantias monachorum ordlnis 
S. Benedictl spectantlbus" BMab 353/1 

852 D. I: Collections about the Order of the Garter, 
being the Statutes of the Order put forth at a chapter 
thereof held at Westminister, Mar. 17, 1552 
BMab 328/3 

853 D. II: Quaestiones philosophlcae BMab 328/4 

854 D. HI: "Statuta omnia edlta tempore R. Edwardl 
m per annos quinquaglnta" BMab 328/5 

855 D. IV: Statlones ecclesiarum urbls Romae/ 
Treatises relating to Franciscans/ Testament of St. 
Francis/ Articles by which a religious man shall be 
known/ Bonaventura. ABC/ Prayer6 (L & E ) 
BMab 102/1 

856 D. V: "Rough draft of several rules and orders to 
be observed by the lord deputy, judges, and other 
officers in the kingdom of Ireland, made by 

Q. Elizabeth" BMab 355/3 

857 D. VI: Sir Edward Coke. Treatise of prohibitions, 
"modus decimandi, "etc., with the arguments, pro 
and con, between the Archbishops of Canterbury and 
Sir Edward Coke, Lord Chief Justice of the Common 
Pleas, and the rest of the judges ecclesiastical and 
temporal BMab 334/2 

858 E. I: William Camden. Collection of papers, 
patents of arms, and other documents relating to 
heraldry; papers relating to dissensions and abuses in 
the office of arms; and petitions exhibited to the com- 
missaries of the earl marshal BMab 374/1 

859 E. m: Names of gentlemen in Devonshire and 
Cornwall with their arms BMab 386/4 

860 E. IV: Genealogies of several families/ Collect- 
anea ex rotulis patentibus et clausis, et escaetls, et 
brevibus reglis, de variis rebus Anglicis et Hlbemi- 
cis, Gallicis quoque et Normannicis/ Justiciarii 
Angliae; item constabularil/ Admiralll Anglicae/ 
Constabularil turris London/ Camerarii Angliae/ 
Primae appellationes baronum/ Episcopi Ellenses 
BMab 328/2 


E. V: Tracts on English antiquities BMab 375/1 

862 E. VII: Accounts of charges, payments, wages, 
and entertainments of the officers and others of 
Bulleyn, Calice, and Newport in the times of Henry 
VHI and Edward VI/ Capitanei Calislae; also petitions 
from officers at Calais/ Device for fortification of 
Calais, 1532/ Ordinances and decrees for the country 
of Gulnes, made by the king's commissioners in open 
court, 1529/ Pay of the garrison, council, and other 
officers of Calais, with regulations for the government 
of that place/ List of men of note who attended on 
Henry Vm, 1544/ Eight papers relating chiefly to 
Calais BMab 363/2 

863 E. VHI: Francis Thynne. Commentarii de 
hlstoria, vol. 1 BMab 328/6 

864 E. DC: Francis Thynne. Commentarii de hlsto- 
ria, vol. 2 BMab 329/1 

865 F. I: William Camden. Annales rerum Anglicarum 
et Hibernicarum, 1558-1572 BMab 356/2 

866 F.H: , 1573-1590 BMab 356/3 

867 , 1593-1603 BMab 358/2 

868 F.IV: , 1558-1572 BMab 357/2 

869 F.V-VI: , 1573-1582; 1589-1596 BMab 358/1 

870 F.VH: , 1597-1603 BMab 358/3 

871 F.VIH: , 1589-1597 BMab 355/2 

872 F.DC: , 1598-1603 BMab 359/3 

873 F. X: William Camden. Varia fragmenta annali- 
um BMab 359/1 

Cotton Fragments 

874 I-XXIX: Uncataloged fragments, many of which 
are so badly mutilated by fire as to be illegible. 
BMab 378/4 

Cotton Galba 

875 A.IV: Ceremonias da capella (Port) BMab 215/3 

876 A.VH: Descriptio totius orbis facta princlpibus 
Romanis cum excerptis e libris Sollnl et naturali 
historia Plinil/ Brevis descriptio terrae sanctae/ 
Descriptio Indorum, Scytharum, etc.; fabulosae 
narrationes de Cynocephalls, Satyris, Cyclopibus, 
etc./ Historia brevis ab orbe condito ad 1090 BMab 

877 A.XTV: Computatio Graecorum de mensibus annl/ 
Liber precum & hymnorum (L & E)/ Exorcismus 
super castore (E) BMab 215/4 

878 A JCV: Thomas Rudborne. Fragments of Annales 
ecclesiae Wintonlensis and Historia major BMab 

879 A.XVH: Monk of Finchale. Vita S. Godrici/ 
Narrationes quaedam legendariae/ Regula et 
statuta fratrum Hospitalis S. Joannis de Jerusalem/ 
Usagia, esgardia, & antiquae consuetudines ejusdem 
domus/ Modus recipiendi fratrem ad ordlnem/ 
Chronica magistrorum defunctorum BMab 215/6 

880 AJOX: Alfred. Monita quaedam moralia BMab 

881 AJCX: Physical receipts/ Annales de rebus 
Anglicanis ad A.D. 1447 BMab 216/2 

882 A .XXI: Calendarium/ Annales breves ad A.D. 
1436/ Religious treatises (L)/ Nomina summorum 
pontificum usque ad Calixtum m/ Nomina Romanorum 
imperatorum usque ad A.D. 1440/ Nomina regum 
Franciae usque ad A.D. 1422/ Nomina regum 
Christianorum, cardinalium, & episcoporum/ Versus/ 
De proeliis tardi temporis BMab 216/3 

883 B.II: Treaties and negotiations of Henry VII with 
Burgundy and Austria, 1499-1506 BMab 248/1 

884 B.m: 90 letters and papers concerning relations 
between England and France, 1512-1515 (E, F, & L) 
BMab 225/1 

885 B.V: 200 letters and papers chiefly concerning 
relations between England and the Low Countries, 
1507-1519 (E,L, & F) BMab 223/2 

886 B.VII: 147 letters and papers chiefly concerning 
relations between England and the Low Countries, 
1521-1522 (E, L, F) BMab 605/3 

887 B.K: 94 letters and papers chiefly concerning 
relations of England with the Low Countries, 1526- 
1531 (E,L,F,S,& Flemish) BMab 226/2 

888 BJC: 137 letters and papers chiefly concerning 
relations of England with the Low Countries, 1532-1545 
(E,L,S,&I) BMab 226/1 

889 BJCI: Letters and papers chiefly concerning 
relations of England with the Low Countries, 1486-1585 
(E,L,& F) BMab 227/1 

890 BJCII: 66 letters and papers chiefly concerning 
relations between England and France, 1548-1555 
(E, F.&L) BMab 228/1 

891 C.I: 79 letters and papers chiefly concerning 
relations between England and Belgium, and England 
and Spain, 1558-1565 (E,F,S) BMab 229 A/2 

892 CJI: 108 letters and papers concerning the 
relations of England with the Low Countries, 1560- 
1566 (E.L, F) BMab 230/1 

893 CHI: 155 letters and papers concerning rela- 
tions between England and the Low Countries, 1566- 
1570 (E,F,L, I, Flemish) BMab 229 B/l 

894 CIV: 165 letters and papers concerning relations 
between England and the Low Countries, 1570-1573 
(E, L, F, Flemish, S) BMab 231/1 

895 C.V: 137 letters and papers relating to the Low 
Countries, 1574-1576, including correspondence 
and papers of William I, count of Nassau Orange, of 
Queen Elizabeth, and of Thomas Wilson (E, L, I, S, & 
F) BMab 280/1 

896 C.VI, pt. 1: 78 letters and papers relating to the 
Low Countries, 1577, including instructions of Queen 
Elizabeth and correspondence of William Davison and 
of Juan de Austria BMab 279/2 

897 C.VI, pt. 2: 231 letters and papers relating to 
the Low Countries, 1578-1579, including corres- 
pondence and papers of Queen Elizabeth, William 
Davidson, Sir Francis Walsingham, Henry Brooke, 
Juan de Austria, and John Caslmir (E, L, F, I , & 
D) BMab 279/1 

898 146 letters and papers, 1579-1584, 

chiefly relating to the Low Countries, including corres- 
pondence of Thomas Cotton, Christopher Hoddesdon. 
and William Herle (E, L, F,S, & Flemish) BMab 

899 C.Vm: 160 letters and papers relating to the 
Low Countries, 1585, including letters and papers of 
Queen Elizabeth and correspondence of William 
Davidson, and of Sir Philip Sydney (E, L, F, & I) 
BMab 282/2 

900 CX: 103 letters and papers relating to the Low 
Countries, 1586 (E,L, F.&I) BMab 283/2 

901 CXI: 121 letters and papers relating chiefly to the 
Low Countries, 1586-1588, including correspondence 
of John Hotman, the Staten Generaal, Sir Philip Sidney, 
Sir Francis Walsingham, and of Queen Elizabeth (E,I, 
F, D) BMab 284/1 

902 D.I: 124 letters and papers relating to the Low 
Countries, 1586-1589, including correspondence of 
Queen Elizabeth, Sir Francis Walsingham, Arnold de 
Grunevelt, and the Earl of Leicester (E, L, F,I) 
BMab 285/1 

903 D.II: 148 letters and papers relating to the Low 
Countries, 1585-1589, including correspondence of 
the Earl of Leicester, Queen Elizabeth, Sir William 
Russell, and Lord Willoughby (E, L, F, I, D) BMab 

904 D.m: 133 letters and papers relating to the 
Low Countries, 1587-1589, including correspondence 
of Sir William Russell, of Sir Francis Walsingham, 
and of Queen Elizabeth (E, F, L,I, S) BMab 286/5 

905 D.IV: 129 letters and papers relating to the 

Low Countries, 1589-1590, including correspondence 
of Sir Thomas Bodley, the Staten Generaal, Queen 
Elizabeth, Sir Francis Walsingham, and Lord 
Burghley (E, F, L,D) BMab 287/1 

906 D.V: 127 letters and papers relating to the 
Low Countries, 1589, including correspondence of 
Sir Thomas Bodley, of Sir Francis Walsingham, 
and of Queen Elizabeth (E, F, D, L) BMab 288/2 

907 D.VII: 169 letters and papers chiefly relating to the 
Low Countries, 1590, including correspondence of Sir 
Thomas Bodley, Queen Elizabeth, the Staten Generaal, 
the Privy Council, and Lord Burghley (E, F,S, L) 
BMab 288/1 

908 D.VHI: 194 letters and papers relating to the Low 
Countries, 1591, including correspondence of the Staten 
Generaal, Queen Elizabeth, Sir Thomas Bodley, Lord 
Burghley, and the Privy Council (E,L, F,D) BMab 

909 D.LX: 182 letters and papers chiefly relating to 

the Low Countries and chiefly of 1592 J including corres- 
pondence of Lord Burghley, Sir Thomas Bodley, Sir 
Edward Norris, Queen Elizabeth, the Privy Council, 
and Thomas Ferrers (E, L, G, D, F, I) BMab 291/1 

910 DJC: 109 letters and papers relating to the Low 
Countries, 1590-1595, including correspondence of 
Sir Thomas Bodley, Lord Burghley, James VI of 
Scotland, the Staten Generaal, and Queen Elizabeth 
(E & F) BMab 290/_2_ 

911 D.XI: 99 letters and papers relating to the Low 
Countries, 1594-1596, including correspondence of 
Queen Elizabeth, Sir Thomas Bodley, James VI of 
Scotland, and the Staten Generaal (E & F) BMab 291/2 

912 D.XH: 118 letters and papers relating to the Low 
Countries, 1596-1607, including correspondence of 
Sir Thomas Bodley, of the Staten Generaal, and of 
Queen Elizabeth (E, F, L,S) BMab 292/2 

913 E.I : 160 letters and papers chiefly relating to 
the Hanseatic Towns and the Merchant Adventurers, 
1603-1614, including correspondence of the English 
Commissioners at Bremen, James I, the Staten 
Generaal, and William Trumbull (E,L, F,I) BMab 

914 E.H: Chartulary of St. Benets of Holme abbey, 
Norfolk (L) BMab 293/2 

915 EJH: Chronlcon regum Angliae, 178-1199/ Cata- 
logue benefactorum Ecclesiae Christ! Cantuariensls, 
1052-1130/ Chronlcon, 1035-1286/ Des reys de 
Engleterre/ Mirabllia Angliae (F)/ Carta protec- 
ttoiiis et llbertatis a Thoma archieplscopo concessa 
Ecclesiae Christi Cantuariensl/ Causa exlli! Thomae 
Cantuariensls archiepiscopl/ Dlvlslo episropatuum 
Angliae/ Series archleplscoporum Cantuariensls 
ecclesiae/ Concordia inter Bonlfaclum archlepisco- 

pum Cantuarlensem et Rogerum prlorem Eccleslae 
Christ!, 1259/ Carta llbertatum apud Runningmede 
concessa per regem Johannem, 1215/ Innocentlus 
HI. Bulla conflrmans cartam regis Johannls de liber- 
tatibus eccleslarum Angllae/ De terrls doralnlcalibus 
pertinentlbus ad monasterlum de Pratis, Lelcestrlae/ 
Compotus garderobe Allenorae reglnae uxoris 
Edwardl prlml BMab 293/1 

916 E.V: Chronicle of Britain from the coming of 
Brutus to 1565 BMab 315/2 

917 E.VII: Chronicon breve ad 1364/ Eulogium BMab 

918 E.VHI: Verses on kings of England from William 
the Conqueror to Henry Vl/ Joannes de Hildesheim. 
De tribus regibus Colonlenslbus/ History of kings 

of Britain from Brutus to Henry VI BMab 100/2 

919 E.DC: Ywain and Gawain/ Seven sages of Rome/ 
Prophecies of Merlin/ Historical and moral poems/ 
Rolle. Prlcke of conscience/ Pt. of Book of Penance/ 
Pater Noster and its exposition [ Note: Last item on 
ms. (Prick of conscience) not photographed] BMab 

920 E.X: Calendarlum/ Ecclesiastical treatises re- 
lating to Ramsey abbey and York bishopric (L )/ 
Sylloge epistolarum pontificum, regum Angllae, et 
archleplscoporum BMab 256/2 

921 E Jd: Geoffrey of Monmouth. Hlstoria regum 
Brltannlae/ Historia Ierosolimitana abbreuiata/ 
Two letters of Dindimus (L)/ Alexander the great 
(L)/ Nr It"! on Roman history (L)/ Martinus Polonus. 
Chronicle* (L) BMab 100/3 

922 E.XH: Historia de Romanls pontlflcibus BMab 

923 E.XUI: Henri de Mondeville. Practice of surgery 
(L & D) BMab 384/1 

924 E.XTV: Compotus HospiUi Isabellae beatae 
memoriae reglnae Angllae de expensis a Johanne de 
Neubury thesaurario In officio suo factis, Sept. 30, 
1358-Dec.4, 1359 BMab 381/2 

Cotton Julius 

925 A J: John de Taxster. Chronicon ab urbe condito 
ad Edward 1/ Short chronicle to 1317 including Scot- 
tish affairs (L)/ History of Edward H and HI (L)/ 
Registrum chartarum abbatlae de Pipewell/ Chronica 
fundationls monasterii de Chaterlz BMab 193/4 

926 A.H: Beda. Fragment of De temporibus/ Aelfric. 
Grammar and Glossary (L&E)/ Prayers/ Adrian 
and Rltheus/ Sentences concerning thieves cruficied 
with Christ, Noah's ark, etc./ Moral precepts BMab 

927 A.VI: Computus de singulis mensibus/ Calendar- 
lum metrice descriptum cum zodiacl signls/ Tabulae 
de EpacUs, lunar, paschal, etc./ Hymnarium Latinum 
cum versione interlineari Saxonlca BMab 81/1 

928 BJ: Names of London officials, 1189-1483 with 
a brief account of Incidents during that period/ 
Titles of Henry IV & VII to the crown confirmed In 
Parliament/ Mayors of London, 1509-1532/ Pro- 
clamation of peace between Henry VI and Charles VII 
of France (E & F)/ Ordonnances de les trols batallles, 
des deux elles de la batallle du Roy (Ric. II) a son 
premier voyage in Escoce/ Creations made in the 

9th and 21st years of K. Richard H BMab 191/3 

929 BJI: Chronicle of London, 1189-1434/ 
Ordinances in verse for reception of Henry VI on 
his return from France/ Boundaries of marsh of 
Possewyk, near Yarmouth BMab 102/2 

930 BJH: William Rede. Chronica de pontificlbus 
a S. Petro ad Gregorium XI/ De dignltate et titulls 
cardlnallum/ Chronicon a Adamo ad Jullum 
Caesarem/ De lmperatoribus Romanls a Julio 
Caesare ad Carolem/ Historia archlepiscopor. 
Cantuariensium a B. Augustini ad Gul. de Witleseye/ 
Nomina episcopatuum Romano pontiflci subdltorum/ 
Sacrae reliquae eccleslae Lateranensis/ Gregoribus 
H. Bulla de denarils Petri in Anglia/ Chronicon 
Angllae a Bruto ad 1367 BMab 194/1 

931 B.IV: Consuetudines, libertates, et statuta de 
qulnque portubus (L, F,E)/ Modus tenendi parliamen- 
tum/ Certificate of houses, ships, mariners, etc. 

In Cinque ports, 1565 BMab 194/2 

932 B.V: Laws and customs of Sandwich (E &L) 
BMab 191/4 

933 B.VH: Kalendarium/ St. Ambrosius. De gradibus 
virtutum/ Beda. Martyrologium/ Versus diem paschae 
denotantes/ Festa synodalla Norwlciensis dioceseos 
BMab 189/2 

934 B.VHI: Fleta seu Commentarius Juris Anglican! 
BMab 193/2 

935 B.IX: Register of the commissions, grants, and 
letters patent passed under the great seal during the 
chancellorship of Thomas Goodrich, 1551-1553 
BMab 194/3 

936 B.XI: Index of noble families in England whose 
pedigrees are to be found in the books of the herald's 
office in London BMab 188/1 

937 Bjai: Historical treatises, charters, acts of 
Parliament, etc., chiefly of last half of fifteenth 
century (L&E) BMab 96/1 

938 B.XTH: Roger Walden. Historia cum serie Ro- 
manorum pontificum ad Honorium et imperatorum 
Romanorum ad Johannem Porphyrogenitum/ Index 
imperatorum et pontificum ad Innocentium HI/ Index 
rhronologicus a Christo nato ad 249/ Giraldus Cambren- 
sls. De principis instructione/ BMab 384/2 

939 CJ: Epitome of Domesday Book (L)/ Sylloge 
lnquisitionum captarum tempore R. Edwardl I BMab 

940 C.II: John Herd. Historia Anglicana/ Laws and 
historical treatises (L&E) BMab 105/1 

941 C.m: Collection of 328 original letters to Sir 
Robert Cotton, 1595-1630 BMab 104/3 

942 C JV: Abstract of such courses as have been 

used in military affairs, both at land and sea, collected 
out of ancient records and registers by Sir Robert 
Cotton BMab 187/1 

943 C.V: Letters to William Camden with his answers 
to many (312 items), 1578-1623 BMab 95/1 

944 C.VT. John Leland. Collectiones de Britannia; 
Pts. of Itinerary (L&E); Excerpta ex Collectaneis/ 
Excerpta ex dictlonario Britannico-Latino/ Notes 
concerning the foundations of several religious houses 
in England/ Historical notes concerning Edward IV 
BMab 191/2 

945 C.VII: Sylloge inquisitionum captarum sub tem- 
pore Edward! 1/ Certificationes factae de feodls 
militum tempore R. Henrlci H/ Sylloge donatlum per 
multos nobiles viros in Anglia factarum/ Epistola 
baronum In Anglia ad Papam Bonifacium VHI, Feb. 
12, 1300/ Copies and extracts of several charters 
and grants with seals and arms of grantors/ His- 
torical works relating to the monasteries of Stanley 
Park, Derbyshire, Godstow, Oxfordshire, St. Mary 
of Thame, and Abindgon (L) BMab 191/1 

946 CVm: Treatise concerning the nobility/ Francis 
Thynne. Collections containing the orders of the 
King's house, chiefly concerning Lords Steward and 
Marshal in time of Edward IV/ Other collections 
about the office of Marshal out of records in Chancery 
BMab 190/3 

947 C. DC: Historical collection relating to Knights of 
the Garter and procedures at court (E & L) BMab 

948 D.VH, ft. 50-53; Claudius D. VI, f. 12: Matthew 
Paris. Maps BMab 80/3 

949 D. Vffl: Ecclesiastical lists and treatises (L & E)/ 
Historical treatises (L)/ Verses on kings of England/ 
Quintus Serenus. De medicina praecepta, metrice/ 
Geoffrey de Vinsauf (?). On Palladius' De re rustica 
(E & L)/ Nicolaus Bolardus. De cultu arborum/ De 
arte coquinaria (E)/ Medical treatises (L)/ De 
sculpturis lapidum/ De physiognomia (Secreta secre- 
torum (?)/ Varia prognostica BMab 81/3 

950 D. X: Life of Robert de Bethune, bp. of Hereford 
(L)/ Geneologia comitum de Breckenock, 1100-1230 
(F)/ History of priory of Lanthony in Gloucester (L) 
BMab 204/2 

951 E.I. : Collection of letters, charters, tracts, etc. 
relating to Aquitania in reigns of Henry III and Edward 
I and B BMab 194/4 

952 E. H: Antonio Millo. Isulario (I)/ Letters and 
papers concerning relations between England and Italy 
and Sicily, 14th to 17th centuries (E, I, F, S, L) BMab 

953 E. HI: Index and summaries of records in Tower 
of London, 13th-15th centuries (L)/ Index and sum- 
maries of records in chancery (L)/ Transcript of 
commissions of Henry VHI for collecting subsidies (L) 
BMab 195/2 

954 E. IV: Lydgate. Kings of England sithen William 
Conquerour, with pictures and a Latin account of 
their lives (L & E)/ Thomas, of Elmham. Vita et 

gesta Henrici V; Liber metricus de Henrici Vto/ Gesta 
R. Henrici V/ David, abp. of Bordeaux. Informationes 
et instructiones de ducatu Aquitaniae missae ad Henri- 
cum V (F)/ Life and acts of Richard Beauchamp, earl 
of Warwick, with drawings by John Ross BMab 80/2 

955 E.V: Alain Chartier. Quadrilogue invectif; 
Dialogus familiaris amici et sodaiis super deplora- 
tione gallicae calamitatis; Traits d l'esperance BMab 

956 E. VI: Chronicle of excerpts from history of France, 
England, Flanders, Spain, and Normandy from 366- 
1383 (F) BMab 195/4 

957 E.VH: Aelfric. Homilies BMab 3/2 

958 E. VIII: Roger of Chester (?). Polycratica tem- 
porum BMab 196/1 

959 F.I: Book of receipts and deliveries of Office of 
Ordnance for 1581 BMab 192/2 

960 F.H: Visions and revelations of St. Brigid BMab 

961 F. HI: Proceedings in the commission for the 
Royal Navy including the commission of James I, dated 
Apr. 30, 1608 BMab 192/1 

962 F.IV: Art of gunnery, 1608 BMab 193/1 

963 F.V: Robert Hare. Treatise on military disci- 
pline and rules to be observed in time of war, 1556 
BMab 212/2 

964 F. VI: 188 letters and other papers chiefly rela- 
ting to Scottish affairs in the reigns of Elizabeth and 
James I (E & L) BMab 189/4 

965 F.Vn: William Worcester. Collection of ex- 
cerpts from works of Virgil, Ovid, Seneca, Aristotle, 
Cicero, Trivet, Grosseteste, Gower, Roger Bacon, 
and others (L) BMab 192/3 

966 F.DC: Collection of historical, geneological, and 
ecclesiastical works (L & E) BMab 190/1 

967 F.X: Miscellaneous collection of historical, 
religious, legal, geographical, and poetical works 
(E & L) BMab 189/1 

968 F.XI: William Camden. Collection of geneologi- 
cal, historical, chronological, astronomical, and 
other works (E & L) BMab 193/3 

Cotton Nero 

969 A.I,ff.l-41: Canute. Laws BMab 3/3 

970 AJH: Ethelred. De lnsUtutls lnclusarum/ 
Vitae S. Simeonis et S. Marinae/ Hieronymus. 
Latin tr. of Adhortantes sanctorum patrum/ 
Augustinus. De gaudio electorum; De lgne purgatlo/ 
Liturgical and ecclesiastical treatises (F & L)/ 
Statuta Northamptonlae, 1444/ Treatises relating 

to the Carthusian order BMab 216/1 

971 A.V: Philip de Thaun. Liber de creaturis (F); 
Besttarius (F)/ Herbert of Bosham. Vita S. 
Thomas Cantuariensis BMab 82/1 

972 A.VI: Lists of kings and other officials (L)/ 
Chronica regum Anglorum ad 1400/ Charters, 
ordinances, and other miscellaneous works relat- 
ing to London (L & F)/ Copie des roules de Oleron/ 
Magna Charta de Ubertatlbus Angllae per R. Edwardum 
(F)/ Lydgate. Order of fools/ Poem on visit of 
Henry VI to St. Paul's BMab 103/3 

973 A.VH: Lanfranc. Epistolae/ Anselm. Epistolae/ 
Henry of Saltrey. De purgatorio sancti Patricll/ 
Tales of witchcraft and other miscellaneous treatises 
(L)/ De ecclesia Dei (Gaelic) BMab 89/3 

974 A.VHI: Chronicon breve ad 1157/ Gundulf. 

Vita venerabilis viri; Versus rhythmic!/ Breviarium 
regum Anglorum ad tempora Henrici IV/ Bartholus. 
De insignls/ Names of chevytans that come with 
William Conqueror BMab 211/6 

975 A JX: Boniface VHI. Epistola ad Phtilppum I 
Franciae/ Publius Faustus Andrellnus. Carmen ele- 
glacum/ Chronicon AngUae ad 1278/ Treatises 
relating to the Franciscans (L) BMab 212/4 

976 AJH: Rules of Cistercian order (L)/ Turpln. 
Historia R. Carol! magni/ Calaxtus H. De mlraculis 
S. Jacob! majoris; Epistola ad Clunlacenses/ Innocen- 
tlus H. Epistola/ Gregorius. Ordlnatio/ GulHaume 
de Jumieges. Gesta Normannorum ducum/ Hierony . 
mus (?). De essentia lnvlsibilltate et Immensitate 
Del/ Excerpts from religious works (L) BMab 

977 A JQI: Register of charters of Beaulieu monastery 
(L)/ Nomina Anglica usitataln chartls antlquorum 
regum Angllae/ Of weights and measures (L)/ De 
aetate animalium/ Of feudal customs (F)/ Asslsa 
panls et cerevlslae/ De poena plstoris, braslatorls, 
et caxnificis/ Constitutiones fratrum/ Guldo Areti- 
nus. De arte muslca BMab 211/2 

978 A.XTH: Chronlcon monasterll Hoernensls In West- 
Frlsla/ Treatises relating to the Franciscans (L)/ 
St. Francis. Testamentum/ Nicolaus m. Super 
regulam fratrum minorum ' Clement V. Super regulam 
fratrum minorum/ Bonaventura. De decern precepHs 
BMab 212/5 

979 AJOV, ff. 1-132: Ancren riwle BMab 3/4 

980 A XV: Hlstoria ecclesiae Ellensls BMab 211/3 

981 AJCVI: John de Ketene. Hlstorla Ellensls/ Vita 
S. Hamonls BMab 211/4 

982 AJCVII: Thomas Rudborne. Chronica ad 1234 
(L) BMab 212/6 

983 BJ: 138 letters and state papers between England 
and Portugal, 14th to 16th centuries, Including corres- 
pondence of Queen Elizabeth and of Thomas Wilson 

(L, F, E, I, Port. ) BMab 293/3 

984 BJI: 101 letters, papers and treaties relating 
to Prussia and Poland, 14th - 16th centuries, In- 
cluding correspondence of Henry IV, of Queen 
Elizabeth, and of Siglsmund HI (E, L, F) BMab 294/1 

985 BJV: 75 letters and papers concerning relations 
between England and Denmark, 1590-1600, Including 
correspondence of Queen Elizabeth, of Christian IV 

of Denmark, and of Nicolaus Craglus, Danish ambassa- 
dor (E & L) BMab 295/2 

986 B.V: 68 letters and papers concerning relations 
between England and Denmark, 1600-1612, Including 
correspondence of Queen Elizabeth and of Christian 
IV of Denmark (E & L) BMab 297 A/1 

987 B.VI: 232 letters, papers, and political verses 
concerning foreign relations, 1506-1612, dealing 
chiefly with Italian relations and including correspon- 
dence of Henry VHI, Queen Elizabeth, Mary.queen of 
Scots, James I, Sir Richard Moryson, Thomas Theo- 
bald, and Edmund Ha rvel (E, L, I, F, Port. ) BMab 

988 B.VH: 97 letters and papers chiefly concerning 
relations with Florence and Venice, 1371-1612, includ- 
ing correspondence of Henry IV, Henry VI, Henry VHI, 
Queen Elizabeth, Cardinal Wolsey, Edmund Harvel, 
and Bernardln Sandro (E, L,I) BMab 297 A /2 

989 B.DC: 89 letters and papers concerning relations 
with Germany, chiefly of the 16th century and mainly 
relating to trade, including correspondence of Queen 
Elizabeth (E,L, F,G) BMab 297B/2 

990 BJC: Repertory of trade grants made chiefly to 
the Hanseatic towns in reigns from Henry HI to 
Queen Mary/ Queen Elizabeth. Two inspeximus's 
confirming all grants, treaties, etc., of her prede- 
cessors from Henry HI to Queen Mary to and with 
the Hanseatic towns, 1580/ Edward HI. Inspeximus 

of a charter granted by Henry HI to German merchants 
In London, 1327; Charter limiting the custom on 
worsted taken from German merchants in London, 
1348/ Compositlones Inter praesides, praetores, et 
comunltatem civitatis London, et mercatores de Hansa 
in eadem civltate commorantes, 1474/ Decree given 
by the lord mayor and aldermen of London against the 
Easterlings, 1578 BMab 297 B /l 

991 BJfXf: Series of letters, chiefly to the Lord 
Treasurer Burleigh, from Mr. Edward Barton during 
his residence as English ambassador at Constantinople 
In the years 1593-1596 BMab 228/2 

992 C.I: Modus quomodo parliamentum regis Angllae 
tenebatur temporlbus regis Edwardi £1111 Ethelredl 
regis/ Note concerning office of High Steward and 

his duties (L)/ Index to ancient statutes (F)/ Record 
in court of common pleas of cases of contested appoint- 
ments (L)/ Statute regum Angllae, 1327-1483 (F & 
L) BMab 286/1 

993 C.V: Nota de poenltentU Gregoril VH/ Chronica 
chronlcarum: de ratlone computandl cyclum pascha- 
lem, etc./ Marianus Scotus. Chronica clara/ Tabula 
paschalis cum cyclis/ Bartholomaeus de Cotton. 
Hlstorla Anglicana; Liber tertlus de archieplscopis 

et eplscopis Anglorum/ Gregorlus X. Bulla de 
ecclesla Norwlcensi BMab 295/1 

994 C.VI: John Whethamstede. Granarlum, pt. 1 
BMab 298/2 

995 C.Vrj: Lives of saints: Alban, Augustine, Guthlac, 
Godeberta, Frontonlus, Eleutherius and his mother, 
Anthla, Elphege, Urslnsariue, Boniface, Symphorosa, 
Dunstan, Anselm (L)/ Annals of Thorney abbey, 961- 
1421 (L)/ Reddltuale et descnpUo terrarum ad 
abbatlam S. Petri de Burgo pertlnenttum/ Breve 
chronlcon ad 1141 BMab 298/3 

996 C.VIH: Liber de compotls dlversorum reddltuum 
in garderobe regis, 1310-1338/ Jocalla et vessella- 
menta aurl et argenti, recepta per lndenturam de 
Roberto de Tanton, nuper custode garderobe R. Ed- 
wardi HI, July 31, 1334/ Compotus de denarlls 
solutis dlversis magnatibus et allls, de praestito, de 
qulbus tenentur respondere, 1334/ Denarii debiti 
per regem dlversis, 1334 BMab 379/1 

997 CXI: Robert Fabyan. Chronicle of England and 
France, vol. 2: from Richard I to beginning of reign of 
Henry VH BMab 299/1 

998 C.XH: Chartulary of Burton Lazars hospital 
(L)/ Registrum chartarum quarundam cantarlarum 
In ecclesla de Walshale/ Registrum chartarum 
Henrici de Bray de Harleston in Northampton/ Lives 
and martydoms of St. Wolfade and St. Rulfln In verse 
BMab 98/2 

999 DJI: Chronlcon ab urbe condlto ad 1307/ John 
of London. Commendatlo lamentabilis in transitu 
magnl regis Edwardi TV/ Johannes de Oxenedes. 
Chronica/ Chronicle of Battle abbey (L)/ Lists of 
kings and ecclesiastical officials of England (L) ' 
Brief historical and ecclesiastical articles (L)/ De 
la fondacion et ordonnance de l'ordre et compagnl de 
la jartler/ Brief treatises relating to chivalry (F)/ 
Robert Grosseteste. Constitutiones; De cura pastorali/ 
Walter de Hemlngford. De gestls R. Edwardi m/ 
Fragment of history of the expedition of Edward, the 
Black Prince, to assist Pedro of Castile against Henry, 
the Bastard BMab 294/2 

1000 D.m: Chartulary of St. Leonard's hospital, York 
(L)/ Quaedam pertinentia ad abbatlam de Evesham/ 
Breves hlstoricae narratlones de rebus Angllcls/ 
Ancient boundaries of the forests of Feckenham (L)/ 
Verses (L)/ "De quodam crasse pisce, viz. a 
Craspeys, qui applicult apud Dengemar"/ Donatio 
Johannls abbatis de Evesham, tenementl cuiusdam, 
cum curtUaglo, ejusdem abbatlae BMab 315/1 and 
BMab 440/2 

Al D.V: [Note: Target only] BMab 76/end 

A2 D.VHI,ff. 188-345: Hlgden. Polychronlcon BMab 

A3 DJC: Gelasius of Cyzicus. De concllio Niceno 
Series ex nummis lmperatorum a Claudlo Gothlco ad 
Julianum lmperatorem/ Fragmentum chronlcae, 1287- 
1323/ Adam Murlmuth. Contlnuatlo Nlcolal TrlveU 
chronlcae/ Matriculus domlni episcopi Lincolniae de 
omnibus ecclesils In archidiaconatu Leicestrlae, 
1220/ Oliver Sutton. Taxatio spiritullum bonorum 
et tempo ralium abbatis et conventus Lelcestrensis, 
1292/ Valor ecclesiarum In archidiaconatu Derby/ 
Registrum decimarum omnium ecclesiarum In archi- 
diaconatu Northampton/ Partlcipatio feodum militum 
de Rogero Qulnci/ Brief ecclesiastical treatises (L) 
BMab 298/1 

A5 DX: Andrew of Wyntoun. Chronicle of Scotland 
[Note: See Cotton Caligula A JQ] BMab 4/1-2 
and BMab 227 2 

A6 EJ,ff.l85 b - 186 : Eadgar. Leges (E) [Note: 
See Cotton Caligula A -XI ] 

A7 EJH: Anciennes cronlques de Flandres, 721-1404 
BMab 316/1 

A8 E JV: Opus historicum et geographicum BMab 

A9 E.V: Ordinationes , statuta, constitutiones, decreta, 
et alia acta et gesta In generali ConstanUensl concllio/ 
Orlgo et processus gentls Scotorum BMab 316/2 

A10 E.VI: Registrum munlmentorum et evldentiarum, 
camerarum, praeceptoriarum, platearum et locorum 
prloratus hospltalls S. Johannls Jerusalem in Anglla/ 
Nomina magistrorum quondam templl In Anglla/ 
Nomina magnorum magistrorum quondam templl Salo- 
monls/ Nomina magistrorum hospltalls Jerusalem/ 
Nomina priorum hospltalls S. Johannls Jerusalem In 
Anglla BMab 317/2 

All E.VH: Chartulary of Walslngham priory In 
Norfolk (L) BMab 318/1 

A12 E.VTfl: Liber Anthymnorum in totum annum 
cum natis musicis BMab 102/4 

A13 AJI: Register of Belgham abbey BMab 247/3 

A 14 A. HI: Ritulae BMab 234/2 

A15 AJV: Annales regum Anglorum, 1066-1336/ 
Nomina capltaneorum venlentlum cum Willlelmo 
Conquestore/ Epistola Senatus Romana ad Papirlum 
Decemvlrum de cavenda Gallorum lncurslone/ Romanl 
pontlfices ab adventu Normannorum ad 1334/ Reges 
Angllae post adventum Normannorum ad 1337/ Arch- 
leplscopi Cantuarienses a Lanfranco ad 1333/ Epis- 
copi Bathonlae, 1088-1329/ De curatlonlbus morborum 
(I) BMab 234/5 

A16 A.V: Tabula ad Inveniendum Pascha In perpetuum/ 
Calendarium cum notatione motus soils per zodlacum/ 
Explicatio kalendarll BMab 286/2 

A17 A.VI: Boethlus. Metra, Eng. tr. by Alfred/ 
Excerpta histoiica de S. Edwardo Confessore, Hls- 
toriola de quodam lnsano ad bonam mentem restltuto 
per merlta S. Edwardi/ Ethelred. Vita S. regis 
Edwardi BMab 233/2 

A18 A.VH: Andreas Domlnlcus FlorenUnus. De 
Romania potestatlbus/ ComparaUo Alexandii, 
Hannlbalis, & Sclplonis de praecedentia per Minoem 
Judicem decisa In versa/ Leonardo Brunl Aretino. 
Isagoglcum moralis dlsciplinae BMab 235/1 

A19 A.vm: Vitae S. Praxedls, S. MUdrlmae et 
S. Machuti (L & E)/ Cuthbert Epistola de obltu 
Bedae/ Versus de duodecim apostolis/ Prayers, 
including some of Gregory and Beda (L & E)/ Tabu- 
lae chronologlcae a Chrlsto nato ad 1550/ Epitome 
piivileglorum monasterll S. Augustlnl Cantuarlae a 
prima fundatione per Regem Aethelbertum BMab 

A20 A JX: Legal and religious treatises (L) 
BMab 257/6 

A21 A JC: Chronicle and historical treatises 
BMab 257/8 

A22 A .XI: Concilium Romanian Innocentli m, Frag- 
mentum chronicl/ Secretum philosophorum/ Astro- 
nomla (F)/ Seneca. De virtutlbus cardinallbus; 
Proverblus/ Dlalogus Inter pbilosophum & ducem 
Normannorum/ De diebus & horls Aegyptiacls/ 
Flgurata mundl dellneatlo/ Tractatus phllosophlcus 
de elementis BMab 257/7 

A23 A JTH: Asser, bp. of Sherborne. De rebus gestls 
ab Alfredo rege BMab 257/5 

A24 AJCHI: Collection of lives of saints (L)/ Hugo, 
archdeacon. Mlraculum B. Martini cum hymno/ Vita 
S. Swlthinl/ Oratio hlstorica In festo translatlonls 
S. Edwardi, regis et confessorls, 1173/ De officio 
missae/ Constitutiones cuiusdam concllll Angllcanl 
circa tempora Henrici HI/ De confesslone/ Sermones 
BMab 235/3 

A25 AJCVm: Lives of saints (L & E)/ Ecclesiastical 
treatises (L)/ Historical treatises (L)/ Papal and 
other ecclesiastical letters (L)/ Chaucer. Ballade 
made upon his deathbed; Ballade ryall; To bis purse; 
Cantus Troili BMab 235/4 

A26 BJI: Gregorlus. Liber paatoralis, Eng. tr. 
by King Alfred BMab 286/3 

A27 BJH: Annales de Anglla et Scotia BMab 276/4 

A28 BJV: John Whethamstede. Gesta paucula/ 

Ecclesiastical verses and treatises (L) BMab 259/3 

A29 B.V: Roger de Wendover. Flores historlarum 
BMab 99/1 

A30 BJX: Evangelia BMab 250/3 

A31 B.X: Aelfric. Fragments of the Heptateuch 
BMab 4/3 

A32 BXi: Beda. Hlstoria eccleslastica (E)/ 
Anglo-Saxon chronicle BMab 4/4 

A33 BJCHI: Topographlca Croylandiae dellneatlo/ 
Inguif. Hlstoria ad tempora R. Henrici VH/ Chronica 
de gestls Anglorum, 1067-1307 BMab 254/3 

A34 B.XTV: Registrum prlvlleglorum et terrarum 
monasierli de Shene/ Registrum monasterll de Pipe- 
welle/ Chronica brevls ab Augustini adventu In 
Angllam ad tempora R. Henrici VHI/ Henry of 
Huntingdon. Excerpta ex hlstoria/ Regum anti- 
quorum dlplomata concessa monasterlo de Ramseye 
BMab 255/2 

A35 CJI: Brevls descrlptlo Angllcae & chronlcon 
regum usque ad Edwardum HI/ Matthew of Westmins- 
ter. Florum historlarum fragmentum / Contlnatio 
elusdem Matthael usque ad annum 1379 BMab 256/3 

A36 C JV: Liber Chronicorum a Constantino Magno 
ad Ludovicum HI regem Franciae, Fr. tr. by 
Joannes Goleln BMab 256/1 

A37 C.VII: Ivo Carnotensls. Tractatus varil; Syl- 
loge eplatolarum Ecclesiastical treatises (L), 
Homlliae BMab 289 2 

A38 C.Vm: Charters and other legal documents 
dating from the reign of King John to that of Henry VI 
(L) BMab 235/5 

A39 CXI: Customary of St. Peters, Westminister 
(L) [Note: Target: CJCL] BMab 233/3 

A40 C.XHI: Historia Brltonum a Bruto ad Aethel- 
stanum BMab 4/5 and BMab 257/1 

A41 CXTV: Grosseteste. Epistolae; Sernio, 

Ecclesiastical treatises (L)' Nomina philosophorum, 
historicum, poetarum, oratorum/ Bernard. Epis- 
tolae/ Papal and other ecclesiastical letters (L) 
BMab 235/6 

A42 CJCV: Grosseteste (?). VisitaUo prions de 

Newenham; De septem sacramentis; Modo confitendi/ 
Augustinus. Regula de vita Clertcorum/ Constitutio 
a patribus instituta, Consuetudinarum/ Guiliaume 
de Mandagot. Super electionibus faciendis & earum 
processibus ordinandls/ Oe inventione musicae per 
Pythagoram BMab 236/2 

A43 C XVI: Calendartum historicum rerum in Anglia, 
Roger of Chester. Extractus chronicorum/ Richard 
of Bardney. Metrical life of Grosseteste (L)/ Lives 
of saints (L)/ Roger Dymock. Contra errores & 
haereses Lollardorum/ Sermon/ Constltutlones 
Eboracensis eccleslae/ Nomina episcoporum Ebor- 
acenslum BMab 247/4 

A44 DJ: Historical treatises (L)/ Ranulf Higden. 
Polychronlcon/ Beda. De imagine mundl; De situ 
terrae sanctae/ Roger Bacon. Mathematlca de situ 
orbis/ Sir John MandevlUe. Extractus Ittneraril/ 
Odorico da Pordenone. IUnerarium per regiones 
lnfldellum BMab 301/2 

A45 DJI: Traicte de 1'estat & des condiUones de XIV. 
royaumes d'Alse, Fr. tr. by Jean le Long/ L'itlnerair 
de la peregrination de Frere Blcult, Fr. tr. by Jean le 
Long/ L'itlnerair de la peregrination d' Odric de Foro 
Julio, Fr. tr. by Jean le Long/ Guiliaume de Bonde- 
seUe. De 1' estate de terre salnte, Fr. tr. by Jean le 
Long/ Lettres du grand Caan de Cathal au Pape 
Benoit XH, 1338, et le reponse/ L' estate et la gover- 
aunce du grand Caan de Cathai/ Histolre de fortress 
de Lusignen in Poltou BMab 257/4 

A46 D JH: Chartulary of the monastery of St. Albans 
BMab 300/2 

A47 DJV: Extracts from several registers of monas- 
teries, charters, and roUs concerning ancient English 
families (L)/ History of Scotland, 741-1270 (L)/ 
Pedigrees of English nobility with genealogical notes/ 
Historical treatises (L)/ Armes des chevaliers qui 
furent al toumement fait a Dunstaple, 1333/ Excerpts 
from the registers of Furness abbey, Ramsey abbey, 
and St. Augustine's, Canterbury/ Calendar of charters 
of St. Augustine's, Canterbury/ Calendar of charters 
for holding markets from 1199-1287/ Excerpts from 
rolls of charters of time of Edward HI/ Articles re- 
lating to Office of Arms (Partly printed) BMab 301/ 

A48 D.V: Roger de Stavegne. Li charboclols d'armee, 
du conquest de la terre salnte BMab 257/3 

A49 D.VH: Historical treatises (L)/ Innocentlus. 
Bulla de canonisatione S. Eadmundi/ Ralph de Dlceto. 
Imagines historlarum/ Henry of Huntingdon. Historia 
Anglorum;Eplstola ad Henricum regem de reglbus 
Hebraeorum/ Ecclesiastical treatises (L) BMab 

A50 D.VHI: Kalendarium/ Lives of saints (L)/ 
Richard Trivet. Annales regum Angliae ad 1307/ 
Historical treatises (L)/ Methodius. De principlo 
mundl/ Prophecies of Thomas a Becket, Hermerus, 
and Merlin (L)/ Chronicle of Ramsey monastery, 
1341-1401 (L) BMab 289/1 

A51 DJX: John Capgrave. Vitae sanctorum Angliae 
BMab 261/1 

A52 DJC: De oculo moral!/ De venenis/ Grosseteste. 
De finitate motus et temporis; De sex dlif erencils; 
De forma prima omnium; De lntelligenciis; De 
veritate; De veritate proposlclonis; De sciencla Dei 
I; De online emanancii causatoruin a Deo; De lmpres- 
slonlbus aeria De iride; Quod homo sit minor mundus; 
de statu causarum; De luce; De colore; De lmpres- 
sionibus elementorum; De motu corporall et luce; 
De motu supercelestium, 147 dicta; De sphaera; 

Hexameron; De X mandatls; Sermones/ Anselm. De 
sacramentis ecclesiae; De corpore & sanguine Domini; 
De antichristo; De concepttone B. Mariae; De excel- 
lentla B. Mariae BMab 302/1 

A54 EJ: DicHonarium (L & E) BMab 286/4 

A55 E.fll: Copies of charters, patents, etc., to the 
corporations of Spanish, Portuguese and Russian 
merchants, also to the merchant adventurers, the city 
of Exeter, etc. , from the time of Henry VIII to James 
1 BMab 257/2 

A56 E JV: "Copies and corrected draughts of a series 
of letters of intelligence from Paris to Q. Elizabeth, 
Ld. Leicester, Lord Burleigh, but chiefly to sir Fr. 
Walslngham In the years 1581 and 1582; being probably 
the copy book of the dispatches of sir Henry Cobham, 
during his embassy in France" BMab 58/1 

A57 E.VI or Appendix XXX: Part of a work on the 
history of modern times BMab 303/1 

A58 E.VH: "Divers warrants (some of them origin- 
als), accounts, reports, letters, and other papers, 
relating to the ordnance, navy, and victualling offices; 
also parts of treatises on saltpeter, ship-building, 
fisheries, the dominion of the seas, etc., from the 
time of Edward VI to James I BMab 302/3 

A59 EJX: 173 letters and papers relating to naval 
affairs from the time of Henry VHI to James I includ- 
ing articles on the jurisdiction of the Lord High 
Admiral, lists of ships and harbors, accounts of 
naval expenses, Instructions, and commissions of 
Henry VHI and Queen Elizabeth, articles on the 
Spanish armada, and letters of Sir Francis Drake 
(E,L, F,S) BMab 304/1 

A60 EJC: 59 letters and papers relating chiefly to 
mines, standards of weights and measures, currency, 
exchange, mints, and foreign trade (E, F, L,I) 
BMab 304/2 

A61 E.XI: 47 papers chiefly relating to the levying 
of troops including a statement of the forces of all the 
counties of England and Wales with maps of each, and 
Discourse on the Defense of a country by Sir Walter 
Raleigh (E & L) BMab 305/2 

A62 E JfU: Henry de Bracton. De leglbus et con- 
suetudlnlbus Angliae BMab 234/3 

A63 E Jan.: Theodore, abp. of Canterbury. Statuta 
synodorum/ Seven sleepers of Ephesus (L)/ CoUec- 
Uon of canons (L) BMab 236/1 

A64 E.XTv": Hugo of Saint-Victor. De sacramentis 
BMab 380/1 

Cotton Tlbertus 

A65 AJH: Regularis concordla/ Beda. Extracts 
from De temporibus, tr. by Aelfric/ St. Hieronymus 
Ordo confessionis (L & E)/ Aelfric. Colloqula (L 
& E); Epistola ad sacerdotes (E). St. Benedict. 
Regulae (L & E)/ Aethelwold. Extracts from De 
consuetudine monachorum, tr. by Aelfric/ Miscella- 
neous treatises on prognostications, religious subjects, 
etc. (L & E) BMab 78/2 

A66 A JV: John Gower. Vox clamantis; Chronica 
triperUta; Rex celi Deus; H. aqulle puUus; O 
recolende bone; Carmen super multlplici viclorum 
pestllencla; De lucis scrutinio; Quia unusquisque; 
Eneldos Bucolls; Orate pro anlma; O Deus immense; 
Henrici regis; Vnanimes esse; Presul, ouile regis; 
Cultor in ecclesla; Dlcunt scripture BMab 111/3 

A67 A.V: History of Glastonbury abbey (L) BMab 

A68 A.VH: Catalogus archiepiscoporum Cantuarlae 
a Augustino ad Ricardum Bancroft/ Catalogus epis- 
coporum Londinenslum a Mellto ad Edwinum Sandes, ' 
Fragment of a list of kings (L) BMab 606/1 

A69 A.VIH: John Capgrave. De Ulustrlbus Henricis 
BMab 90/3 

A70 A JX: Prophecies of Merlin Ambrosius and Merlin 
Silvester (L)/ Historical miscellany (L)/ Thomas 
Wycke. Annales Angliae ad 1347/ PropheUae Merllni 
(F)/ Vitae abbatum monaster!! S. Augustini Cantuarlae 
607-1252 BMab 200/1 

A71 AJC Chronlcon prioratus Dunstapliae ad 1297/ 
Other works relating to Dunstable (L)/ Ecclesiastical 
treatises and letters (L)/ Historical treatises (L 
& F)/ Isadoras. De temporibus mundi/ Names of 
rulers and ecclesiastical officials (L) BMab 199/3 

A72 AJCI: Reglstrum chartarum abbatiae S. Mariae 
Virginls juxta Dublin BMab 200/3 

A73 AJCH: William of Malmesbury. Explanatio lamen- 
tatlonum Jeremlae/ Ecclesiastical treatises (L)/ 
Alexander Neckam. De vanitate humanae fragllitatls 
BMab 200/4 

A74 AJCtH: Charters of the monastery of St. Mary at 
Worcester (L & E)/ Nomina episcoporum ecclesiae 
Wigornensis/ Libellus de terris et possessionlbus 
ecclesiae Wigornensi competentibus (L & E) BMab 

A75 A JCV: Alcuin and others. Epistolae/ Charta 
fundatlonis S. Mariae Caesaris Burgensis/ Fragmen- 
tum theologlcum/ Rolle. Super apocalypsim; Super 
mullerem fortem; Office of St. Richard Hermit (L) 
BMab 93/3 

A76 BJ: Orosius. Historia, Eng. tr. by Alfred/ 
Tractatus poetlcus de menslbus et diebus testis 
anni (E)/ Carmlna proverbialla (E)/ Chronicon 
Saxonlcum BMab 74/2 

A78 BJI: Abbo, abbot of Fleury. Vita et passio 

S. Edmund! regis/ Hermannus. Mlracula S. Edmundl/ 
Treatises relating to Ely (L) BMab 198/2 

A79 B JH: Calendartum/ Orationes et benedictiones in 
diebus domlnicis et festis/ Short prayers in verse to 
Trinity, apostles, saints, etc. with a picture for each 
(E & L)/ Oratio ad Ursinum archipraesulem urbis 
Bituricae metro cum pictura/ Odo, abbot of Cluny . 
De perversltate pravorum BMab 95/2 

A80 BJV, ff.1-87: Anglo-Saxon chronicle 
BMab 4/6 

A81 B.VI: CoUectanea de actis Henrici V In Gallia 
BMab 200/5 

A82 BJX: Chronological tables (L)/ William Grat- 
fleld. Register (L)/ 3 tracts on music (L)/ Mahu- 
metus Bagdadinus. Liber divlsionum/ Roger Bacon. 
De speculis comburentlbus BMab 198/1 

A83 B.XI: Gregory. Fragments of De cura pastorali, 
Eng. tr. by Alfred BMab 199/1 

A84 B.XII: Thomas Beckington. Collection of works 
relating to the right of the king of England to the crown 
of France (L)/ Other tracts on the same subject (L) 
BMab 201/1 

A85 BJCJH: Giraldus Cambrensis. Distinctlones/ 
Vita Giraldi/ Roger, abbot of Glastonbury. Speculum 
ecclesiae BMab 199/2 

A86 C JH: Giraldus Cambrensis. Gemma animae 
BMab 385/2 

A87 C JV: Jan van Naaldwijck. Hlstorie ofte cronycke 
van Hollant ende Zeelant, 1461/ Wonderlycke oorlog- 
hen vanden Keyser Maximlliaen (Printed) BMab 

A88 C.Vn: Henry Knighton. Compilatto de eventlbus 

Angliae BMab 201/2 

A89 C.VHI: List of English kings from John to Henry 
V (L)/ De dominis de Tateshale/ De fundatione 
abbatiae de Klrstede, 1139 BMab 201/3 

A90 CJX: Walter of Evesham (7 ). Vita R. Rlcardl 
H/ Liberties granted to Canterbury by William H and 
Henry I (L)/ Hlstoriola de magna convocatione noblll- 
um et senlorum, 1072/ Institutio et Jura archldlacona- 
tus Cantuariensis/ Reglstrum monaster!! S. Crucis de 
Waltham In Com. Essexlensl BMab 197 2 

A91 CJO: Elnhard. Vita Caroli magnl/ Vlslo 
Baronti/ Commemoratio de rebus Sanctae Trajec- 
tensis ecclesiae/ Reglno, abbot of Priim. Chronlcon 
ad 906 praecipue de gestls Francorum/ Dormltlo 
septem fratrum/ Chronlcon, 640-1248, praecipue 
de rebus Belglcis/ Narratto de Berta et Margareta 
S. Laurentli In Ostbrook/ Fragmentum de Thoma 
archiep. Cantuarlensl BMab 381/3 

A92 C Jan.- John Brompton. Historia Jomalensis, 
588-1199 BMab 201/4 

A93 D.I: Sacramentum clerlci parliamentorum/ 
Robert Bowyer, Clerk of Parliament. Journals of 
Parliament, 1509-1554 BMab 202/2 

A94 D JI: Delineations and descriptions of coins of 
Europe (F)/ Du fait de change de la monneye/ Arms 
of rulers of Europe (F)/ Armories des gentilhommes 
de France BMab 202/1 

A95 D.IH: Lives and commemorations of saints (L) 
BMab 204/3 

A96 D.IV: Vitae et passiones sanctorum, vols. 1-2 
BMab 210/1-2 

A97 D.V: John Whethamstede. Second part of 

Granarlum/ Imago murdl/ Arculphus. De Hiersoly- 
mls et alllB locls Sanctis In PalaesUna BMab 205/1 

A98 D.VI, pt. 1: Reglstrum chartarum monasteril 
eccleslae Christi de Twynham BMab 210/3 

A99 D.VI, pt, 2: Reglstrum chartarum monasteril 
eccleslae Christi de Twynham BMab 211/1 

A100 D.VII: Ranuli Hlgden. Polychronicon, Eng. tr. 
by Trevlsa BMab 202/4 

A101 D.VUI: Privllegia mercatorum Angllae (L & E) 
BMab 203/1 

A102 DJX: Joaio de Castro. Roterio de India 
BMab 202/3 

A103 DJC Robert Glover. Fragments of Ordinary 
of arms BMab 204/1 

A104 EJ: John de Tlnmouth. Lives of British saints 
(L) BMab 206/2 

A105 EJI: Chronlques de Pise en Italie ad 1430 
BMab 205/2 

A106 E.HI: Reddltus et valor omnium terrarum ac 
possessionum ad cantarias , glldas, et collegia in 
comitatu Llncolniensi spectantium BMab 456/1 

A107 E JV: Annales de Wlnchcumba ad 1205/ Letters 
of Pope Boniface, Edward I , and Queen Margaret 
(L)/ Submissio quam fecit Joannes rex Scotlae R. 
Edwardo 1/ De ventls/ Annotatlo comltatls Llncolnlae/ 
Chronological tables and calendars (L)/ De computo 
eccleslastico/ History of Benedictine priory at Ox- 
ford (L)/ Ecclesiastical treatises (L)/ Beda. De 
temporum ratlone; Epistola ad Wicthedum; De natura 
rerum: De temporibus/ Dionysius Exlguus. De 
PaschaUs festi ratione/ Delineatio Jerosolymorum/ 
Helperic of Auxerre. De compoto/ Marianus Scotus 
Excerptus de Evangelistarum voluminibus/ De 
tempore ratione/ Compendium geographlcum BMab 

A108 E.V: Charter of St. James abbey, Northampton 
(L) BMab 207/1 

A109 E.VT. Chartulary of the abbey of St. Albans 
(L)/ Historical treatises (L) BMab 206/3 

A110 E.VII: John de Waldeby. Speculum vitae, Eng. 
tr. by William of Nassyngton/ Paraphrase of Rolle's 
Form of perfect living/ Dialogue of Bernard and the 
Virgin on the passion/ Spiritus Guydonls (E)/ 
Northern homily and legend collection BMab 4/7 

Alll E.VDI: Chronicles (L)/ Religious treatises 
(L)/ Treatises on coronation of English kings (L 
& F)/ Modus tenendi Parliamentum/ Treatises on 
heraldry (L)/ Earl of Worcester/ Orders for pre- 
cedency of nobility, 1466/ Genealogies/ Meteoro- 
logical Journal for London, 1609/ John Jossellne. 
Excerpta de fundatione coenobii S. Mariae Eboracl/ 
Ranuli Hlgden. Chronica compendlosa de regibus 
Angliae/ Glldas. Excerpta de mlrabillbus Brltanniae/ 
Benno, cardinal. Vita Hildebrandl Pape/ DescripUo 
comltatus Huntingdonensis ex libro Domesday/ Draw- 
ing of tomb of Thomas a Beckett BMab 90/2 

A112 E JX: Collection of geneologlcal and historical 
works, Including registers of charters of monasteries 
of Coin and Coggeshall (L) BMab 203/2 

A113 EJC: Sir George Buc. History of Richard HI 
BMab 93/2 

A114 E.XI: Miscellaneous ecclesiastical treatises and 
letters, Including Charter of St. Julian Hospital and 
Sollloquium (L) BMab 200/2 

Cotton Titus 

A115 AJ: Historia Eliensls insulae et ecclesiae post 
S. Ethelredam/ Chronica abbatum et episcoporum 
Eliensis monasterii et ecclesiae a Brithnoto ad 1433 
BMab 236/3 

AU6 A.H: Historlae ecclesiae Dunelmensis/ Life of 
Cuthbert (L)/ Life of Cuthbert in verse (L)/ Regis- 
trum de statu ecclesiae Dunelmensis ab 635 ad tempora 
Galfrldl episcopi/ Relatio brevls de S. Cuthberto/ 
Fragment of chronicle of Hexham (L) BMab 236/6 

A117 AJH: Letters and other papers concerning rela- 
tions of France with the Castillians, the Scotch, and 
the Welsh, 14th & 15th centuries BMab 236/5 

A118 AJV: Rule of St. Benedict (West Saxon version) 
(L & E)/ Ecclesiastical treatises (L) BMab 106/1 

A119 A.V: Collectanea varli generalis, praeclpue de 
familiis nobillbus Angliae, ex variis rotulis et libris 
antiquls BMab 236/7 

A120 A. VI: Collectanea varii generis, praeclpue de 
familiis nobilibus Angliae, bks. 6, 3, 5 BMab 237/2 

A121 A.VH: Collectanea varii generis, praecipue de 
familiis nobillbus Angliae, bks. 4, 1 BMab 237/1 

A122 A.VD2: Sulcardus. De constructione Westmonas- 
terli/ Privllegia ferlae Wintoniensis/ Charta R. 
Henrici HI de libertatlbus Angliae, 1225/ Charta 
eiusdem de foresta/ Osbertus de Clare. Vita S. 
Edmund! regis BMab 237/3 

A123 A. IX: Eadmer. Historia novorum BMab 456/2 

A124 A.X: Sylloge majoris operis de imperio, lntellec- 
tu, voluntate, bonitate et malitla actuum humanorum/ 
Melchior a Castro. De sacramentls BMab 238/3 

A125 AJCI: De sponsalit>us/ De delectatlone morosa/ 
De speciebus luxuriae, fornlcatlone, raptu, adulterio, 
Incestu, sacrileglo, et peccato contra naturam/ Dida- 
cus Alvarez & Corduba. De resUtutione BMab 238/2 

A126 A.XH: Ordonnances de la cite de Geneve, 1589 
(Printed)/ Ordonnances faites par les seigneurs, 
syndics, et conseil de la cite de Geneve BMab 239/1 

A127 A.XIII, ff. 105-137: Gower. Vox clamantis 
BMab 5/1 

A128 AJOV: Thomas de Wykes. Chronlcon SaUsburien- 
sls monasterii, 1066-1289 BMab 239/3 

A129 A.XV: Dicttonarius Saxonico-LaUnus, A-L 
BMab 5/2 

A130 A.XV1: DicHonarius Saxonico-Latinus, M-Z 
BMab 239/2 and (7) BMab 5/2 

A131 A.XVHT. De poenis canonicis/ Ordo officiorum 
domlnicalium/ Contra malos eccleslasticorum mores/ 
De vita S. Wilfridi/ Geoffrey of Monmouth. Historia 
Bri tonum/ Dialogus inter corpus et spiritum BMab 

A132 A.XEX: Turpin. Chronicle/ Geoffrey of Mon- 
mouth (?). Abridgement of Vita Merllni (L)/ Part of 
Life of St. Kentlgern (L)/ Hlgden. Verses descriptive 
of Wales from Polychronicon (L)/ Albina and her 
sisters (L)/ Verses on history of Britain from Bru- 
tus to Henry HI (L)/ Battle of Roncesvalles (Poem) 
(L)/ Ecclesiastical records especiaUy relating to York 
and KlrkstaU, theological treatises and notes, and 
historical miscellanea (L) BMab 60/3 

A133 AJOC: Nigel Wireker. Speculum stultorum/ 
Apocalypsis Gollae and other Goliardlc poems (L)/ 
Robert Baston. Poems (L )/ Walter Map. Poems 
(L)/ Proba Falconla. Cento Virgilianus/ Historical 
and satirical poems (L)/ Simon Che vre d' or. Story 
of Troy and adventures of Aeneas (L)/ Poems contain- 
ing stories of Babio, Geta, and PamphUius (L) BMab 

A134 AJCXH: Biblia La Una vulgaris translatlonis 
BMab 338/3 

A135 A.XXHI: Of knyghthode and bataile BMab 108/1 

A136 A. XXIV: Treatises and verse concerning William 
Wickham, bp. of Winchester/ Marco Polo. De pro- 
vincia Mangy (F)/ Excerpta de rege Solomone, Dario, 
Ulysse, et Aenea/ De regibus Trojanis et Italiae 
(F)/ MisceUaneous verses (E & L)/ Thomas Cran- 
mer. Confession before his death/ Modus ordinandi 
militem ordinis equltum immaculatae virginis/ 
Collections relating to Suffolk, Norfolk, Dorset, Kent, 
Nottingham, Somerset, Wilton, Leicester, Lincoln, 
Gloucester, and Oxford (L & E)/ Einhard. Vita de 
Carolo magno/ Quod foemina non potest esse caput 
ecclesiae/ Answers to questions on the mass/ De re- 
bus ecclesiasticis/ CoUection on relicks, confes- 
sion, contempt of the world, celibacy of the clergy, 
etc/ Discourse on text in Job vii: "Militia est vita 
hominls super terram" BMab 338/4 

A137 A.XXV: Breve chronlcon ad Christum natum 
(L&G1)/ Joannes de Hildesheim. Three kings of 
Coleyn/ Via nova dlversarum reglonum proprietatum 
declarativa, disposltio terrae sanctae/ Verses (L)/ 
Geoffrey of Monmouth. Historia regum Brltanniae/ 
Formulae obligationum, acquletantiarum & testament - 
orum, etc. (L & F) BMab 105/3 

A138 AJCXVI: Hymns and songs (F&I)/ Le virtu de 
Losmaryno (I)/ Compilation on naval architecture 
(I)/ Index alphabeticus herbarum/ Versus de plantis/ 
Tractatulus de pulsibus/ Lives of St. Alexis, Mary 
Magdalen, and St. Catherine/ Erthe upon erthe (B- 

verslon)/ Merita mlssae/ Lydgate. Fifteen Joys of 
Our Lady/ Ipotis/ Siege of Rhodes/ On physiognomy 
from Secreta secretorum/ Seven sleepers/ Richard 
Robinson. De curils/ Ecclesiastical statutes and 
regulations BMab 107/2 

A139 A JOCVH: Geoffrey of Monmouth. Historia regum 
Brltanniae/ Laws of kings Canute and Edward the Con- 
fessor (L)/ Marbodus. Poem on precious stones (L)/ 
Epistola presbyteri Johannis ad Emmanuelem Romeon 
gubernatorem/ Fragment of early mythical history of 
Britain (L)/ Alexander the Great (L) BMab 108/2 

A140 BJ: 158 miscellaneous letters and papers chiefly 
of the reign of Henry VT!I,lncludlng correspondence, 
proclamations, and the will of Henry VTH and corres- 
pondence of Sir Brian Tuke (E, L, F) BMab 382/1 

A141 BJH: Miscellaneous collection of 76 letters and 
papers of the reigns of Elizabeth and James, includ- 
ing papers relating to the regulation of alehouses; 
papers relating to mining; papers relating to ecclesias- 
tical affairs; collection relating to the queen's house- 
hold; and papers relating to financial matters (partly 
printed ) (L & E) BMab 343/3 

A142 B JV: Collection of papers relating to the exche- 
quer and matters of revenue, chiefly of the 16th century 
(E, F,L) BMab 344/2 

A143 B.V: MisceUaneous collection Including articles 
relating to defense and levying of troops, matters of 
revenue, succession to the crown, and trade, espec- 
iaUy the manufacture of cloth, chiefly of the reigns of 
Elizabeth and James I (E, L, F) BMab 345/1 

A144 B.VI: Historical papers chiefly of the 16th 
century, a number of which relate to France and to 
the Low Countries (E & L) BMab 347/2 

A145 B.VTI: 227 miscellaneous letters and papers, 
1550-1628, including correspondence of Sir Francis 
Walslngham, Alfonso Ferrabosco, Charles DC of 
France, Francisco Geraldl, Philippe de Croy, Charles 
de Montmorency, Henri I de Bourbon, prince de Conde, 
Michel de Castelnau, and James I (E, L, F, I, S, G, 
Port) BMab 346/1 

A146 B.DC: Acts of Parliament passed at Dublin from 
the time of K. Henry IV to 13th year of Elizabeth's 
reign BMab 342/2 

A147 B.X Letters and papers relating to Irish affairs, 
1575-1623, including a series of letters to Queen 
Elizabeth and the Lords of the Privy Council by Sir 
Henry Sidney, and some correspondence of Arthur 
Chichester (E & L) BMab 348/1 

A148 BJQ, ff. 53-500: 191 letters, grants, deeds, 
inquisitions, charters, statutes, Indentures, patents, 
petitions, proclamations, instructions, historical 
notes, and other papers relating to Irish affairs from 
reign of King John to the reign of Queen Elizabeth (E, 
L, F) BMab 347/1 

A149 B.XH: 164 miscellaneous letters and papers 
relating to Irish affairs, chiefly of the reign of Queen 
EUzabeth BMab 607/l_ and BMab 439/1 

A150 B.XHI: Original papers and letters relating to 
Ireland, 1559-1602 (E & L) BMab 87/1 

A151 CI: " "The antiquity, authority, and succession 
of the high steward, constable, and marshal of England, 
and jurisdiction of the court military: ' being a CoUec- 
tion of various tracts made by several learned antiqua- 
ries, such as Sir. Robt. Cotton, Mr. Camden, Mr. 
Townsend, Mr. Tate, Mr. Days, Arthur Agard, Joseph 
Holland, Francis Thynne, George Buck, etc.", 1602- 
1603 (E,L, F)/ CoUection of papers on duels, I.e. 
lawful combats (partly printed) (E.F,!)/ Tracts on 
the office of arms, etc. (E & F) BMab 354/1 

A152 C.Ti. Index rotulorum patentlum qui reponuntur 
In turri Londinensl, 1202-1377 BMab 355/1 

A153 CHI: Index alter rotulorum, 1377-1483 
BMab 356 1 

A154 CIV: Papers concerning duels BMab 88/1 

A155 C.V: "Collections out of ancient records and 
parliament rolls, concerning the baronage of England, 
their rights and privileges of peerage, trial, scandalum 
magnatum, process against them in courts of law and 
chancery, etc."/ Writs of summons to parliament, to 
service in war, and for other affairs of government, 
1264-1514, from the close roUs BMab 357/1 

A156 C.VI: Henry Howard, earl of Northampton. Col- 
lectanea: letters to Queen EUzabeth, Lord Burghley, 
Sir Robert Cotton, and others; other letters; frag- 
ments of speeches and verses on the death of Mary of 

Scotland; commonplaces on the Institution, power, and 
rights of kings, maxims of government ; aphorisms of 
morality and policy; arguments for and against war; 
strictures against Raleigh, Cobham, the Lutherans 
and the Lollards; speeches concerning union of England 
and Scotland; speeches In Parliament; and peculiar of- 
fices and forms of prayer and devotion BMab 350/1 

A157 C.VH: 117 miscellaneous letters and papers 
from the time of Henry Vm to James I, but chiefly 
concerned with affairs of Elizabeth's reign (E, L, F) 
BMab 349/3 

A158 C.VTH: Chartulary of Wymondham abbey, 
Norfolk (L) BMab 334/1 

A159 C JX: Reglstrum D. Ricardi Bremesgrave, 
abbatls monasterii de Evesham, lncipiens in festo 
natalls Domini, 1418/ Chartulary of Derby monastery 
(L) BMab 359/2 

A160 C.X: Miscellaneous collection of papers, In- 
cluding grants of Edward IV; rent rolls; various legal 
papers; lists of religious houses in England and Scot- 
land; genealogies of Irish families; papers on the state 
of Ireland; bull of Clement VTI relating to Henry VHTs 
divorce, 1527; brief papers relating to transactions In 
reign of Queen Elizabeth; and an account of subsidies 
from time of Edward HI to James I (E , L , F) BMab 

A161 CXI: Francis Godwin. Historia RR Henrici 
VHI et Edwardl VI et reglnae Martae BMab 360/2 

A162 C. XII: Remonstrance to the Pope and all Chris- 
tian princes setting forth the claim of Mary of Scot- 
land to the crown of England (F)/ Statutes of Berwick/ 
On the defence of the borders/ Treatises relating to 
Scottish affairs including drawings of some castles/ 
Treatises relating to Mary of Scotland/ Giraldus 
Cambrensls. Epitome institutionum principls/ Roger 
Walden. Excerpta ex epitome historiae/ Excerpta 
ex libro Bernewellensi/ Praesules Wintoniensis 
ecclesiae cathedralis/ Descents of the Foliet and 
Mortimer familes BMab 361/2 

A163 C JCrfl: "Q. Elizabeth's new establishment and 
order for Berwick, and other holds on the east borders 
(Original, signed by Q. Eliz. and countersigned Fr. 
Walslngham) June 20, 1576" BMab 359/4 

A164 C .XVI: John Mandevllle. Travels BMab 5/3 

A165 CXVH: Geoffrey of Monmouth. Historia Britonum 
BMab 334/4 

A166 CXVTfl: Henry Howard, earl of Northampton. 
Discourse concerning the match between Queen Eliza- 
beth and the Duke d' Anjou BMab 334/5 

A167 C JCIX: Manual of devotion BMab 334/3 

A168 C.XX: De statu hominum post mortem BMab 

A170 DJ, ff.1-32: Wyclif. 37 articles [Note: only 
22 copied] BMab 5/4 and BMab 83/1 

A171 DJU: Godfrey de Vlterbo. Extracts from the 
Pantheon; Apollonlus of Tyre (L)/ Plans and des- 
criptions of temple at Jerusalem, Noah's ark, etc. 
(L & E)/ ChroncUe (L)/ Description of Holy Land 
(L)/ Religious and other poems (L)/ Ecclesiastical 
treatises (L)/ Methodius. De princlpio seculi/ 
De sibylUs BMab 62/1 

A172 DJV: Sir Thomas More. Carmlna/ Historia 
brevls a Bruto ad tempora R. Edwardl confessoris/ 
Adelardus of Bath. Tractatus phllosophlcus BMab 

A173 D.V: "Tractatus de oblatlone jugls sacrificll, 
scriptus circa tempora R. Henrici V in quo multa 
continentur contra novum transubstatiationls dogma, 
et de Antlchristo" (E) BMab 331/3 

A174 D.VI: Diego de Rlbera. Escripturas y orden de 
particlon y de residencia civil et criminal BMab 

A175 D.VH: Inventarium rellqularum quae habentur In 
monasterio Glastonlensi/ Computus eccleslasticus/ 
Prophetia sancti Thome Cantuarensis de aquila/ 
Metrical prophecies on England, Scotland, and France, 
and a prose prophecy (L)/ Note on the tomb of Joseph 
of Arimathea at Glastonbury (L)/ Geoffrey of Mon- 
mouth. Prophetia Merllnl vatis Anglie/ Chronica 
BeUuacensls ab orbe condlto ad tempora Friderici 
n/ Chronica Angllae ab ingressu Saxonum ad 1350/ 
De regeAluredo etde Papa Gregorio/ Chronica papa- 
rum/ De mirablllbus Angllae/ Jacobus de Vltriaco. 
Historia Jerosolymltana BMab 609/2 and BMab 

A176 D.VHT. Polydorus VerglUus. Compendium his- 
toriae de reglbus Angllae et eorum gestis BMab 

A177 DJX: Leges Howelis Dha (W) BMab 332/6 

A178 DJC: Angllae descriptio et historia a Bruto ad 
mortem R. Henrici VHI/ John Bale. CoUectiones de 
religlosis ordlnlbus BMab 332/7 

A179 DJQ: Thomas a Becket. Eplstolae/ Walter 
Hilton. De imagine peccati BMab 104/2 

A180 D.XT1: Genealogie des rois de France/ John 
of London (?). Chronica Britonum, Saxonum, et 
Normanorum a Bruto ad R. Henricum H/ Comitatus 
et episcopatus Angliae/ Brevis epllogus de opere sex 
dierum In creatione mundi/ Deliberations et expose's 
des trots etats du royaume de France l'an 1356, 
lorsque le roy Jean fut fait prisonnler/ Considerations 
dex maux advenus a la France/ Monk of Bridlington. 
Versus prophetic! cum expositionibus/ Tetrastich pro- 
phesying the destruction of Reves abbey BMab 333/1 

A181 D.xm. "CoUectanea ex antiquis rotulls et 

llbris de praedlis et terris datis permutatis, et vendi- 
tis; et de litibus inde ortis" BMab 333/3 

A182 D.XV: Calendarium/ Brevis historia regum 
Angllae a rege Gulielmo I ad 1447/ Versus rhythmici 
satyrici/ Prophetia S. Cuthberti/ Versus de R. 
Henrico H BMab 332/4 

A183 D.XTX: Chronlcon ab Adamo ad Heracllum/ Pon- 
tiflces Roman!/ Classical and ecclesiastical antiqui- 
ties of Rome (L)/ PubUus Lentulus. Eplstola de 
Christo/ De quindecim slgnis ante diem judlcli/ Eng- 
Ush kings from Alfred to Richard n/ De conciUo 
praelatorum et magnatum Angllae, hablto apud Nor- 
hamiam super Tweedam/ Chronlcon ab adventu 
Saxonum ad R. Edwardum Ironside/ Siege of Bedford 
castle, 1224 (L )/ De ratlone calendarii/ Prophecies 
(L)/ Chronology of England, 1327-1399/ Wyclif ( ?). 
Meditations BMab 606/3 and BMab 442/1 

A184 D.XXI: Collections concerning precedency and 
privileges of princes, peers, and other degrees of 
honor/ Collections relating to the Order of the Garter 
(L)/ Baronies of the nobility of England and their 
location/ Foreign princes and lords having English 
dignities/ Opinion of officers of arms concerning the 
escutcheon borne by Mary, Queen of Scots/ Degrada- 
tion of George Nevlll from the title of duke/ Names of 
baronets BMab 334/8 

A185 D.XXHI: Reglstrum brevium et allarum formu- 
larum juris munlclpalis Anglican! BMab 334/7 

A186 D.XXV: Chronlcon archlepiscoporum Trever- 
ensium ad 1387/ Chronlcon et actus archlepiscoporum 
Colonienslum ad 1464/ Chronlcon episcoporum Trajec- 
ti superioris/ Chronlcon episcoporum Leodiensium ad 
1486/ Henricus de Oerschet, De cladibus Leodiensium. 
1469/ Chronlcon episcoporum Trajecti inferiorls ad 
1393 BMab 332/5 

A187 E.I: Abridgement of the records of Parliament 
in the Tower, 1327-1482 BMab 360/1 

A188 E.H: Copies of the roUs of Parllament,1377- 
1387 (F) BMab 362/1 

A189 E.HI: , 1388-1397 (F) BMab 363/1 

A190 E.IV: , 1413-1421 (L & F) BMab 364/1 

A191 E.V: , 1422-1437 (F,E,L) BMab 365/1 

A192 E.VI: , 1438-1461 (L & E) BMab 364/2 

A193 E.VH: , 1461-1467 (L & E) BMab 366/1 

A194 E.VIU: , 1472-1475 (L & E) BMab 367/2 

A195 E. DC: , 1473-1483 (E & L) BMab 367/1 

A196 E.X: , 1485-1486 (L & E) BMab 368/l_ 

A197 E.XI: , 1487-1504 (E & L) BMab 369/1 

A198 E.Xn: , 1509-1514 (L & E) BMab 370/2 

A199 E.XHI: , 1515-1516, 1522-1524 (E & L) 

BMab 372/2 

A200 E.XIV: , 1529-1532 (L & E) BMab 372/1 

A201 F.I: , 1558-1587 BMab 373/1 

A202 F.H: , 1587-1601 BMab 371/2 

A203 F.HI: Statuta collegii Cardinalitli, Oxonlae/ 
Privy Council. Letters to the Council of the North, 
1569/ Elizabeth, queen of England. Instructions to 

the Council in the North and Its presidents, 1564- 
1572/ Sir John Price. Fides historiae Britannicae/ 
History of British kings, chiefly Arthur/ Sir Walter 
Raleigh. Breviary of the history/ of England/ Brief 
miscellaneous treatises, chiefly/of the reigns of Henry 
VHI and Elizabeth (E , F, L ) BMab 380/2 

A204 F.IV: 49 miscellaneous papers of the reign of 
James I, Including proceedings in Parliament; peti- 
tions to the king; papers on the naturalization of the 
Scots and on the union of England and Scotland; arti- 
cles on Impositions, particularly duties; and articles 
on the merchant adventurers (partly printed) 
BMab 373/2 

A205 F. V: "Letters, instructions, and other papers 
concerning Ireland, from 1582-1587; being an official 
copy book, perhaps belonging to the Privy Council" 
BMab 375/3 

A206 F.VI: Excerpta ex libro monasterii de Notle 
et aliis/ Collectanea de fundatlone quorundam monas- 
teriorum In AngUa/ Collectanea de qulbusdam Sanctis 
Saxonicis et Anglicis/ William of Malmesbury. Ex- 
cerpta ex libro de antlqultate Glastonlae/ Compendium 
historicum de Britannia/ Simeon of Durham. Excerp- 
ta/ John Hooker. Description of Exeter, 1559/ Dis- 
course of the dissensions between Q. Mary of Scotland 
and K. Henry, her husband, Mar. 9, 1565 BMab 

A207 F.VII-Vm: William Camden. Collectanea qui - 
bus usus est componenda sua Britannia, pts. 1-2 
BMab 371/1 

A208 F.IX: William Camden. Collectaneorum pars 
tertla BMab 361/4 

A209 F.X: Daniel Rogers. Observationes antiquae 
de Britannia BMab 335/1 

A210 F.XI: William Camden and others. Collectanea 
de rebus Britannicis [Note: Target. F.X] BMab 

A211 F.XII: "Copy book of transactions between 
England and Germany in the time of Q. Elizabeth" 
(E,L,I, F) BMab 361/3 

A212 F.XUI: Collection relating to the marches be- 
tween England and Scotland, including State of the fron- 
tiers and marches between England and Scotland by 
Sir Robert Bower (E & L) BMab 370/1 

A213 F.XIV: Notes concerning the affairs of France, 
Spain, etc./ Pierre Jeannln. Extracts from the pane- 
gyric of Henry IV, King of France/ Notes concerning 
German princes/ Quaedam de antiquis inscrlptionlbus 
et nummis BMab 374/2 

Cotton Vespasian 

A214 A.H: Roger Bacon. Calendarium extractum e 
tabulis Toletanis, 1297/ Messa compoti/ De compoto 
cum schematibus/ Raoul de Bruges. De formula 
instrumentl culusdam mathematici/ Abraham ben 
Melr Ibn Ezra (?). De astrolabio/ Chronlcon ad 
1303/ Martlanus Capella cum commentario/ Jean de 
Boulogne. Summa secundum usum curiae Romanae; 
Musica/ De mensuratione pyramldis/ De speculis 
comburentibus/ Priscianus, phllosophus. De his in 
quibus dubitavit Cosroes rex Persarum BMab 335/5 

A215 A.HI: Cursur of the world BMab 237/4_ 

A216 A.IV: Chartulary of Healaugh Park Priory, 1498 
(L) BMab 238/1 

A217 A.V: William Lambarde. CoUectanea ex diver - 
sis antiquis historicis Angllcanis/ Miscellany 
relating to various monasteries and dioceses such as 
Lindlsfarne, Durham, St. Augustine's at Canterbury, 
and Worcester, including excerpts from works of 
Laurence NoweU and Thomas Sprott (L & E) BMab 

A218 A. VI: Historical and ecclesiastical treatises 
(F & L)/ De spiritu Guydonis/ Henry of Saltrey. 
De purgatorio S. Patricii/ Lives of saints (L)/ 
Miracles of Simon de Montfort (L) BMab 105/2 

A219 A. VII: Guillaume, le clerc. Bestialre in verse/ 
AdamdeRos. Vision of St. Paul (F)/ Hue de Rote- 
lande. Ipomedon (F)/ Historical notes concerning 
"accorde" at Calais, 1360 (F ) BMab 37/1 

A220 A. IX: Hilpericus. Calculatoriae arte rudlmenta/ 
D. Gerlandus. Computus/ Excerpts from Domesday 
Book and other historical works (L)/ Historia rerum 
Anglicarum ad 1300/ Fabula excerpta ex vita B. 
Augustlni/ De morte Gerardi Eboracensis archlepis- 
copl/ De Malcolmo Christlanlsslmo rege Scotorum 
BMab 236/4 

A221 A. X: Alan us de Insulis. Anttclaudianus/ Brutus 
(poem) (L)/ Prose argument to the Anttclaudianus 
(L ) BMab 606/3 and_ BMa&\33 5/3 

A222 A. XI: Petrus de Vlnels. De gestls Frlderlcl 
O BMab 241/2 

A223 A. XH Johannes Rossi. Hlstorla Warvlcensls 
a Bruto ad I486 BMab 241/1 

A224 A.xm: Christoforo Buondelmonti. Liber insul- 
arum Archipelagl/ Hieronymus. De viris illustribus/ 
Gennadius. De virls Illustribus/ Isidorus Hispalensis. 
De viris illustribus/ Ordo de veteri Testamento/ 
Turpin. Historia de rege Karolo/ Ecclesiastical 
treatises (L)/ Vita Tyrii Apollonii regis BMab 

A225 A.XV: S. Clemens, Analectus, Euaristus, and 
other bishops of Borne. Epistolae BMab 242/5 

A226 A.XVTL Robert de Balzac. Ordre pour la 
condulte d'une armee [ Note: Targets Vitellius 
A.XVn] BMab 241/8 

A227 A.XVTH: Henry of Huntingdon. Historia Anglo- 
rum; Computatlo temporum/ Ethelred. De Davidis 
R. Scotiae/ Grosseteste and others. Literae/ Boni- 
face. Bullae/ Ecclesiastical lists (L)/ Historical 
treatises (L)/ Versus contra monachos/ Versus cum 
musicis BMab 59/2_ 

A228 A. XX: Statutes and ordinances of the Order of 
the Garter, explained, declared, and renewed by K. 
Henry Vm BMab 240/5 and BMab 609/4 

A229 A.XXH Chronlcon ab origlne mundi ad 743/ 
Chronicon ab incarnatione Christ! ad 1361/ Ralph de 
Diceto. Historia dlscordlae inter Henrlcum II et 
Thomam archleplscopum Cantuariensiem/ Homilies/ 
Registrum chartarum et historia ecclesiae S. Andrae 
Roffensls/ De varils regnis in Anglia tempore 
Saxonum/ Names of archbishops of Canterbury, 
Rochester, London, etc. (L)/ Names of kings of 
Kent, West Saxony, Essex, Northumberland, and 
Mercia (L) BMab 109/1 

A230 A.XXHI: Geoff rey of Monmouth. Historia de 
regibus Britanniae/ Philippus, abbot of Leicester. 
Breve expositiones decern mandatorum (E ) BMab 

A231 A. XXIV: Computus ecclesiae Sci. Petri de 
Burgo BMab 242/1 

A232 A. XXV: James Brooks. Exhortation to Thomas 
Cranmer/ Diary in times of Henry VTJ and VHI/ Gre- 
goriusl. Extracts (L)/ Marlion of Silidon. Prophe- 
cies/ Discourse of miracles at Montpellier, 1573, 
foretelling the day of judgment/ Names of Christ/ 
Sermons/ Medical receipt/ Religious treatises and 
verses/ Regula beati Benedicti (verse)/ Carols and 
ballads/ Prayer/ Lydgate. Dance of macabre 
BMab 606/2 and BMab 441/2 

A233 B.I: Instruction d'une jeune prince pour se bien 
gouverner, avec figures BMab 242/4 

A234 B.IV: Johannes Opicius. Tres carmina; De 
regis Henrici VTH in Galliam progressu; De eiusdem 
laudibus; Exhortatio mortalibus ut Christ! nataiitlum 
concelebrent BMab 337/3_ 

A235 B.V: 12 articles relating to the divorce of Henry 
Vm and Catherine of Aragon (L ) BMab 277/3_ 

A236 B.VTI: Nomina regum Christianorum in Anglia ab 
Ina ad R. Henricum VHI/ Collectlo statutorum regni 
Angliae, 13th century/ Modus tenendi Parliamentum 
temporibus R. Edwardi filil Ethelredi/ Officium 
seneschalli Angliae/ Officium mareschalli Angliae/ 
BMab 242/3 

A237 B.Vffl: Statutes and ordinances of the factory 
of the Hanseatic league at the Steelyard in London, 
1554 (G)/ Privilegium R. Henrici m datum merca- 
toribus de Gudlandt, 1237, cum confirmatlone per R. 
Edwardum I, 1281 BMab 242/2 

A238 B.IX: Foundation of priory of St. Bartholomew, 
London (L & E) BMab 99/3 

A239 B.X: Voyage of St. Brendan (poem) (F)/ 
Voyage of St. Brendan in prose (L)/ Vita Longini/ 
De quindecim signis ante diem judicii, secundum 
Jeronymum/ Alpharabius. De divisione omnium scien- 
ttarum/ Aethicus. Cosmographia BMab 89/2 

A240 B.XI: Chronicon monasterii de Hagnebie a 

Haroldo ad 1307/ Genealogie de Pierre de Luxembourge 
et de Madame Margarite des Haulx/ Chronicon S. Mar- 
tin de Dover a Bruto ad Henrlcum H/ Vitae abbatum 

Croylandiae ad 1427/ Vita S. Edwardi/ Ethelred. Vita 
Davidis R. Scotorum/ Annales Hibernici, 1264-1332/ 
Chronicon (L & E ) BMab 242/7 

A241 B.XII: William Twici. Art of hunting/ Edward of 
Norwich. Master of game BMab 73/l_ 

A242 B.XV: List of records in Tower of London in time 
of Edward m (L)/ Of coronation of Richard H (L)/ Ex- 
cerpts from monastery records, including those of 
Eynsham, Evesham, Westminister, London, Clerken- 
well, Coin Earls, Barking, and Canterbury (L)/ Ex- 
cerpta ex veteri libro civitatis London/ John Leland. 
Excerpta/ Genealogies of Earl of Arundel, Earl of 
Surrey, Earl of Warwick, Lord Berkley, and Earl of 
Lancaster/ Vitae episcoporum Eliensium/ Excerpta 
ex inquisitionibus captis temporibus Edwardi III et 
Edwardi IV BMab 278/3 

A243 B.XVI: Poem on the fall/ On the death of the 
Duke of Suffolk/ Poem against the Lollards/ On the 
visit to St Paul's by Henry VI and his queen/ Whimsi- 
cal proclamation, 1416/ Breadth and length of an acre 
of land/ Piers plowman (C-text) BMab 74/3 

A244 B.XVU: Historia de gestls R. Henrici VTA, 1519- 
1521 BMab 239/4 

A245 B.XVUI: Lectionarium ex Evangelis, Actis aposto- 
lorum, et Epistolis, in testis diebus (Gr) BMab 278/1 

A246 B.XTX: Ger vase of Canterbury. De combustione 
et reparatione ecclesiae Cantuariensis; Imaginatio 
contra R. abbatem S. Augustini quasi in consistorio 
papae Alexandri; Imaginatio causae quasi pro abbate; 
Chronica, 1136-1199/ Nomina archiepiscoporum Can- 
tuariensium ab Augustino ad Ricardo Bancroft BMab 

A247 B.XXI: Roger of Waltham. Compendium morale 
BMab 239/5 

A248 B.XXQI: John de Hanville. Architrenius/ 
Pseudo-Ovid. De vetula/ Proba Falconia. Centones 
Virgiliani/ Alanus de Insulis. De planctu naturae/ 
Alexander Neckam. Novus Aesopus/ Simon Chevre d' 
Or. Fall of Troy and Adventures of Aeneas (L)/ Sym- 
phosius. Aenigmata BMab 60/1 

A249 B.XXV: Solinus. De mirabilibus mundi/ Pris- 
cianus. De situ terrae/ Dares Phrygius. Historia 
Trojanorum/ Hieronymus. Ten moral verses (L)/ 
Prophecy of the tenth Sibyl (L)/ Verses on the morti- 
fication of the flesh (L )/ Nennius. Historia Britonum/ 
XV signs of Day of Judgment (L ) BMab 90/4 

A250 B.XXVI: Odo, abbot of Morimund. De analectls 
Fernarii BMab 240/1 

A251 C.IH: 48 letters and papers, 1525-1526, chiefly 
concerning relations of England with Spain, including 
correspondence of Henry VHI, the ambassadors in 
Spain, Cuthbert Tunstall, and Edward Lee (E, L, F, 
S) BMab 307/1 

A252 C. V: Office book containing copies of letters 
and memorials between Charles Cornwallis, English 
ambassador in Spain, and the Spanish ministers, many 
of the letters relating to commercial matters, 1605- 
1608 (L &S) BMab 278/2 

A253 C.VI: 41 letters and papers concerning Spanish 
affairs, chiefly of the 16th century, including the 
titles of state papers relating to transactions between 
England and Spain, articles on the government of 
Spain and on the revenues of the King of Spain (S, I, L, E) 
BMab 307/2 

A254 CVTH: 92 letters and papers, 1587-1603, con- 
cerning relations between England and Spain, including 
instructions and correspondence of Queen Elizabeth 
(E,L, F,S) BMab 308/1 

A255 CDX: Official copy book consisting chiefly of 
letters to and from Sir Charles Cornwallis, 1605-1607, 
during his embassy in Spain BMab 281/1 

A256 C.X: Official copy book, including a series of 
letters from and to Sir Charles Cornwallis; 1607-1608; 
two discourses on Spain by Cornwallis; and a letter of 
James I to the King of Spain, 1607 (E & L) BMab 309/1 

A257 CXI: Official copy book consisting chiefly of 
letters from and to Sir Charles Cornwallis, with three 
letters of James I to the King of Spain, 1608-1610 
(E & L) BMab 309/2 

A258 C.XIH: 129 letters and papers concerning rela- 
tions between England and Spain, chiefly during the 
reigns of Elizabeth and James I (E,F, S, L,I) BMab 

A259 CXIV: Large collection of papers chiefly relating 
to court affairs and government, 12th to 17th century 
BMab 260/1-2 

A260 CJCV: Chartulary of Ronton priory, Stafford- 
shire BMab 302/2 

A261 D.I: Benedictus XJJ. Constltutiones/ Capitula 
canonicorum ordinis S. Augustini/ Choir book of pon- 
tifical services (L) BMab 240/2 

A262 D.H: De poenitentia et temptattonibus/ Hierony- 
mus and Fulbert. Canones poenitentiales/ De 
Antichristo/ Sermones/ Decreta ponttflcum et con- 
ciliorum/ Narrationes de vicedomino qui filium Dei 
negavit, de virginibus, episcopis, etc./ Miracula Sci. 
Nicolai, et aliorum/ Ritualis de celebrandis missis, 
etc./ Homiliae et sermones BMab 61/2 

A263 D.HI: Ceremoniale de consecratlonibus et bene- 
dictionibus, etc./ De ordlne canonlzattonis sanctorum/ 
John Beleth. Summa de eccleslasticis offlciis/ Des 
sept peches mortels/ Quaedam medlcinalia (F & L)/ 
Religious verses (L) BMab 240/4 

A264 D.IV: Gulielmus Brlto-Armoricus. Chronicon ad 
1269/ Godfrey of Malmesbury. Hlstorla ab adventu 
Saxonum ad tempora Gulielml 1/ Poeme sur la passion 
de S. Thomas de Cantorbery BMab 240/3 

A265 D.V: Petrus de Riga. Aurora/ Metrica para- 
phrasis librorum Machabaeorum et Joseph! et evangelio- 
rum SS. Matthael et Lucae/ Hildebertus, abp. of Tours. 
Poemata sacra/ Miscellanea theologica/ Michael 
Blaunpain. Poemata/ Hugo, bp. of Clermont. Versus/ 
Odo, bp. of Beauvais. Versus/ Fulk Basset. Versus 
BMab 339/2 

A266 D.VH: Metrical Psalter BMab 81/2 

A267 DJX: Voyage of St. Brendan (L)/ Collection of 
historical extracts relating to Winchester monasteries 
and Earls of Warwick (L)/ Girardus Cornublensls. 
Guy of Warwick (L)/ Religious and other poems (L)/ 
History of Holland (Fl)/ Fragments of Staclons of 
Rome and Northern Passion/ Vita sancti Alexil (poem) 
BMab 108/3 

A268 D.X: Ralph Niger. Chronicon to 1178/ Chronicon 
monachi de Coggeshal, 1114-1155/ Fragmentum de 
imperatore Justiniano Ralph of Coggeshall. Chroni- 
con, 1066-1200/ CharU et rescripta Henrici H et ali- 
orum regum Angliae ad honorem de Leycestria spec- 
tantia/ Fragmenta historicae Hibernicae, 948-1165 
BMab 241/4 

A269 D.X1: Lawrence of Durham. Consolatio de morte 
amici, Hypomnesticon; Apologia/ Maledlctio contra 
quosdam malefactores BMab 241/3 

A270 DJOI: Hymnarium (L & E) BMab 82/2 

A271 D.XDI: Chronicon ad 1137/ William de Leicester. 
Speculum poenitentis; De confessione/ Alanus de 
Insulis. Summa de praedlcattone/ Innocenttus m. De 
mlseria humana/ Theological treatises (L)/ De 
secundo philosopho cum quaestionibus Hadriani/ John 
Peckham. Cantlcum pauperis/ Thomas of Elmham. 
Historia regis Henrici V/ Instructions of a father to 
his son BMab 108/4 and BMab 241/6 

A272 D.XIV: Orationes duae/ Aelfrlc. Homilies/ 
Isidorus. Soliloquia/ Other religious treatises 
BMab 79/1 

A273 D.XVI: Collectlo brevlum reglorum, aliarumque 
chartarum, de consuetudlnlbus, placltis, ordinattonlbus, 
libertatibus, alllsque, quae ad civitatem London, ejus- 
demque cives et mercatores pertinent (L & F) BMab 

A274 D.XVH: Genealogia fundatorum monasterii de 
Stanlaw et de Whalley secundum chronlcos/ Thomas 
Talbot. Miscellaneous collection concerning abbles and 
various historical matters extracted from chronicles, 
rolls of noble families, etc. BMab 275/1 

A275 D.XVm: William Thomas. Discourses for the 
use of Edward VI/ Philipp Melanchthon. Tres episto- 
lae, 1560/ John de Feckenham. Oration in Parlia- 
ment against the alteration of religion, 1559/ Sermon 
preachedat the funeral of Queen Mary/ Discourse 
about the catholic and apostolic church/ Thomas a 
Becket. Letter to Henry H/ Cuthbert Scott. Oration 
In Parliament against the alteration in religion, 1559/ 
Prophecies (L & E)/ Publius Lentulus. Epistola de 
forma Christi/ Discourse in defense of transubstanti- 
aiion/ Letter of defiance from King of England to King 
of Scotland/ O^Neill's submission to Henry VHI, 1543/ 
Sulalman II. Letter to Sigismund I, 1541/ Abstract 
for Englishmen to know Scotland/ Bp. of Winchester. 
Letter to the Duke of Somerset BMab 605/1 and 
BMab 441/3 

A276 DJQX: Nigel Wlreker. Poems (L)/ Religious 
poems (L)/ Chronicle to 1217 (L)/ Tables (L)/ 
Hildebertus. Epistolae BMab 42/2 

A277 D .XX: Ordo ad dandam poenitentiam/ Oratio 
poenitentlalis (E)/ Exorcismus contra dentlum dolorem 
BMab 245/4 

A278 DJtXB: William of Malmesbury. Oe antiquiUU- 
bufl ecclesiae et monasterii Glastoniensis BMab 

A279 D.XXm: Augustlnus. De vlsltatione aegrotorum/ 
Grosseteste. De dotlbus/ Gregorlus DC Bulla/ 
Tractates contra fratres mendlcantes, Evangelistarum 
concordla brevis BMab 245/7 

A280 DJCXTV: Lltanla et Inde obltuarla quae celebran- 
tur In monasterio quodam a R. Henrico V fundato 
BMab 245/7 

A281 D JCXV: Psalml XCVTQ prlores, verslbus 
alcalde scriptl BMab 245/5 

A2B2 D.XXVI: Llbellus precatlonum varlarum ad Deum 
Salvatorem, angelos, et sanctos BMab 246/1 

A283 DJCCVH: Taxatio parocbiarum In comltatu 
Lincoln BMab 246/2 

A284 D.XXVUI: Lettrea royaux, mandemens, etc., de 
Fran90ls I, roy de France BMab 246/3 

A285 E J: Bonaventura. Stimulus amorts; Medlta- 
tiones/ Rolle. Super prlmum et secundum verslculum 
cantlcorum/ Bernard. Oratio de nomine Jesu; De 
passlone Domini; Meditation as, Speculum peccatorls/ 
Amandus. Speculum humanae salvationls/ Gospel 
of Nlcodemus/ Bona Fortuna. De cruce Christ!/ 
De splritu Guldonls/ Oratlones de passlone Domlne/ 
Augustlnus. De apparitlone Hieronymi BMab 60/2 

A286 EJI: Chartulary of Ramsey abbey (L) / Charter 
of Henry HI to Westminister abbey (L)/ Inquisittonea 
de terris, praedis, et servitutibus de Ramsey/ Frag- 
ment of register of Lewes priory, Sussex/ Callyeni. 
Prophetiae (It)/ Rhythm! aliquot (Ir) BMab 246/4 

A287 F..TTT- Burton annals, 1004-1263, including a 
letter by Grosseteste (L)/ Council at Oxford, 1222 
(L)/ Cyprianus. Poenltentia/ Quaedam pulchra 
peccatorls confessio/ Basillus. Regula/ Isldorus. 
Synonyma/ Methodius. De principlo secull/ Alexander 
Stavensby. ConsUtutiones, 1237/ Constitutiones syno- 
dales/ Imago mundl/ Invectiva contra regem Johannem 
et clerum/ Reginald of Canterbury. De vita S. Malchi 
(verse); Alii versus/ Hlldebertus, abp. of Tours. 
Epistola ad Reginaldum BMab 339/3 

A288 EJV: Gervaslus of Tilbury. De mlrabllibus 
mundl/ Richard of St. Victor. Fragmentum homiliae/ 
Gregorlus L Fragmentum llbri pastoralls curae/ Vita 
S. Euphrosynae/ Geoffrey of Monmouth. Brief epitome 
of Historia/ Short account of kings of Britain from 
Brutus to 1272 (F)/ Vita Merlinl/ Notes on English 
kings, 491-1239 (L)/ Genealogla Normannorum a 
Rollone prlmo duce ad Edwardum 1/ Prophecy of the 
Tenth Sibyl (L)/ Image du monde,' Chronicle of 
England to 1280/ De doctrlna Christiana/ Letters 
of Lanfranc, Anselm, Urban HI, Paschal H, and other 
ecclesiastical officials (L) BMab 341/1 

A289 E.V: Notes concerning the order of kinghthood 
among the Saxons/ Chartulary and other tracts relat- 
ing to Reading abbey (L)/ Modus reclpiendi fratres in 
hospitio S. Johannis/ Writ for repair of bridge in 
Berghfeld/ Calendarium BMab 246/8 

A290 E.VI: Jacobus Waraeus. Ittnerarium Gallicum, 
1649/ Excerpta ex glossario MS. Latino-Theotisco/ 
Prolcgus librl de mensura orbis/ Fragmentum alter - 
ius glossari/ Of the founding of Walden abbey (L) 
BMab 247/1 

A291 E.VH: De dlametro terras, et distantlis plane- 
tarum/ John Somur. Calendar and tables (L)/ 
Chronlcon/ Descent of Edward IV from Brutus, with 
arms (L)/ Prophecies of Merlin and others (L)/ 
Tracts relating to reign of Edward IV (L)/ Nomina 
regum Angliae, a Willi elmo bastardoad Edwardum IV 
BMab 246/7 

A292 E.VHI: De curia Parllamenti, cancellariae, et 
banci regis/ De morbis et medicina/ Whole prophecy 
of Scotland (E & L)/ Arms of the nobility of Scotland 
and royal crests of France and England/ William Cam- 
den. Grammatica Graeca; Vocabularium Saxonlco- 
Latinum; Alia grammaticalia/ Grammatical treatises 
(L,Gr, Da)/ Verses (L&E)/ Sententiae ex 
Cicerone/ Treatise on the controversy with the papists 
BMab 605/2 and BMab 441/1 

A293 EJX: Chartulary of Westwood priory (L)/ 
Vita S. Wulstani/ Chronlcon de primis incolis/ Dis- 
course of weights and measures and of several sorts 
of merchandise in England and Ireland/ Historica 
fragmenta/ Vocabularium Cambro-Britannicum 
BMab 247/2 

A294 E JC: Historical and ecclesiastical treatises 
(L)/ Philip de Thaun (?). BesUarum/ William de 
Leicester. Tropi in theologica facultate; Numerate/ 
De naturis animalium/ Henry of Huntingdon. Ymago 
mundi/ Prognostics for Mondays (L)/ De proprie- 
tatibus verborum/ Edward Grim. Life of St. Thomas 
Becket (L)/ Geoffrey of Monmouth. Historia regum 
Brltanniae/ De origine gigantum BMab 61/1 

A295 EX: Leges Howell Dha/ Methodus consulendl 
an aeger moriatur aut convaleacat/ Peter of Blois. 
Eplstolae BMab 245/8 

A296 E.XII: Walter Map. Apocalypsis; Versus de con- 
]uge non ducenda; Versus contra adulatores; Versus de 
S. Trinitate/ Versus de Bruto consulente oraculum cum 
responslone/ John of Salisbury. Speculum stultorum/ 
Petrarcha. Fabula de Grlsilide/ De causis excidii 
Carthaginensium/ Morales et proverbiales sententiae/ 
De bono paupertatis/ De quatuor virtutibus cardinall- 
bus/ Versus de diis Ethnicis/ Seneca. De remedils 
fortultorum bonorum BMab 339/4 

A297 E JOV: Chartulary of Lelston abbey, Suffolk 
BMab 246/6 

A298 E.XVI: Register of charters relating to Lincoln 
cathedral (L)/ Chronicle of Lichfield (L)/ Joannes 
de Hildesheim. Three kings of Cologne/ Account of 
Prester John/ Fragment of Destruction of Jerusalem/ 
Treatise on the calendar (L)/ Two scientific treatises 
(L) BMab 80/1 

A299 E.XVH: Reglstrum chartarum prioratus Scl. 
Andreae de Northampton BMab 608/1 

A300 EJCVHI: Chartulary of Kirkstead abbey (L) 
BMab 283/1 

A301 E .XDC: Chartulary of NosteU abbey (L) BMab 

A302 EJOC: Chartulary of Bardney abbey, Lincolnshire 
(L) BMab 242/8 

A303 E.XXI: Collectanea ex libro abbatiae de Burgo/ 
Chartulary of Peterborough abbey (L) BMab 229/2 

A304 EJCXH: Chartulary of Peterborough abbey (L)/ 
Taxationes ecclesiarum, pensionum, et portionum 
personarum ecclesiasticarum in archidiacontibus Oxon. 
Buckingham, Bedeford.Hunttngdon, et Northampton 
praeter 1290 BMab 243/2 

A305 EJCXHI: Chartulary of Durford abbey, Sussex 
(L) BMab 243/1 

A306 EJCXJV: Chartulary of Stone priory, Stafford- 
shire (L) BMab 244/1 

A307 E JCXV: Chartulary of Reading abbey, Berkshire 
(L) BMab 243/3 

A308 E.XXVI: Chartulary and catalog of the abbots of 
Stanley Park abbey, Derby BMab 242/6 

A309 FJI: Papers relating to the Jfflich-Cleve 
succession (F & L) BMab 312/2 

A310 FJV: Gregory Thomas. CoUection of statutes, 
charters, assizes, etc., relating to the forests (L)/ 
Inquisitions, grants, ordinances, placlta, and other 
papers relating to the forests (L&E)/ Chief justices 
in Eyre north and south of Trent, 1218-1546/ Queen 
Elizabeth's grant of Sulthay to Sir Walter Mlldmay, 
1571/ Of islands rising in the sea and of the salt 
shore compared with the fresh/ Digest of forest 
laws (L&E) BMab 276/2 

A311 F.V: 91 letters and papers relating to French 
affairs of 16th century, particularly of the reign of 
Charles K (F,L, I, S,E) BMab 310/2 

A312 F.VIH: "Copybook containing a variety of de- 
positions, evidences, petitions, answers, grants of 
privileges, orders of Privy Council, letters, etc., all 
relating to the merchants of the Hanaeatic League 
residing in the Steelyard in London, many of them con- 
cerning some undue proceedings in their traffick; 
others upon complaints of the merchant adventurers, 
etc." BMab 311/1 

A313 FJX: Miscellaneous collection of historical 
letters and papers including articles relating to Wind- 
sor college, fortifications on the border of Scotland, 
precedency, and trade, chiefly during the reign of 
Elizabeth (E,L, F) BMab 310/1 

A314 FJC: Journal of the occurrences and advertise- 
ments of the English ambassador at Paris from Jan. 1, 
1603 to May 1605 BMab 300/1 

A315 F.XH: 135 letters and papers, chiefly relating 
to Irish affairs, 1557-1587 (E,L,I) BMab 232/3 

A316 F.XV: Chartulary of Lewes priory (L) BMab 

A317 F.XVI: "Household account, probably kept by the 
wife of some merchant in London, from March 25, 1594 
to March 25, 1595; with marginal notes of who dined 
and supped with the family." BMab 313/3 

A318 FJCVH: Diary of public events from May, 1509- 
Dec, 1521/ Merchant's account book from Sept. 1, 
1615-Jan. 31. 1617 BMab 313/2 

Cotton Vitellius 

A319 A.I: Calendar/ De compositione cylindricum 
tabulis altitudinis soils/ De fabrica et usu instrument! 
in observanda altitudlne soils/ Versus de algorismus. 
Names of mairls and shrevis in London from reign of 
Edw. HI to Henry VI/ Chartulary of Combe abbey, 
Warwickshire (L)/ Robert Kllwardby. De ordine 
praedlcatorum/ De temporibus/ De relatlonibus 
BMab 262/1 

A320 AJT. De R. Aethelberto, eiusque progenie/ Nota- 
tlones de Sanctis qui in Anglla requlescent/ Diplomata, 
chartae donationum & privilegia concessa ecclesiae S. 
Augustini Cantuarlae/ Constitutiones variae eccleslas- 
ticae/ Charters & statutes relating to York (L)/ 
Other ecclesiastical treatises (L) BMab 250/1 

A321 A. HI: Ives de Chartres. Panormia/ Odon de 
Douai. Decreta minora BMab 254/1 

A322 A.V: Joannes Hispalensls. De potestate gene- 
ralium conciliorum & Romanorum pontlflcum BMab 

A323 A. VI: Hymni/ Gildas. De excidio Brltanniae 
BMab 234/4 

A324 A.VH: Rituale antiquum BMab 244/2 

A325 A.VHI: Fragments of calendar and ecclesiastical 
letter (E & L)/ Guillaume de Jumieges. De adventu 
et gestis Normannorum in Normannia/ Ecclesiastical 
compacts, 13th century (L)/ Annales ad 1160 BMab 

A326 A. IX: Ecclesiastical ordinances, compacts, 
letters, etc. (L)/ Statutum R. Edward! HI BMab 

A327 AJt Annals to 1325 (L)/ Wace. Roman de 
Brut/ Metrical chronicle of Anglo-Saxon and Norman 
kings (F)/ Religious poem (F)/ Goliardlc poem (L)/ 
Pierre de Langtoft. Partie des chroniques/ Historical 
notes and statutes relating to Malmesbury, Lincoln, 
and Lichfield (L) BMab 62/2 

A328 AJCJ: John Beleth. De dlvlnis officlis/ Versus 
de nominibus et successione archiepiscoporum Cantuar- 
iensis/ Reglstrum chartarum canicorum ecclesiae S. 
Mariae de Bradenstoke BMab 245/1 

A329 AJCH: Religious treatises (L)/ Astronomical 
treatises and verses (L)/ Gildas. De Compute/ 
Calendarium/ Beda. Epistola/ Llbellus de compute/ 
Hlldebertus, abp. of Tours. Vita Scae. Mariae Aegyp- 
tiae; De XH plagls Aegypti; Carmina varla/ Poenl- 
tentlale antiquum ex varils canonibus/ Miscellaneous 
verses (L) BMab 232/1 

A330 A JOE: Egbert, abp. of York. Dialogus eccleslas- 
ticae Institutionis/ Abbo of Fleury. Sententiae de 
differentia circuit et sphaerae et de cursu septem 
planetarum/ Hrabanus Maurus. De compute/ Astro- 
nomical verses and treatises (L)/ De dlebus 
Aegyptiacis/ Gildas. De compute/ Alphabeta Runica 
tria/ Calendars/ Cumine Allbhe. Epistola Segieno 
abbau de disputatione lunae/ Beda. Letter to Plegwin 
(L)/ Serlo. Versus/ Godfrey of Winchester. Versus/ 
Hlldebertus, abp. of Tours. Vita Scae. Mariae Aegyp- 
tiae; De XD plagls Aegypti; Carmina varla/ Marbode. 
Versus/ Gualo Britannus. In monachls/ Hugo Sota- 
vagina. Versus/ Oratio domlnica (F&E)/ Narratio 
de quodam episcopo BMab 232/1 

A331 AJOV: Publius Faustus Andrelinus. Carmina 
BMab 335/6 

A332 A.XVI: Chronicle of England including names of 
mayors and sheriffs of London, 1215-1509/ Will of 
Robert Thomas who died In 1552/ Names of divers 
lords, knights, and gentlemen slain since Duke of 
Gloucester was murdered at Bury, 1446 BMab 245/3 

A333 AJCVH: Annales Wintoniensis monasterll ad 
1186/ Verses (L)/ Innocentius H. Epistola ad 
Henricum eniscopum Wlntoniensem/ Osbertus de 
Clare. Eplstolae/ Hymni ad B. Virglnem BMab 

A334 A.XX: Historia Angliae ad 1348/ Bernard. 
Epistola ad Eugenium papam/ Peter of Blois. Epis- 
tola ad clericos de capella D. regis/ Historical 

treatises (L) / Names of abbots of St. Albans and 
bishops of Llndlsfarne (L)/ Ecclesiastical treatises 
(L)/ Chronica a conquestu ad 1246/ Roger of Hoveden. 
Excerpta de chronlcls BMab 250/4 

A335 B.VI: 106 letters and papers concerning relations 
between England and Rome, 1524 (E, F,L, I) BMab 

A336 B.VII: 85 letters and papers concerning relations 
between England and Rome, 1525 (E, L, F) BMab 

A337 B.Vm: 87 letters and papers concerning relations 
between England and Rome, 1526 (E & L) BMab 

A338 BOX: 103 letters and papers relating to trans- 
actions between England and Rome, 1527 (L, E,F) 
BMab 262/2 

A339 B.X: 84 letters and papers relating to trans- 
actions between England and Rome, 1528 (L, F, E) 
BMab 262/3 

A340 BJQ: 84 letters and papers concerning relations 
between England and Rome, 1529 (E, L, I) BMab 

A341 B-XDT. 97 letters and papers concerning rela- 
tions between England and Rome, 1530-1532 (E,L, I) 
BMab 265/2 

A342 B.XrV: 58 letters and papers concerning rela- 
tions between England and Rome, 1527-1539 (L,E,I, 
S) BMab 263/2 

A343 BJCVUI: 48 letters and papers relating to trans- 
actions between England and Germany, 1510-1516 
(L, E, F) BMab 261/2 

A344 B.XIX: 144 letters and papers, chiefly 1516, 
including correspondence of Richard Pace, Mathaus 
Schinner, Maximilian I, Sir Robert Wingfield, Francis 
Sforza, Cardinal Wolsey, Galeazzo Viscondi, and 
Henry VflT (L, F, E) BMab 269/1 

A345 B.XX: Collection of letters and papers, 1517- 
1523, including correspondence of Richard Pace, Maxi- 
milian I, Sir Robert Wingfield, Henry VHI, Charles V, 
and Cardinal Wolsey (L, E, F,G) BMab 269/2 

A346 C J: Collections of Instructions and papers relat- 
ing to the government In Wales in the time of Henry Vm, 
Queen Elizabeth, and James I BMab 264/4 

A347 C JI: Copy of the ancient abstract of the reliefs 
paid by the king's tenants in capite from Edward I to 
Edward rV (L) BMab 265/1 

A348 CHI: Chronologia ab Adamo ad Christum natum/ 
Rubricae llbrl Macri de virtutibus herbarum/ Apulelus 
Barbarus. Herbarium (E)/ Medicina ex quadrupedi- 
bus (E)/ Remedla et lncantamenta/ Macroblus. 
Liber primus et pars secundl Saturnaliorum/ William 
Paddy and William Harvey. Praescrlptiones pro 
Roberto Cottono BMab 75/2 

A349 C JV: De pace Franciae et Angliae In tempore 
Edwardi D3/ Tractatus Cartonensls/ Relaxatio facta 
per regem Hispaniae regl Angliae de Vasconia/ De 
Treugis Scotiae, 1357/ Treatises relating to corona- 
tion of Richard H (L)/ Modus tenendl ParUamentum/ 
Chronica de regibus Angliae ad Rlcardum H/ De 
officio marescalli (L & F) BMab 266/1 

A350 C.V: Sermons BMab 266/3 

A351 C.VI: Nomina feoffatorum monasteril de Meaux 
BMab 314/2 and BMab 440/1 

A352 C.VH: John Dee. Account of his life; Perspec- 
tiva; Of discoveries in the Orient; De trlgono clrcino- 
que anologlco; De speculls comburentlbus; Fragment 
of supplication to the Queen for the preservation of 
antiquities; Letters toRoger Edwards on theology/ 
Roger Edwards. Letters to John Dee on theology/ 
Robert Thorn. Letter to the ambassador to Spain, 
1527, regarding discoveries of new lands BMab 276/1 

A353 CDC: John Dee. Correctiones et supplementa 
in Sigeberti chronicon/ Patrick Young. Excerpta ex 
chartulario Wigorniensis ecclesiae/ Verses/ Chris- 
topher Watson. History of Durham/ Chartae de liber- 
tatibus et privileges ecclesiae Wigorniensis/ Notes 
concerning the matrimony of priests/ Lives of Welsh 
kings and princes (W)/ Thomas Gascolgne. Excerpta 
ex dlctionario theologico/ John Harpsfield. Chronicon 
ad annum 1559; Versus elegiac!/ Charta de Hbertati- 
bus et privilegiis Malmesburiae/ Collectanea de ecc- 
lesia Glastoniensi/ Annales ad annum 1361 praecipue 
de episcopis Wigornlensibus/ Excerptum ex rotulo 
patenti 11 Henry HI de manerio Aston concesso Gul. de 
Cantilupo/ Aelfric. Glossarii Latlno-Saxonicl/ 
Grammatical treatise (L) / Charter of Henry m re- 
garding the Parliament held at Oxford, 1256/ Arthur 

Agard. De libro Domesday/ Indiculus monasteriorum 
In Anglia/ John Leland. Index librorum repertorum 
in bibliothecis monasteriorum; Collectanea ex anti- 
quis scriptorlbus/ John Rouse. Hlstoria dominorum 
et comitum Warwici/ William of Malmesbury. Chro- 
nica Glastonlae/ Ge nealogica principum et comitum 
Angliae/ De summonitione baronum ad Parliamentum, 
1414/ Processus resignationis R.Richardi H/ Anna- 
les Angliae, 1572 (EV Laws, rules, and orders re- 
lating to the Middle Temple/ Fragmentum de episco- 
pis Lichfieldensis ecclesiae BMab 93/1 

A354 CX: Giraldus Cambrensls. Descriptlo Cam- 
briae; On the metropolitan rights of the church of St. 
David's/ Treatises relating to Wales, expeclally 
the bishopric of Glamorgan (E,L,F,W)/ Legal 
treatises, charters, statutes, and other documents, 
chiefly of the 13th century (L & E) BMab 270/1 

A355 CXI: Miscellaneous papers relating to royal 
marriages, 1396-1612 (L, E,S,F) BMab 314/1 

A356 CM: GuiUaume de Deguilleville. Pelerinage 
de la vie humanine, Eng. tr. by Lydgate BMab 107/1 

A357 CXIV: Grosseteste. Sermo; Excerpta ex 

epistolls; De modo confitendi; De X mandatls/ Pierre 
de Limoges (?). De oculo morale/ Malachias de 
Hibernia (?). De venenis/ Tractatus Parislensls de 
prebendis/ William of St. Amour. De periculls nouis- 
slmorum temporum/ Nicholas Trivet (?). Commen- 
tary on Augustine's De clvltate Dei (L)/ Other reli- 
gious treatises (L) BMab 90/1 

A358 C.XVI: Various treatises on marriage and 
divorce, expecially royal marriages, 16th century (L) 
BMab 267/1 

A359 C.XVU: Names of treasurers, chancellors, 
keepers of the great seal, and keepers of the rolls/ 
Letters and state papers of Elizabethan times/ List 
of chancellors, marshalls, and other officials from 
the Conquest to 1577 (L)/ Constabularli castri Dobrls/ 
Proreges Hlberniae a tempore R.Henrici H ad 1580/ 
Account of Margaret, mother of Henry VII/ Sir Walter 
Raleigh. Short defense written on his return from 
Guiana/ Papers relating to the Earl of E ssex and to 
his death/ George ' Glflard. On the death of Sir Philip 
Sydney/ On the death of the Duke of Norfolk, 1572/ 
Proceedings against Sir Thomas Monson, Sir Edward 
Coke, Richard Weston, and Sir Francis Michell 
BMab 271/1 

A360 D.I: Liber de volucrlbus & anlmalibus, quae 
Scriptura annumerat/ Plcturae monstrorum/ Liber 
hieroglyphlcus eontlnens varias rerum representatlones 
cum Ularum morali expositlone (F)/ Moral verses (FV 
Narrationes de monachls (F)/ Elucidarlum 
BMab 247/5 

A361 D.It Matthew Paris. Pars historlae Anglorum 
BMab 248/2 

A362 D.HI: Fragments of Floyres and Blanchefleur/ 
Ecclesiastical treatises (L) BMab 99/2 

A363 D.IV: Joannes Paleonldorus. De principlo & 
processu ordinls Carmellticl/ Carmen de contemnende 
morte/ Carmen In Dlvum Albertum/ Nlcolaus Narbon- 
ensls. Ignea sagitta BMab 250/2 

A364 D. V: Walter of Coventry. Hlstoria regum An- 
gliae ad 1296/ Chronica, 1307-1400/ Peter of Blols. 
Eplstolae; Miscellanea/ Tabulae vitiqrum et vlrtutum/ 
Constitutlones ecclesiae Eboracensls/ Reglstrum 
Chartarum Monasteril de Thorney BMab 245/2 

A365 D.VI: Almundus Bremensis. Hlstoria Hamabur- 
gensis ecclesiae/ Descriptlo regionum & Insularum 
Aqullonls/ Andreas. Leges Scanicae BMab 252/1 

A366 D. VII: CoUectlon of Lawrence Nowell, Including 
works of Aelfric, Alfred, Beda, and others; homilies; 
charters of the Saxon kings; ecclesiastical letters; 
history and biography BMab 252/2 

A367 D.VDI: Collectio eplstolarum decretallum & 
canonum eccleslastlcorum BMab 247/6 

A368 D.IX Tabula phlebotomle/ Chronica de rebus 
Anglice, Walllce, Hibernlce, Galilee, ad 1328/ Char- 
tulary and treatise relating to St. Nicholas priority, 
Exeter BMab 246/5 

A369 DX: Chartulary of St. Augustine's, Canter- 
bury (L)/ Libellus provlncialis BMab 247/9 

A370 D.X1: Methodius. De principlo & fine secull/ 
Narrationes fabulosae de vlslonlbus & apparltlonlbus/ 
Hlstoria Angliae a Bruto ad R.Henrlcum H/ Chronicon 
breve a Bruto ad R. Henricum DJ (F)/ Thomas Sprott. 
Chronica monasteril S. Augustlnl Cantuariensls/ Monk 
of Ely. De statu Angliae ad tempora R. Henricl D3/ 
De situ Britanniae BMab 247/12 

A371 D. XH: Sir John Rochford. Extractus Chronlco- 
rum Cestrensis ecclesiae/ Invectlva contra mendl- 

cantes fratres (verse)/ John Calus. Siege of Rhodes 
BMab 247/8 

A372 D.XV: Jocelin de Brakelond. Chronicle of St. 
Edmund's abbey (L)/ Index of charters of land of Bury 
St. Edmunds (L)/ Life of Gilbert of Semprlngham , 
Eng. tr. by John Capgrave BMab 247/11 

A373 D.XVI: Liber ordinls ecclesiae S. Augustlnl 
Cantuariensis BMab 247/10 

A374 D.XVH: Aelfric and others. Homilies 
BMab 91/1 

A375 D.XVIJI: Annales ad 1272/ Chartulary of Combe 
abbey, Warwickshire BMab 241/7 

A376 D.XX: Hymn and ecclesiastical treatises re- 
lating to St. Cuthbert (L)/ Treatises relating to 
Durham and Llndlsfarne (L)/ De trlbus Marlls/ Des- 
criptlo trlum magorum BMab 247/13 

A377 E.I: Beda. Eccleslastlcae historlae Anglorum; 
Vltae SS. abbatum monasteril In Wiramutha & Glrvuln/ 
Letters and treatises relating to Beda (L) Nennlus. 
Gestae Brltonum/ Nomina eplscoporum Llndisfarnen- 
sls & Dunelmensls/ Other ecclesiastical treatises (L) 
BMab 248/3 

A378 E.I1: Hlstoria de regibus Francorum a P. 
Philippo ad R. Ludovlcum Crassum/ Fragmentum 
historlae de R. Rlcardo I & f ratre ejus R. Joanne 
BMab 247/14 

A379 E.1II: Liber authentlcus taxatlonum fori et 

merclum In regno Portugalllae per R.Manuelam, 1504 
BMab 248/4 

A380 E.IV: Thomas Stubbs. De episcopis Eboracen- 
sls/ Adam of Orlton. Ad Joannem P. de rebus qui- 
busdam & controverslls ad eccleslam Herefordensis 
spectantibus BMab 264/3 

A381 E.V: Giraldus Cambrensls. De jure et statu 
Menevensls ecclesiae; De lllaudibllibus Walliae; 
Retractlones; Carmina/ Catalogus librorum Giraldl/ 
Historical and ecclesiastical treatises, letters, and 
lists (L)/ Transcripta ex rotulis Pipae/ Excerpta 
ex rotulis In Scaccarlo/ Sir Thomas de la More. Vita 
Edwardi n/ William of Malmesbury. Chronica Glas- 
tonlae/ Laws of Edward Confessor, Canute, and 
William I (L)/ Charters of Henry I, HL and John (L)/ 
Henry of Marlborough. Chronica BMab 232/2 

A382 E.VI: Excerpta ex chronlcls Hollandiae/ Decern 
llbri chronicorum Hollandenelum BMab 270/2 

A383 E.VH: Fragments of Ancren rlwle (L) 
BMab 277/2 

A384 EVHI: Aethicus. Cosmographia/ Honorius 
Augustodunensls. De Imagine mundi/ Leonardo Bruni 
Aretino. Oratio; Hlstoria (I); Invectlva contra hypocii- 
tas/ Vita Clceronls/ Seneca. De remedlls fortul- 
torum; Proverbla; De consolatlone; Excerpta ex tra- 
goedls/ Chronica de regibus Francorum/ Treatises 
on Roman history (L) BMab 266/2 

A385 E.IX Calendarium/ Oratlones/ Psalter 
(L & F) BMab 264/2 

A386 E.X: Historical and ecclesiastical treatises 
(L & F)/ Papal letters (L)/ Sermons (L & E)/ Rues 
de Paris (In verse)/ George Buchanan. Versus de 
Aula/ John Fortescue. Dialogue between under- 
standing and faith/ Bible of English policy/ John 
Skelton. Garlande of laurell/ Erceldoune. Prophe- 
cies/ Bartholomaeus. De tyranno BMab 92/2 

A387 E.XI: John Fordun. Hlstoria Scotorum/ Pro- 
cessus competitorum regni Scotiae, tempore Edwardi 
1/ Short historical works relating to England and 
Scotland (L)/ Simon, bp. of Alexandria. Literae ad 
archlep. Cantuariensls de schlsmate In ecclesla 
Romana/ Clarendon constitutlonB (L)/ Verslcull de 
Scotia BMab 233/4 

A388 E.XII: Treatises on ecclesiastical history (L)/ 
Monk of Durham. Chronica regum Anglia a Bruto ad 
1377/ Treatises relating to the Black Monks (L)/ 
Eugenlus IV. Bulla/ Treatises relating to the Bene- 
dictine order (L) BMab 254/2 

A389 E.xm: Florentium Wlgornlensem/ Concilium 
Turonensem/ Concilium Lateranensem/ Alexander 
m. Eplstolae BMab 271/2 

A390 E.XIV: John Jossellne. Annales Angliae; 
Collection of excerpts from chronicles, histories 
and chartularles (L); Hlstoria ecclesiastlca Angliae 
et de vitis archleplscoporum CantuaV Asser. Anna- 
les, 596-914/ Arthur Agard. Chronicon monasteril S. 
Augustlnl ad 1406/ William Thome. Excerpta ex 
chronlcls/ Thomas Sprott. Excerpta ex chronica/ 
Urbanus V. Constitutlo contra pluralltatas In benefl- 
clis/ Indiculus exactlonum R.R. Edwardi conf. , Will. 
L et Hen. I In Anglia/ Alius elusmodl Indiculus, 
1200-1290 BMab 275/3 

A391 E.XV: Monk of Osney. Chronica Anglorum 
1066-1179/ Series abbatum monasteril S.Marlae 
Oeneye/ Reglstrum chartarum monasteril Osneyensis 
BMab 274/1 

A391 bis E.XVI: Taxationes ecclesiarum per singulas 
Angllae dioceses/ Chartulary of Selby abbey (L) 
BMab 264/1 

A392 E.XVII: Calendar lum/ John of Salisbury. Epis- 
tolae/ Benedict of Peterborough (?). Chronicon 
1170-1199/ John of London (7). Chronicon/ Feoda 
comitis Gloucestriae & Cantuariensis provinclae/ 
Treatises relating to Canterbury and Evesham (L)/ 
Serement que le reys fist a son coronement/ De arte 
invenlendl diem lunae/ De officio praecentoris/ For- 
mula excommunicationls/ Other ecclesiastical treati- 
ses (L) BMab 255/1 

A393 E. XVIII: Psalterlum cum Interlinearl versione 
(L & E) BMab 270/3 

A394 F.I: Various charters and statues (L) 
BMab 258/2 

A395 F.Ii Formularii curiae Romanae pars BMab 

A396 F.m: Ethelred. Vita S. Edwardi regis; Vita 

David, P.Scotiae; Vita S. Ninlan/ Mlracuia Sanctorum/ 
VltaS.Agathae BMab 273/3 

A397 F.IV: Collectanea ex variis monasteriorum re- 
giatris et chartis antlquls/ Concordia inter F. Henrl- 
cum VI et Carolum VII F. Franclae, 1428 BMab 272/1 

A398 F.V: Annals of English history, 1554-1563 
BMab 306/1 

A399 F.VI: Miscellanea geneologlca & hlstorlca tem 
sacra quam civllia/ Successlo regum a Gulielmo Con- 
quaestore ad mortem B. Edwardi HI BMab 255/3 

A400 F.VII: Simon Gandavensis. Feule de femmes re- 
llglouses A recluses slve De vita solitaria BMab 

A401: F.VHI: Collection of papers from the registers 
of various monasteries and from ancient charters in 
the Exchequer and elsewhere (L) BMab 274/2 

A402 F.IX; Names of the wardens, bailiffs, mayors, 
and sheriffs of London from 1189-1439/ Edmund 
Campion. History of Ireland/ Thomas Otterburn. 
Chronica regum Angllae a prima orlglne gentis ad 
tempore F. Henrlcl V/ Gil das. ExcepUones de primis 
habitatorlbus Brltanniae BMab 273/2 

A403 F.X: Chronica Muscovitica (F) BMab 251/1 

A404 F.XH: Collectanea ex libro Domesday/ Genea- 
logical tables of noble families of England (L)/ Ex- 
cerpts from the rolls of the Exchequer (L)/ James 
Strangman. Collectanea hlstorlca et genealogica ex 
rotullsparliamentariis aliisque/ Papers relating to 
Sibton abbey and Bury St. Edmunds/ Feoda milltum 
pertinentia ad honorem de Eye/ Nota de ponderibus/ 
Assisa panis et cerevisiae/ Queen Elizabeth. Two 
inspeximus' s. 1572, 1578/ Papers relating to the 
Franciscans/ Names of London officials, 1189-1556, 
with historical notes/ Genealogical tables from Adam 
to Edward VI BMab 277/1 

A405 F.XHI: Didactic poem emanating from Bridling- 
ton/ Prophecies (?) (L)/ BMab 100/4 

A406 F.XV: Jan van Naaldwijck . Croonycke van 
Hollandt BMab 253/1 

A407 F.XVI: Historia Normaimorum ex GuUlelmo 
Gemltensi et Dodone collecta/ Fundatio et statuta 
fraternltatis In honore S. Caritatis et S. Johannis 
Evangellstae/ Nomina magistrorum et gardianorum 
eluedem fraternitatls/ Li nomi delll posteriori pat- 
riarch! d'Agolia nova/ Historia Veneta (I) BMab 

A408 F.XVH WUllam Charite. Chartulary of Leices- 
ter abbey BMab 252/3 


A409 88: Collection relating to the Brehon laws, etc. 
Or) BMab 98/1 

A410 92: Miscellaneous coUectlon of notes, histori- 
cal treatises, lives of saints, religious and political 
poems, religious tales, and texts relating to Fermoy, 
co. Cork (Ir & L) BMab 93/5 

A411 93: Tripartite life of St. Patrick and two frag- 
ments of epic texts (It)/ St Patrick (?). Hymn (Ir)/ 
Revelation by the Virgin of the method of saying the 
Fosary in honor of the Annunciation, the Nativity, and 
the Assumption (L & Ir)/ Quatrain on the Eucharist 
(Ir)/ St. Patrick's first miracle (Ir)/ Fragment of the 

Fled Bricrenn/ Fragment of the Tain B6 Cualilnge 
BMab 93/4 

A412 186: Poems from the book of St. Ca'llin (Ir & E), 
Prophecies of St. Calllin (Ir)/ Form of '.ervice for 
the dying (Ir)/ Elegy on Eoghan ruadh O Neill (Ir)/ 
Treatises on the Immaculate Conception and on the 
spiritual life BMab 110/3 

A413 192: Brief Irish grammar (Ir)/ Religious, 

moral, and satirical poems (Ir)/ Maelbrighde O'Hus- 
sey. Poems (Ir)/ Poem welcoming Aodh O Domhnaiil 
back to Ballyshannon (Ir)/ Transcripts of John Dowley's 
and Giollabrighde O hEoghusa's Teasgusg Criosdaidhe 
(Ir) BMab 106/3 

A414 614: Metrical Psalter BMab 34/4 

A415 615: Guiilaime de DegulllevUle. Pelerinage de 
l'ame with poems (E) BMab 64/2 

A416 914: John Stodeley. Letter containing intelli- 
gence of the political state of affairs, London, 1454 
BMab 25/9 

A417 1048: Collection of Parliamentary documents 
relating to events in the years 1624-1659 BMab 393/2 

A418 1117: Jacobus de Varagine. Legenda aurea/ 
Miracles of the Virgin (L)/ Feligious tales (L)/ 
St. Patrick's purgatory (L) BMab 35/1 

A419 1165: Table of lessons/ Wyclif. New Testament 
(Later version)/ Table of arguments BMab 30/4 

A420 1993: South English Legendary BMab 44/2 

A421 1995: Seven sages of Rome/ Erthe upon erthe 
(B version)/ Passages from Books of courtesy/ Me- 
dical treatises and receipts/ Prognostications on the 
weather (L)/ Names of English bishops/ Lydgate. 
Dietary; Kings of England/ Assyse of brede and of 
alle/ Names of churches, monasteries and hospitals 
in London/ Siege of Fouen/ Gregory Skinner. 
Chronicle of the mayors of London to 1469 BMab 63/2 

A422 2341: "Instructions for making in stained glass, 
'all the Images of Seyntes yt shalbe made in ye v. panes 
of the wyndow in the grey frers at Grenewych, 'and 
also those 'yt shalbe sette in ye over fourme and storie 
of ye wyndowe about ye heyar steybarre. '" BMab 415/2 

A423 2435: Tradesmen's bills and other papers, 
chiefly relating to the debts of Charles Stuart, 3rd 
duke of Richmond and 6th of Lennox, 1661-1701 
BMab 400/5 

A424 2437: Poor book for Poole, county Dorset, 
Apr. 29, 1697-Apr. 9, 1698 BMab 403/2 

A425 2446: Miscellaneous papers and accounts, 
several of the papers relating to the Low Countries, 
1595-1750 (E,F,D) BMab 400/6 

A426 2515: Hue de Botelande. Ipomedon; Prothesi- 
laus/ Prose romance of Lancelot, pt. 2 BMab 63/1 

A427 2546: Select historical papers, 1641-1661 
BMab 57/4 

A428 2548: 29 letters from Elizabeth, widow of Fre- 
derick, elector Palatine and king of Bohemia, to Sir 
Edward Nicholas, Apr. 26, 1655 - May 26, 1656 
BMab 57/3 

A429 2572: Guild-book of the Barber-surgeons of the 
city of York, 15th-18th cent. BMab 64/3 

A430 2580: Inventory of the goods, money, debts, etc. , 
of Matthew Parker, abp. of Canterbury, 1575 
BMab 415/3 

A431 2599: Register of deeds relating to property 
owned or held by Augustine Steward of London, 
1570-1590 BMab 56/2 

A432 2710: Paraphrase of Bible history, in verse (F) 
Passion of Our Lord, in verse (F)/ Gospel of Nico- 
demus (F)/ De Adam (F)/ Assumption of the Virgin, 
in verse (F)/ De sein Johan/ Passion of St. Peter (F)/ 
Passion of St. Bartholomew (F)/ Metrical sermon on 
evil of times (F)/ Passion of St. Lawrence (F)/ Lord's 
prayer (F) BMab 65/2 

A433 2733: Fegister of charters, etc., of the abbey 
of Peterborough (L) BMab 35/3 

A434 2810: South English 1 egendary BMab 35/2 

A435 2820: Wyclif (?). Tract against clerks "posses- 
sioners" BMab 36/1 

A436 2864: Canterbury tales/ Lydgate. Story of 
Thebes/ Chronological notes BMab 54/2 

A437 2869: John Dryden. 2 letters to Jacob Tonson, 
sr. , 1684, 1697/ Alexander Pope. Letter to Jacob 
Tonson, sr. , 1731/ George Gordon Byron. 4 letters 
to E.D. Clarke, 1812-13 BMab 48/4 

A438 2891: South English Legendary BMab 33/2 

A439 2981: Heath and Verney papers, vol. 4: Papers 
of Sir John Heath relating to the Inner Temple, 1606- 
1683 BMab 393/1 

A440 3009: F. Fothe. Letter to his son, David, 1530 
(?)/ Papers relating to arrest of Montrose and others 
by the Committee of Estates, 1641/ C. R. Darwin. 
Letter concerning an election to the Linnean Society/ 
Charles Burney. Letter with reference to authorship 
of "God save the King"/ Inventory of household goods 
ofG.F. Handel/ Papers of Elphinston, rear-admiral 
in Fussian service, connected with campaign against 
Turks (F & E)/ Mungo Park. Letter to Earl Camden 
giving an account of a journey to Africa BMab 50/1 

Ha rg rave 

A441 313: Statutes, charters, and legal treatises of 
the 12th and 13th centuries (L & E) BMab 405/4 


A442 49: Pt. of Tristam (F) BMab 55/3 

A443 171: Receipt/ Commentary on the Apocalypse of 
St John BMab 400/7 

A444 201: Robert of Gloucester. Chronicle 
BMab 74/1 

A445 201: Robert of Gloucester. Chronicle 
BMab 11/1 

A446 236: Registrum chartarum abbatlae S. Marie 
Ebor. BMab 15/3 

A447 246: Collection of papers relating chiefly to the 
nobility of England: lists of names, coats of arms, 
etc. (E & L) BMab 11/2 

A448 326: Fight of English kings to the crowns of 
France, Castile, etc./ The three kings' sons 
BMab 11/4 

A449 327: Wyclif. Epistles of St. Paul, the Acts, 
Catholic Epistles, and Apocalypse (Later version) 
BMab 398/4 

A450 367, ff. 80-89: Lydgate. Legend of St. Margaret; 
Excerpts from Fall of princes; St. Edmund; Verses on 
Cambridge BMab 11/3 

A451 433: Register of the grants, etc., passing the 
Privy Seal, Royal Signet or sign manual during the 
reigns of King Edward V and King Richard HI, with 
some other entries [ Note: Target : 7431] 
BMab 43/5 

A452 481: Sir Simonds D'Ewes. Diarlan discourse, 
1621-1624 (Written in cipher) BMab 47/3 

A453 482: Sir Simonds D'Ewes. Diary for 1643 
(Written In cipher) BMab 47/2 

A454 483: Sir Simonds D'Ewes. Diary, Jan. 1, 1644- 
May 31, 1645 (L) BMab 47/4 

A455 484: Sir Simonds D'Ewes. Diary, June 1, 1645- 
March 24, 1647 (L) BMab 48/1 

A456 526: Beda. Life of St. Cuthbert (L)/ Vita Bedae/ 
Vita Aedwardi regis/ Vita S. Hugonis/ Vita Ade et 
Eve BMab 36/4 

A457 540: John Stow. Historical, coUections, including 
a chronicle of London, 1485-1555; an account of the 
English army in Scotland, 1560; and John Cooke's 
Relation of Sir Francis Drake's voyage unto the West 
Indies, 1577 (L & E) BMab 407/3 

A458 585: Apulelus Barbarus. Herbarium (E)/ Medi- 
cal receipts, charms, etc. (E & L) BMab 11/5 

A459 612: Birgitta of Sweden. Celestium revelationum/ 
Treatises about the canonization of St. Birgitta (L)/ 
De legendis Dne. Katerine filie Dne. Birgitte et Dni. 
Petri Olavl, et Dni. Nicolai episcopi Lyncopensls 
BMab 386/1 

A460 614: Bartholomaeus Anglicus. De proprietatibus 
rerum, Eng. tr. by John Trevisa BMab 404/1 

A461 642: Basilica oeconomica, or several ordi- 
nances, rules, and orders for the government of the 
household of the kings and queens of England and their 
children, including Liber niger domus regis 
BMab 396/3 

A462 645: Registrum Kempe, chiefly relating to 
Bury St. Edmonds, Suffolk BMab 65/3 

A463 674: Discrescyon of spirites/ Plstle of dls- 
crecion of sti rings/ Plstle of preier/ Clowde of un- 
knowyng/ Book of prive counseling/ Concerning the 
two powers in a mans soul, reson, & affection/ 
Dlonysius Areopaglta. Mystical divinity BMab 42/1 

A464 682: Love poems [Note: Film labeled 
"Charles, Duke of Orleans"] BMab 11/6 

A465 873: Ordinate (Sarum use) BMab 403/3 

A466 928, ff. 1-128: Horae B. Mariae. with collects, 
etc., adorned with many curious pictures BMab 11/7 

A467 953: Treatise concerning faith/ Explication of 
the Ten Commandments/ Love of Jhesu, etc. 
BMab 11/8 

A468 984: Wyclif . Gospel of St. Matthew/ Erthe 
upon erth BMab 12/1 

A469 1002: Grammatical treatises and verses (L & E ) / 
LaurenUus de Londonils. Tractatus grammaticalls/ 
Exempla/ De mendlcantibus/ Parvi Catonis/ 
Urbanltatis/ Equus sive Caballus with English gloss/ 
Vocabularies (L & E ) Joannes de Garlandia. Dlc- 
cionarius. Pseudo-Boethlus. De discipline scolari- 
um Fragmentum poematis Eberhardus Dethuniensls. 
Figure ex Grecismo BMab 406/3 

A470 1029: The Gospels and the Epistles of alle the 
testis in the yeer BMab 12/2 

A471 1212: Table of lessons, epistles, and gospels 
(Sarum)/ Wyclif. New Testament with incomplete 
Epistle to the Laodiceans (Later version) BMab 407/1 

A472 1701: Robert Mannyng. Handlyng synne/ Medy- 
tacluns of the soper of Our Lorde Jhesu/ Legend of 
Robert of Sicily/ Officium slve mlssa BMab 12/3 

A473 1706: Medical receipts/ Lydgate. Kalendar; 
Death's warning/ Song of love to Jesus/ Prayer to 
Christ/ Pety Job/ Treatise of Parce mlchl domlne/ 
Poem on seven deadly sins/ Sex observanda omnl 
Christiano in extremis (E)/ Book of craft of dying/ 
Treatise of ghostly battle/ Ladder to heaven/ Relig- 
ious treatises/ Twelve profits of tribulation/ Rolle. 
Emendatione peccatoris/ Meditation of St. Austin/ 
ABC of Aristotle/ Mirror of sinners/ Of three 
arrows/ Four profitable things/ Remedy against 
temptations/ Consilia Isodori/ Augustlnus de contemp- 
tu mundi/ Nine points best pleasing to God/ Trea- 
tise on love of God/ Religious and moral poems 
BMab 12/4 

A474 1710: Gospelis & the epistolis of all fe testis in 
^e yeer, stondende by ordre as p ei ben red in Je 
messebooke after j e use ot Salisbery BMab 403/8 

A475 1714: F. S. Theological collections BMab 397/3 

A476 1758: Chaucer. Canterbury tales BMab 43/3 

A477 1770: Hleronymus. Psalter (L & F)/ Canticles 
(L & F)/ Psalter in verse BMab 12/5 

A478 1806: Rolle. English Psalter/ Wyclif. Super 
Cantica Sacra (E)/ John Peckham. Constitutlo/ Test- 
amentum Johannis Hlxon de Elyngton. 1462/ Testamen- 
tum Margeriae Colynge, 1493 BMab 406/2 

A479 1862: rabies of lessons, epistles, and gospels/ 
Clement of Lanthony. Harmony of the Gospels/ Theo- 
logical commonplaces BMab 398/1 

A480 1887: Treatises on herbs/ Medical receipts and 
treatises (E & L) Johannes XXI, pope. Tractatus 
mlrabilis aqua rum/ Tabula Salerno BMab 395/2 

A481 1896: Psalter (L & E)/ Cantica sacra (L & E) 
BMab 13/2 

A482 1927: Sir Thomas Chaloner and Randle Holme. 
Poems, Impresses, and other collections in prose and 
verse BMab 402/2 

A483 2013: Chester plays BMab 13/1 

A484 2250: Poem on church festivals/ Extracts from 
South English legendary/ Abridgment of Speculum 
Christtanl/ Note showing distance from earth to 
heaven/ Medical receipts/ Sermons/ Instructions 
for priests/ Five church tales/ Theological tract/ 
Constitutlo Robert! Winchelese de juramento ac obedi- 
encla rectoribus de illis capellanls BMab 13/3 

A485 2252: Commonplace book of John Colyn, Includ- 
ing lists of parishes and monasteries; letters and 
petitions to Henry VHI; poems by John Skelton, Lyd- 
gate; Morte Arthure (E), etc. BMab 13/5 

A486 2255: Lydgate. Consulo qulsque eris; As a myd- 
somer rose; Horns away; Loke In thy merour; Song of 
vertu; Mlsericordias Domini; Praise of peace; St. 
Austin at Compton; Exposition of the Paternoster; De 

profundls; Te Deum laudamus; Letter to Gloucester; 
Testament; Quls dabit meo capiti fontem lacrimarum; 
Prayers to ten saints; Fabula duorum mercatorum; 
Fifteen joys and fifteen sorrows of Mary; St. Giles; 
Stella cell extlrpault; Fifteen ooes; Upon a cross; 
Quene of hevene; On kissing at verbum caro factum 
est; To St. Leonard; Sts. Katherine, Margaret and 
Magdalene; t\> St. Ursula; To St. Ositha; Fifteen toknys 
afforn the doom; They that no while endure; On Leta- 
bundus; This world Is variable; Timor mortis conturbat 
me; Cok hath lowe shoon; Gloriosa dicta sunt de Te; 
Pt. of Ave Jesse Vlrgula; Benedictus Deus in donls 
suls; Mesure is tresour; Deus In nomine tuo salvum 
me fac; God is myn helper; Pt. of Glorious prayer to 
St. Edmund; Against millers and bakers/ Other 
poems BMab 14/1 

A487 2266: Doctryne & wysedome of the wyse, 
auncyent philosophers BMab 13/4 

A488 2311: Collection of prayers, verses, songs, 
meditations, etc., made by Anna Cromwell, wife of 
Henry Cromwell, Esq., of Ransey BMab 405/2 

A489 2316: Religious tales (L, F, E ) / Medical verses 
and treatises (L)/ Legends of saints (L) Theological 
verses/ Versiculi gnomlci/ Vincent de Beauvals. 
Romulus/ Miracles of the Virgin (L) BMab 43/2 


2322: Wyclif and others. Tracts BMab 14/2 

A491 2385: Wyclif. On the Pater Noster; Seven 
heresies; On Ave Maria/ Theological treatises (L)/ 
Homilies and sermons (L) Ivo, bp. of Chartres. 
Tractatio ad Severlnum/ Dicta optima philosophi 
nomine Secundi/ Narrationes BMab 42/3 

A492 2387: Walter Hilton. Scala perfeccionls 
BMab 34/3 

A493 2389: Miscellaneous charms and receipts 
BMab 401/1 

A494 2390: Pars dispensatorii/ Regimen sanitatis/ 
Speculum medicine/ Notae generales de simpllcibus 
(E)/ Quaestiones grammaticales (E & L)/ Incantatio 
contra spasmum/ Of the governaunce of helthe/ 
Treatises on herbs (L & E)/ Medical treatises (E & 
L)/ Receipts (E & L) BMab 395/3 

A495 2391: Prognostica/ Homilies/ Narrationes from 
the Northern homily collection BMab 15/1 

A496 2392: Chaucer. Troilus and Criseyde 
BMab 15/2 

A497 2403: John Mirk. Festial BMab 16/1 

A498 2406: Mirror of St. Edmund (?)/ Prayer In 
verse/ Rolle. Super Oratlonem Dominicam/ Tabula 
numerorum progressiva/ Theological treatises (L & 
E)/ Treatise for use of nuns/ Abbey of the Holy 
Ghost BMab 15/5 

A499 2409: Religious treatises/ Nine points of virtue/ 
Northern version BMab 15/4 

A500 2682: Cicero. De anucitta, De senectute; vari- 
ous orations; and other works (L) FulgenUus. Ex- 
positio sermonum antlquorum/ Alexander's letter to 
Aristotle (L)/ Alexander the Great (L) BMab 57/2 

A501 2685: Boethlus. De consolatione, FulgenUus. 
Mythologlae; Expositio Virgilianae continentiae/ 
Martian us Capella. De nuptlis philologiae BMab 50/3 

A502 2869: Primer (L & E) BMab 404/3 

A503 3151: Regimen animarum/ De muslca et astron- 
omla/ Fragmenta varia ex Ptolemaeo et aliis/ On the 
Illumination of books BMab 398/2 

A504 3202: William of Blois. Pt of Alda (L)/ Poe- 
mata/ Lawrence of Durham. Hypognostlcon (L) 
Moral sentences (L)/ Fall of Troy (L)/ Short poems, 
chiefly epigrammatic (L) BMab 84/3 

A505 3257: Pantheologus. pts. 2-3 BMab 49/2 

A506 3271: Grammatical treatises (L) Aelfric. 
Grammar/ Religious treatises (L & E)/ Abbo Parin- 
ensls. Liber (L & E), Versus ad dies Egyptiacas tn- 
veniendas Mediclna YpocraUs Hleronymus. Hls- 
toria Juvenls apostatae a S. Johanne reclamatl/ 
Computus annorum ad 948 BMab 16/2 

A 50 7 3277: Thomas Watson. Looking glass for lovers 
BMab 67/4 

A508 3376: Pt. of a vocabulary (L & E) BMab 16/3 

A509 3432: Orcherd of Syon BMab 53/2 

A510 3531: Giovanni Boccaccio. Corbaccio BMab 


ASH 3725: Chronica de Hayles et Aberconwey/ 

Registrum cartarum Monasterii S. Mariae de Abercon- 

wey/ LunaUones et somnia (E) BMab 46/2 

A512 3773: Prologus/ Chronicle of see of Cologne to 
1237 (L)/ Geoffrey of Monmouth. Fragments of Hls- 
toria regum Britannlae/ Mappa mundl/ Chronicle of 
See of Treves to 1130 (L)/ Treatises relative to the 
Holy Land (L) BMab 23/5 

A513 3775: Vita Thomae Becket (F)/ Guy of Warwick 
(F)/ Chronicles (L)/ Richard Stodley. Vita Roberti 
de Knasburgh/ Nomina vicecomltum London/ Relig- 
ious treatises and poetry (L & E)/ Geoffrey de Vlnsauf. 
De artificlo loquendi BMab 16/4 

A614 3862: Lydgate. Life of Our Lady BMab 16/5 

A515 3865: Robert Henryson. Moral fablllis of Esope, 
1571 BMab 17/1 

A516 3869: Gower. Confessio amantls BMab 17/2 

A517 3903: Wyclif. Books of Job and Tobit (Later 
version) 84/2 

A518 4196: Northern homily collection/ Gospel of 
Nlcodemus/ Rolle. Prick of conscience BMab 17/3 

A519 4333: Gautier de Metz. Image du monde, Includ- 
ing Voyage of St. Brendan (F)/ Romans de la mort/ 
Marie de France. Fables (F)/ Ave Maria (F)/ Henri 
d'Andeli. Elegy on death of Philippe de Greve (F)/ 
Description of a casket (F)/ Canonlque des rods/ 
Chantepleure/ Verses on justice (F)/ Doctrinal 
Sauvage/ Usurer's paternoster and creed (F)/ Catons 
en romans/ L'euangile de fames/ L'espltre des 
fammes/ L'ordene de chevalerie BMab 43/1 

A520 4690: Chronicles of England (Brut)/ Battle of 
Halidon Hill/ Fragment of Richard Coer de Lyon 
BMab 18/1 

A521 4719: Hleronymus. Vitae monachorum Aegypti- 
orum/ Heraclides of Cyprus. Paradlsus, ok. 2/ 
Ephraem Syrus. Vitae sanctorum/ Doctrinae et 
vlslones sanctorum patrum Vitae sanctarum foemin- 
arum/ Leo, bp. of Naples. Vita S. Johannis Alex- 
andrinl BMab 404/2 

A522 4733: Distlchs of Cato with Burgh's paraphrases/ 
Proverbs of old philosophers/ Titus and Vespasian 
BMab 401/10 

A523 4826: Lydgate. St. Edmund; St. Austin at Comp- 
ton; Seer eta secretorum/ Hoc cl eve. De reglmlne 
principum/ Lives of saints/ Verses BMab 18/2 

A524 5017: Wyclif. Two books of the Maccabees and 
the New Testament with glosses chiefly from Lyra 
(Later version) 398/3 

A525 5086: Edward of Norwich. Master of game/ 
Babees book/ ABC of Aristotle/ Boke of medycen for 
horses BMab 18/4 

A526 5272: Lydgate. Pt. of Life of Our Lady/ Life of 
St. Dorothy in verse/ Abbey of the Holy Ghost 
BMab 20/4 

A527 5280: 22 ecclesiastical, historical, moral, ro- 
mantic, and legendary treatises relating to Ireland 
(It) BMab 606/4 and BMab 440/3 

A628 5362: Varias lectlones In Martialis Eplgram- 
mata [ Note: Target • 3362] BMab 401/5 

A529 5369: Index to Mythologlae of FaUus Planciades 

FulgenUus, Gesta Romanorum/ Summa JusUctae 
Robert Holcot. Convertimlnl BMab 68/3 

A530 5401: John Arderne. Chirurglca & medica/ 
Medical miscellanea including praescripUones and 
receipts (L & E) Thomas Awkbarow. Cookery and 
confectionary/ Rules for health In verse BMab 20/5 

A531 5566: Syneslus, Cyrenaeus. Eplstolae (Gr); 
Encomium Calvitlcl (Gr); Epistola ad Paeonium (Gr); 
Epistola ad Arcadlum (Gr)/ Phalaris. Eplstolae (Gr)/ 
Alciphron. Eplstolae (Gr), BruU eplstolae spurlae 
(Gr)/ Llbanlus. Eplstolae (Gr) BMab 41/1 

A532 5674: Homerus. Odyssea BMab 55/2 

A533 5767: Wyclif. Gospels of Luke and John (Later 
version) BMab 21/4 

A534 5947: Proposals & catalogues of sales of prints, 
paintings, jewels, etc. [Note: Target. Collection 
for the history of printing] BMbm 10/1 

A535 5957: Maps, prospects of English cities, ruins, 
and monuments of antiquity [ Note: Target • Collec- 
tion for the history of printing (maps, etc.). J. Bag- 
ford] BMbm 9/8 

A536 6041: Piers Plowman (A-text)/ Contrition of a 
penitent BMab 402/1 

A537 6284: Speeches of Charles I & n In Parliament, 
proceedings In Parliament, 1675-1768, petitions, a 
muster book, legal proceedings, and other papers 
BMab 414/4 

A638 6358: Geoffrey of Monmouth. Hlstorla regum 
Brltannlae/ Turpln. Fragmentum de Carol! magnl 
vita & morte. Notes on kings of France and England 
to 1199 (L)/ Ranulf Hlgden. Extracts from Polychron- 
lcon (L) BMab 404/4 

A539 6579: Walter Hilton. Scala perfectlonls (E) 
BMab 18/3 

A540 6613: Lantern of light BMab 18/5 

A541 6810: Collection relating to parliamentary affairs, 
17th century BMbm 3B/7 

A542 6913: Satirical poems by various authors, vol. 1 
BMab 679/3 

A543 6914: Satirical poems by various authors, and 
some prose articles, vol. 2 BMab 679/2 

A544 7334: Chaucer. Canterbury Tales, Including 
Tale of Gamelyn BMab 57/1 


A545 98: Sir Humphre. Gilbert. Scheme for a London 
Academy for the Queen's wards and other»/ Second 
paradox/ Roger Ascham. 9 letters written from 
Germany, 1551/ Elizabeth, queen of England. 34 
letters to foreign princes (L)/ Degory Hender. 
Observations on a war with Spain/ Petrucclo Ubaldlno. 
Memorial to Queen of England on finance (I)/ Collec- 
tions sent to Lord Burghley (L )/ Description of Eng- 
land (I)/ Other extracts, letters, poems, maxims, 
etc. (L, I, E) BMab 49/1 

A546 143: Collection of papers concerning admiralty 
causes, including many letters of Sir Francis Walsing- 
ham BMbm 6/3 

A547 285: Historical and heraldric collections (E & F), 
Lydgate. Solteltes at the coronation banquet of Henry 
VI; Governance of kings and princes/ Vegetius. De re 
mllltari BMab 66/1 

A648 409: Ecclesiastical treatises, chiefly of the 
Council of Basel (L), Lydgate. Rammeshorne, 
265V; not photographed BMbm 10/7 

A549 699: Lydgate. Fragment of Legend of St. Giles; 
Fabula duo rum mercatorum ; Guy of Warwick; Churl 
and the bird; Legend of St. Austin at Compton; Daunce 
of Machabree; Selections from Fall of princes; Debate 
between horse, goose, and sheep; Kings of England; 
Stans puer ad mensam; Doctrine for pestilence and 
Dietary; Jak Hare; Letter to Gloucester; Lives of St. 
Albon and St Amphabel/ Chaucer. Complaint against 
fortune; Truth BMab 20/7 

A550 793: Sydrac and Boctus, Eng. tr. by Hughe of 
Caumpedene BMab 66/3 


A551 7. C. IV: Defensor (V). Liber sclntlllarum (L & 
E)/ Isldorus. Sententlae (L & E)/ Other theological 
works (L & E) BMab 53/1 

A552 7. D. 1: Honorius Augustodunensis. Eluci- 
darium / Satirical and other verses (L) Religious 
tale (L)/ Treatise on daily behavior of a monk (L)/ 
Theological notes on sin (L)/ 315 church tales (L) 
BMab 37/2 

A553 12. E XXI: Vegetius. Excerpts from De re mlll- 
tari/ Macroblus. Excerpts from Saturnalia/ Other 
excerpts from Latin authors/ Alculn. Extract from 
Dialogus de rhetorlca/ Miscellaneous commonplaces 
of ethics and rhetoric (L)/ Moral tales (L)/ John of 
Wales. Brevlloquium de vlrtutlbus cardlnalibus/ Ex- 
positions on the Book of Numbers/ Jacobus de Cess- 
olis. Tractatus de scacario/ Modus et sclentla ludl 
scaccorum/ Innocentlus. Moralltas de scaccario/ 
De oculo morall/ Theological commonplaces (L & E)/ 
Bernard (7). Epistola de cura et modo rel famlliaris 
gubernande BMab 36/2 

A554 15. E. VI: Dedicatory verses (F)/ Genealogical 
tables of descendants of S. Louis/ Alexander the Great 
(F)/ Simon de Pouille/ Aspremont/ Flerabras/ 
Oger de Dennemarche/ Quatre flls Almon/ Pontus and 
Sldolne (F)/ Guy de Warwik/ Herolt dardenne/ 
Cheualler au Slgne/ Honnore Lone. L'arbre de 
batalUes/ Egidlo Colonna. De reglmlne princlpum tr. 
by Henri de Gauchl/ Cronlcles de Normandie/ Alain 
Chartler. Brevlaire des nobles/ Christine de Pisan. 
Des fals darmes et de cheualerie/ Statutes of the 
Order of the Garter (F) BMab 97/1 

A555 20. B. V: New Testament (F)/ Hymns (L & F)/ 
Secreta secretorum (F)/ Peter of Blols (?). De tri- 
bulatione (F)/ Narratives of the Passion and Resur- 
rection (F); Barlaam and Josaphat (F)/ Religious 
poems (L). De miraculis sanctl Hleronymi/ Hierony- 
mus. Excerpts from Seneca; Collection of aphorisms/ 
De diligendo Deo BMab 66/2 

A556 20. B. XTV: William de Wadlngton. Manuel des 
peches/ Edmund Rich. Speculum eccleslae (F)/ Poem 
on love of God (F)/ Simund de Frelne. Roman de phil- 
osophle/ Sermon in verse on the vanity of the world 
(F), Grosseteste. Chasteau d'amour/ Roman des 
romans/ Miracles of the Virgin (F)/ Seint Pol 11 
apostle dlst BMab 67/3 and BMab 94/2 

A557 20. B. XIX: Chansons of the cycle of Gulllaume 
d'Orange: Bertrand of Bar-sur-Aube/ Girart de 
Vlane/ Almeri de Narbonne/ Enfans Aimeri/ Siege 
de Narbonne/ Siege de Barbastre/ Gulbert d'Andrenas/ 
Mort d' Almeri BMab 55/1 

SI oane 

A558 56: John Ardeme. Liber medlclnarum 
BMab 21/1 

A559 84: Macer. De vlribus herbarum/ Galenus. 
Observatlones ex operibus/ Oribasius. De simpllci- 
bus/ Hippocrates. Libri "Dinamedlarum" et dletarum/ 
Charms (L) BMab 8/6 

A560 243: Royal society. Register book No. 1, dis- 
courses, observations, and experiments BMbm 10/2 

A561 249: John Woolton. CollecUones medlclnales, 
1590-92/ Treatise on the diseases of women 
BMbm 8/7 

A562 252: Catalogus pharmacorum/ Mundlnus de 
Foro Julil. Symeonls Januensis synonlma medlca 
abbreviata/ Khalaf ibn 'Abbas (Abu al-Kaslm) al- 
Zah-rawi. De preparatlone medlclnarum/ Metrical 
invective against Philip, duke of Burgundy BMbm 8/4 

A563 258: Pletro de Crescenzl. Opus rurallum 
commodorum BMbm 8/5 

A564 259: Bartholomaeus de Montagnana. Medical 
commonplace book (L) BMbm 8/8 

A565 265: Muhammad ibn Musa ibn Shaklr. Liber H 
& Synonyma, tr. by Gerardus Cremonensls (L) 
BMbm 10/6 

A566 272: GUbert, the Englishman. Compendium 
medicine BMab 387/2 

A567 277: William de Parma. Treatise on surgery/ 
John Ardeme. Fistula In ano BMbm 8/9 

A568 280: John of Gaddesden. Rosa Anglica/ Trea- 
tises on urines (E & L)/ Religious treatises (L) 
BMab 387/3 

A569 288: Humphrey Locke. Treatise on alchemy/ 
Johannes Pauper. Brevlarium (E)/ John Sawtre. 
Opus alchymlcum/ Jo. Chanute. Quaestlones de 
alchemlca/ John Dastin. Dream (Verse); Visio al- 
chymlca (L & E)/ Alchemical treatises revised by 
Thomas Charnock (L & E)/ Alchemical receipts/ 
Richard Carpenter. Poem on philosopher's stone/ 
George Ripley. Cantilena de laplde philosopnico; 
Medulla alchymlae; Philorcium alchymlae/ Thomas 
Norton. Verses/ Sir Hugh Piatt. Extracts from The 
Jewell house of art and nature/ Roger Bacon. De 
chymla; Verbum abbrevlatum/ Pearce the black monk. 
Verses on the elixir/ Jablr ibn Haiyan, al-Tarasusl. 
Testamentum alchymlcum BMbm 6/9 

A570 290: De medlclnibus simpllcibus/ Martinus 
Polonus. Chronlcon imperatorum pontlflcumque 
Romanorum usque ad annum 451 BMbm 3B/10 

A571 297: Treatise on diseases (L)/ Treatises on 
herbs (L)/ Other medical treatises (L)/ Lydgate. 
Fragment of Life of Our Lady BMbm 6/4 

A572 317: Medical and alchemical receipts (E & L)/ 
Vincent de Beauvals. Extracts from Alchymy/ Hermes 
Trismeglstus. On alchemy/ Jablr Ibn Haiyan, al- 
Tarasusl. Of Investigation of perfection; Summa per- 
fectlonls/ Ramon Lull. Elucldarle of his testament; 
Abbreviatio de vlridl leone/ Rosarius minor/ Alchem- 
ical treatise/ Artstoteles. Epistola ad Alexandrum 
Magnum de reglmlne sanltatis/ Albertus Magnus. 
Semlta recta/ Origenes. Opus alchymlcum BMbm 

A 573 320: Trading accompts of Roger Clark, Henry 
Clltherow, and Clement Draper, 1578-1580/ William 
Blomefield. Compendlary of alchemy/ Amaldus de 
VHlanova. Notes out of his Testament/ Chaucer. 

Conclusion of Canon's yeoman's tale/ George Ripley. 
Extract from his bosom book; Philorcium alchymlae; 
Vision (Verse)/ John Dastin. Rosarius phllosophorum/ j 
Joannes Chrysippus Fanianus. De arte metalllcae 
metamorphoses/ Conference of WUlelmus de Senls 
with abp. of Rhelms on alchemy in 1216/ Ramon Lull. 
The repertorie; Theorica, cap. 49-67 (E)/ Paracel- 
sus. De natura rerum, Eng. tr. by John Tichborne/ 
Alchemical treatises/ Hermes Trismeglstus. Tabula 
Smaragdlna cum Hortulanl commentario (E)/ Jablr 
Ibn Haiyan, al-Tarasusl. Testament/ Michael Scott. 
Quaestlo curiosa de natura soils et lunae (E) 
BMbm 3A/1 

A574 335: John Ardeme. Liber medlclnarum cum 
flguris/ Imagines plantarum calamo descriptae/ 
Collectanea medlca BMab 386/5 

A575 340: Nlcolaus Brakindemensis. Commentary on 
Marbode's De lapldibus (L), Versus de femlna, 
Anathemia human! corporis/ Treatise on urines/ 
Henry Daniel. Fragment of De urinls (E)/ Manuale 
de physica et chlrurgia (E), Treatises on Judicial 
astrology/ On the 12 signs of the zodiac/ Book of 
Galen, Hippocrates, Socrates, and Aesculapius (L)/ 
Verses on the practice of medicine/ Medicines for 
most diseases (L & E)/ Macer. De vlribus herbarum 
BMbm 3A/2 

A576 428: Richard Trewythlan. Entry book, 1442- 
1458, including astronomical and astrological tables 
and treatises; the address of Richard, duke of York, 
to the Privy Council, 1450-1451; and the treatise on 
the pestilence by Blascus (E & L) BMbm 6/1 

A577 536: Treatise on perspective (E & L) BMbm 

A578 540A: De vlrtutlbus herbarum (E), Medical re- 
ceipts/ Astrological tracts on phlebotomy/ Treatise 
on urines BMbm 6/7 

A579 554: Boethius. De consolations philosopbiae, 
Eng. tr. by John Walton/ Poem on faithlessness of 
woman BMbm 6/6 

A580 630: Medical treatises BMbm 2B/7 

A581 634: Tractatus medicinal BMbm 2A/8 

A582 635: Medical tracts BMbm 2A/10 

A583 636: Astronomical and astrological tracts 
BMbm 2B/6 

A584 680: Medical recipes BMbm 2A/1 

A585 683: Excerpts from R. Grosseteste, etc. 
BMbm 2A/3 

A586 686: Tracts on husbandry BMbm 2A/2 

A587 689: G. Ripley. The philosophers stone 
BMbm 2A/4 

A588 690: Poeme philosophique BMbm 2A/5 

A589 692: Tractatus varil hermeUcl BMbm 2B/2 

A590 702: Astronomical and astrological treatises 
BMbm 2A/9 

A591 706: Tractatus varll medlclnales BMbm 2A/7 

A592 747: Chartulary of Missenden abbey, co. Bucks 
(L) BMab 67/2 

A593 770: Kemor. The virtue of herbs BMbm 2A/6 

A594 773: Aegidlus corboliensls BMbm 2B/4 

A595 775: Law common-place book BMbm 2B/5 

A 596 780: T. Simson. Poems and astrolabe 
BMbm 2A/11 

A597 783 A: Scarabaeor hlstorla BMbm 2B/3 

A598 783 B: Medical treatises BMbm 2B/1 

A599 795: J. Ardeme. Treatises BMbm 2A/12 

A600 862: Catalog of books and manuscripts collected 
by Thomas Howard, 2d earl of Arundel BMbm 3B/4 

A601 962: Catalogues of plants/ Nomina medlclnarum 
et oratlonum et materiarum (E). Tract on blood- 
letting/ Medical receipts/ De vlrtutlbus rosae 
marinae (E)/ Hippocrates. De erbls colllgendls/ 
Macer. De vlrtutlbus herbarum/ Alchemical receipts 
(L, E, F)/ Synonyma herbarum (L, F, E)/ John 
Ardeme. Liber mediclnarum/ Alchemical treatises 
(E,L, F)/ De vlrtutlbus herbarum/ Gilbert Grymesby. 
Pulvls exceUens pro vlsu conservando BMbm 3B/2 

A602 963: Religious treatise (L) Treatise on urines/ 
Book of Galen, Hippocrates, Socrates, and Aescula- 
pius/ Medical and alchemical receipts/ Meditation on 
the Passion/ Song of love to Jesus/ Joannes de 
Burgundia. On the pestilence/ Astrological tract on 
phlebotomy (E & L)/ Rules for to lete blood In verse/ 
Verses on the practice of medicine/ Chemical receipts 
(L)/ Aqua vita perfectlsslma/ Hippocrates. Aphoris- 
mi/ Macer. De vlrtutLbus herbarum (E) 
BMbm 3B/1 

A603 964: Medical tracts BMbm 2B/9 

A604 965: Medical tracts BMbm 2B/8 

A605 967: Guy de Chauliac. Chlrurgla/ Medical re- 
ceipts (L & F) / De urlnls BMbm 3B/3 

A606 976: Liber de preparationlbus/ John Dastln. 
De elixir aquarum; Compilation from Villanova and 
Hortulanus (L), Alchemical receipts and treatises 
{h)/ Petrus de Armenia. De Tartaro. Catalanus. 
Ad faciendum elixir vlnl/ Johannes Galacius. Aqua 
soils/ Feovernus de Arragonla. Processus ad aurum 
faciendum/ Amaldus de Villanova. Nota, Thomas 
Aquinas. Recepta ad lunam/ Albertus Magnus. Ex- 
tracts from De mlneralibus/ Nlcolaus Camer. Al- 
chemical receipts (L), Gullelmus de Luplmonte. 
Ad faciendum mercurlum/ Gullelmus de Arboys. 
Recepta e alchemicae/ Ramon Lull. Extracts (L) .' 
Alchemical verse (L)/ Bernardus. Epistola de opere 
philosophico/ Jean de Meun. Liber Iapldls miner- 
alls/ Synonyma alchemlca/ Joannes de Garlandla. 
Verba/ Secreta secretorum/ Alfidius. Commentary 
on Uthesla et Maria; InterrogaUones et responslones/ 
Nlcolaus. Philosophla de arte dicta BMbm 4A/2 

A607 981: Metrical treatise (L)/ Teodorico Borgognl 
da Lucca. De aqua vltae/ De aquis diversis, Medical 
receipts (L) BMbm 4A/9 

A608 983: Medical receipts/ Joannes de Burgundia. 
Against the pestilence/ On surgery/ Aqua vltae per- 
fectlsslma/ Tabula septem planetarum/ Bartholo- 
maeus AngUcanus. Abstractus de proprietatlbus re- 
rum BMbm 4A/3 

A609 989: Joannes de Burgundia. Govemale of 
helth/ Lydgate. Dietary BMbm 4A/4 

A610 1044: John Bagford. Collection relating to the 
art of printing and engraving BMbm 397/1 

A611 1044, ff. 76-77: BMab 397/2 

A612 1057: Cassiodorus. De orthographla 
BMbm 4A/10 

A613 1067: John of Gaddesden. Rosa Anglica/ Medi- 
cal receipts/ Synonyma herbarum/ Quid pro quo/ 
Synonyma medlcinarum BMab 52/1 

A614 1080: Medical receipts BMbm 4A/5 

A615 1080A: Joannes de Montepessulano. De medi- 
cinis digestlvls et evacuativis/ Joannes de Rupescissa. 
De consideratione quintae essentiae/ John Arderne. 
Scala sanltatls contra pestilenciam BMbm 4A/1 

A616 1092: Thomas Norton. Extracts from Ordinal of 
alchemy/ Pearce the black monk. Verses on the 
elixir/ George Ripley. Compound of alchemy In 
verse/ Alchemical treatises and verses BMbm 4A/8 

A617 1100: Astrological tracts on phlebotomy/ Henry 
Daniel. De urlnis (L & E)/ Stephen Arnaldl. Dietari- 
um/ T. Langham. Medical receipts BMbm 4B/4 

A618 1102A: De arithmetlca progressione BMbm 4A/6 

\619 1108: Culinary receipts BMbm 4A/7 

A620 1110: Nicholas of Lynne. Calendar with astro- 
nomical tables and figures of eclipses, 1387-1463 (L) 
BMbm 4B/2 

A621 1118: Miscellaneous receipts (E & L)/ Ramon 
Lull. Epistola de lapide philosophico; Epistola 
accurtationis/ Alchemical verses (L)/ Divinationes/ 
Roger Bacon. Speculum secretorum alchlmlae/ Jabir 
ibn Halyan, al-Tarasusi. Liber fornacum, Lat. tr. 
by Roger Bacon; InvesUgatio perfectlonis/ Elardus. 
Questions to the devil on the philosopher's stone/ Ben- 
edictus, philosophus. Gemma salutaris/ Vincent de 
Beauvais. Speculum naturale/ Amaldus de Villanova. 
Glossa de secretis naturae/ Speculum alchemlae/ 
Alchemical treatises (L)/ John Dastln. Opus de elixir 
aquarum/ Artephlus. Extracts from De arte suttrlllia/ 
Joannes de Garlandla. Tractatus super textum Herme- 
tls/ Amaldus Grecus or Bonlfacius IV. De quatuor 
verbis/ Johannes Pauper. Brevlarlum BMbm 4B/3 

A622 1124: Galenus. Ars parva cum lsagoge Johan- 
itil/ Theophllus Protospatharius; De urinarum differ- 

entia/ Philaretus. De pulslbus interprete L. Pontico 
Virunlo/ Hippocrates. Aphorlsml; Prognostlca; De 
reglmine acutorum/ Nlcholaus. Antldotarium/ Joan- 
nes de Sane to Paulo. Practlca brevls/ Bartholomaeus 
Salernltanus. Practlca/ Petrus de Musana. Praxis 
medica/ De morbis mulierum BMbm 4A/11 

A623 1128: Secreta secretorum/ De xil signis/ Vo- 
cum medica rum interpretatio/ Alchemical verse (L) 
BMbm 4B/1 

A624 1201: Herbs necessary for a garden/ Articles 
on catching fish, keeping nous conyngges, breeding 
doves, etc./ Menus for festival days and coronations/ 
Table of assize of bread/ Cookery receipts 
BMbm 3A/3 

A625 1210: Hymnl ad Christum muslcales, Liber de 
prosodla metric e BMbm 4A/13 

A626 1212: Lydgate. Fragment of Temple of glas; 
Defence of Holy Church; Balade at the reverence of 
Our Lady, qwene of mercy/ Hoccleve. De reglmine 
prlnclpum BMbm 4A/12 

A627 1303: Earl of Essex. Voyage to Cadiz/ Ley- 
cester's commonwealth/ Nicholas Breton. Countess 
of Pembroke's Passion/ "The Earle of Essex his 
Buzze" (Poem)/ Henry Wilde. Sonnet In praise of 
George Wharton BMbm 4B/9 

A628 1313: Herbarium/ Medical treatises and receipts 
(L)/ Miscellaneous receipts (L)/ De termlnis 
physicallbus/ Treatise on surgery (L)/ Thesaurus 
pauperum/ Ishak ibn Sulaiman, al-Isra-ill. De urlnis/ 
Aristoteles. De physonomla/ Vlrtutes rosae marlnae/ 
Astrological treatise (L)/ Treatise on urines (L)/ 
Poems on Ten Commandments, Creed, etc./ Verses 
in an Exemplum/ Vlrtutes balsam! BMbm 4B/8 

A629 1314: Books of Galen, Hippocrates, Socrates, 
and Aesculapius/ Verses on the practice of medicine 
BMbm 3A/4 

A630 1315: John Russell. Book of nurture/ Kalendar/ 
Human destinies learned from stars/ Somnia Danielle 
(E)/ Prognostics for the year/ De virtutlbus herbar- 
um (E)/ Medical receipts BMbm 4B/7 

A631 1317: Medical receipts (L & E)/ Tretys of 
astronomye and philosophy/ Commissions from bishop 
of London to two rectors/ Proprietates verborum/ 
Argumentum In epistolam ad Romanos secundum Jeron- 
lmum BMbm 4B/5 

A632 1360: Prayers in cypher/ Ordo precum publlcar- 
um cryptographice scrlptus BMbm 3A/5 

A633 1443: Samuel Daniel. The civil wars between the 
houses of York and Lancaster, a poem BMbm 4B/6 

A634 1446: Copies of miscellaneous poems by Richard 
Corbet, Henry King, Robert Herrick, Henry Reynolds, 
William Strode, Peter Bradshaw, John Milton, Sir 
John Harington, Sir Henry Wotton, H. Harlngton, 
Jerameel Terrent, Ben Jonson, Sir Henry Blount, 
Robert (7) Ellice, G. Morley, Thomas Randolph, 
William Browne, John Vaughan, Walton Poole, Sir 
Benjamin Rudyerd, Francis Beaumont, Robert Ramsay, 
William Munsey, Sir Simeon Steward, and Richard 
Clearke BMbm 3A/6 

A635 1609: Medical receipts/ Kalendar/ Astrologi- 
cal treatises/ Sompniale Danlelis (E). De virtutlbus 
herbarum/ Vision of Esdras the prophet/ Macaronic 
verses on death/ Ecclesiastical papers (L) 
BMbm 3A/7 

A636 1610: Galenus. Ars parva cum lsagoge JohaiiiUi; 
Anathomia/ Hippocrates. Aphorism!; Prognostlcon; 
De regimlne sanltatls; De dietls unlversalibus et partic- 
ularlbus/ Theophllus Protospatharius. De urinarum 
differentia; De pulslbus/ Gilles de Corbell. Versus 
de urlnis/ Aristoteles. Epistola ad Alexandrum 
Magnum de reglmine sanltatls/ Poema de questloni- 
bus physlcalibus/ Versus de electione specierum 
medicinarum scilicet simpllcum/ Constantlnus 
Afrlcanus. Viaticum/ Practica puerorum/ Treatise 
on diseases of women (L), Questiones Inter Hadrian 
et Secundum philosophum/ Ishak ibn Sulaiman, al- 
Isra-ili. De febribus et de urlnis, Lat. tr. by Constant- 
lnus Africanus BMbm 3A/10 

A637 1611: Offlcia et legenda/ Moral verses (L)/ 
Medical (7) treatise (F)/ Hippocrates. Le liures 
que io Ypocras enolaia Cesar (F)/ Life of St. Margaret 
(F)/ Joannes Chrysostomus. Extract from sermon (L) 
BMbm 3A/9 

A638 1612: Bernardus de Gordonlo. Lillum medlclnae/ 
John of Gaddesden. Rosa Anglica/ Index medlcarum 
herbarum/ Nicholaus. Antldotarium/ Methodus 
medendi/ Collectlo deflniUonum/ Money accompt of 
R. Lye, 1417 (L) BMbm 3A/8 

A639 2002: John Arderne. Practlca de fistula In 
ano BMab 21/8 

A640 2027: VegeUus. De re mllitari (E), John 
Russell. Book of nurture/ Lydgate. Secreta secre- 
torum (E)/ Robert of Gloucester. Chronicle/ 
Chronicle of England from John to Richard D 
BMbm 3B/5 

A641 2103: "Inventory, made January 11, 1547 [8?] 
of privileges, grants, and other muniments concerning 
the merchant adventurers, ... with copies of many 
papers relating to the disputes with the German states; 
letters from the emperors to the popes; extracts from 
the yearbooks, and other things relating to the mer- 
chant adventurers" (L, E, F) BMbm 3B/6 

A042 2122: John Arderne. 
BMbm 3B/8 

Liber medicinarum 

A643 2156: Roger Bacon. Perspectiva; Multlplicatio 
splcierum; Communia mathematica; De mirabili po- 
testate artis et naturae/ Amaldus de Villanova. In- 
tentlo medicorum; Expositlones vlsionum In somnls; 
Contra dicentes se posse cogere demones / Heinrlch 
von Langenstein. De reductlone effectuum; De 
habltudine causarum/ Thomas Aquinas. De essentiis 
essentiarum ; De fato/ H. Witelo. De natura demonum/ 
Nicolas Oresme. De configuratlonibus qualitatum et 
motuum BMbm 6/2 

A644 2416: Ramon Lull. Artes magna et brevls 
BMbm 6/8 

A645 2452: Lydgate. Fall of princes, bk. 1, chap. 
3-7 BMbm 5/1 


A646 34: Short homilies on the various virtues and 
vices BMab 32/1 

British Museum . Dept. of Printed Books. 

Thomason Collection 

A647 Klngdomes intelligencer: Dec. 31, 1660-Apr. 
15, 1661; Apr. 28 - May 5, 1662; Aug. 9, 1662; 
Sept. 22-29, 1662; Nov. 27, 1662 BMab 146/1 

A648 Kingdomes weekly intelligencer: Dec. 27, 1642- 
Apr. 18, 1643; Apr. 25 - May 9, 1643; May 16 - June 
20, 1643; June 27 - July 18, 1643; July 25 - Aug. 15, 
1643; Nov. 7 - Dec. 26, 1643; Jan. 2 - Mar. 21, 1644; 
Apr. 2 - 10, 1644; Apr. 16 - Oct. 23, 1644; Oct. 29, 
1644 - Jan. 14, 1645; Jan. 21 - 28, 1645; Mar. 4 - 
Oct. 28, 1645 BMab 134/1 

A649 Kingdomes weekly Intelligencer: Oct. 28, 1645 - 
Feb. 10, 1646; Feb. 17, - Mar. 17, 1646; Mar. 24 - 
May 25, 1646; June 2, 1646 - Sept. 28, 1647; Oct, 5, 
1647 - Mar. 21, 1648 BMab 135/1 

A650 Kingdomes weekly Intelligencer: Mar. 21 - July 
11, 1648; July 18, 1648 - Aug. 28, 1649; Sept. 4 - Oct. 
9, 1649 BMab 136/1 

A661 Mercurlus civicus: May 4-June 16, 1643; July 
6-Aug.l7,1643; Sept.7-Dec.7,1643; Dec. 14, 1643- 
May 23, 1644 BMab 139/3 

A652 Mercurius civicus: May 23-Dec. 12, 1644; 
Dec. 19, 1644-May 7, 1646; May 21-Sept.3, 1646 
BMab 140/1 

A653 Mercurius civicus: Apr. 10-17, 1645; Apr. 24 -Sept. 
25, 1645; Oct. l-Nov.6,1645; June 25 -Aug. 27, 1646; 
Sept. 3-10, 1646; Oct. 15-22, 1646; Oct. 29-Nov. 19,1646; 

Dec. 3-10, 1646 BMab 141/1 

A654 Moderate intelligencer: Feb. 27-Oct. 2, 1645 
BMab 136/2_ 

A655 : Oct. 2, 1645-Jan. 14, 1647; Jan. 21- June 

17, 1647 BMab 137/1 

A656 : June I7-July 29, 1647; Aug. 5, 1647-July 

27, 1648; Aug. 3-Nov. 2, 1648; Nov. 9, 1648-Mar. 22, 
1649 BMab 138/1 


Mar 22-Oct. 4. 1649 BMab 139/1 

A658 Moderate Intelligencer (new series): Dec. 1-8, 
15-29, 1652; May 2-16, 23-30, 1653; June 6-July 24, 
1653; Sug. 8-17, 22-29, 1653; Feb. 16-May 10, 1654 
BMab 139/2 

A659 Parliamentary intelligencer: Dec. 19-26, 1659; 
Mar. 26 -May 28, 1660; June 4- Aug. 13, 1660; Aug. 20- 

Dec.31,1660 BMab 145/2 

A660 Perfect diurnall of some passages in Parliament: 
June 26- Aug. 7, 1643; Aug. 28 -Dec. 4, 1643; Dec. 11, 
1643-Feb. 26, 1644; Mar. 4- June 24, 1644 BMab 149/2 

A661 : June 24, 1644-Oct. 26, 1646; Dec. 7-28, 

1646 BMab 150/1 

A662 : Dec. 28, 1646-Feb. 22, 1647; May 10- 

Nov. 8, 1647; Nov. 15, 1647-May 21, 1649 BMab 

A663 : May 21-June 18, 1649; July 23-Oct. 8, 

1649; Nov. 5-12, 1649; July 15-29, 1650 BMab 152/2 

A664 Perfect diurnall of some passages ... In relation 
to the armies: Dec. 10, 1649 -Nov. 18, 1650 BMab 


---: Nov. 18, 1650-Apr. 5, 1652 BMab 142/1 

A666 : Apr. 5-July 12, 1652; Aug. 30, 1652-Aug. 

29, 1653; Oct. 24-Nov. 7, 1653 BMab 143/1 


July 12-Aug. 30, 1652 BMab 152/1 

A668 : Aug. 29-Oct. 24, 1653; Nov. 7, 1653-Feb. 

12, 1655 BMab 144/1 

A669 : Feb. 12-Sept. 24, 1655 [Note: Not in 

sequence; begins with June 18-25, 1655] BMab 145/1 

A670 PubUck intelligencer: Oct. 1, 1655-Oct. 6, 1656- 
Oct. 13-20, 1656 BMab 146/2 

A671 : Oct. 20, 1656-Sept. 21, 1657; Oct. 26, 

1657-Mar. 22, 1658 BMab 147/1 

A672 : Sept. 21-Oct. 26, 1657; Mar. 29-Nov. 8, 

1658; Nov. 15, 1658-June 27, 1659 BMab 148/1 

A673 : June 27, 1659-Apr. 9, 1660; May 28-June 

4, 1660 BMab 149/1 

A674 641. e. 29: [John Greene] I. G. Refutation of the 
apology for actors. 1615 BMbm 9/9 

Cambridge . University . Library. 

Additional Mss. 

A675 180 (491): Camb 509/1 

A676 181-182(129-130): Camb 510/1 

A677 183 (492): Camb 510/2 

A678 184(493): Camb 511/1 

A679 185(1056): Camb 511/2 

A680 186 (306): Camb 51 1/3 

A681 187 (657): Camb 512/1 

A682 188(131): Camb 512/2 

A683 189 (949): Camb 512/3 

A684 190(731): Camb 513/1 

A685 191(1009): Camb 513/2 

A686 192(950): Camb 513/3 

A687 193(164): Arabic-Persian Dictionary Camb 

A688 194 (733): Camb 131/2 

A689 195 (55): Camb 131/3 

A690 196-197(106-107): Camb 515/1^ 

A691 198 (132): Camb 516/1 

A692 199 (1003): Camb 516/2 

A693 200 (186): Camb 517/1 

A694 201 (201): Camb 517/2 

A695 202(1228): Camb 517/3 

A696 203 (89): Camb 518/1 

A697 204 (147): Camb 518/2 

A698 205 (278): Camb 51 8/3 

A699 207 (339): Camb 518/4 

A700 208 (385): Camb 519/1 

A701 209 (410): Camb 519/2 
A702 210(90): Camb 519/3 
A703 211 (961): Camb 519/4 
A704 212(501): Camb 520/1 
A705 213 (937): Camb 520/2 
A706 214 (6): Camb 520/3 
A707 215(114): Camb 519/5 
A708 216(91): Camb 520/4 

A709 217 (386): Camb 520/5 

A710 218 (402): Camb 520/6 

A711 219 (378): Camb 132/1 

A712 220 (382): Camb 132/2 

A713 221 (851): Camb 132/3 

A714 222 (1204): Camb 132/4 

A715 223 (1398): Camb 132/5 

A716 224 (65): Camb 132/6 

A717 225 (1075): Camb 132/7 

A718 226 (580): Camb 132/8 

A719 228 (79): Camb 133/1 

A720 229 (494): Camb 133/2 

A721 230 (66): Camb 133/3 

A722 231 (411): Camb 133/4 

A723 232-233 (693-694): Camb 134/1 

A724 234-235 (108-109): Camb 53/1 

A725 236(1296): Camb 526/1 

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A727 238 (125): Camb 526/3 

A728 239 (387): Camb 526/4 

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A730 241(1184): Camb 527/2 

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A732 243 (495): Camb 527/4 

A733 244, vol. 2 (496): Camb 52/1 

A734 245, vol. 3 (497): Camb 52/2 

A735 246 (498): Camb 56/1 

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A738 249 (388): Camb 529/1 

A739 250 (161): Camb 56/4 

A740 251 (1310): Camb 529/2 

A741 252 (238): Camb 529/3 

A742 253 (1413): Persian-Latin lexicon Camb 529/4 

A743 254 (1447): Camb 529/5 

A744 256(371): Camb 530/1 

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A746 258 (933): Camb 530/3 

A747 259 (1234): Camb 530/4 

A748 260(121): Camb 530/5 

A749 261(1069): Camb 530/6 

A750 262(315): Camb 530/7 

A751 263(1237): Camb 530/8 

A752 264(614): Camb 531/1 

A753 265(1353): Camb 531/2 

A754 266 (515): Camb 531/3 
A755 267(389): Camb 531/4 

A756 268 (22): Camb 531/5 
A757 269 (583): Camb 532/1 
A758 270 (938): Camb 533/1 
A759 273 (1501): Camb 533/2 
A760 274 (1502): Camb 532/2 
A761 275 (1503): Camb 532/3 
A762 276 (1504): Camb 533/3 
A763 277 (1505): Camb 533/4 
A764 278 1 (854): Camb 534/1 

A765 278 2 (1188): Camb 534/2 

A766 278 3 (977): Camb 534/3 

A767 278 4 (417): Camb 534/4 

A768 278 5 (447): Camb 534/5 

A769 278 6 (337): Camb 534/6 

A770 278 7 (1012): Camb 534/7 

A771 278 8 (227): Camb 534/8 

A772 278 9 (1506): Camb 534/9 

A773 279 1 (452): Camb 535/1 

A774 280 (1371): Camb 535/2 

A775 280 2 (1478): Camb 535/3 

A776 281 (1508): Camb 535/4 

A777 282 (1509): Camb 535/5 

A778 301 (1388): Camb 535/6 

A779 302 (1107): Autobiographical memoirs of. 
TImur Camb 536/1 

A780 303 (703): Camb 535/7 

A781 304 1 (171): Camb 535/8 

A782 306 (915): Camb 536/2 

A783 307 (729): Camb 536/3 

A784 308 (26): Camb 537/1 

A785 309 (103): Camb 537/2 

A786 310 (390): Camb 536/4 

A787 311 1 (60): Camb 537/3 

A788 311 2 (847): Camb 537/4 

A789 311 3 (1194): Camb 537/5 

A790 312 (584): Camb 539/1 

A791 313 (1): Camb 537/6 

A792 314-315 (724-725): Camb 538/1 

A793 316(18): Camb 538/2 

A794 318 (1203) - 319 (420): Camb 538/3 

A795 320 (844): Camb 538/4 

A796 321 (377): Camb 538/5 

A797 322 (858): Camb 538/7 

A798 323(1235): Camb 538/6 

A799 324 (403): Camb 539/2 

A800 325(1019): Camb 540/1 

A801 326 (638): Camb 540/2 

A802 327 (82): Camb 540/3 

A803 328 (374) - 329 (1443): Camb 540/5 

A804 330 (404): Camb 540/4 

A805 338 (367): Camb 542/1 

A806 407 (215): Camb 540/6 

A807 408-409 (549-550): Camb 873/1 

A808 410(1114): Camb 544/1 

A809 411 (188): Camb 545/1 

A810 412 (274): Camb 543/1 

A811 413 (1050): Camb 543/2 

A812 414 (528): Camb 543/3 

A813 415 (1120): Camb 543/4 

A814 416 (1434): Camb 543/7 

A815 417 (1435): Camb 543/5 

A816 418 1 (219): Camb 543/6 

A817 419 (962): Camb 545/2 

A818 420(1106): Camb 545/3 

A819 421 (154): Camb 545/4 

A820 422 (455): Camb 135/1 

A821 423 (247): Camb 135/2 

A822 425 (1017): Camb 135/3 

A823 426 (990): Camb 135/4 

A824 430 (148): Camb 547/1 

A825 439 (92): Camb 135/5 

A826 440 (1068): Camb 547/2 

A827 441 (1515): Camb 547/4 

A828 442 (13, 1066, 1156, 1185, 1495): Camb 547/3 

A829 443 (1377): Camb 547/5 

A830 444 (1414): Turkish-Latin vocabulary 
Camb 547/6 

A831 452 (1311): Camb 547/7 

A832 453 (1306): Camb 547/8 

A833 454 (1299): Camb 547/10 

A834 455 (1516): Camb 547/11 

A835 456 (1517): Camb 547/12 

A836 457 (1312): Camb 547/13 

A837 458 (874): Camb 547/9 

A838 459-460 (1304-1305): Camb 564/1 

A839 566 (311): Camb 565/3 

A840 567 (1324): Camb 565/4 

A841 570 (198): Camb 564/2 

A842 570 (198), vol. 2: Camb 565/1 

A843 573 (93): Camb 565/2 

A844 574 (999): Camb 566/1 

A845 575 (1215): Camb 566/2 

A846 580 (1053): Camb 566/3 

A847 581 (882): Camb 566/4 

A848 582 (742): Camb 566/5 

A849 583 (606): Camb 567/1 

A850 5841 (734). Camb 567 / 2 

A851 585 (600): Camb 567/3 

A852 586 (1023): Camb 567/4 

A853 587 (391): Camb 567/5 

A854 588 (1518): Camb 567/7 

A855 590 (1415): Italian-Arabic vocabulary 
Camb 567/6 

A856 625 (604): Camb 568/1 

A857 680 (1300): Camb 569/1 

A858 681 (346): Camb 568/2 

A859 682 (676): Camb 568/3 

A860 683 (878): Camb 568/4 

A861 746 1 (157) Wms. 1: Camb 569/2 

A862 747 (1472): Camb 569/3 

A863 748 (23): Camb 569/4 

A864 749 (1499) Wms. 4: Camb 570/1 

A865 750 (279) Wms. 5: Camb 570/2 

A866 751 (478) Wms. 6: Camb 570/3 

A867 752 (163) Wms. 7: Camb 570/4 

A868 753 (1024) Wms. 8: Camb 570/5 

A869 754-755 (356-357) Wms. 9-10: Camb 570/6 

A870 756 (967) Wms. 11: Camb 571/1 

A871 757 (275) Wms. 12: Camb 571/2 

A872 758 (1065) Wms. 13: Camb 571/3 

A873 759 (964) Wms. 14: Camb 571/4 

A874 761 (1361) Wms. 16: Camb 571/7 

A875 762 (629) Wms. 17: Camb 571/5 

A876 763 (743) Wms. 18: Camb 571/6 

A877 764 (677) Wms. 19: Camb 572/1 

A878 765 (282) Wms. 20: Camb 572/2 

A879 766 (709) Wms. 21: Camb 572/3 

A880 768 (252) Wms. 23: Camb 572/4 

A881 769 (603) Wms. 24: Camb 572/5 

A882 770-771 (1047-1048) Wms. 25-26: Camb 573/1 

A883 772 (718) Wms. 27: Camb 573/2 

A884 773 (594) Wms. 28: Camb 573/3 

A885 774 (605) Wms. 29: Camb 573/4 

A886 775 (610) Wms. 30: Camb 573/5 

A887 776 (117) Wms. 31: Camb 574/1 

A888 777 (412) Wms. 32: Camb 574/2 

A889 778 1 (581) Wms. 33: Camb 574/3 

A890 779 (867) Wms. 34: Camb 574/4 

A891 780 (253) Wms. 35: Camb 574/5 

A892 781 (720) Wms. 36: Camb 575/1 

A893 782 (1362) Wms. 37: Camb 575/2 

A894 783 (625) Wms. 38: Camb 575/3 

A895 784 (162) Wms. 39: Camb 575/4 

A896 785 (221) Wms. 40: Camb 575/5 

A897 786 (1436) Wms. 41: Camb 575/6 

A898 787 (1164) Wms. 42: Camb 575/7 

A899 788-789 (1356-1357) Wms. 43-44: Camb 575/8 

A900 790 1 (243) Wms. 45: Camb 575/9 

A901 791 (506) Wms. 46: Camb 576/1 

A902 792 (1363) Wms. 47: Camb 576/2 

A903 793 (597) Wms. 48: Camb 576/3 

A904 794 (124) Wms. 49: Camb 576/4 

A905 795 1 (513) Wms. 50: Camb 577/1 

A906 796 (149) Wms. 51: Camb 577/2 

A907 797 (30) Wms. 52: Camb 577/3 

A908 798 2 " 4 (11) Wms. 53: Camb 577/4 

A909 799 (85) Wms. 54: Camb 577/5 

A910 800 (86) Wms. 55: Camb 578/1 

A911 801 (409) Wms. 56: Camb 578/2 

A912 802 (265) Wms. 57: Camb 578/3 

A913 803 (678): Camb 579/1 

A914 804 (1229): Camb 579/2 

A915 805 (413) Wms. 60: Camb 579/3 

A916 806-807 (1059-1060) Wms. 61-62: Camb 580/1 

A917 808 (1179) Wms. 63: Camb 581/1 

A918 809 (744): Camb 581/2 

A919 810 (312) Wms. 65: Camb 581/3 

A920 811 (1115) Wms. 66: Camb 582/1 

A921 812 (987): Camb 582/2 

A922 813 (236): Camb 582/3 

A923 814 (680) Wms. 69: Camb 583/1 

A924 815 (929) Wms. 70: Camb 583/2 

A925 816 (969): Camb 584/1 

A926 817 (341): Camb 584/2 

A927 818 (598) Wms. 73: Camb 582/4 

A928 819 (644): Sihah (portion) by Al-Jawharl 
Camb 585A 

A929 820 (595): Camb 586/1 

A930 821 (338): Biography of Persian poets 
Camb 586/2 

A931 822 (153) Wms. 77: Camb 587/1 

A932 823 (622) Wms. 78: Camb 587/2 

A933 824-825 (1129-1130) Wms. 79-80: Camb 588/1 

A934 826 (710) Wms. 81: Camb 589/2 

A935 827 (1131) Wms. 82: Camb 589/1 

A936 828 (695) Wms. 83: Camb 590/1 

A937 829 (1202) Wms. 84: Camb 590/2 

A938 830 (1073) Wms. 85: Camb 590/3 

A939 831 (237) Wms. 86: Camb 591/1 

A940 832 (834) Wms. 87: Camb 591/2 

A941 833 (1061) Wms. 88: Camb 592/1 

A942 834 (510) Wms. 89: Camb 592/2 

A943 835 (585): Camb 593/1 

A944 836 (189): Camb 594/1 

A945 837 (648): Camb 594/2 

A946 839 (414): Camb 595/1 

A947 840 (1087): Camb 595/2 

A948 841-842 (1091-1092): Camb 596/1 

A949 843-844(1093-1094) Wms. 98-99: Camb 601/1 

A950 845 (1004) Wms. 100: Camb 602/1 

A951 846 (1177) Wms. 101: Camb 602/2 

A952 847 (755): Camb 603/1 

A953 886 (293): Camb 604/1 

A954 887 (897): Camb 604/2 

A955 888 (979): Camb 605/4 

A956 922 (355): Camb 604/3 

A957 1043 (587): Camb 604/4 

A958 1044(1325): Camb 604/5 

A959 1045 (1301): Camb 604/6 

A960 1055 1 (435): Camb 604/7 

A961 1056 1 (264): Camb 605/1 


1057 (899): Camb 605/5 


2029(1537): Camb 616/1 


2986 (473): Camb 631/2 


1058 (673): Camb 605/2 


2030 (1538): Camb 616/2 


2998 (479): Camb 631/3 


1059(1011): Camb 605/3 


2031(1539): Camb 616/3 


3010 (665): Camb 631/4 


1060 (1097): Camb 606/1 


2032 (1540): Camb 617/1 


3017(1313): Camb 632/1 


1061(1090): Camb 606/2 


2621 (72): Camb 617/3 


3018 (1314): Camb 632/2 


1062-3 (616-7): Camb 606/3 


2622 1 (1032): Camb 615/4 


3039: South English legendary Camb 361/4 


1064 (428): Camb 606/4 


2623 (208): Camb 617/2 


3042: Camb 33/1 


1065 (534): Camb 606/5 


2624 (1171): Camb 618/1 


3044 (1298): Camb 632/4 


1066 (859): Camb 606/6 


2625 (1193): Camb 618/2 


3065 1 (651): Camb 633/1 


1067 (721): Camb 607/5 


2626 (1231): Camb 618/3 


3088: Camb 633/3 


1068 (44): Camb 607/1 


2627 (397): Camb 618/4 

B75 3089, vol. 2: Thousand and one nights 
Camb 634/1 


1069 (218): Camb 607/2 


2628(150): Camb 619/1 


3090 (174): Camb 633/2 


1070 (266): Camb 606/7 


2629 (317): Camb 619/2 


3091 (636): Camb 635/1 


1071 J (244): Camb 607/3 

1072 1 (1054): Camb 606/8 


2630(1057): Camb 619/3 


3092 (634): Camb 637/2 



2669 (848): Camb 619/4 


3137: Lydgate. Siege of Thebes Camb 43/5 


1073 (461): Camb 607/4 


2771 (1232): Camb 619/5 


3139 (353): Camb 635/2 


1074 (1378): Camb 607/6 


2772(211): Camb 620/1 


3146 (1172): Camb 636/1 


1075 (50): Camb 608/2 


2773 (1029): Camb 620/2 


3147 (407): Camb 637/3 


1076 (286): Camb 608/3 


2778 1 (166): Camb 620/4 


3148 (408): Camb 637/4 


1077 (1272): Camb 608/4 


2779 (893): Camb 620/3 


3149 (281): Camb 638/1 


1078(1519): Camb 608/5 


2823: John de Waldeby. Speculum vite, 


1079 (486): Camb 609/1 

by William of Nassyngton Camb 38/6 


3150 (1249): Camb 637/5 


1080 (1445): Camb 608/1 


2890 (912): Camb 620/5 


3151 (383): Camb 638/2 


1081 (1199): Camb 609/2 


2891 (1251): Camb 621/1 


3152 (422): Camb 638/3 


2892 (183): Camb 621/2 


3153 (696): Camb 636/2 


1082 (49): Camb 609/3 


2893 1 " 3 (400, 525, 533): Camb 621/3 


3154 (940): Camb 638/4 


1083 (1444): Hindustani grammar Camb 609/4 


2894 (842): Camb 622/1 


3155 (1359): fNote: Facsimile of Bodleian ms. 


1084 (231): Camb 609/5 

3981 Camb 637/f 


2895 (462): Camb 622/3 


1085(1439): Camb 610/1 


2896(1354): Camb 622/2 


3156 (1360): Camb 638/5 


1087 (1026): Camb 610/8 


3163 (1007): [Note: z Add. 3293] Camb 638/6 


2897 (284): Camb 623/2 



1088(1008): Camb 610/2 


2898 (204): Camb 623/1 


3164 (248): Camb 640/2 


1089 (853): Camb 610/3 


3174 (1419): Camb 639/2 


1090-1091(289-290): Camb 610/4 


2899 (63): Camb 622/5 


3178 (33): Camb 640/1 


1092 (1440): Camb 610/5 


2900 (1323): Camb 622/4 


3179 (105): Camb 639/1 


10931 (975): Camb 610/6 


2901 (883): Camb 623/3 

2902 (1383): Camb 623/4 


3180 (287): Camb 641/1 


1094 (1416): Camb 610/7 


2905, a-e, (1418): George Pen-y Badger. 


3181(1124): Camb 640/3 


1095-1097 (1147-1149): Camb 611/1 


glish-Arabic lexicon, original ms. Camb 625/2 


3182 (879): Camb 643/1 


1098 (952): Camb 611/2 

1099 (15): Camb 611/3 

B48 2905, e-j, (1418): George Percy Badger. 

English-Arabic lexicon, original ms. Camb 626/1 


3183 (898): Camb 642/1 


2914: Camb 623/5 


3184 (438): Camb 840/4 


1100 (122): Camb 612/1 


2921-2 (697-8): Camb 623/6 


3185 (3): Camb 641/2 


1101 (335): Camb 612/2 



2923 (699): Camb 624/1 


3186(1191): Camb 644/2 


1109 (280): Camb 612/3 


2924(169): Camb 624/2 


3187 (995): Camb 640/5 


1168 1 (309): Camb 613/1 


2925 (206): Camb 624/3 


3188 (1049): Camb 643/2 


1247 (291): Camb 613/2 



2926(182): Camb 625/1 


3189 (926): Camb 644/1 


1248 (509): Camb 615/1 


2927 (184): Camb 627/1 


3190(126): Camb 642/3 


1573 (1230): Camb 613/3 


2928 (185): Camb 627/2 


3191 (376): Camb 642/2 


1859 (1520): Camb 614/2 


3192 1 (451): Camb 645/1 


2929 (919): Camb 629/2 



1860 (69): Camb 614/1 


2930 (916): Camb 629/1 


3193 1 (429): Camb 645/2 


1882(1521), 1884 1 " 3 (1522), 1886 1 - 26 (1523), 


2931 (137): Camb 628/1 


3194 1 (24): Camb 644/3 

1887 1 " 



2932 (500): Camb 629/4 


3195 (110): Camb 645/3 


1895(1527), 1896(1528), 1897(1529), 


1898 1 " 4 . 6 - 7 (1530), 1899 1 " 9 (1531), 1902 5 . 4 > 3 . 2 » * 


2934 (1195): Camb 629/3 


3195, vol. 2 (110): Camb 646/1 

(1358), 1904 1 " 4 (1534): Camb 614/4 


2937-2939 (177-179): Camb 630/1 


3196 (1389): Camb 646/4 

2C7T ,-jCSi. Ciiii.^ -ji„ 2 
B12 2028 (1536): Camb 615/3 

B63 2940-2941 (180-181): Camb 631/1 
B64 2963 (405): Camb 632/3 

B115 3197(965): Camb 646/3 
B116 3198(1496): Camb 646/2 


3199 (1541) 

Camb 647/4 


3200 (1340) 

Camb 647/5 


3201 (1473) 

Camb 647/2 


3209 (313): 

Camb 647/3 


3210 (1375) 

Camb 647/1 


3212 (74): 

Camb 647/6 


3213 (75): 

Camb 647/7 


3214 (1315) 

Camb 648/1 


3215 (503): 

Camb 647/8 


3216 (70): 

Camb 647/9 


3217 (1318): 

Camb 648/2 


3219 (1175): 

Camb 648/3 


3220 (1042) 

Camb 648/4 


3222 (1083)- 

Camb 648/5 


3225 (368): 

Camb 649/2 


3226 (71): 

Camb 649/3 


3227 1 (862): 

Camb 649/5 


3228 (1043): 

Camb 649/6 


3229 1 (942): 

Camb 649/4 


3230 (972): 

Camb 649/8 


3231 (1197): 

Camb 649/9 


3232 (1500): 

Camb 649/7 


3233 (434): 

Camb 649/1 


3234 (935): 

Camb 650/1 


3235 (242): 

Camb 650/2 


3236 (735): 

Camb 650/3 


3237 (679): 

Camb 650/4 


3238 (1355): 

Camb 650/5 


3240 (240): 

Camb 650/6 


3242 (1013): 

Camb 650/7 


3243 (783): 

Camb 650/8 


3244 (172): 

Camb 650/9 


3245 (5): Camb 650/10 


3246 (615): 

Camb 650/11 


3247 (1165): 

Camb 650/12 


3248 (366): 

Camb 651/1 


3249 (1062): 

Camb 651/2 


3250 (151): 

Camb 650/13 


3251 (32): 

Camb 650/14 


3252 (722): 

Camb 651/3 


3253 3 (27): 

Camb 651/4 


3254 (849): 

Camb 651/5 


3255 (966): 

Camb 652/1 


3256 (1044): 

Camb 652/2 


3257 (1347): 

Camb 652/3 


3258 (864): 

Camb 652/4 


3259 (4): Camb 652/5 


3260 (1224): 

Camb 652/6 


3261 (591): 

Camb 653/1 


3262 (613): 

Camb 653/2 


3263 (856): 

Camb 653/3 


3264 (466): 

Camb 653/4 


3265 (216): 

Camb 653/5 































































































863): Camb 653/6 
1320): Camb 653/7 
12): Camb 653/9 
943): Camb 654/1 
1379): Camb 653/8 
123): Camb 654/2 
869): Camb 654/3 

1321): Camb 654/4 
1295): Camb 654/5 
1153): Camb 655/3 
73): Camb 655/1 
1154): Camb 655/2 
1316): Camb 656/1 
354): Camb 656/2 
939): Camb 656/3 
589): Camb 656/4 


Camb 657/1 
Camb 657/3 
Camb 658/1 
393): Camb 658/6 
1317): Camb 658/2 
347): Camb 657/2 
1479): Camb 658/5 
1366): Camb 658/3 
394): Camb 658/4 


Camb 658/7 
Camb 659/1 
Camb 659/2 
Camb 659/3 
Camb 659/4 
781): Camb 659/5 
1484): Camb 659/6 
1485): Camb 659/7 
1487): Camb 659/8 
1341): Camb 659/9 
1343): Camb 660/4 
1344): Camb 660/2 
1159): Camb 660/3 
1303): Camb 660/1 
756): Camb 661/2 
1242): Camb 661/1 
1243): Camb 660/7 
1285): Camb 660/5 
1284): Camb 660/6 
1255): Camb 662/2 
1391): Camb 662/1 
1252): Camb 663/1 
1392): Camb 663/2 
1239): Camb 663/5 
1261): Camb 663/3 
1393): Camb 663/4 
1240): Camb 663/6 
1279): Camb 664/1 

B223 3524(1257): Camb 664/2 

B224 3525 (1247): Camb 664/3 

B225 3526 (1394): Camb 665/1 

B226 3527 (1384): Camb 665/4 

B227 3528 (1248): Camb 665/2 

B228 3529 (1280): Camb 665/3 

B229 3530 (1265): Camb 666/2 

B230 3531(1281): Camb 664/4 

B231 3532 (1275): Camb 666/1 

B232 3533 (1245): Camb 664/5 

B233 3573: Boethius. De consolatione philosophise, 
Kng. tr. by John Walton Camb 362A/2 

B234 4325: Piers the Plowman Camb 21/3 

B235 5943: Sermones/ Collection of songs, some with 
music Camb 32/2 




Camb 180/1 




Camb 180/2 




Camb 180/3 




Camb 169/1 




Camb 169/2 




Camb 169/3 




: Camb 169/4 




Camb 170/1 




Camb 170/2 




Camb 170/3 




Camb 170/4 




Camb 171/1 




Camb 171/2 




Camb 171/3 




Camb 172/1 




Camb 172/2 




Camb 174/1 




Camb 173/2 




Camb 172/3 




Camb 172/4 




Camb 173/1 




Camb 175/2 




Camb 175/3 




Camb 176/1 




Camb 174/2 




Camb 174/3 




Camb 175/1 




Camb 176/2 




Camb 176/3 




Camb 176/4 




Camb 177/1 




Camb 177/2 




Camb 177/3 




Camb 177/4 




Camb 178/1 




Camb 178/2 

















B280 D. 





B283 D. 

















3: Camb 178/3 

4: Camb 179/1 

5: Camb 179/2 

6: Camb 168/1 

7: Camb 168/2 

8: Camb 168/3 

9: Camb 168/4 

10: Lubbu'sh Shuruh Camb 181/1 

11: Aynu'l-Qudatal-Hamadani Zubdalu'l- 
Camb 181/2 

12: Jami; Ashi'atu'l-lama'at Camb 181/3 

13: Sufi. Camb 181/4 

14: Abdul B<fqi Insanul-Ka'mil (Turkish trans- 
Camb 181/5 

15: Camb 182/1 

16: Camb 182/2 

17: Camb 182/3 

18: Camb 182/4 

:?: Camb 182/5 

20: Camb 183/1 

21: Camb 183/2 

22: Camb 183/3 


B292 Dd. 1. 1: Northern Passion/ Lamentacio sancti 
Bernardi/ Story of Resurrection/ Metrical sermons/ 
Metrical exposition of Psalm LI/ Exposition of Psalm 
XCI/ Memoriale credencium/ Passio Sancti Erasmi 
(E)/ Poem on Shrift/ Good lesson of ix virtues/ 
Admonition to officers of justice Camb 15/6 

B293 Dd. I. 2 (259): Camb 324/2 

B294 Dd. 1. 10-11: Epistolae pontificum et canones/ 
Nicholas Trivet. Commentary on Boethius' De consol- 
atione philosophiae Camb 495/1-2 and 365 A 

B295 Dd. 1. 17: Geoffrey of Monmouth. Historia Bri- 
tonum/ Henry of Huntingdon. Epistola ad Henricum 
regem/ Pseudo-Turpin. De gestis Karoli/ De mirac- 
ulis beati Jacobi/ De statura Karoli/ Martinus Polo- 
nus. Chronica/ Chronicum breve rerum Anglicarum/ 
Guido delle Colonne. Gesta Trojanorum/ Giovanni da 
Legnano (?). Prophecia/ Jacobus de Vitriaco. His- 
toria Hierosolumitana/ Jacobus Palladinus, de Ther- 
amo. Compendium 'Consolatio peccatorum'/ Marian- 
us Scotus. De gestis regni Anglorum/ Marco Polo. 
De conditionibus et consuetudinibus orientalium region - 
um/ Hethum. Flos ystoriarum terrae orientis/ Fides 
Saracenorum/ De ortu processu et actibus Machometi/ 
Gesta Machometi/ Gildas. De gestis Anglorum/ 
Piers Plowman/ How to visit the sick/ Sir John Man- 
deville. Journey to the Holy Land/ Seven sages of 
Rome/ Clement of Lanthony. Harmony of the Gospels 
(L) [Note: Higden's Polychronicon seems to be lack- 
ing] Camb 18/1 

B296 Dd. 1. 23 (1400): Dictionary of Arabic and Turkish 
words Camb 324/3 

B297 Dd. I. 26: Inventory of wardrobe of Anne, queen- 
consort of James I Camb 15/4 

B298 Dd. 1. 27: Wyclif. Bible/ Table of lessons 
Camb 16/2 

B299 Dd.n. 11: John Dowland, Anthony Holborne, and 
others. Lute music Camb 17/1 

B300 Dd. II. 24: Rolls of Parliament, 1311-1326 
Camb 9/3 

B301 Dd. n. 26: Liber statutorum communas cantarior- 
um et choristarum Collegii Windsor concernencium 
Camb 9/2 

B302 Dd. n. 33: David von Augsburg. Formula novit- 
iorum (E) Camb l/l 

B303 Dd. 2. 38 (639): Camb 326/1 

B304 Dd. H. 46: Collection of readings, cases, and 
arguments upon the Statute of Pluralities and Advow- 
sons/ Collection of law precedents Camb 1/2 

B3C15 Dd. 2. 47 (714): Camb 324/4 

B306 Dd. 2. 48, vols. 1-2 (192-193): Camb 325/1-2 

B307 Dd. 2. 49 (194): Camb 325/3 

B308 Dd. 2. 50 (1014): Camb 327/2 

B309 Dd. 2. 52 (640): Camb 328/2 

B310 Dd. 2. 53 (749): Camb 328/1 

B311 Dd. 3. 11 (1143): Camb 327/1 

B312 Dd.m. 13: Piers Plowman (C-text) Camb 22/1 

B313 Dd.m. 18: Lute music Camb 19/1 

B314 Dd. 3. 22 (611): Camb 328/3 

B315 Dd.3. 23 (213): Camb 329/7 

B316 Dd.m. 39: Traherne. Reading of the authorities, 
libertyes, and offices of a forest, made upon the stat- 
ute called Carta de foresta Camb 460B/4 

B317 Dd. m. 45: Raoul Lefevre. Romance of Jason 
Camb 19/4 

B318 Dd.m. 49: Remarks on the bearings and soundings 
of the coasts of England, France, Norway, and the gulf 
of Venice/ Drawings of the astrolabe and mariner's 
compass with tables and directions for their use 
Camb 9/1 

B319 Dd.m 52: Guy de Chauliac Anatomy/ Calendar 
Camb 17/2 

B320 Dd 3. 54 (1401): Persian-Latin lexicon Camb 

B321 Dd.3. 79 (1067): Camb 329/2 

B322 Dd.3. 80 (785)-81 (1326): Camb 329/1 

B323 Dd 3 82 (1327): Camb 328/4 

B324 Dd. m. 86: Sir Robert Cotton. How the king may 
levy money/ Duke of Norfolk. Confession, 1571/ 
Inventory of goods of Duke of Norfolk/ Baron Brook(?) 
Historie of actions done In England/ Sir John Bram- 
ston. Arguments and opinions on the case of ship 
money/ Other arguments on this case/ Accounts re- 
lating to Norwich diocese, 1626/ Sir John Doddridge 
On office and duty of a herald/ Other treatises on Eng- 
lish nobility and on heraldry/ Miscellaneous treatises 
(Gr) Camb 14/1 

B325 Dd.4.3(715): Camb 329/3 

B326 Dd. 4. 4 (706): Camb 329/4 

B327 Dd.4.7(843): Camb 331/1 

B3 28 Dd. 4 . 8 1 (8) : Camb 330/2 

B329 Dd. 4. 9 (1208): Camb 329/5 

B330 Dd. 4. 10 (1233): Camb 329/6 

B331 Dd 4. 14 (250): Camb 332/4 

B332 Dd. IV. 22: Lute music Camb 9/4 

B333 Dd. IV. 23: Instrumental music Camb 25/4 

B334 Dd. 4.28 1 (31): Camb 333/3 

B335 Dd.4. 31 (168): Camb 333/1 

B336 Dd.4. 32 (77): Camb 333/2 

B337 Dd. IV. 44: Collection of recipes and charms for 
the diseases of horses Camb 26/3 

B338 Dd. IV. 45: Joannes de Rupescissa. Liber lucis/ 
Pseudo-Avicenna. Declaratio lapidis philosophorum 
filio suo/ C. Plinius Secundus. Secretum secretorum 
et aromatum/ Albertus Magnus (?). Alchemy/ Col- 
lection of Dicta of Hermes, Aristotle, and others on 
alchemy/ Chemical and medical recipes (E & L)/ 
John Dee (?). Lapis aquile/ Pseudo-Aristoteles. 
Tractatus ad Alexandrum Magnum de lapide philosoph- 
ico/ Roger Bacon. Poem Camb 26/4 

B339 Dd. 4. 47 (277): Camb 331/6 

B340 Dd.4. 49 (656): Camb 332/2 

B341 Dd.IV. 60: George Waterhouse. Songs on the 
Miserere Camb 48/2 

B342 Dd. 5. 10 (1123): Camb 332/1 
B343 Dd. 5. 11 (272): Camb 331/2 

B344 Dd. V.20: Dance tunes, bass viol part 
Camb 19/2 

B345 Dd. V. 21: Dance tunes, recorder part 
Camb 19/3 

B346 Dd. V. 24: Sir Theodore Turquet de Mayerne. 
Pharmacopeia and receipt book (L, E, F) Camb 4/1 

B347 Dd. V. 25: Sir Theodore Turquet de Mayerne. 
Adversaria physica auditiones quotidianae 1630 (G F 
E, L) Camb 5/4 ' ' 

B348 Dd. V. 26: Sir Theodore Turquet de Mayerne. 
Medicamenta ad instruendam officinam nostram chymi- 
cam nunc preparanda, 1607 Camb 1/5 









Dd. 5.34 (1034): Camb 332/3 
Dd. 5. 36 (1456): Camb 331/3 
Dd. 5.37 (861): Camb 331/4 
Dd. 5.39 (631): Camb 331/5 
Dd. 5.40(94): Camb 333/4 
Dd. 5. 41 (620): Camb 333/5 
Dd. 5. 42 (886) : Camb 334/1 
Dd. 5. 43 (1457): Camb 334/2 

B357 Dd. 5.48(95): Camb 334/3 

B358 Dd. V. 53: Medical receipts and charms (L & E)/ 
Fragment of a botanical dictionary (L)/ John Arderne. 
Radix medicinarum; Extracta de libro in practica/ 
Scheme for calculating lunations/ Roger Bacon. De 
retardatione senectutis/ De virtuttbus lapidum pretio- 
sorum/ De anulo et aliis speciebus/ Index of foreign 
herbs and spices/ De regiminis salutis Camb 19/6 

B359 Dd.V.55: Walter Hilton. Scala perfectionis/ 
Rolle. The Commandment; Extract from Prick of 
conscience/ Paragraph from St. Bernard, Bonaven- 
tura, and Rolle Camb 30/6 

B360 Dd.5. 57 (1458): Camb 334/4 
B361 Dd. 5. 59 (28): Camb 334/5 

B362 Dd. V. 64: Rolle. Emendatio vitae; Super Oratio- 
nem Dominicam; Incendium amoris; Pt. of Glossary 
for Melum contemplativorum; Form of living; Ego dor- 
mio; The Commandment; English lyrics Camb 20/1 

B363 Dd. 5. 74 1 (970): Camb 334/6 

B364 Dd. V. 76: Prayer of words of Christ on Cross/ 
Aristoteles. Epistola ad Alexandrum de conservacione 
human! corporis/ Medical receipts and charms/ 
Ready reckoner/ List of kings of England to Henry VI/ 
Notes on taxation/ Memoranda of expenditure/ Diag- 
nostics of secretions/ On treatment of wounds/ Pro- 
perties of herbs (L) Camb 20/2 

B365 Dd. V. 78: Francis Junius. Lectures on the pro- 
phet Jonah/ Notes taken at the lectures of some civil- 
ian, temp. Carol. I (L)/ Instrumental music Camb 

B366 Dd. VI. 1: Primer (Sarum)/ Metrical exhortation 
Camb 32/3 

B367 Dd. 6. 2 (1475): Camb 335/3 

B368 Dd. VI. 9: Medical and domestic receipts (E & L) 
Camb 1/4 

B369 Dd. VI. 13: Collection of medical receipts with 
sundry diagnostic remarks upon the signs and symp- 
toms of diseases Camb 5/3 

B370 Dd. 6. 16 (222): Camb 335/2 

B371 Dd. 6.20(1010): Camb 335/1 

B372 Dd. 6. 21 (1421): Camb 334/.10 

B373 Dd.6. 22 (369): Camb 334/9 

B374 Dd. 6. 24 (590): Camb 334/8 

B375 Dd. 6. 26 1 (996): Camb 334/7 

B376 Dd. VI. 29: Almanack/ Miscellaneous receipts 
and charms/ Hippocrates. Treatise/ Collection of 
treatises on urines/ Table of eclipses Camb 32/4 

B377 Dd. 6. 32 1 (758) : Camb 335/5 

B378 Dd.6. 37 (1214): Camb 876/1 

B379 Dd. 6.41 (983): Camb 335/4 

B380 Dd. VI. 43: Abraham Cowley. Song/ Vergilius. 
Aeneid, bk. 4, Eng. tr. by Sidney Godolphin/ John 
Donne. Farewell to the world/ Miscellaneous poems 
Camb 5/5 

B381 Dd. VI. 48: Dance music Camb 364 (1) 

B382 Dd. 6. 50 (957): Camb 335/6 

B383 Dd. 6. 52 (1307): Camb 335/7 

B384 Dd. 6. 53(35): Camb 876/2 

B385 Dd. 6. 64 (1346): Camb 876/3 

B386 Dd. 6.66 (1209): Camb 876/4 

B337 Dd. 6.74 (323): Camb 876/5 

B388 Dd.6.75 (925): Camb 876/6 

B389 Dd. VI. 80: Thomas Williams. Journal of voyage 
to Spain, and Travels through Spain to France Camb 

B390 Dd. 6. 83 (913): Camb 876/7 

B391 Dd. 6. 91 (1395): Camb 876/8 

B392 Dd. VTI. 6: Miscellaneous statutes and legal trea- 
tises (L)/ Walter de Henley. Husbandry (F)/ Henry 
de Bracton. De legibus et consuetudinibus Angliae 
Camb 18/2 

B393 Dd. VII. 14: Camb 362A/4 

B394 Dd. VIII. 2: Documents relating to Kington monas- 
tery, Wiltshire/ Katerine Moleyns. Obituary kalendar 
ol the brothers, sisters, and benefactors of the monas- 
tery of Kingston, 1493/ Commendacio anime/ Horae 
Beatae Mariae Virginis Camb 363/2 

B395 Dd. VIII. 19: Treatise on canon law (L)/ Gower. 
Confessio amantis Camb 363/1 

B396 Dd. VIII. 40: Accompts of James Chapman, baker 
to College of Westminster, 1640-1648/ Project for 
founding an industrial school for poor children/ Note 
of royal seals received by Sir Charles Cornwallis, 
collector of county of Norfolk, 1604/ Thomas Searle. 
Catalog of deans of Cathedral Church of Norwich/ 
"Proposalls for the better regulateing the officers and 
management of the work belonging to the Great Levell 
of the Fenns called Bedford Levell" Camb 15/5 

B397 Dd.DC. 2:' Collection of copies of documents relat- 
ing to negotiations carried on by Queen Elizabeth with 
the Kings of Denmark and Poland, and certain towns of 
the Hanseatic League, in order to obtain for her sub- 
jects greater freedom of trading/ Treatise on diseases 
of horses Camb 2/1 

B398 Dd.9.13 (232): Camb 876/9 

B399 Dd. DC. 38: Letters and papers relating to eccle- 
siastical matters (L)/ Constitutiones/ Regulae Sancti 
Benedicti/ Formulary/ Truce between Kings of Eng- 
land and France, 1343 (L)/ Assize of bread and beer 
(L)/ Statutes and other legal documents (L & F)/ 
Cirurgia equorum Camb 45/3 

B400 Dd.DC. 46: Sir Isaac Newton. De motu corporum 
Camb 2/2 

B401 Dd.9.55 (1018): Camb 876/10 

B402 Dd. DC. 67: Sir Isaac Newton. Lucasian lectures 
on optics, 1670-1672, (L) Camb 9/6 

B403 Dd. 10. 2 (268): Camb 337/1 

B404 Dd. 10.3 (1141): Camb 337/2 

B405 Dd. 10.5 (944): Camb 337/3 

B406 Dd. 10.6 (1422): Camb 337/4 

B407 Dd. 10. 7 (906): Camb 338/1 

B408 Dd. 10.8 (1381): Camb 338/2 

B409 Dd. 10.13 (214): Camb 338/3 

B410 Dd.X. 31: Geoffrey of Monmouth. De gestis Bri- 
tonum/ Catalogus omnium pontificum et imperatorum 
romanorum/ Dares Phrygius. De excidio Trojae 
historia/ Short poems (F) Camb 19/5 

B411 Dd. X.44: Thesaurus pauperum (E)/ Medical 
treatises/ Medical receipts (E, F, L) Catalogue of 
herbs/ Poem on herbs Camb 373/3 

B412 Dd.X. 50: Sermons Camb 1/3 

B413 Dd.X. 56: John Bagford. Collection of extracts 
relating to history of printing with titles of works by 
early printers Camb 4/5 

B414 Dd.X. 57: John Bagford. Account of the first 
impressions of the Bible in English Camb 4/3 

B415 Dd.X. 60: Edmund Spenser. View of the present 
state of Ireland Camb 4/2 


Dd. 11. 1 (946): Camb 338/4 
Dd. 11.2 (329): Camb 339/1 
Dd. 11.3 (936): Camb 339/2 
Dd. 11.5(1448): Camb 339/3 
Dd. 11. 6 (470): Camb 339/4 
Dd. 11. 7 1 (448): Camb 339/5 
Dd. 11.8 (1132): Camb 339/6 
Dd. 11.9 1 (14): Camb 339/7 
Dd. 11. 10 (96): Camb 341/1 
Dd. 11. 11 (632): Camb 341/2 
Dd. 11.12 (425): Camb 341/3 
Dd. 11. 13 (288): Camb 341/4 
Dd. 11. 14 (1376): Camb 341/5 
Dd. 11.15 (269): Camb 341/6 
Dd. 11.16 (599): Camb 341/7 

Dd. 11.17 (1121) 
Dd. 11.18 (1109) 
Dd. 11.19 (1423) 
Dd. 11.20 (1349) 
Dd. 11.21 (1125) 

B436 Dd. 11.28 (1350) 




Camb 341/8 
Camb 342/1 
Camb 342/2 
Camb 342/3 
Camb 342/4 
Camb 342/5 

Dd. 1 1 . 29 ( 145) : Camb 342/6 

Dd. 11. 30 (197): Camb 343/1 

Dd. 11. 31 (992): Camb 343/2 

B440 Dd. 11.32 (1367): Camb 343/3 

B441 Dd. 11.33 (98): Camb 343/4 

B442 Dd. 11.35 (1213): Camb 343/5 

B443 Dd. 11.36 (1151): Camb 343/6 

B444 Dd.XI. 45: Thesaurus pauperum/ Trotula. De 
passionibus mulierum/ Medical treatises (L)/ Dic- 
tionary of herbs (L & E)/ Miscellaneous receipts (L & 
E)/ De angelis annulis karecteribus et ymaginibus 
planetarum/ Medical notes Camb 32/5 

B445 Dd.XI. 57: William Aglionby. Copies of letters 
addressed to the parents of his pupils and other friends, 
1669-1671 Camb 4/4 

B446 Dd.XI. 73: W. Whiteway. Commonplace book 

Camb 11/1 

B447 Dd.XI. 82: Primer (Sarum) Camb 33/2 

B448 Dd.XI. 89: Treatise on Godly life/ John Al- 
cock (?). Abbey of the Holy Ghost/ Rolle. Prick of 
conscience/ Speculum Gy de Warewyck/ Remem- 
brance of the Passion/ Exposition of the Lord's 
Prayer Camb 33/3 

B449 Dd. 12.1 (1386): Camb 343/7 

B450 Dd. 12.2 (958): Camb 344/1 

B451 Dd.12.3 (415): Camb 344/2 

B452 Dd. 12.4 (1368): Camb 344/3 

B453 Dd. 12.5 (1329): Camb 344/4 

B454 Dd. 12. 6 (482): Camb 344/5 

B455 Dd. 12. 7 (839): Camb 344/6 

B456 Dd. 12. 8 (956): Camb 344/7 

B457 Dd. 12.9 (741): Camb 344/8 

B458 Dd. 12. 10 2 (34): Camb 344/9 

B459 Dd. 12.11 (1152): Camb 344/10 

B460 Dd. 12. 12 (1330): Camb 345/1 

B461 Dd. 12. 13 (1038): Camb 345/2 

B462 Dd.XII.23: Fragment of treatise on grammar 
(F)/ Treatise on tenures (L)/ Treatise on forms of 
action and modes of procedure (L)/ Extracts from De 
custumis in camera Guyholde civitatis London/ Com- 
mune parlance Camb 39/1 

B463 Dd.XII. 39: Of the seven virtues/ Wyclif. Of 
weddid men and wifis; On the Pater Noster/ Acts of 
the Apostles Camb 22/5 

B464 D.XTI. 51: Chaucer. Astrolabe/ Marbode. De 
lapidibus/ Treatise on medical use of certain herbs 
Camb 33/4 

B465 Dd. XH. 65: Heraldic collections Camb 11/3 

B466 Dd.XII. 69: Bonaventura. Dieta salutis/ Short 
explanations of the Lord's Prayer, Creed, etc./ 
Rolle. Prick of conscience Camb 33/5 

B467 Dd. Xm. 25: Navy accounts in the war with 
France, 1545-1546 Camb 460 B/5 

B468 Dd. 14. 1 (464): Camb 345/3 

B469 Dd. XIV. 2: Registrum cartarum tenementorum et 
redituum Nichi Bysshopp/ Chronicle to 1432/ Short 
metrical chronicle of England/ De prophetia Merlini 
Camb 33/6 

B470 Dd. 15.3 (1332): Camb 345/4 

B471 Dd.XIV. 24: Lute music Camb 39/3 

B472 Dd.XIV. 26: Documents relating to the Confes- 
sion of faith, the General Band, the Act of Secret 
Counsel/ Annual tithes for St. Austin's and St. Faith's, 
1689/ Accounts of a household, 1691/ Speculum 
Christiani/ Claude Gaspard Bachet. La vie d'Aesope/ 
Sermon notes/ Regulae studiorum/ Notes and extracts 
from various authors (L & E)/ Accounts/ Liber epifl- 
tolarum illustrium et epigrammatum selectorum/ 
Miscellanea (L & E) Camb 364/4 

B473 Dd.XIV. 28: Edmund Spenser. View of the pres- 
ent estate of Ireland/ Sir Robert Cotton. View of the 
reign of King Henry m/ George Eglisham. Forerun- 
ner of revenge upon the Duke of Buckingham for the 
poisoning of King James/ Journal of passages in the 
Assembly of Divines/ Declarations of Parliament and 
the king, March, 1623/ Hugh Candidus. Historia Coe- 
nobii Burgensis Camb 11/2 

B474 Dd.XTV.30: Theological notes (Gr & L)/ Dis- 
course on n Peter, n, 1/ Notebook of a nobleman's 
steward in the time of Henry VIII/ Things agreed on at 
a general meeting of the judges, 1636/ Index to ancient 
Chronicle of England/ William Garbrand. Letter to 
Laurence Humphrey (L)/ "Remembrances for order 
and decency to bee kept in the upper house of Parlia- 
ment by the Lords when his Matie is not there"/ 
Thomas Manley. Book of Job in verse Camb 363/3 

B475 Dd. XV. 1: Latin dictionary Camb 40/6 

B476 Dd. 15.4 (76): Camb 345/5 

B477 Dd. 15. 7 1 (530): Camb 345/6 

B478 Dd. 15.8 (1334): Camb 345/7 

B479 Dd.XV. 12: Magna Carta and other legal docu- 
ments (L) Camb 34/1 

B480 Dd.XV. 33: Treatise on Latin grammar (L)/ 

Extracts from the Bible and St. Gregory (L)/ Religious 
poem (S)/ Miscellaneous moral treatises and verses 
(L & F) Camb 34/2 


E.l: Camb 183/4 

E.2: Camb 183/5 

E.3: Camb 184/1 

E.4: Camb 184/2 

E. 5: Camb 184/3 

E.6: Camb 184/4 

E. 7: Camb 184/5 

E.7«: Camb 134/6 



Camb 185/1 



Camb 185/2 



Camb 185/3 



Camb 185/4 


E. 12: 

Camb 185/5 



Camb 185/6 



Camb 186/1 



Camb 186/2 



Camb 186/3 



Camb 186/4 



Camb 186/5 



Camb 187/1 



Camb 187/2 


B502 Ee.I. 1: Ranulf de Glanville. De legibus et con- 
suetudinibus regni Angliae/ Extracts from Bracton's 
De legibus/ John of Oxford. Fasciculus de cartts et 
contractibus/ Walter de Henley. Husbandry (F)/ 
Other legal and historical treatises collected for the 
use of the monastery of Luffield (L & F) Camb 17/3 

B503 Ee.I. 3: Simon Elrington. Collection of briefs, 
pleadings and mandates/ Medical recipes and rules of 
health/ Companeys of bestys and foules/ Recitate of 
lands and tenements of bishop of London, 1448 
Camb 21/2 

B504 Ee.I. 10: Wyclif. Old Testament and Apocrypha 
(Earlier version) Camb 34/3 

B505 Ee.I. 12: 
Camb 34/4 

James Ryman. Hymns and songs 

B506 Ee.I. 13: Catalogue of herbs/ Medical treatises 
and receipts/ Miscellaneous receipts/ Treatise on the 
management of vines/ Nicholas Bollard. Treatise on 
trees/ Albertus Magnus. Semita recta (E)/ Alche- 
mical receipts (L & E) Camb 11/4 

B507 Ee.I. 15: Fragment of list of plants/ On charac- 
teristics of the months (L)/ Receipts and charms/ 
Floridus Macer. On the powers of herbs/ Fragment 
of botanical dictionary/ Medical almanacs Camb 5/2 

B508 Ee. 1.17 (324): Camb 345/8 

B509 Ee. 1. 18: Dictionary of theological phrases 
chiefly from the writings of SS. Chrysostom, Augus- 
tine, Jerome, Isidore and other Fathers Camb 34/5 

B510 Ee. 1.26 (1139): Camb 346/1 

B511 Ee.II. 15: Liber festivalis (E)/ Dame Constaunce/ 
Three questions/ King of Hungri/ Lydgate. St. Ed- 
mund/ Life of St. Fremond/ Long Charter of Christ 
(B-text)/ Life of St. Augustine of Canterbury from 
South English legendary Camb 25/2 

B512 Ee.II. 17: Egidio Colonna. Fragment of De regi- 
mine principum (F)/ Vegetius. De chevalerie, Fr. tr. 
by Jean de Vignay Camb 25/3 

B513 Ee.H.32: Sir Charles Cornwallis. Sickness and 
death of Prince Henry, 1612/ Miscellaneous papers 
relating to affairs in reigns of Elizabeth and James 1/ 
Ralph Starkey. Discourse on High Court of Parliament/ 
Francis Tate. Antiquytye, use, and privelidge of cit- 
tyes, burroughes, and townes/ Sir Philip Sidney. 
Letter to Robert Sidney/ Verses on ship-money/ Sir 
Walter Raleigh. Discourse on peace with Spain/ Earl 
of Salisbury. Speech to Parliament, 1609/ Govern- 
ment of United Provinces/ George Eglisham. Fore- 
runner of revenge on Duke of Buckingham/ Sir Walter 
Cope. Apology on behalf of Sir Robert Cecil/ Journal 
of Parliament, 1597/ Sir Robert Cotton. On consul- 
tation between king and Parliament/ Forms of oaths 
Camb 2/3 

B514 Ee.m. 19: "View and survey of all the Queens 
Majesties woods and underwoods within all her Majes- 
ties forests, parks, chaces, and warren's, as also 
within all her Honors and Manners and Lordships be- 
longing into the Duchy of Lancaster," 1575-1579 
Camb 3/3 

B515 Ee.m. 42: Papers relating to Crown lands, 1629- 
1650/ Accompt of receipts for the service of the Earl 
of Suffolk 1650 Camb 3/1 

B516 Ee.m. 52: Old Testament, Genesis to Job with 
commentary (F) Camb 366/1 

B517 Ee.m. 53: Supplement to The Faery Queene 
Camb 3/2 

B518 Ee.m. 56: Original letters for the most part from 
Lord Burghley to his son. Sir Robert Cecil, 1593-1598 
Camb 460B/7 

B519 Ee.m. 59: 
Camb 370/1 

La estoire de seint Aedward le rei 

B520 Ee.UI. 61: Astronomical and mathematical trea- 
tises and tables/ Richard of Wallingford. De composi- 
tione rectanguli/ Ludovicus Kaerlion. Calculations of 
a solar eclipse, 1481; Canons for preparing tables for 
calculating eclipses; Tables for calculating eclipses/ 
Johannes de Liveriis. Algorismus de minutiis vulgari- 
bus et physiciis; Canones de calculatione eclipsum/ 
John Chill ingworth. Algorismus/ Simon Bredon. 
Commentum super aliquas demonstrationes Almagesti; 
Ars metrica/ John Holbrook. Astronomical tables/ 
Humphrey, duke of Gloucester. Tables/ Treatise on 
horoscope of nativity of Henry VI/ Johannes Danck. 
Expositiones canonum primi mobilis Johannis de Line- 
riis Camb 9/5 

B521 Ee.IV. 4: Henry de Bracton. De legibus et con- 
suetudibus Angliae Camb 31/4 

B522 Ee.IV. 20: Formulary of St. Albans abbey (L & 
F) Camb 25/1 


Ee.IV. 26: Romanzdu reis Yder Camb 21/4 

B524 Ee.IV. 30: Walter Hilton. Scala perfectionis 
Camb 22/2 

B525 Ee.IV. 31: Astrological prognostications/ Bene- 
dict Burgh. Paraphrase of Distichs of Cato/ Chronicle 
relating chiefly to emperors and popes extending from 
Augustus Caesar to 1276/ Robert, of Gloucester. 
Chronicle (B-text)/ History of England from Edward I 
to 1422 Camb 48/3 and Camb 496/1 

B526 Ee.IV. 35, Pt. I: Adulterous Falmouth squire/ 
Lady who buried the Host/ Seven vertwys agyns the 
seven dedley synys/ Ten commandments/ Child and 
his stepdame/ "Expences of flesche at the mariage of 
my lady Margaret"/ Robin Hood and the potter/ Kyng 
and the barker/ Arithmetical question/ Boke of cour- 
tesy Camb 48/4 

B527 Ee.IV. 35, 
Camb 48/5 

Pt. II: Rolle. Prick of conscience 

B528 Ee. V. 7: Botanicum antiquum, a series of draw- 
ings of plants and a few reptiles and insects with iheir 
names in Hebrew, Greek, Arabic, and, in some cases, 
Turkish, 1682 Camb 461/3 

B529 Ee. V. 23: Common-place book with a few scat- 
tered entries/ Love poems/ Copies of letters of reign 
of Elizabeth and James I including those of Sir Walter 
Raleigh Camb 49/1 

B530 Ee. V. 36: Collection of prophecies concerning 
English and Scotch history Camb 5/1 

B531 Ee. VI. 6: Prayers and hymns 'E & L)/ Poem on 
age/ Poem on confession/ John Peckham. Philomela/ 
Nota de vanitate mundi (Poem) Camb 35/1 

B532 Ee.Vl.ll: Legend of St. Margaret in verse (F)/ 
St. Patrick's purgatory (F)/ Aesopus. Fables, Fr. 
tr. by Marie de France Camb 41/1 

B533 Ee. VI. 16: Primer (L & F) Camb 22/4 

B534 Ee. 6. 22 (326): Camb 345/9 

B535 Ee.VI.30: Constitutiones provinciates Angliae/ 
Fragment of poem (F) Camb 7/4 

B536 Ee. 6. 36 (1308): Camb 345/10 

B537 Ee. VI. 39: Palladius. De re rustica/ Floridus 
Macer. De viribus herbarum/ Theophilus. De diver- 
sis artibus Camb 41/2 

B538 Ee.VI.41: Joannes de Sancto Paulo. Breviarium/ 
De simplici medicina Camb 39/2 

B539 F. 1 and F. I 2 : Camb 187/3 

B540 F.2: Camb 188/1 

B541 F.3: Camb 188/2 

B542 F.4: Camb 188/3 

B543 F. 5: Camb 190/2 

B544 F. 6: Camb 188/4 

B545 F. 7: Camb 188/5 

B546 F.8: Camb 188/6 

B547 F.9: Camb 189/1 


F. 10: Camb 189/2 

F. 11: Camb 189/3 

F. 12: Camb 189/4 

F. 13: Camb 189/5 

F. 14: Camb 190/1 

F. 15: Camb 190/3 

B554 F. 16: Camb 190/4 


F. 17: Camb 191/1 

F. 18: Camb 191/2 

F. 19: Camb 191/3 

F. 20: Camb 192/1 

F. 21: Camb 192/2 

F.22: Camb 192/3 

F. 23: Camb 192/4 

F. 24: Camb 192/5 

F.25: Camb 193/1 

F.26: Camb 193/2 

F. 27: Camb 193/3 

F.28: Camb 193/4 

F.29: Camb 193/5 

F.30: Camb 193/6 

F. 31: Camb 193/7 

F. 32: Camb 193/8 

F.33: Camb 231/1 

B572 F. 34: Photographic reproductions of "Tablets" 
Camb 232/2 

B573 F.35: Camb 231/2 

B574 F.36: Camb 231/3 

B575 F. 37: Copy of the Diwanul Azal Camb 232/1 

B576 F. 39: Collection of Subh-i-Azal's Persian 
writings Camb 233/1 

B577 F.40: Subh-i-Azal. Bayan, Supplement 
Camb 233/2 

B578 F.41: Subh-i-Azal. Lamaat Camb 233/3 

B579 F.42: Subh-i-Azal. Naghamatur-ruh, vol. 2 
Camb 233/4 

B580 F.43: Works by Janab-i-Quddus, Subh-i-Azal, 
etc. Camb 233/5 


F.44: Camb 234/1 

F.45: Camb 234/2 

F.46: Camb 235/1 

F.47: Camb 235/2 

F.48: Camb 235/3 

F.49: Camb 236/3 

F. 50: Camb 236/1 

F. 51: Camb 236/2 

F.52: Camb 237/1 

Camb 237/2 
Camb 237/3 
Camb 238/1 
Camb 238/2 

F.53, vol. 1 

F.53, vol. 2 

F.54, vol. 1 

F.54, vol. 2 

F. 55: Camb 238/3 

F. 56. F: Camb 238/4 

F.57: Camb 238/5 

F. 58: Camb 239/1 

F.59: Camb 239/2 

F. 60: Camb 239/3 

B600 F. 61: Camb 239/4 

B601 F. 62: Camb 239/5 

B602 F.63: Camb 239/6 

B603 F.64: Camb 239/7 

B604 F.65: Camb 239/8 



F.66: Camb 240/1 

Ff. 1.1 (516): Camb 346/2 
Ff. 1.2 (318): Camb 346/3 
Ff. 1.3 (285): Camb 346/4 
Ff. 1.4(61): Camb 346/6 
Ff. 1.5 (1198): Camb 346/5 

B611 Ff . I. 6: Fragment of tale of Philomene and 
Tereus/ Herypus, king of Armenia/ Chaucer. Pity; 
Parlement of foules; Purse; Anelida and Arcite; Venus/ 
Lover's plaint/ Sir Thomas Clanvowe. Cuckoo and 
nightingale/ Gower. Story of a king and a knight from 
Confessio amantis/ Parliament of love/ Give me 
license to live in ease/ Pyramus and Tesbe/ Inven- 
tory of clothes, etc. at Fyndyrne/ Hoccleve. Letter 
of Cupid/ King Antiochus/ Sir Degravant/ Cronekelys 
of seynts and kyngs of Yngeland/ Alain Chartier. La 
belle dame sans merci, Eng. tr. by Sir Richard Ros/ 
Short poems/ Hymn to Virgin/ Lydgate. Wikked tonge 
will seye amiss; Treatise for lavendars/ Prayer for 
England/ On different temperaments Camb 22/3 

B612 Ff . 1. 14: Novem virtutes/ Speculum Christiam/ 
Augustinus. De vistacione infirmorum; De mihcia 
spirituali/ Rolle. Quotations from his works (L)/ 
Bonaventura. Extracts from Stimulus amoris/ John 
Mirk. Manuale sacerdotis/ Other theological tracts 
(L) Camb 21/1 

B613 Ff . I. 23: Psalter in version of St. Jerome with 
Anglo-Saxon interlinear translation (L & E)/ Canticles 
and prayers with interlinear version (L & E)/ Litany 
(L) Camb 370/2 

B614 Ff. I. 32: Registrum brevium Camb 24/1 

B615 Ff. I. 33: Secret of secrets (F)/ Dugouuernement 
de sante/ Livre de bonnes meurs/ De eschez, tr. by 
Jean de Vignay Camb 24/2 

B616 Ff. n. 6: Henry Daniel. De urinis (E)/ De colo- 
ribus urinarum Camb 7/1 

B617 Ff.n.9: William Alabaster. Roxana. tragoedia/ 
Giovanni Battista Guarini. Pastor fidus, tragi-comoe- 
dia Camb 12/1 

B618 Ff.H. 10: Treatise on military array Camb 12/2 

B619 Ff. n. 13: Treatise on military array Camb 12/7 

B620 Ff. 2. 21 (658): Camb 347/1 

B621 Ff. n. 23: George Ripley. Compende of alkymye 
Camb 16/1 

B622 Ff. 2. 24 (921): Camb 347/2 

B623 Ff. H. 26: Chronicles of England (Brut) 
Camb 39/5 

B624 Ff.JJ. 33: Register of abbey of Bury St. Edmunds 
(L) Camb 366/3 

B625 Ff. n. 38: Thomas Brampton. Seven penitential 
Psalms/ Salutation of Our Lady/ Ten Commandments/ 
Seven works of mercy bodily/ Seven works of mercy 
ghostly/ Five bodyly wyttys/ Five goostly wyttys/ 
Seven deadly sins/ Wounds of Christ/ Twelve articles 
of belief/ Edmund Rich. Seven sacraments/ Of three 
arrows on Doomsday/ Eight tokens of meekness/ 
Lives of Mary Mawdelyn, St. Margaret, St. Thomas, 
and St. Katherine/ Twelve profits of suffering afflic- 
tion/ Myrrour of mankind/ William Lichfield. Com- 
plaint of God/ Pety Job. Proverbs of Salamon/ 
Stimulus conscientie minor/ Assumption of the Virgin/ 
Long charter of Christ (B-text)/ 15 tokens of Dooms- 
day/ How the good man taught his son/ Lady in dys- 
peyre/ Laments of the Virgin/ Adulterous Falmouth 
squire/ How a merchant did betray hit wife/ Good 
mater of merchant son/ Earl of Toulous/ Sir Egla- 
mour of Artois/ Sir Triamour/ Octavian/ Beues of 
Hamtoun/ Seven Sages of Rome/ Guy of Warwick/ 
Le bone Florene" nouerd of Cisyle/ Sir De- 

gare Camb 31/3 

B626 Ff. n. 39: Britton. Treatise on common law (F) 
Camb 49/2 

B627 1: Statutes of reigns of Richard II, Henry 
IV, Henry V, and Henry VI Camb 45/2 

B628 Ff. IJJ. 11: Legendary history of King Arthur and 
the knights of the Round Table (Romance of Merlin) 
Camb 45/1 

B629 Ff.m. 16: Guillaume Du Bellay. Instructions of 
the wars drawn from various authors, Bk. I, Eng. tr. 
by John Sytern Camb 5/6 

B630 Ff. III. 31: Livre du vaillant chevalier Ponthus 
Camb 46/1 

B631 Ff. IV. 9: John de Waldeby. Speculum vitae, Eng. 
tr. by William of Nassyngton/ Henry Scogan. Moral 
ballade/ Lydgate. Stahs puer ad mensam/ Benedict 
Burgh. Paraphrase of Distichs of Cato Camb 49/3 

B632 Ff. IV. 12: Robert Green. Collection of alchemi- 
cal treatises, vol. 1, including the works of Bernard 
of Trevisano, Thomas of Bologna, Roger Bacon, Ar- 
nold de Villanova, Albertus Magnus, Johannes Viennen- 
sis, and others (L) Camb 6/1 

B633 Ff.IV. 13: Robert Green. Collection of alchemi- 
cal treatises, vol. 2, including the works of John Das- 
tin, Haly, Muhammad ibn Zakariya Abu Bakr, al-Razi, 
Jabir ibn Haiyan, al-Tarasusi, and others, and alchem- 
ical poems (L) Camb 6/2 

B634 if. IV. 15: Edward of Norwich, 2d duke of York. 
Master of game Camb 12/6 

B635 Ff.IV. 21: Nicandro and Lucilla (Poem) Camb 

B636 Ff . IV. 25: James I. Letters to King and Queen of 
Denmark, King and Chancellor of Poland, Sultan of 
Turkey and others with an argument prefixed to each 
letter (L & E) Camb 12/4 

B637 Ff . IV. 29: Luis de Mercado. Sundrie cures and 
remedies for divers diseases in men, women, and 
children, Eng. tr. by Drue Burton Camb 12/5 

B638 Ff. 4. 36 (727): Camb 347/3 

B639 Ff . IV. 42: 
Camb 372/3 

Juvencus. Historia evangelica 

B640 Ff. 5.3 (1351): Camb 348/1 

B641 Ff . V. 6: Psalms of David with annotations by 
Christopher Carlile Camb 7/3 

B642 Ff. 5. 9 (511): Camb 350/2 

B643 Ff. 5. 10 (1104): Camb 350/3 

B644 Ff. 5. II 1 (1425): Camb 350/4 

B645 Ff.5. II 2 (1442): Camb 350/5 

B646 Ff.5. II 3 (998): Camb 350/6 

B647 Ff . V. 15: Glossary of words peculiar to medie- 
val documents Camb 8/1 

B648 Ff. V. 24: Treatise on higher rules of arithmetic 
Camb 8/3 

B649 Ff . V. 25: Roger Fenton. De aequivocatione/ 
Lancelot Andrewes. Concerning abstinence from meats 
and observation of the Sabbath; On vows; Concio ad cle- 
rum in provinciali synodo; Dedicatio Capellae Jesu jux- 
ta Southamptoniam/ Edward (?) Harsnett. Sermon, 
1584/ John Fisher. De matrimonio Henrici comitis 
Westmorland; Licitum fuisse matrimonium Henrici 
octavi cum Catharina relicta fratris sui Arthuri/ Tho- 
mas Jackson. Five sermons/ Other theological tracts 
(E & L) Camb 8/4 

B650 Ff.V. 30: Romance of the monk/ Rolle. Emen- 
datio vitae (E) Camb 26/1 

B651 Ff.V. 35: Sir John Mandeville. Travels/ Piers 
Plowman Camb 23/1 

B652 Ff. V. 40: De vita activa et contemplativa/ Rolle. 
Emendatio vitae (E); The Commandment; Form of 
living/ Walter Hilton. Scala perfectionis/ Miscellane- 
ous paragraphs on religion Camb 461/1 

B653 Ff. V. 45: Rolle. Fragment of Form of living/ 
Theological treatises/ Mirrour of sinners/ Orologium 
sapienciae (E)/ Craft of dying/ Of three arrows on 
Doomsday Camb 39/4 

B654 Ff. V. 48: John Mirk. Instructions to parish- 
priest/ ABC of Aristotle/ Contra fures et latrones/ 
Northern Passion/ Memento homo/ Against seven 
deadly sins/ Tale of an incestuous daughter/ Tale of 
King Edward and the shepherd/ Dialogue between a 
nightingale and a clerk/ Tale of the basin/ Turnament 
of Totenham/ Prognostications/ Adulterous Falmouth 

squire/ Lament of the Virgin/ Prayer to the Virgin/ 
Kxcerpts from South English legendary/ Metrical chron- 
icle of England from Brut to Edward U/ Mourning of 
the hare/ Ballad on an incontinent priest/ Ballad on 
provisions at a feast/ Lady who buried the Host/ Tho- 
mas of Erceldoune. Prophecy/ Little jest of Robin 
Hood and the monk Camb 26/2 

B655 Ff . VI. 13: Michael Blaumpayn. Versus contra 
Henricum Abricensem/ Grosseteste. De sphera; De 
universitatis machina/ De compositione quadrantis et 
eius officio/ Liber philosophic/ On physics/ Compen- 
dium of Hebrew grammar (L)/ Compendium of Greek 
grammar (L)/ De universis passionibus falconum, 
acciptrum, et spervariorum/ Medicines verraies de 
garir falcons(F) Camb 35/2 

B656 Ff.VI. 15: Bernard. Meditationes/ Theological 
tracts (L & F)/ Poems on Ten Commandments, seven 
deadly sins, and contrary virtues/ Series of saws (L)/ 
Sermons (L)/ Hildebertus, abp. of Tours. Compendium 
philosophic moralis/ Notule excerpte de xviii libris 
Prisciani/ Verses addressed to Frater Thomas (L)/ 
Short chronicle to 1399/ De ponderibus et mensuribus 
Camb 41/3 

B657 Ff.VI. 17: King Horn (F)/ Fragments of treatise 
on temperance (L) Camb 41/4 

B658 Ff . 6. 25 (1424): Camb 350/7 

B659 Ff.VI. 31: Rolle (?). Propur wille extracted from 
The Commandment/ Theological tracts/ Hugo of Saint - 
Victor. On temptations Camb 41/5 

B660 Ff . VI. 33: Richard of St. Victor. Benjamin 
Minor/ Sayings of holy doctors on virtues of prayer/ 
Rule of St. Savior delivered to St. Bridgett/ Five wiles 
of Pharaoh to keep Children of Israel/ Augustinus. 
Regula ad servos Dei (E)/ Of the direction of a man's 
life/ Guigues du Chastel. Scala paradisi (E)/ Macarius. 
Epistle Camb 20/3 

B661 Ff.VI. 34: Pore caitif Camb 41/6 

B662 Ff. 6. 38 5 (143): Camb 349/3 

B663 Ff . 6. 39 (674): Camb 350/1 

B664 Ff. 6. 40 (319): Camb 349/2 

B665 Ff.VI. 55: Pore caitif/ Mirrour of sinners/ Of 
three arrows/ Prayers (E & L) Camb 460B/3 

B666 G. 1, vol. 1: Camb 323/2 

B667 G. 1, vol. 2: Camb 324/1 

B668 G. 2: Camb 240/2 

B669 G. 3: Camb 240/3 

B670 G. 4: Camb 240/4 

B671 G. 5: Camb 241/1 

B672 G. 6: Camb 241/2 

B673 G. 8: Camb 242/2 

B674 G. 9, vol. 2: Camb 242/1 

B675 G. 10: Camb 241/3 

B676 G. 11: Camb 243-4/1 

B677 G. 12: Camb 243-4/2 

B678 G: 13: Camb 243-4/3 

B679 G. 14 (1-8), vol. 1: Camb 245/1 

B680 G. 14, vol. 2: Camb 245/2 

B681 G. 14, vol. 3: Camb 246/1 

B682 G. 14, vol. 4: Camb 246/2 

B683 G. 14, vol. 5: Camb 247/1 

B684 G. 15: Camb 247/2 

B685 G. 16, vol. 1, 2: Camb 249/1 

B686 G. 17: Camb 248/3 

B687 G. 18: Camb 248/2 

B688 G. 19, vol. 1: Camb 247/3 

B689 G. 19, vol. 2: Camb 248/1 


B690 Gg.I. 1: Urbane curteis/ Proverbs (F)/ 

Radulphus de Lenham. De compotu/ Short ecclesiasti- 
cal and miscellaneous treatises (L & F)/ Prayer (F)/ 
Pierre de Peekham. Lumiere as lais/ 15 signs before 
Doomsday (F)/ Aristoteles. Extract (L)/ Romaunce 
de amour/ Prophecies of Merlin (F)/ Northern Pas- 
sion/ Robert de Gretham. Les evangiles des domee's/ 
Seven penitential Psalms (F)/ Ave Maria paraphrase/ 
Cinq joies de Notre Dame/ Hermann de Valenciennes. 
L'assomption de Notre Dame/ Lamentation of the 
Virgin (F)/ Gautier de Biblesworth. Traits pour ap- 
prendre le francais, William de Wadington. Manuel de 
peches/ Peter, of Langtoft. Vie d'Edouard 1/ L'image 
du monde/ Bonte des femmes/ Prognostications (F)/ 
Del seintes croyze de Adam/ Compendium historiarum 
Biblie/ Miracle de la Vierge/ Apocalypse (F)/ Seven 
sages of Rome (F)/ Of physiognomy (F)/ Quel vaut 
miez a amer gentil cleraou clerc ou chiualer/ Prov- 
erbs of Hendyng/ Les enfantesces nostre Seigneur/ 
Le Brute dengleterre, abrege/ On the military feoda 
of England and the cantreda of Ireland (L)/ Extracts 
from the Church Fathers (L)/ Sydrac and Boctus (F)/ 
Propretes des femmes/ Les xxxii folies Camb 23/2 

B691 Gg.1.6: Speculum devotorum (E)/ Prayer (L & E) 
Camb 35/3 

B692 Gg.I. 7: John de Waldeby. Speculum vitae, Eng. 
tr. by William of Nassyngton Camb 27/1 

B693 Gg.I. 9: Register book of city of Westminster 
Camb 8/2 

B694 Gg.1.14: John de Waldeby. Pt. of Speculum vitae, 
Eng. tr. by William of Nassyngton Camb 27/2 

B695 Gg.1.16: 
Camb 27/3 

Thomas a Kempis. Imitatio Christi 

B696 Gg. 1.32: 2 metrical meditations/ Hymns (L)/ 
Religious poem (L)/ Theological extracts (L)/ Gre- 
gorius. Liber regule pastoralis/ Hugo of Saint- Vic- 
tor. De instructione noviciorum; De studio orandi/ 
Bernard. Sermones/ Joannes Chrysostomus. De 
septera viciis capitalibus/ Richard of St. Victor. Ben- 
jamin minor/ Eadmer. Liber de S.Anselmi similitu- 
dinibus/ Augustinus. De spiritu et anima; In agnicione 
vere vite; Sermo; De igne purgatorio; Meditationes/ 
Rolle. Emen:Ut to vitae/ Joannes Cassianus. Excerp- 
ta ex ColUtionibus et Institutionibus/ Heraclides. De 
prefacione de vita sanctorum in libro qui dicitur 
Paradisus Camb 42/2 

B697 Gg. 1.33: Nicolaus Gorran. Distinctiones Camb 


B698 Gg. 1.34, pts. 1-3: Josephus. Epigrammata/ Pog- 
gio Bracciolini. Letters to Scipio Ferrariensis and 
Franciscus Barbarus/ Guarino Veronese. Letter to 
Poggio/ Petrus de Monte. Letter to Poggio/ Moral 
sayings of the philosophers/ Sir John Mandeville. 
Travels Camb 35/4, 5, 6 

B699 Gg. I. 34, pts. 4-5: Hethum. Flos ystoriarum terre 
orientis/ Hystoria de scientia Egypciorum et de Nepta- 
nabo rege eorum Camb 36/1 

B700 Gg. n. 6: Scottish collection of saints' legends 
Camb 50/1 

B701 Gg. 2. 10 (642): Camb 348/3 

B702 Gg. 2.11 (643): Camb 349/1 

B703 Gg. 2. 12 (1064): Camb 351/1 

B704 Gg. 2. 13(702): Camb 351/2 

B705 Gg. 2. 16 (868): Camb 351/3 

B706 Gg. 2. 26: Sir G. Davies. Causes in chancery 
Camb 12/8 

B707 Gg. 3. 18 (901): Camb 352/1 

B708 Gg. 3. 19 (1028): Camb 352/2 

B709 Gg. 3. 20(104): Camb 352/3 

B710 Gg. 3. 27 (508): Camb 353/1 

B7U Gg. m. 28: Aelfric. Homilies; Prayers; De tempo- 
ribus anni (E); Belief, prayer, and blessing for laymen 
who know not Latin; Of penitence; Short extract on absti- 
nence Camb 371/2 

B712 Gg. IV. 4: Cellarer's register of Bury St. Edmund's 
abbey Camb 384/2 

B713 Gg. IV. 12: John Capgrave. Chronicle from Crea- 
tion to 1417 Camb 46/2 

D714 Gg. IV. 18: Boethius. De consolatione philosophiae, 
Eng. tr. by John Walton Camb 27/4 

B715 Gg.4. 22 (488): 354/1 

B716 Gg. 4. 23 (489): Camb 356/1 

B717 Gg. IV. 26: John Colet. In epistolam ad Romanos; 
Epistola Abbati Winchincumbensi; De compositione sanc- 
ti corporis Christi mystici; In epistolam primam ad Co- 
rinthios; De angelorum ordinibus; De angelis celesti- 
que hierarchia secundum Dyonisium Camb 7/2 

B718 Gg. IV. 27,pt.l: Chaucer. ABC hymn; Scogan; 
Truth; Troilus and Cressida; Canterbury tales; Legend 
of good women; Parlement of foules; Gentilnesse/Birdfe 
praise of love/ Macaronic poems between a lover and 
his lady/ Lydgate. Temple of glas/ Supplicatio aman- 
tis/ Old and obscure words of Chaucer explained 
Camb 385A/1 

B719 Gg. IV. 27, pt. 2: Floris and Blauncheflur/ King 
Horn/ Assumption of Our Lady Camb 368/1 

B720 Gg. IV. 31: Piers Plowman (B-text) Camb 27/5 

B721 Gg. IV. 32: Miscellaneous theological documents, 
prayers, etc. (E, F, L)/ John ftckham. Diffinicio theo- 
logie/ Liber penitenciarum/ Manual for the use of 
priests (L) Camb 461/2 

B722 Gg.5.14 (750): Camb 355/1 

B723 Gg. 5. 15 (191): Camb 353/2 

B724 Gg. 5.16 (362): Camb 354/2 

B725 Gg. 5. 17'(688): Camb 356/2 

B726 Gg. 5. 25 (299): Camb 357/2 

B727 Gg. 5. 26 (78): Camb 357/1 

B728 Gg. 5. 27 (67): Camb 357/3 

B729 Gg. 5. 28 (1387): Camb 356/3 

B730 Gg. 5. 29 (1072): Camb 357/4 

B731 Gg. V. 31: Camb 366/2 

B732 Gg. 5. 32 (1001): Camb 357/5 

B733 Gg. 5. 33 (68): Camb 358/1 

B734 Gg. V. 35: Juvencus. Historia evangelica with 
glosses (L & E)/ Orator. Historia apostolica with 
glosses/ Prosper. Epigrammata super dicta S. Augus- 
tini with glosses; Exortatio ad uxorem/ Prudentius. 
Psichomachia with glosses; Tituli de historiis veteris 
et Novi Testamenti/ Lactantius. De phoenice with 
glosses/ Boethius. De consolatio philosophiae with 
glosses/ Hrabanus Maurus. De laude Sancte Crucis/ 
Treatise on music (L)/ Aldhelm. De laude virginitatis 
with glosses; De virtuum pugna cum vitiis; Enigmata 
with glosses/ Milo, monk of Saint-Amand. De laude 
sobrietatis/ Verses (L)/ Hymns (L)/ Ensebius. Enig- 
mata with glosses/ Tatwm. Enigmata with glosses/ 
Albinus. Dogmata et disticha ad Carolum Impera- 
torem/ Bonifacius, originally Winfried. Enigmata 
de virtutibus/ Alcuin. Epitaphium/ Symphosius. 
Enigmata with glosses/ Distichs of Cato/ Columban. 
Versus de bonis moribus observandis/ Beda. De 
die iudicii/ Theological treatises (L)/ Metrical Lord's 
Prayer (L)/ Gloria in excelsis and Nicene creed (L & 
Gr)/ Treatise on medicine (L)/ Lyrics in honor of 
emperors of Germany (L)/ Medical prescriptions (L) 
Camb 372/4 

B735 Gg. 6.4 (1088): Camb 358/2 

B736 Gg. VI. 8: Wyclif. New Testament (Later version) 
Camb 36/3 

B737 Gg. VI. 16: Sermons for Sundays and Festivals 
Camb 36/2 

B738 Gg. VI. 23: Wyclif. New Testament: Epistles, 
Acts, Catholic Epiotloi, and Apocalypse (Later version) 
Camb 36/4 

B739 Gg. VI. 28: Fragment of a metrical romance (F)/ 
Le ordre de chivalers/ Poem (F)/ Itinerary of Jeru- 
salem (F)/ Customs of the Saracens (F)/ Description 
of Jerusalem (F)/ Seven sages (F) Camb 460B/2 

B740 Gg. 6. 3l'(223): Camb 359/7 

B741 Gg. 8. 32 (155): Camb 358/3 

B742 Gg. 6. 33 U67): Camb 57/2 

B743 Gg. 6. 34 (156): Camb 359/1 

B744 Gg.6. 35'(276): Camb 359/2 

B745 Gg. 6. 36 (228): Camb 359/3 

B746 Gg.6. 38*(H6): Camb 359/4 

B747 Gg. 6. 39 (1402): Arabic-Turkish vocabulary 
Camb 359/5 

B748 Gg. 6. 40(529): Camb 359/6 

B749 Gg.6. 41(19): Camb 57/1 

B750 Gg. VI. 44: Book of tenures (F)/ Short French ac- 
cidence and vocabulary/ Curia baronis et regalis (F)/ 
John Stafford. Brevia originalia et officialia judicialia 
(F) Camb 39/6 


H. 1: Camb 250/1 

H. 2: Camb 250/2 

H. 3: Camb 251/1 

H.4: Camb 251/2 

H. 5: Camb 252/1 

H. 6: Camb 251/3 

H. 8: Camb 252/ 2 

H. 9: Camb 253/1 

H. 10: Camb 253/2 

H. 11: Camb 252/3 

H. 12: Camb 253/3 

H. 13: Camb 253/4 

H. 14: Camb 254/1 

B764 H. 15: Camb 254/2 

B765 H. 16: Camb 255/2 

B766 H. 17: Camb 255/1 

B767 H. 18: Camb 254/3 

B768 H. 19: Camb 254/4 

B769 H. 21: Camb 256/1 

B770 H. 22: Camb 256/2 

B771 H. 23: Camb 256/3 

B772 Hh. I. 2: Daniel propheta Vulgatae editionis cum 
glossa interlineari et marginali Camb 36/5 

B773 Hh. 1. 10: Aelfric. Grammar (L6E) Camb 36/6 


B774 Hh. I. 11: Bonaventura. Incarnation and Passion 
of Our Lord; Meditation on the Virgin/ Missa de nomi- 
ne Ihu officium/ Bonifacius IV. Promise of indulgence/ 
Nicene creed/ Dialogue between Wisdom and the Dis- 
ciple on the Sacrament/ Prayer on seven words of 
Christ on Cross/ Theological treatises/ Meditations 
on Psalms 90, 91/ Speculum peccatoris/ Life of St. 
Elizabeth/ Sermon on the Assumption of Our Lady/ 
Seven joys of Mary Camb 37/1 

B775 Hh.1. 12: Manual of private devotion Camb 37/2 

B776 Hh. I. 13: Speculum Christiani Camb 37/3 

B777 Hh. HI. 2: Sir Francis Moore. Readings in the 
Middle Temple, 5 James I, upon the statute 43 Eliza- 
beth, c.7, an act to redress the misemployment of 
lands, etc. , given to charitable uses (F) Camb 10/1 

B778 Hh. in. 11: Collection of statutes, and tracts chief- 
ly legal (F&L) Camb 28/1 

B779 Hh. m. 13: Joannes de Burgo. Pupilla oculi/ 
Bonaventura. De vita Christi/ Ten Commandments/ 
Vn dedly sinnes/ VH bodily dedes of mercy/ Devout 
meditation/ Verses on Melchisedech and the Sacrament 
(L&E)/ Alia dicta sanctorum doctorum de virtute altaris 
et de fructu et effectu devotionis misse Camb 14/4 

B780 Hh. IV. 11: Hoccleve. De regimine principium 
Camb 37/5 

B781 Hh. IV. 12: Benedict Burgh. Cato major/ Cato 
minor/ Lydgate. Stans puer ad mensam; Legend of 
St. Austin at Compton; Debate between the horse, goose, 
and sheep; Fabula duorum mercatorum; The churl and 
the bird; Consulo quisquis eris; Horns away; Upon a 
cross; As a mydsomer rose/ Chaucer. Former age; 
Parlament of ioules/ Complaint of Christ/ On the mu- 
tability of man's nature/ Lament of the Ducess of Glou- 
cester/ Difficulty of choosing a profession in religion 
Camb 37/4 

B782 Hh. IV. 13: Gundissalinus. Compendium scientia- 
rum/ Isidorus. Synonyma/ Richard Lavenham. De 
causis naturalibus/ Walter Burley. De sensibus/ 
Joannes de Rupella. De anima racionali/ Bernard de 
Clairvaux. De dignitate sacerdotum; De penitentia; 
Meditationes; Contricio/ Basilius. Admonitio/ Specu- 
lum peccatorum/ Martinus, abp. of Braga. Libellus 
honeste vite/ Augustinus. De quatuor virtutibus cari- 
tatis; De honestate mulierum/ Anselm. De examina- 
tione mortis perpetue pene et glorie sempiterne/ Rolle. 
Emendatio vitae/ Qualiter factus est homo ad ymagi- 
nem et similitudinem sui conditoris Camb 37/6 

B783 Hh. 5. 1 (1405): Camb 58/i 

B784 Hh. 5. 2. (1406): Camb 362B/1 

B785 Hh. 5. 3 (1407): Camb 59/1 

B786 Hh. 5.4 (1408): Camb 60/1 

B787 Hh. 5. 5 (1409): Camb 61/1 

B788 Hh. 5. 6 (1410): Camb 62/1 

B789 Hh. 5. J (1411): Camb 62/2 

B790 Hh.6. 1 (1403): Camb 63/1 

B791 Hh. 6. 2 (1404): Camb 63/2 

B792 Hh. VI. 8: Astronomical tables/ Canones de equa- 
tione planetarum et eclipsium solis et lune/ Astronom- 
ical notes with comparative table of the Arabic and 
Christian years from 1316-1378 (L)/ De astrolabio com- 
pendium/ Names of various instruments and instruc- 
tions in their use Camb 42/4 

B793 Hh. VI. 9: Chronicles of England (Brut) 


B794 Hh. VI. 11: Collection relating to the monastery 
of Ramesey/ List of towns on the way "a mari usque 
Lugdunum" and "per pontem usque Paris"/ Bidding 
prayer (F)/ Hugo of Saint-Victor. Doctrinale/ Augus- 
tinus. De vera et falsa penitentia/ Hugues de Fouilloy. 
De duodecim abusivis/ Pseudo-Turpin. De gesti s Ka - 
roli MagniA Discussion of the right of the pope to the 
first fruits of vacant benefices/ Signs of the weather/ 
Verses (L)/ Pater Noster and Ave Maria in verse (E) 
Camb 38/2 

B795 1. 1: Camb 257/1 

B796 1. 2: Camb 257/2 

B797 1. 3: Camb 257/3 

B798 1. 4: Camb 258/1 

B799 1. 5: Camb 257/4 

B800 1. 6: Camb 257/6 

B801 1. 7: Camb 257/5 

B802 1. 8: Camb 258/2 

B803 1. 9: Camb 258/3 

B804 1. 10: Camb 258/4 

B805 1.11(13): Camb 260/1 

B806 Ii. I. 2: Of the sacrament of penance/ A Christen 
[names bileeve declarid bi noli writt and doctouris sen- 
tence Camb 24/4 

B807 Ii. 1. 16: Ricardus Anglicus. Practica; De signis; 
De urinis/ Bernardus de Gordonio. Regimen acuto- 
rum/ Glossa super Viaticum/ De simplici medicina/ 
Avicenna. De divisione practice/ Treatise on scientific 
medicine Camb 38/3 

B808 Ii. 1. 33: Aelfric. Heptateuch/ Homilies, Pas- 
sions of saints, and other sacred pieces/ Hieronymus. 
On the four Gospels/ Poem against robbery/ Augus- 
tinus. Sermon/ Alcuin. Theological extracts from the 
Address to Count Guido Camb 373/1 

B809 Ii. I. 36: John de Waldeby. Speculum vitae, Eng. 
tr. by William of Nassyngton Camb 24/3 

B810 Ii. 1.40: Wyclif. Sermons on the Epistles and 
Gospels Camb 39/7 

B811 Ii. n. 4: Gregorius. De cura pastorali, Eng. tr. 
by Alfred Camb 384/1 

B812 Ii.n. 11: Four Gospels/ Gospel of Nicodemus/ 
Embassy of Nathan the Jew to Tiberius Caesar Camb 

B813 Ii.n. 12: Exposition of St. Matthew's Gospel 
Camb 46/3 

B814 Ii.n. 21: Bartholomaeus, Anglicus. De proprie- 
tatibus rerum Camb 46/4 

B815 li.m. 3: Kalendar/ Compositio 2 tabularum Gar- 
landi/ Baldwinus de Mardochio. Tractatus compoti 
manuali/ Joannes de Sacro Bosco. Algorismus; De 
spera; Compotus/ Joannes de Montepessulano. Qua- 
drans/ Ma Sha Allah, al Misrf. Tractatus astrolabii/ 
Theorica motuum planetarum/ Thabit ibn Kurrah, al 
Harrani. De motu octave spere; Tractatus de iis quae 
indigent expositione antequam legatur Almagestum; De 
quantitatibus stellarum/ De quantitate longitudinibus 
capitis Arietes et Libre/ Alfraganus. De astris et eo- 
rum motibus/ Arzachel. Canones et tabule/ Ptolemae- 
us. Centiloquium with commentary of Haly; Quadri- 
partitum/ Notes on planets and signs of the zodiac/ 
Petrus Lemoniacerfsis. Judicium de Stella cometa, 
1298 Camb 46/5 

B816 Ii. HI. 8: De decern mandatis/ Ars predicandi/ 
Sermones Camb 44/1 

B817 U. m. 12: Boethius. De arithmetica; De musica 
Camb 49/4 

B818 li.m. 21: Boethius. De consolatione philosophiae, 
Eng. tr. by Chaucer/ Joannes Teutonicus. Expositio 
in librum Boetii De consolatione Camb 370/3 

B819 li.m. 26: Chaucer. Canterbury tales/ Long 
charter of Christ (B-text)/ Didactic poem Camb 47/1 

B820 Ii. IV. 6: Aelfric and others. Homilies Camb 

B821 Ii. IV. 9: Northern Passion/ Fragment of Long 
charter of Christ (B-text)/ Lamentation of the Virgin/ 
The Mawndy of Oure Lorde/ Lay-folk's mass book/ 
Reflections on Ten Commandments, Lord's Prayer, 
Creed, etc./ On the nine virtues/ De tribulatione 
secundum vi. doctores/ Erthe upon erthe/ John Al- 
cock(?). Abbey of the Holy Ghost/ Roberd of Cisyle/ 
Ethelred. Narratio de Sancto Edwardo/ Meditations 
on the Eucharist and humanity and divinity of Christ/ 
Robert Mannyng, of Brunne. Handlyng synne/ Lessons 
on Seven deadly sins, Five senses, Seven virtues, Seven 
sacraments, and Seven gifts of the Holy Ghost/ Rolle. 
Form of living Camb 32/1 

B822 Ii. IV. 2 
Camb 372/2 

Hugo of Saint -Victor. Liber bestiarum 

B823 Ii. 6. 16 (1039): Camb 64/1 

B824 Ii. VI. 17: Bartolomaeus, Franciscan. Treatise 
composed at request of Richard E (L)/ Roger. Trac- 
tatus medicinarum omnium membrorum/ Medical trea- 
tises (L)/ Recipes/ Lawrence Somercote. Summa de 
electionibus. Regulae juris/ Seneca (?). In proverbiis; 
Ad Gallionem de remediis fortuitorum malorum/ Isa- 
bella, queen of France. Letter to Beaufort, cardinal of 
Winchester (F)/ Duchess of Burgundy. Letter to Beau- 
fort, cardinal of Winchester (F)/ Dialogues (F & E)/ 
Consilium Darii ad Alexandrum/ Sapientia Alexandri/ 
Epitaphium super tumulum Alexandri/ Prognostications 
ascribed to prophet Daniel Camb 15/2 

B825 Ii. VI. 24: Kalendar from the year CCXTX to 
MCCLVI (L)/ History of dukes of Normandy (F)/ 
Geste de France/ Pseudo-Turpin. De gestis Caroli 
Magni (F)/ Lives of kings of England from William 1 
to Richard I (F)/ Religious poem (F)/ Camb 42/3 

B826 U. VI. 25: Collection of statutes (L & F)/ Collec- 
tion of writs (F) Camb 43/2 

B827 Ii. VL 26: Series of tracts on having Scriptures in 
the vulgar tongue/ Anselm ( ?). Elucidarium (E) Camb 

B828 Ii. VI. 31: Pystle of pryvate cownceUe. Camb 26/5 

B829 Ii. VI. 33: Two medical tracts on the disease of 
women Camb 38/4 

B830 Ii. VI. 39: Johannes Platearius. Practica/ Thom- 
as Palmeranus. Flores doctorum/ Treatise of mayn- 
denhod/ Cloud of unknowing/ Ambrosius. De imagine 
et similitudine/ Richard of St. Victor. Benjamin minor/ 
Hugo de consciencia/ Ethelred. De vera amicitia/ 
Bernardus de dignitate sacerdotum/ Oratio Thome de 
Alquin/ Albertano da Brescia. De doctrina dicendi et 
tacendi/ Dialogue on the evils of life/ Adamus Carthu- 
sianus. Scala celi; De duodecim utilitatibus tribulatio- 
nis/ Prayers (L)/ Hymns (L)/ Hieronymus. Contra 
Jovinianum de castitate mulierum Camb 20/5 

B831 Ii. VI. 40: Prayer (L)/ Contemplations of dread 
and love of God/ Tretis of perfyt love/ Tretis of tribu- 
lacion/ Tretis of Pater Noster/ Charter of remission/ 
Rolle. The Commandment/ Mirror of St. Edmund 
Camb 26/6 

B832 Ii. VI. 43: Manual of prayers, hymns, meditations 
(L & E) Camb 26/7 

B833 11.6.45(255): Camb 64/2 

B834 Ii. 6. 46'(99): Camb 64/3 

B835 Ii. 6. 47 (980): Camb 64/4 

B836 Ii. 6. 49 (1460): Camb 64/5 

B837 Ii. VI. 55: Rolle. Form of living/ Theological 
treatises on fasting, on matrimony, on baptising, etc. / 
Augustinus. De visitatione infirmorum (E); De vita 
Christiana (E); De duodecim abusionum gradibus (E)/ 
Anselm. De imagine et similitudine (E) Camb 26/8 



J. 1: Camb 259/2 

J. 2: Camb 258/5 

J. 2*: Camb 259/3 

J. 3: Camb 258/6 

J. 4: Camb 259/1 

J. 4*: Camb 259/4 

J. 5: Camb 261/1 

J. 6: Camb 261/2 

J. 7: Camb 262/5 

J. 8: Camb 262/4 

J. 9: Camb 262/1 

J. 10: Camb 261/3 

J. 11: Camb 260/2 

J. 12: Camb 262/2 

J. 13: Camb 262/3 

J. 14: Camb 260/3 

J. 15: Camb 263/1 

J. 16: Camb 263/4 

J. 17: Camb 263/2 

J. 18: Camb 265/1 

J. 19: Camb 264/2 

J. 20: Camb 263/5 

J. 20, vol. 2: Camb 264/1 

J. 21: Camb 264/3 

J. 22: Camb 263/3 


K. 1: Camb 265/3 

K. 2: Camb 267/1 

K. 3: Camb 266/1 

K. 5: Camb 266/2 

K. 6: Camb 265/2 

K. 7: Camb 267/2 

B869 K. 8: "Modern Persian gazetteer of the world" 
Camb 268/1 

B870 K. 9: Camb 268/2 


B871 Kk. 1. 1: Ja'far ibn Muhammad (Aba Ma'shar) al- 
Balki. Major introductorius astrologi, Lat. tr. by 
Joannes Hispalensis/ Ptolemaeus. Quadripartitum/ 
On animal life (L)/ Daniel of Morley. De creatione 
mundi/ On the obliquity of the ecliptic/ De astrolabio/ 
Jordanus Nemorarius. Planisphaerium; De proportio- 
nibus/ Abulcasim de Magerith. De astrolabio, Lat. tr. 
by Joannes Hispalensis/ De inventione sinus et declina- 
tionis per Kardagas/ Thabit ibn Kurrah, al Harrani. 
De imaginibus, Lat. tr. by Joannes Hispalensis; ue 
motu octave spere, Lat. tr. by Gerardus Cremonensis/ 
Arzachel. Lectiones tabularum/ Grossc teste. Com- 
potus correctorius/ Theorica planetarum/ Alfraganus. 
Rudimenta astronomica, Lat. tr. by Joannes Hispalen- 
sis/ Computus ecclesiasticus Camb 50/2 

B872 Kk. I. 3: Collection concerning the Earl of Essex/ 
Collection on magic/ Edmund Campion. History of 
Ireland/ Legal fees, 1609/ Prayers and expositions 
on various Psalms/ Cyprianus, bp. of Carthage. Ser- 
mon on Lord's Supper, Eng. tr. by Thomas Watson/ 
Parables/ Lydgate. Life of Our Lady; Verses of St. 
Bernard/ Hoccleve. De regimine principum/ Joannes 
de Hildesheim. Three kings of Cologne/ Historical 
collection of Queen Elizabeth's reign. Queen Elizabeth. 
Confirmation of Henry II's charter to Nottingham, 1560/ 
Narrationes sive declarationes in placitis/ Instruc- 
tions for holding courts leet and baron/ Epistola ad 
Philippum Austriacum regem Hispaniae/ Prognostica- 
tions/ Chaucer. Priouresses Prologue/ Fragment of 
Chronicle of England/ Exposition on Ten Command- 
ments/ Pater Noster, Ave Maria, Credo, etc./ Seven 
dedes of mercy bodily and gostely/ Five wittes out - 
warde and inwarde Camb 10/2 

B873 Kk. I. 5: Christine de Pisan. Book of policy/ Sir 
Philip Sidney. Countess of Pembroke's Arcadia/ Re- 
giam majestatem/ Roll of Ulerion ( ?)/ Law of Burgh/ 
Poem/ Prophecies in verse/ Extract from six mas- 
ters assembled to speak on tribulation/ Bernardus de 
cura rei familiaris (E & L)/ Craft of dying/ Verses/ 
Dicta Salomonis/ Advice of a father to his son/ Foly 
of fulys/ Counsel of the wise man to his son/ Wisdom 
of good women/ Virtues of the mass/ Lancelot of the 
Lake/ Extracts from various laws/ Proceedings of 
Parliament of Scotland in reign of James HI Camb 

B874 Kk. 1. 6: Exposition of seven Psalms/ Medita- 
tions of seven days of the week/ On xxi Passions of 
Our Lord/ Medical receipts/ Lydgate. Cristes Pas- 
sioun; Upon a cross; Vexilla regis prodeunt; To Mary, 
the quene of hevene; Glorious prayer to St. Edmund; 
Song of vertu; Ditty upon haste; Churl and the bird/ 
Hymn to the Creator/ Hymns to the Virgin/ Tales 
from Gesta Romanorum/ TrentaUe Sancti Gregorii/ 
Sacred music Camb 30/1 

B875 Kk. 1. 7: Dream of the pilgrimage of the soul 
Camb 29/3 

B876 Kk. 1. 8: Wyclif. General prologue to the Bible; 
New Testament (Later version)/ Tables/ Lessons and 
epistles of the Old Testament Camb 360/2 

B877 Kk. 1. 12: Chronicles of England to the sixth year 
of Henry V (Brut) Camb 360/1 

B878 Kk. n. 9: Commentary on the Gospel of Luke 
Camb 360/3 

B879 Kk. n. 13: Glossary of legal and other words (L)/ 
Isidorus. Epistles (L); Libri ethimologiarum XX; De 
natura rerum ad Sisebutum regum/ Grammatical trea- 
tise on inflections of nouns and verbs (L)/ Brief de - 
scription of Asia, Asia minor, and Africa (L) Camb 

B880 Kk. n. 16: Hector Boece. Bulk of the chroniclis 
of Scotland, Eng. tr. by William Stewart Camb 368/2 

B881 Kk. m. 18: Beda. Epitome of Historia ecclesi- 
astica, Eng. tr. by Alfred Camb 361/2 

B882 Kk. m. 21: Boethius. De consolatione philoso- 
phiae cum glossa marginal! et interlineari Camb 

B883 Kk. IV. 7: Fragment on canon law/ Ptolemaeus. 
Quadripartitum cum commento Haly; Centiloqulum cum 
commento Haly/ Aegidius, Dominican (?). De cometis/ 
\De significatione cometarum/ Sahl ibn Bishr. Dere- 
k>lutionibus/ Experta cogitatio imbrium et ventorum/ 
Hermannus Teutonicus. Glossary of astronomical Ar- 
abic terms/ Ja'far ibn Muhammad (Aba Ma'Shar) al- 
Balki. Flores super Saturno Camb 369/1 

B884 Kk.IV.20: Raymundus de Pennaforte. Penitentia/ 
Joannes de Deo. Liber penitentiarum/ De penitentia/ 
Grosseteste. Templum Domini/ Sermon on mercy, 
truth, justice, and peace (L & F)/ Paragraphs on ec- 
clesiastical subjects (L)/ Anselm. Quaedam de dictis/ 
Verses and prayers respecting Simon de Monttort (L) 
Camb 47/2 

B885 Kk. IV. 26: Reginald Pecock. Repressor of over 
much blaming of the clergy Camb 29/2 

B886 Kk.V. 3: "Book conteyninge such custodye lande, 
tenemente and other hereditamente remayninge in 
charge in the Pipes Office" Camb 14/3 

B887 Kk.V. 16: Beda. Historia ecclesiastica gentis 
Anglorum/ Caedmon's hymn/ Chronological notes/ 
Isidorus. Sententia/ De consanguinitate/ Gregorius 
m(?). Extracts from Decretals (L) Camb 372/1 

B888 Kk. V. 30: 

Lydgate. Troy book/ Poems Camb 

B889 Kk. V. 34: Comment on parable of the Prodigal 
son (L)/ Ausonius. Poems (L)/ Poems (L)/ Rufinus. 
De ponderibus et mensuris/ Vergilius. Culex; Aethna 
Camb 144/1 

B890 Kk.VI. 2: Sermons on the Gospels Camb 43/3 

B891 Kk. 6. 3 (1297): Camb 64/6 

B892 Kk.VI. 26: Theological tracts/ Richard of St. 
Victor. Benjamin minor/ Cloud of unknowing/ Tre- 
tyse of pryvey counseylle/ Dionysius Areopagita. Mys- 
tic theology Camb 20/4 

B893 Kk. VI. 28: Sermons on the Gospels throughout the 
year Camb 40/2 

B894 Kk. VI. 30: Albertus Magnus. Mirror of light; 
Semita recta/ Alchemical treatises/ George Ripley. 
Fragment of Compendium of alchemy/ Medical receipts/ 
Astrological notes of nativities, 1483-1504/ Medical 
tracts (L)/ Joannes de Rupescissa. Liber lucis/ Prin- 
cipia practicalia/ Roger Bacon. Breve breviarium/ 
Arnaldus de Villanova. Speculativa; Practica/ Alchem- 
ical recipes (L & E) Camb 14/5 

B895 Kk. VI. 33: Almanac calculated for cycles com- 
mencing 1463, 1482, and 1501/ Medical receipts Camb 

B896 Kk. 6. 35'(1336): Camb 64/7 

B897 L. 1: Camb 239/1 
B898 L. 2: Camb 269/2 
B899 L. 3: Camb 269/3 


L.4-5: Camb 269/4 

B901 L. 6: Camb 269/5 



LI. 1. 1 (100): Camb 65/2 
LI. 1.5(20): Camb 65/3 
LI. 1. 6 (1079): Camb 65/4 

LI. I. 8: John de Waldeby. Speculum vitae, Eng. 
tr. by William of Nassyngton (?)/ Rolle. Meditation 
on the Passion Camb 28/2 

B906 LI. 1. 10: Book of Cerne: Documents relating to 
Abbey of Cerne; Liber Ethelwaldi, episcopi; Sequen- 
tiarius secundum usum ecclesiae Cernensis Camb 

B907 LI. 1. 13: Wyclif. Epistles and lessons from Old 
Testament (Earlier version); Kalendar of lessons; New 
Testament (Later version) Camb 28/3 

B908 LI. 1. 18: Of the pestilence/ Liber de bon gouer- 
nance (E)/ Bernard Silvestris. De dispositione familie/ 
Dayly dietez in lordes and ladies howsez/ Paragraphs 
headed Septem sunt stulti/ Collection of recipes/ Trea- 
tises on hunting and hawking/ Medical notes and reci- 
pes (E & L)/ Exemplaria obligationum, indenturarum 
et huiusmodi (E)/ Posciones et articuli/ Fragment of 
an English prophecy/ Notes and sketches on heraldry 
from Nicholas Upton's Liber de officio militari (L)/ 
Chronological notes (L)/ Edward IV. 2 letters to the 
University of Cambridge Camb 15/1 

B909 LI. n. 5: Couldrette. Le rommant de Partenay 
Camb 369/2 

B910 LI. II. 10: Pontifical of Ely type (L) Camb 47/3 

B911 LI. II. 14: Chronicle of England Camb 47/4 

B912 LI. n. 17: Rolle. Prick of conscience Camb 

B913 LI. 4. 13(111): Camb 66/2 

B914 Ll.IV. 14: Piers Plowman (B-text)/ Mum and 
the sothsegger (Poem)/ Treatise on art of nounbring/ 
Wyse boke of philosophie and astronomye/ Tretis of 
booke of phisonomye/ Arguments of Psalms in distichs 
(L)/ Sententiae doctorum (L & E)/ Glossary to Piers 
Plowman/ Piers of Fulham. Doctrine of ffisshing and 
foulynge Camb 362A/1 

B915 LI. 5. 12 (865): Camb 66/1 

B916 Ll.V. 13: De dominio civili/ De mandatis Camb 

B917 LI. V. 18: John Alcock. Abbey of the Holy Ghost/ 
Life of St. Dorothea/ Extract from "Seynt Austyne'7 
Lydgate. Legend of St. Margaret Camb 40/4 

B918 LI. 5. 22'(609): Camb 66/3 

B919 LI. 5. 23 (855): Camb 64/8 

B920 LI. 5.24 (1016): Camb 65/1 


LI. 5. 25 (984): Camb 67/1 

LI. 5.26 (1412): Camb 67/2 

LI. 5. 28 (465): Camb 67/3 

LI. 5. 29 (1337): Camb 67/4 

LI. 5.30 (333): Camb 67/5 

LI. 5. 31 (101): Camb 67/6 

LI. 6. 1 (1074): Camb 67/7 

LI. 6. 2. (283): Camb 67/8 

U. 6. 3(146): Camb 67/9 

LI. 6.5 (1103): Camb 68/1 

LI. 6.6(959): Camb 68/2 

LI. 6. 8 (920): [Note: Target wrong] Camb 68/3 

LI. 6. 9 (1352): Camb 68/4 

LI. 6. 10 (646): Camb 68/5 

LI. 6. 11 (624): Camb 68/7 

LI. 6. 13 (960): Camb 68/8 

LI. 6. 14 (224): Camb 68/9 

LI. 6. 15 (1462): Camb 68/6 

LI. 6. 16 (1396): Camb 69/1 

LI. 6. 17 (607): Camb 69/2 

L1.6. 19 (1133): Camb 69/3 

LI. 6. 20 (1134): Camb 69/8 

LI. 6. 21 (739): Camb 69/4 

LI. 6. 22 (1426) 
LI. 6. 23 (1427) 
LI. 6. 24' (1142) 

Camb 69/5 
Camb 69/6 
Camb 69/7 

B947 LI. 6. 25 (127): Camb 70/1 

B948 LI. 6. 26 (1338): Camb 70/2 

B949 LI. 6. 28 (784): [Note: Target wrong] Camb 

B950 LI. 6. 29 (914): Camb 70/4 

B951 LI. 6. 31 (1463): Camb 70/5 

B952 LI. 6. 32 (1309): Camb 70/6 


B953 M. 1: Camb 269/6 

B954 M. 2: Camb 270/1 

B955 Mm. 1. 22 (1161): Camb 70/7 

B956 Mm. 1.23 (1162): Camb 71/1 

B957 Mm. I. 29: Thomas Earl. Note and common place 
book, including notes concerning visitations and other 
events, 1548-1600; Gospel of Nicodemus; notes on Puri- 
tan controversies; and collections from Tindal, Barnes, 
etc. Camb 14/6 

B958 Mm. 1. 31 (1428): Camb 71/2 

B959 Mm. I. 33: Chronicles of England to 1326 (Brut) 
(F) Camb 40/5 

B960 Mm. I. 35,43,48: Thomas Baker's ms. collections 
chiefly relating to University of Cambridge, vol. 24, 
32, 37 Camb 13/1-3 

B961 Mm. 2. 6 (439): Camb 74/1 

B962 Mm.U.15: Wyclif. Bible including Apocrypha 
(Later version) Camb 460A/1 

B963 Mm.n. 21: Gower. Confessio amantis Camb 

B964 Mm. 3. 10 (1000): Camb 74/2 

B965 Mm.m. 13: Order of consecration of nuns Camb 

B966 Mm. m. 29: Account of coronation of Richard n/ 
Treatises on the rights of the Constable and Marshal 
of England/ Right of Thomas, earl of Nottingham, to 
office of Constable and Marshall/ Rules governing the 

host called together at Duresyn by Richard n, 1386/ 
"Voyages" of Edward I and Edward m into Scotland/ 
Form and manner of keeping of Parliament/ Verses 
Camb 30/3 

B967 Mm. 4. 15 (254): Camb 72/1 

B968 Mm. 4. 16-17 (195-196): Camb 73/1 

B969 Mm. IV. 28: Hieronymus. Vita Sancti Pauli primi 
heremitae; Vita Sancti Hylarionis; Actus Sancti Malchi 
monachi captivi/ Athanasius. Vita Sancti Antonii, Lat. 
tr. by Evagrius; De exhortatione monachorum/ Rufinus. 
Vita sanctorum patrum/ Vita Sancti Frontonii/ Gen- 
nadius (?). Life of St. Jerome (L)/ Adhortationes 
sanctorum patrum/ Macarius. Epistola ad filios/ 
Vita Sancte Marine virginis/ Antonius, monk. Vita 
Sancti Symeonis Siri/ De Taisi meretrice/ Legend of 
apparition to St. Godric with musical notes/ A few 
glosses to words beginning with P, O, and M Camb 
36 2 A/3 

B970 Mm.IV. 41: John de Stratford. Constitutiones/ 
Johannes XXII (?). Edictum de presbyteris benedicen- 
tibus secundas nuptias/ Ecclesiastical and theological 
treatises (L)/ Adamus Carthusianus. De 12 utilitatibus 
tribulationis/ Bonaventura. Meditationes de Passione/ 
Joannes de Deo. Liber Penitentiarum/ Hugo de Sancto 
Charo. Speculum ecclesie/ Summa aurea/ Statuta Uni- 
versitatis Cantebrigie/ Thomas Aquinas. De officio 
sacerdotis/ Bonifacius Vm. Pt. of bk. 6 of Liber de- 
cretalium; Bull, 1302 (?)/ Literae commendatitiae Bone- 
facio VIH de Alberto imperatore/ Joannes Andreae. 
Glosa de arbore consanguinitatis et affinitatis/ Direc- 
tions in verse on various points of the calendar/ Arti- 
culi contenti in magna carta. Pondera medicinalia/ 
Cur mundus militat (L & E) [Note: ff. 79-99 seem to 
be lacking] Camb 30/4 

B971 Mm.IV. 42: George Ashby. Active policy of a 
prince; Dicta et opiniones diversorum philosophorum 
Camb 30/5 

B972 Mm.V. 14: Guido delle Colonne. Historia des- 
truccionis Troie/ Liber Magni Alexandri tocius orbis 
conquestoris in xii annis/ Titus and Vespasian Camb 

B973 Mm.V. 15: Bonaventura. Myroure of lif of Crist, 
Eng. . by Nicholas Love/ De corpore Christi (E) 
Camb 31/2 

B974 Mm. 6. 1(249): Camb 75/1 

B975 Mm. 6. 2 (1429): Camb 75/2 

B976 Mm. 6. 3 (1227): Camb 75/3 

B977 Mm. VI. 4: William de Wadington. Manuel de P^ 
Che's/ Alanus de Insulis. De sex alis cherubin/ Jo- 
annes Godard. Apostropha peccatoris; Epistola ad so- 
rorem suam Margaretam abbatissam de Tarente^ Nar- 
ratio non parum mirabilis de quadam domina peccatrice 
conversa/ Miraculum de beata Virgine Maria/ Testa- 
menta XT! patriarchum, Lat. tr. by Grosseteste/ Se- 
ries super visionem cujusdam rustici que contingebat 
in Essexia/ Vita Sancte Marine virginis/ Vita Sancto- 
rum Amici et Amelii/ Petrus, Alfonsi. De exemplis 
diversorum philosophorum/ Inventio Sancti Crucis sub 
Helena reglna Camb 40/3 

B978 Mm. VI. 5: Lydgate. Life of Our Lady Camb 

B979 Mm. VI. 15: Portion of a processional/ Walter 
Map(?). Disputatio inter corpus et animam/ Theo- 
logical tracts (L)/ Poems (L&F)/ Anselm. Fragment 
of Elucidarium/ Dialogus inter magistrum et discipu- 
lum/ On four elements and on divisions of earth (F)/ 
Bernard. De lamentatione Virginis/ Moralitates libro- 
rum Numerorum et Deuteronomii/ Account of the appa- 
rition of Guido de Corvo after his death at Aleste, 1323/ 
Gospel of Nicodemus (L)/ Miracles of the Virgin (L)/ 
De Ysabella imperatrice/ Colin. De accentu/ Legend 
of a clerk's vision (L)/ Hugo of Saint -Victor. Portion 
of De bestiis/ Sermones Camb 43/3 

B980 Mm. 6. 19 (1430): Camb 75/4 

B981 Mm. 6. 23 (592): Camb 76/1 


N. 1: Camb 271/2 

N. 2: Camb 271/1 

N. 3: Camb 270/2 

N.4: Camb 271/3 

N. 5: Camb 271/4 

N.6: Camb 272/1 

B988 Nn. 1. 20 (582): Camb 76/2 
B989 Nn. 3. 56 (994): Camb 77/1 
B990 Nn. 3. 57 (120): Camb 78/1 
B991 Nn. 3. 58 (1221): Camb 79/1 
B992 Nn. 3. 71 (752): Camb 80/1 
B993 Nn. 3. 72 (753): Camb 81/1 
B994 Nn. 3. 73 (754): Camb 81/2 
B995 Nn. 4. 65 (83): Camb 80/2 

B996 0. 1: Camb 270/3 
B997 0. 2: Camb 272/2 
B998 0. 3: Camb 272/3 
B999 0. 4: Camb 272/4 
B1000 0. 5: Camb 272/5 
CI 0.6: Camb 272/6 
C2 O. 7: Camb 272/7 
C3 0. 8: Camb 272/8 


C4 Oo. 6. 1 (51): Camb 82/1 

C5 Oo. 6. 2 (52): Camb 83/1 

C6 Oo.6.3(53): Camb 83/2 

C7 Oo.6.4(54): Camb 389/1 

C8 Oo. 6. 5(732): Camb 389/2 

C9 Oo. 6. 6(730): Camb 390/1 

C10 Oo. 6. 7(948): Camb 390/2 

Cll Oo.6.8(934): Arabic-Persian dictionary Camb 

C12 00.6.9(490): Camb 394/1 

C13 Oo. 6. 10 (190), ff. 1-180: Camb 394/2 

C14 Oo.6. 10 (190), ff. 180-816: Camb 395/1 

C15 Oo. 6. 11 (351): Camb 395/2 

C16 Oo.6.12(305): Camb 396/1 

C17 Oo. 6. 13 (1112): Camb 397/1 

C18 Oo.6.14(660): Camb 398/1 

C19 Oo.6. 15 (661): Camb 84/1 

C20 Oo.6.16(201): Camb 85/1 

C21 Oo. 6. 17 (200): Camb 84/2 

C22 Oo.6.18(207): Camb 85/2 

C23 Oo. 6. 19 (728): Camb 85/3 

C24 Oo. 6. 20 (209): Camb 86/1 

C25 Oo. 6. 21 (159): Camb 86/2 

C26 Oo. 6. 22 (635): Camb 87/1 

C27 Oo.6.23(1005): Camb 87/2 

C28 00.6.24(1254): Camb 87/4 

C29 Oo. 6. 25 (623): Camb 87/3 

C30 Oo. 6. 26 (432): Camb 875/1 

C31 Oo. 6. 27 (379): Camb 875/2 

C32 Oo.6. 28 (398): Camb 875/3 

C33 Oo.6. 29 (352): Camb 88/1 

C34 Oo. 6. 30 (989): Camb 88/2 

C35 Oo.6.31(380): Camb 88/3 

C36 Oo.6.32(1002): Camb 89/1 

C37 Oo. 6. 33 (399): Camb 89/2 

C38 00.6.34(381): Camb 90/1 

C39 Oo.6.35(210): Camb 89/3 

C40 Oo.6. 36 (1499): Album of calligraphy Camb 90/2 

C41 Oo. 6. 37 (662 & 480): Camb 90/3 

C42 Oo.6. 38 (273): Camb 90/4 

C43 Oo. 6. 39 (152): Camb 90/5 

C44 Oo.6.40(426): Camb 91/1 

C45 00.6.41(745): Camb 91/2 

C46 Oo.6. 42 (945): Camb 91/3 

C47 Oo.6. 43'(1157): Camb 92/1 

C48 00.6.44(1181): Camb 92/2 

C49 Oo. 6. 45 (593): Camb 92/3 

C50 Oo.6.46 (418): Camb 92/4 

C51 Oo. 6.47 (235): Camb 93/1 

C52 Oo. 6. 48 (1196): Camb 93/2 

C53 Oo. 6. 49' (663): Camb 93/3 

C54 Oo.6.50(102): Camb 93/4 

C55 Oo.6.51(1015): Camb 94/1 

C56 Oo. 6. 52 (647): Camb 94/2 

C57 00.6.53(1262): Camb 95/1 

C58 Oo. 6. 54 (446): Camb 95/2 

C59 O0.6. 55 (1274): Camb 96/2 

C60 Oo. 6. 56 (343): Camb 95/3 

C61 Oo. 6. 57 (344): Camb 96/1 

C62 Oo.6.58(1170): Camb 93/5 

C63 Oo.6.59'(1122): Camb 96/3 

C64 Oo.6.60(187): Camb 96/4 

C65 O0.6. 61 (1146): Camb 97/1 

C66 Oo. 6. 62 (48): Camb 97/2 

C67 Oo. 6. 66 (1286): Camb 97/4 

C68 Oo. 6.72 (1465): Camb 97/3 

C69 O0.6. 73 (1477): Camb 97/5 

C70 O0.6. 74 (1369): Camb 97/6 

C71 Oo. 6. 75 (1432): Camb 97/7 

C72 Oo. VII. 32: Genealogical table of the kings of Eng ■ 
land from Egbert (F & E) Camb 460B/6 


P. 1: 

Camb 273/1 


P. 2: 

Camb 273/2 


P. 3: 

Camb 273/3 


P. 4: 

Camb 273/4 


P. 5: 

Camb 276/2 


P. 6: 

Camb 268/3 


P. 7: 

Camb 276/3 


P. 8: 

Camb 274/2 


P. 9: 

Camb 274/1 


P. 10 

Camb 276/1 


P. 11 

Camb 277/1 


P. 12 

Camb 276/4 


P. 13 

Camb 277/2 


P. 14 

Camb 274/3 


P. 15 

Camb 273/5 


P. 16: Camb 277/3 


Qq. 26'(522): Camb 450/3 


Qq. 80 (524): Camb 99/6 


P. 17: Camb 279/1 


Qq. 27 (419): Camb 450/4 


Qq. 81(900): Camb 99/7 


P. 18: Camb 279/2 


Qq. 28 (296): Camb 451/1 


Qq. 82 (602): Camb 100/1 


P. 19: Camb 279/3 


Qq. 29(257): Camb 451/2 


Qq. 83'(424): Camb 100/2 


P. 20: Camb 278/1 


Qq. 30 (871): Camb 451/3 


Qq. 84 (1189): Camb 100/3 


P. 21: Camb 278/2 


Qq. 31(681): Camb 451/4 


Qq. 85 (454): Camb 100/4 


P. 22: Camb 280/2 


Qq. 32(684): Camb 451/5 


Qq. 86 (891): Camb 100/5 


P. 23: Camb 280/1 


Qq. 33 (701): Camb 452/1 


Qq. 87 (370): Camb 100/6 


P. 24: Camb 281/1 


Qq. 34 (345): Camb 452/2 


Qq. 88 (1468): Camb 100/7 


P. 25: Camb 280/3 


Qq. 35(1045): Camb 452/3 


Qq. 89'(746): Camb 100/8 


P. 26: Camb 281/3 


Qq. 36 (637): Camb 452/4 


Qq. 90(531): Camb 55/1 


P. 27: Camb 281/2 


Qq. 37 (682): Camb 453/1 


Qq. 91 (736): Camb 55/2 


P. 28: Camb 281/4 


Qq. 38(751): Camb 453/2 


Qq. 92 (36): Camb 55/3 


P. 29: Camb 281/5 


Qq. 39(316): Camb 453/3 


Qq. 93 (239): Camb 55/4 


P. 30: Camb 282/1 



Qq.40(327): Camb 454/1 


Qq.94(537): Camb 55/5 


P. 31: Camb 282/2 


Qq. 4 1(527): Camb 454/2 


Qq. 95 (538): Camb 55/6 


P. 32: Camb 282/3 


Qq. 42 (885): Camb 454/3 


Qq. 96 (539), vol. 3: Camb 101/1 


P. 33: Camb 282/4 


Qq. 43 (683): Camb 454/4 


Qq.97 (540), vol.4: Camb 101/2 


P. 34: Camb 282/5 


Qq. 44'(17): Camb 455/1 


Qq. 98 (541), vol. 5: Camb 102/1 


P. 35: Camb 282/6 


Qq.45(875): Camb 455/2 


Qq. 99 (542), vol. 6: Camb 102/2 



Qq. 46(241): Camb 455/3 


Qq. 100 (543), vol. 7: Camb 103/1 


Q. 1: Camb 282/7 


Qq.47(328): Camb 455/4 


Qq. 101 (544); vol.8: Camb 103/2 


Q. 2: Camb 282/8 


Qq. 48 (737): Camb 456/1 


Qq. 102 (545), vol.9: Camb 103/3 


Q. 3: Camb 



Qq.49(437): Camb 456/2 


Qq. 103 (546), vol. 10: Camb 104/1 


Q.4: Camb 283/1 


Qq. 50 (297): Camb 456/3 


Qq. 104 (547), vol. 11: Camb 104/2 


Q. 5: Camb 285/2 


Qq. 51(1116): Camb 456/4 


Qq. 105 (548), vol. 12: Camb 104/3 


Q. 6: Camb 283/2 


Qq. 52 (535): Camb 457/1 


Qq. 106 (56), vol. 1: Camb 105/1 



Qq. 53(1033): Camb 457/2 


Qq. 107 (57), vol. 2: Camb 105/2 


Qq. 1 (349): 

Camb 441/1 


Qq. 54'(29): Camb 456/5 


Qq. 108 (58), vol. 3: Camb 106/1 


Qq. 2 (365): 

Camb 441/2 


Qq. 55 (1085): Camb 457/3 


Qq. 109 (59), vol. 4: Camb 106/2 


Qq. 3 (332): 

Camb 442/1 


Qq. 56 (1086): Camb 458/1 


Qq. 110 (973): Camb 107/1 



Camb 442/2 


Qq. 57 (1089): Camb 458/2 


Qq. Ill (930): Camb 107/2 



Qq. 58 (263): Camb 458/3 


Qq. 112 (334): Camb .107/3 


Qq. 5 (336): 

Camb 44 



Qq. 113 (245): Camb 107/4 



Camb 443/1 


Qq. 59(1127): Camb 458/4 



Camb 443/2 


Qq. 60 (359): Camb 459/1 


Qq. 114 (601): Camb 108/1 


Qq. 8 (258): 

Camb 443/3 


Qq. 61-62 (1036-1037): Camb 459/2 


Qq. 115 (119): Camb 108/2 


Qq. 116 (1206): Camb 108/3 


Qq. 9'(1192): 

Camb 444/1 


Qq. 63(1135): Camb 98/1 


Qq. 117 (1220): Camb 108/4 


Qq. 10 (165): 




Qq. 64 (954): Camb 98/2 


Qq. 11 (1211) 

Camb 444/3 


Qq. 65 (260): Camb 51/1 


Qq. 118 (1096): Camb 109/1 


Qq. 12 (1212) 

Camb 445/1 


Qq. 66 (1070): Camb 51/2 


Qq. 119'(1110): Camb 109/2 


Qq. 13 (881): 




Qq. 67(850): Camb 51/3 
Qq. 68(358): Camb 51/4 


Qq. 120 (1126): Camb 109/3 
Qq. 121 (1071): Camb 109/4 


Qq. 14 (876): 

Camb 446/1 


Qq. 122 (700): Camb 109/5 


Qq. 15 (536): 




Qq. 69(118): Camb 51/5 


Qq. 16 (888): 




Qq. 70(360): Camb 51/6 


Qq. 123 (348): Camb 110/1 


Qq. 17' (993): 




Qq. 71(523): Camb 51/7 


Qq. 124 (158): Camb 110/2 


Qq. 18 (483): 




Qq. 72(846): Camb 51/8 


Qq. 125'(267): Camb 110/3 


Qq. 19 (1102) 

: Camb 447/3 


Qq. 73(1108): Camb 51/9 


Qq. 126 (630): Camb 110/4 


Qq. 74 (300): Camb 99/1 


Qq. 127 (978): Camb lll/l 


Qq.20 (139): 




Qq. 75 (320): Camb 51/10 


Qq. 128 (1168): Camb 111/2 


Qq. 21 (331): 




Qq. 22 (203): 




Qq. 76(1433): Camb 99/2 


Qq. 129 (1225): Camb 109/6 


Qq. 77 (225): Camb 99/3 


Qq. 130 (477): Camb 111/3 


Qq. 23 (234): 




Qq.24 (1101) 

: Camb 450/1 


Qq. 78 (1467): Camb 99/4 


Qq. 131 (928): Camb 111/4 

1 C191 

Qq. 79(1160): Camb 99/5 


Qq. 132 (627): Camb 111/5 


Qq. 25 (884): 





Qq. 133 (302): 

Camb 111/6 


Qq.185 (141): 

Camb 123/5 


Qq. 238 (1140): Camb 130/2 

Qq.134 (1021) 

Camb 111/7 


Qq.186 (911): 

Camb 123/6 


Qq. 239 (308): Camb 130/3 

Qq.135 (270): 

Camb 112/1 


Qq.187 (325): 

Camb 123/7 


Qq. 240 (708): Camb 130/4 

Qq.136 (175): 

Camb 112/2 


Qq.188 (43): 

Camb 124/1 


Qq. 24l' (433): Camb 129/U 

Qq.137 (173): 

Camb 112/3 


Qq.189 (229): 

Camb 124/2 


Qq. 242(1178): Camb 497/1 

Qq.138 (953): 

Camb 112/4 



Camb 124/3 


Qq. 243 (226): Camb 497/2 


Camb 112/5 


Qq.191 (997): 

Camb 124/4 


Qq. 244 (757): Camb 497/3 

Qq.140 (1099) 

: Camb 113/1 


Qq.192 (45): 

Camb 125/1 


Qq. 245 (1273): Camb 497/4 


Camb 113/2 


Qq.193 (608): 

Camb 124/5 


Qq. 246-249 (551-554): Camb 497/5-8 

Qq.142 (128): 

Camb 113/3 


Qq.194 (136): 

Camb 125/2 


Qq. 250-256 (555-561): Camb 498/1-7 

Qq.143 (908): 

Camb 113/4 



Qq.195 (1169) 
Qq.196 (947): 

Camb 125/3 
Arabic cookery book Camb 125/4 


Qq. 257-264 (562-569): Camb 499/1-8 

Qq.144 (909): 

Camb 113/5 


Qq. 265-269 (570-574): Camb 500/1-5 

Qq.145 (436): 

Camb 113/6 



Camb 125/5 


Qq. 270-274 (575-579): Camb 501/1-5 

Qq.146 (401): 

Camb 113/7 


Qq.198 (917): 
Qq.199 (423): 

Camb 54/1 
Camb 54/2 


Qq. 275 (84): Gospels In Persian Camb 502/1 

Qq.147 (176): 

Camb 114/1 


Qq.200 (205): 

Camb 54/3 


Qq. 276 (526): Camb 502/2 

Qq.148 (903): 

Camb H4/2 


Qq.201 (363): 

Camb 54/4 


QQ. 277 (910): , Camb 502/3 

Qq.149 (246): 

Camb 114/3 


Qq.202 (1081): 

Camb 54/5 


Qq. 278 (1063): Camb 503/1 

Qq.150 (304): 

Camb 114/4 


Qq. 203-205 (1117-1119): Camb 54/6 


Qq. 279 (1046): Camb 503/2 

Qq.151 (1174) 

Camb 114/5 


Qq.206 (38): 

"amb 54/7 


Qq. 280 (1145): Camb 504/1 

Qq.152 (62): 

Camb 115/1 


Qq.207 (1144): 

Camb 874/1 


Qq. 281(507): Camb 504/2 

Qq.153 (42): 

Camb 115/2 


Qq. 282(719): Camb 504/3 

Qq.154 (16): 

Camb 115/3 


Qq. 208 (976): 

Camb 874/2 


Qq. 283 (672): Camb 504/4 

Qq.155 (1111) 

Camb 116/1 


Qq. 209 (872): 

Camb 874/3 


Qq. 284 (1166): Camb 505/1 

Qq.156 (653): 

Camb 116/2 


Qq. 210 (905): 

Camb 874/4 


Qq. 286 (1128): Camb 505/2 

Qq.157 (133): 

Camb 116/3 


Qq. 21l'(612): 

Camb 126/1 


Qq. 287 (1035): Camb 505/3 

Qq.158 (449): 

Camb 116/4 


Qq. 212 (626): 

Camb 126/2 


Qq. 288 (484): Camb 506/1 

Qq.159 (717): 

Camb 114/6 


Qq. 213 (395): 
Qq. 214 (1058) 

Camb 126/3 
Camb 126/4 


Qq. 289 (416): Camb 506/2 

Qq.160 (450): 

Camb 116/5 


Qq. 215 (951): 

Camb 126/5 


Qq 290 (738): Camb 506/3 

Qq.161 (904): 

Camb 117/1 


Qq 291 (251): Camb 506/4 

Qq.162 (1469) 

Camb 117/2 


Qq. 216 (723): 

Camb 126/ g 


Qq 292 (322): Camb 507/1 

Qq.163 (988): 

Camb 117/3 


Qq. 217 (971): 

Camb 126/7 


Qq. 293 (899): Camb 507/2 

Qq.164 (1113) 

Camb 117/4 


Qq. 218 (431): 

Camb 127/1 


Qq. 294 (1200): Camb 507/3 

Qq.165 (217), 

1 & 2: Camb 117/5 


Qq. 219 (1470) 

Camb 127/2 


Qq. 295 (375): Camb 507/4 

Qq.166 (666): 

Camb 117/6 


Qq. 220 (726): 

Camb 127/3 


Qq 296(396): Camb 507/5 

Qq.167 (667): 

Camb 118/1 


Qq. 221 (1136) 

Camb 127/4 


Qq. 297 (1216): Camb 507/6 

Qq.168 (668): 

Camb 118/2 


Qq. 222 (1137) 

Camb 127/5 


Qq 298 (1217): Camb 508/1 

Qq.169 (669): 

Camb 119/1 


Qq. 223 (1138) 

Camb 128/1 


Qq. 299 (1218): Camb 508/2 

Qq.170 (670): 

Camb 119/2 


Qq. 224 (330): 

Camb 128/2 


Qq 300 (894): Camb 508/3 

Qq.171 (671): 

Camb 119/3 


Qq. 225 (1201) 

Camb 128/3 


Qq.172 (628): 

Camb 120/1 


Qq. 226 (519): 

Camb 128/4 


R. 1: Camb 283/3 

Qq.173 (321): 

Camb 120/2 


Qq. 227 (1225): 

Camb 128/5 


R 2: Camb 282/10 

Qq.174 (619): 

Camb 120/3 


Qq. 228 (444): 

Camb 129/1 


R.3: Camb 285/3 

Qq.175 (361): 

Camb 121/1 


Qq. 229a (931): 

Camb 129/2 


R.4: Camb 285/4 

Qq.176 (262): 

Camb 121/2 


Qq. 229b (932): 

Camb 129/3 


R. 5: Persian miniatures Camb 282/9 

Qq.177 (887): 

Camb 122/1 


Qq. 230 (307): 

Camb 129/4 

Qq.178 (707): 

Camb 120/4 


Qq. 231 (220): 

Camb 129/5 


S 1: Camb 283/4 

Qq.179 (704): 

Camb 122/2 


Qq. 232 (88): 

Camb 129/6 


S 2: Camb 285/5 

Qq.180 (1100): 

Camb 122/3 


Qq. 233 (857): 

Camb 129/7 


S 3: Camb 283/5 

Qq.181 (2): Camb 123/1 


Qq. 234'(841): 

Camb 129/8 


a 4: Camb 284/1 


Camb 123/2 


Qq. 235 (1277): 

Camb 129/9 

Qq.183 (271): 

Camb 123/3 


Qq. 236 (892): 

Camb 129/10 


S 5: Camb 284/2 

Qq. 184' (468): 

Camb 123/4 


Qq. 237 (1098): 

Camb 130/1 


S 6: Camb 285/6 


S 7: 

Camb 285/7 


S 8: 

Camb 286/7 


S 9: 

Camb 286/1 


S 10 

Camb 286/2 


T 1: 

Camb 286/3 


T. 2: 

Camb 285/8 


T. 3: 

Camb 286/4 


T 4: 

Camb 286/5 


T 5: 

Camb 286/8 


U 1: 

Camb 287/1 


U 2: 

Camb 286/6 


U 3: 

Camb 287/2 


U 4: 

Camb 287/3 


U 5: 

Camb 287/4 


U 6: 

Camb 289/2 


U. 7: 

Camb 288/1 


U 8: 

Camb 288/2 


U 9: 

Camb 287/5 


U 10: 

Camb 290/1 


U 11: 

Camb 290/2 


V 1: 

Camb 288/3 


V 2: 

Camb 288/4 


V 3: 

Camb 288/5 


V 4: 

Camb 288/6 


V 5: 

Camb 288/7 


V 6: 

Camb 289/1 


V 7: 

Camb 293/1 


V 8: 

Camb 291/2 


V. 9: 

Camb 290/3 


V. 10: 

Camb 292/1 


V 11: 

Camb 291/3 


V. 12: 

Camb 291/1 


V 13: 

Cam b 292/4 


V 14: 

Camb 292/3 


V 15: 

Camb 292/2 


V 16: 

Camb 295/4 


V 17: 

Camb 295/5 


V 18: 

Camb 294/1 


V 19: 

Camb 296/1 


V 20: 

Camb 296/2 


V 21: 

Camb 296/3 


V 22: 

Camb 296/4 


V 23: 

Camb 295/1 


V 24: 

Camb 296/5 


V 25: 

Camb 296/6 


V 26: 

Camb 296/7 


V 27: 

Camb 295/2 


V 28: 

Camb 297/1 


V 29: 

Camb 295/3 


V 30: 

Camb 297/2 



V 31: 

Camb 297/3 



V 32: 

Camb 297/4 



V 33: 

Camb 297/5 



V 34: 

Camb 297/6 



V 35: 

Camb 297/7 



V 36: 

Camb 298/1 



V 37: 

Camb 298/2 



V 38: 

Camb 298/6 



V 39: 

Camb 297/8 



V 40: 

Camb 298/3 



V 41: 

Camb 298/4 



V 42: 

Camb 298/5 


V 43: 

Camb 304/1 



V 44: 

Camb 304/2 



V 45: 

Camb 304/3 




Camb 304/4 




Camb 304/5 




Camb 304/6 




Camb 304/7 




Camb 304/8 




Camb 305/2 




Camb 305/3 




Camb 306/1 


V. 54: 

Camb 306/2 




Camb 304/9 





Camb 304/10 
Camb 307/1 




Camb 304/11 




Camb 305/1 




Camb 304/12 




Camb 309/2 




[Note: May be 62A or 62* J Camb 309/3 




Camb 308/2 




Camb 309/4 




Camb 309/5 



V. 66: 

Camb 310/1 




Camb 310/2 




Camb 307/2 



Camb 310/3 




Camb 308/1 




Camb 309/1 




Camb 310/4 




Camb 310/5 








Camb 311/2 




Camb 311/3 




Camb 311/4 



V. 76: 

Camb 311/5 




Camb 311/6 




Camb 312/1 



Camb 312/2 


V. 8U: Camb 312/3 

V.81: Camb 312/5 

V.82: Camb 312/4 

V.83: Camb 314/1 

V. 84: Camb 312/6 

V.85: Camb 313/6 

V.86: Camb 313/1 

V.87: Camb 313/2 

V 88: Camb 316/2 

V.88: Camb 3l2/7 

V.89: Camb 313/3 

V.90: Camb 313/4 

V.91: Camb 313/5 

W. 1: Camb 314/2 

W.2: Camb 314/3 

W. 3: Camb 314/4 

W. 4: Camb 314/5 

W. 5: Camb 315/1 

W. 6: Camb 315/2 

W 7: Camb 315/3 

W.8: Camb 315/5 

W. 9: Camb 314/6 

W. 10: Camb 315/4 

X. 1: Camb 315/6 
X. 2: Camb 316/1 
X.3: Camb 318/1 
X.4: Camb 323/1 
X. 5: Camb 319/1 
X. 6: Camb 317/1 
X.7: Camb 316/3 
X.8: Camb 316/4 
X. 9: t^mb 316/5 
X 10: Camb 317/2 
X. 11: Camb 317/3 
X. 12: Camb 318/2 
X. 13: Camb 316/6 
X. 14: Camb 317/4 

Y. 1: Camb 320/3 
Y. 3: Camb 319/2 
Y. 4: Camb 320/4 
Y. 5: Camb 319/3 
Y. 6: Camb 320/5 
Y.7: Camb 319/4 
Y.8: Camb 319/5 
Y. 9: Camb 320/1 
Y. 10: Camb 320/6 
Y. 11: Camb 321/1 
Y. 12: Camb 320/2 

Z. 1: Camb 321/2 


C547 1: Camb 321/3 

C548 2: Camb 321/4 

C549 3: Camb 321/5 

C550 4: Camb 321/6 

C551 6: Camb 321/7 

C552 7: Camb 322/1 

C553 f-9: (Note: "The two reporte contained in this 
vol. being printed are not filmed"] Camb 322/2 

Cambridge . U niversity . Christ's College. 

C554 F. 1.14: Wyclif. New Testament (Later version) 
Camb 380/1 

Cambridge . University . Emmanuel College . 

C555 2(1.1.2): Augustinus. De mirabilibus Ueteris 
et Noui Testamenti; Contra Faustum; Contra 
adversarium legis et prophetarum; Contra Felicianum; 
De vera innocentia; De spiritu et littera; De cognicione 
uere vite; Epistola ad Volusianum; Epistola ad 
Ytalicam; De collatione x. preceptorum; De visitacione 
infirmorum: De doctrina Christiana; Epistola ad 
inquisiciones Januarii; Aduocatio operum plurimorum; 
Retractiones Camb 473/1 

C556 21(1.1.21): Table of lessons/ Wyclif. Bible 
Camb 473/2 

C557 34 (1. 2. 13): Calendar with rule for finding 
gospels, epistles, and lessons/ Sarum kalendar/ 
Wyclif. New Testament (Later version) Camb 472/2 

C558 35 (1. 2. 14): Rolle. Oleum effusum; Iudica me 
deus; Mulierem fortem; Super orationem dominicam; 
Incendium amoris; Contra amatores mundi; Extracts 
from Melum contemplativorum/ Augustinus. De uera 
uita/ Bonaventura. Meditaciones ymaginis uite Camb 

C559 70(1.3.18): On physiognomy from Secreta 
secretorum/ Astronomical notes (L & E)/ Abraham 
ben Meir Aben Ezra. De mundo vel seculo, Latin tr. 
by Henry Bates/ Pronosticaciones Camb 474/4 

C560 83(1.4.4): Miscellaneous collection, chiefly of 
tracts on the seven deadly sins for use of persons 
confessing and for confessors (L & F) Camb 474/5 

C561 85(1.4.6): Tract on Romish ceremonies 
Camb 475/1 

C562 95(1.4.16): Pt. of a book of medical receipts 
Camb 475/2 

C563 106(1.4.31): Edmund Rich. Speculum 
ecclesiae with English quatrain (F)/ Poems (F)/ 
Prayers (F & L)/ Dialogue of soul and man (L)/ 
Letania/ How the good wife taught her daughter/ 
Kalendar/ Proverbes de sages philosophies/ Gospel 
of Nicodemus/ Other religious treatises and 
stories (F) Camb 475/3 

C564 108(1.4.33): Table of lessons/ Verses/ 

Wyclif. New Testament including Laodiceans (Later 
version) Camb 475/4 

C565 142 (II. 2. 17): Documents relating to the Council 
of Basel collected by John Stowe Camb 800/8 

C566 246(111.3.13): Primer Camb 474/1 
Cambridge. University . Fitzwilliam Museum. 

C567 34: Missal (York), the Fitzwilliam missal 
Camb 140/5 

C568 48: Primer (E, F, L) Camb 801/1 

C569 49: Primer (E & L) Camb 801/2 

C570 53: Primer (E & L) Camb 801/3 

C571 56: Primer (L & E) Camb 464/1 

C572 57: Primer (L & E) Camb 802/1 

C573 59: Primer (F & L) Camb 464/2 

C574 60: Primer (F & L) Camb 801/4 

C575 62: Primer (F & L) Camb 802/2 

C576 116: Primer (L) Camb 464/4 

_C577 127: Primer (F & L) Camb 462A/3 

C578 128: Primer (F & L) Camb 462B/1 

C579 129: Primer (L) Camb 462B/2 

C580 130: Primer (F & L) Camb 462B/3 

C581 132: Primer (F & L) Camb 463/1 

C582 133: Primer (F & L) Camb 463/2 

C583 143: Primer (Dutch, L) Camb 141/6 

C584 159: Primer (L) Camb 143A/4 

C585 169: Roman de la >-ose Camb 463/4 

C586 184: Register of the Schuola de Madona Santa 
Maria degli sonatori at Venice (I) Camb 163/3 

C587 186: Statutes of England made between 1307 and 
1445 (F) Camb 462B/4 

C588 242(?): Psalter (L) Camb 802/4 


C589 2: Evangelistai ium (Gr) Camb 143A/1 

C590 3: Gospels of Luke and John (Gr) Camb 142/3 

C591 31: Petrus de Riga. Aurora Camb 802/3 

C592 51: Missal (Papal) (L) Camb 143B/3 

C593 102: Passiones apostolorum Camb 140/2 

C594 107: Beda. Liber scintillarum/ Augustinus. 
Admonito; De vitiis et virtutibus/ Isidorus. 
Excerptum de Synonyma Camb 139/1 

C595 114: Homiliarum Camb 142/1 

C596 120: Petrus Alphonsus. Contra Judaeos/ Poem 
(L) Camb 140/1 

C597 123: Grosseteste. Chasteau d'amours/ Prose 
expositions of Pater Noster (F)/ Crestien. Gospel of 
Nicodemus in verse (F)/ Guillaume, le Clerc. 
Bestiary (F)/ Apocalypse (L & F)/ Music/ St. 
Austin. Oreisun (L)/ Explanations of old English 
letters/ Poema morale (E) Camb 464/3 

C598 125: Pater noster (F)/ Aultre deuote exposicion/ 
Passion de notre seigneur Camb 139/2 

C599 126: Isidorus. Translation de dieux payens 
Camb 139/3 

C600 127: Bonaventura. Meditations on the life of 
Christ, Eng. tr. by Nicholas Love Camb 138/4 

C601 128: Portion of a Festiall in verse Camb 138/3 

C602 129: Life of St. Katherine Camb 138/2 

C603 130: John de Waldeby. Speculum vitae, Eng. 
tr. by William of Nassyngton Camb 136/2 

C604 131: Rolle. Prick of conscience Camb 138/6 

C605 132: Doctrine of the heart/ Letter of religious 
governance sent to a religious woman/ Letter sent to 
a religious woman of the 12 fruits of the Holy Ghost and 
the first fruit of charity Camb 136/3 

C606 133: John Wyclif. Commentaries on St. Matthew 
and the Apocalypse Camb 137/1 

C607 140: Statutes, 1399-1445 (F) Camb 139/4 

C608 141: Registrum brevium/ Statutes (L) Camb 

C609 142: Statutes (L) Camb 139/5 

C610 143: Breton de legibus Angliae Camb 141/4 

C611 159: Priscianus. Grammatica Camb 143B/2 

C612 165: Hipparchus. Summi astrologi/ Hyginus. 
De astronomia/ Martianus Capella. Astrologia/ 
Raymundus Massiliensis. Liber cursuum planetarum/ 
Astronomical treatises & tables (L)/ Thebit ben 
Corat. De quantitatibus stellarum/ Adelardus of 
Bath. De opere astrolapsus/ Super Por.ihyrii isago- 
gen/ Boethius. De differentiis/ Aristoteles. 
Equivoca Camb 140/3 

C613 166: Verses (L)/ Astronomical treatises and 
tables (L)/ Joannes de Sacro Bosco. Algorismus; De 
spera; Compotus/ Kalendar Camb 141/3 

C614 169: Pseudo-Boethius. De disciplina scholarium; 
De trinitate; De fide/ Boethius. De natura Del; Contra 

Eutychen et Nestorium; De hebdomadibus/ Nicholas 
Trivet. Expositio super Boecii De disciplina schola- 
rium/ Clement. De arte fidei catholice/ Theoremata 
trinitatis/ Plato. Timaeus/ Chalcidius. Commentary 
on Plato's Timaeus (L)/ Hermes Trismegistus. 
Argumentum ad Asclepium/ Cicero. De questionibus 
Tusculanis/ Apuleius Madaurensis. De deo Socratis/ 
Isaac. De diffinicionibus/ Robert Kilwardby (?). De 
divisione scientarum/ De ortu philosophorum/ 
Prophecia Sibilla/ Thomas Bradwardine. De 
memoria artificiali/ Campano Novarese. Practica 
geometrie/ De praxi geometrorum/ Propositiones 
philosophorum magistrales/ Ralph de Diceto. De 
historiographis/ Ex chronica ecclesie Christi Can- 
tuarie/ Fulgentius. Mythologia Camb 136/1 

C615 171: Nicholaus Montanus. Opera et litterae/ 
Grammatical treatises (L) Camb 143A/5 

C616 172: Petrarcha. Trionfi Camb 141/5 

C617 176: Sydrac and Boctus Camb 143B/1 

C618 177: John Mandeville. Voyage Camb 140/4 

C619 178: Contes et fabliaux Camb 141/1 

C620 179: Roman de sept sages/ Roman de Marques/ 
Roman de Lor in Camb 140/6 

C621 181: Chaucer. Canterbury tales Camb 141/2 

C622 182: Lydgate. Serpent of division; Extracts 
from Fall of Princes; Governance of kynges and 
prynces; Fragment of Fifteen joys of Mary/ Prophecy 
and verses on the nine worthies (L)/ Hoccleve. 
Regiment of princes/ W. Coullicke. To his Mistress 
Camb 143A/2 and Camb 462A/1 

C623 183: Lydgate. Book of governance Camb 462A/2 

C624 184: Boethius. De consolatione philosophiae, 
Eng. tr. by John Walton Camb 138/5 

C625 186: Chronicles of England (Brut) Camb 137/2 

C626 187: Copy of Proceedings of the Great Bardic 
Institution (lr)/ Collection of Irish tales belonging 
chiefly to the Ulster cycle (lr)/ Cailte mac Ronam. 
2 poems (lr) Camb 143A/3 

C627 191: Jamalu 'd-Din Abu Muhammad 'Abdu'llah 
b. Yusuf b. Hisham. Mughni '1-Labib 'an kutubi 
'1-a'arib Camb 138/1 

Mar lay 
C628 Les commentaires de Cesar Camb 143B/4 

C629 Add. 1: Vegetius. De re militari (F) Camb 

Cambridge . University . Gonville and Calus College. 

C630 26 (15): Radulphus de Mar ham. Manipulus 
chronicorum Camb 145/3 

C631 52 (29): Speculum iunlorum de male culpe et 
pene/ Tractatus de missa/ Sermons (L) Camb 417/4 

C632 54(31): Super iure canonico/ Aegidius de 
Fuscariis. Ordo judicarius/ William of Drogheda. 
Summa aurea/ Other juridical treatises (L)/ Verse 
and letters (F & E)/ Law notes (L) Camb 419/5 

C633 84 (166): Bartholomaeus Plctaviensis. De crisi 
et criticis/ Gualterus Agtlon. Compendium urlnarum; 
De pulsibus/ Tabula Salerni cum commento Bernardl/ 
Yuhanna ibn Masawaih. De considerattone medlcina- 
rum; Liber urinarum/ Lay folk's mass book/ Dialo- 
gue between Homo et Deus/ Kalendar/ Proverbia 
Salamonis/ Receipts and medical treatises (L & E)/ 
Trotula. De secretis mulierum/ Maurus Salernitanus. 
De urinis/ Galenus. Anathomia/ Rlcardus. De 
laxativis/ Religious treatises (L)/ Versus de antldo- 
tario/ Avicenna. Miscellaneous paragraphs Camb 

C634 105(57): Roger of Parma. Cyrurgia cum addici- 
onibus Rolandl Parmensis/ Expositio 4or magistrorum 
Salerni super cirurgiam Rogeri/ Receipts (F & E)/ 
Bruno Longoburgensis. Cirurgia/ De allopicia Camb 

C635 107(176): Guy of Warwick Camb 469/4 

C636 124 (61): Guillaume de Deguilleville. Pilgrimage 
of the soul Camb 469/1 

C637 136 (76): Alexander Neckam. De utenslllbus/ 
Adam du Petit Pont. Phale tholum/ Joannes de • 
Garlandia. Diccionarius; Compotus; Clauis compendii/ 
Distiguum with interlinear glosses (L & F)/ Serlo. 
Proverbia; Verses/ Hymnarius glosatus/ Proverbial 
verses (L)/ Adam de Nutzarde. Neutra; De uerbis de- 
ponentibus with comment (L)/ Grammatical notes (L)/ 

Alexandre de Villedieu. De algorismo/ On the 
dominical letter (L)/ Alexandre de Hales. Exoticon 
with comment (L)/ Letter (L)/ Donatus. De partibus 
orationis/ On pronunciation of words in the church 
service (L)/ Pseudo-Boethius. De disciplina scolari- 
um/ Stephen Langton. Sermon (F) Camb 469/2 

C638 147 (197): Nicholaus. Antidotarium/ Roger of 
Parma. Chirurgia/ Receipts and legal notes (L & E) 
Camb 468/4 

C639 160 (81): Lists of Psalms for certain occasions/ 
John de Waldeby. Speculum vitae, Eng. tr. by William 
of Nassyngton/ On chastening/ Gregorius I. Extract 
from Dialogues Camb 468/1 

C640 168 (89): John Mirk. Festial (E) Camb 466/2 

C641 174 (95): Joannes de Sacro Bosco. Tractatus de 
spera; In sphaeram/ Other astronomical treatises/ 
Petrus Peregrinus. De magnete/ Lydgate. Fragment 
of Vertues of the masse/ Robert of Cesyll/ William 
Lichfield. Complaint of God/ Alphabetum/ Syr Peny/ 
Sermo de articulis fidei/ Georges Delamothe. Lamen- 
tations iur l'estat de la France/ Two letters Camb 

C642 175 (96): Richard Coer de Lyon (E)/ De milite 
Ysumbras (E)/ Vita S. Katherine (E)/ Matutinos de 
cruce (E)/ Athelston/ Beues of Hamtoun/ De 
spiritu Gwydonis Camb 467/2 

C643 176(97): Of phlebotomie/ Miscellaneous notes/ 
Tract on kalendar/ Questions and answers on natural 
things/ Notes on humours and members/ Pure balade 
of love/ Chaucer. Pt. of Complaint to his purse/ 
Receipts (E & L)/ Treatise of medicine Camb 466/1 

C644 179(212): Wyclif. Matthew and Mark (Later 
version) Camb 419/3 

C645 190 (230): Receipts and verses on the Tempera- 
ments/ Anatomical treatises with diagrams/ John 
Arderne. Experimental Practica chirurgiae/ 
Receipts (E, L, Fl)/ Other medical tracts (L) Camb 

C646 198(104): Index of simples/ Nicholaus. Antido- 
tarium/ List of herbs (L & E) Camb 419/1 

C647 201 (107): Piers Plowman (B-text) Camb 418/5 

C648 203 (109): Grammatical treatises (L)/ Latin- 
English vocabulary/ Liber Ricardini/ Liber facetie/ 
Liber penitencialis/ Physiologus Camb 4*8/2 

C649 209 (115): Manuale ad usum Sarum Camb 418/3 

C650 213 (228): Secreta secretorum/ Receipts (L & E) 
Camb 418/4 

C651 230 (116): John Whethamstede. Extracts from 
the Manipularius (L); Poems; Article on papal power 
(L)/ Theological treatises and sermons (L)/ " 
humane redempcionis (E)/ Lydgate. Magnificat (L 1 
Medical receipts (L & E)/ Formulae for official 
letters (L)/ Verses (L) Camb 417/1 

C652 231(117): Commentary on the Apocalypse Camb 

C653 234 (120): Ancren riwle/ Theological treatises 
(L)/ Grammatical verses and prose notes (L)/ Poems 
on St. Katherine and St. Nicholas (L)/ Miscellaneous 
verses (L)/ Prophecy of Elphes (L) Camb 417/3 

C654 235 (121): Forma procedendi in visitacione 
episcopi/ De dedicacione ecclesiarum and other 
episcopal enactments (L)/ Articuli cleri/ Extracts 
from Westminister I. and other statutes (L)/ Notes 
on statutes/ De consuetudine rubrica/ Extracts from 
archiepiscopal constitutions (L) Camb 418/1 

C655 272 (504): Catholicon Camb 471/5 

C656 307 (375): Joannes Duns, Scotus. Liber secun- 
dus super sententias/ Honorius Augustodunensis. 
Fragment of Elucidarium (F) Camb 470/4 

C657 314 (376): Register of Spalding Priory (L) Camb 

C658 328 (715): Bartolommeo de' Granchi da San 
Concordio, Pisano. Summa de casibus conscientiae/ 
Religious verses, theological notes, letter, receipts 
(L) Camb 470/2 

C659 336(725): Guy de Chauliac. Anathomye/ On 
nativities, temperaments, etc,/ Of urines/ On the 
signs and their influence/ Of the craft of phisonomye 
(verse)/ De regimine sanitatis/ Joannes de Burgundia. 
De morbo epidemie; Extracts from Contra morbum 
pestilencialem (E)/ Other medical treatises (E & L)/ 
Volvelle/ Astronomical tables Camb 469/3 

C660 339 (535): Johannes de Abbatis Villa. De exposi- 
tione evangeliorum et epistolarum/ Tabula Camb 

C661 343(539): Wyclif. New Testament (Later ver- 
sion)/ Table to find the lessons/ List of books of New 
Testament/ Kalendar with epistles and gospels for 
holidays noted Camb 471/1 

C662 354(581): Rosarium theologiae (E) Camb 468/3 

C663 356(583): "Notebook of sermons heard and 

preached by an ecclesiastic (perhaps an Austin friar) in 
Cambridge and elsewhere" (L) Camb 145/1 

C664 383 (603): Letters (F)/ Grammatical treatises, 
notes, and verses (L)/ Forms of deeds and letters 
(F & L)/ Gloss on some liturgical offices (L)/ Songs/ 
Accounts (F) Camb 467/3 

C665 386(606): Rolle. Prick of conscier.ce/ Legal 
document and spurious papal document (E & L) Camb 

C666 390 (610): Extracts from Orologium sapiencie/ 
John Capgrave (?). Life of St. Katherine Camb 466/6 

C667 399 (618): Cosmographia/ George Ripley. 
Alchamy/ Cour de chymie Camb 418/6 

C668 417 (447): Donatus. De octo partibus orationis/ 
Johannes Boryngton. De regiminibus; Liber communis/ 
Catonis Distichi/ Joannes de Garlandia. Synonyma; 
Liber equiuocorum/ Epitome of the Bible story (L)/ 
Miscellaneous grammatical notes, treatises, and 
verses (L & E) Camb 467/1 

C669 424 (448): Vegetius. De chevalerie, Fr. tr. by 
Jean de Vignay/ Ordene de chevalerie/ William 
Twici. De re venatoria (F) Camb 466/4 

C670 435: Camb 466/3 

C671 451 (392): John Skelton. Tractatus de medicina/ 
Medical treatises (L & E)/ Precepts for a physician/ 
Receipts (L & E) Camb 419/4 

C672 451a: Medical receipts (E & L)/ List of herbs 
(L, I, E)/ John Skelton. On herbs Camb 466/5 

C673 457(395): Receipts and charms/ Book of 
astronomy and philosophy/ Aristotles. Physics/ 
Macer. De cognicione herbarum/ Astronomical 
treatises (L)/ Astrological treatises (L & E)/ De 
urinis Camb 471/2 

C674 595 (547): Spenser. Shepherd's calendar, Latin 
tr. by John Dove Camb 471/3 

C675 702(553): List of authors to be consulted as 
sources of Anglo-Saxon history/ Vocabulary of Anglo- 
s' -on words used in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle Camb 

C676 804(808): Fragments of poems/ Permission to 
certain Jews to reside in Cremona, 1466 (I)/ Frag- 
ment of a Primer (L)/ Biblical extracts, commenta- 
ries, and glosses (L)/ Memorandum of weight and 
gilding of a chalice (L)/ Tabula algoristica/ On 
compotus (L)/ On the sphere (L)/ Confirmation of 
privileges to Wendling abbey by Gregorius XI, 1373/ 
Fragments of Legenda aurea and other saints' legends 
Camb 471/4 

Cambridge . University . Jesus College. 

C677 13 (Q. A. 13): Sermones (L & E) Camb 382/2 

C678 15 (Q. A. 15): Fragments of homilies/ Petrus 
Lombardus. Sententiarum libri iv Camb 382/1 

C679 30 (Q. B. 13): Fragments of religious treatises 
(L)/ Bernard. De dignitate clericorum/ De uita b. 
M.virginis/ Miracula de S. Maria/ Meditaciones de 
passione/ Wyclif. Gospels (Earlier & later versions) 
Camb 381/3 

C680 35 (Q. B. 18): Religious notes (L & E)/ Sir 
John Mandeville. Itinerarium/ Gesta Romanorum, 
pt. 2 Camb 381/1 

C681 42 (Q. B.27): Prosodia sacerdotum/ Chronology, 
1370-1443 Camb 383/1 

C682 43 (Q.D.I): Medical notes and receipts (E & L)/ 
De infirmitatibus et venenis/ De passionibus oculorum/ 
De urinis/ Secreta mulierum (E)/ Materia medica/ 
Hippocrates. Dicta (E)/ Joannes de Burgundia. Con- 
tra morbum pestilencie/ Other medical treatises, 
including extracts from Isidore, Pliny, and Dioscori- 
des (L & E) Camb 383/2 

C683 44 (Q. D. 2): Paulus Aegineta. Excerpts/ Petrus 
Alphonsi. Dicta philosophorum/ Priscianus. De 
accentibus/ Pedanius Dioscorides. De virtutibus 
herbarum/ Liber de natura lapidum (verse, F) Camb 

C684 45 (Q. D. 3): Vincent de Beauvais. Repertorium 
super speculum historiale Camb 381/2 

C685 46(Q.D.4): Elucidarius/ Anselm. Sermo/ 
Hieronymus. Prologus de nativitate beate virginis 
et de vita eiusdem; Extract (L)/ Religious treatises 
(L & E)/ Dialogue between discipulus and magister/ 
De signis ante nativitatem Ihesu Christi/ Miscellane- 
ous verse (E & L)/ Weights, measures, and coins of 
England/ Rolle. Emendatione vitae; Super canticum 
canticorum; Pt. of Incendium amoris/ Abbathia de 
spiritu sancto (E)/ Hippocrates. De medicinis (E)/ 
Charms/ Indulgences and religious extracts (L)/ 
Sermones de Sanctis/ Pt. of a will relating to 
Northampton (L) Camb 380/3 

C686 47 (Q. D. 6): Table of lessons, epistles, and 
gospels/ Wyclif. New Testament with Epistle to the 
Laodiceans (Later version) Camb 380/4 

C687 51 (Q. G. 3): Speculum christiani Camb 380/2 

C688 56(Q.G. 8): Lydgate. Testament; Quis dabit meo 
capiti fontem lacrimarum; Consulo quisque eris; As 
a mydsomer rose; Horns away; Loke in thy merour; 
Pt. of Pageant of knowledge; Song of vertu; Praise of 
peace; Misericordias Domini; Doctrine for the pesti- 
lence; Kings of England; On the Paternoster; Fifteen 
joys and fifteen sorrows of Mary; De profundis; On 
Letabundus; Fifteen ooes; Upon a cross; To Mary; On 
kissing at verbum caro factum est; Stella celi extir- 
pauit; Prayers to ten saints; To St. Leonard; Sts. 
Katherine, Margaret and Magdalene; To St. Ursula; 
Stans puer ad mensam/ Cato major with Burgh's 
paraphrase Camb 383/5 

C689 58(Q.G. 10): Thomas Gray. Scala chronica (F)/ 
Chronicle, 1042-1265 (L) Camb 383/4 

C690 60 (Q. G. 12): Index of diseases/ Hippocrates. 
Prognostics/ Medical encyclopedia (L)/ Miscellane- 
ous receipts (L)/ Bernard de Villanova. Practica/ 
Bernard de Gordon. Tractatus breuis et vtilis/ Ver- 
ses (L) Camb 383/3 

Cambridge. University . Newnham College . 

C691 Piers Plowman (B-text)/ The lay folk's 
mass-book Camb 475/5 

Cambridge . University . Pembroke College . 

C692 1: Anselm. De similltudlnlbus; De antichristo; 
De gramatico; De corpore Christo; Contra responden- 
tem pro insipiente; De veritate; De libertate arbltrli; 
De casu diaboli; Cur deus homo; De processione 
spirltus sancti; Epistola de fermentato et azlmo; De 
concordia presciencie et predestinacionis et gratie 
dei cum libero arbitrio; Epistola de sacramentls 
ecclesie; De conceptu vlrginali; Monologli Prosologion; 
De incarnation verbi/ Ambrosius. De bono mortis/ 
Beda. De locucionibus figurativis/ Augustinus. De 
assumpcione b. virginis; De doctrina Christiana; 
Enchiridion Camb 153/3 

C693 9: Bernard de Clairvaux. Super cantlca 
canticorum/ Hugo of Saint- Victor. De axcha Noe; 
De quinque septenis; Sermones Camb 154/3 

C694 10: Bonaventura. Super quarrum sententiarum; 
Super secundum sententiarum Camb 162/1 

C695 13: Gregorius I. Moralia, lib. 1-10 Camb 

C696 14: Gregorius I. Moralia, lib. 11-22 Camb 

C697 15: Gregorius I. Moralia, lib. 28-35 Camb 

C698 16: Gregorius L Homiliae; Sermo de mortali- 
tate Camb 162/3 

C699 23: Hieronymus. Sermones/ Beda. Homiliae/ 
Maximus, bp. of Turin. Homiliae/ Gregorius L 
Homiliae/ Augustinus. Sermones/ Leo L Sermones/ 
Origenes. Sermo/ Joannes Chrysostomus. Homiliae 
Camb 163/1 

C700 26: Petrus Comestor. Historia scholastica 
Camb 166/2 

C701 27: Petrus Comestor. Sermones; Allegorie 
hystorlarum/ Ralph Niger. De re militari et 
tripplici via peregrinationis Ierosolimitane Camb 

C702 28: Petrus Lombardus. Sententiarum libri 4 
Camb 167/1 

C703 33: Thomas Aquinas. Super prlmum 

sententiarum; In sententiarum; In secundum sententia- 
rum Camb 156/1 

C704 34: Thomas Aquinas. Super quartum sententi- 
arum/ Joannes of Damascus. Sententlae/ Augusti- 
nus. De octoginta trlbus questionlbus; De eccleslas- 
ticis dogmatlbus; De mlrabllibus divine scripture 
Camb 164/2 

C705 35: Thomas Aquinas. Prima pars Summae 
Ca-ob 156/2 

C706 36: Thomas Aquinas. Prima pars secundae 
partis Summae Camb 158/2 

C707 37: Thomas Aquinas. De veritate catholice 
tldel; Questlones de veritate; Questiones de 
vlrtutlbus; De spirltuallbus creaturis; De anlma 
Camb 165/2 

C708 38: Thomas Aquinas. Postillae super Marcum 
Camb 167/2 

C709 42: Ambrosius. De bono mortis; De observan- 
tia episcoporum; Epistolae; De Nabuthe Israelite 
Camb 153/2 

C710 45: Andreas de Saint-Victor. Super Isaiam; 
Super Jeremiam; Super Danielem Camb 154/1 

C711 81: Beda. De templo Salomonis; Epistola ad 
Nothelmum de triginta questionibus; Questiones in 
libro regum numero XXX; In canticum Abacuc pro- 
phetae Camb 150/1 

C71- 82: Vita S. Alexii/ Beda. Historia Anglorum; 
Vita sanctorum abbatum monaster!!/ In vitam Bede/ 
Decretals of Gregory, Boniface, and others (L) 
Camb 153/1 

C713 83: Beda. Super Lucam Camb 157/1 

C714 86: Johannes de Bromyard. Tractatus iuris 
civilis et canonici/ Miscellaneous notes (L) Camb 

C715 87: Raymundus de Pennaforte. Enchiridion 
poenitentiale/ Sermons (L)/ Excerpts from Orosius, 
Trogus Pompeius, Jordanes, Boethius, Sidonus, 
Solinus, Apuleius, William of Malmesbury, and 
Macrobius (L)/ Augustinus. De mirabilibus diuine 
scripture; De visitacione infirmorum; De vitiorum; 
De cognicione vere vite; De vera innocentia/ Lapida- 
ries (F)/ De ponderibus et mensuris/ Tracts on 
numbers (L)/ Theological treatises (L) Camb 379/1 

C716 91: Hieronymus. Breviarium super Psalmos/ 
Verses (L)/ Nomina mensium/ Letter of one seeking 
ordination (L)/ Fragment of Translatio S. Bartholomei 
Camb 275/1 

C717 92: Joannes Cassianus. De regulis et institutis 
patrum antiquorum; Super Xcem collaciones patrum/ 
Super septem collaciones patrum/ Super alias septem 
collaciones patrum Camb 152/2 

C718 100: Distinctiones de Ueteri et Nouo Testamento/ 
Texts suitable for sermons/ Excerpta de Ueteri 
Testamento/ Sermons (L)/ Excerpta de Canticis 
sacris et de Nouo Testamento Camb 378/6 

C719 102: Forma componendi litteras ad diversas 
personas/ Notes on punctuation (L)/ Distinctiones pro 
sermonibus/ Super Threnos/ Super Ecclesiasten/ 
Super Apocalypsim Camb 152/1 

C720 103: De sacramentis et institutionibus ec- 
clesiasticis/ Collection of proverbs (L)/ Religious 
and moral treatises (L)/ Dicta philosophorum/ Ver- 
sus/ Epitaphs (L)/ De XV signis ante diem iudicii/ 
Sompniale Danielis/ Prognostics of weather, etc./ 
Accounts of cases and formulae for documents (L)/ 
Alexander Neckam. Corrogationes Promethei/ Visio 
Pauli/ Prayers (F & L) Camb 148/3 

C721 105: Valerius Maximus. Factorum atque dic- 
torum memorabilium libri novem Camb 167/3 

C722 106: Hieronymus. De nominibus ped. / Isidorus. 
Etymologiae/ Apostles' creed with prophecies (L) 
Camb 151/1 

C723 111: Hieronymus and others. Epistolae; Liber 
contra Heluidium hereticum/ Miscellaneous extracts 
(L)/ Bruno Signiensis. De ecclesiasticis officiis/ 
Ecclesiastical treatises (L)/ Hugo of Saint-Victor. 
Speculum de sicramentis et officiis ecclesie; 
Didascalicon (L)/ Lapidaire Camb 378/2 

C724 112: Gregorius I. Excerpta de moralibus/ 

Alexander Neckam. Corrogationes Promethei, pt. 1/ 
Sermons and theological treatises (L & F) Camb 378/1 

C725 113: Juvenalis. Satirae/ Song with music (F)/ 
Persius Flaccus. Satirae Camb 377/1 

C726 114: Sallustius. Bellum Catilinarium; Bellum 
Jugurthinum Camb 146/2 

C727 116: Super Cantica Canticorum/ Augustinus. 
De conflictu viciorum atque virtutum/ Richard of 
Saint-Victor. De statu interioris hominis/ Notes on 
masses (F & L)/ Receipt (F)/ Alanus de Insulis. De 
sex alis cherubin/ Religious treatises (L)/ Commen- 
tary on the Gospels for the year (L) Camb 146/3 

C728 118: Definitions (L)/ Isidorus. Contra Iudeos/ 
Bernard de Clairvaux. De gradibus humilitatis; Super 
missus est Gabriel/ Antiphons for St. Leonard/ 
Richard Wetherse*. Summa/ Collection of anecdotes 
and extracts (L)/ Quartus liber Sententiarum/ Verses 
on Gradus humilitate et superbie/ Note on sacraments 
Camb 148/1 

C729 120: Hieronymus. Epistola ad Damasum; Pro- 
logue in nnor euangelistas/ Nouum Testamentum 
Camb 377/3 

C730 122: Thomas Aquinas. Prima pars Summae 
Camb 155/3 

C731 123: Thomas Aquinas. Secunda pars Summae 
Camb 160/1 

C732 124: Thomas Aquinas. Ultima pars Summae 
Camb 158/1 

C733 125: Thomas Aquinas. Super primum sententi- 
arum Camb 158/4 

C734 126: Thomas Aquinas. Super secundum sententi- 
arum Camb 160/2 

C735 127: Thomas Aquinas. Questiones fratris 
Thome disputate Camb 155/1 

C736 128: Thomas Aquinas. Quodlibeta/ Nicholaus 
de Aqua Villa. Sermones Dominicales Camb 158/3 

C737 130: Aristoteles. Metaphysica; Ethica; Politica; 
Retorica; Magna moralia/ De secretis secretorum 
Camb 160/3 

C738 132: AverroSs. Commentum super Metaphysica 
Camb 166/1 

C739 135: Sermon (L)/ Augustinus. Super Genesim; 
De S. Trinitate; De vera religione; De ecclesiasticis 
dogmatibus; Questiones sexaginta quinque Orosii; De 
mirabilibus diuine scripture; De quantitate anime; De 
heresibus; Soliloquia; Enchiridion; Confessiones; De 
substantia dileccionis; De LXXXHI questionibus; De 
adulterinis coniugiis; Unde malum; De libero arbitrio; 
De immortal itate anime; De vera innocencia; De 
magistro; De natura et gracia; Yponosticon; De spiritu 
et anima; De fide et operibus; Dialogi cum Liquentio 
de musica; Retractiones; De vivendo Deo; De XII 
abusiuis; Oratio in libro de Trinitate/ Notes (F) 
Camb 159/1 

C740 137: Avicenna. Canonis primus, tr. by 

Gerardus, Cremonensis; Synonima; Expositiones sec. 
arabicum et sec. Almasorem/ In conceptione arborum 
Camb 163/2 

C741 154: Peter of Blois. De transfiguratione domini; 
De conversione S. Pauli/ Cyprianus. Epistolae/ 
Passio de S. Cypriani/ Hieronymus. De S. Cypriano/ 
Cassiodorus. De S. Cypriano/ Anselm. Meditationes/ 
Religious treatises (L)/ Peter, abbot of St. Remigius. 
Epistola ad comitem Henricum trecensium Camb 

C742 155: Boethius. De disciplina scolarium with 
commentary by William of Wheatley; De consolatione 
philosophiae with commentary by William of Wheatley 
Camb 159/2 

C743 161: Cyprianus. Epistolae Camb 154/4 

C744 162: Gratianus. Decretum Camb 166/3 

C745 168: Aulus Gellius. Noctium atticarum (L & Gr) 
Camb 156/3 

C746 169: Philo of Byzantium. De subtilibus ingenns 
Gilbert the Englishman. Compendium medicine/ Notes 
on weights (L)/ List of herbs Camb 161/1 

C747 174: Hebrew alphabet/ Pythagoras. Precepta/ 
Verses (L)/ Notes on numerals, music, etc. (L)/ 
Paterius. Exceptiones ex opusculis Gregorii Camb 

C748 183: Henricus de Bartholomaeis. Summa super 
t it u 1 is decretalium Camb 165/1 

C749 215: Boethius. De consolatione, Eng. tr. by 
Chaucer Camb 378/4 

C750 227: Firminus. De accidentibus mundi/ 

Muhammad ibn 'Umar ibn al-Farkhan, Abu Bakr, al- 
TabarT. De qualitate aeris et temporum/ Guido 
Bonatti. De ymbribus/ Sahl ibn Bishr. De revolu- 
cionibus/ Ja'far ibn Muhammad (Abu Ma'shar) al-Bal- 
ki. Flores super Saturno; Experimenta/ Explanations 
of Arabic terms (L)/ De presagiis tempestatum/ 
Iudicium de cometis (1301, 1338)/ Iudicium de eclipsi 
soils/ Galfritus de Meldis. Iudicium de stella coma- 
ta, 1337/ De significacione cometarum/ Aegidius, 
Dominican. De essentia cometarum/ Fragment of 
astrological tract (L)/ Ma Sha' Allah, al-Mis-rT. 
Interrogationes/ Ezith. Glosule Camb 149/2 

C751 228: Galenus. Super tegni with commentary by 
Hunain ibn Ishak, al-'Ibad!/ Hippocrates. De regi- 
mine acutorum cum commento Galieni; Aphorism! cum 
commento Constantini; Prognostica cum commento 
Galieni, Latin tr. by Constantinus Camb 149/3 

C752 237: Sermons Camb 379/2 

C753 240: Jacobus de Varagine. Legenda aurea/ 
De natura bestiarum Camb 149/1 

C754 243: Poem of knighthood and battle Camb 378/5 

C755 249: Petrarcha. Affrica/ Quintus Cicero. De 
petitione consulatus/ Cicero. In Sallustium; Oracio 
pro Caelio; Pro Archia poeta; Pro M. Marcello; Pro 
rege Deiotaro; De senectute/ Sallustius. Invectiones 
in Tullum Camb 151/2 

C756 252: Joannes de Burgo. Pupilla oculis Camb 

C757 258: Religious stories and extracts from leg -nds 
of saints (L)/ De confessione/ De articulis fidei, 
sacramentis, peccatis, etc./ Vita Alexandri magni/ 
Alexander. Epistola ad Aristotelem/ Epistolae 
Alexandri et Dindimi/ Verses (L & F)/ Libellus ad 
Rainerum de columbis/ Visio Pauli/ Richard 
Wetherset. Summa/ Johannes glosatus/ Music/ On 
seven deadly sins, Holy Ghost, Pater Noster, etc. (F)/ 
Notes on Commandments, Eucharist, excommunication, 
etc. (L)/ Story of friendship of two merchants, 
Egyptius and Baldath (L) Camb 148/4 

C758 260: Publius Vergilius Maro. Aeneis; Bucoli- 
con; Georgicon Camb 150/2 

C759 269: Boethius. Arithmetica Camb 146/4 

C760 272: Rolle. Prykke of conscience Camb 377/2 

C761 277: Jacobus de Varagine. Legenda aurea 
Camb 147/3 

C762 279: Glossary (L)/ Nonius Marcellus. Com- 
pendiosa doctrina par litteras or Commentariola 
Camb 147/1 

C763 280: Publius Ovidius Naso. Fasti with glosses 
Camb 146/1 

C764 285: Speculum Christiani (L & E)/ John 
Peckham. Constitutiones (L 6 E) Camb 378/3 

C765 286: Petrarcha. Prefacio in comedias 

Terencii/ Terentius Afer. Comediae cum commento: 
Andria; Eunuchus; Heauton-timorumenos; Adelphe; 
Echyra; Phormio Camb 148/2 

C766 291: Historia Barlaam et Josaphat (Gr) Camb 

C767 301: Quatuor evangelia Camb 379/3 

C768 302: Evangeliarium Herefordense/ Boundaries 
of the see of Hereford [Note: Target wrong] Camb 

C769 307: Gower. Confessio amantis Camb 379/4 

C770 308: Hrabanus Maurus. Super Epistolas Pauli 
Camb 275/3 

Later Mss . 

C771 Book of recipes, mostly medical, 1664 Camb 


Cambridge. University . Peterhouse . 

C772 69: Robert Cowton (?). Abbreuiatus super 
IVtum sententiarum/ Sermons Camb 376 1 

C773 75: Simon Bredon. De equationibus planetarum/ 
Nicholas Trivet. Expositio super Aug. De ciuitate 
dei/ Vegetius. De re militari Camb 376/2 

C774 83: Expositio verborum difficilium (L & E)/ 
Table Camb 374/1 

C775 104: Ralph Acton. Sermones/ Precepts 
(verse)/ Poem on the cross (L)/ Poem on reign of 
Edward B/ Rhyming proverbs (L) Camb 376/3 

C776 118: Henri de Mondeville. Practicke of 
sirurgerie Camb 375/3 

C777 190: Chronicles of England (Brut)/ John 

Warkworth. Continuation of Chronicle Camb 375/1 

C778 191: Robert Kilwardby. Super Priscianum in 
maiori; Super Priscianum de constructionibus/ Roger 
Bacon. Summa de grammatica/ Other grammatical 
treatises (L)/ Joannes Hispalensis. Epistola Camb 

C779 207: Catonis Disticha, with gloss/ Theodulus. 
Ecloga, with gloss/ Avianus. Fabulae, with glosses/ 
Maximianus. Elegiae, with glosses/ Publius Papinius 
Statius. Achilleis/ Claudius Claudianus. Libri in 
De raptu Proserpinae/ Hymnarius glossatus/ 
Penitentiarius glossatus Camb 374/4 

C780 210: Robert Holcot. Sermones (L & E); Four 
extracts (L)/ Table Camb 374/3 

C781 257: Barlaam and Josaphat/ Prayers (L) Camb 

C782 276: Prayers (E & L)/ Psalter (L)/ Quicunque 
vult/ Litany (L)/ In agenda mortuorum super 
psalmos Camb 496/2 

Cambridge. University . Queens ' College. 

C783 12: Hoccleve. De regimine principum (E) 
Camb 472/2 

C784 13: Augustinus. Liber soliloquiorum/ Verses 
Camb 472/1 

C785 18: Formula novitiorum (E) Camb 472/3 

Cambridge. University . St_. Catharine's College . 

C786 7(K. 1. 26): Camb 493/2 

C787 9 (G. V. 69): Camb 493/1 

Cambridge. University . St . John's College . 

C788 1-2 (A. 1-2): Old Testament, pts. 1-2 (Heb) 
Camb 549/3-4 

C789 3 (A. 3): Solomon ben Isaac. Commentary on 
the Prophets and Hagiographa (Heb) Camb 551/2 

C790 4 (A. 4): Guido de Baysio. Apparatus libri 
sexti decretalium/ Bonifacius Vin. Liber sextus 
decretalium/ Johannes, monachus. Apparatus super 
sexto libro decretalium/ Dinus. De regulis juris 
sexti libri decretalium/ Joannes Andreae. Super 
sexto libro decretalium Camb 556/1 

C791 6 (A. 6): Oribasius. '1ATPIKUN JYNArwrCjN 
Camb 476A/1 

C792 7 (A. 7): Statuta Angliae Camb 561/1 

C793 8 (A. 8): Flavius Josephus. Antiquitates, bks. 
15-20; De bello Judaico/ Fasciculus temporum 
(printed), 1478 Camb 561/2 

C794 11 (A. 11): Birgittine rule, form of profession, 
etc. (L 6 E) Camb 476A/2 

C795 12 (A. 12): Ranulf Higden. Polychronicon/ 

Egidio Colonna. De regimine principum Camb 554/1 

C796 15 (A. 15): Summa iusticie/ Grosseteste. 
Distinctiones; Sermon (L)/ Verba S. Augustini et 
S. Bernardi (E)/ Miscellaneous religious tracts and 
sermons (L & E)/ Bestiary (L) Camb 476A/3 

C797 18 (A. 18): Arnulfus Aurelianensis. Commentum 
super Lucanum de bellis Camb 554/2 

C798 19 (A. 19): Jan Yperman. Cirurgie (Fl)/ 
Lanfranco, of Milan. Surgery (Fl) Camb 554/3 

C799 22 (A. 22): Beda. De temporum ratione; Letter 
to Wicthede (L)/ Helperic. De computo lunae/ 
Paschal cycle, 1132-1596/ Table of Epacts/ Calen- 
darial verses (L) Camb 555/1 

CUuu <sj {a. 1): Rolle. De incendio amoris; Melos 
contemplatiuorum; De iuste iudicando Camb 492/2 

C801 27 (B. 5): Beda. Historia ecclesiastica/ 
Cuthbert. Epistola. . .de obitu Bedae, with Bede's 
Death song/ Gebeno. Prophetia S. Hyldegardis Camb 

C802 28 (B. 6): South English legendary Camb 476B/2 

C803 29 (B. 7): Fragment of Ypotis (E)/ Rolle. 
Pricke of conscience Camb 476/3 

C804 31 (B. 9): Wace. La conception/ Quinze signes/ 
Chrestien de Troyes. Vie de Saint Guillaume, roi 
d'Angleterre/ Vie de Sainte Paule/ Vies des saints, 
en prose/ Somme le roi Camb 477/1 

C805 34 (B. 12): Gower. Confess io amantis Camb 


C806 37 (B. 15): Receipts (E & L)/ Carta redemp- 
cionis (E)/ Lord's prayer, Ave Maria, Creed/ 
Verses on love/ Abuses of the age/ Kalendar (L)/ 
Nicholaus. Antidotarium(E C. L) Camb 478/2 

C807 38 (B. 16): Henricus Daniel. De urinis (E)/ 
Tract on urines/ Medical receipts Camb 555/2 

C808 40 (B. 18): 
Camb 558/4 

Psalterium triplex (Rheims?) 

C809 41 (B. 19): Lodovicus Kaerlion. Astronomical 
tables (L) Camb 557/2 

C810 42 (B. 20): Kalendar/ Isidorus. De differentis; 
Extracts (L)/ Homilies (L)/ Gesta Pilati/ Sermons 
and extracts from various ecclesiastical writers/ 
Defensor. Scintillarum/ Hieronymus. Psalterium; 
Extracts (L)/ Orationes/ Seneca. De institutione 
morum Camb 558/2 

C811 56 (C. 6): Kalendar/ Thomas a Kempis. 

Musica ecclesiastica; de imitacione Christi; et con- 
temptu omnium vanitatum mundi/ Psalm 46 (L) 
Camb 553/2 

C812 57 (C. 7): Martinus. Summa et quaestiones; 
Summa quaestionum/ Stephen Langton. Summa; 
Quaestiones/ Supplementary questions (L) Camb 

C813 58 (C. 8): Wyclif. Homilies Camb 483/1 

C814 59 (C. 9): Psalter, with glosses (L & Ir) Camb 

C815 60 (C. 10): Tito Livio dei Frulovisi. Corallaria; 
Claudi duo; Emporia; Symmachus; Oratoria; Peregri- 
natio; Eugenius Camb 552/1 

C816 61 (C. 11): Isocrates. Ad Nicoclem; Ad 

Demonicum/ Plutarchus. De virtute Romanorum; 
De Alexandri fortuna, Latin tr. by Niccolo Perotti; 
De invidia et odio, Latin tr. by Niccolo Perotti; De 
assentatoris et amici differencia, Latin tr. by Guarino 
Veronese/ Basilius. De invidia, Latin tr. by Niccolo 
Perotti; Orationes, Latin tr. by Niccolo Perotti/ 
Lucianus Samosatensis. Oratio de calumnia, Latin tr. 
by Franciscus Aretinus/ Xenophon. De tyrannide, 
Latin tr. by Leonardo Bruni Aretino/ Epictetus. 
Enchiridion, Latin tr. by Niccolo Perotti/ De errori- 
bus in lege Machometi/ Leonardo Bruni Aretino. 
Invectiva contra Ipocritas Camb 552/2 

C817 62 (C. 12): Grosseteste. Templum Domini; 
Canones penitentiales/ Augustinus. De X preceptis/ 
Appearances of Christ (L)/ Hrabanus Maurus. De 
naturis rerum/ Sermones,' Bestiary (L)/ Giles 
of Bridport. Constitutiones/ Religious treatises (L & 
E)/ Vindicta Salvatoris/ Life of St. Edmund (L)/ 
Analysis of the 4th book of the Sentences (L)/ 15 
signs before Judgment Day (L)/ Pseudo-ovid. De 
mirabilibus mundi/ Scholia/ Charm against the 
toothache/ Memorial verses (L)/ Notes on Arabic 
numerals (L) Camb 552/4 

C818 68 (C. 18): Psalter (Wherwell abbey) Camb 

C818 bis 69(C19): St. Birgitta, of Sweden. 
Revelationes Camb 553/1 

C819 71 (C. 21): Myrour of symple soules/ Size and 
sorwe depeli/ Prayer of the translator Camb 473/3 

C820 72(C22): Medulla grammaticae Camb 478/4 

C821 73(C23): Evangelia Camb 491/4 

C822 74(C24): Bible (L)/ Memorial verses (L) 
Camb 557/1 

C823 75(C25): Orchard of Syon Camb 478/5 

C824 76(D.l): Main <"Ih»rtieT JjsdrclogluQ 

inuectiuum (E); Famylyer dialoge; L'esperance (E) 
Camb 478/6 

C825 77 (D. 2): Bernard. Epistola ad Ailredum/ 
Ethelred. De speculo caritatis/ Hrabanus Maurus. 
Cena Camb 548/1 

C826 78 (D. 3): Muhammad ibn Zakarlya, Abu Bakr, 
al-RazT. pt. of Liber Almansoris; Antidotarium, 
Latin tr. by Gerardus Cremonensis/ Medical receipts 
(L)/ Zoar. Canon de curatione lapidis/ Explanations 
of Arabic words/ Ricardus Anglicus. De phlebotomia/ 
Galenus. Megategni; Diagnosticon/ Hippocrates. De 
regimine acutorum/ Liber epidimiarum/ Bertrandus. 
Lucidarius vel Almagest/ Lucidarium almagesti/ 
De signis complexionis/ Ad sciendum cuius com- 
plexionis sit medicamen compositum/ De coloribus 
urinarum Camb 550/1 

C827 79 (D. 4): Antidotarius glosatus/ Urbanus. 

Physica/ Petrus de Salerno. De omnibus opinionibus/ 
Medical receipts (L)/ Matthaeus Platearius. Herbo- 
larius/ Tract on stones (L)/ Muscio. De mulierum 
membris/ Theodorus Priscianus. De mulierum cura 
Camb 144/2 

C828 80 (D. 5): Rolle. Pricke of conscience/ Arti- 
cles concerning London Camb 479/1 

C829 81 (D. 6): Primer (Sarum) and Psalter, with 
gloss (L) Camb 560/1 

C830 87 (D. 12): Statius. Thebais/ Ausonius. Idyll 
XX/ Lament of Oedipus/ Glosae super Priscianum/ 
Commentum super Sophisticos elenchos Camb 548/2 

C831 91 (D. 16): Quintilianus. De institutione ora- 
toria/ Aulus Gellius. Notes from Noctium atticarum/ 
De oculo morali/ Table/ Verses (L) Camb 548/3 

C832 95 (D. 20): Jacobus de Varagine. Compendium 
figurarum/ Collection of stories: exampla (L & E)/ 
Religious notes and treatises (L & E) Camb 479/2 

C833 97 (D. 22): Valerius Maximus. Dictorum et 
factorum memorabilium/ Solinus. De mirabilibus 
mundi/ Julius Frontinus. Strategematon/ William 
of Ramsey. Poliistor deflorationum/ Proba. 
Centones Virgiliani/ Proverbia diversorum auctorum/ 
Prose analysis of the Metamorphoses Camb 550/2 

C834 99(D.24): De simplicibus medicine/ Gilles de 
Corbeil. Versus de urinis cum commento Gilberti/ 
Hunain ibn Ishak, al-'Ibadf. Isagoge in tegni Galieni/ [ 
Memorial verses (L)/ Galenus. Microgegni/ 
Philaretus. De pulsibus/ Hippocrates. Aphorismi; 
Pronostica cum commento/ Theophilus. Liber urina- 
rum/ Aristoteles. De libro animalium/ Isaac. Liber , 
urinarum; Dietae universales, Latin tr. by Constanti- 
nus Africanus/ Dietae particulares, Latin tr. by Con- 
stantinus Africanus; Liber febrium, Latin tr. by Con- ! 
stantinus Africanus/ Constantinus Africanus. Viati- 
cus/ De urinis significantibus mortem/ De effectibus 
qualitatum/ De conferentibus et nocentibus/ Finis 
medicine ita dumtaxat laudabilis Camb 551/1 

C835 101 (D. 26): Joannes Cassianus. De spiritu 
superbiae/ Passio SS. Sergii et Bachi/ Vita S. 
Remigii/ Vita Gregorii Nazanzeni/ Gregorius, bp. 
of Tours. Vita S. Maurilii/ Paulinus, bp. of Nola. 
Poems (L) Camb 557/5 

C836 102 (D. 27): Consuetudinary of St. Mary's, 
York (L) Camb 548/4 

C837 103 (D. 28): Stephen Patrington. Repertorium 
argumentorum; Disputacions (L)/ Exposition of the 
Third Epistle of John (L) Camb 144/3 

C838 104 (E.l): Notes and verses (L)/ Glosses/ 
Brlto. De vocibus Bibliae Camb 478/1 

C839 105 (E. 2): De septem climatibus exposicio/ 
Chaucer. De astrolabio Camb 492/5 

C840 109 (E. 6): T. Betson of Syon. Notebook 
including religious pieces, law notes, verses, 
receipts, list of herbs (L & E) Camb 479/3 

C841 111 (E. 8): On the Commandments, marriage, 
etc. (L)/ Innocentius JH. De mlseria condiclonls 
humane/ Benedictio carnium/ Verses (L, F, E) 
Camb 479/4 

C842 112 (E. 9): Compendium theologice ueritatis/ 
Nicholai Gorham. Distinctiones/ Notes & verses 
(L & E) Camb 481/2 

C843 115 (E. 12): Walter Map. Expositio epistolae 
Valerii ad Rufinum/ Another exposition of the same 
(L)/ Richard Aungerville. Philobiblon/ William 
Ockham. Disputacio inter clericum et militem/ 
Alanus de Insulis. De planctu nature/ De moribus 
regalibus/ De Deo/ Seneca. Proverbia; Epistolae 
ad Lucillum/ Pseudo-seneca. De copia verborum 
Camb 548/5 

C844 116 (E. 13): Wyclif. Epistles (Later version) 
Camb 481/1 

C845 117 (E. 14): Wyclif. Psalms, Canticles of the 
church, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of songs, 
Wisdom, Eccleslastlcus (Later version) Camb 479/5 

C846 121 (E. 18): Wyclif. Gospel of John (Later 
version)/ Articles of faith/ Psalms of the passion 
Camb 481/5 

C847 128 (E. 25): Chastising of God's children Camb 


C848 135 (E. 32): Die dominica (E)/ Kalendar (L)/ 
Martilogium/ Office of St. Gabriel (L) Camb 481/3 

C849 137 (E. 34): Rolle. Pricke of conscience Camb 

C850 138 (F.l): Guilelmus Peraldus. Summa de 
uiciis/ Songs (F & L) Camb 481/7 

C851 139 (F. 2): Processional (Syon) (L) Camb 548/6 

C852 145 (F. 8): Fragments of Proverbs of Hendyng/ 
Alphabetum morale Camb 481/6 

C853 151 (F. 14): Processional (Sarum) (L) Camb 

C854 162 (F. 25): Grosseteste. Compotus/ Kalendar 
(L)/ Tables (L)/ De astrolabio/ Tract on the 
astrolabe (L)/ Zael. Introductorium/ De planetis 
Camb 480/2 

C855 163 (F. 26): Donatus. De partibus orationis (E)/ 
Glossary (L & E)/ Verses (L)/ Forms of obligation/ 
Grammatica with memorial verses (L)/ Poem on a 
cock fight (L)/ Thomas Sylton. De accentu (verse)/ 
Grammatical treatises (L)/ English phrases and Latin 
equivalents/ Abridgment of Distichs of Cato (L)/ 
Liber accentarii with interlinear glosses (L & E)/ 
Rhythm to St. Nicholas (L)/ Promptorium paruulorum/ 
Exposition on church offices (L)/ Doctrinale paruum 
with expository notes (L) Camb 480/3 

C856 164 (F. 27): Adventus patris Benedicti/ Pts. of 
Offices for St. Augustine of Canterbury and Adrian, 
abbot/ Adrevaldus Floriacensis. De miraculis S. 
Benedicti (verse)/ Sermo in sacra Benedicti patris 
celebritate Camb 559/3 

C857 167 (F. 30): Peter de Peckham. Lumiere as 
lais/ William de Wadington. Manuel de peches 
Camb 480/4 

C858 173 (G. 5): Roman de la rose/ Bonte des femmes/ 
Pastourelle Camb 482/1 

C859 174 (G. 6): Kalendar/ Psalterium with Cursus 
B. Virglnis, the Litany, Vigiliae mortuorum, and 
miscellaneous devotions (L & D) Camb 552/3 

C860 176 (G. 8): Speculum Christiani (L & E)/ Lerne 
I rede fce howe thy bedde made sail be/ On negligence 
in psalmody (L)/ Quoniam karisstmi/ Adamus 
Carthusianus. Scala caeli Camb 482/2 

C861 182 (G. 14): Notabilia artis alchemicae/ Miriam, 
prophetess. Conventio cum Rege Aros/ Alchemical 
verses (L)/ John Dastin. Visio de dono gracie/ 
Edwardus de Parvo Monte. Vlsio/ Sarne. Lilium 
alchimae/ Turba philosophorum Camb 549/1 

C862 183 (G. 15): Canons of the Gospels/ Hleronymus. 
Epistola a' Damasum papam/ Novum Testamentum 
cum prologils b. Jeronimi/ Pelagius. Prefatio de 
corpore epistolarum b. Pauli Apostoli Camb 549/2 

C863 184 (G. 16): Gesta Alexandri magni/ Alexander. 
Letters to Dindimus and Aristotle (L)/ Brief treatises 
and verses relating to Alexander (L)/ Geoffrey of 
Monmouth. Historia Brltonum/ Prophetia aquile 
Scheftonie/ Vlndicta Saluatoris/ Henry of Huntingdon. 
Historia Anglorum/ Prophecy of the tenth sibyl (L)/ 
De omnibus regibus Israel/ Pseudo-Methodius. De 
prlnclpio seculi/ De antichristo/ Turpin. Chronicle 
(L)/ Dares Phrygius. Historia Troiana/ Grosseteste. 
Suidas on 'InaoSi ; Testamenta XH patriarchum Camb 

C864 188 (G. 20): Friar Sanal's vision/ Devotional 
tracts Camb 482/4 

C865 189 (G. 21): Guillaume de DeguillevHle. Peleri- 
nage da la vie humaine (E) Camb 483/2 

C866 190 (G. 22): Wyclif and others. Sermons Camb 

C867 191 (G. 23): John Barbour. Bruce/ Documenta 
matris ad filiam (E)/ Lydgate. Dietary Camb 483/4 

C868 192 (G. 24): Primer Camb 492/4 

C869 193 (G. 25): Honorius Augustodunensis. Luci- 
darie (E)/ Wyclif. Apocalypse, with commentary/ 
Clement of Lanthony. Harmony of the Gospels/ 

Exposicio textus Matthei xxiii° capitulo (E)/ God that 
all hath made & wrought (verse) Camb 484/1 

C870 194 (G. 26): Wyclif. Books of Proverbs, 

Ecclesiastes, Song of songs, Wisdom, Ecclesiasticus, 
and Tobit (Later version) Camb 484/2 

C871 195 (G. 28): Poem against the friars/ Pore 
caitif Camb 484/3 

C872 196 (G. 29): Boethius. De consolatione, Eng. 
tr. by John Walton Camb 485/1 

C873 197 (G. 30): William of Wytinde. Of shrifte and 
penance Camb 484/7 

C874 198 (G. 31): History of Genesis Camb 484/5 

C875 202 (G. 35): Contemplative life Camb 484/6 

C876 204 (H. 1): William Ockham. Dialogus inter 
clericum et militem, Eng tr. by Trevisa/ Richard 
Fitzralph. Sermon, Eng. tr. by Trevisa/ Higden. 
Polychronicon, Eng. tr. by Trevisa Camb 485/3 

C877 208 (H. 5): Christine de Pisan. Epistle of Othea, 
Eng. tr. by Stephen Scrope Camb 492/1 

C878 209 (H. 6): Beda. Super apocalypsim Johanrus/ 
Gennadius. De mille annis et de apocalypsi beati 
Johannis/ Folcard. Vita et translatio beatissimi 
Botulfi/ Ambrosius. De utilitate et laude sancti 
ieiunii Camb 558/5 

C879 215 (H. 13): Breviary (Sarum) Camb 559/2 

C880 217(1.2): Joannes Andreae. Super Sexto/ 
Alphabetum iuris/ Gloss on the Decretum (L)/ De 
arte notariatus/ De nobilitate/ Gottfried Walach. 
Poem on fire at Erfurt (L)/ Gloss on Joannes de Deo's 
De arboribus consanguinitatis et affinitatis/ Story of 
Odo, abp. of Magdeburg (L)/ Andreas Brutzschow. 
Certificate of study/ Johannes in Parmis (?). Summa 
brevissima/ Joannes Glockkry. De dignitatibus 
ecclesiasticis/ Gerardus of (?) Rheinau. Juris 
defensorium/ Religious treatise (L)/ Gregor von 
Heimburg. Appellatio ad Papam Pium/ Johannes 
Gerson. Appellatio/ Treatise on absolution (L) 
Camb 555/3 

C881 219 (I. 11): Gervasius ot Tilbury. Excerpts from 
Otia imperialia/ Martinus Polonus. Chronica/ La 
petite philosophie (poem)/ Nomina regum Christiano- 
rum in Anglia/ Recapitulacio terre sancte/ Recapi- 
tulacio Rome Camb 485/2 

C882 221(1.15): Astronomical and mathematical 

treatises and tables (L)/ Kalendar/ Beda. De natura 
rerum et ratione temporum/ Letter to Wicthede (L)/ 
Dionysius Exiguus. Epistolae/ Helpericus. Compo- 
tus/ Compotus/ Discussion between Theophilus and 
his bishops (L)/ Paschal rules (L)/ Gerlandus. 
Compotus Camb 559/1 

C883 223 (I. 22): Hoccleve. De regimlne principum/ 
Lydgate. Extract from Fall of princes Camb 484/4 

C884 231 (K. 26): Psalter (Pictures only) Camb 558/3 

C885 233 (K. 30): Psalter Camb 562/2 

C886 234 (K. 31): Music for masses Camb 555/4 

C887 235 (L. 1): Chaucer. Troilus and Criseide/ Dum 
sumus in mundo uiuamus consuetudo (E)/ Robert 
Henryson. Testament of Criseide Camb 488/8 

C888 237 (L. 10): Storya lune (E)/ Prayer to Christ/ 
Erra pater (E) Camb 488/6 

C889 242 (N. 4): Wyclif. Gospels (Later version) 
Camb 489/2 

C890 244 (N. 6): Canterbury privileges Camb 557/3 

C891 245 (N. 7): Narrative of quarrels between Prior 
Thomas Ringmer, of Christ Church, Canterbury, and 
his monks about 1280-1281 [Note: Target wrong] 
Camb 557/4 

C892 246 (N. 8): Bible with prologues (L)/ Hymns (L)/ 
List of Liturgical Gospels Camb 563/2 

C893 248 (N. 13): Hosebonderie Camb 563/3 

C894 249 (N. 16), 250 (N. 17): Lyfes of Seynt John 
Baptist and of Seynt John Euangeliste/ Lyfe of Saint 
Jerom Camb 489/5 

C895 252 (N. 19): Psalter Camb 560/2 

C896 256 (S 30): Somme le roi/ Placebo (E)/ Pater 
noster, etc. (E)/ Speculum Gy de Warewyke (E)/ 
Orison of the five joys/ Prayers (L) Camb 492/3 

C897 257 (S. 35): Manual of confessor (E & L) Camb 

C898 259 (S. 54): Collection of carols Camb 490/6 

C899 260 (T. 8): Gulielmus Durantis. Rationale du 
divin office, Fr. tr. by Jean Golein Camb 563/1 

C900 261 (T. 14): Jean Baudouin. Instruction de la 
vie mortelle Camb 491/2 

C901 262 (Tt. 1.22): Kalendar/ Cantica/ Hymns (L)/ 
Passion nostre seignur Diesu Crist Camb 560/3 

C902 264: Primer (Coutances) Camb 562/3 

C903 269 (K. 49): Medical treatises, recipes, and 
charms/ Prognostics Camb 488/4 

C904 272 (S. 25): Documents relating to the office of 
almoner of the cathedral church of St. Paul, London 
(L) Camb 489/6 

C905 306-307 (I. 5-6): Edward Herbert. De veritate, 
vol. 1-2 Camb 556/2 

C906 308(1.7): Philip Sidney. Countess of Pem- 
broke's Arcadia/ Poems Camb 486/1 

C907 309(1.8): Walter Hawkesworth. Leander (L); 
Labyrinthus (L) Camb 485/4 

C908 310(1.9): Treatise against bishops Camb 486/2 

C909 320 (I. 25): John Mundey. Sabbatum redivlvum 
(E) Camb 486/3 

C910 323 (I. 29): Thomas Lea. Discovery and re- 
coverie of Ireland Camb 486/4 

C911 324 (I. 30): Proceedings against Mary Queen of 
Scots Camb 487/1 

C912 325(1.31): Considerations on the state of Europe, 
about the beginning of James Ts reign Camb 488/1 

C913 326 (I. 32): John Cowell. The interpreter Camb 


C914 327 (L 33): Briefe discourse in praise of King 
Richard HI Camb 488/2 

C915 331(1.40): Aelfric. Homily on St. Cuthbert 
Camb 488/3 

C916 338 (K. 18): Register of benefactors of St. John's 
college, Cambridge (L) Camb 558/1 

C917 356 (K. 47): La coignee de Luther (F & E) Camb 


C918 364 (L. 7): Camb 555/5 

C919 372 (L. 18): George Carew. Observations con- 
cerning the state and government of France under 
Henry IV, 1609 Camb 488/5 

C920 392 (M. 9): Certen slaunderous speeches 
against the present estate of the Church of England 
Camb 489/1 

C921 409 (S. 15): Matthew Prior. Letters Camb 

C922 415 (S. 22): Tom Tell-Truth/ Three kingly 

states of the New Testament/ Henry Burton. Speeches 
and petition/ Verses in honor of Elizabeth Nevill/ 
On observance of the Sabbath Camb 489/7 

C923 416 (S. 23): Poems by Thomas Carew, Ben 
Jonson, Shakespeare, Beaumont, R. Corbet, W. 
Davenant, P. Messinger, H. King, and others 
Camb 489/8 

C924 423 (S. 32): Poems, many anonymous, some by 
W. Strode, G. Morley, B. Jonson, Milton, Donne, 
F. Bacon, H. King, R. Corbet, Sir T. Urquhart, T. 
Carew, W. Bond, J. Touchet, W. Raleigh, Sir W. 
Davenant, H. Hyde, W. Reynolds Camb 490/1 

C925 427 (S. 37): Collection of proceedings in Parlia- 
ment protestations, petitions, and speeches Camb 


C926 432 (S. 42): Book of private devotions (Roman 
Catholic) (L & E) Camb 489/4 

C927 433 (S. 43): Tachygraphy, the art of shorte 
writing Camb 490/3 

C928 434 (S. 14): Common-place book, including: On 
my lute-strings catte-bitten (Poem); Oratio habita 
coram Rege Woodstockiae, Aug. 30, 1635; Oratio ad 
serenissimum Regem Carolum; Notes of sermons; Sir 
Kenelm Digby. Farewell to the world Camb 490/4 

C929 435 (S. 45): H.Smith. Common-place book, 
including: Latin comedy; Epitaphs from Scotland; 
Account of age of Henry Jenkins; Lord Russel's 

letter to the king, July 19, 1683; De fundatione 
Collegll Reglnalls; Account of the manors of Cam - 
bridgeshire, 1399; Orator's letters and documents 
relating to the University of Cambridge (L & E) Camb 


C930 436 (S. 46): Leycester's commonwealth/ Sermon, 
1388/ Vox populi, or News from Spain/ Receipts, 
epitaphs, etc. Camb 490/7 

C931 443 (S 58): Political tract/ Speech in the House 
of Commons/ Petition to the King/ Grievances to the 
King's most excellent Maiestie, July 7, 1610 Camb 

C932 444 (S 59): Camb 490/10 

C933 447 (S. 62): Comedy in prose Camb 490/9 

C934 493 (Aa. 3): Documents relating to Cambridge 
University: Privileges; extracts from statutes and 
proctor's books; letters of chancellors and of the 
Council, etc. / Letter of James I and petitions of 
Parliament, 1621 Camb 491/3 

C935 505: Edmund Dudley. Tree of the Commonwealth 
Camb 491/1 

Cambridge . University . Sidney Sussex College. 

C936 2 (A. 1. 2)-3 (A. 1. 3): Foundation and statutes of 
Jesus College at Rotherham founded by Abp. Rother- 
ham/ List of lands, vestments, plate, and church 
books which he bequeathed to the College Camb 597/1 


2. 11): York Missal Camb 597/2 

C938 34 (A 2 12): Sermones de Sanctis et de tempore 
Camb 598/1 

C939 36 (A. 2. 14): Liber precum (L & F)/ John 
Peckham Psalterium salutationum B. V Mariae 
Camb 598/2 

C940 37 (A. 2. 15): Primer (L)/ Lydgate. Prayers to 
ten saints; To St. Leonard; To St. Ursula; To St. 
Osltha; To Mary, the star of Jacob Camb 367/1 

C941 43 (A. 2. 21): Peter of Langtoft. Chronicle (L)/ 
Merlin's prophecy of six kings (F)/ Other prophecies 
(L)/ List of bishoprics of England and Wales Camb 

C942 48 (A. 3. 3): Albertano da Brescia De doctrina 
dicendi et tacendi; De consolatione et consilio; De 
amore & dilectione Dei & proximi et aliarum rerum 
et de forma vitae; Sermones/ Sententiae/ De B 
Virginis/ De S Johanne evangelista Camb 598/4 

C943 50 (A. 3. 5): Religious treatises (L)/ Henry of 
Saltrey. St. Patrick's purgatory (L)/ Beda. Super 
mulierem fortem/ Caesarius. Homiliae/ Eusebius, 
bp. of Emesa. Homiliae/ Gregorius I. Homilies and 
various tracts (L)/ Augustinus. Contra V haereses; 
Regula; De conflictu viciorum atque virtutum/ Joannes 
Chrysostomus De reparacione lapsi; De muliere 
chananea/ Ambrosius De observantia episcoporum; 
De officiis/ Maurilius Oratio/ Prayer (L)/ 
Hieronymus Sermon on the Assumption (L)/ Isidorus 
De summo bono/ Sermones Camb 598/5 

C944 55 (A. 3. 10): Speculum Christian! (L & E)/ 
Lay-folk's catechism Camb 367/2 

C945 58 (A. 3. 13): Medical receipts/ Primer (L) 
Camb 367/3 

C946 63 (A. 4 1): Gower. Confessio amantis/ Catonis 
disticha (L & E) Camb 385A/2 

C947 69 (A. 4 7): Henry VTU Literae patentes con- 
cessae Jacobo, episcopo Eliensi, et Roberto priori et 
conuentui eiusdem loci Camb 597/3 

C948 74 0.4. 12): Wyclif and others. Sermons and 
religious treatises Camb 385B/2 

C949 76 (A. 4.14): Psalter. Cantica and litany Camb 

C950 80 (A. 4. 18): Primer (L)/ Charm against bleed- 
ing Camb 367/4 

C951 89 (A. 5. 3): Rolle English Psalter (L & E)/ 
Camb 367/5 

C952 93 (A. 5. 8): Guilelmus, abp. of Tyre. History 
of the Crusades, Fr. tr. by Hugues Plagon Camb 

C953 95 (A. 5. 10): Miracula B. V. Mariae Camb 

C954 96 (A. 5. 11): Bible: Prologue; Genesis to Psalms; 
Proverbs to Apocalypse; Index (L) Camb 600/1 

C955 99 (A 5 14): Table of Epistles and Gospels/ 
Wyclif New Testament (Earlier version)/ Lessons 
of the Old Testament Camb 367/5 and Camb 385B/1 

C956 100 (A. 5 15): Hugo of Saint Victor De bestiis 
et aliis rebus/ Ordo de sacris ordinibus benedicendis 
Camb 600/2 

Cambridge . University . Trinity College . 

C957 36 (B. 1.38): Wyclif. Exposition on Matthew and 
John Camb 386/3 

C958 43 (B 1.45): Honorius Augustodunensis. Sigillum 
S Marie super Cantica/ Sermons, precepts, etc. 
(E, F, L)/ Augustinus Regula; De trinitate/ Pro- 
prietatis mortis (E) Camb 386/2 

C959 50 (B 2. 7): Apocalypse, with commentary Camb 

C960 61 (B. 2. 18): Bonaventura. De vita Christi (E)/ 
Ypotis/ Lover's plaint/ Gracias in vigilia pasche/ 
Numbers up to 15 (L)/ Vita S. Ricardi Cicestrensis 
episcopi abbreviata per Johannem Elmer/ Testamen- 
tum S. Ricardi Cicestrensis episcopi Camb 735/1 

C961 108 (B. 3.29): Aid man witles (verse)/ Isaias 
glosatus Camb 387/1 

C962 133 (B. 4. 19): Thomas Aquinas. Super Lucam; 
Super Johannem Camb 735/2 

C963 134 (B. 4.20): Wyclif. Sermons on the Epistles 
and Gospels Camb 387/2 

C964 147 (B. 5.1): Vulgate Bible Camb 387/3 

C965 148 (B 5. 2): Vulgate Bible, Proverbs to 
Hebrews Camb 387/4 

C966 171 (B. 5.25): Rolle. English Psalter Camb 


C967 181 (B. 7.4): Origines. Epistola ad Africanum de 
Susannae historia (Gr)/ Liber controversiarum, vol. 
1/ Isidorus. Gaderid councelis/ Augustinus de 
contemptu mundi (E)/ Omnia terrena per vices sunt 
aliena (E)/ Erthe out of erthe (B-version)/ Memento 
homo quod cinis es, etc. (E)/ By hym that all doth 
embrase (poem)/ Defense of the people's reading the 
Scriptures Camb 401/1 

C968 185 (B. 8.1): Vitae sanctorum (Gr) Camb 4M6/3 

C969 187 (B. 8 3): Vitae sanctorum mensis Novembris 
(Gr) Camb 400/2 

C970 192 (B 8. 8): Joannes Chrysostomus Homiliae 
(Gr) Camb 401/2 

C971 195 (B. 8. 11): Joannes Chrysostomus. Homiliae 
(Gr) Camb 400/1 

C972 198 (B. 9. 2): Vitae sanctorum mensis Octobris 
(Gr) Camb 400/3 

C973 199 (B. 9.3): Vitae sanctorum mensis Decembris 
(Gr) Camb 399/1 

C974 205 (B. 9.9): Hermes Trismegistus. Opera (Gr)/ 
Plotinus. Enneadum pars (Gr) Camb 735/3 

C975 210 (B. 9.14): Vitae sanctorum mensis Octobris 
(Gr) Camb 399/2 

C976 216 (B. 10. 5): Epistolae Pauli (De manu Bedae) 
Camb 736/1 

C977 223 (B. 10. 12): Bonaventura. De vita Christi 
(E)/ Devoyt meditacione/ Alya cantica/ The Lay- 
folks cathecism Camb 736/2 

C978 249 (B. 11. 10): Pontificale Camb 736/3 

C979 261 (B. 11. 22): Primer Camb 736/4 

C980 263 (B. 11. 24): John Mirk. Manuale sacerdotis/ 
Notes on Psalms i-cvii (L)/ Lydgate. Dietary/ 
Quindecim signa ante diem iudicii (E)/ Querimonia Xi 
languentis pro amore (E) Camb 402/5 

C981 301 (B. 14. 15): Doctrine of the hert Camb 402/3 

j:8?, 305 (B. 14. 19): Chastising of Goddis children/ 
Bonaventura. Stimulus amoris (E)/ Meditacions of 
the soper of our Lord/ Richard de Caistre. Hymn/ 
Dubia notabilia de passione Christi/ Exposition of 
the Lord's Prayer, the Creed, the Ten Command- 
ments, etc. / Nicolas de Lyra. Super Psalterium/ On 
the seven deadly sins Camb 402/2 

C983 316 (B. 14. 31): Legenda sanctorum Camb 402/1 

C984 322 (B. 14. 38): Wyclif. Sermons on the Epistles/ 
Thomas Wymbleton. Sermon, 1389/ Rolle. Form of 
living/ On the Pater Noster/ Bonaventura. Medita- 
tions Camb 402/4 

C985 323-324 (B. 14. 39-40): De ordine creaturarum/ 
Poems (E, L, F)/ Prayers/ Stories (L & F)/ Life 
of St. Margaret/ Debate between Soul and Body/ Mis- 
cellaneous notes (E, L, F)/ Sermons (L)/ Robert 
Wace Legend of St. Nicholas (F)/ Collect for St. 
Nicholas (L)/ Poem on Ezekiel (F)/ Tales upon the 
Gospel (F)/ On t-asdon of Christ (F)/ Proverbia 
Marie Magdalene (F)/ Oratio Salomonis/ Effects of 
seven deadly sins (F)/ Exempla (E & L)/ Epitaph on 
Robert Grosseteste (L)/ Proverbs in verse (L)/ Pro- 
verbs of Alfred/ Definitions of love, etc. (L)/ Femina/ 
Grammar (F & L)/ Dialogues (F)/ Arabic figures/ 
Versus de Sancta Cera/ Ortographia (F)/ Modus 
composicionis literarum (L & F) Camb 736/5 

C986 329 (B. 14.45): Reginald Pecock. Book of faith 
Camb 402/6 

C987 335 (B. 14. 52): Poema morale (E)/ Sermons 
Camb 402/7 

C988 353 (B. 15. 17): Piers plowman (B-text)/ Trea- 
tise of sin/ Poem on love of Christ Camb 736/6 

C989 369 (B. 15. 34): Saxon homilies Camb 737/3 

C990 374 (B . 15. 39): Camb 737/1 

C991 375 (B. 15.40): Camb 737/1 cont 

C992 376 (B. 15. 42): Camb 737/2 

C993 378 (B. 16. 2): Wyclif. De ente; Sermons, pts. 
1-4 (L)/ De sermone Domini in monte Camb 737/4 

C994 536 (R. 2. 36): Piers Plowman (C-text), tran- 
script of the nchester Ms Camb 403/1 

C995 567 (R. 2. 86): Joannes de Sacro Bosco. 

Algorismus de lntegris et minutiis/ Mathematical 
extracts (L)/ Tract on geometry (L)/ Practica 
astrolabii/ Detached rules, etc. (L)/ Verses on the 
Zodiacal signs (L) Camb 403/4 

C996 588 (R. 3. 8): Cursor mundi Camb 403/2 

C997 593 (R. 3. 13): John de Waldeby. Speculum 

vitae, Eng. tr. by William of Nassyngton Camb 403/3 

C998 594 (R.3. 14): Piers plowman (Mixed text) 
Camb 738/1 

C999 595 (R. 3.15): Eight goodly questions/ Hoccleve. 
Ballad to Henry V/ Chaucer. Prophecy; Canterbury 
tales/ Piers plowman's crede Camb 738/2 

C1000 597 (R. 3. 17): Romance of Raymond of Poitiers 
Camb 738/3 

Dl 599 (R. 3.19): Festum natalls Domini/ Seven 
philosophers/ Poems and ballads/ Lydgate. Churl 
and the bird; Isopes f abides; Bycorne and chichefache; 
Four things that make a man a fool; Extract from Fall 
of princes; Horns away/ Chaucer. Parlement of 
foules; Legend of good women; Pity/ Tale of Guiscardo 
and Ghismonda/ Complaint of a prisoner/ Of the four 
complexions/ Assembly of damys/ Assembly of gods/ 
Alain Chartier. La belle dame sans merci, Eng. tr. 
by Sir Richard Ros/ Ten commandments of love/ Nine 
ladys worthy/ Craft of lovers/ Balade on hypocrltal 
women/ Balade in praise of Margaret, the daisy/ 
Epistle to a mistress/ Discryuyng of a fayre lady/ 
Beware of deceitful women/ Pilgrims' song/ Pro- 
verbs of wisdom/ How the good wife taught her daugh- 
ter/ Courte of love/ Piers of Fulham. Love poems/ 
Petigrew of England Camb 739/1 

D2 600 (R. 3.20): Lydgate. Gloriosa dicta sunt de Te; 
Four things that make a man a fool; By-corn and 
chichefache; Wikked tong will seye amis; Benedic anima 
mea; Thorough-fare of woe; Balade of her that hath all 
virtues sette in hir image; Mumming at Eltham; Mum- 
ming at Hertford; So as the crabbe goth forward; Gaude 
Virgo Mater Christi; Mumming at London; Ballade to 
King Henry VI on his coronation; Legend of St. George; 
Valentine to her I love best of all; On a New Year's 
gift of an eagle; Gentlewoman's lament; On Glouces- 
ter's marriage; Mumming for the mercers of London; 
Mumming for the goldsmiths of London; Legend of St. 
Margaret; Criste qui lux es et dies; Saying of the 
nightingale; Procession at Corpus Christi; Sodeine fall 
of princes in our dayes; On kissing at Verbum caro 
factum est; Complaint for my Lady of Gloucester and 
Holand; Extract from Fall of princes/ Poems, ballads, 
and roundels (E, L, F)/ Proverbs/ Duke of Suffolk. 
Roundels and ballads (F)/ Balade de bone counseyle 
(E)/ Chaucer. Compleynte of Anelida; Mars; Venus; 
Fortune; Truth; Stedf astnesse ; Gentilnesse; Extract 
from Troilus and Cressida; Words to Adam/ Hoccleve. 

Lepistre de Cupide/ Counseyle how to be wedded/ 
Desputacion entre Salamon et Marcoulf (F)/ Proverbs 
of the seven sages (F)/ Holy meditation/ Thomas 
Brampton. Seven penitential Psalms/ Complaint of 
Christ/ Storia lune/ Secreta secretorum/ Prayers 
(L & E)/ Shirley's book motto/ Names of members 
of Order of Garter/ Medical receipt Camb 739/2 

D3 601 (R. 3. 21): Lay-folks' catechism (?)/ Craft of 
dying/ Erthe upon erthe/ Treatise of Parce miche 
domine/ Pety Job/ Court of sapience/ Lydgate. Life 
of Our Lady; Fifteen joys and fifteen sorrows of Mary; 
Ave regina celorum; Reglna cell letare; Ave Jesse 
Virgula; Legend of Dan Joos; To Mary quene of hevene; 
Stella celi extirpauit; To St. Ursula; Praise of St. Anne; 
Fifteen joys of Mary; Gaude Virgo Mater Chrlsti; To 
Mary, the star of Jacob; Cristes Passioun; Mlseri- 
cordias Domini in eternum cantabo; Letabundus; 
Instructions to priests; Interpretacio misse; On kissing 
at Verbum caro factum est; Kings of England; Prayer 
for King, Queen, and people; Paternoster, qui es in 
celis; Ave Maria; Daunce of Machabree; Pageant of 
knowledge; Praise of peace; Loke in thy merour; 
Consulo quisquis eris; Song of vertu; As a mydsomer 
rose; Guy of Warwick; Legend of St. George/ Psalmi 
Passionis Domini/ William Lichfield. Complaint of 
God/ Birds' matins/ St, Augustine on virtues of the 
mass/ Benefits of the Communion/ Pardon granted to 
feast of Corpus Christ!/ Indulgence of John XJJ ( ?)/ 
Life of St. Anne/ Hermericus. Prophesia/ Prophecy 
about King Edward/ Poems (L & E)/ Prayers (L & E)/ 
Song of Galaunt/ Poem on Seven Deadly Sins/ Life of 
Adam/ Life of St. Antony/ Hoccleve. Miracle of 
Virgin/ Exhortation against deadly sins/ Meditacio de 
Passio Christl/ Exhortation on worship/ De magnifi- 
centla ecclesie Camb 739/3 

D4 602 (R. 3. 22): Lydgate. Life of Our Lady/ Hoc- 
cleve. De regimine principum Camb 740/1 

D5 605 (R. 3.25): South English legendary Camb 404/1 

D6 628 (R. 3.56): Proverbs in verse (L)/ Theodulus. 
Ecloga/ Ovid. De remedio amorls/ Liber Plctaleon/ 
Fabula de Urbano papa/ Story of dancers of Magdeburg 
(L)/ Ghost story (L)/ Grammatical notes (L & F)/ 
Distinctions of words (L)/ Mathieu de Vendome. 
Tobias/ Contention of Body and Soul (L) Camb 404/2 

D7 634 (R. 4.1): Ranulf Hlgden. Polychronicon 
Camb 404/4 

D8 645 (R. 4. 12): Scala mundl/ Martinus Polonus. 
Chronica Camb 404/3 

D9 652 (R. 4. 20): Sir John Mandeville. Travels/ Love 
letter/ Lydgate. Siege of Thebes/ Hymns/ Chaucer. 
Stanzas from Troilus and Cressida Camb 740/2 

D10 655 (R. 4. 26): Prophecy of Merlin (L)/ Robert of 
Gloucester. Chronicle/ Short chronicle from Brutus 
(F) Camb 740/3 

Dll 717 (R. 5. 22): Beda. Historla ecclesiastica/ De 
obltu Bedae (E)/ Treatises on ecclesiastical discipline 
(L)/ Vita S. Basilii Caesariensium archlepiscopi/ Vita 
S. Eufrosine virginls/ Passio S. Agnetis virginis/ 
Passio Vincentii martiris/ John of Salisbury. Passio 
S. Thome archiepiscopi/ Passio S. Laurentii archidia- 
coni/ Gregorius I. Pastoralis, Eng. tr. by Alfred/ 
Augustinus. De secreta incarnationis Camb 741/2 

D12 722 (R. 5. 27): Beda. Historla ecclesiastica/ 
Cuthbert. Epistola de transitu Bedae Camb 404/5 

D13 730 (R. 5. 42): Henry of Huntingdon. Historia 
Anglorum/ Decreta Willelmi regis/ Captlo sanctae 
civitatis Hierusalem Camb 405/1 

D14 740 (R. 7. 2): Chronicle to 1364 (L)/ Eulogium 
historiarum/ Gospel of Nicodemus and other legends 
(L)/ Joannes de Rupescissa. Vade mecum in tribula- 
tlone/ De remedlis tocius tribulacionis/ Descent of 
William I and Edward III/ Augustinus. Extract from 
De civitate Dei/ Index (L)/ Foundations of certain 
monasteries (L) Camb 405/2 

D15 741 (R. 7. 3): Beda. Historia ecclesiastica/ De 
obitu Bedae/ De corporibus sanctorum que in Anglia 
requiescunt Camb 741/1 

D16 753 (R. 7. 15): John Bale. Apocalyptic and other 
anti-papal notes and extracts (L); Opus Joannis 
Lelandi de illustribus viris epitomatum/ Sir John 
Cheke. Extract from De pronunciatione Greca/ 
Wesselius Groningensis. Extract from De potestate 
ecclesiastica/ Melchior Soiterus. Extract from De 
bello Pannonico/ Sir Edwin Sandys. Epistola ad 
Jac. Pilkyngton Camb 407/4 

D17 739 (R. 7.23): Counties and sees of England and 
•Vales/ Prophecies of Merlin (L)/ Chronicle (F)/ 
John of London. Chronicon/ Chronica/ Hugo of 
Saint-Victor. Extract from De studio orandi/ Croni- 
cula de caristia victualium/ Herbal (L)/ Poem against 
women (L)/ Receipts (L & F)/ On the signs of the 
zodiac/ On dreams/ Memorial verses (L)/ De 

virtutibus rose marine (E)/ Days for bleeding (F)/ 
Lunarie Camb 408/2 

D18 770 (R. 7. 28): St. Neot's Annals (L)/ Geoffrey of 
Monmouth. Historia Britonum/ Verses on ancestors 
of Christ (L)/ Ffeodum comitum Gloucestriae/ 
Privileges of Christs Church, Canterbury (L)/ Arch- 
bishops of Canterbury (L) Camb 408/3 

D19 812 (R. 9. 8): Aelfric. Grammatica (E) Camb 


D20 819 (R. 9.17): Aelfric. Grammatica (L & E)/ 
Grammatical extract (L)/ Catonis Disticha (E)/ 
Richard Aungerville. Philobiblon (L)/ Alanus de 
Insulis. De planctu naturae/ Alexander III. Epistolae 
Camb 741/3 

D21 821 (R. 9. 20): Philostratus. Heroica (Gr) Camb 


D22 882 (R. 14. 6): Boethius. Delia phylosophica con- 
solacione/ Poem (I) Camb 408/5 

D23 884 (R. 14.9): Chronicon breve ad 1209/ Sermon 
(L)/ Dares Phrygius. Historia Trojae, Lat. tr. by 
Cornelius Nepos/ Letters of Edward I and Boniface 
concerning the Scotch question/ Alexander Neckam. 
Mithologie; Super Marcianum De nupciis Mercurii et 
Philologie/ Tract on the Crusades (L)/ Fragment of 
a collection of papal rescripts (L)/ Bestiary Camb 

D24 899 (R. 14.26): Notes and verses (L)/ Hermericus. 
Prophesia/ Music and musical questions (L)/ Ac- 
counts/ Sermons (L)/ Song/ Distinctions/ Sophisma- 
ta/ De motu/ De quantitate/ De sensibus/ Tract on 
music (L)/ Thomas Aquinas. De ente et essentia 
Camb 408/6 

D25 902 (R. 14.29): Rogerus Guiscardus. Cyrurgia 
cum marginalia/ Medical receipts (L)/ Kalendar/ 
Tables with verses (L)/ List of materia medica/ 
Kalendar/ Commentum quatuor magistrorum/ Notes 
on leprosy/ Constantinus Africanus. Liber maior de 
coitu/ Memorial verses Camb 741/4 

D26 905 (R. 14. 32): Medical receipts/ De urinis/ 
Hippocrates. Dieta/ Short medical tracts/ Sir John 
Mandeville. On the pestilence/ Poem on Materia 
medica/ Matthaeus Platearius. Circa instans Camb 

D27 909 (R. 14. 37): Alchemical receipts/ John Snell. 
Alchemy Camb 742/1 

D28 911 (R. 14.39): Medical receipts (L, F, I, E)/ 
Fragment of life of St. Augustine/ De contentis 
urinarum/ Conseruatio pro peste Camb 405/3 

D29 912 (R. 14.40): Petrus Par is iacens is . De tropis 
loquendi/ Beda. De figuris/ Sermon (L)/ Matthaeus 
Platearius. Circa instans; De signis et causis et curis 
infirm itatum; De complexionibus; Super Antidotum/ 
Nicholaus. Antidotarium/ Table of quantities of the 
spices/ Maurus. Urina/ De diebus eriticis/ Aegidius 
Corboliensis. De urinis/ Johannes de Sancto Paulo. 
Liber virtutum/ Peter of Blois. Compendium in Job/ 
De amicicia spirituali/ Bernentius. De coloribus 
rethorici/ Moral notes/ Radulphus. Versus de 
dicronis/ Miscellaneous verses (L)/ Alfonsi Petrus. 
Proverbia Camb 406/1 

D30 913 (R. 14.41): Medical receipts (L & E)/ Rolan- 
dus. Chyrurgia/ Lanfranco. Chirurgia (L & E)/ 
Antidotary/ Treatises on anatomy Camb 742/2 

D31 915 (R. 14.44): Tract of temperatures/ Arnaldus 
de Villanova. Theorica et practica (E)/ Alchemical 
and miscellaneous receipts (L & E)/ Roger Bacon. 
Speculum alkymie; Alchemical treatises/ Mundificacio 
cupri/ Collectanea alchemica/ Accounts/ Dialogue/ 
Albertus Magnus. Semita recta (E) Camb 742/3 

D32 916 (R. 14. 48): Johannes Snell. Alchemica 
(E & L)/ Alchemical parables (L)/ Arnaldus de 
Villanova. De secretis nature; Alchemica/ Aristote- 
les. Epistola ad Alexandrum/ Alchemical treatise 
(L)/ Miscellaneous receipts/ Namys of meyerys & 
schryvys in time of Henry V/ Symbols of the metals 
Camb 406/2 

D33 921 (R. 14. 51): Chaucer. Pt. of Gentilnesse; 
Stedfastnesse/ Receipts/ Treatise on veterinary 
medicine/ Book of philosophy and astronomy/ Balade 
fet de la Reygne Katerine Russell (E) Camb 742/4 

D33 bis 922 (R. 14. 52): Roger Bacon. De retardatione 
senectutis (E); Other treatises/ Medical treatises/ 
Medical receipts/ On prognostications/ Astrological 
tract/ Sir John Mandeville. On the pestilence/ 
Proverbs of Solomon/ Tables of spices/ Names of 
diseases/ Kalendar tables/ Tables of musical notes/ 
Almanack/ Nativities of men Camb 742/5 

D34 925 (R. 14.56): Liber chymicus continens episto- 
lam Cosmi de Medices ad Papam/ Del lapide philoso- 
nhico del abbatis Colonese/ Ramon lull. Repertorium; 

Liber lucis mercuriorum; Accurtacio/ Dialogus inter 
Hilardum Necromanticum et quendam spiritum/ Jabir 
ibn Haiyan, al-Tarasusl. Testamentum/ Ex theorica 
testamenti/ Verbum abbreviatum Camb 406/4 

D35 927 (R. 14.58): Ramon Lull. De secretis naturae/ 
George Ripley. Philorcium alkymistarum; Medulla 
alkimie/ Carmen perpulcrum totum opus enucleans 
Camb 406/3 

D36 939 (R. 15. 14): Boethius. Geometria Camb 743/2 

D37 941 (R. 15. 18): Chaucer. Astrolabe/ Astronomi- 
cal tables/ Joannes Regiomontanus. Ephemerides/ 
On ephemerides/ Calendar with exposition/ Tables to 
find Easter/ Mathematical notes/ Joannes de Sacro 
Bosco. De sphaera Camb 743/1 

D38 943 (R. 15.21): Calendars/ Calendarial tables/ 
Prognostications/ Joannes de Foxton. Liber cosmo- 
graphiae/ Ages of the world (L)/ Table of events/ 
Martinus Polonus. Extract (L)/ On kings of Britain 
(L) Camb 743/3 

D39 949 (R. 16. 1): R. Alaine. Astronomy; Astronomi- 
cal instruments/ Table of Easter Camb 407/3 

D40 950 (R. 16.2): Apocalypse with commentary (F) 
Camb 743/4 

D41 952 (R. 16. 4): Alexander Neckam. De naturis 
rerum/ Verses (L) Camb 407/1 

D42 969 (R. 16. 21): Bartholomaeus Anglicus. De 
proprietatibus rerum/ Lapidarius in verse (L) Camb 

D43 987 (R. 17. 1): Kalendar/ Canterbury Psalter with 
glosses/ Cantica/ Plans of Christ church, Canter- 
bury/ Notes on Lord's Prayer and Creed/ Notes on 
Palmistry Camb 743/5 

D44 989 (R. 17. 3): 90 drawings of antique sculptures; 
of frescoes of Michel Angelo; paintings of Raphael; 
and a few views of ancient buddings, all at Rome 
Camb 408/7 

D45 1033(0.1.9): Schola Salerni/ Condiciones in 
naturali requiruntur egestione/ Table for bleeding 
according to the signs of the zodiac/ Medical receipts 
(L & E) Camb 409/1 

D46 1037(0.1.13): On the virtues of herbs/ Verses, 
etc. on blood-letting/ Herbarium (L)/ Medical and 
culinary receipts (E, F, I, L)/ Walter de Henley. 
Husbandry/ Regimen sanitatis Salerni/ Galfridus. On 
Palladius' De agricultura/ Santi Pagnino. Annota- 
tiones quaedam de grammatica/ Miscellaneous pieces 
(L & E) Camb 409/2 

D47 1041(0.1.17): Fragment of De spiritu Guydonis/ 
Clemens Romanus. Recognitiones/ Lists of European 
sovereigns, churches in Rome, dioceses of Europe and 
the East (L)/ Geoffrey of Monmouth. Historia Bri- 
tonum/ Prophetia Merlini/ Bernard. Meditationes/ 
Gesta Alexandri/ Guillaume de Jumieges. Historia 
Normannorum/ Edmund Rich. Speculum/ Religious 
treatises (L)/ Verses (L & F) Camb 409/3 

D48 1042(0.1.18): Augustinus. Enchiridion/ Acros- 
tic Camb 744/2 

D49 1044(0.1.20): Medical receipts (F)/ Medical 
treatises (F)/ Metrical tract, De secretis mulierum 
(F)/ Rogerus. Chirurgia (F)/ Religious tract (F)/ 
Exposition of the Commandments (F) Camb 744/1 

D50 1049 (0. 1. 25): Agreement by which Ralph de 
Langeley gives up the manor of Rushington to John de 
Bohun and his wife (L)/ Documents concerning John de 
Ronde (L)/ Other documents (L & E) Camb 410/1 

D51 1053(0.1.29): Rolle. The Commandment; Form 
of living/ Expositions on the Commandments and the 
Pater Noster/ Religious treatises and verses Camb 

D52 1081(0.1.57): Astronomical, mathematical, and 
medical treatises (L)/ Tractatus de coloribus/ 
Aristoteles. Problema; Experimenta; Physiognomia/ 
Verses (L & E)/ Alfraganus. De signis tonitruum/ 
On herbs and animals (L)/ Charms and receipts (L 
& E)/ Sompniale Danielis/ Genealogical notes of the 
Holdenbys and others Camb 410/3 

D53 1099(0.1.74): Isidorus. Gaderid counseilis/ 
5 wits of the body, 5 wits of the soul, etc. / On the 
creed, the Commandments, the Passion, etc. Camb 

D54 1102 (o. 1. 77): Manipulum medicine de digestivis 
et laxativis/ Treatises on urines (L)/ De regimine 
sanitatis/ Joannes de Burgundia. De epidemia: 
Contra morbum pestilencialem (E^ <Vn>->Mu<i de 
Villanova. De vinis/ Astrological and astronomical 
treatises (L & E)/ Joannes de Rupescissa. De 
consideratione quinte essentie Camb 410/4 

D55 1105(0.2.1): Liber Eliensis Camb 744/3 

D56 1109(0.2.5): Joannes de Sacro Bosco. De spera/ 
Apuleius Barbarus. Sphaera de vita et morte/ Astro- 
nomical and astrological treatises and tables (L & F)/ 
Alexandre de Villedieu. Massa compoti/ Ars kalen- 
darii/ Medical treatises (L & F)/ Beda. Tabula cum 
exposicione; Memorial verses (L)/ Gerlandus. Tabu- 
la/ Ma Sha' Allah, al MisrT. De significacione planeta- 
rum/ De penitenciis/ Tractatus Secundi philosophi/ 
Prognostica/ Secreta mulierum/ On herbs (F & L)/ 
Hippocrates. Treatise (F)/ Palmistria/ Aristoteles. 
Epistola ad Alexandrum; Physiognomia/ Jordanus 
Nemorarius. De ponderibus/ Walter Burley. Super 
libros metheorum Aristotelis/ Verses (L & F)/ 
Receipts and charms (L & F) Camb 410/6 

D57 1117(0.2.13): Antonio de Santacilia. De preser- 
vatione pestis et eius cura; De peste corporali et 
spirituali dialogus/ Receipts (L & E)/ Verses de 
algorismo/ Kings of England to Henry VU/ Bishoprics 
of England/ Fragment of Sir Beues of Hamtoun/ Frag- 
ment of book of formulae and rules for stewards of 
manors/ Simon Forman. Astrologica/ Miscellaneous 
pieces Camb 410/7_ 

D58 1118(0.2.14): Secreta secretorum/ Mauritius 
Parisiensis. Sermons (verse) (F)/ Romanz des 
Romanz/ Guillaume, le Clerc. Bestiary (verse) (F)/ 
Sermons and religious treatises (F) Camb 411/1 

D59 1120 (O. 2. 16): Alchemical receipts and treatises 
(L & E)/ Poems (E & L)/ Richard Carpenter. Verses 
on the philosopher's stone/ George Ripley. Com- 
pendium of alchemy (verse)/ Speculum elementorum/ 
Avicenna. De origine lapidis/ Bernard de Gordon. De 
lapide philosophico/ Roger Bacon. Speculum/ Inter - 
pretationes vocabulorum Arabicorum/ Bubacar. 
Secreta Camb 411/2 

D60 1125(0.2.21): Cur mundus militat/ Fragment of 
Secreta secretorum/ Geoffrey of Monmouth. Historia 
regum Britanniae/ Visio beati Pauli/ Walter de 
Biblesworth. Tract on grammar, with English- 
French gloss (F)/ Aristoteles. Epistle to Alexander 
(L)/ Hippocrates. Secreta Camb 411/3 

D61 1133(0.2.29): Religious extracts and treatises 
(L)/ Hermas. Extracts from Pastor/ Hieronymus. 
De penitentia/ Anselm. De duabus beatitudinibus/ 
Religious extracts (L)/ Bernard. Meditaciones/ 
Charm against fever (L)/ St. Patrick's purgatory (L)/ 
Basil. Monita/ Expositions on Creed and Lord's 
Prayer (L & F)/ Sermons (F) Camb 412/1 

D62 1134(0.2.30): Isidorus. A semetipso ad semetip- 
sum; Differentiae; Extracts (L); Ad Florentinam/ 
Osbernus. Vita Dunstani/ Regula S. Benedicti/ Ser- 
mons (L) Camb 745/2 

D63 1144(0.2.40): Prognostics (L)/ Secreta philo- 
sophorum/ William Womyndham. On the taking of 
Granada/ Macaronic verses on friars/ On the signs 
of the zodiac/ Augustinus de peccatis venialibus (E)/ 
Decern remedia contra peccata veniala (E)/ Extracts 
and notes, chiefly scientific and medical (L & E)/ 
Verses/ Manner of finding out secrets by Hebrew and 
Chaldee alphabets (L) Camb 412/2 

D64 1149(0.2.45): Drawings of labyrinth, boards for 
games, etc./ Pythagoras. Sphaera/ Miscellaneous 
verses (L)/ Prayers (F, E, L)/ Arithmetical puzzles, 
treatises, and verses (L)/ Alexandre de Villedieu. De 
algorismo/ Diagram of course of the moon/ Calendar/ 
Tables of concurrents/ On compotus/ Calendarial 
treatises (L)/ Tract on the world (L)/ Apocalypsis 
Goliae/ Centiloquium/ Walter Map. Poems (L)/ 
Prose allegory (L)/ Usurer's pater noster (F)/ Prose 
stories and satires (F)/ Carmen contra Northfolciam/ 
Concilium sacerdotum/ Satire on a monk (L)/ Re- 
ceipts (L & F)/ Collection of proverbs (L & E) Camb 

D65 1151(0.2.47): Arnaldus de Villanova. Thesaurus 
secretus operacionum; Liber quinque clauium/ Frag- 
mentum egregium philosophicum/ Aquae plurimae/ 
Receipts (L & E)/ Alchemical treatises (L)/ Hortu- 
lanus (?). Rosarius philosophie naturalis Camb 412/4 

D66 1153(0.2.49): Ad cancrum in virga/ John 
Arderne. Cirurgicus/ Drawings of surgical instru- 
ments/ Medical treatise (L)/ Gualterus Agilon. De 
pulsibus Camb 412/5 

D67 1157(0.2.53): Miscellaneous verses (L 6 E)/ 
Receipts/ Proverbs (L)/ Odo of Cheriton. Homiliae/ 
Historical notes (L)/ Letters (E & L)/ Prayers/ 
Petrus Carmelianus. Carmen responsum/ Gagiunus. 
Contra Anglos/ Aegidius Anglicus. Contra prefatum 
gallum/ ABC of Aristotle Camb 412/6 

D68 1183(0.3.11): Nicolas d'Oresme. On changing 
of money/ Kalendar of the charter of London/ Con- 
firmation of the privileges of the city of London, 
charters, liberties and franchises, customs and 
usages/ Coronation of the kings and queens of England/ 

Of the shereves court, etc./ Statute of servants, etc. 
Camb 413/1 

D69 1212(0.3.40): Secreta secretorum (E) Camb 

D70 1230(0.3.58): Carols/ Offices Camb 745/1 

D71 1262(0.4.32): Nicholas Trivet. Cronicles (F)/ 
Historia expeditiones Ricardi 1 in Hierosolymam (F) 
Camb 413/3 

D72 1285 (O.5. 4): Grammatical treatises (L & E)/ 
Poems (L)/ Distichs of Cato (L)/ Liber cartule/ 
Alanus de Insulis/ Prouerbia/ Joannes de Garlandia. 
Aequivoca; Synonyma/ Theodulus. Ecloga/ Dic- 
tionary (L 6 E)/ Mathematical treatises (L)/ Massa 
compoti/ Compotus manualis/ Joannes de Sacro 
Bosco. De spera Camb 413/4 

D73 1287(0.5.6): Sydrac and Boctus. Dictes and 
sayings of philosophers/ Tract of good gouernaunce 
Camb 414/1 

D74 1307(0.5.26): Camb 414/2 

D75 1312(0.5.31): Camb 414/3 

D76 1313(0.5.32): Camb 414/4 

D77 1337(0.7.9): Petrus Comestor. Sermones/ 
Alexander Neekam. De utensilibus, with French 
glosses/ Phale tolum/ Formulae epistolarum/ Pro- 
prietatis signis/ De sophisticis autem elenchis/ Ex- 
cerpts on the Eucharist by Lanfranc, St. Gregory, etc. 
(L) Camb 465/1 

D78 1348 (O. 7. 20): Fragment on epistolary formulae 
(L)/ Astronomical and medical treatises (L)/ Moral 
and theological notes/ Secreta secretorum/ Medical 
and miscellaneous receipts (E, I, L)/ List of simples 
Camb 465/2 

D79 1351 (O. 7. 23): Grammatical treatises (L & E)/ 
Miscellaneous experiments (L)/ Albertus Magnus. 
Experimenta/ De lapidibus/ On the twelve signs (L)/ 
Medical and miscellaneous receipts (L & E)/ Astrono- 
mical treatises (L & E) Camb 465/3 

D80 1359(0.7.31): Breviary (Sarum)/ Be merry all 
with one accord (carol) Camb 465/4 

D81 1375(0.7.47): Walter Hilton. Scala perfectionis 
(E)/ like man and tike woman ^at be lie grace of God 
Camb 465/5 

D82 1377(0.8.2): Medical treatises (L)/ List of 
herbs (L & E)/ Bernard de Villanova. Practica/ 
Bernard Provincialis. Commentum in tabulam Salerni/ 
De urinis/ Receipts (E, F, L)/ Gerardus Cremonen- 
sis. Modus medendi/ Richard of England. Urinis/ 
Matthaeus Platearius. Regulae Camb 465/6 

D83 1398(0.8.23): Receipts (L)/ Medical treatises 
(L)/ Matthaeus Platearius. Circa instans/ On sim- 
ples (L) Camb 465/7 

D84 1401(0.8.26): Albinus. Speculum/ Bernard. 
Contemplacio de passione/ Of thre wyrkings in mannes 
saule/ Religious treatises, chiefly for Carthusians 
(L & E)/ Visio St. Pauli/ Verses on St. Anne, etc. 
(L) Camb 465/8 

D85 1410(0.8.35): Medical receipts and treatises 
(E & L) Camb 415/1 

D86 1418(0.9.6): Quaestiones naturales/ On eclipses 
(L)/ Pierre d'Ailly. Correctio kalendarii/ Johannes 
von Muris. Contra tabulatores tabularum Alfonsi/ 
Roger Bacon. Perspectiva/ Guido Bonatti. Astrolo- 
gica/ Richard of Wallingford. De chorda versa et 
recta/ Receipts (E & L)/ On measuring distances 
Camb 415/5 

D87 1422 (O. 9. 10): Medical treatises (L, E, F)/ 
Receipts, lists of herbs and remedies (L & E)/ Liber 
antitodarii Nicholai, Mesue, Rasis, et Galieni/ 
Avicenna. Tabula/ Signs of the zodiac, De planetis, 
etc. (L)/ Apuleius Barbarus. Sphere (F)/ Gospel of 
Nicodemus (L)/ Religious treatises (L)/ Poems (L)/ 
Macer. Herbarum uersificatus/ Marbode. De lapidi- 
bus (poem)/ William Holm. De medicina/ Exposi- 
ciones diccionum/ Matthaeus Platearius. Abbrevia- 
tes Camb 415/6 

D88 1438(0.9.26): Thomas a Becket. Visio/ Receipts 
and charms (L & E)/ Statutes of England (L & F)/ 
Documents of Christ Church, Canterbury (L)/ Walter 
de Henley, Husbandry (F)/ Lists of counties, dioces- 
es, and monasteries/ Vitruvius. De proprietatibus 
lapidum from De architectura Camb 416/1 

D89 1439(0.9.27): Hesiodus. Works with inter- 
linear gloss (Gr) [Note: Label=A1446] Camb 745/4 

D90 1440(0.9.28): Religious and miscellaneous pieces 
(L)/ Vita S. Thomae Cantuarensis/ Religious trea- 
tises (L)/ Kings of England from William I to Henry 
W De septem sacramentis (Constitutions for London)/ 
Bernard. Meditationes/ Historia Aseneth/ Memorial 
verses (L)/ Elucidarius/ Cur mundus militat/ 
Constitutions of Clarendon (L)/ Verses on bloodletting/ 
De spiritu Guidonis/ Latin adverbs with English 
equivalents/ Birgitta of Sweden. Revelations/ Augus- 
tinus. Extract from De civitate Dei/ Walter Map. 
Disputacio inter corpus et animam/ Liber mundi 
Camb 416/2 

D91 1446 (O. 9. 34): Thomas of Kent. Romauns de tute 
chiualerie with pictures [Note: Label = 1439] Camb 

D92 1449(0.9.37): Medical and surgical treatises/ 
Sompniale Danielis/ Prognostica Camb 416/3 

D93 1450(0.9.38): Commonplace book of a Glaston- 
bury monk, including prognostics of weather; Apoca- 
lypsis Goliae; poems of Walter Map and others; receipts; 
and religious treatises (L & E) Camb 745/3 

D94 1451(0.9.30): Medical receipts and receipts for 
colors and dyes (E, I, L)/ Francois Valleriole. 
Obseruationum medicinalium Camb 416/4 

D95 1457(0.10.5): William Somner. De legibus 
Angliae C. T. Camb 386/4 

D96 1473(0.10.23): Henry Daniel. De urinis (L & E)/ 
Ishak ibn Sulaiman. De urinis, Latin tr. by Constan- 
tinus Africanus/ Muhammad ibn Musa ibn Shakir. 
Liber diuisionum, Latin tr. by Gerardus Cremonensis; 
Experimenta; Synonyma Camb 386/5 

D97 1486(0.10.34): Chronicles of England (Brut) 
Camb 386/6 

D98 1491 (O. 7. 2c): Introductory for astronomy Camb 

D99 1492 (O. 7. 2b): De longitudine planetarum, etc. 
(E) Camb 415/3 

D100 1494 (O. 7. 2a): On the zodiacal signs/ On the 
elements/ Iff that fin wyst a wete when hit ys gud to 
goe on masseges, etc./ Puer natus in Ariete, etc. 
Camb 415/4 

Cambridge. University. Trinity Hall . 

D101 12: Boethius. De consolatione (F)/ Chastelaine 
de vergi/ De la regale du monde Camb 494/2 

D102 16: Religious treatises (L & E)/ Fragment of 
Speculum vite (E) Camb 494/1 

Downshire , Marquesses of. Library. 

Trumbull nss . Paper s of William 
Trumbull , the El'd'er 

D103 Busbequii epistolae (L & E) Camb 229/2 

D104 Vol. 1: Letters from George Abbot, abp. of 
Canterbury, 1612-1622/ Letters from Francois van 
Aerssen, 1614-1616, 1619 (F)/ Letters from Thomas 
Albery, 1612-1618 Camb 194/1 

D105 Vol. 2: Letters from Guillaume Ancel, 1620- 
1625 (F)/ Letters from Lord and Lady Arundel, 1612- 
1613, 1615, 1619-1620/ Letters from Walter Aston, 
1620-1625 Camb 194/2 

D106 Vol. 3: Letters from Richard Backhaif, 1623- 
1624(F)/ Letters from William Becher, 1609-1610, 
1616-1618, 1622/ Letters from Sir John Bennet, 1616- 
1617 Camb 194/3 

D107 Vol. 4: Letters from Jean Beaulieu, 1606-1611 
Camb 195/1 

D108 Vol. 5: Letters from Jean Beaulieu. 1612-1614 
Camb 196/1 

D109 Vol. 6: Letters from Jean Beaulieu, 1614-1620 
Camb 196/2 

DUO Vol. 7: Letters from Jean Beaulieu, 1621-1626 
Camb 195/2 

Dill Vol. 8: Letters from Henry Bilderbeck, 1609- 
1612 (F) Camb 197/1 

D112 Vol. 9: Letters from Henry Bilderbeck, 1613- 
1620 (F) Camb 197/2 

D113 Vol. 10: Letters from Henry Bilderbeck, 1621- 
1625 (F) Camb 198/1 

D114 Vol. 11: Letters from Henri de la Tour 

d'Auvergne, due de Bouillon, 1614-1623 (F)/ Letters 
from John and Nehemias Brownlowe, 1608-1614/ 
Letters from Filippe Burlamachi, 1618, 1620, 1622- 
1624 (F) Camb 199/1 

D115 Vol. 12: Letters from Benjamin and Daniel 
Buwinckhausen de Walmerode, 1612-1618 (F) Camb 

D116 Vol. 13: Letters from Daniel and Benjamin 
Buwinckhausen de Walmerode, 1619-1625 (F) Camb 

D117 Vol. 14: Letters from Samuel Calvert, 1606- 
1619/ Letters from George Calvert, baron Baltimore, 
1619-1623 Camb 200/1 

D118 Vol. 15: Letters from Dudley Carleton, 1st 
viscount Dorchester, 1610-1618 Camb 200/2 

D119 Vol. 16: Letters from Dudley Carleton, 1st 
viscount Dorchester, 1619-1621 Camb 200/3 

D120 Vol. 17: Letters from Dudley Carleton, 1st 
viscount Dorchester, 1622-1625 Camb 201/1 

D121 Vol. 18: Letters from John Castle, 1609-1626 
(F & E) Camb 201/2 

D122 Vol. 19: Letters from John Chandler, 1605-1629 
Camb 201/3 

D123 Vol. 20: Letters from Sir Arthur Chichester, 
1622-1624/ Letters from Sir Edward Conway, 1620, 
1623-1625/ Letters from John Corham, 1612-1625 
Camb 202/1 

D124 Vol. 21: Letters from Francis Cottingham, 1606- 
1622/ Letters from Richard Dacre, 1615-1617/ Let- 
ters from Pierre Dathenes, 1612-1614 (F) Camb 202/2 

D125 Vol. 22: Letters from John Dickenson, 1609-1624/ 
Letters from John Digby, earl of Bristol, 1611-1621 
Camb 203/1 

D126 Vol. 23: Letters from Simon Digby, 1618-1624/ 
Letters from John Digby, earl of Bristol, 1619-1624 
Camb 203/2 

D127 Vol. 24: Letters from Christophe, baron de Dona, 
1619-1622 (F)/ Letters from Jarres Hay, viscount 
Doncaster, 1619-1621 (E & F)/ Letters from Sir 
Thomas Edmondes, 1608-1618/ Letters from Monsieur 
Erehnbrecht, 1623-1624 (F) Camb 204/1 

D128 Vol. 25: Letters from Charles de la Faille, 1617- 
1622 (F)/ Letters from Thomas Floyd, 1609-1614/ 
Letters from Nathaniel (?) Gerard, 1618-1625 (F) 
Camb 204/2 

D129 Vol. 26: Letters from Monsieur de Gueretin, 
1615-1617 (F)/ Letters from Capt. John Hamilton 
and Mrs. Hamilton, 1616-1625 (E, F, D)/ Letters 
from Sir Edward Herbert, 1619-1623 Camb 205/1 

D130 Vol. 27: Letters from Lord John Harington and 
Lady Anne Harington, 1613-1620/ Letters from John 
de Villiers Hotman, 1610-1622 (F)/ Letters from 
Monsieur de Jursell, 1616-1621 (F)/ Letters from 
Sir Thomas Lake, 1612-1630 Camb 205/2 

D131 Vol. 28: Letters from Monsieur de Libigny, 
1614-1624 (F) Camb 206/1 

D132 Vol. 29: Letters from Sir Thomas Leedes, 1613- 
1624/ Letters from Robert Sidney, viscount Lisle, 
1612-1617/ Letters from Thomas Lock, 1615-1631 
Camb 206/2 

D133 Vol. 30: Letters from Monsieur Luntius, 1614- 
1619 (L)/ Letters from Sir Tobie Matthew, 1611-1622/ 
Letters from Luigi (?) de Medard, 1615-1616 (F)/ 
Letters from Sir Albertus Morton, 1616-1625 Camb 

D134 Vol. 31: Letters from Theobald Maurice, 1614- 
1625 (F) Camb 207/2 

D135 Vol. 32: Letters from John Moore, 1609-1622 
Camb 207/3 

D136 Vol. 33: Letters from Sir Robert Naunton, 1618- 
1623/ Letters from 'l- " ■ ■ Nethersole, 1619- 
1G2S/ Loiteis nom Sir John Ogle, 1611-1620 Camb 

D137 Vol. 34: Letters from Paull, 1612-1615 
(?) (F) Camb 208/2 

D138 Vol. 35: Letters from Andre Paull, 1617-1625 
(F) Camb 209/1 

D139 Vol. 36: Letters from Wolrad de Plessen, 1616- 
1620 (F)/ Letters from Robert Cecil, earl of Salisbury, 
1610-1611/ Letters from John Sanford, 1606-1615 
(S & E)/ Letters from Thomas Sanford, 1621-1622/ 
Letters from Daniel Skinner, 1611-1625 Camb 209/2 

D140 Vol. 37: Letters from Henry Wriothesley, 3rd 
earl of Southampton, 1613-1622/ Letters from Anthony 
Stafford, 1622/ Letters from Henry Sticke, 1614-1619 
(F)/ Letters from John Stone, 1614-1623/ Letters 
from Henry Taylor, 1616-1621 Camb 209/3 

D141 Vol. 38: Letters from J. Timon, 1613-1621 (F)/ 
Letters from Sir Horace Vere, 1620-1622 Camb 210/1 

D142 Vol. 39: Letters from Sir John Throckmorton, 
1609-1613 Camb 210/2 

D143 Vol. 40: Letters from Sir John Throckmorton, 
1613-1620 Camb 211/1 

D144 Vol. 41: Letters from Monsieur de Veyras, 1615- 
1618 (F) Camb 211/2 

D145 Vol. 42: Letters from Monsieur de Veyras, 1618- 
1623 (F) Camb 212/1 

D146 Vol. 43: Letters from Sir Isaac Wake, 1615- 
1622 Camb 212/2 

D147 Vol. 44: Letters from Sir Isaac Wake, 1622- 
1625 Camb 212/3 

D148 Vol. 45: Letters from Lionel Wake, 1608-1631 
Camb 213/1 

D149 Vol. 46: Letters from Edward Waldegrave, 1613- 
1616/ Letters from Abraham Williams, 1611-1622 
Camb 213/2 

D150 Vol. 47: Letters from Sir Ralph Winwood, 1610- 
1617 Camb 214/1 

D151 Vol. 48: Letters from John Wolley, 1616-1629, 
1660 Camb 214/2 

D152 Vol. 49: Letters from John Woodford, 1615- 
1625/ Letters from Sir Henry Wotton, 1614-1623 
Camb 215/1 

D153 Minutes of letters, vol. 1, 1609-1612 Camb 

D154 , vol. 2, 1613-1616 (E & F) Camb 217/2 

D155 , vol. 3, 1617-1619 (E & F) Camb 218/1 

D156 , vol. 4, 1620-1622 Camb 218/2 

D157 , vol. 5, 1623-1625 Camb 218/3 

D158 Miscellaneous correspondence, vol. 1, 1571- 
1607 (F, E, S) Camb 219/1 

D159 , vol. 2, 1608-1610 (E, F, L, S) Camb 


D160 , vol. 3, 1610-1611 (F, E, L, I, S) Camb 



-, vol. 4, 1612 (E, F, L, S) Camb 220/2 

D162 , vol. 5, 1612-1613 (E, F, I, L) Camb 



vol. 6, 1614 (F, E, I, L) Camb 221/1 

D164 , vol. 7, 1615-1616 (E, F, L, I) Camb 


D165 , vol. 8, 1617 (E, S, F, I, L) Camb 222/1 

D166 , vol. 9, 1618 (E, L, F, S, I) Camb 222, 2 

D167 , vol. 10, 1619 (E, I, F, L) Camb 223/1 

D168 , vol. 11, 1620 (F, I, E, L, S) Camb 223/2 

D169 , vol. 12, 1621 (F, L. E, 1) Camb 224 1 

D170 , vol. 13, 1621 (E, F, S, L) Camb 224/2 

D171 , vol. 14, 1622 (S, E, F, L) Camb 225, 1 

D172 , vol. 15, 1622-1623 (F, E, S, L) Camb 


D173 , vol. 16, 1624 (E, F, L, I) Camb 226/1 

D174 , vol. 17, 1625 (E, F, I) Camb 226/2 

D175 , vol. 18, 1626-1629 (L, F, E, I) Camb 


D176 , vol. 19, 1630-1637 (E, F, I, L) Camb 


D177 , vol. 20, 1638-1644 (E, L, F, I) Camb 


D178 , vol. 21, 1645-1647 (L, E, F) Camb 227/3 

D179 , vol. 22, 1648-1684 (E, L, F, I) Camb 


D180 , vol. 34, 1620-1624 (E, F, L, I) Camb 


D181 , vol. 42, 1572-1687 (F, E, L, S, I) Camb 


D182 Negotiations of Cardinal Wolsey Camb 228/3 

D183 Parliamentary journals, vol, 1, Mar. 17-June 
26, 1628 Camb 229/3 

D184 Parliamentary journals, vol. 2, Jan. 20-Mar. 2, 
1629 (?) Camb 229/4 

D185 Weckherlin papers, 1613-1661 (E & F) Camb 

D186 Weckherlin diary Camb 216/2 


Eton College. Library . 

D187 36: Martinus. Tabula super decreta/ Thomas 
Aquinas. Questiones de malo; Questiones de spirituali 
bus creaturis Oxf 186/3 


Great Britain. Public Record Office. 

Admiralty. Greenwich Hospital 

D188 67/1: Minutes of grand committee, May 1695- 
Jan. 1700 PRO 66/1 

D189 67/3: Minutes of general court and directors, 
Aug. 1703-May 6, 1708 PRO 66/2 

--, May 13, 1708-May 1716 PRO 66/3 
--, June 1716-Nov. 1720 PRO 67/1 
— , Dec. 1720-Oct. 1725 PRO 67/2 
--, Nov. 1725-Apr. 8, 1730 PRO 67/3 
--, Apr. 11, 1730-Apr. 1733 PRO 68/1 
--, May 1733-Jan. 1738 PRO 68/2 

D196 67/10: Minutes of general court, May-Jan. 29, 
1767 PRO 69/1 













D197 67/11: 

D198 67/12: 











D204 67/18 

, Jan. 29, 1767-Dec. 1780 PRO 

, July 1781-Dec. 1794 PRO 70/1 

, June 1795-Dec. 1805 PRO 70/2 

, June 1806-July 1811 PRO 70/3 

, Feb. 1812-July 1816 PRO 71/1 

, Jan. 1817-Dec. 1821 PRO 71/2 

, Feb. 1822-May 1829 PRO 71/3 

1744 PRO 72/1 

D205 67/19: 


Minutes of directors, Feb. 1738-Feb. 8, 

-, Feb. 18, 1744-Aug. 3, 1751 PRO 

D206 67/20: , Aug. 14, 1751-Sept. 12, 1761 

PRO 73/1 

D207 67/21 
D208 67/22 
D209 67/23 

, Sept. 23, 1761-1766 PRO 73/2 

, Jan. 1767-Nov. 1770 PRO 74/1 

, Dec. 1770-Dec. 1773 PRO 74/2 


67/24: -- 

--, Jan. 1774-Dec. 1775 PRO 75/1 



, Jan. -May 19, 1829 PRO 246/3 

D315 67/130: 

Index of minutes, 1752-1756 PRO 426/4 


67/25: -- 

--, 1776 

PRO 75/2 



Minutes o( commissioners, May 


D316 67/131: 

Minutes of council, Jan. 1757-Apr. 1761 


1829 PRO 

PRO 427-8/2 


67/26: — 

--, 1777 

PRO 75/3 


67/27: -- 

— , 1778 

PRO 76/1 



, 1830 

PRO 245/2 

D317 67/132: 

Index of minutes, 1757-1761 PRO 


67/28: -- 

--, 1779 

PRO 76/2 



, 1831 

PRO 247/2 

D318 67/133: 

Minutes of council, May 1761-Nov. 1764 


67/29: -- 

--, 1780 

PRO 76/3. 



, 1832 

PRO 248/1 

PRO 426/6 


67/30: -- 

--, 1781 

PRO 247/1 



, 1833 

PRO 249/1 

D319 67/134: 

Index of minutes, 1761-1764 PRO 429/1 


67/31: -- 

--, 1782 

PRO 170/1 



, 1834 

PRO 249/2 

D320 67/135: 
PRO 429/2 

Minutes of council, Nov. 1764 -Dec. 1767 


67/32: -- 

--, 1783 

PRO 170/2 



, 1835 

PRO 250/1 

D321 67/136: 

Index of minutes, 1765-1767 PRO 429/3 


67/33: -- 

--, 1784 

PRO 170/3 



, 1836 

PRO 250/2 

D322 67/137: 

Minutes of council, Jan. 1768-Dec. 1770 


67/34: -- 

— , 1785 

PRO 170/4 



, 1837 

PRO 251/1 



67/35: — 

--, 1786 

PRO 171/1 



, 1838 

PRO 251/2 

D323 67/138: 

Index to minutes, 1768-1770 PRO 430/1 


67/36: -- 

— , 1787 

PRO 171/2 



, 1839 

PRO 252/1 

D324 67/139: 
PRO 430/2 

Minutes of council, Jan. 1771 -Apr. 1773 


67/37: -- 

--, 1788 

PRO 171/3 



, 1840 

PRO 252/2 

D325 67/140: 

Index of minutes, 1771-1773 PRO 430/3 


67/38: -- 

--, 1789 

PRO 172/1 



, 1841 

PRO 252/3 

D326 67/141: 

Minutes of council, Apr. 1773-Mar. 1775 


67/39: - 

--, 1790 

PRO 172/2 



, 1842 

PRO 253/1 

PRO 431/1 


67/40: - 

--, 1791 

PRO 172/3 



, 1843 

PRO 253/2 

D327 67/142: 

Index of minutes, 1773-1775 PRO 431/2 


67/41: -- 

--, 1792 

PRO 172/4 



, 1844 

PRO 254/1 

D328 67/143: 
PRO 431/3 

Minutes of council, Mar. 1775-Dec. 1777 


67/42: -- 

--, 1793 

PRO 173/1 



, 1845 

PRO 255/1 

D329 67/144: 

Index of minutes, 7814, 1775-1777 PRO 


67/43: - 

--, 1794 

PRO 173/2 



, 1846 

PRO 255/2 



67/44: -- 

--, 1795 

PRO 173/3 



, 1847 

PRO 256/1 

D330 67/145: 
PRO 476/2 

Minutes of council, Jan. 1778-Dec. 1779 


67/45: -- 

--, 1796 

PRO 174/1 



, 1848 

PRO 256/2 

D331 67/146: 

Index of minutes, 7815, 1778-1779 


67/46: - 

— , 1797 

PRO 174/2 



, 1849 

PRO 257/1 

PRO 476/3 


67/47: - 

•--, 1798 

PRO 174/3 



, 1850 

PRO 257/2 

D332 67/147: Minutes of council, Jan. 1780-Sept. 1781 
[Note: Catalog . 1779-1780) PRO 476/4 


67/48: - 

— , 1799 

PRO 175/1 



, 1851 

PRO 311/1 

D333 67/148: 

Index of minutes, 7816, 1780-1781 


67/49: - 

---, 1800 

PRO 175/2 



, 1852 

PRO 312/1 


[Note: Catalog and Target . 1779-1780] PRO 477/1 


67/50: - 

---, 1801 

PRO 175/3 



, 1853 

PRO 312/2 

D334 67/149: 
PRO 477/2 

Minutes of council, Aug. 1781 -Aug. 1783 


67/51: - 

■--, 1802 

PRO 201/1 



, 1854 

PRO 315/1 

D335 67/150: 

Index of minutes, 7817, 1781-1783 


67/52: - 

— , 1803 

PRO 201/2 



, 1855 

PRO 316/1 

PRO 477/3 


67/53: - 

--, 1804 

PRO 201/3 



, 1856 

PRO 317A/1 

D336 67/151: 
PRO 477/4 

Minutes of council, Aug. 1783-Aug. 1785 


67/54: - 

— , 1805 

PRO 202/1 



, 1857 

PRO 3 17 A/2 

D337 67/152: 

Index of minutes, 7818, 1783-1785 


67/56: - 

— , 1807 

PRO 202/2 



, 1858 

PRO 343/1 

PRO 478/1 


67/57: - 

— , 1808 

PRO 202/3 



, 1859 

PRO 344/1 

°338 67/153: 
PRO 478/2 

Minutes of council, Aug. 1785-Oct. 1787 


67/58: - 

--, 1809 

PRO 203/1 



, 1860 

PRO 344/2 

D339 67/154: 

Index of minutes, 7819, 1785-1787 


67/59: - 

---, 1810 

PRO 203/2 



, 1861 

PRO 345/1 

PRO 478/3 


67/60: - 

---, 1811 

PRO 204/1 



, 1862 

PRO 345/2 

D340 67/155: 
PRO 478/4 

Minutes of council, Oct. 1787-Oct. 1790 


67/61: - 

---, 1812 

PRO 204/2 



, 1863 

PRO 317B/1 

D341 67/156: 

Index of minutes, 7820, 1787-1790 


67/62: - 

---, 1813 

PRO 205/1 



, 1864 

PRO 346/1 

PRO 479/1 


67/63: - 

---, 1814 

PRO 205/2 



, Jan. 

-Sept. 1865 PRO 347/1 

D342 67/157: 
PRO 479/2 

Minutes of council, Oct. 1790-May 1794 


67/64: - 

---, 1815 

PRO 205/3 



Index of minutes. 1802-1 

PRO 426/1 


D343 67/158: 

Index of minutes, 7821, 1790-1794 


67/65: - 

---, 1816 

PRO 206/1 



, 1828 

-1852 PRO 426/2 

PRO 479/3 


67/66: - 

---, 1817 

PRO 206/2 

D304 67/119 

Minutes of 

council, 1705-1709 


D344 67/159: 
PRO 480/1 

Minutes of council, May 1794 -Aug. 1797 


67/67: - 

— , 1818 

PRO 207/1 



, 1710 

-1719 PRO 384/2 

D345 67/180: 
PRO 480/2 

Index of minutes, 7822, 1794-1797 


67/68: - 

---, 1819 

PRO 207/2 



67/69: - 

---, 1820 

PRO 207/3 



, 1714 

-1720 PRO 385/1 

D346 67/162: 
PRO 480/3 

Index of minutes, 7823, 1797-1800 



, 1720 

-1727 PRO 385/2 


67/70: - 

---, 1821 

PRO 208/1 

D347 67/163: 

Minutes of council, Apr. 1800-July 1801 


67/71: - 

---, 1822 

PRO 208/2 



: , 1728 

-1732 PRO 386/1 

[Note: Target = Apr. 1800-Sept. 1801] PRO 480/4 



: , 1732 

-1737 PRO 386/2 

D348 67/171, 

ot. 2: Minutes of council. Jan. -July 


67/72: - 

---, 1823 

PRO 243/1 

1806 PRO 536/1 



: , 1737 

-Apr. 17, 1741 PRO 


67/73: - 

— , 1824 

PRO 243/2 

D349 67/172: 

Index of minutes, 7828, 1805-1806 



: , Apr. 

24, 1741-Oct. 26, 


PRO 536/2 


67/74: - 

---, 1825 

PRO 243/3 

PRO 387/2 


D350 67/173: 

Minutes of council, July 1806-Jan. 18'8 


67/75: - 

---, 1826 

PRO 244/1 



: , Aug. 

8, 1746-Apr. 29, 


PRO 536/3 

PRO 414/1 


67/76: - 

---, 1827 

PRO 244/2 


D351 67/174 

Index of minutes, 7829, 1806-1808 



: Index of minutes. 1746- 

PRO 426/3 

PRO 536/4 


67/77: - 

— , Jan. 

-Aug. 1828 PRO 246/1 



: Minutes of 

council, Apr. 10, 


D352 67/175 

pt. 1: Minutes of council, Jan. -July 1808 


67/78: - 

---, Sept 

-Dec. 1828 PRO 246/2 

PRO 427-8/ 


[Note: Target. Jan. 1808-Oct. 18091 PRO wo/3 

Colonial Office. Carolina 

D353 5/286: Entry book, May 1663-Oct. 1697 PRO 

D354 5/287: Entry book of instructions; articles of 
agreement; rules for granting land; indentures; copies 
of the fundamental constitution; 'The second charter", 
etc., 1674-1685 PRO 3/1 

D355 5/288: Entry book of instructions; letters, laws, 
minutes, accounts, etc., 1682-1698 PRO 2/1 

D356 5/292: Entry book of the proprietaries from 
Jan. 1708-July 1727 PRO 3/2 

Colonial Office. North Carolina 

D357 5/293-294: Original papers, letters, etc., from 
the governors, Jan. 1730-Mar. 1736 PRO 4A and 

D358 5/295: PRO 442/2 

D359 5/296: Original papers, letters, etc. , from the 
governors, 1740-1750 PRO 443/1 




PRO 444/1 




PRO 445/1 





PRO 445/2 



— -, 


PRO 446/1 




PRO 446/2 



— -, 


PRO 446/3 




PRO 447/1 




PRO 447/2 

D368 5/305: 

Drafts of letters sent, 1765-1775 PRO 

D369 5/306: Original correspondence, 1702-1748 
PRO 448/1 

D370 5/307: Original correspondence, 1749-1783 
PRO 448/2 

D371 5/308: Letters from the governors, with en- 
closures, 1711-1733 PRO 448/3 

, 1734-1746 PRO 449/1 

, 1761-1767 PRO 450/1 

, 1768 PRO 450/2 

, 1768-1769 PRO 450/3 

, 1769-1770 PRO 451/1 

, 1771-1772 PRO 451/2 

, 1772-1773 PRO 452/1 

, 1773-1774 PRO 452/2 

, 1774-1777 PRO 453/1 

D381 5/319: Entry book containing an abstract of 
patents for laid granted in His Majesty's part of the 
province, 1702-1748 [Note: Catalog* 1707-1768(7)] 
PRO 453/2 

D382 5/320: Record of the patents of land granted to 
claimants by the court of claims at Wilmington, Apr. 
1765-Apr. 1770 PRO 454/1 

D383 5/321: Record of patents of land granted at court 
of claims, 1774 PRO 454/2 

D384 5/322: Record of patents of land granted at 
court of claims, 1775 PRO 454/3 
























5/323: Entry book, 1730-1754 PRO 454/4 

5/324: , 1754-1760 PRO 455/1 

5/325: , 1760-1770 PRO 455/2 

5/326: , 1771-1775 PRO 455/3 

5/327: Abstracts of letters, 1728-1753 PRO 

D390 5/328: Secretary of state's entry book of in- 
letters, 1766-1771 PRO 456/1 

D391 5/329: , 1771-1774 PRO 456/2 

D392 5/330: ,1774-1780 PRO 456/3 

D393 5/331: ,1780-1782 PRO 456/4 

D394 5/332: Secretary of state's entry book of out- 
letters, 1768-1782 PRO 456/5 

D395 5/333: Acts, 1734-Oct. 1755 PRO 6/3 

D396 5/334: , 1738 PRO 4B/3 

D397 5/335: , Mar. 1753-July 1760 (Printed) 

PRO 5/1 

D398 5/336: , Dec. 1755-July 1760 PRO 5/2 

D399 5/337: , Dec. 1760-Mar. 1764 PRO 6/1 

D400 5/338: , Nov. 1764-Dec. 1766 PRO 6/2 

D401 5/339: , Dec. 1767-Nov. 1769 PRO 7/1 

D402 5/340: , Jan. 1771-Mar. 1773 PRO 7/3 

D403 5/341: , 1774, 1775 PRO 7/2 

D404 5/342: Legislative journals, July 1731-Oct. 
1736 PRO 8/1 

D405 5/343: , July 1733-Mar. 1735 PRO 8/2 

D406 5/344: , Apr. 1735-May 1741 PRO 9/1 

D407 5/345: , Feb. 1739-Dec. 1758 PRO 9/2 

D408 5/346: , Sept. 1741-Dec. 1754 PRO 10/1 

D409 5/347: , July 1743-Oct. 1755 PRO 10/2 

D410 5/348: , Sept. 1756-Dec. 1760 PRO 10/3 

D411 5/349: , Mar. 1756-Jan. 1760 PRO 11/1 

D412 5/350: , Nov. 1760-Dec. 1768 PRO 11/2 

D413 5/351: Sessional papers. Journal of Assembly, 
March 1761-Dec. 1768 PRO 11/3 

D414 5/352: Legislative journals, Mar. 1761-Dec. 
1768 PRO 12/1 

D415 5/353: , Dec. 1767-Dec. 1768 PRO 12/2 

D416 5/354: , Oct. 1769-Jan. 1771 PRO 13/1 

D417 5/355: , Nov. 1769-Apr. 1775 PRO 13/2 

D418 5/356: , Oct. 1769-Apr. 1775 PRO 14/1 

D419 5/357: , Nov. 1771-Mar. 1774 PRO 14/2 

Colonial Office. South Carolina 

D420 5/358: Original papers, letters, etc. , from the 
governors, Aug. 1720-Dec. 1722 PRO 15/1 

D421 5/359: , June 1723-Apr. 1725 PRO 18/2 

D422 5/360: , Sept. 1725-Jan. 1729 PRO 15/2 

D423 5/361: , Feb. 1729-Sept. 1730 PRO 16/1 

D424 5/362: , Sept. 1730-July 1733 PRO 16/2 

D425 5/363: , Dec. 1733-Nov. 1734 PRO 16/3 

D426 5/364: , Jan. 1732-Mar. 1735 PRO 17/1 

D427 5/365: , July 1735-Feb. 1737 PRO 17/2 

D428 5/366: , June 1737-Dec. 1738 PRO 425/1 

D429 5/367: , Mar. 1739-Apr. 1740 PRO 425/2 

D430 5/368: , July 1740-Aug. 1742 PRO 415/1 

D431 5/369: , Oct. 1742-Mar. 1743 PRO 415/2 

D432 5/370: , May 1743-Sept. 1744 PRO 415/3 

D433 5/371: , Feb. 1745-Oct. 1747 PRO 416/1 

D434 5/372: , Jan. 1748-Feb. 1751 PRO 416/2 

D435 5/373: , Jan. -June 1752 PRO 417/1 

D436 5/374: , June 1752-June 1754 PRO 418/1 

D437 5/375: , June 1754-Oct. 1757 PRO 418/2 

D438 5/376: , Sept. 1757-July 1760 PRO 419/1 

D439 5/377: , Sept. 1760-May 1764 PRO 419/2 

D440 5/378: , Aug. 1764-Nov. 1767 PRO 432/1 


5/391: , 


5/392: , 


5/393: , 


5/394: , 


5/395: , 


5/396: , 


5/397: , 

D441 5/379: , July 1768-Nov. 1770 PRO 432/2 

D442 5/380: , July 1770-Oct. 1775 PRO 432/3 

D443 5/381: Drafts of letters, 1722-1774 PRO 433/1 

D444 5/382: Miscellaneous documents, 1699-1724 
PRO 433/2 

D445 5/383: Miscellaneous documents, 1715-1736 
PRO 434/1 

D446 5/384: Miscellaneous papers, largely corres- 
dence, 1737-1743 PRO 434/2 

D447 5/385: Original papers, chiefly correspondence, 
1744-1753 PRO 435/1 

D448 5/386: Original papers, chiefly correspondence, 
1754-1776 PRO 435/2 

D449 5/387: Original correspondence from Governor 
Nicholson, with enclosures, May 1715-Nov. 1729 
PRO 436/1 

D450 5/388: Original correspondence from Governors 
Johnson and Glen and from Lt. Governors Broughton 
and Bull, Apr. 1730-Nov. 1746 PRO 437/1 

D451 5/389: Original correspondence from governors, 
1748-1751 PRO 438/1 

D452 5/390: Original papers and letters from the 
governors, 1762-1767 PRO 438/2 

1767-1768 PRO 439/1 

1768-1769 PRO 439/2 

1769-1770 PRO 439/3 

1770-1772 PRO 439/4 

1773 PRO 440/1 

1773-1777 PRO 440/2 

1780-1784 PRO 441/1 

D460 5/398: Abstract of records of all grants of land 
made in this province, 1674-1765 PRO 442/1 

D461 5/399: Abstracts of the records of grants, 1768- 
1773 PRO 421/1 

D462 5/400: Entry book, 1720-1730 PRO 421/2 

D463 5/401: , 1730-1739 PRO 421/3 

D464 5/402: , 1739-1755 PRO 422/1 

D465 5/403: ,1755-1760 PRO 422/2 

D466 5/404: , 1760-1774 PRO 423/1 

D467 5/405: ,1774-1775 PRO 424/1 

D468 5/406: Abstracts of letters to the Board of 
Trade, 1721-1756 PRO 424/2 

D469 5/407: Secretary Shelburne's entry book of in- 
letters and out-letters, 1766-1767 PRO 424/3 

D470 5/408: Secretary of state's entry book of out- 
letters, 1768-1782 PRO 424/4 

D471 5/409: Secretary of state's entry book of in- 
letters, 1767-1772 PRO 424/5 

D472 5/410: Secretary of state's entry book of in- 
letters, 1772-1781 PRO 424/6 

D473 5/411: Colonial entry book, 1663-1734 (Printed) 
PRO 18/1 

D474 5/412: Acts, July 1721-Sept. 1727 PRO 20/1 

D475 5/413: , Aug. 1731-May 1734 PRO 19/1 

D476 5/414: , Nov. 1734-Mar. 1737 PRO 19/2 

D477 5/415: , Mar. 1735-July 1741, Mar. and 

July 1742 PRO 19/3 

D478 5/416: , Feb. -Mar. 1738 PRO 19/4 

D479 5/417: .Mar. 1738-July 1741 PRO 20/2 

D480 5/418: , May 1744-June 1746 PRO 21/1 

D481 5/419: , Feb. 1747-June 1749 PRO 21/2 

D482 5/420: , Mar. 1750-July 1756 PRO 21/3 

D483 5/421: , Nov. 1756-Aug. 1760 PRO 21/4 





5 423: 



D487 5/425: 


5 426: 




































5/444: - 


5/445: ■ 


5/446: - 


5/447: - 


5/448: - 


5/449: - 


5/450: - 


5/451: - 


5/452: - 


5/453: - 


5/454: - 


5/455: - 


5/456: - 


5/457: - 


5/458: - 


5/459: - 


5/460: - 


5/461: - 


5/462: - 


5/463: - 


5/464: - 


5/465: - 


5/466: - 


5/467: - 


5/468: - 


5/469: - 


5/470: - 


5/471: - 


5/472: - 


5 473: - 


5/474: - 

, Jan. 1761-July 1766 PRO 22/1 

. Dec. 1766-Apr. 1768 PRO 22/2 

. July 1769-Mar. 1775 PRO 22/3 

Legislative journals, May 1721-Feb. 1723 

, July 1721-Feb. 1723 PRO 23B/1 

. May 1723-June 1724 PRO 24/1 

, Feb. 1725-May 1726 PRO 24/2 

, Apr. 1726-Sept. 1727 PRO 25/1 

, Dec. 1727-Feb. 1729 PRO 25/2 

, Dec. 1730-Sept. 1733 PRO 26/1 

, Jan. -Aug. 1731 PRO 26/2 

, Nov. 1731-June 1735 PRO 26/3 

, Jan. 1732-May 1734 PRO 27/1 

, Nov. 1733-June 1735 PRO 27/2 

. June-July 1734 PRO 27/3 

, Nov. 1734-July 17?6 PRO 27/4 

, Oct. 1736-Dec. 1737 PRO 28/1 

, Nov. 1736-May 1740 PRO 28/2 

.Jan. 1738-Aug. 1739 PRO 28/3 

, Mar. 1742-Feb. 1743 PRO 28/5 

, Mar. 1742-Nov. 1743 PRO 29/1 

, May 1742-Feb. 1743 PRO 28/4 

. Feb. -Dec. 1743 PRO 29/2 

, June-Dec. 1743 PRO 29/3 

, Feb. -Dec. 1743 PRO 29/4 

, Oct. 1743-July 1744 PRO 30/1 

, Dec. 1743-May 1744 PRO 30/2 

, Jan. -Dec. 1744 PRO 30/3 

, May-Dec. 1744 PRO 30/4 

, Dec. 1744-Dec. 1745 PRO 30/5 

, Oct. 1744-June 1746 PRO 31/1 

, Jan. -Dec. 1745 PRO 32/1 

— , Sept. 1745-June 1747 PRO 32/2 

, Jan. 1746-June 1748 PRO 33/1 

— , Nov. 1747-July 1748 PRO 33/2 
— -, Dec. 1748-Apr. 1749 PRO 34/1 

— , Jan. 1748- June 1749 PRO 34/2 
---, Apr. -Dec. 1749 PRO 35/1 
- — , Nov. 1740-May 1750 PRO 35/2 
— , Jan. 1749-Mar. 1751 PRO 36/1 
— , Dec. 1749-Mar. 1751 PRO 36/2 
— , Nov. 1750-Aug. 1751 PRO 37/1 
---, Apr. 1751-Jan. 1752 PRO 37/2 
---, Mar. 1751-Aug. 1753 PRO 38/1 
— -, Nov. 1751-Apr. 1753 PRO 38/2 
---, Feb. -Nov. 1752 PRO 39/1 
---, Nov. 1752-Feb. 1753 PRO 40/1 
— , Feb. -Dec. 1753 PRO 40/2 
---, Jan. 1754-Dec. 1755 PRO 41/1 
— -. Sept. 1754-Jan. 1756 PRO 41/2 
---, Jan. 1754-July 1756 PRO 42/1 
---. Nov. 1756-Aug. 1760 PRO 43/1 
— , July 1759-Mar. 1760 PRO 43/2 

D537 5/475: , Oct. 1758-Apr. 1759 PRO 44/1 

D538 5/476: , June 1758-June 1759 PRO 44 '2 

D539 5/477: , July 1760-Dec. 1763 PRO 44/3 

D540 5/478: , Oct. 1760-May 1774 PRO 45/1 

D541 5/479: , Mar. -Dec. 1761 PRO 45/2 

D542 5/480: , Feb. -Dec. 1762 PRO 45/3 

D543 5/481: , Dec. 1763-Dec. 1764 PRO 46/1 

D544 5/482: , Jan. -Oct. 1764 PRO 46/2 

D545 5 '483: , Jan. -Aug. 1765 PRO 46/3 

D546 5/484: , Oct. -Nov. 1765 PRO 47/1 

D547 5/485: . Jan. -Oct. 1765 PRO 47/2 

D548 5/486: , Oct. 1765-June 1766 PRO 47/3 

D549 5/487: , June-Dec. 1766 PRO 47/4 

D550 5/488: , Jan. -July 1766 PRO 48/1 

D551 5/489: , Nov. 1766-May 1767 PRO 48/2 

D552 5/490: , Jan. -Dec. 1767 PRO 48/_3 

D553 5/491: , Nov. 1767-Apr. 1768 PRO 49/1 

D554 5/492: , Jan. -Dec. 1768 PRO 49/2 

D555 5/493: , Nov. 1768 PRO 49/3 

D556 5/494: , Jan. -Dec. 1769 PRO 49/4 

D557 5/495: , June-Aug. 1769 PRO 50/1 

D558 5/496: , Nov. 1769- June 1770 PRO 50/2 

D559 5/497: , Nov. 1769-May 1770 PRO 50/3 

D560 5/498: — , Nov. 1769-Mar. 1771 PRO 50/4 

D561 5/499: — , Aug. -Sept. 1770 PRO 51/1 

D562 5/500: , Apr. -Dec. 1771 PRO 51/2 

D563 5/501: . Sept. -Nov. 1771 PRO 51/3 

D564 5/502: , Jan. -Dec. 1772 PRO 51/4 

D565 5/503: , Apr. 1772 PRO 51/5 

D566 5/504: Journal of Assembly, Oct. -Nov 1772 

PRO 51/6 

D567 5/506: Legislative journals, Keb -SepI 1773 

PRO 52/1 

D568 5/507: 

Jan-Dec. 1773 PRO 52/2 

D569 5/508: Shipping returns, Dec. 1716-Dec 1719 
PRO 52/3 

D570 5/509: , Dec. 1721-Dec. 1735 PRO 52/4 

D571 5/510: . Mar. 1736-Jan. 1764 PRO 53/1 

D572 5/511: , Jan. 1764-Sept. 1767 PRO 53/2 

D573 5/512: Treasurer's reports, 1759-1763 PRO 

D574 5/513: Entry book of the Board of Police, 1777- 
1780 PRO 457/2 

D575 5/514: , 1777-1780 PRO 457/3 

D576 5/515: .1781-1782 PRO 457/4 

D577 5/516: , 1781-1782 PRO 457/5 

D578 5/517: , 1782 PRO 457/6 

D579 5/518: , 1782 PRO 457/7 

D580 5/519: Journal of proceedings of Board of 
Police, June-Oct. 1780 PRO 457/8 

D581 5/520: , June 1780-Nov. 1781 PRO 457/9 

D582 5/521: , Nov. 1780-May 1781 PRO 457/10 

D583 5/522: , May-Oct. 1781 PRO 457/11 

D584 5/523: .Oct. 1781-Feb. 1782 PRO 457/12 

D585 5/524: , Nov. 1781-Mar. 1782 PRO 457/13 

D586 5/525: , Mar. -May 1782 PRO 457/14 

D587 5/526: , Sept. -Oct. 1782 PRO 457 '15 

D588 5/527: Oaths of allegiance, 1780 PRO 458/1 

D589 5/528: , 1780 PRO 458/2 

D590 5/529: ,1780 PRO 458/3 

D591 5/530: , 1780-1781 PRO 458/4 

D592 5 531: , 1780-1781 PRO 458/5 

D593 5/532: , 1780-1781 PRO 458/6 

D594 5/533: , 1781 PRO 458/7 

D595 5/534: , 1781 PRO 458/8 

D596 5/535: Demands against sequestered estates, 
1781 PRO 458/9 

Colonial Office. Georgia 

D597 5/636: Original papers, letters, etc. , from th 
trustees and others, Aug. 1734-July 1735 PRO 77/: 

D598 5/637: , Jan. -Oct. 1735 PRO 77/2 

D599 5/638: , Oct. 1735-Nov. 1736 PRO 78/1 

D600 5/639: , May 1735-Nov. 1737 PRO 78/2 

D601 5/640: Original papers, letters, etc. , from th 
trustees, Oglethorpe, and others, 1737-1741 PRO 

D602 5/641: Original papers, letters, etc., from th 
trustees, Oglethorpe, and others, 1741-1746 PRO 

D603 5/681: Acts, with copy of charter, June 1732- 
Aug. 1750 PRO 78/3 

D604 5/682: Acts, Jan. 1755-June 1761 PRO 79/1 

D605 5/683: .Apr. 1768-May 1770 PRO 79/2 

D606 5/684: , Sept. 1773-Mar. 1774 PRO 79/5 

D607 5/685: , July 1780-Aug. 1781 PRO 80/1 

D608 5/686: Journal of the trustees, July 1732-Mar 
1737 PRO 80/2 

D609 5/687: , Mar. 1737-Nov. 1745 PRO 80/1 

D610 5/688: , Nov. 1745-June 1752 PRO 81/1 

D611 5/689: Minutes of the council of trustees Aug 
1732-Apr. 1736 PRO 81/2 

D612 5/690: , May 1736-Feb. 1741 PRO 81/3 

D613 5/691: , Mar. 1741-Apr. 1752 PRO 85/2 : 

D614 5/693: Legislative journals, Sept. 1753-Feb 
1756 PRO 83/1 

D615 5/694: Minutes of the governor and council Ma 
1756-July 1757 PRO 83/2 

D616 5/695: Legislative journals, Nov. 1756-Mar. 
1759 PRO 84/1 

D617 5/696: Minutes of the governor in council, July 
1757-May 1759 PRO 85/1 

D618 5/698: Minutes of the proceedings of the gover- 
nor in council, Nov. 1760-Dec. 1765 PRO 86/1 

D619 5/699: Legislative journal, Mar. 1761-Mar. 
1766 PRO 87/1 

D620 5/700: , Mar. 1761-Apr. 1768 PRO 87/2 

D621 5/702: , June 1766-Dec. 1768 PRO 89/1 

D622 5/703: Minutes of the proceedings of the gover- 
nor in council, Jan. -Dec. 1768 PRO 89/2 

D623 5/705: Minutes of the proceedings of the gover- 
nor in council, July 1769-Jan. 1772 PRO 89/3 

D624 5/706: Legislative journals, Oct. 1769-Sept. 
1773 PRO 90/1 

D625 5/707: Minutes of the proceedings of the gover- 
nor in council, Jan. 1772-Dec. 1773 PRO 91/1 

D626 5/708: Legislative journals, May-Dec. 1780 
PRO 92/1 

Colonial Office . Maryland 

D627 5/728: Acts, 1649-1676 PRO 189/1 

D628 5/729: , 1692-1715 (Printed) PRO 189/2 

D629 5/730: , 1692-1726 (Printed) PRO 189/3 

D630 5/731: , 1694-1702 PRO 189/4 

D631 5/732: ,1704-1705 PRO 190/1 

D632 5/733: , 1704-1753 PRO 190/2 

D633 5/734: , 1706-1714 PRO 191/1 

D634 5/736: Acts passed, 1715 PRO 191/2 

D635 5/737: Acts, 1753 (Printed) PRO 191/3 

D636 5/738: , 1769-1771 (Printed) PRO 191/4 

D637 5/739: Sessional papers: Council, Apr. 28, 
1686-Apr. 3, 1689 PRO 191/5 

D638 5/740: : Council, Sept. 25, 1693-May 22, 

1695; Council in Assembly, May 10, 1692-May 22, 
1695; Assembly, Sept. 20, 1694-May 22, 1695 PRO 

D639 5/741: : Council, Oct. 3, 1693-June 27, 

1700 PRO 192/2 

D640 5/742: : Council in Assembly, Oct. 2, 

1695-May 9, 1700 PRO 192/3 

D641 5/743: : A ssembly, Oct. 3, 1695-May 9, 

1700 PRO 193/1 

D642 5/744: : Council, Sept. 1, 1701-June 26, 

1702; Council in Assembly, May 8, 1701-June 25, 
1702; Assembly, May 8, 1701-June 26, 1702 PRO 

D643 5/745: : Council, July 30, 1702-May 22, 

1704; Council in Assembly, Apr. 26, 1704-Apr. 19, 
1706; Assembly, Sept. 5, 1704-Apr. 19, 1706 PRO 

D644 5/746: : Assembly, Apr. 26, 1704-July 3, 

1714 PRO 195/1 

D645 5/747: : Committee of public accounts, 

Oct. 25, 1709-July 3, 1714; Council in Assembly, Mar. 
26, 1707-July 3, 1714; Council, May 31-July 4, 1714 
PRO 195/2 

D646 5/748: : Council in Assembly, Apr. 26- 

June 3, 1715; Committee of accounts, Apr. 27-May 
30, 1715; Assembly, Apr. 26-June 3, 1715 PRO 196/1 

Colonial Office. Massachusetts, incl. New Hampshire 

D647 5/751: Petitions, letters, and other papers, 
Jan. 1689-Dec. 1713 PRO 92/5 

D648 5/770: Acts, 1692-1699 (Printed) PRO 92/2 

D649 5/771: , Oct. 1692-Mar. 1712 (Printed) 

PRO 92/3 

D650 5/772: , 1692-1719 (Printed) PRO 92/4 

D651 5/773: , 1692-May 1760 (Printed) PRO 93 /l 

D652 5/778: , Dec. 24, 1760-June 16, 1763 

(Printed) PRO 196/2 

D653 6/779: , Jan. 20, 1764-June 28, 1766 

(Printed) PRO 197/1 

D654 5/780: , Nov. 8, 1766-June 30, 1768 

(Printed) PRO 197/2 

D655 5/781: , July 15, 1769-Nov. 20, 1770 

(Printed) PRO 197/3 

D656 5/782: , Apr. 23, 1771-July 14, 1772 

(Printed) PRO 197/4 

D657 5/783: , July 14, 1772-Feb. 27, 1773 

(Printed) PRO 197/5 

D658 5/784: , Feb. 19, 1773-June 17, 1774 

(Printed) PRO 197/6 

D659 5/785: Sessional papers: Council May 25, 1686- 
Mar. 6, 1695; Council in Assembly, June 8, 1692- 
Sept. 26, 1695 PRO 198/1 

D660 5/786: : Council in Assembly, Nov. 20, 

1695-July 20, 1699 PRO 198/2 

D661 5/787: : Council, Oct. 22, 1695-July 13, 

1700/ New Hampshire. Sessional papers: Council, 
Mar. 17, 1696-Nov. 21, 1699 PRO 199/1 

D662 5/788: Council, July 22, 1700-Aug. 27, 1702; 
Council in Assembly, May 28, 1701-June 27, 1702 
PRO 199/2 

D663 5/789: : Council Sept. 14, 1702-Apr. 29, 

1706; Council in Assembly, June 16, 1702-Apr. 12, 
1706/ New Hampshire. Sessional papers: Council 
in Assembly, Mar. 7, 1701-Jan. 19, 1703; Council, 
Apr. 7, 1701-July 30, 1706 PRO 200/1 

D664 5/790: : Council May 20, 1706-Dec. 30, 

1708; Council in Assembly, May 25, 1706-Sept. 21, 
1709/ New Hampshire. Sessional papers: Council 
in Assembly, Oct. 15, 1706-Dec. 6, 1709; Council, 
Sept. 26, 1706-Nov. 21, 1709 PRO 209/1 

D665 5/791: : Council Jan. 1, 1709-June 20, 1713; 

Council in Assembly, Oct. 26, 1709-June 20, 1713 
PRO 210/1 

D666 5/792: : Council June 23, 1713-Aug. 27, 

1720 PRO 211/1 

D667 5/793: : Council in Assembly, May 26, 

1714-July 23, 1720 PRO 212/1 

D668 5/794: : Council Sept. 2, 1720-Feb. 27, 

1723; Council in Assembly, Nov. 2, 1720-Mar. 27, 

1722 PRO 213/1 

D669 5/795: : Council Mar 7, 1723-Feb. 13, 

1724; Council in Assembly, May 29, 1723-Dec. 27, 

1723 PRO 214/1 

D670 5/796: : Council in Assembly, Apr. 22, 

1724-Jan. 5, 1727 PRO 214/2 

D671 5/797: : Council Mar. 3, 1724-Feb. 23, 

1727 PRO 215/1 

D672 5/798: : Council Mar. 1, 1727-Aug. 31, 

1728; Council in Assembly, May 31, 1727-Feb. 21, 

1728 PRO 215/2 

D673 5/799: : Council July 19, 1728-Feb. 1730; 

Council in Assembly, July 24-Dec. 20, 1728 PRO 

D674 5/800: : Council Mar. 19, 1720-Feb. 3, 

1732; Council in Assembly, May 27, 1730-Feb. 2, 
1732 PRO 216/2 

D675 5/801: : Council in Assembly, Nov. 1, 

1732-Jan. 1, 1735 PRO 217/1 

D676 5/802: : Council Mar. 3, 1732-Apr. 14, 

1737 PRO 217/2 

D677 5/803: : Council in Assembly, Apr. 9, 

1735-Feb. 4, 1737 PRO 218/1 

D678 5/804: : Council Apr. 28, 1737-Aug. 21, 

1738; Council in Assembly, Oct. 12, 1737-June 29, 

1738 PRO 218/2 

D679 5/805: : Council Sept. 4, 1738-Feb. 19, 

1741; Council in Assembly, Apr. 19, 1738-July 11, 

1739 PRO 219/1 

D680 5/806: : Council in Assembly, Sept. 19, 

1739-Apr. 25, 1741 PRO 219/2 

D681 5/807: : Council Mar. 9, 1741-Aug. 25, 

1742; Council in Assembly, May 27, 1741-July 2, 
1742 PRO 220/1 

D682 5/808: : Council Sept. 2, 1742-Aug. 29, 

1744; Council in Assembly, Sept. 2, 1742-Aug. 18, 
1744 PRO 220/2 

D683 5/809: : Council in Assembly, Oct. 10, 

1744-Apr. 26, 1746 PRO 221/1 

D684 5/810: : Council Sept. 5, 1744-Feb. 27, 

1747; Council in Assembly, May 28, 1746-Feb. 14, 
1747 PRO 221/2 

D685 5/811: : Council in Assembly, Mar. 5, 

1747-Apr. 23, 1748 PRO 222/1 

D686 5/812: : Council Dec. 10, 1747-Aug. 30, 

1751 PRO 222/2 

D687 5/813: : Council in Assembly, May 25, 

1748-Jan. 27, 1750 PRO 223/1 

D688 5/814: : Council in Assembly, Mar. 22, 

1750-June 22, 1751 PRO 223/2 

D689 5/815: : Council in Assembly, Oct. 2, 

1751-Apr. 23, 1754 PRO 223/3 

D690 5/816: : Council Sept. 3, 1751-June 28, 

1756 PRO 224/1 

D691 5/817: : Council in Assembly, May 29, 

1754-Aug. 16, 1755 PRO 224/2 

D692 5/818: : Council in Assembly, Sept. 5, 

1755-July 8, 1756 PRO 225/1 

D693 5/819: : Council, July 2, 1756-Nov. 10, 

1759 PRO 225/2 

D694 5/820: : Council in Assembly, Jan. 6, 1757- 

Apr. 18, 1758 PRO 226/1 

D695 5/821: : Council in Assembly, May 31, 

1758-Apr. 28, 1760 PRO 226/2 

D696 5/822: : Council in Assembly, May 28, 

1760-Apr. 21, 1761 PRO 227/1 

D697 5/823: : Council May 29, 1760-Dec. 9, 

1766 PRO 228A 

D698 5/824: : Council in Assembly, May 27, 

1761-Apr. 24, 1762 PRO 229/1 

D699 5/825: : Council in Assembly, May 26, 

1762-June 16, 1763 (Some printed material) PRO 

D700 5/826: : Council in Assembly, Dec. 21, 

1763-Dec. 9, 1766 (Some printed material) PRO 

D701 5/827: : Council Dec. 10, 1766-Dec. 28, 

1768; Council in Assembly, May 25, 1768-July 15, 
1769 PRO 230/2 

D702 5/828: : Council in Assembly, Jan. 28, 

1767-Mar. 4, 1768 PRO 231/1 

D703 5/829: : Council Jan. 4, 1769-May 14, 

1774 PRO 231/2 

D704 5/830: : Council in Assembly, Mar. 15- 

Nov. 20, 1770 PRO 232/1 

D705 5/831: : Council in Assembly, Apr. 3, 

1771-July 14, 1772 PRO 232/2 

D706 5/832: : Council in Assembly, Jan. 6- 

June 29, 1773 PRO 233/1 

D707 5/833: : Council in Asf embly, Jan. 26- 
June 17, 1774 PRO 233/2 

D708 5/834: : Assembly, Mar. 15, 1721-July 8, 

1727 (Printed) PRO 234/1 

D709 5/835: : Assembly, July 24, 1728-Dec. 17, 

1729 (Printed) PRO 234/2 

D710 5/836: : Assembly, Sept. 8, 1729-Aug. 

1731 (Printed) PRO 234/3 

D711 5/837: : Assembly, Dec. 16, 1730-June 4, 

1735 (Printed) PRO 234/4 

D712 5/838: : Assembly, Dec. 28, 1731-July 6, 

1736 (Printed) PRO 235/1 

D713 5/839: : Assembly, Dec. 2, 1736-June 29, 

1738 (Printed) PRO 235/2 

D714 5/840: : Assembly, Nov. 29, 1738-Mar. 28, 

1740 (Printed) PRO 235/3 

D715 5/841: : Assembly, May 26, 1756-Apr. 1, 

1757 (Printed) PRO 235/4 

D716 5/842: : Assembly, May 27, 1761-Nov. 3, 

1764 (Printed) PRO 236/1 

D717 5/843: : Assembly, Jan. 9, 1765-June 28, 

1766 (Printed) PRO 236/2 

D718 5/844: : Assembly, Jan. 28, 1767-Mar. 4, 

1768 (Printed) PRO 236/3 

D719 5/845: : Assembly, Mar. 5-Nov. 16, 1770 

(Printed) PRO 237/1 

D720 5/846: : Assembly, Apr. 3, 1771-Mar. 6, 

1773 (Printed) PRO 237/2 

D721 5/847: : Assembly, May 26, 1773-June 17, 

1774 (Printed) PRO 237/3 

D722 5/852: Miscellaneous: Treasurers' accounts, 
1743-1751 PRO 237/4 

D723 5/853: 
PRO 238/1 

Treasurers' accounts, 1753-1760 

D724 5/854: : Treasurers' accounts, 1760-1769 

PRO 238/2 

Colonial Office . New Jersey 
D725 5/1004: Acts, 1703-1727 (Printed) PRO 96/1 

D726 5/1005A: , 1703-1752 (Printed) PRO 96/2 

D727 5/1005B: , 1753-1761 (Printed) PRO 96/3 

, 1704-1714 PRO 98/1 

, 1716-1720 PRO 97/1 

} May 1722-Aug. 1733 PRO 98/2 

, Mar. 1739-May 1747 PRO 97/2 

, Jan. 1748-Feb. 1751 PRO 97/3 











D733 5/1011 

--, June 1751-Mar. 1759 (Some 

printed) PRO 97/4 

D734 5/1012: , Oct. 1754-Dec. 1775 (Some 

printed) PRO 98/3 

D735 5/1013A: 
PRO 99/1 

Mar. 1761-May 1768 (Printed) 

D736 5/1013B: , Mar. 1762-May 1768 (Printed) 

PRO 99/2 

D737 5/1014: , Apr. 1761-June 1765 PRO 99/3 

D738 5/1017: , Dec. 21, 1771-Sept. 26, 1772 

PRO 131/18 

D739 5/1018: , Sept. 15, 1772-Mar. 11, 1774 

PRO 131/19 

D740 5/1021: Legislative journals, Apr. 1728-Nov. 
1742 PRO 133/1 

, Aug. 1747-June 1753 PRO 133/2 

1 Nov. 1748-June 1758 PRO 134/1 

1 Nov. 1748-Mar. 1759 PRO 134/2 

, Mar. 1761-May 1768 PRO 134/3 

, Mar. 1761-Oct. 1770 PRO 134/4 

, Oct. 1769-May 1775 PRO 135/1 

, May 1730-Nov. 1741 PRO 135/2 

, Oct. 1742-Oct. 1745 PRO 135/3 

1 Feb. 1746-Feb. 1752 PRO 136/1 

( Dec. 1752-Mar. 1760 PRO 136/2 

, Mar. 1761-Nov. 1765 PRO 136/3 

, Apr. 1768-Mar. 1774 PRO 136/4 

Shipping returns, July 1722-Dec. 1751 

D754 5/1036: Shipping returns, June 1743-July 1764 
PRO 137/2 

Colonial Office. New York 

D755 5/1037: Original papers, letters, etc. , from the 
governors to the Board of trade, 1691-1692 PRO 











































D765 5/1047, pts. 1-2: 
145B/1 & 2 

D766 5/1048, pts. 1-2: 
149/1 and 150A/1 

, 1695-1696 PRO 139A/1 

, 1695-1696 PRO 139B/1 

, 1697-1698 PRO 140/1 

, 1698 PRO 141/1 

, 1699 PRO 142/1 

, 1699-1700 PRO 142/2 

, 1700-1701 PRO 143/1 

f 1700-1701 PRO 144/1 

, 1701 PRO 145A/1 

-, 1701-1702 PRO 

-, 1702-1705 PRO 

D767 5/1049 

D768 5/1050 
D769 5/1051 

, 1706-1710 PRO 150B/1 

, 1710-1715 PRO 151/1 

, 1715-1719 PRO 153/1 













D776 5/1058: 

, 1720-1721 PRO 153/2 

, 1721-1725 PRO 154/1 

, 1725-1729 PRO 154/2 

, 1729-1732 PRO 155/1 

, 1731-1734 PRO 155/2 

, 1734-1735 PRO 156/1 

, 1735-1737 PRO 156/2 

D777 5/1111: Entry book of documents, 1664-1687 
PRO 156/2 

D77B 5/1112: Entry book of commissions, instructions, 
Board of trade correspondence, 1674-1684 PRO 157/1 

, 1687-1692 PRO 157/2 

, 1692-1696 PRO 157/3 

, 1696-1698 PRO 157/4 

, 1698-1700 PRO 157/5 

, 1700 PRO 157/6 

, 1700-1701 PRO 158/1 

, 1701-1703 PRO 158/2 

, 1703-1706 PRO 158/3 

, G, Jan. 28, 1707-Dec. 22, 1709 

D788 5/1122: , H, Dec. 23, 1709-June 2, 1712 

PRO 162/2 

















D787 5/1121- 
PRO 162/1 

D789 5/1123: 
PRO 162/3 

D790 5/1124: 
PRO 162/4 

D791 5/1125: 
PRO 163/1 

, I, June 3, 1712-Feb. 25, 1718 

, K, Mar. 28, 1718-Sept. 8, 1727 

, L, Sept. 28, 1727-Aug. 28, 1734 

D792 5/1142: Acts, 1667 PRO 163/2 

D793 5/1143: , 1691-1707 (Printed) PRO 163/3 

D794 5/1144: , 1691-1718 (Printed) PRO 163/4 

D795 5/1145: , 1691-1725 (Printed) PRO 163/5 

D796 5/1146: , 1691-1751 (Printed) PRO 163/6 

D797 5/1183: Sessional papers: Council, Sept. 2, 
1687-Dec. 13, 1694; Council in Assembly, Apr. 9, 
1691-Oct. 23, 1694 PRO 164/1 

D798 5/1184: : Council, Dec. 31, 1694-May 2, 

1702; Council in Assembly, Mar. 21, 1695-Oct. 18, 
1701; Assembly, June 20, 1695-Oct. 18, 1701 (Some 
printed) PRO 165/1 

D799 5/1185: : Assembly, Oct. 20, 1702-July 7, 

1713 (Some printed); Council, May 9, 1709-July 6, 
1713 PRO 166/1 

D800 5/1186: : Council, July 17, 1713-June 9, 

1720; Assembly, May 3, 1715-June 25, 1719 (Some 
printed) PRO 166/2 

D801 5/1187: : Council, June 17, 1720-Sept. 8, 

1722 PRO 167/1 

D802 5/1188: : Council, Sept. 22, 1722-Oct. 1, 

1724; Assembly, Oct. 13, 1720-July 24, 1724 (Printed) 
PRO 167/2 

D803 5/1189: : Council, July 18, 1723-Nov. 24, 

1726; Assembly, May 12, 1724-Nov. 11, 1726 
(Printed) PRO 167/3 

D804 5/1190: : Council, Jan. 5, 1727-Nov. 30, 

1728; Assembly, Sept. 30, 1727-Sept. 21, 1728 
(Printed) PRO 167/4 

D805 5/1191: : Council, Mar. 10, 1729-Apr. 5, 

1735 PRO 168/1 

D806 5/1192: : Council, June 12, 1735-Oct. 28, 

1738; Council in Assembly, Oct. 14, 1736-Oct. 20, 
1738 PRO 168/2 

D807 5/1193: : Council in Assembly, Feb. 9, 

1739-Mar. 16, 1742 PRO 168/3 

D808 5/1194: 

1744 PRO 168/4 

Council, May 17, 1739-Mar. 27, 

D809 5/1195: : Council in Assembly, Apr. 20, 

1742-May 19, 1744 PRO 169/1 

D810 5/1196: : Council, May 11, 1744-Aug. 28, 

1747 PRO 169/2 

D811 5/1197: : Council, Sept. 4, 1747-May 17, 

1754; Council in Assembly, Oct 30, 1753-May 4 
1754 PRO 169/3 

D812 5/1198: : Council in Assembly, Aug. 20, 

1754-June 10, 1760 PRO 176/1 

D813 5/1199: : Council, May 28, 1754-Aug. 21 

1760 PRO 176/2 

D814 5/1200: Council, Mar. 3, 1755-Mar. 21, 1764 
PRO 177/1 

D815 5/1201: : Council, Apr. 7, 1774-July 3, 

1775; Council in Assembly, Jan. 5, 1773-Apr. 3, 1775; 
Assembly, Dec. 6, 1757-Mar. 8, 1773 (Printed) PRO 

D816 5/1202: : Council, Nov. 15, 1759-May 23, 

1760 PRO 177/3 

D817 5/1203: : Council in Assembly, Oct. 21, 

1760-Dec. 19, 1766 PRO 178/1 

D818 5/1204: : Council, Apr. 4, 1764-Dec. 20, 

1766 PRO 178/2 

D819 5/1205: : Council, Apr. 4, 1764-Jan. 31, 

1769 PRO 179/1 

D820 5/1206: : Council, Jan. 7, 1767-Jan. 20, 

1769 PRO 179/2 

D821 5/1207: Council in Assembly, May 27, 1767-May 
20, 1769 PRO 179/3 

D822 5/1208: : Council, Jan. 31, 1769-Mar. 26, 

1772 PRO 179/4 

D823 5/1209: : Council in Assembly, Nov. 21, 

1769-Mar. 24, 1772 PRO 179/5 

D824 5/1210: : Council, Feb. 22, 1769-Oct. 31, 

1775 PRO 180/1 

D825 5/1211: : Council, Oct. 2, 1771-Sept. 29, 

1775 PRO 180/2 

D826 5/1212: : Assembly, May 13, 1729-Sept. 

20, 1738 (Printed) PRO 180/3 

D827 5/1213: : Assembly, Mar. 27, 1739-Oct. 29, 

1742 (Some printed) PRO 180/4 

D828 5/1214: : Assembly, Apr. 19, 1743-July 15, 

1746 (Printed) PRO 180/5 

D829 5/1215: : Assembly, Feb. 12, 1748-May 4, 

1754 (Printed) PRO 180/6 

D830 5/1216: : Assembly, Aug. 20, 1754-Oct. 31, 

1760 (Printed) PRO 181/1 

D831 5/1217: : Assembly, Oct. 21, 1760-Dec. 19, 

1766 (Printed) PRO 181/2 
D832 5/1218: : Assembly, May 27, 1767-May 20, 

1769 (Printed) PRO 181/3 

D833 5/1219: : Assembly, Nov. 21, 1769-Mar. 

24, 1772 (Printed) PRO 181/4 

D834 5/1220: : Assembly, Jan. 5, 1773-Apr. 3, 

1775 (Printed) PRO 181/5_ 

D835 5/1221: Miscellaneous: 7 copies of the New York 
Gazette; 12 copies of "His Excellency's Speech", 
Massachusetts, Jan. 16, 1766 (Printed); 11 copies of the 
Assembly's answer to the same, Jan. 23 (Printed); 15 
copies of a pamphlet regarding Andrew Oliver and the 
Sons of Liberty, Dec. 16, 17, 18, 1765 (Printed) PRO 

D836 5/1222: Shipping returns, July 1, 1713-Mar. 25, 
1722 PRO 182/2 

D837 5/1223: , June 24, 1722-Sept. 25, 1725 

PRO 182/3 

D838 5/1224: 
PRO 182/4 

Sept. 29, 1725-Sept. 29, 1730 

D839 5/1225: , Mar. 25, 1731-Mar. 25, 1738 

PRO 183/1 

D840 5/1226: 
PRO 183/2 

Mar. 25, 1738-Mar. 25, 1752 

D841 5/1227: , Mar. 25, 1739-June 24, 1740 

PRO 184/1 

D842 5/1230: Miscellaneous: Accounts of expenditure 
(or subsistence of Palatine settlers, 1710-1712 
PRO 184/2 

D843 5/1231: : Accounts of expenditure for sub- 
sistence of Palatine settlers, 1710-1714 PRO 184/3 

Colonial Office , Pennsylvania 

D844 5/1236: Entry book: Commissions, instructions, 
patents, reports to the Board of trade, correspondence, 
etc., Mar. 4, 1681-Aug. 21, 1694 PRO 185/1 

1700-1709 PRO 185/2 
1700-1729 (Printed) PRO 185/3 
1727-1739 PRO 185/4 
1729-1732 (Printed) PRO 185/5 
1743-1746 PRO 185/6 
1746-1750 PRO 186/1 
1750-1752 PRO 186/2 
1755-1756 PRO 186/3 
1757-1758 PRO 186/4 
1758-1760 PRO 186/5 
Mar. 14, 1761-Feb. 17, 1762 

Mar. 26, 1762-Apr. 2, 1763 

July 8, 1763-Sept. 20, 1765 

Feb. B, 1766-May 20, 1767 

Sept. 26, 1767-May 27, 1769 

Sept. 30, 1769-Mar. 9, 1771 

Mar. 21, 1772-Jan. 22, 1774 

D862 5/1256: Sessional papers: Assembly Oct. 14, 
1754-Sept. 29, 1759 (Printed) PRO 188/3 

Foreign Office. United States of America 

D863 5/1856: General correspondence, series n, 
Jan. -Mar. 1883 PRO 54/1 

, Apr. -June 1883 PRO 55/1 

, July-Aug. 1883 PRO 56/1 

, Sept. -Dec. 1883 PRO 57/1 

, Jan. -Mar. 1883 PRO 58/1 

, Apr. -May 1883 PRO 59/1 

, June-Dec. 1883 PRO 60/1 

, 1881-1883: Correspondence re- 
lating to the Fenian Brotherhood PRO 61/1 

D871 5/1864: , Jan. -Dec. 1882 PRO 62/1 

D872 5/1865: , Jan. -Dec. 1883 PRO 62/2 

D873 5/1866: , Aug. 1882-Apr. 1883 PRO 62/3 

Home Office. Disturbances 

D874 41/1: Entry book, Apr. 23 -Dec. 5, 1816 PRO 


D875 41/2: , Dec. 4, 1816-Apr. IB, 1817 PRO 


D876 41/3: , Apr. 19. 1817-Jan. 2, 1818 PRO 


D877 41/4: , Jan. 3, 1818-Sept. 1, 1819 PRO 


D878 41/5: , Sept. 1, 1819-Feb. 29, 1820 PRO 



5/1237: Acts, 


5/1238: , 


5/1240: , 


5/1241: , 


5/1242: , 


5/1243: , 


5/1244: , 


5/1245: , 


5/1246: , 


5/1247: , 

D855 5/1248: , 

PRO 186/6 

D856 5/1249: , 

PRO 186/2 

D857 5/1250: , 

PRO 187/1 


5/1251: , 


D859 5/1252: , 

PRO 187/3 


5/1253: , 


D861 5/1254: , 

PRO 188/2 













D870 5/1863 

D879 41/6: 

Feb. 29, 1820-Apr. 3, 1822 PRO 

D880 41/7: , Apr. 5, 1822-Sept. 8, 1830 PRO 


D881 41/8: 

Sept. 9-Dec. 13, 1830 PRO 481/1 

D882 41/9: , Dec. 13, 1830-Apr. 9, 1831 

PRO 481/2 

D883 41/10: 

Apr. 11-Dec. 19, 1831 PRO 481/3 

D884 41/11: , Dec. 19, 1831-Feb. 14, 1834 

PRO 482/1 

D885 41/12: 

Feb. 14, 1834-June 7, 1837 PRO 

D886 41/13: , June 9, 1837-May 8, 1839 PRO 


D887 41/14: 

May 8-Aug. 19, 1839 PRO 483/2 

D888 41/15: , Aug. 19, 1839-July 25, 1840 PRO 


D889 41/16: , July 25, 1840-Aug. 16, 1842 PRO 


D890 41/17: , Aug. 16, 1842-July 25, 1843 PRO 


D891 41/18: 

July 25, 1843-Jan. 13, 1848 PRO 

D892 41/19: , Jan. 15, 1848-May 6, 1852 PRO 


D893 41/20: 

D894 41/21: 

D895 41/22: 

-, June 7, 1852-Oct. 15, 1867 PRO 
-, Oct. 16, 1867-Jan. 7, 1868 PRO 
-, Jan. 8-July 22, 1868 PRO 487/1 

D896 41/23: , July 29, 1868-Nov. 17, 1870 

[Note: Label = July 23, 1868-Mar. 7, 1871] PRO 

D897 41/24: 

-, Index, 1816-1819 PRO 487/3 

D898 41/25: , Mar. 7, 1815-Mar. 2, 1820 PRO 


D899 41/26: , Mar. 2, 1820-June 26, 1848 PRO 


D900 41/27: Minutes of proceedings, Feb. 9-Dec. 30, 
1817 [Note: Labels Feb. 9-Apr. 12, 1817] PRO 

D901 41/28: Merthyr riots, report of trial at Cardiff, 
1831 PRO 488/3 

D902 41/29: Precis, 1819 PRO 488/4 

D903 41/30: Socialists, 1840 PRO 488/5 

Home Office. Domestic Letter Books 

D904 43/1: Domestic letter book, 1782-1785 PRO 

D905 43/2: ,1785-1789 PRO 489/2 

D906 43/3: , Mar. 1789-Mar. 1792 PRO 489/3 

D907 43/4: , Mar. 1792-Feb. 1794 PRO 490/1 

D908 43/5: , Mar. -Oct. 1794 PRO 490/2 

D909 43/6: , Oct. 1794-July 1795 PRO 490/3 

D910 43/7: , July 1795-Aug. 1796 PRO 491/1 

D911 43/8: .Aug. 1796-Mar. 1797 PRO 491/2 

D912 43/9: , Mar. -Aug. 1797 PRO 492/1 

D913 43/10: , Aug. 1797-Nov. 1798 PRO 492/2 

D914 43/11: , Oct. 1798-June 1800 PRO 492/3. 

D915 43/12: , June 1800-Apr. 1801 PRO 493/1 

D916 43/13: , Apr. 1801-Mar. 1803 PRO 493/2 

D917 43/14: , Feb. 1803-July 1804 PRO 494/1 

D918 43/15: , July 1804-July 1806 PRO 494/2 

D919 43/16: , July 1806-June 1808 PRO 495/1 

D920 43/17: , June 1808-Dec. 1809 PRO 495/2 

D921 43/18: , Dec. 1809-Feb. 1811 PRO 495/3 

D922 43/19: , Feb. 1811-Feb. 1812 PRO 496/1 

D923 43/20: , Feb. -July 1812 PRO 496/2 

D924 43/21: , July 1812-Apr. 1813 PRO 497/1 

D925 43/22: , Apr. 1813-May 1814 PRO 497/2 

D926 43/23: , May 1814-Aug. 1815 PRO 498/1 

D927 43/24: , Aug. 1815-June 1816 PRO 498/2 

D928 43/25: , June 1816-Feb. 1817 PRO 499/1 

D929 43/26: , Feb. -Dec. 1817 PRO 499/2 

D930 43/27: , Dec. 1817-Sept. 1818 PRO 499/3 

D931 43/28: , Sept. 1818-Sept. 1819 PRO 500/1 

D932 43/29: , Sept. 1819-Oct. 1820 PRO 500/2 

D933 43/30: , Oct. 1820-Dec. 1821 PRO 501/1 

D934 43/31: , Dec. 1821-June 1823 PRO 501/2 

D935 43/32: , June 1823-Feb. 1825 PRO 502/1 

D936 43/33: , Feb. 1825- Apr. 1826 PRO 502/2 

D937 43/34: , Apr. 1826-Mar. 1827 PRO 503/1 

D938 43/35: , Mar. 1827-Apr. 1828 PRO 503/2 

D939 43/36: , Apr. 1828-Jan. 1829 PRO 504/1 

D940 43/37: , Jan. -Nov. 1829 PRO 504/2 

D941 43/38: , Nov. 1829-July 1830 [Note: ff. 

428-429, 486-489 missing in original] PRO 505/1 

D942 43/39: , July 1830-Feb. 1831 [Note: ff. 

422-425 missing in original] PRO 505/2 

D943 43/40: , Feb. -Nov. 1831 PRO 505/3 

D944 43/41: , Nov. 1831-Mar. 1832 PRO 506/1 

D945 43/42: , Mar. -Oct. 1832 PRO 506/2 

D946 43/43: , Oct. 1832-Aug. 1833 PRO 507/1 

D947 43/44: , Aug. 1833-Mar. 1834 PRO 507/2 

D948 43/45: , Mar. -Dec. 1834 PRO 507/3 

D949 43/46: , Dec. 1834-July 1835 PRO 508/1 

D950 43/47: , July-Dec. 1835 PRO 508/2 

D951 43/48: , Dec. 1835-Feb. 1836 PRO 509/1 

D952 43/49: , Feb. -Aug. 1836 PRO 509/2 

D953 43/50: , Feb. -Aug. 1836 PRO 510/1 

D954 43/51: , Aug. -Nov. 1836 [Note: ff. 446- 

449 missing in original] PRO 510/2 

D955 43/52: , Nov. 1836-Apr. 1837 PRO 518/2 

D956 43/53: , Apr. -Nov. 1837 PRO 511/1 

D957 43/54: , Nov. 1837-Apr. 1838 PRO 512/1 

D958 43/55: , Apr. -Aug. 1838 [Note: Target: 

Apr. -Sept. 1838] PRO 511/2 

D959 43/56: , Sept. 1838-Feb. 1839 PRO 513/1 

D960 43/57: , Feb. -Sept. 1839 PRO 513/2 

D961 43/58: , Sept. 1839-Mar. 1840 PRO 514/1 

D962 43/59: , Mar. -Dec. 1840 PRO 514/2 

D963 43/60: , Dec. 1840-Aug. 1841 PRO 515/1 

D964 43/61: , Aug. 1841-Feb. 1842 PRO 515/2 

D965 43/62: , Feb. -Sept. 1842 PRO 516/1 

D966 43/63: , Sept. 1842-Feb. 1843 PRO 516/2 

D967 43/64: , Feb. -July 1843 [Note: ff. 456-457 

missing in original] PRO 517/1 

D968 43/65: 

-, July-Dec. 1843 PRO 517/2 

D969 43/66: , Dec. 1843-May 1844 [Note: ff. 

161-162, 432-435 missing in original] PRO 518/1 

D970 43/67: , May-Oct. 1844 PRO 518/3 

D971 43/68: , Oct. 1844-Mar. 1845 PRO 519/1 

D972 43/69: , Mar. -Aug. 1845 [Note: ff. 100- 

101 missing In original] PRO 519/2 

D973 43/70: , Aug. 1845-Feb. 1846 [Note: 

Target = 41/701 PRO 520/1 



, Feb. -Aug. 1846 PRO 520/2 



, Feb. -Oct. 1873 PRO 541/1 


8/10/9: Attorney general v. 

Quarles PRO 464/2 



, Aug. 1846-Jan. 1847 PRO 520/3 



, Oct. 1873-Aug. 1874 [Note: ff. 


8/10/12: Attorney general v 

Cloughe PRO 464/3 

503-504 sea 

led together] PRO 541/2 



, Jan. -July 1847 PRO 521/1 



, Aug. 1874-May 1875 PRO 542/1 


8/10/15: Attorney general v 

Zinzan PRO 464/4 



, July 1847-Mar. 1848 PRO 521/2 



, May 1875-Feb. 1876 PRO 542/2 


8/10/16: Attorney general v 

Zinzan PRO 464/5 



, Mar. -Oct. 1848 PRO 522/1 



, Feb. -Oct. 1876 PRO 543/1 


8/10/22: Attorney general v 

Leake PRO 464/6 



, Oct. 1848-June 1849 [Note: ff. 


8/10/24: Attorney general v 

Dacres PRO 464/7 


-451 missing in original] PRO 522/2 



, Oct. 1876-Apr. 1877 PRO 544/1 


8/10/25: Attorney general v 

Brereton PRO 



, July 1849-Apr. 1850 PRO 523/1 



-—, Mar. -Sept. 1877 PRO 545/1 




, Apr. 1850-Jan. 1851 PRO 523/2 



, Sept. 1877-Feb. 1878 PRO 545/2 


8/11/7: Attorney general v. 

? PRO 464/9 



, Jar. -Oct. 1851 PRO 523/3 



, Feb. -July 1878 PRO 546/1 

E79 8/11/8: Attorney general v. 

Harrison PRO 



, Nov. 1851-May 1852 PRO 524/1 



, July 1878-Jan. 1879 PRO 546/2 


8/11/12: Attorney general v 

Heaton PRO 



, May-Dec. 1852 PRO 524/2 



, Jan. -June 1879 PRO 547/1 




, Dec. 1852-June 1853 PRO 525/1 



, June-Dec. 1879 PRO 548/1 


8/11/18: Attorney general v 

Jones PRO 464/12 



, June-Nov. 1853 PRO 525/2 



, Dec. 1879-June 1880 PRO 54B/2 


8/12/1: Attorney general v. 

Walton PRO 464/13 



, Nov. 1853-Feb. 1854 PRO 525/3 



, June-Oct. 1880 PRO 549/1 


8/12/5: Attorney general v. 

Coleclough PRO 





, Feb. -June 1854 PRO 526/1 

Special Collections 


8/12/6: Attorney general v. 

Goodlake PRO 



, June-Dec. 1854 [Note: ff. 203, 


1/43: Ancient correspondence: Miscellaneous 



-213 missing in original 1 PRO 526/2 

letters, 1377-1461 PRO 63/1 


8/12/11: Attorney general v 

Cholmley PRO 



, Dec. 1854-Aug. 1855 PRO 527/1 


1/44: ■ 

— : Miscellaneous letters, 1422-1509 


PRO 63/2 



, Aug. 1855-Mar. 1856 PRO 527/2 


8/12/13: Attorney general v 

Bridges PRO 


1/46: - 

— : Stonor letters, 1350-1408 PRO 64/3 




, Apr. -Nov. 1856 PRO 528/1 



1/51: ■ 

— : Miscellaneous letters, 1327-1509 


8/14/9: Attorney general v. 

Pawle PRO 470/1 



, Nov. 1856-July 1857 PRO 528/2 

PRO 63/3 


8/15/1: Attorney general v. 

Dacres PRO 470/2 



, July 1857-Apr. 1858 PRO 528/3 


1/53: - 

---: Cely papers, 1475/1488 PRO 65/1 



8/15/6: Attorney general v. 

Morrison PRO 470/3 



, Apr. 1858-Jan. 1859 PRO 529/1 


1/57: - 

---: Miscellaneous letters, 1377-1509 

PRO 64/1 


8/15/8: Attorney general v. 

Crosse PRO 470/4 



, Jan. -Nov. 1859 PRO 529/2 


1/58: ■ 

---: Miscellaneous letters, 1307-1509 


8/15/16: Attorney general v 

Alread PRO 470/5 



( Nov. 1859-Aug. 1860 PRO 529/3 

PRO 64/2 


8/15/17: Attorney general v 

Cogan PRO 470/6 



, Aug. 1860-May 1861 PRO 530/1 


Chamber. Proceedings, James I 


8/15/18: Attorney general v 

Cogan PRO 470/7 


43/96: , May 1861-Jan. 1862 [Note: ft. 

-309 missing in originall PRO 530/2 



Almoner v. H ickson PRO 462/1 


8/15/19: Attorney general v 

Hill PRO 470/8 



Almoner v. Britt PRO 462/2 


8/15/24: Attorney general v 

BarwelM?) PRO 



, Jan. -Sept. 1862 PRO 531/1 



Almoner v. Ryding PRO 462/3 



43/98: , Sept. 1862-Apr. 1863 [Note: ft. 

-272 missing in original] PRO 531/2 



Almoner v. Freeman PRO 462/4 


8/15/25: Attorney general v 

Lisle PRO 470/10 


43/99: - 

— , Apr. -Nov. 1863 PRO 531/3 



Almoner v. Brand PRO 462/5 

E97 8/15/26: Attorney general v 


Reynold PRO 



, Nov. 1863-Apr. 1864 PRO 532/1 



Almoner v. Harris PRO 462/6 


8/16/3: Attorney general v. 

Gosson PRO 464/18 



, Apr. -Oct. 1864 PRO 532/2 



PRO 462/7 


8/16/6: Attorney general v. 

Harman PRO 464/19 



, Oct. 1864-Apr. 1865 [Note: ff. 



Almoner v. Raynell PRO 462/8 


8/16/9: Attorney general v 

Good PRO 464/20 


-171 missing in original] PRO 533/1 



Attorney general v. Johnson PRO 462/9 


8/16/11: Attorney general v. Empringham PRO 



, Apr. -Sept. 1865 PRO 533/2 



Attorney general v. Heywood PRO 462/10 




, Sept. -Dec. 1865 PRO 534/1 



Attorney general v. Warren PRO 462/11 


8/16/14: Attorney general 

v. Key PRO 464/22 



; Dec. 1865-Feb. 1866 PRO 534/2 



Attorney general v. Jones PRO 462/12 

E103 8/16/15: Attorney general 

v. Chapman PRO 


43/106: , Feb. -May 1866 [Note: ff. 380- 

, 447-448 missing in original] PRO 534/3 

E56 8/4/10: 

Attorney general v. Gunter (?) PRO 

E104 8/16/16: Attorney general 

v. Kenyon PRO 



, May-Sept. 1866 PRO 535/1 



Attorney general v. Jacob PRO 462/14 


8/16/19: Attorney general 

7. Rogers PRO 



y sept. 1866-Jan. 1867 PRO 535/2 



Attorney general v. Jones PRO 462/15 




, Jan. -Apr. 1867 PRO 535/3 



Attorney general v. Peyton PRO 462/16 


8/17/4: Attorney general v 

Hussey PRO 465/1 



, Apr. -July 1867 PRO 537/1 



Attorney general v. Fitz PRO 462/17 


8/17/6: Attorney general v 

Turner PRO 465/2 



, Aug. -Nov. 1867 PRO 537/2 



Attorney general v. Vaughan PRO 462/18 


8/17/19: Attorney general 

!. Closse PRO 465/3 



( Nov. 1867-May 1868 [Note: ff. 



Attorney general v. Gerrard PRO 462/19 

E109 8/17/20: Attorney general v. Eveling PRO 

420-423 missing in onginalj PRO 538/1 



, May-Sept. 1868 PRO 538/2 



Attorney general v. Tay PRO 462/20 


8/17/25: Attorney general v. Neasle PRO 465/5 



, Sept. 1868-Apr. 1869 PRO 538/3 



Attorney general v. Hackett PRO 463/1 


8/18/1: Attorney general v 

Proctor PRO 465/6 



, Apr. -Sept. 1869 PRO 539/1 



Attorney general v. Flackett PRO 463/2 


8/18/7: Attorney general v 

Smith PRO 465/7 



, Sept. 1869- Feb. 1870 PRO 539/2 



Attorney general v. Millard PRO 463/3 


8/18/9: Attorney general v 

King PRO 465/8 



, Feb. -June 1870 PRO 540/1 



Attorney general v. Ludlowe PRO 463/4 


8/19/7: Attorney general v 

Fuller PRO 465/9 



, June-Dec. 1870 [Note: ff. 188- 



Attorney general v. Whitehand PRO 463/5 


8/19/9: Attorney general v 

Ellis PRO 465/10 

193 missing 

in original] PRO 540/2 



Attorney general v. Hale PRO 463/6 


8/19/10: Attorney general 

/. York PRO 465/11 



p Dec. 1870-Mar. 1871 PRO 540/3 



Attorney general v. Palmer PRO 464/1 


8/19/12: Attorney general 

j. Priest PRO 465/12 

E118 8/19/13: Attorney general v. Wright PRO 

El 19 8/20/1: Attorney general v. Beckwith PRO 

E120 8/20/7: Attorney general v. Strelley PRO 

E121 8/20/10: Attorney general v. Gorge PRO 

E122 8/20/18: Attorney general v. March PRO 

E123 8/20/19: Attorney general v. Heyman PRO 

E124 B/20/22: Attorney general v. Allwright PRO 

E125 8/20/26: Attorney general v. Fenton PRO 

E126 8/21/2: Attorney general v. Dickenson PRO 

E127 8/21/3: Attorney general v. Gifford PRO 

E128 8/21/7: Attorney general v. Whitbread PRO 

E129 8/21/12: Attorney general v. Elton PRO 465/24 

E130 8/21/17: Attorney general v. Dodson PRO 

E131 8/21/19: Attorney general v. Glanville PRO 


E132 8/22/2: Attorney general v. Skaif PRO 466/2 

E133 8/22/4: Attorney general v. Packington PRO 

E134 8/22/9: Attorney general v. Orme PRO 466/4 

E135 8/22/10: Attorney general v. Bushfield PRO 

EV36 8/22/16: Attorney general v. Dandy PRO 

E137 8/22/19: Attorney general v. Bromsall PRO 

E138 8/23/3: Attorney general v. Beleridge PRO 

E139 8/23/5: Attorney general v. Vaughan PRO 

E140 8/23/8: Attorney general v. Wallis PRO 466/10 

E141 8/23/17: Attorney general v. Mercer PRO 

E142 8/23/18: Attorney general v. Markham PRO 

E143 8/23/23: Attorney general v. Hart PRO 466/13 

E144 8/24/2: Attorney general v. Phipps PRO 466/14 

E145 8/24/5-6: Attorney general v. Stone PRO 

E146 8/24/8: Attorney general v. Bodley PRO 466/17 

E147 8/24/13: Attorney general v. Atherton PRO 

E148 8/24/16-17: Attorney general v. Metcalf PRO 

E149 8/24/19: Attorney general v. Chapman PRO 

E150 8/25/1: Attorney general v. Skipworth PRO 

E151 8/25/5: Attorney general v. Lord Clifton PRO 

E152 8/25/8: Attorney general v. Edwards PRO 

E153 8/25/12: Attorney general v. Peck PRO 466/25 

E154 8/25/13: Attorney general v. Trigges PRO 

E155 8/25/14: Attorney general v. Brooke PRO 

E156 8/25/15: Attorney general v. Brandling PRO 

E157 8/25/17: Attorney general v. Harwyn PRO 

E158 8/25/19: Attorney general v. Curteen PRO 

E159 8/25/20: Attorney general v. Curteen PRO 

E160 8/25/21: Attorney general v. Curteen PRO 


E161 8/25/23: Attorney general v. Munsey PRO 

E162 8/25/24: Attorney general v. Tryon PRO 467/4 

E163 8/26/1: Attorney general v. Gwynne PRO 467/5 

E164 8/26/12: Attorney general v. Bryon PRO 467/6 

E165 8/26/13: Attorney general v. Smales PRO 467/7 

E166 8/27/3: Attorney general v. Marshal PRO 467/8 

E167 8/27/7: Attorney general v. Withington PRO 

E168 8/27/8: Attorney general v. Castle PRO 467/10 

E169 8/27/10: Attorney general v. Mapowder PRO 

E170 8/27/11: Attorney general v. Oakley PRO 

E171 8/27/13: Attorney general v. Baguley PRO 

E172 8/27/17: Attorney general v. Englefield PRO 

E173 8/28/2: Attorney general v. Rivett PRO 467/15 

E174 8/28/5: Attorney general v. Wright PRO 467/16 

E175 8/28/6: Attorney general v. Wright PRO 467/17 

E176 8/28/10: Attorn? ; general v. Hobson PRO 

E177 8/28/10: Attorney general v. Stanhope PRO 

E178 8/28/11: Attorney general v. Eastman PRO 

E179 8/28/15: Attorney general v. Moody PRO 

E180 8/28/18: Attorney general v. Tempest PRO 

E181 8/28/19: Attorney general v. Beckwith PRO 

E182 8/28/20: Attorney general v. Holies PRO 

E183 8/29/3: Attorney general v. Zinzan PRO 

E184 8/29/6: Attorney general v. Harrison PRO 

E185 8/29/9: Attorney general v. Ross PRO 467/27 

E186 8/29/12: Attorney general v. Grosse PRO 
467 /2B 

E187 8/29/13: Attorney general v. Jagar PRO 

E188 8/30/4: Attorney general v. Englefield PRO 

E189 8/30/5: Attorney general v. Cirhayne(?) PRO 

E190 8/30/6: Attorney general v/, Reynolds PRO 

E191 8/30/8: Attorney general v. Burrough PRO 

E192 8/30/10: Attorney general v. Hobson PRO 

E193 8/30/11: Attorney general v. Locke PRO 


E194 8/30/16: Attorney general v. Washington PRO 



E197 8/31/5: 

E198 8/31/8: 

E199 8/31/10: 

E200 8/31/11: 

8/30/17: Attorney general v. Baker PRO 468/6 
8/30/18: Attorney general v. Shephard PRO 

Attorney general v. Wood PRO 468/8 
Attorney general v. Wade PRO 468/9 
Attorney general v. Stone PRO 468/10 
Attorney general v. Hamlyn PRO 

E201 8/31/12: Attorney general v. Ball PRO 468/12 
E202 8/31/13: Attorney general v. Sidley PRO 468/13 
Attorney general v. Andley PRO 

Attorney general v. Browne PRO 

Attorney general v. Petty PRO 468/16 
Attorney general v. Byron PRO 468/17 

Attorney general v. Wall PRO 468/18 
Attorney general v. Jenison PRO 

Attorney general v. Saunders PRO 

Attorney general v. Geeres PRO 

Attorney general v. Whistler PRO 

Attorney general v. Moore PRO 

Attorney general v. Newton PRO 

Attorney general v. Close PRO 470/12 
Attorney general v. Green PRO 470/13 
Attorney general v. Ridge PRO 470/15 
Attorney general v. Warner PRO 

E203 8/31/16: 

E204 8/32/2: 

E205 8/32/4: 

E206 8/32/5: 

E207 8/32/7: 

E208 8/32/9: 

E209 8/32/13: 

E210 8/32/14: 

E211 8/32/17: 

E212 8/32/30: 

E213 8/32/21: 

E214 8/33/8: 

E215 8/33/14: 

E216 8/34/3: 

E217 8/34/7: 

E218 8/34/9: Attorney general v. Ogle PRO 470/16 
Attorney general v. Ryme PRO 

Attorney general v. De Gellis PRO 

Attorney general v. Owen PRO 470/19 
Austen v. Everard PRO 470/20 
Aslopp v. Eyre PRO 470/21 

Asloppv. Eyre PRO 470/22 
Andros v. Scudamore PRO 470/23 
Aylmer v. Allen PRO 470/24 
Aylmer v. Allen PRO 470/25 
Allen v. Aylmer PRO 470/26 
Arundel v. Weekes PRO 470/27 
Arundel v. Weekes PRO 470/28 
Arundel v. Weekes PRO 470/29 
Allison v. Smith PRO 470/30 

Agard v. Hicks PRO 469/1 
Ayloff v. De la Fountain PRO 469/2 
Aylmer v. Vaughan PRO 469/3 
Alford v. Tucker PRO 469/4 
Andrews v. Fyneux PRO 469/5 
Ashley v. Guler PRO 469/6 
Ashley v. Creighton PRO 469/7 
Alcock v. Mayne PRO 469/8 

E219 8/34/13: 

E220 8/34/17: 









































E241 8/41/8: Ashley v. Creighton [Note: Not on 
roll] PRO 469/8 

E242 8/41/13: Archibald v. Stobb PRO 469/9 

E243 8/42/4: Acton v. Whitbrook PRO 469/10 

E244 8/42/6: Austin v. Fosbrook PRO 471/1 

E245 8/42/8: Anderson v. Drewe PRO 471/2 

E246 8/42/12: Alport v. Medgate PRO 471/3 

E247 8/42/14: Alrington v. Beston PRO 47J/4 

E248 8/42/15: Austin v. Stubbs PRO 471/5 

E249 8/42/22: Alabaster v. Peyton PRO 471/6 

E250 8/42/23: Alabaster v. Peyton PRO 471/7 

E251 8/43/3: Adams v. Gilbert PRO 471/8 

E252 8/43/6: Ashton v. Colthurst PRO 471/9 

E253 8/43/7: Akers v. Harrison PRO 471/11 

E254 8/43/14-. Aylof v. Cooke PRO 471/12 

E255 8/43/15: Ascot v. Hender PRO 471/13 

E256 8/44/6: Aubrey v. Williams PRO 471/14 

E257 8/44/6: Akers v. Harrison [Note: Target 
wrong] PRO 471/10 

E258 8/44/9: Apothecaries v. Chltty PRO 471/15 

E259 8/44/14: Agas v. Wells PRO 471/16 

E260 8/45/1: Alexander v. Gates PRO 471/17 

E261 8/45/6: Adams v. Martin PRO 468/2 

E2&2 8/45/20: Ashton v. Middleton PRO 471/18 

E^ 8/46/3: Adams v. Cannon PRO 471/19 

£264 8/46/5: Allen v. Copeley PRO 471/20 

E265 8/46/8: Assheton v. Middlecot PRO 471/21 

E266 8/46/12: Amerdith v. Philipp PRO 471/22 

E267 8/46/15: Adyn v. Needham PRO 471/23 

E268 8/47/1: Bocking v. Rampton PRO 471/24 

B269 8/47/7: Bedell v. Maples PRO 471/25 

E270 8/48/9: Browlow v. Hyde PRO 471/26 

E271 8/48/14: Beaton v. Goode (?) PRO 471/27 

E272 8/50/19: Burgoyne v. Dodd PRO 471/28 

E273 8/50/21: Brutherton v. Sergeant PRO 471/29 

E274 8/50/22: Bromley v. Aldersey PRO 471/30 

E275 8/50/23: Bagshaw v. Cook (?) PRO 471/31 

E276 8/51/2: Baythop v. Girdler PRO 471/32 

E277 8/51/10: Bragger v. Lea PRO 471/33 

E278 8/51/16: Bellford v. Home PRO 471/34 

E279 8/52/1: Brooke v. Oldfield PRO 472/1 

E280 8/52/3: Bowes v. Harrington PRO 472/2 

E281 8/52/7: Burton v. Bockleton PRO 472/3 

E282 8/52/16: Bryon v. Gregg PRO 472/4 

E283 8/53/3: Bould v. Hearne PRO 472/5 

E284 8/53/10: Bainbrigg v. Wakefield PRO 472/6 

E285 8/53/11: Bagott v. Berrow PRO 472/7 

E286 8/53/14: Bethell v. Ackeroyd PRO 472/8 

E287 8/54/1: Bellasis v. Blenco PRO 472/9 

E288 8/54/2: Bellasis v. Blenco PRO 472/10 

E288 bis 8/54/3: Mayor of Briston v. Gibbons PRO 

E289 8/54/11: Bailey v. Dutton PRO 472/12 

E290 8/54/13: Belgrave v. Hast. PRO 472/13 

E291 8/54/15: Barker v. Cockayne PRO 472/14 

E292 8/54/18: Budd v. Tito PRO 472/15 

E293 8/55/3: Barrett v. Bridgman PRO 472/16 

E294 8/55/4: Bradforth v. Sanderson PRO 472/17 

E295 8/55/8: Bleckenden v. Osborne PRO 472/18 

E296 8/55/17: Brett v. Kingswell PRO 472/19 

E297 8/55/18: Brett v. Kingswell PRO 472/20 

E298 8/55/26: Beamont v. Hastings PRO 472/21 

E299 8/55/27: Brett v. Woolphe PRO 472/22 

E300 8/55/28: Bennett v. Sturgeon PRO 472/23 

E301 8/55/30: Broade v. Collins PRO 472/24 

E302 8/55/36: Bayles v. Wentworth PRO 472/25 

E303 8/56/2: Barrow v. Llewellin PRO 472/26 

E304 8/56/3: Blount v. Townshend PRO 472/27 

E305 8/56/10: Boyde v. Maddison PRO 472/28 

E306 8/56/16: Bowes v. Harrington PRO 472/29 

E307 8/57/2: Bacon v. Acton PRO 472/30 

E308 8/57/5: Barker v. Fitzherbert PRO 472/31 

E309 8/57/7: Burneby v. Bull PRO 472/32 

E310 8/57/16: Brereton v. Egerton PRO 472/33 

E311 8/58/14: Barrington v. Mounteagle PRO 472/34 

E312 8/58/20: Bailey v. Mitchell PRO 472/35 

Treasury. American Loyalist Claims 

E313 79/5: Claimants' papers: John Nutt, Henry 
White, James Murdoch & co. , McCall, Dennistoun & 
co. , and others, 1774-1804 PRO 102/1 

E314 79/6: : William and James Donald, John 

Murray, Caleb Sayers, William Ogilvy, Robert Muir- 
heid, and others PRO 102/2 

E315 79/7: : George McCall 6 co. , and others 

PRO 102/3 

E316 79/8: 

Henderson, McCaul & co PRO 

E317 79/9: : Charles Reid, Reid & Spence, John 

Tyndale Warre, Henry E. McCulloch, and others 
PRO 103/2 

E318 79/10: : Mary Cooper, Cuninghame, Find- 
lay & co. , Thomas Millidge, Alexander Donald & co. , 
and William Bowden PRO 104/1 

E319 79/11: : Archibald Spiers, Spiers, Bowman 

& co. , Gibson, Donaldson & Hamilton, John Wilson, 
Patrick Telfer, McCall Smellie & co. PRO 104/2 

E320 79/12: : Clay & Midgley, Walter Thomas, 

Alexander and James Campbell, Andrew Sym & co. , 
Austin Smith, and others PRO 105/1 

E321 79/13: : Dinwiddie, Crawford & co. PRO 


E322 79/14: 

E323 79/15: 
PRO 106/1 

Dinwiddie, Crawford & co. PRO 

James and Robert Donald & co. 

E324 79/17: : Richard Hanson, Andrew Thomson 

& co. , Isabella Campbell alias Logan, William Car- 
son, Smith, son & Russell, Thomas and Alexander 
Donald & co. , Donald, Scot & co. , Dinwiddie, Craw- 
ford & co. PRO 107/1 

E325 79/19: : Osgood Hanbury, John Glassell, 

Robert Gilmour, Lane, son & Fraser, Sarah Morris, 
John Hyndeman, Main & Bunn, Yuille, Murdoch & co. , 
McDouall, Stirling & co. PRO 108/1 

E326 79/20; : Dunlop & Crosse, Edmund Granger, 

Harford & Powell, Dreghorn, Murdoch & co. , and 
various powers of attorney PRO 108/2 

E327 79/21: 

-: Papers of 73 claimants PRO 109/1 

E328 79/22: : George Kippen 6 co. and Oswald 

Dennistoun & co. PRO 109/2 

E329 79/23: : Colin Dunlop & son & co. , Glass- 
ford and Henderson, Hugh Warden, Jones & Clarke, 
and Ninian Menzies PRO 109/3 

E330 79/24: : James Ritchie & co. , William 

Coats, Robert Cary & co. , Cumming, Mackenzie & 
co. , Cochrane, Donald & co. PRO 110/1 

E331 79/25: 

Buchanan, Hastie & co. PRO 

E332 79/26: : Mildred & Robarts, Glassford, 

Gordon, Monteath & co. , Neil Jameson & co. , and 
others PRO 110/3 

E333 79/27: : George and Andrew Buchanan, 

John Hay & co. , Ramsay, Monteath & co. PRO 111/1 

E334 79/29: : John Alston 6 co. , Young & Miller 

& CO. , Alston, Young & co. PRO 112/1 

E335 79/30: : John Shoolbred, James and Henry 

Ritchie, John Tyndale Warre PRO 112/2 

E336 79/31: : Ann Jones, Robert Jardine, Robert 

Williams, Samuel Gist, Samuel Lyde Ballantine & co. , 
and John Clark PRO 113/1 

E337 79/32: : Beverly Robinson, Anderson and 

Dainzell, Anderson & Horsburgh, Bogles & Scott, John 
Lidderdale, and Davison & Newman PRO 113/2 

E338 79/33: : William Parker, John McDowall & 

co. , and Sir Egerton Leigh, bart. [Note: Target = 
T. 79/32] PRO 114/1 

E339 79/34: : Thomas Waters, John Kane, 

Jamieson, Campbell, Calvert & co. , Ramsay, Mon- 
teath & co. , John and Gilbert Buchanan, and Chrin- 
yonce Van Mater PRO 114/2 

E340 79/35: : James Campbell, James Putnam, 

Patterson, Campbell, & Gammell, Harry Robertson 
and William Laird, John Jackson, James Smith & co. , 
Gabriel Ludlow, Alexander Fothringham, Simon Pater- 
son, Mrs. Elizabeth Hartley, William McCormick & 
co. , Robert Hoakesly, John Harford, William Nickols, 
and others PRO 115/1 

E341 79/36: : McClean & Moore, Richard Bowls- 

by, Hugh Leitch & co. , William Bull, John McDonnell, 
Strahan, Mackenzie & co. , William Shermer, Christo- 
pher Court, Kilby & Syme PRO 115/2 

E342 79/37: : Joseph Nicholson, Thomas Ward, 

Thomas A sselby, Robert Cooper, and others PRO 

E343 79/38: : Govan, Moodie & McCunn, and 

others PRO 115/4 

E344 79/39: : Dunlop & Crosse PRO 116/1 

E345 79/40: : Speirs, Bowman & co. PRO 116/2 

E346 79/41: : Murdock, Donald & co. , Hugh 

Wallace, Cornelius Low Wallace, Gavin Alston, John 
Tate, Gilbert Hamilton, McDoual, Stirling & co. 
PRO 117/1 

E347 79/47: : Various powers of attorney, Archi- ' 

bald and John Hamilton, John Walker, and others 
PRO 117/2 

E348 79/49: : William Fowler, Samuel Ward, 

Ethan Clarke, Robert Ferguson, John Miller, John 
Boggs, Lawrence Mersereau, William and Thomas 
Mitchell, Isaac Lawton, and others PRO 118/1 

E349 79/54: — — : Isaac Bonnell, Rebecca Ogilvie, 
Dinwiddie, Crawford & co. , T. Netherclift, Samuel 
Kerr, and others PRO 118/2 

E350 79/58: : Allen, Love 6 co. PRO 118/3 

E351 79/66: : Letters (largely drafts) 1803-1808 

PRO 119/1 

E352 79/67: : Vouchers and accounts concerning 

awards under the treaty of 1794, 1797-1803 PRO 

E353 79/68: : Vouchers and accounts concerning 

awards under the treaty of 1794, 1797-1803 PRO 119/3 

E354 79/70: : New York, evidence before the 

Commissioners, 1784-1786 PRO 120/1 

E355 79/71: : New York, Determination of 

claims PRO 120/2 

E356 79/72: : Virginia, lists of escheated es- 
tates, copies of inquisitions, etc. , 1786-1787 PRO 

E357 79/73: : Special agents reports on claims, 

17 vols. PRO 121/2 

E358 79/74: : Special agents' reports on claims, 

1784-1803, vol. 1 PRO 122/1 

E359 79/75: , 1784-1803, vol. 2 PRO 122/2 

E360 79/76: , 1784-1803, vol. 3 PRO 122/3 

E361 79/77: , 1784-1803, vol. 4 PRO 122/4 

E362 79/78: , 1784-1803. vol. 5 PRO 122/5 

E363 79/79: , 1784-1803, vo. 6 PRO 122/6 

E364 79/80: , 1784-1803, vol 7 PRO 122/Z 

E365 79/81: , 1784-1803, vol. 8 PRO 123/1 

E366 79/82: , 1784-1803, vol. 9 PRO 123/2 

E367 79/83: , 1784-1803, vol. 10 PRO 123/3 

E368 79/84: , 1784-1803, vo. 11 PRO 123/4 

E369 79/85: , 1784-1803, vol. 12 PRO 123/5 

E370 79/86: , 1784-1803, vol. 13 PRO 123/6 

E371 79/87: , 1784-1803, vol. 14 PRO 123/7 

E372 79/88: , 1784-1803, vol. 15 PRO 123/8 

E373 79/89: , 1784-1803, vol. 16 PRO 123/9 

E374 79/90: , 1784-1803, vol. 17 PRO 123/10 

E375 79/91: , 1784-1803, vol. 18 PRO 123/11 

E376 79/92: , 1784-1803, vol. 19 PRO 124/1 

E377 79/93: , 1784-1803, vol. 20 PRO 124/2 

E378 79/94: , 1784-1803, vol. 21 PRO 124/3 

E379 79/95: , 1784-1803, vol. 22 PRO 124/4 

E380 79/96: , 1784-1803, vol. 23 PRO 124/5 

E381 79/97A: Copies of Treasury minutes with alpha- 
betical index of claimant^ , 1777-1783 PRO 124/6 

E382 79/97B: Copies of Treasury minutes with alpha- 
betical index of claimants, 1785-1790 PRO 124/7 

E383 79/98: Account of proceedings of the Board, 1803- 
1811 PRO 124/8 

E384 79/99: Duplicate of proceedings, 1803-1B11 
PRO 124/9 

E385 79/100A: Entry book of claims, 1802-1803 PRO 

E386 79/100B: Entry book of claims, 1803 PRO 125/1 

E387 79/101: Rough minute book, 1803-1804 PRO 

E388 79/102: Rough minute book, 1804-1811 PRO 

E389 79/103: Minute book, 1797-1798 PRO 125/4 

E390 79/104: , 1803-1804 PRO 126/1 

E391 79/105: , 1804 PRO 126/2 

E392 79/106: , 1805 PRO 126/3 

E392 bis 79/107: , 1805-1806 PRO 126/4 

E392 ter 79/108: , 1806-1807 PRO 127/1 

E393 79/109: , 1807-1808 PRO 127/2 

E394 79/110: , 1808-1810 PRO 127/3 

E395 79/111: , 1810 PRO 127/4 

E396 79/112: , 1810-1812 PRO 128/1 

E397 79/113: General orders, 1803-1811 PRO 128/2 

E398 79/114: Entry book of letters and papers, 1802- 

1803 PRO 128/3 

E399 79/115: , 1803-1804 PRO 128/4 

E400 79/116: , 1804-1807 PRO 128/5 

E401 79/117: ,1808-1811 PRO 129/1 

E402 79/118: Statement of sums claimed with interest, 

1804 PRO 129/2 

E403 79/119: Journal of the Commissioners, 1804- 
1806 PRO 129/3 

E404 79/120: Ledger, 1804-1812 PRO 129/4 

E405 79/121: Reports on applications of American 
loyalists, 1815-1832 PRO 130/1 

E406 79/122: Account of commissioners' decisions, 
1805-1811 PRO 130/2 

E407 79/123: List of claims, 1797 PRO 130/3 

E408 79/124: Report of Commissioners to Treasury 
with schedule of claims, London, Aug. 10, 1784 PRO 

E409 79/125: , London, Dec. 23, 1784 PRO 


E410 79/126: , London, May 19, 1785 [Note: 

Target = 1786] PRO 131/3 

E411 79/127: , London, July 12, 1785 PRO 131/4 

E412 79/128: , London, Apr. 7, 1786 PRO 131/5 

E413 79/129: , London, July 25, 1786 PRO 131/6 

E414 79/130: , London, Dec. 23, 1786 PRO 131/7 

E415 79/131: , London, Mar. 24, 1787 PRO 


E416 79/132: , London, July 20, 1787 PRO 131/9 

E417 79/133: , London, Dec. 26, 1787 PRO 


E418 79/134: , London, Feb. 10, 1788 PRO 


E419 79/135: , London, Apr. 5, 1788 PRO 


E420 79/136: , Halifax, June 10, 1786 PRO 


B421 79/137: , Halifax, Sept. 30, 1786 PRO 


E422 79/138: , St. John's, New Brunswick, Mar. 

26, 1787 PRO 131/15 

E423 79/139: , Montreal, Jan. 24, 1788 PRO 


E424 79/140: , Montreal, June 5, 1788 PRO 


War Office . Amherst Papers 

E425 34/1: 53 letters to Jeffery Amherst from James 
Murray, July 1760- May 1762/ Letters from Murray to 
William Pitt and John Yorke, July- Sept. 1761/ Letter 
from Yorke to Murray, Sept. 1761/ Papers relating to 
military affairs at Quebec, 1761 PRO 239/1 

E426 34 2: 54 letters to Jeffery Amherst from James 
Murray, May 1762-Nov. 1763/ Letters to Murray from 
John Montresor and Edward Whitmore, July 1760-May 
1762/ Letters from Murray to Whitmore, June 1760/ 
Other miscellaneous letters and papers relating to mili- 
tary affairs in Quebec, June- Sept. 1762 PRO 239/J 

E427 34/3: 122 letters from Jeffery Amherst to James 
Murray, May 1760-Oct. 1763 (E &F) PRO 240/1 

E428 34/4: Letters to Jeffery Amherst from Joseph 
Gorham, James Murray, Guy Carleton, Simon Fraser, 
Patrick MacKellar, Christopher Knight, William Scott, 
G. A. Gmelin, Hector Theophilus Cramahe, Paulus 
Emilius Irving, Henry Fletcher, Augustine Prevost, 
John Adlam, Thomas Oswald, John Yorke, James Ag- 
new, James Pitcher, Alexander Campbell, Roger Mor- 
ris, Robert Leake, Pierre Roubaud, Charles Williamos, 
and others, Sept 1759-Oct. 1763 (E &F)/ Copy of an 
ode (F)/ Letters from Amherst to Morris, Fraser, 
Robert Porter, Fletcher, Irving, Cramahe, Oswald, 
James Abercromby, Yorke, Agnew, Pitcher, and others, 
June 1759-Nov. 1763 PRO 240/2 

£429 34/5: 100 letters to Jeffery Amherst from Thomas 
Gage, Oct. 1760-Nov. 1763/ Letter to Amherst from 
Joseph Gorham, Oct. 1761/ Papers relating to military 
affairs at Montreal. 1762-1763/ Letters to Gage from 
Lt. Browne and Ensign King, Jan. (?)-Feb. 1763 PRO 

E430 34/6: 68 letters to Jeffery Amherst from Ralph 
Burton, Oct 1760-Sept. 1763/ 18 letters to Amherst 
from Sir Frederick Haldimand, May-Dec. 1762 (F) 
Letter to Amherst from Pierre Roubaud, Nov. 1761/ 
Papers relating to military affairs at Trois Rivieres, 
1760-1762 PRO 259/1 


34, 7, 112 letters :rom Jtffery Amherst j Thonia 

Gage, Sept. 1760-Nov. 1763/ 26 letters from Amherst 
to Sir Frederick Haldimand, Apr. 1762-Oct. 1763/ 61 
letters from Amherst to Ralph Burton, Sept. 1760-Oct. 
1763/ Letters from Amherst to James Murray, Jan. 
1761-Oct. 1763 PRO 260/1 

E432 34/8: Canadian miscellaneous papers and returns, 
July 1759-Oct. 1762 (E &F) PRO 260/2 

E433 34/9: 67 letters to Jeffery Amherst from Sir Fred- 
erick Haldimand, Nov. 1758-Aug. 1763 (F)/ 65 letters 
to Haldimand from Amherst, May 1759-Sept. 1763 (F) 
PRO 261/1 

E434 34/10: 14 letters to Jeffery Amherst from Marquis 
de Vaudreuil, Oct 1759-Sept. 1760/ 11 letters from Am- 
herst to Vaudreuil, Nov. 1759-Sept. 1760/ Letters from 
Montcalm to Lord Loudoun, Vaudreuil, Amherst, and 
other French officers, Aug. 1757-Sept. 1759/ Letters 
from Vaudreuil to Loudoun, James Abercromby, and 
various French officers, Sept. 1757-June 1760/ Parole 
of Peter Schuyler and William Martin/ Letter to Aber- 
cromby from Jacques Corrivaux, June 1758/ Letters 
from Francois Charles de Bourlamaque to Montcalm, 
Amherst, and others, June-Aug. 1753/ Traite' et con- 
ventions pour les malades, blesses, et prisonniers de 
guerre des troupes de terre de sa majeste tres-chre- 
tienne et sa majeste Britannlque, 1759 (printed)/ Let- 
ters to Amherst from Pierre (?) Pouchot, Chevalier de 
Resie, Chevalier de Levis, M. Couterot, M. de Roche- 
blave, M. Bonneau, and other French officers, Aug. 
1759-Sept. 1761/ Articles of capitulation of Ft. William 
Henry/ Letters to Vaudreuil from William Haviland, 
Loudon, and Abercromby, Nov. 1757-Oct. 1758/ Let- 
ters from Abercromby to Montcalm and others, Apr. - 
Oct. 1758/ Letters from Amherst to Montcalm, Bour- 
lamaque, Pouchot, Chevalier de Resie, Lt. Downing, 
Chevalier de L^vis, M. Bonneau, M. de Rocheblave, 
and other French officers, June 1759-Aug. 1761 PRO i 
261/2 i 


E435 34/11: 11 letters to Jeffery Amherst fr. oi Charles ; 
Lawrence, Aug. 1759-Aug. 1760/ 27 letters t. Amherst , 
from Jonathan Belcher, Oct. 1760-June 1763/ 11 letters I 
from Amherst to Lawrence, May 1759-Sept. 17b V 24 
letters from Amherst to Belcher, Nov. 1760-Mar. 1763/ 
Letter to James Abercromby from Robert Monckton, 
June 1758/ Letters to Lawrence from William Pitt, W11-' 
liam Miller, Thomas Saul, Duncan Campbell, and others,! 
Mar. 1758-July 1760/ Papers relating to military af- > 
fairs in Nova Scotia, 1758-1762/ Letter from W. Boy- , 
dans to William Jeffray, Feb. 1759/ Letter from Law- 
rence to Saul, Feb. 1759/ Letters to Amherst from Na- 
thaniel Thwing and John Breynton, Oct. 1760/ Letter 
from Edmund Jenny to Michael Franklin, Aug. 1762/ 
Letter from Belcher to Sir Francis Bernard, Aug. 1762/ 
Letters to James Brooks from Bernard and Thomas Han- 
cock, Sept. 1762/ Letters from Amherst to Monckton, 
Edward Whitmore, William Forster, and Montagu Wil- 
mot PRO 262/1 

2436 34/12: 59 letters to Jeffery Amherst from William 
Forster, Dec. 1760-Oct. 1763/ Letter from John Brole- 
man to Charles Lawrence, May 1760/ Letters to Am- 
herst from Hugh Debbleg, Henry Newton, John Breynton, 
Edward Comberbalt, Patrick Sutherland, John Maunsell, 
John Waite, Patrick MacKellar, Freke Dilkes Hore, Al- 
exander Campbell, Roderick MacKenzie, William Haly- 
burton, Robert Elliott, James McManus, David Allen, 
James Woodmass, Joseph Gorham, Jonathan Belcher, 
Thomas Williams, Robert George Bruce, William Jef- 
fray, James Duff, Benjamin Gerrish, James Wall, Fred- 
erick Hamilton, James Grant, and other officers in Nova 
Scotia, May 1760-Oct. 1763/ Letter from George Dyson 
to John Sinclair, Jan. 1761/ Letters to Forster from 
MacKenzie, Lord Colville, John McKay, John Henry 
Bastide, Belcher, and Allen, Mar. 1761-Aug. 1762/ 
Letters from Forster to MacKenzie and Belcher, Apr. 
1761-Aug. 1762/ Letter from Edward Whitmore to Col- 
ville, May 1761/ Letters from Robert George Bruce to 
Belcher, Mar. -Aug. 1762/ Letters from John Phillips 
to Arthur Mair, May-July 1762 PRO 262/2 

E437 34/13: 88 letters from Jeffery Amherst to William 
Forster, Dec. 1759-Oct. 1763/ Letters from Amherst 
to John Young, Hugh Debbieg, Henry Newton, Nathaniel 
Thwing, Freke Dilkes Hore, Jonathan Belcher, John 
Maunsell, Patrick Sutherland, Alexander Campbell, Jo- 
seph Woodmass, Patrick MacKellar, William Halyburton, 
Robert Elliott, Joseph Gorham, Joseph Scott, William 
Buttar, Thomas Williams, William Jeffray, Joseph 
F. W. Desbarres, Otho Hamilton, Thomas Wood, and 
other officers In Nova Scotia, Sept. 1759-Oct. 1763/ 
Letter from Arthur Mair to John Phillips, June 1762/ 
Papers relating to military affairs in Nova Scotia, 1763 
PRO 263/1 

E438 34/14: 74 letters to Jeffery Amherst from John 
Henry Bastide, May 1760-Mar. 1762/ Letters to Am- 
herst from Hugh Debbieg, Patrick MacKellar, Robert 
George Bruce, and William Jeffray, Dec. 1759-Oct. 
1761/ Letter from David Muckell to Bastide, Nov. 17 60 

E439 34/15: 29 letters to Jeffery Amherst from John 
Henry Bastlde, Apr. 1762-Feb. 1763/ 54 letters from 
Amherst to Bastide, May 1759-Sept. 1762/ Letters to 
Bastide from William Lloyd, Hugh Debbieg, and George 
Dyson, Apr. 1762/ Letters to Amherst from Robert 
George Bruce, Debbieg, Samuel Beardsley, John Marr, 
Joseph F. W. Desbarres, and John Waite, June 1762- 
Oct. 1763/ Letters from Amherst to Matthew (?) Dixon, 
William Bontein, Debbieg, Patrick MacKellar, Bruce, 
Joseph Woodmass, William Jeffray, Beardsley, and 
Marr, Dec. 1759-Oct. 1763/ Papers relating to engi- 
neering matters, 1760-1762 PRO 264/1 

E440 34/16: Letters from Jeffery Amherst to Walter 
Ross, Otho Hamilton, William Amherst, Stephen Gualy, 
William Forster, Henry Guest, Thomas Morris, and 
other officers in Newfoundland and New Brunswick, Feb. 
1760-Sept. 1763/ Letters from Otho Hamilton to Lord 
Loudoun and John Hamilton, Sept. -Oct. 1757/ Letters 
to Otho Hamilton from John Hamilton, John Dovers, and 
Hibbert Newton, Sept. 1757/ Letters to Amherst from 
Otho Hamilton, Ross Ralph Hill, Thomas Graves, John 
Hamilton, William Amherst, Gualy, John Bowen, For- 
ster, Guest, Charles Williamos, Morris, and other of- 
ficers in Newfoundland and New Brunswick, June 1759- 
Sept. 1763/ Papers relating to military forces at New 
York, 1762 PRO 265/1 

E441 34/17: 71 letters to Jeffery Amherst from Edward 
Whitmore, Dec. 1758- Nov. 1761/ 63 letters from Am- 
herst to Whitmore, Jan. 1759-Nov 1761/ Letters to 
James Abercromby from Whitmore, Nov. 1758/ Letter 
to Amherst from Montagu Wilmot, Dec. 1761/ Letters 
from Amherst to Charles Lawrence, Jonathan Belcher, 
Wilmot, and William Russell, Mar. 1759-Apr. 1762 
PRO 265/2 

E442 34/18: 49 letters to Jeffery Amherst from John 
Tulliken, May 1759-Sept. 1763/ 44 letters from Am- 
herst to Tulliken, Apr. 1759-Oct. 1763/ Letters to 
Amherst from Henry Fletcher, Hugh Debbieg, Daniel 
Shea, William Edington, William Walters, F. H. Stras- 
burger, Ralph Hill, John Brett, and other officers at 
Cape Breton Island, June 1759-Aug. 1763/ Letters 
from Amherst to Edington, Montagu Wilmot, William 
RusseU, Hill, and other officers commanding various 
forts in North America, July 1759- July 1763/ Paners 
relating to military and naval affairs at Louisburg, 1754- 

1762 (E &F) PRO 266/ 1 

E443 34/19: 83 letters to Jeffery Amherst from Alexan- 
der Duncan, Oct. 1760-Oct. 1763/ Letters to Amherst 
from George Turnbull, John Stewart, John Small, Rich- 
ard Huck, Capt. Flowers, Michael Thodey, Francis 
Pfister, Mungo Campbell, Joseph Craddock , Robert Rog- 
ers, and other officers at Ft. Ontario, Feb. 1760-June 
1763/ Papers relating to military affairs at Ft. Ontario, 
1760-1763 PRO 266/2 

E444 34/20: 110 letters from Jeffery Amherst to Alex- 
ander Duncan, Nov. 1760-Oct. 1763/ Letters from Am- 
herst to Henry Gladwin, John Stewart, Richard Huck, 
Charles Ro' ;rtson, Thomas Sowers, Michael Thodey, 
and other officers at Ft. Ontario, May 1760-Aug. 1763/ 
Papers relating to military affairs in New York, 1760 
PRO 267/1 

E445 34/21: 38 letters to Jeffery Amherst from William 
Walters, July 1760- Nov. 1761/ 18 letters to Amherst 
from William Eyre, Nov. 1759-July 1760/ Letters to 
Amherst from William Farquhar, Daniel Disney, 
Charles Lee, Charles Robertson, Walter Rutherford, 
George Demler, William Hay, James Stephenson, and 
other officers at Ft. Niagara, July 1759-Nov. 1761 
PRO 267/2 

E446 34/22: 36 letters to Jeffery Amherst from John 
Wilkins, July 1762-Oct. 1763/ 15 letters to Amherst 
from William Walters, Feb. -Aug. 1762/ Letters to 
Amherst from Samuel Hunt, James Grant, George Dem- 
ler, William Browning, James Stephenson, James Gill, 
John Stewart, Gavin Cochrane, Norman MacLeod, and 
other officers at Ft. Niagara, Aug. 1762-Oct. 1763/ 
Papers relating to military affairs at Ft. Niagara, 1762- 

1763 PRO 268/1 

E447 34/23: 41 letters from Jeffery Amherst to William 
Walters, Aug. 1760-June 1762/ 34 letters from Amherst 
to John Wilkins, June 1762-Oct. 1763/ 21 letters from 
Amherst to William Eyre, June 1759-Jan. 1761/ Letters 
from Amherst to William Farquhar, Charles Lee, 
Charles Robertson, George Demler, George LeHunte, 
William Browning, and other officers at Ft. Niagara, 
Aug. 1759-Oct. 1763/ Papers relating to military af- 
fairs in New York, 1760 PRO 268/2 

E448 34/24: 58 letters from Jeffery Amherst to Benja- 
min Wentworth, Oct. 1756-June 1763/ 48 letters to Am- 
herst to Stephen Hopkins, Nov. 1756-May 1762/ Letters 
from Wentworth to James Abercromby and John Appy. 
Mar. 1756-June 1758/ Papers relating to New Hamp- 
shire, 1762-1763/ Letters from Amherst to William 
Green and Samuel Ward, Sept. 1757-Mar. 1763/ Let- 
ters to Abercromby from Hopkins, Mar. -June 1758/ 
. . .. Hopkin Ward, and ushers, 
Jan. 1759-Apr. 1763 PRO 269/1 

E449 34/25: 22 letters to Lord Loudoun from Thomas 
Pownall, Sept. 1757-Feb. 1758/ 51 letters to Jeffery 
Amherst from Pownall, Feb. 1758-Dec. 1759/ 20 let- 
ters to James Abercromby from Pownall, Mar. -Nov. 
1758/ 12 letters to Amherst from Thomas Hutchinson, 
Jan. -June 1759/ Letters from Hutchinson to Abercrom- 
by and others, Nov. 1758-June 1759 PRO 269/2 

E450 34/26: 17 letters to Jeffery Amherst from Thomas 
Pownall, Jan. -May 1760/ 12 letters to Amherst from 
Thomas Hutchinson, Apr. 1760-Jan. 1762/ 87 letters 
to Amherst from Sir Francis Bernard, Aug. 1760-Oct. 
1763/ Letters to Amherst from Gabriel Christie, Thom- 
as Goldthwait, and others, May 1760-Oct. 1762/ Letter 
to Pownall from James Murray, May 1760 PRO 270/1 

E451 34/27: 98 letters from Jeffery Amherst to Thom- 
as Pownall, Aug. 1757-May 1760/ 80 letters from Am- 
herst to Sir Francis Bernard, Oct. 1760-Oct. 1763/ 
18 letters from Amherst to Thomas Hutchinson, Feb. , 
1757-July 1760/ Letters from Amherst to Spencer 
Phipps, Edmund Trowbridge, the Council of Massachu- 
setts Bay Colony, Andrew Oliver, and Thomas Gold- 
thwait, Aug. 1756-Oct. 1762/ Letters from Lord Lou- 
doun to Pownall, Nov. 1757-Jan. 1758/ Letter from the 
wardens of the Port of New York to James Robertson, 
Jan. 1759 PRO 270/2 

E452 34/28: 50 letters to Jeffery Amherst from Thom- 
as Fitch, Dec. 1758-Oct. 1763/ 85 letters from Am- 
herst to Fitch, Sept. 1756-Nov. 1763/ Letters to James 
Abercromby from Fitch, Mar. -June 1758/ Papers re- 
lating to affairs in Connecticut, 1759/ Letter from Am- 
herst to Jared IngersoIL Dec. 1761 PRO 271/1 

E453 34/29: 11 letters to James Abercromby from 
James DeLancey, May-Oct. 1758/ 68 letters to Jeffery 
Amherst from DeLancey, Nov. 1758-June 1760/ 75 let- 
ters to Amherst from Cadwallader Colden, Aug. 1760- 
Nov. 1763/ Papers relating to affairs in New York, 1758- 
1759/ Letter from Abercromby to DeLancey, May 1758/ 
Letter from DeLancey to John Appy, Oct. 1759/ Letters 
to Amherst from James Glen, James Pitcher, and Rob- 
ert Monckton, Nov. 1759-July 1762/ Letter from Alex- 
ander Colden to Arthur Mair, Oct. 1761 PRO 271/2 

E454 34/30: 80 letters from Jeffery Amherst to James 
DeLancey, Aug. 1758-Aug. 1760/ 92 letters from Am- 
herst to Cadwallader Colden, Aug. 1760-Nov. 1763/ 
15 letters from Amherst to Robert Monckton, June 1762- 
Aug. 1763/ 13 letters from James Abercromby to De- 
Lancey, Aug. 1757-July 1758/ Letters from Henry Fox 
to Sir Charles Hardy, Mar. -Aug. 1756/ Letter from 
Lord Loudoun to the General Assembly of New York, 
July 1756 PRO 272/1 

E455 34/31: 26 letters to Jeffery Amherst from Sir Fran- 
cis Bernard, Jan. 1759-June 1760/ 22 letters to Am- 
herst from Thomas Boone, July 1760-Oct. 1761/ 51 
letters to Amherst from Josiah Hardy, Feb. 1762-Jan. 
1763/ 11 letters from Amherst to Jonathan Belcher, 
July 1765-June 1757/ 35 letters from Amherst to Ber- 
nard, June 1758-June 1760/ 27 letters from Amherst 
to Boone, Aug. 1760-Oct. 1761/ 44 letters from Am- 
herst to Hardy, Feb. 1762-Jan. 1763/ Letters to James 
Abercromby from John Reading, Mar .-May 1758/ Let- 
ters to Amherst from William Franklin, Mar. -Oct. 1763/ 
Letters from Amherst to Robert Hunter Morris, Read- 
ing, and Franklin, Sept. 1757- Nov. 1763 PRO 272/2 

E456 34/32: 23 letters from Jeffery Amherst to William 
Denny, Oct. 1756-Nov. 1759/ 69 letters from Amherst 
to James Hamilton, Dec. 1759-Nov. 1763/ Letters to 
Robert Hunter Morris from Edward Braddock and Wil- 
liam Shirley, Mar 1755-July 1756/ Letter from Lord 
Loudoun to William Denny, Sept 1756/ Letters from 
James Abercromby to Denny, Apr 1758/ Letters from 
Denny to Lord Loudoun, William Johnson, Abercromby, 
and Amherst, Nov 1757-Dec. 1758 PRO 272/3 

E457 34/33: 57 letters to Jeffery Amherst from James 
Amherst from James Hamilton, Nov. 1759-July 1763/ 
Letters to Amherst from William Denny and John Perm, 
Jan. 1759-Nov. 1763/ Letter from Christian Frederick 
Post to Richard Peters, Apr. 1759/ Papers relating to 
Indian Governo rs' Conference, Apr. 1759 P RO 273/1 

E458 34/34: 23 letters to Jeffery Amherst from Horatio 
Sharpe, Jan. 1759-Oct. 1762/ 11 letters from Lord 
Loudoun to Sharpe, Oct. 1757-Jan. 1758/ 22 letters 
from Amherst to Sharpe, Apr. 1759-Sept. 1763/ 12 let- 
ters to Amherst from James Wright, Oct. 1760-Aug. 
1763/ 11 letters from Amherst to Henry Ellis, Aug. 
1758-Jan. 1761/ 11 letters from Amherst to Wright, 
Dec. 1760-Aug. 1763/ Letters from James Abercrom- 
by to Sharpe, Apr. 1758/ Letters to Loudoun from John 
Reynolds, Ellis and Sharpe, July 1756-Mar. 1758/ Let- 
ters to Abercromby from Ellis and Sharpe, Mar. -Aug. 
1758/ Letters to Amherst from Ellis and the tobacco 
merchants at Annapolis, Dec. 1758-Sept. 1761/ Letters 
from Loudoun to Reynolds and Ellis, Oct. 1756-June 
1757/ Letter from Chevalier de Jernay to Sharpe, July 
1762' Depositor?; made ii> Vi-;-la-.d ^r.:.!^. n. 
soldiers, 1757 PRO 273/2 

E459 34/35: 19 letters to Jeffery Amherst from Arthur 
Dobbs, Dec. 1758-Sept. 1763/ 17 letters to Amherst 
from William Henry Lyttelton, Feb. 1759-Mar. 1760/ 
40 letters to Amherst from William Bull, Apr. 1760- 
Aug. 1762/ 18 letters to Amherst from Thomas Boone, 
Jan. 1762-Aug. 1763/ Letters from Dobbs to Lord Lou- 
doun and James Abercromby, Apr. 1756-June 1758/ 
Letters to Loudoun from Lyttelton, Aug. 1756-May 1758 
PRO 274/1 

E460 34/36: 16 letters from Jeffery Amherst to Arthur 
Dobbs, Mar. 1760-July 1763/ 12 letters from Amherst 
to William Henry Lyttelton, Feb. 1759-Apr. 1760/ 24 
letters from Amherst to William Bull, Jan. 1760-Dec. 
1761/ 21 letters from Amherst to Thomas Boone, Feb. 
1762-Oct. 1763/ 46 letters from Amherst to the gover- 
nors of the colonies, Feb. 1759-Nov. 1763/ Unsigned 
letters to Dobbs, Lyttleton, and other governors, Oct. 
1756- Feb. 1759/ Letter from Lord Loudoun to Lyttel- 
ton and other governors, Sept. 1757-Mar. 1758/ Letter 
from James Abercromby to the governors of the colonies, 
May 1758 PRO 274/2 

E461 34/37: 83 letters to Jeffery Amherst from Francis 
Fauquier, Jan. 1759-Sept. 1763/ 85 letters from Am- 
herst to Fauquier, Feb. 1759-Nov. 1763/ Letters from 
John Blair to Lord Loudoun and Amherst, Feb. 1758- 
Sept. 1763/ Letter from Fauquier to the Council of Vir- 
ginia, July 1758/ Letter to Amherst from Daniel Fueter, 
June 1762/ Letters from Amherst to Robert Dinwiddle, 
the Council of Virginia, Blair, John Robinson, Phillip 
Ludwell, and others, July 1756-Mar. 1761 PRO 275/1 

E462 34/38: 28 letters from the Commander-in-chief 
to Sir William Johnson, Aug. 1756-Dec. 1758/ 130 let- 
ters from Jeffery Amherst to Johnson, Dec. 1758-Nov. 
1763/ Letters from Monsieur Kerlerec to the Command- 
er-in-chief and the French Ministry, 1756-Jan. 1757/ 
Papers relating to Indian affairs, 1756-1763/ Letters 
from the Commander-in-chief to Edmund Atkin and oth- 
ers, Feb. -Mar. 1758/ Letters from James Abercrom- 
by to Johnson, Apr. 1758/ Letters from Amherst to 
William Byrd, George(?) Coventry, Quinton Kennedy, 
Eyre Massey, Pierre Roubaud, the Ordnance Store Keep- 
er at Albany, George Croghan, James Furnis, James 
Dalyell, and others. Mar. 1759-Sept. 1763/ Letter to 
Amherst from the Scotch Society for the Propagation of 
Christian Knowledge, June 1761 PRO 275/2 

E463 34/39: 21 letters to James Abercromby from Sir 
William Johnson, Mar. 1758-July 1759/ 97 letters to 
Jeffery Amherst from Johnson, Dec. 1758-Oct. 1763/ 
Papers relating to Indian affairs, 1756-1759/ Letters 
from Johnson to John Stanwix, June-Dec. 1758/ Letters 
to Amherst from Francis Grant, John Derby, Archibald 
Gordon, Robert Rogers, James Murray, Pierre Roubaud, 
Joseph Gorham, Henry Gladwin, George Croghan, Sam- 
son Occom, James DalyelL and others, July 1759-Sept. 
1763 PRO 276/1 

E464 34/40: 11 letters to Lord Loudoun from Henry Bou- 
quet, Apr. 1757-Feb. 1758/ 64 letters to Jeffery Am- 
herst from Bouquet, Mar. 1759-Sept. 1763/Letters from 
Bouquet to John ( ?) Young and John Stanwix, Dec. 1756- 
Nov. 1758 (E & F)/ Letter to Loudoun from White Outer- 
bridge and John Tulliken, Nov. 1757-Jan. 1758/ Papers 
relating to Indian affairs, 1758-1763/ Letter to James 
Abercromby from Abraham Bosomworth, Apr. 1758/ 
Letters to Amherst from Adam Stephen, Henry Balfour, 
James Robertson, and Lewis Ourry, Nov. 1761-June 
1763 PRO 277/1 

E465 34/41: 78 letters from Jeffery Amherst to Henry 
Bouquet, Mar. 1759-Oct. 1763/ Letters to Bouquet 
from the Commander-in chief and William Amherst, % 
Apr. 1757-Apr. 1762/ Letters from Amherst to Augus- 
tine Prevost, George Croghan, William Trent, Allan 
Campbell, Capt. Bruce, and Adam Stephen/ Papers re- 
lating to military affairs, 1763 PRO 278/1 

E466 34/42: 32 letters to Jeffery Amherst from Lord 
Colville, Nov. 1759-Oct. 1763/ 17 letters from the 
Commander-in-chief to Sir Charles Hardy, July 1756- 
Apr 1758/ 19 letters from Amherst to James Camp- 
bell, Jan. 1759-Oct. 1761/ 49 letters from Amherst to 
Colville, Nov. 1759-Oct. 1763/ 20 letters from Am- 
herst to John Hale, May 1762-May 1763/ Letters from 
Colville to Lord Loudoun, Mar. 1758/ Letters to Am- 
herst from Philip Durell, Charles Holmes, Charles 
Saunders, Alexander Schomberg, James Campbell, Rob- 
ert Rogers, Alexander Grant, John Stott, John Jervis, 
John Lindsay, John Macartney, George Brydges Rodney, 
George Anthony Tonyn, Thomas Lee, John Boyd, George 
Darby, Marriot Arbuthnot, James Harmood, Edmund 
Affleck, William Amherst, Dougaldus Ged, Thomas 
Graves, Richard Spry, Francis Richards, Joseph Pey- 
ton, Thomas Burnett, John Hale, Joseph Knight, Edward 
Gascoigne, Dec. 1758-July 1763/ Letters from Durell 
to Thomas Pownall, Feb. 1759/ Letter from Pownall 
to Durell, Mar. 1759/ Letter from William Amherst to 
Colville, Sept. 1762/ Papers relating to naval affairs, 
1762/ Letters from the Commander-in-chief to John 
Stanwix Holmes John Pous Wwa^ Falkiif^ai" Ft*?ji- 
cis Holburne, Colville, Durell, Tonyn, and other naval 
officers, Sept. 1756-Jan. 1759/ Letter from Loudoun 

to Colville, Feb. 1758/ Letters from Amherst to Du- 
rell, Benjamin Clive, Robert Bond, Schomberg, Holmes, 
Saunders, Stott, Tonyn, Jervls, James Doake, Macart- 
ney; John Lindsay, Charles Robertson, Roderick McLeod, 
William Parry, Philip Tufton Perceval, Thomas Fran- 
cis, Thomas Lee, Julian Legge, James Douglas, John 
Boyd, Thomas Boylston, Darby, John Houlton, Francis 
Banks, Affleck, Graves, Arbuthnot, Harmood, Ged, 
Richards, Spry, Thomas Hancock, Peyton, Gascoigne, 
Archibald Kennedy, and other naval officers, Jan. 1759- 
Nov. 1763 PRO 278/2 

E467 34/43: 50 letters to Jeffery Amherst from Robert 
Monckton, Dec. 1758-June 1762/ 48 letters from Am- 
herst to Monckton, Jan. 1759-Aug. 1761/ 28 letters to 
Amherst from Phineas Lyman, Aug. 1759-Apr. 1763/ 
56 letters from Amherst to Lyman, Apr. 1759-Apr. 1763/ 
Monckton' s journal, Sept. 11-Nov. 20, 1758/ Letters 
from Monckton to James Abercromby, Oct. -Nov. 1758/ 
Letters to Amherst from George Townshend and Thom- 
as Sawer, Sept. 1759-Mar. 1761/ Report on fortifica- 
tions of Quebec, Sept. 1759/ Letter from Amherst to 
Sir John Vaughan, Mar. 1761/ Letters from Lyman to 
John Appy, Oct. 1759/ Letters from the Commander- 
in-chief to Lyman, Aug. -Oct. 1756 PRO 279/1 

E468 34/44: 28 letters to Lord Loudoun from Peregrine 
Thomas Hopson, Aug. 1757-Mar. 1758/ 11 letters from 
Loudoun to Hopson, Sept. 1757-Sept. 1758/ 13 letters 
to James Abercromby from John Forbes, May-Nov, 
1758/ 19 letters from Abercromby to Forbes, Apr. - 
Nov. 1758/ Letters to Lord Loudoun from Viscount Bar- 
rington, William Pitt, Marquis de Vaudreuil, and Mar- 
quis de Montcalm/ Papers relating to military affairs, 
1758/ Letter from Loudoun to Eyre Massey, Dec. 1757/ 
Letters from the Commander-in-chief to Hopson, Apr. 
1758/ Letters from Forbes to Amherst, Jan. -Feb. 
1759/ Letters from Amherst to Forbes, Dec. 1758- 
Feb. 1759 PRO 280/1 

E469 34/35: 37 letters to Jeffery Amherst from John 
Stanwix, Dec. 1759 -July 1760/ 24 letters from the Com- 
mander-in-chief to Stanwix, May-Dec. 1758/ 38 letters 
from Amherst to Stanwix, Dec. 1758-Apr. 1760/ Let- 
ters from Stanwix to Lord Loudoun, James Abercromby, 
and Francis Fauquier, Dec. 1757-Jan. 1760/ Papers 
relating to military affairs in New York, 1759/ Letters 
to Stanwix from Fauquier and Loudoun, Sept. 1756- Dec. 
1759/ Letter from Christopher Kilby to Isaac Parker, 
Dec. 1758/ Letter from Amherst to Thomas Barrow, 
Mar. 1759 PRO 280/2 

E470 34/46A: 75 letters to Jeffery Amherst from Thom- 
as Gage, Jan. 1759-July 1760/ 68 letters from Amherst 
to Gage, Feb. 1759-Sept. 1760/ Letters from Gage to 
Lord Loudoun and James Abercromby, May 1758/ Pa- 
pers relating to military affairs in New York, 1759- 
1760/ Letters to Gage from Loudoun and Abercromby, 
Aug. 1756-Jan. 1759/ Letters to Amherst from John 
Appy and Isaac Swits, Dec. 1759-1760 PRO 281/1 

E471 34/46B: 14 letters from Lord Loudoun to John 
Winslow, July-Nov. 1756/ 16 letters to Jeffery Amherst 
from Charles Lawrence, Nov. 1758-Apr. 1759/ 11 let- 
ters from Amherst to Lawrence, Dec. 1758-Apr. 1759/ 
12 letters to Amherst from John Prideaux, May-June 
1759/ 21 letters from Amherst to Prideaux, Apr. -July 
1759/ 12 letters to Amherst from Lord Rollo, Jan. 
1760-Mar. 1761/ 23 letters from Amherst to Lord Rol- 
lo, Mar. 1760-Mar. 1761/ 13 letters from Loudoun to 
Daniel Webb, Aug. 1756-Sept. 1757/ Letters to James 
Abercromby from William Shirley, Loudoun, Lawrence, 
and James Wolfe, June 1756- Nov. 1758/ Papers relat- 
ing to military affairs in New York, 1756-1760/ Letters 
to Amherst from Abercromby, James Murray, George 
Townshend, Wolfe, and others, July 1758-Apr. 1760/ 
Letter from the Commander-in-chief to Lawrence, May 
1758/ Letter from William Johnson to Prideaux, May 
1759/ Letters from Amherst to Jacob Nanschaick, 
Townshend, Wolfe, and others, Mar. 1759-Feb. 1761/ 
Letters from Loudoun to Shirley, Aug. -Sept. 1756 
PRO 281/2 

E 472 34/47: 11 letters to Jeffery Amherst from Archi- 
bald Montgomery, Apr. -Oct. 1760/ 12 letters to Am- 
herst from James Glen, Apr. 1760-June 1761/ 20 let- 
ters to Amherst from William Byrd, Feb. 1761-May 
1763/ Letters to Amherst from James Grant, Raymond 
Demere, Alexander McKenzie, Alexander Moneypenny, 
William Cosby, Robert Rogers, George Bamforth Bur- 
ton, William Ramsay, George Turner, William Forbes, 
Edmund Atkin, Anne Atkin, John Stuart, Adam Stephen, 
and others, Apr. 1760-Oct. 1763/ Papers relating to 
Indiana affairs in the Southern colonies, 1759/ Letter 
from Lord Loudoun to Atkin, Feb. 1758/ Letters to 
Loudoun from Byrd and Atkin, Mar. 1758/ Letter to 
James Abercromby from Atkin, May 1758 PRO 241/1 

E473 34/48: 14 letters from Jeffery Amherst to Archi- 
bald Montgomerie, Feb. -Dec. 1760/ 29 letters from 
Amherst to James Grant, Mar. 1760-Feb. 1762/ 17 let- 
ters from Amherst to William Byrd, Mar. 1760-Jan. 
1763/ Letters from Amherst to Probart Howarth, 
Charles Taylor, James Glen, Alexander Moneypenny, 
Alexander McKenzie, Jacob Farrinton, William (?) Ram- 
say, Edmund Atkin, Anne Atkin, John Stewart, Adam 
Stephen, and other officers in South Caroline and Vir- 

ginia, Mar. 1760-Nov. 1763/ Papers relating to mili- 
tary affairs in South Carolina, 1760-1761/ Letter from 
James Abercromby' s secretary to Atkin, June 1758 
PRO 241/2 

E474 34/49: James MacDonald's journal of the siege of 
Detroit/ 22 letters to Jeffery Amherst from Donald 
Campbell, Jan. 1761-Feb. 1763/ 18 letters to Amherst 
from Henry Gladwin, Nov. 1761-Oct. 1763/ 19 letters 
from Amherst to Campbell, Apr. 1761-Jan. 1763/ 29 
letters from Amherst to Gladwin, June 1761-Oct. 1763/ 
Letters to Amherst from Henry Balfour, John Porteous, 
Joseph Hopkins, Joseph Horssey, Archibald Montague 
Brown, Abraham Cuyler, George Cornell, George 
McDougall, Edward Jenkins, and other officers at De- 
troit, Sept. 1760-Oct. 1763 (E &F)/ Papers relating to 
military affairs at Detroit, 1762-1763/ Description of 
country and route from Detroit to the Mississippi/ Let- 
ters from Amherst to the inhabitants of Detroit, Robert 
Callender, Hopkins, Thomas Moncrieffe, Diedrich 
Brehm, and other officers at Detroit, Apr. 1761-Oct. 
1763 (E &F) PRO 282/1 

E475 34/50: 12 letters to Jeffery Amherst from William 
Spearing, Nov. 1760-Mar. 1762/ 14 letters to Amherst 
from John Wrightson, Nov. 1760-Oct. 1761/ 23 letters 
to Amherst from John Ormsby, May 1762- Aug. 1763/ 
21 letters from Amherst to Diedrich Brehm, Aug. 1759- 
Oct. 1762/ 15 letters from Amherst to Wrightson, Dec. 
1760-Oct. 1761/ 19 letters from Amherst to Ormsby, 
May 1762-Sept. 1763/ Letters to Amherst from Brehm, 
Aaron Willard, John Campbell, Samuel Williams, Phil- 
ip Du Perron, John Darby, Alexander Grant, Alexander 
Colquhoun, John Stoughton, John Small, James Moffatt, 
John Maunsell, Charles Davers, and other officers at 
Ft. Ticonderoga, Aug. 1759-Oct. 1763/ Papers relating 
to military affairs at Ft. Ticonderoga/ Letters from 
Wrightson to John Appy, Jan. -Sept. 1761/ Letters from 
Amherst to Campbell , Du Perron, Charles Robinson, 
Darby, Allen McLean, Theodore Atkinson, Alexander 
Grant, William Spearing, Colquhoun, Davers, and other 
officers at Ft. Ticonderoga, Nov. 1759-Oct. 1763/ Let- 
ter from William Amherst to the Commanding Officers 
at Ft. George and Ft. Ticonderoga, June 1761 PRO 

E476 34/51: 90 letters to Jeffery Amherst from William 
Haviland, Dec. 1759-Oct. 1761/ 56 letters to Amherst 
from Robert Elliot, July 1761-Oct 1763/ 22 letters to 
Amherst from Nathaniel Whiting, July 1761-Nov. 1762/ 
Letters to Amherst from Robert Rogers, Alexander 
Grant, John Darby, William Forster, Henry Balfour, 
James Tute, George Garth, Adolphus Benzell, John 
Beckwith, Eyre Massey, Archibald Gordon, Philip Skene, 
Otho Hamilton, Gordon Graham, Henry Fletcher, Alex- 
ander Murray, Phineas Lyman, John Carter, John 
Young, George Townshend, Thomas Bell, James(?) 
Hockett, John Goffe, Valentine Gardner, James Fraser, 
Joseph Franklin, George Martin, John Stamper, Evan 
Evans, Henry Minough, James Martin, and William 
McLeod, Mar 1760-Apr. 1763/ Letters to John Appy 
from Rogers and John Small, Aug -Nov. 1760 PRO 

E477 34/52: 110 letters from Jeffery Amherst to Wil- 
liam Haviland, Apr. 1759-Apr. 1762/ 13 letters from 
Amherst to Nathaniel Whiting, July 1761-Oct. 1762/ 
83 letters from Amherst to Robert Elliot, Nov. 1761- 
Oct 1763/ Letters from Amherst to John Beckwith, 
Robert Rogers, John Darby, William Forster, George 
Garth, James Tute, Eyre Massey, Adolphus Benzell, 
Alexander Grant, Philip Skene, John Bird, Archibald 
Gordon, Otho Hamilton, John Wilkins, John Young, John 
Goffe, Thomas Morris, Valentine Gardner, and other 
officers at Crown Point, May 1759-Oct. 1763/ Letter 
from William Amherst to Haviland, May 1760 PRO 

E478 34/53: 23 letters to Jeffery Amherst from Eyre 
Massey, July 1759-Apr 1761/ 27 letters to Amherst 
from John Campbell, Oct. 1760-Nov. 1763/ 27 letters 
from Amherst to Massey, May 1759-Feb. 1761/ 11 let- 
ters from Amherst to William Browning, May-Nov. 
1759/ 34 letters from Amherst to Campbell, Nov. 1760- 
Nov. 1763/ 11 letters from Amherst to Thomas Baugh, 
May 1762-Jan 1763/ Papers relating to military affairs 
at Ft Stanwix, 1759-1761/ Letters to Amherst from 
Browning, John Christopher Hartwick, Alexander McKay, 
James Marsh, Nathaniel Whiting, John Darby, William 
Howard, John Williams, Patrick Larkins, James Peters, 
George Cornell, Thomas Baugh, Richard Atkinson, and 
Samuel Rose, July 1759- Nov 1763/ Letters to John 
Appy from William Howard, Oct 1760-Feb. 1761/ Let- 
ters from Amherst to Henry J. Wendell, John Williams, 
William Ogilvie, James Marsh, Peter Schuyler, Whit- 
ing, Darby, Howard, Cornell, and other officers at Ft. 
Stanwix, Jan 1759-Nov. 1763/ Letter from William 
Amherst to Massey, May 1760 PRO 148/1 

E479 34/54: 12 letters to Jeffery Amherst from Henry 
Gladwin, Nov. 1760-May 1762/ 11 letters from Am- 
herst to Gladwin, Dec. 1760-July 1763/ 13 letters from 
Amherst to Thomas Sterling, July-Nov. 1759/ Letter to 
the Commander-in-chief from Gladwin/ Letters to Am- 
herst from Eyre Massey, George Williamson, Charles 
Mason, Charles Osborne, Diedrich Brehm, George 
LeHunte, Sterling, John Small, James Bradshaw, Wil- 

liam Ogilvie, Charles Cruikshank, Peter Daly, Edward 
Forster, John Williams, Archibald Gordon, Thomas 
Swords, Daniel Prindle, and other officers at Ft. Ed- 
ward, Aug. 1759-Oct 1763/ Letters from Amherst to 
Peter Schuyler, Brehm, LeHunte, Valentine Gardner, 
Robert Rogers, William Eyre, Henry Babcock, Fran- 
cis Grant, Small, John Reid, William Ogilvie, Charles 
Cruikshank, Daly, Forster, Williams, and other officers 
at Ft. William Augustus, Ft. Edward, and Ft. George, 
Feb. 1759-Oct. 1763/ Letter from James Abercromby 
to Reid, July 1758/ Letter from William Amherst to 
Cruikshank, June 1760 PRO 159/1 

E480 34/55: 12 letters to Jeffery Amherst from Camp- 
bell Dalrymple, June 1761-Oct. 1763/ 11 letters to Am- 
herst from Robert Monckton, Nov. 1761-Dec. 1762/ 14 
letters to Amherst from Lord Albemarle, Jan. -Dec. 
1762/ 12 letters to Amherst from William Keppel, Mar.- 
July 1763/ Letters to Amherst from Andrew Rollo, Sir 
James Douglas, Julian Legge, Alexander Monypenny, 
George Darby, Thomas Burnett, Gedney Clarke, Eyre 
Massey, William Haviland, George Brydges Rodney, 
William Shirley, Robert Prescott, Ralph (?) Burton, 
Francis Banks, John Houlton, William Rufane, George 
Garth, William Russel, Richard Huck, Sir George Po- 
cock, G. A Gmelin, Joseph Peach, John Dalling, Wil- 
liam Popple, and other officers in the West Indies, Apr. 
1761-Oct. 1763 (E & F)/ Letter from Thomas Wilson to 
Monckton, Nov 1761/ Papers relating to military af- 
fairs in the West Indies, 1761-1762 PRO 146/1 

E481 34/56: 18 letters from Jeffery Amherst to Andrew 
Rollo, Apr. 1761-Jan. 1762/ 22 letters from Amherst 
to Robert Monckton, Nov. 1761-Apr. 1762/ Letter from 
Lord Loudoun to Governor Thomas of Antigua, Apr. 
1757/ Letters from Amherst to Sir John Vaughan, Camp- 
bell Dalrymple, Sir James Douglas, John(?) Campbell, 
Alexander Monypenny, John Wrightson, George Darby, 
George Brydges Rodney, Thomas Burnett, David Pryce, 
Gedney Clarke, William Shirley, Ralph Burton, Lord 
Albemarle, Francis Banks, Sir George Pocock, and 
other officers in the West Indies, Apr. 1761-Aug. 1762*/ 
221 letters from Amherst to John Bradstreet, Oct. 1759- 
Nov. 1763 [Note: *The last 38 letters listed in the cata- 
log are lacking and in their place are the 221 Bradstreet 
letters] PRO 146/2 

E482 34/57: 258 letters to Jeffery Amherst from John 
Bradstreet, Nov. 1758-Nov. 1763/ Memorial to Lord 
Loudoun from Bradstreet/ Letters to James Abercrom- 
by from Bradstreet, July-Sept. 1758/ Letter from Am- 
herst to Bradstreet, Nov. 1762/ Letters to Amherst 
from Philip Schuyler, Joseph Barter, and John Thoube, 
Feb. 1763 PRO 160/1 

E483 34/58: 47 letters from Jeffery Amherst to John 
Bradstreet, Feb. -Oct. 1759*/ Letters to Bradstreet 
from Lord Loudoun, the Commander-in-chief, and Wil- 
liam Amherst, Mar. 1757-June 1760 [Note: The 
other 221 letters from Amherst to Bradstreet belonging 
in this vol. are filmed at end of vol. 56] PRO 160/2 

E484 34/59: 26 letters to Jeffery Amherst from George 
Coventry, July 1759-Apr. 1761/ 27 letters to Amherst 
from John St. Clair, Nov. 1759-Oct. 1763/ 37 letters 
from Amherst to St. Clair, Mar. 1759-Oct. 1763/ 31 
letters from Amherst to Coventry, June 1759-Jan. 1762/ 
11 letters from Amherst to Gabriel Christie, Sept. 1759- 
July 1763/ 54 letters from Amherst to James Robert- 
son, Nov. 1759-Aug. 1763/ Letters to John Appy from 
Christie, Sept. 1759-May 1760/ Letters to Amherst 
from Robertson, Jan. 1761-Jan 1763/ Letter from 
Mr Cairns to Arthur Mair, Jan. 1762/ Letters from 
Lord Loudoun to Robertson and St. Clair, Jan. 1758/ 
Letters from Amherst to John Bradstreet, John Haw- 
kins, William Bayard, Joseph Reade, Oliver DeLancey, 
Anthony Wheelock, and other officers of the Quarter- 
master General's Department, Aug. 1759-Aug. 1763 
PRO 147/1 

E485 34/60: 14 letters from Jeffery Amherst to Charles 
Robertson, Feb. 1760-May 1761/ Letters to Amherst 
from Robert Bond, Robertson, Jeremiah Ward, Alex- 
ander Grant, Patrick Sinclair, Samuel Hughes, Thomas 
Boylston, Richard Hooton, Thomas Cregier, William 
Duff, James Willson, Philadelphia merchants, Nathaniel 
and George Bethune, John Anderson, John Powell, Isaac 
Phillips, Ben Gordon, John Hodge, John Griffiths, Thom- 
as Vardill, Edward Symonds, John Goodridge, and 
Thomas Wills, Jan. 1760-Aug. 1763/ Papers relating 
to transports and shipping, 1761-1763/ Letter from 
Lord Loudoun to the Council of New York, Aug. 1757/ 
Letter from the Commander-in-chief to Tench Francis 
& Son/ Letters from Amherst to John Dodd Bonnell, 
George and Nathaniel Bethune, James Doake, Joshua 
Loring, William More, John Skilling, Patrick Dennis, 
Alexander Grant, Peter Gordon, John Cowley, William 
Haviland, Thomas Rogers, Robert Wilson, Donald Camp- 
bell, Joseph Allicocke, John Winniett, Stephen Cros- 
field, Joseph Totten, John Daley, Samuel Hughes, Na- 
thaniel Wheelwright, Zachariah Marshall, William Moon, 
James Ross, Nicholas French, Richard Manly, Register 
of Vice-Court of Admiralty at Halifax, George Wilkinson, 
Richard Robinson, Joseph Graham, Israel Munds, Jes- 
se Smith, William Robinson, Robert Stockton, Alexander 
Christie, John Riddle, Joseph Lightburne, John Steven- 
son, John Turner, Robert Castle, William Rawle, Wil- 

11am Ryder, John Anderson, William Thacketly, Wil- 
liam Duff, Gideon Sisson & Co. , Gustavus Serle, Sam- 
uel Montgomery, Samuel Crane, Henry Johnson, 
Charles Williams, William Cooper, Oliver DeLancey, 
William Lightburne, John Jump, William Duffleld, 
Thomas Wills, Elijah Atwood, Edward Snead, Henry 
Lawson, Edward Symonds, John Blanchard, Josias 
Hutchinson, John McCoy, Andrew Harper, John Thurs- 
ton, John Herbert, Peter Thompson, Thomas Quill, Pe- 
ter Ramsay, John Blake, other masters of vessels, and 
other officers, Jan. 1759-Oct. 1763/ Letter to John 
Appy from Loring PRO 161/1 

E486 34/61: 219 letters of Jeffery Amherst from Thom- 
as Hancock, Apr. 1759-Nov. 1763/ Letters from Am- 
herst to Hancock, May-Sept. 1760/ Letter from Gabriel 
Christie to Hancock, June 1760/ Papers on the supply 
of transports, 1760/ Letters to Amherst from Samuel 
Hughes. Daniel A. Wheelwright, Richard Hooton, and 
others, Apr. 1761-Mar. 1762 PRO 161/2 

E487 34/62: 182 letters from Jeffery Amherst to Thom- 
as Hancock, Jan. 1759-Nov. 1763/ Letters from the 
Commander-in-chief to Hancock, June-Sept. 1758/ Let- 
ter from Isaac Robinson to John Appy, May 1759/ Let- 
ters to Amherst from John Dennie and Benjamin Hallo- 
well, July 1762 PRO 143/3 

E488 34/63: 64 letters to Jeffery Amherst from David 
Pryce, Sept. 1759-Nov. 1763/ 91 letters from Amherst 
to Pryce, June 1759-Nov. 1763/ 18 letters from Am- 
herst to William Shackerly, Oct. 1761-July 1762/ Let- 
ters to Amherst from Alexander Schomberg, Abijah 
Willard, George Williamson, Francis Trotter, John 
Todd, John Winniett, William Shackerly, and J. T. 
Kempe, SoJ*. 1759-Nov. 1763/ Letters from Pryce to 
Arthur Ma./, Amherst, and Naval officers, Mar. 1762- 
May 1763/ Papers relating to transports/ Letter from 
Lord Loudoun to Shackerly, Apr 1757/ Letters to 
Pryce from James Abercromby and Mair, Sept. 1758- 
May 1763/ Letters from Amherst to John Rowe, Samu- 
el Hughes, John Winniett, Richard Hooton, Thomas 
Boylston, and Naphtaly Hart Myers, Feb. 1759-Aug. 
1762 PRO 143/2 

E489 34/64: 13 letters to Jeffery Amherst from James 
Napier, Nov. 1759-Mar. 1763/ 42 letters from Am- 
herst to Napier, Mar 1759-Nov. 1763/ 30 letters to 
Amherst from Joshua Loring, Mar. -Nov. 1759/ 42 let- 
ters from Amherst to Loring, Feb. -Nov. 1759/ Papers 
relating to British hospitals in North America, 1757- 
1763/ Letters to John Appy from Napier and Loring, 
Aug. 1759-July 1761/ Letter to Amherst from William 
Russell, Feb. 1761/ Letters from James Abercromby 
to Napier, Aug. -Sept. 1758/ Letters from Amherst to 
Richard Huck, Patrick Sinclair, Robert Bell, Alexander 
Colquhoun, Jonathan(?) Mallet, and others, June 1759- 
Aug. 1763/ Letter from the Commander-in-chief to 
Loring, Mar. 1758 PRO 285/1 

E490 34/65: 56 letters to Jeffery Amherst from Joshua 
Loring, Jan. 1760-Sept. 1763/ 17 letters to Amherst 
from Nathaniel Wheelwright, Aug. 1761-Oct. 1763/ 63 
letters from Amherst to Loring, Jan. 1760-Oct. 1763/ 
20 letters from Amherst to Wheelwright, 1760-1763/ 
Letters to Amherst from David Phips, Patrick Sinclair, 
Alexander Grant, John Cowley, Thomas Baugh, Hyam 
Myers, William Duff, John Winniett, and other officers 
of lake vessels, May 1760-Feb. 1763/ Letters from 
Amherst to Grant, Wheelwright, Charles Robertson, 
Roderick McLeod, Sinclair, Cowley, John Dies, and 
others, Apr. 1760-Oct. 1761 PRO 285/2 

E491 34/66: 33 letters to Jeffery Amherst from DeLan- 
cey & Watts, Feb. 1760-Nov. 1763/ 61 letters from 
Amherst to DeLancey and Watts, Jan. 1760-Nov. 1763/ 
14 letters from Amherst to Oliver DeLancey, July 1760- 
May 1762/ 30 letters to Amherst from Leonard Jarvis, 
May 1759-Dec 1762/ 35 letters from Amherst to Jar- 
vis, Apr. 1759-Dec. 1762/ Letters to Amherst from 
DeLancey and Henry Liddel, Apr. 1760-June 1762/ Let- 
ter from DeLancey to John Appy, Dec. 1760/ Papers 
relating to the supply of provisions, 1760-1761/ Let- 
ters from Amherst to James Robertson, Joseph Reade, 
Anthony Wheelock, John Watts, and William Bayard, 
Oct. 1760-Apr. 1763/ Letter from Appy to Jarvis, Oct. 
1759 PRO 286/1 

E492 34/67: 29 letters to Jeffery Amherst from Robert 
Leake, July 1762-Dec. 1763/ 78 letters from Amherst 
to Leake, May 1759-Feb. 1764/ Papers relating to 
military stores and provisions, 1761-1763/ Letters to 
Amherst from James Robertson, Archibald Montague 
Brown, Abraham Cocke, Joseph Allicocke, and Luke 
Romme, Dec. 1762-Nov. 1763/ Letters from Leake to 
Arthur Mair, July 1762-Oct. 1763/ Letters from the 
Commander-in-chief to Cornelius Cuyler and Leake, 
May-Oct. 1758/ Letters from Amherst to John Haw- 
kins, Gabriel Christie, Dugal Campbell, Robertson, 
James Syme, Zachariah Marshall, Henry Cuyler, Don- 
ald Campbell, Allicocke, Thomas Webb, Adam Mitchell, 
Andrew Dodd, James Pitcher, and others, July 1759- 
Feb. 1764/ Letter from John Appy to Leake PRO 

E493 34/68: 59 letters to Jeffery Amherst from Robert 
Leake, June 1759-June 1762/ Letters to Amherst from 
John Hawkins, David Wilson, Henry Cuyler, Joseph 

Allicocke, Theophilus Blakeney, Francis Shrigley, Rob- 
ert Shaw, and James Robertson, July 1759-Feb. 1762/ 
Letters from Robert Leake to James Abercromby and 
John Appy, July 1758-Oct. 1759/ Papers relating to 
military stores and provisions, 1756-1762 PRO 287/1 

E494 34/69: 38 letters to Jeffery Amherst from Wil- 
liam Eyre, Oct. 1759-Oct. 1763/ 28 letters from Am- 
herst to Eyre, July 1760-Oct. 1763/ 24 letters from 
Amherst to Christopher Kilby, Feb. 1759-May 1761/ 
21 letters to Amherst from Plumsted & Franks, Dec. 
1761-Nov. 1763/ 22 letters to Amherst from William 
Plumsted, Apr. 1762-July 1763/ 21 letters from Am- 
herst to Plumsted & Franks, Dec. 1761-Nov. 1763/ 18 
letters from Amherst to Plumsted, Apr. -July 1762/ 
Letters from Amherst to Thomas Sowers, George Black, 
Gabriel Christie, James Goldfrap, Joseph Allicocke, 
William Edington, David Franks, and others, May, 1759- 
June 1763/ Letter from John Ledyard to John Appy, 
June 1758/ Letters from Christopher Kilby to James 
Abercromby, Amherst, Smith & Nutt, and others, Sept. 
1758-Jan. 1761/ Letters to Amherst from James Syme, 
Benjamin Gerrish, Franks, and James Robertson, Sept. 
1759-Oct. 1763/ Letter from Syme to Appy, Oct. 1759/ 
Letters from the Commander-in-chief to Kilby, June 
1757-Oct. 1758/ Letter from William Brymer to Paulus 
Emilius Irving, May 1762/ Papers relating to military 
stores and provisions, 1758-1763/ Letter from De Lan- 
cey & Watts to Plumsted & Franks, Sept. 1761 PRO 

E495 34/70: 40 letters from Jeffery Amherst to James 
Furnls, Dec. 1758-Nov. 1763/ 14 letters to Amherst 
from Charles Ward Apthorp, June 1759-Apr. 1763/ 27 
letters to Amherst from Hugh Wallace, July 1759-Aug. 
1763/ 12 letters to Amherst from John Malcolm, Mar. 
1759-June 1762/ 28 letters from Amherst to Apthorp, 
Feb. 1759-Sept. 1763/ 33 letters from Amherst to Wal- 
lace, Nov. 1758-Sept. 1763/ Letters to James Aber- 
cromby from Furnls, Benjamin Hallowell, and Apthorp, 
Mar. -Oct. 1758/ Letters to John Hawkins from Wil- 
liam Browning and Frederick Haldimand, July 1759/ 
Letters to Amherst from Furnis, Hallowell, and Wil- 
liam Bayard, June 1759-Nov. 1762/ Letters to John 
Appy from Francis Stephens, Furnis, Hallowell, Wal- 
lace, July 1758-Nov. 1760/ Letters from Lord Loudoun 
to Furnis, Stephens, Bayard, and Apthorp, Jan. -Sept. 
1756/ Letters from Abercromby to Stephens and Furnis, 
June-Oct. 1758/ Papers relating to ordnance, 1759- 
1763/ Letters from Amherst to Stephens, George (?) 
Williamson, Hallowell, Bayard, James Pitcher, and 
Malcolm, Feb. 1759-Nov. 1762/ Letters from Appy to 
Stephens, Wallace, and Apthorp, Oct. 1759-July 1760/ 
Letter from Apthorp to Abraham Mortler, Sept. 1758/ 
Letter from Malcolm to Arthur Mair, Sept. 1762/ Let- 
ters from the Commander-in-chief to Apthorp, John 
Dice, Hallowell, Wallace, and merchants at New York, 
May-Nov. 1758/ Letter from Mair to Malcolm, Sept. 

1762 PRO 288/1 

E496 34/71: 11 letters to Lord Loudoun from Lord Bar- 
rington, Sept. 1756-July 1757/ Letters from Earl of 
Holderness to the Commander-in-chief, Robert Dinwid- 
die, and Loudoun, Aug. 1753-May 1758/ Letter from 
George n to Robert Dinwiddie, Aug. 1753/ Papers re- 
lating to military affairs in North America, 1753-1756/ 
Letter from Duke of Newcastle, Henry Bilson Legge, 
and Robert Nugent to Dinwiddie, July 1754/ Letters 
from Thomas Robinson to Dinwiddie, William Shirley, 
the governors in North America, William Pepperell, 
Edward Braddock, and Charles Lawrence, July 1754- 
Aug. 1755/ Letters from Henry Fox to the governors 
in North America, the officers in North America, Din- 
widdie, Lawrence, Loudoun, and others, June 1755- 
Nov. 1756/ Letters to Loudoun from William Pitt, 
Samuel Martin, Thomas Potter, W. Sharpe, and others, 
Mar. 1756-July 1757/ Instructions for Braddock, 
Abraham Mortier, William Johnson, Loudoun, Francis 
Holburne, and Peregrine Thomas Hopson, 1754-1757/ 
Letter from James West to Paymaster forces, Aug. 
1756/ Letters from Pitt to Lawrence, Archibald Mont- 
gomerie, William Henry Lyttelton, and Simon Fraser, 
Dec. 1756-Mar. 1757/ Letter from Lords of the 
Treasury to the Paymaster General, Mar. 1757 
PRO 288/2 

E497 34/72: 11 letters to James Abercromby from Wil- 
liam Pitt, Dec. 1757-Sept. 1758/ 18 letters to Jeffery 
Amherst from Samuel Martin, Jan. 1760-June 1762/ 
Letters from Lord Barrington to Lord Loudoun, James 
West, and Abercromby, Aug. 1757-Sept. 1758/ Letter 
from William Pitt to Governor of Connecticut, Dec. 1757/ 
Letters to Amherst from Charles Gould, Henry Fox, 
Charles Frederick, W. R. Earle, A. Wilkinson, West, 
George Townshend, John Cleveland, Earl of Egremont, 
Philip Stephens, Welbore Ellis, Charles Jenkinson, 
Marquis of Granby, Isaac Barre, Arnold Nesbitt, Wil- 
liam Sharpe, and other British officials, Feb. 1759- 
Oct. 1763/ Papers relating to military affairs in New 
York, Pennsylvania, and Maryland, 1757-1762/ Instruc- 
tions to Amherst and certain colonial governors, June 
1762/ Letter from Amherst to Martin, May 1762/ Let- 
ter from several British officials to George ni, June 

1763 PRO 289/1 

E498 34/73: 14 letters from James Abercromby to Wil- 
liam Pitt, Mar -Dec. 1758/ 14 letters from Jeffery 

Amherst to Samuel Martin, Oct. 1759-Dec. 1760/ Let- 
ters from Robert Dinwiddle to Earl of Holderness and 
Thomas Robinson, May-Sept 1754/ Letters from Wil- 
liam Shirley to Robinson, Henry Fox, and Charles Har- 
dy, May 1754-Mar. 1756/ Letters from Edward Brad- 
dock to Robinson, Mar. -June 1755/ Papers relating to 
military affairs in the colonies, 1755-1760/ Letter from 
Hardy to Shirley, Nov 1755/ Letter from James Mer- 
cer to William Alexander, Nov 1755/ Letters from 
Lord Loudoun to Duke of Newcastle, John Hanbury, Lord 
Barrington, James West, and William Pitt, Dec 1756- 
Feb, 1758/ Letters from Abercromby to Barrington 
and officers of the Navy, Mar -Dec. 1758/ Letter from 
John Appy to Robert Wood, July 1758/ Letters from 
Amherst to Lord Albemarle, Charles Gould, Barring- 
ton, Lord Ligonier, the Board of Ordnance, and Holder- 
ness, Apr. 1759-Sept. 1760 PRO 289/2 

E499 34/74: 19 letters from Jeffery Amherst to Samuel 
Martin, Jan. 1761-Nov. 1762/ 13 letters from Amherst 
to John Cleveland, Apr. 1762-Aug. 1763/ Letters from 
Amherst to James West, James Napier, the Board of 
Ordnance, Lord Barrington, the Commissioners of the 
Navy, Lord Holland, William Sharpe, John Wilkins, 
Jeffery Cooper, Jeremiah Dyson, Philip Stephens, Wel- 
bore Ellis, Lord Albemarle, the Officer commanding at 
Plymouth, Marquis of Granby, Charles Jenkinson, Ar- 
nold Nesbitt, Charles Gould, and the Earl of Halifax, 
Jan. 1761-Feb. 1764/ Papers relating to military af- 
fairs in the colonies, 1760-1764/ Letter from William 
Amherst to Earl of Egremont, Sept. 1762/ Letter to 
Amherst from James Abercromby, Jan. 1764 PRO 

E500 34/75: Letters to Lord Loudoun from Francis Stu- 
art, John Sutherland, Lord Sackville, Lord Barrington, 
Lord Ilchester, Duke of Portland, Andrew Lewis, Sir 
William Johnson, James Abercromby, Daniel Webb, 
Peter Schuyler, Earl of Westmoreland, Humphrey 
Bland, Earl of Home, Montagu Blomer, Lord Sandys, 
Lord Albemarle, Earl of Sandwich, Duke of Newcastle, 
Philip Bragg, James Molesworth, Charles Cruikshank, 
George Sinclair, Earl of Rothes, Duke of Marlborough, 
Robert Napier, Henry Fox, Archibald Montgomerie, 
Duke of Atholl, William Dunbar, David Maitland, Thom- 
as Murray, Edward Whitmore, and others, Feb. 1756- 
Dec. 1757/ Letter from John Rollo to Edmund Morris, 
July 1756/ Letter from John Forbes to Simon Fraser, 
Sept. 1757/ Letter from Jeremiah Gridley to Christo- 
pher Kilby, Dec. 1757/ Letter from Samuel Bever to 
James (?) Cunningham, Mar. 1758/ Letters to James 
Abercromby from Fraser, Ebenezer Hindsdale, Alex- 
ander Colden, W.Green, James (?) Prevost, Jonathan 
Burbank, James Montresor, Schuyler, Andrew Crotty, 
James Wolfe, Ralph Burton, Arthur Morris, George 
Williamson, and others, Apr. -Oct. 1758/ Letter from 
Sir William Johnson to Burton, Oct. 1758/ Papers re- 
lating to military affairs in the colonies, 1757-1758/ 
Letter from Colden to John Appy, Nov. 1758 PRO 

E501 34/76: 21 letters from James Abercromby to 
James Prevost, Aug. -Nov. 1758/ Papers relating to 
military affairs in New York, 1755-1758/ Letters from 
William Shirley to Humphrey Hobbs, Thomas Speakman, 
and William Lamson, May-Aug. 1756/ Letters from 
Lord Loudoun to Archibald Kennedy, Ralph Burton, New 
England colonies, Charles Craven, Peter Vicars, Wil- 
liam Pepperell, Robert Rogers, Robert Wrey, Samuel 
Neville, William Brattle, James Prevost, Hyacinth 
Bonneville, William Johnson, Nathaniel Whiting, Lord 
Howe, Charles Cruikshank, Archibald Montgomerie, 
Henry Bouquet, Nathaniel Meserve, Mrs. Deborah 
Franklin, Thomas Gage, and others, Sept. 1756-Jan. 
1758/ Letters from James Abercromby to Johnson, Eb- 
enezer Silliman, Joshua Loring, Ebenezer Hindsdale, 
Simon Fraser, Lord Howe, Archibald Gordon, John Dun- 
can, Alexander Colden, John Appy, John Small, Peter 
Schuyler, James Montresor, Mrs. Bever, Gabriel 
Christie, Ralph Burton, Arthur Morris, James Pitcher, 
William Forster, Abraham Mortier, and others, May 
1758-Dec. 1758/ Letters to James Abercromby from 
Philip Schuyler, John Forbes, and James Prevost, Aug. 
1756-Sept. 1759/ Letters from John Appy to Colden and 
and others, June-July, 1758/ Instructions to Hugh Ar- 
not, Kennedy, John Wrightson, Eyre Massey, and Pre- 
vost, July-Aug. 1758/ Letters from Abercromby's 
secretary to Silliman and Colden, Sept. -Nov. 1758/ 
Letter from Jeffery Amherst to all officers, civil and 
military, Dec. 1758 PRO 291/2 

E502 34/77: 14 letters to Jeffery Amherst from Ralph 
Burton, Mar. -May, 1759/ 14 letters to Amherst from 
James Montresor, July-Aug. 1759/ Papers relating to 
military affairs in the colonies, 1759/ Letter from Wil- 
liam Forbes to William Amherst, Jan. 1759/ Letters 
to Amherst from Anthony and George Wagnis, Edward 
Urmston, James West, Pomeroy Gilbert, J. Joost 
Herchhiemer, Lord Sackville, Robert Wood, Peter Bur- 
rell, George Haldane, John Rowe, Robert MacKinlay, 
Ebenezer Hindsdale, Robert Bond, Guy Carleton, 
Joseph Gorham, Francis Grant, Duke of Devonshire, 
William Farquhar, Robert Adair, Henry Fox. Timothy 
Ruggles, Charles Cruikshank, George Meserve, Henry 
Dobson, Teleman Cuyler, Montagu Wilmot, Charles 
Chetwode, Cosmo Martin, William Corry. Sybrant G. 


VanSchaick, George West, William Haviland, Andrew 
McMullen, Alexander Fraser, Christopher Aldrldge, 
Nathaniel Whiting, Eyre Massey, James Pitcher, Fran- 
cis McLean, Gordon Graham, William Shearing, George 
Spencer, James DeLancey, Samuel Glegg, Thomas 
Sowers, and others, Jan. -Aug. 1759/ Letters to John 
Appy from Allan Maclean and Alexander Farquarson, 
May-Aug. 1759/ Letter from Thomas Sowers to John 
Hawkins, July 1759/ Letter from Horatio Gates to 
George Townshend, July 1759/ Letters to the Chief En- 
gineer in North America from Charles Frederick, An- 
drew Wilkinson, Charles Cocks, and John Boddington, 
Apr. -Mar. 1759 PRO 292/1 

E503 34/78: 26 letters to Jeffery Amherst from James 
Montresor, Sept. -Nov. 1759/ Letters to Amherst from 
Gabriel Christie, Abljah Wlllard, John Fletcher, Pat- 
rick Sutherland, John Rowan, Samuel Glegg, John Mur- 
ray, Stephen Miller, James Pitcher, Simon Fraser, 
George St. Loe, Charles Cruikshank, Timothy Ruggles, 
George Otter, Mrs. Alice Holmes, James Marsh, 
James Murray, Montagu Wilmot, Ralph Burton, Henry 
Dugdale, Stephen Williams, Eyre Massey, John Foxon, 
John Bectwith, Ralph(?) Hill, Thomas Moncrieffe, 
James Grant, Walter Butler, Pierre Pouchot, Ben Gor- 
don, Thomas Sterling, Israel Putnam, William Spear- 
ing, Philip Hughes, John Small, John Hale, George 
Scott, George Williamson, Nathaniel Porter, Archibald 
Crawford, Ralph Corry, John Stark, William Griffiths, 
John Simson Spencer, James Fraser, Robert Rogers, 
Pierre Penler, George Meserve, Sir Henry Seton, Rob- 
ert Bond, Matthew Dixon, William Bontein, John Camp- 
bell, Hugh Arnot, Archibald Montague Brown, Jane 
Clifton, Nathaniel Whiting, Hugh Rose, several French 
officers, and others, Sept. -Dec. 1759 (E & F)/ Letter 
from Sir William Johnson to Abraham Mortier, Aug. 
1759/ Letter from Stephen Miller to Phineas Lyman, 
Sept. 1759/ Letter from Abijah Willard to John Appy, 
Nov. 1759/ Letter from James Murray to Hector Cra- 
mahe", Nov. 1759/ Letter from William Griffiths to the 
Earl of Bristol, July 1759 PRO 292/2 

E504 34/79: 12 letters from Jeffery Amherst to Ralph 
Burton, Feb. -May 1759/ Orders issued by Amherst to 
various officers and other papers, 1759/ Letters from 
Amherst to William Griffiths, Horatio Gates, Joseph 
Mead, Henry Wendell, John Rowe, Simon Fraser, Wil- 
liam Farquhar, Robert Rogers, Lauchlan Shaw, Ed- 
ward Hugg, William Corry, Ebenezer Hindsdale, John 
Stark, Eyre Massey, George Williamson, Richard Grid- 
ley, James Robertson, Joshua Loring, William Brattle, 
Montagu Wilmot, James Montresor, John Hale, Arthur 
Morris, Henry Fletcher, James Clephane, Guy Carleton, 
Archibald Montgomerie, Alexander Colden, John Tulli- 
ken, Timothy Ruggles, Elijah Smith, Charles Cruik- 
shank, Henry Gladwin, John Young, Joshua Locke, Ar- 
chibald Gordon, Alexander Farquhar son, Allen McLean, 
John Johnston, George Meserve, William Browning, 
William Grant, James Furnis, Sybrant G. VanSchaick, 
Robert Mlrrie, Abraham Yates, Cosmo McMartin, Ken- 
neth Tolme - , Ben Gordon, Thomas Ord, and others, 
Jan. -May 1759 PRO 293/1 

E505 34/80: 16 letters from Jeffery Amherst to James 
Montresor, July-Aug. 1759/ Letters from Amherst to 
James Wall, Robert Mirrie, Charles Cruikshank, John' 
Small, George West, Alexander Johnston, Alexander 
Murray, Peter Schuyler, Timothy Ruggles, William 
Eyre, Thomas Sterling, Francis Grant, Robert Wilmot, 
Ben Gordon, Robert Prescott, Archibald Montgomerie, 
William Dunbar, Henry Gladwin, James Grant, William 
Forster, Alexander Campbell, William Corry, Cosmo 
McMartin, Sybrant G. Van Schaick, Archibald Montague 
Brown, Charles Yates, Simon Fraser, Stephen Miller, 
Thomas Ord, George Meserve , Phineas Lyman, Robert 
Rogers, Nathaniel Whiting, William Browning, Gordon 
Graham, Hugh Rose, Eyre Massey, John Darby, George 
Spencer, James Tute, Montagu Wilmot, and other offi- 
cers, June-Aug. 1759 PRO 293/2 

E506 34/81: 13 letters from Jeffery Amherst to Abijah 
Willard, Sept. -Nov. 1759/ 31 letters from Amherst to 
James Montresor, Sept. -Nov. 1759/ Letters from Am- 
herst to Montagu Wilmot, Thomas Sterling, Pierre Pou- 
chot, Gabriel Christie, Manly Williams, John Young, 
Stephen Miller, Henry Fletcher, William Bayard, David 
Mills, Timothy Ruggles, Simon Fraser, Charles Cruik- 
shank, James Pitcher, James Syme, John Murray, 
Alexander Campbell, George Otter, Noah Johnson, 
James Marsh, Eyre Massey, William Farquhar, Alex- 
ander Grant, Charles Robertson, Nathan Tibbals, Alex- 
ander Colden, Patrick Sutherland, John Small, Ben Gor- 
don, Alexander Macintosh, William Eyre, Israel Put- 
nam, William Hatfield, John Foxon, William Martin, 
James Abercromby, Jr. , Nathaniel Whiting, Roderick 
McKenzie, Archibald Crawford, John Small, Robert 
Rogers, James Grant, Walter Butler, Philip Hughes, 
William Spearing, Thomas Moncrieffe, Allen McLean, 
Francis Grant, Cosmo McMartin, Alexander Baillie, 
Andrew Oliver, Archibald Lamont, Peter Schuyler, An- 
thony Quakenbouss, George Williamson, George Scott, 
Sir Henry Seton, William Ogilvie, James Douglas, Wil- 
liam Griffiths, John Elwes, John Malcolm, and others, 
Sept. -Dec. 1759/ Letter from John Appy to James 
Pitcher, Oct. 1759 PRO 293/3 

E507 34/82: Letters to Jeffery Amherst from George 
Scott, Robert Rogers, George Williamson, James Fen- 
ton, William Stewart, Joseph Holt, Stephen Cross, Jo- 
seph Goodhue, Richard Bulkeley, Theophilus Paske, 
James McDonald, John Small, Lewis Ourry, John Mar- 
tin, Ralph Hill, John Darby, Henry Wendell, Francis 
Legge, William Bayley, William Browning, Charles-Os- 
borne, John Williams, Richard Gridley, James Brodie, 
Edward Handfleld, Charles Knowles, Henry Gladwin, 
Montagu Wilmot, James Montresor, Alexander Mont- 
gomery, John Blakely, Jeremiah Ward, John Adair, 
George Eberhard, Robert Livingston, James Grant, 
Michael Schlatter, John Handfleld, James Clephane, Jo- 
seph Bull, Thomas Campbell, Alexander Campbell, 
Ellas Marsh, Peter Penier, James Rogers, William 
Lupton, John Potts, Jacob VanSchaick, John Waterhouse, 
Henry Fletcher, Ralph Corry, Samuel Stark, William 
Stark, John Stark, Samuel Cottnam, George Otter, John 
Wilson, David Brewer, Jonathan Brewer, Alexander 
Duncan, Simon Fraser, John Montresor, Beamsley 
Glazier, Robert Hunter Morris, Charles Taylor, Samu- 
el Holliday, Leonard Jarvis, Robert Porter, Henry Dug- 
dale, Richard Allen, William Millar, James Clarke, 
William Russell, Arthur Malawly, Herbert Munster, 
Charles H. Colins, William Spearing, Lewis Seiner, 
James(?) Prevost, William Howe, the wardens of the 
Dutch Reformed Church, Henry VanSchaick, James 
Stewart, Samuel Wentworth, Alexander Colquhoun, John 
Foxon, William Walters, Alexander Murray, Alexander 
Johnstone, George Sackville, Ralph Burton, William 
Downing, Derick Westenbrook, Simon Stevens, Thomas 
Graeme, Andrew Wiseacre, Marquis de VaudreuiL Gor- 
don Graham, Matthew Johnson, Lyon & Co. , John Mil- 
lard, Richard Howard, John Reid, Ogden & Lucie, Den- 
nis Gerard Burnand, James Jameson, Daniel Disney, 
George Townshend, John Godwin, Robert Wood, John 
Hale, John Tailing, William Burnaby, Archibald Doug- 
las, James Halls, James Maxwell, Synge Tottenham, 
Archibald Hamilton, Frederick Hamilton, Pere Gordan, 
Earl of Lauderdale, Nathaniel Odgen, Israel Putnam, 
Robert Mackenzie, Thomas Sterling, Theophilus Blake- 
ney, Duke of Devonshire, James DeLancey, Richard 
Dudgeon, Nathaniel Whiting, Andrew Robinson, James 
Holmes, Francis Grant, Edmond Thomas, Several 
French officers and others, Jan. -Aug. 1760 (E & F)/ 
Letter from John Glen to Thomas Moncrieffe, Jan. 
1760/ Letter to James Montresor from the Office of 
Ordnance, Jan. 1760/ Letters to Alexander Monypenny 
from Roger Kellet, William Ogilvie, and others, Jan. - 
Feb. 1760/ Letter from William Gullln to James Aber- 
cromby, Jr. , Feb. 1760/ Letters to John Appy from 
Charles Lee, George Williamson, Henry Fletcher, Wil- 
liam Downing, and Henry (?) Goddard, Feb. -July 1760/ 
Letter from Samuel Cottman to George Williamson, 
Apr. 1760/ Letter from the Lord Advocate to William 
Pitt, Apr. 1760/ Letter from Cornelius Creden to 
Thomas Gage, May 1760/ Letter from Timothy Ruggles 
to Stephen Miller, May 1760/ Letter from Charles 
Knowles to Gen. Lawrence PRO 294/1 

E508 34/83: Letters to Jeffery Amherst from Charles 
Osborne, James Prevost, Theophilus Blakeney, Thom- 
as Prevost, Theophilus Blakeney, Thomas Moncrieffe, 
George Fullewood, Robert McLeod, Timothy Ruggles, 
Joseph Ingersoll, Allan Cameron, Alexander Campbell, 
John Darby, Oliver DeLancey, Alexander Murray, 
George Cottnam, Robert Elliott, Henry Howarth, Gusta- 
vus Wetterstrom, John Adair, James Maxwell, James 
Bain, Robert Wrey, George Williamson, James Pitcher, 
John Hill, Hector T. Cramahe", Pierre Roubaud, Pierre 
Pouchot, Henry Seymour Conway, Henry Fletcher, Pe- 
ter Vanlngen, John Sheen, John Yorke, Edward Mason, 
William Cook, William Hagart, John Gordon, Andrew 
Robinson, John Gray, James Campbell, Frederick Ham- 
ilton, George Townshend, Thomas Gage, Frederick 
Porter, Augustine Prevost, Earl of Sandwich, Lord 
Barrington, James Montresor, Lord Rothes, William 
Forster, George Burns, Freke Dilkes Hore, Thomas 
Williams, John Wilson, Robert Prescott, James Agnew, 
Henry Seton, James Bean, Robert Napier, Christian 
Frederick Post, John Milledge, Johan Joost Herchheim- 
er, Samuel Bildman, Henry Pringle, Isaac Barre", Lord 
Albemarle, James Cunningham, Simon Fraser, Gabriel 
Christie, Henry Goddard, Alexander Macintosh, John 
Miln, Archibald Stewart, Montagu Wilmot, F. A. Stras- 
burger, William Ogilvie, John Law, Henry Schomberg, 
Anthony Stickney, Horatio Gates, Richard Shuckburgh, 
Simon Stevens, John Williams, James Pridell, John 
Christopher Hartwick, John Maunsell, George Scott, 
Joshua Babcock, John Carden, John Glen, Richard 
Bulkley, Charles Lawrence, Samuel Hughes, William 
Russell, Frederick Korts, John Innes, Richard Lloyd, 
John Carter, George St. Loe, Nathaniel Thwing, Samu- 
el Sears, Thomas Elrington, Charles Taylor, Joseph 
Cowley, James Brodie, William Smith, Jr. , William 
Livingstone, Silvester Gardiner, David Wilson, William 
Forbes, George Spencer, Augustus Bradley, Lachlan 
Macintosh, Jacob VanSchaick, Rudolph Bentinck, David 
Allen, Alexander Colquhoun, Alexander Mackay, Samu- 
el Fenner, Paulus Emilius Irving, several French offi- 
cers, and others, Mar. 1760-Mar. 1761/ Letter from 
James Prevost to John Calcraft, Sept. 1760/ Letter 
from James Campbell to Francis Grant, Sept. 1760 
Letter from Thomas Moncrieffe to Augustine Prevost, 

Sept. 1760/ Letter from James Boies to George Wil- 
liamson, Sept. 1760/ Letter from Richard Bulkley to 
John Henry Bastide, Sept. 1760/ Letter to John Appy 
from Moses Hazzen and Sarah Wethered, Nov. -Dec. 
1760/ Letter from John Small to Alexander Colquhoun, 
Dec. 1760/ Letter from Robert Sanders to Charles 
Cruikshank, Dec. 1760 PRO 295/1 



PRO 295/2 



PRO 296/1 



PRO 297/1 



PRO 297/2 



PRO 298/1 



PRO 300/1 



PRO 300/2 

E516 34/91: PRO 301A/1 

E517 34/92: PRO 301B/1 

E518 34/93: PRO 301B/2 

E519 34/94: PRO 302/1 

E520 34/95: PRO 302/2 

E521 34/96: PRO 303/1 

E522 34/97: PRO 303/2 

E523 34/98: PRO 303/3 

E524 34/99: 75 letters to Jeffery Amherst from John 
Calcraft, Aug. 1758-Aug. 1763/ 24 letters from Am- 
herst to Calcraft, Apr. 1760-Oct. 1763/ Letters from 
Calcraft to Lord Loudoun and the commanding officer in 
New York, Oct. 1757-Sept. 1761/ Letter to Amherst 
from James Meyrick, Feb. 1760/ Letter from James 
Abercromby to Calcraft, Apr. 1758/ Letters from Am- 
herst to Roger Morris, Earl of Albemarle, and Thom- 
as Daliston, Mar. 1761-Dec. 1762/ Papers relating to 
military affairs in the colonies, 1756-1761 PRO 304/1 

E525 34/100: PRO 304/2 

E526 34/100: Miscellaneous papers relating to military 
affairs in Canada and New England 1712-1760/ Letter 
to Lord Loudoun from James DeLancey, July 1757/ Let- 
ter from John Rous to Sir Charles Hardy, May 1757/ 
Letter from John Jasker to John Bradstreet, July 1757/ 
Letter from Francois Bigot to Marquis de Vaudreuil, 
Jan. 1759/ Letter from George Townshend to the Sec- 
retary of State, Sept. 1759/ Letter from Jeffery Am- 
herst to Pierre Pouchot, Aug. 1760/ Letter to Amherst 
from Pouchot, Aug. 1760 PRO 305/1 

E527 34/102: Letters from Jeffery Amherst to Alex- 
ander Murray, Sir Frederick Haldimand, Francis 
Grant, Charles Cruikshank, John Darby, George Pas- 
chall, Hunt(?) Walsh, Jonathan Ashley, Joseph Williams, 
James Robertson, Abraham Taylor, Peter Randolph, 
John Temple, Lt. Williamos, Francis Fauquier, and 
Adam Stephen, June 1760-Oct. 1763/ Letters to Am- 
herst from Cruikshank, Diedrich Brehm, Williams, 
Ashley, Richard Gridley, Randolph, J. T. Kempe, Wil- 
liam McCracken, Jan. 1761-Dec. 1763/ Amherst's 
orders and appointments, Aug. -Oct. 1763/ Letters 
from the governor of St. Louis to other colonial gover- 
nors, Feb. 1762/ Letter from M. Lory to M. Lestard, 
Mar. 1762/ Letter from G. Saltonstall to M Comte, 
Apr. 1762/ Discourse on mechanics of warfare in North 
America with illustrations/ Explanation of code used by 
the Army/ Map of Coxpoor Island and other military 
papers [Note: Folio 114 omitted is blank] PRO 305/2 

E528 34/103: 322 letters, reports and other papers re- 
lating to the Gordon riots, June 1-12, 1780: King's 
proclamation for suppressing rebellion, July 1715/ Let- 
ter from Robert Raymond to Lord Carteret, Jan. 1721/ 
Letters to the Secretary at War from Carteret, Philip 
Yorke, and John Scrope, Jan. 1721-May 1735/ Letter 
to the Lords Commissioners of the Treasury from Sir 
John Willes and Sir Dudley Ryder, May 1735/ Reports 
to Jeffery Amherst from Charles Gould, Sir Robert 
Laurie, William Stevens, Henry Fanshawe, George Cal- 
vert, David Howell, Charles Jenkinson, John Robinson, 
John Walsh, Thomas Nash, Charles Rainsford, Samuel 
Hawker, Thomas Twisleton, Thomas Hinde, Charles 
Warde, Andrew Carmichael, George FitzwiUiam, John 
Dyer, Gerard Lake, Hugh Debbleg, Thomas Eaton, 
Cavendish Lister, Charles Henchman, and other offi- 
cers, June 4-12, 1780/ Letters to Amherst from Lord 
Hillsborough, Earl of Masslesfield, George Townshend, 

• Richard Worsley, William Belford, Lord Stormont, 
William Wyndham, George Grenville, Philip Jennings, 
Thomas Courts, John Boddington, Lord North, Rains- 
ford, Duke of Northumberland, Brackley Kennett, San- 
ders & Heniker, Lord Orford, Jenkinson, George Scott, 
Thomas Pownall, Lord Algernon Percy, Brymont Bar- 

rett, John Allen, Sir Fletcher Norton, Thomas Thorn- 
ton, Philip Stephens, Lord Sandwich, Peter Esdalle, 
Henry Lamb, Andrew Douglas, Thomas Wooldrluge, 
George Vaughan. Henry Seymour Conway, Marquis of ~ 
Rockingham, Frederick Square, William Strong, Twisle- 
ton, John Fletcher, John Woodford, Joseph Qulncey, 
Debbieg, Westminister Military Society, Officers of 
Bridewell Hospital, William Strickland, Edward Stanley, 
William Winter, Leonard Morse, Thomas Missing, John 
Cotton, Thomas Avelin, George Sutton, Robert GrevHle, 
Thomas Hampden, Arthur Molesworth, Matthew Dixon, 
Carmichael, Hans Sloane, Robert Monckton, John Man- 
sel, George Lane Parker, Charles Carleton, and others, 
June 5-12, 1780/ Letters from Amherst to Hillsbor- 
ough, Townshend, Jenkinson, Stormont, North, Duke 
of Queensbury, Duke of Northumberland, Sir George 
Savile, Boddington, Sir Fletcher Norton, Rockingham, 
Worsley, Belford, Conway, Duke of Bolton, Twisleton, 
John Walsh, Pownall, Kennett, Thornton, Scott, Lord 
Algernon Percy, Allen, Nathaniel Thomas, Debbieg 
Wooldridge, Westminister Military Society, Sutton, Cot- 
ton, Thomas Harley, Carmichael, Monckton, and others, 
June 6-12, 1780/ Letters from Leonard Morse to Bod- 
dington, Stevens, Stephen Cotterell, and others, June 
7-11, 1780/ Proclamation of George HI and Order in 
Council, June 7, 1780/ Letter from John Boddington to 
Amherst's secretary, June 8, 1780/ Letter from Ed- 
ward Stanley to North, June 8, 1780/ Applications from 
various people to Amherst for protection, June 5-12, 
1780/ Pamphlet called "The Thunderer, " June 8, 1780/ 
Plan of Kennet for subduing the mob, June 9, 1780/ 
King's proclamation, June 12, 1780/ Other miscella- 
neous letters, June 5-12, 1780 PRO 306/1 

E529 34/104: 280 letters, reports, and other papers 
relating to the Gordon riots, June 13, 1780-Feb. 1781: 
14 letters to Jeffery Amherst from Thomas Twisleton, 
June 13-Aug 15, 1780/ 17 letters from Amherst to 
Twisleton, June 13-Aug 12, 1780/ Reports to Am- 
herst from Edward Hay, William Dalrymple, Thomas 
Twisleton, Hugh Debbieg, and others, June 13-16, 1780/ 
Letters to Amherst from Lord Algernon Percy, Thomas 
Fletcher, Thomas Hall, Westminster Military Society, 
Thomas Boddington, Thomas Hampden, John Mansel, 
John Forbes, Lewis MacKenzie, George Grenville, Duke 
of Northumberland, Thomas DeBurgh, Alexander McKay, 
Charles Ralnsford, Lord Hillsborough, William Bygrave 
William Fullarton, William Golding, Jr. , Robert Coffin, 
Thomas Wooldridge, Charles Moss, Herbert Whitfield, 
Brackley Kennett, Thomas Cecill Maunsell, Peter Hol- 
ford, William Belford, Charles Jenkinson, A. Theodore 
Canon, Lord Stormont, John Bligh, Joseph Brome, 
George Lane Parker, William Stevenson, Sir Philip 
Jennings Clerke, Officers of Bridewell and Bethlehem 
Hospitals, William Haviland, John Parish, James Ma- 
han, James Lowther, John Rowe, Brook Watson, Lord 
Thurlow, Samuel Newport, Frederick Cornwallis, Ed- 
ward Hall, Peter Longes, John Dobbin, John Spiller, 
Charles Nethercott, June 13, 1780-Feb. 4 1781/ Let- 
ters from Amherst to Marquis of Rockingham, Lord 
Adam Gordon, Duke of Northumberland, Grenville, 
Lord Hillsborough, DeBurgh, Wooldridge, Golding, Cof- 
fin, Whitfield, Moss, Lord Loughborough, Lord Presi- 
dent of the Council, Stormont, Kennett, Jenkinson, Lord 
North, Canon, James Wallace, George Germain, Hol- 
ford, William Chamberlayne, Stevenson, Clerke, Thur- 
low, Thomas Harley, Longes, and others, June 13-Aug. 
13, 1780/ Letters to Twisleton from Kennett, John Man- 
sel, and Barnard Turner, June 14-July 4, 1780/ Let- 
ters to Leonard Morse from James Barker, Rainsford, 
John Trotter, Holford, Debbieg, Sir Stanier Porten, 
Twisleton, Alexander Anderson, and others, June 14- 
July 26, 1780/ Letters from Morse to John Cotton, 
Debbieg, Jenkinson, Samuel Strutt, Chamberlayne, 
Grenville, Twisleton, and others, June 14-July 26, 
1780/ Letter from Lord President of the Council to 
Lord Mayor, June 15, 1780/ Letter from London mili- 
tary association to the King/ Letter from John Duding- 
ton to William Haviland, July 10, 1780/ Letter from 
Jenkinson to Duke of Richmond, July 26, 1780 PRO 

E530 34/105: 42 letters to Jeffery Amherst from Paulus 
Emilius Irving, Apr. 1788-Sept. 1779/ Letters to Am- 
herst from Henry Seymour Conway, Henry Budd, Jo- 
seph Sharpe, William Le Marchant, Charles Jenkinson, 
James(?) Stuart, A. Theodore Canon, John George Har- 
ris, Frederick George MacMaster, Francis MacKenzie 
Humberston, Lord Weymouth, Lord Sandwich, Peter 
Perchard, George Scott, John MacGregor, Hans Stan- 
ley, and others, Dec. 1778-Sept. 1780/ Letter from 
Amherst to Conway, Jan. 1779/ Letters to Leonard 
Morse from Budd and Sharpe, Mar. -Sept. 1779/ Pa- 
pers relating to the Channel Island, 1778-1779 (E & F). 
PRO 308/1 

E531 34/106: 20 letters from Joseph Sharpe to Leonard 
Morse, Oct. 1779-Dec. 1780/ 57 letters to Jeffery Am- 
herst from Paulus Emilius Irving, Oct. 1779-Dec. 1780/ 
11 letters to Amherst from Henry Seymour Conway, 
Oct. 1779-Dec. 1780/ Letter from Sharpe to the Earl 
of Hartfort 7! Tap?rs relating to the Channel 

Islands, 1779-1780/ Letters to Amherst from Robert 
Drummond, John Waugh, Sharpe, Henry Budd, John 
George Harris, Herbert (?) Jones, and others, Oct. 
1779-Apr. 1780/ Letter from Sharpe to Conway, Dec. 
1779/ Letter from Budd to John Robinson, Apr. 1780/ 
Letter from Conway to Morse, June 1780 PRO 308/2 

E532 34/107: 61 letters to Jeffery Amherst from Paulus 
Emilius Irving, Jan. -Nov. 1781/ Letters to Leonard 
Morse from Joseph Sharpe, Sir Stanier Porten, and 
Richard Whyte, Jan. -July 1781/ Papers relating to the 
Channel Islands, 1781/ Letters to Amherst from Rob- 
ert Monckton, James Christie, George Scott, John Reid, 
Lord Hillsborough, Sir Stanier Porten, William Pawlett,_ 
Frederick George MacMaster, Henry Seymour Conway, 
Henry Budd, and others, Jan. -Oct. 1781/ Letter from 
Amherst to the King/ Letter from Budd to Irving, May, 
1781 PRO 309/1 

E533 34/108: 19 letters to Jeffery Amherst from Paulus 
Emilius Irving, Dec. 1781-Nov. 1782/ 42 letters from 
Joseph Sharpe to Leonard Morse, Feb. 1782-July 1784/ 
Letter from Irving to Lord Hillsborough, Jan. 1782/ 
Letters to Amherst from John Reid, John Waugh, Lord 
Hillsborough, Herbert Seymour Conway, and Joseph 
Sharpe, Jan. -Oct. 1782/ Letters to Leonard Morse 
from Amherst, Nathaniel Bishop, Stephen Cotterell, 
and others/ Letters from Bishop to the Lords Commit- 
tee for Affairs of Guernsey and Jersey, Mar. 1784/ Pe- 
tition^ George Gostling to the King, Mar. 1734/ Pa- 
pers relating to the Channel Islands and sale of captured 
enemy ships, 1782-1784 PRO 309/2 

E534 34/109: 30 letters and papers relating to military 
supply regulations for America, 1765; quelling of riots; 
the Board of Ordnance; the Royal Military Academy, 
Woolwich; and other military matters, 1715-1778 (part- 
ly printed) PRO 310/1 

E535 34/110: U. S. debt to Continental Congress, Jan. 
1778/ Jeffery Amherst's instructions to Augustus Kep- 
pel, William Howe, John Byron, James Gambier, Samu- 
el Barrington, Robert Duff, John Montagu, and other 
officers, 1778/ Letters to Amherst from Thomas Da- 
vies, William Stiell, Augustine Prevost, David Lindsay, 
William Dalrymple , John Crane, Lord Barrington, Wil- 
liam Dalison, Hugh Douglas, John Robinson, Robert 
Cunningham, Hugh Debbieg, and others, Mar. -July 
1778/ The Royal Gazette, New York, Mar. 17, 1778 
(printed)/ Letters from GeneralWashington to several 
of his friends in the year 1776 in which are set forth a 
fairer and fuller view of American politics. . . 1778 
(printed)/ Extract from the King 1 s secret instruction 
to Sir Henry Clinton, Mar. 1778/ Letters from George 
Germain to Clinton and the Lords of the Admiralty, 
Mar. -Apr. 1778/ Letters from Lord Barrington to Sir 
David Lindsay, the Duke of Marlborough, and John Bur- 
goyne, Mar. -June 1778/ Papers relating to military af- 
fairs, 1758-1778/ Letter from William Knox to the gov- 
ernor of Newfoundland, May 1778/ King's secret in- 
structions to the governor of New Hampshire, Apr. 
1778/ Letter from James Grant to George Germain, 
May 1778/ Letter from Amherst to Lord Barrington, 
June 1778 [Note: Folio 120 omitted is blank] PRO 

E536 34/111: Letters to Jeffery Amherst from Lord 
Barrington, William Stiell, George Rice, Lord North, 
George Cavendish, Duke of Richmond, Duke of Grafton, 
Earl of Coventry, Hugh Debbieg, Thomas Davies, Rob- 
ert Monckton, Thomas Deraguliers, Lord Hardwicke, 
William Dalrymple, Lord Macartney, John Reid, Joseph 
Dusaur, William Keppel, Sir James Adolphus Oughton, 
Lord Manchester, William Hislop, James Cunningham, 
Joseph Yorke, Thomas Frederick MacKenzie Humber- 
ston, Hugh Douglas, Patrick Tonyn, and others, July- 
Dec. 1778/ Lists of officers and other papers relating 
to military affairs, Sept. -Dec. 1778/ Letters from 
George Germain to James Grant, the Lords of the Ad- 
miralty, and George Townshend, July-Dec. 1778/ Let- 
ters to Leonard Morse from John Parish and Thomas 
de Grey, Sept. -Nov. 1778/ Letter from Alexander Dun- 
can to Lord Frederick Campbell, Sept. 1778/ Petition 
of merchants of London to the King, 1778(?)/ Letters 
to Lord Barrington from Frederick Haldimand and oth- 
ers, Nov. 1778/ Letters from prisoners in the King's 
Bench to Amherst and the King, Dec. 1778/ Letter 
from William Belford to the Secretary of War, Dec. 

1778 PRO 318/1 

E537 34/112: Speech of George m, 1779(?)/ Letters 
to Jeffery Amherst from Augustine Prevost, Charles 
Jenkinson, Watkin Williams, Duke of Marlborough, 
Duke of Northumberland, William Blackett, Beauchamp, 
Berkeley, Hugh Debbieg, Lord Hardwicke, George 
Townshend, Manchester, Derby, Charles Shipley, Dig- 
by, Earl of Rochford, Earl of Coventry, Pembroke, 
William Belford, Lord Sandwich, George Lane Parker, 
and others, Dec. 1778-Jan. 1779/ Pre'cis of corres- 
pondence in the American department, 1779/ Papers 
relating to military affairs, 1779 (partly printed)/ State 
of British troops in North America under Sir Henry 
Clinton, Jan. 1779/ Letter from George Germain to 
Sir Henry Clinton, Jan. 1779/ Letters to Leonard 
Morse from William Jackson and others, Jan. 1779/ 
Letter from Charles Lampriere to Lord Weymouth, Jan. 

1779 PRO 318/2 

E538 34/113: Letters to Jeffery Amherst from Charles 
Jenkinson, James A. Oughton, William Blackett, Hugh 
Debbieg, Henry Smith, Sir Stanier Porten, William Bel- 
ford, William Madox Richardson, Benjamin Stehelin, 
John Millar, Alexanderf?) Luders, William Fawcett, 
Lord Sandwich, Alexander MacKay, Lord Roxburgh, 

Lord Orford, Richmond, Robert Cunningham, Charles 
Garth, Henry Herbert, Lord North, and others, Feb - 
Mar 1779 (E &F)/ Papers relating to military affairs, 
1779 (partly printed)/ Letter from Colin Campbell to 
Charles Jenkinson, Feb. 1779/ Letter from Leonard 
Morse to John Boone, Feb. 1779/ Letter from John 
Boone to Leonard Morse, Feb. 1779/ Epitome of Kitt's 

rebellion, 1549/ Letter from John Robinson to Nesbltt, 
Drummond, and Fox, merchants, Oct. 1777 PRO 319/1 

E539 34/114: Papers relating to military affairs, 1779 
(partly printed)/ Letters to Jeffery Amherst from 
James Pattison, George Lane Parker, Archibald Blane, 
Charles Jenkinson, Lord Weymouth, Hugh Debbieg, John 
Wooler, Matthew Dixon, Thomas Dundas, John Robin- 
son, William Fawcett, William Burrell, James A. Ough- 
ton, Lord Barrington, Edward Mason, George Sutton, 
Richard Sheldon, William Draper, William Skinner, 
David Cairns, Robert Adair, Lord Orford, George 
MacKenzie, Duke of Argyle, Lord Adam Gordon, Lord 
North, Richard Bailey, and others, Apr. -May 1779 
(E &F)/ Sketch of part of Moushold Heath, 1779/ Let- 
ter from Amherst to Lord North, May 1779/ Letters to 
Charles Jenkinson from William Lacey and others, May 
1779 PRO 319/2 

E540 34/115: Sketches of West Point and Stony Point, 
June 1779/ Military plans and other military papers, 
June 1779/ State of British troops in England, Scotland, 
Jersey, Guernsey, and Ireland, June 1779/ Letter to 
Jeffery Amherst from Charles Jenkinson, Thomas 
Simes, William Phillips, Lord Adam Gordon, Alexander 
Stewart, William Lushington, William Twiss, George 
Lane Parker, James Pattison, James A. Oughton, Rob- 
ert Rogers, Benjamin(?) Carpenter, James Murray, 
William Draper, Duke of Richmond, Valentine Morris, 
Sir David Lindsay, William Dalrymple, William Morris, 
Sir William Lowther, William Belford, Matthew Dixon, 
Samuel Aislabie, George Townshend, Lord North, Rich- 
ard Stevens, William Roy, William Lacy, Lord Roch- 
ford, Arthur Holdsworth, William Egerton, Lockhart 
Gordon, John Egerton, and others, June 1779 (E & F)/ 
Letter from the citizens of Sunderland to Lord Adam 
Gordon, June 1779/ Letter from John Robinson to Leon- 
ard Morse, June 1779/ Letter from Lord North to Wil- 
liam Devaynes, June 1779 (printed)/ Letters from Duke 
of Newcastle to the Secretary of state and the Master 
general of Ordnance, Sept. -Dec. 1745/ Letter from 
Lord Chesterfield to the Duke of Newcastle, Oct 1745 
PRO 320/1 

E541 34/116: Papers relating to military affairs July 
1779/ Letters to Jeffery Amherst from Joseph Wall, 
Samuel Townsend, Charles Jenkinson, Duke of North- 
umberland, Sir David Lindsay, George Lane Parker, 
Valentine Morris, Lord Adam Gordon, James Murray, 
Lord North, James Hunter, Lord Sandwich, Philip Ste- 
phens, Matthew Dixon, Eyre(?) Massey, Robert Monck- 
ton, George Warde, John Willan, William Skinner, 
Lord Weymouth, William C. Campbell, Francis McNa- 
mara, William Haviland, Joseph Smith Speer, John 
Robinson, James A. Oughton, Sir Stanier Porten, Samu- 
el Tovey, Edward Radcliffe, Thomas Desaguliers, Duke 
of Richmond, and others, May-July 1779 (E & F)/ Let- 
ter from Charles Jenkinson to Duke of Northumberland, 
July 1779/ Letter from Baron Shuldham to Philip Ste- 
phens, July 1779/ Letter from Philip Stephens to 
Charles Jenkinson, July 1779/ Letters to Leonard 
Morse from Thomas Fasbrook, inhabitants of Wareham, 
and John Boddington, July 1779/ Letters to Lord Adam 
Gordon from Joshua Darwin and Joseph Cheney, July 
1779/ Letter from Amherst to Lord North, July 1779/ 
Letter from Leonard Morse to John Boddington, July 
1779 PRO 320/2 

E542 34/117: Papers relating to military affairs, Aug 
1779/ Letter from Charles Jenkinson to Duke of Graf- 
ton, Aug 1779/ Letters to Jeffery Amherst from Rob- 
ert Monckton, Lord Chesterfield, Richard Dawson, 
John Baker Holroyd, Lord North, Sir David Lindsay, 
Philip Stephens, James A Oughton, R. Pierson, 
Charles Rainsford, James Cunningham, Lord Weymouth, 
Valentine Morris, Thomas DeBurgh, Sir George Yonge, 
Jenkinson, William Grenville Hoar, Augustine Prevost, 
Lord Adam Gordon, Duke of Northumberland, George 
Jackson, George Lane Parker, Duke of Richmond, Sir 
Stanier Porten, William McCormick, William Haviland, 
Lord Sandwich, Dudley Ackland, Thomas Hyde Page, 
William Blurton, George Warde, John Gaydor, Richard 
Veale, Joshua Steele, John Bland, Robert Robinson, 
Benjamin Incledon, William C Campbell, Lord Digby, 
John Stoodly, Jr , Robert Prescott, Spencer Cowper, 
Sir William Draper, and others, Aug. 1779 (E & F)/ 
Letters to Leonard Morse from James Dagge, Charles 
Lewis Mordaunt, Souyh (?) Carleton, and John Stoodly, 
Jr. , Aug. 1779/ Letter from Amherst to Duke of 
Dartmouth, 1779 PRO 321/1 

E543 34/118: Letters to Jeffery Amherst from Charles 
Greville, Lord Poulett, Sir George Yonge, James Ham- 
lyn, Thomas Hyde Page, Arthur Molesworth, Lord 
North, Lord Weymouth, R. Pierson, Gabriel Christie, 
T. Calcraft, Sir Henry Clinton, Baron von Kutzleben, 
Charles Jenkinson, Robert Monckton, Sir William Dra- 
per, J. Johnston, Thomas DeBurgh, William Haviland, 
William McCarmick, Eyre Massey, Lord Adam Gordon, 
Hugh Debbieg, Duke of Richmond, Philip Stephens, Hugh 
Elliott, Thomas Fraser, James A. Oughton, Lord Or- 

ford, Matthew Dixon, Sir Frederick Haldimand, G. A. 
Elliott, George Lane Parker, Duke of Northumberland, 
Henry Hall, Hugh Owen, Major James Abercromby, 
Richard Dawson, James Parti son, Lewi s Valentine Fus- 
er, Robert Pringle, William Morris, Lord Rockingham, 
John Randolph, James Gardiner, Robert Prescott, and 
others, Sept -Oct. 1779 (E & F)/ Letters from Jenkin- 
son to John Burgoyne and G. A. Elliott, Sept 1779/ 
Letter from Amherst to Kutzleben, Sept. 1779/ Letters 
to Leonard Morse from John Small, Donald Monro, 
George Scott, and others, Sept 1779,' Letter from 
Valentine Morris to George Germain, Sept. 1779/ Let- 
ter from G. A. Elliott to Charles Jenkinson, Sept. 1779 
PRO 321/2 

E544 34/119: Letters to Jeffery Amherst from George 
Townshend, Lord Orford, Thomas Beckwith, Duke of 
Brunswick, Charles Jenkinson, William Haviland, Jo- 
seph Pinelll, Lord Darlington, Lord Weymouth, Lord 
Berkeley, Lord North, James A. Oughton, James Pat - 
tison, John Leland, Arthur Molesworth, Lord George 
Savlle, Lord Bateman, Robert Monckton, Lord Freder- 
ick Campbell, Lord Adam Gordon, Charles Lewis Mor- 
daunt, Duke of Richmond, John Taylor, James Murray, 
Lord Chewton, William Fawcett, Cottrell Mercier, 
Lord Chandos, Lord Poulett, William Dalrymple, Duke 
of Dorset, Gabriel Stewart, John Rutherford, Sir Fred- 
erick Haldimand, William Twiss, Lord Sandwich, Lord 
Beaufort, George Williamson, William Thornton, Cad- 
wallader Colden, Sir Stanley Porten, Archibald Camp- 
bell, Stephen Fuller, William Phillips, Philip Stephens, 
Lewis Valentine Ftfser, Benjamin Lester, and others, 
Oct. 1779-Jan. 1781 (E & F)/ Letters to Leonard Morse 
from John Stoodly, Jr. , Lord Lisburne, and George 
Smith, Oct. 1779/ Letter from Amherst to Duke of 
Brunswick, Oct. 1779/ Letters to Lord Weymouth from 
Richard Dawson, Lord Fauconberg, and others, Oct. 
1779/ Letters to William Lacy from William Bishopp, 
Samuel Stanton, George Fall, Gilbert Stanton, and oth- 
ers, Oct 1779/ Papers relating to military affairs, 
Oct. 1779/ Letter from E. Smith to William Fraser, 
Oct 1779/ Letter from Joseph Hocken to Lord Edge- 
cumbe, Oct. 1779/ Letter from Valentine Morris to 
George Germain, Oct 1779 PRO 322/1 

E545 34/120: Letters to Jeffery Amherst from Charles 
Jenkinson, Lord North, Thomas Keating, Joseph Wall, 
Thomas Jones, Robert Stanley, John Roberts, James 
Rooke, George Schneider, Matthew Dixon, Charles 
Gould, Lord Adam Gordon, Robert Pringle, John B. 
Holroyd, George Williamson, Philip Stephens, William 
Fawcett, William Haviland, George Henry Lennox, Wil- 
liam Ogle, Robert Prescott, Thomas DeGrey, Augustine 
Prevost, Lord Stormont, Lord George Germain, Ralph 
Phillips, Joseph Pinelli, Mark Gregory, John Spottis- 
woode, Eyre Massey, Thomas Fitzherbert, Richard At- 
kinson, Samuel Long, Edward Wilkinson, James Robin- 
son, and others, Nov 1779/ Letter from John Bodding- 
ton to John Taylor, Nov. 1779 (E & F)/ Minutes of Ja- 
maica conference of planters and merchants, Nov. 1779/ 
Letter from Lord Mulgrave to Lord Sandwich, Nov. 
1779/ Letters to Leonard Morse from M. Lewis and 
John Roberts, Nov. 1779/ Letter from Mark Gregory 
to the Commissioners of the Navy, Nov. 1779/ Letter 
from Charles Jenkinson to Sir Robert Boyd, Nov. 1779 
PRO 322/2 

E546 34/121: Letters to Jeffery Amherst from Joseph 
Pinelli, Harry Gordon, Hugh Owen, William Draper, 
Lord North, the Jamaica planters, George Williamson, 
William Haviland, Lord Hillsborough, John B. Holroyd, 
Henry Seymour Conway, Charles Grey, Joseph Wall, 
William Morris, Lord Weymouth, Robert Monckton, Lof- 
tus Anthony Tottenham, Samuel Strutt, James Adolphus 
Oughton, Charles Jenkinson, Richard Bailey, David 
Hay, Matthew Dixon, Hugh Debbieg, William Powell, 
Thomas Haggitt, William Harcourt, John Wright, Wil- 
liam Stiell, Duke of Northumberland, William Phillips, 
Sir Robert Pigot, Valentine Morris, Thomas Johnes, 
Lord Orford, John Stanton, John Boddington, George 
LeHunte, Thomas Keating, James Crawford, Sir Rich- 
ard Sutton, James Mark Prevost, Robert Prescott, 
Charles Rainsford, Lord Frederick Campbell, Lord 
Adam Gordon, Richard Atkinson, Duke of Richmond, 
Alexander Shaw, Augustine Prevost, and others, Sept. - 
Dec. 1779 (E & F)/ Letter from Thomas Lamb to 
Charles Jenkinson, Dec. 1779/ Letter from George 
Williamson to Mr. Bates, Dec. 1779/ Letters to Leon- 
ard Morse from Robert Cunningham, Donald Monro, and 
others, Dec. 1779/ Letter from Amherst to Sir William 
Lemon, Dec. 1779/ Letter from Edward Woodward to 
Sir Adam Williamson, Dec. 1779 PRO 323/1 

E547 34/122: Petition, with enclosures, of Council and 
Assembly of Jamaica to the King, Dec. 1773-Dec. 1779/ 
Letters to Leonard Morse from William Knox, William 
Bishopp, Henry C. Selby, and others, Jan. 1780,' Let- 
ters to jeffery Amherst from Charles Rainsford, Jo- 
seph Wall, Lord Stormont, Alexander McKay, Lord 
Sandwich, William Haviland, William Amherst, William 
Knox, Redmond Kelly, Robert Monckton, William Ogle, 
Benjamin Stehelin Pp' "'ward Thornton, 

,.,. ioneu, Hotiert Kingston, Thomas Grenvllle, 
Mrs. Eliza Newton, John Wooler, Lord Poulett, Lord 
Hillsborough, James Murray, James Inglis, William 
King, John Wright, Henry Budd, William Draper, Earl 
of Dorset, Sir Robert Boyd, and others, Jan. 1780/ 

Proposals to Amherst for raising levies and answers to 
proposals, Nov. 1778-Dec. 1779/ Letter from Sir John 
Irwin to Sir Richard Heron, Jan. 1780/ Letters to John 
Boddington from Robert Lukin and K. Rusden, Jan. 1780/ 
Letter from Thomas Robson to George Germain, Jan. 
1780/ Letter from Henry Budd to Henry Seymour Con- 
way, Jan. 1780 PRO 323/2 

E548 34/123: Letters to Jeffery Amherst from Robert 
Donkin, William Haviland, Charles Jenkinson, Stephen 
Fuller, Lord North, Jamaica planters, William Fullar- 
ton, Thomas MacKenzie Humberston, George Grenville, 
Lord Fauconberg, Charles Rainsford, Anthony St. 
Leger, Lord Stormont, William Draper, Thomas 
Dundas, William Roy. John Wooler, John B. Holroyd, 
Robert Boyd, Duke of Atholl, William Fawcett, Earl of 
Hillsborough, Thomas Keating, Joseph Pinelli, Joseph 
M. Da Costa, John Vaughan, Lord Sandwich, Paulus 
Emilius Irving, John Bedford, John Rowe, Paul Collin, 
William Bishopp, Samuel Stanton, Gilbert Stanton, Wil- 
liam Lacy, James Hugonin, Thomas Dade, John Stanton, 
Hugh Debbieg, and others, Feb. 1780 (E & F)/ Letter 
from Valentine Morris to George Germain, Feb. 1780/ 
Letters to Leonard Morse from M. B. Cox, Dundas 
Thomas DeGrey, Joseph Wall, Lord Adam Gordon, 
Richard Whyte, Feb. 1780/ Letter from Richard Dyott 
to Lord Paget, Feb. 1780/ Letter from E. R. Rule to 
John Pine, Feb. 1780/ Letter from Joseph Wall to It. 
Fall, Feb. 1780/ Letter from John Reid to Arthur 
Mair, Feb. 1780/ Letter from David Alexander Grant 
to Edward Foy, Feb. 1780/ Papers relating to military 
affairs, 1780 PRO 324/1 

E549 34/125: Letters to Jeffery Amherst from Thomas 
Jarrett, Philip Stephens, John Maxwell, John Wheble, 
William Skinner, Lord Orford, William Haviland, Lord 
Adam Gordon, Gabriel Christie, Lord Stormont, Lord 
Hillsborough, Alexander Mackay, Donald Monro, James 
Mark Prevost, Charles Jenkinson, John Wooler, 
Charles Wildbore, William Fawcett, Charles Rainsford, 
Stephen Cotterell, Thomas Keating, R. Peirson, J. Nich- 
ell, Joseph Brome, Robert Rotton, Robert Monckton, 
Thomas Twisleton, Stephen Kemble, William Sorrell, 
George Calabeck, Henry Budd, George Lane Parker, 
Matthew Dixon, Lord North, Stephen Fuller, Simon 
Fraser, William Style, George Germain, George Mor- 
rison, James Rooke, George Grenville, and others, 
May-June 1780 (E & F)/ Letter from Amherst to Dixon, 
May 1780/ Letters from Alexander Mackay to Lord 
Stormont, May, 1780/ Letter from James Hunter Blair 
to Alexander Mackay, May 1780/ Letter from B. Bab- 
ington to Lt. Col. Williamson, May 1780/ Letters to 
Leonard Morse from John Waugh and A. Gray, May- 
June 1780/ Letter from Pitt Collet to Mr. Coggan, 
June 1780/ Petition to Board of Ordnance by William 
Moore, John Smyth, Thomas Gale, June 1780/ Papers 
relating to military affairs, 1780 PRO 324/2 

E550 34/126: Papers relating to military affairs, July- 
Aug. 1780/ Letters to George Germain from Valentine 
Morris and Brook Watson, July-Aug. 1780/ Letters 
to Jeffery Amherst from John Dalling, George Herbert 
Adams, Joseph Wall, Brook Watson, Lord Cornwallis, 
John Small, James Balfour, Charles Jenkinson, Lord 
Hillsborough, William Style, William Sorrell, R. Peir- 
son, Gabriel Christie, Lord Adam Gordon, Thomas 
Haggitt, Stanier Porten, Robert Monckton, Lord Fife, 
George Grenville, George Lane Parker, Earl of Orford, 
William Haviland, Robert Adair, Arthur Todd, John 
Knill, Alexander Mackay, John Ebers, Hugh Debbieg, 
George Townshend, William Skinner, John Cochran, 
William Fullarton, William Gardiner, Sir John Irwin, 
Joseph Brome, George Garth, Alexander Dickson, Thom 
as DeGrey, Samuel Zobel, Thomas Pitts, John Crawford, 
John Weeks Thompson, Robert Boyd, Charles Rains- 
ford, John Murray, Sir William Draper, and others, 
July-Aug. 1780/ Letters to Leonard Morse from John 
Boddington, William Knox, and John (?) Parish, July- 
Aug. 1780/ Letter from Duke of Richmond to Jenkin- 
son, July 1780/ Letters from Amherst to the Lord 
Chancellor and Jenkinson, July-Aug. 1780/ Letter from 
Joseph Dussaux to Lt. Hardyman, Aug. 1780/ Letter 
from John Boddington to Dickson, Aug. 1780 PRO 

E551 34/127: Papers relating to military affairs, 1780/ 
Letters to Jeffery Amherst from Thomas Keating, Wil- 
liam Phillips, R. Peirson, William Haviland, Lord Ad- 
am Gordon, James Mark Prevost, William Knox, Lord 
Hillsborough, Studholme Hodgson, Leonard Hamond, 
James Brome, Thomas Clarke, Baron Otto deDrewitz, 
Earl of Orford, Charles Rainsford, Charles Jenkinson, 
John Dalling, Lord Stormont, West Hyde, George Ger- 
main, Gabriel Christie, George Williamson, Thomas 
Simes, George Lane Parker, Arthur Todd, Joseph Wall, 
Abraham Tovey, Francis MacKenzie Humberston, Hec- 
tor Munro, William Peacocke, M. Corbet, George Town 
shend, John George Harris, Henry Budd, George Gren- 
ville, Simon Fraser, William Twiss, Lord Adam Gor- 
don, Sir George Savile. Andrew Cathcart, Sir Charles 
Gould, Lord North, and others, Sept. -Oct. 1780 
(E & F)/ Letter from Leonard Morse to Lord Adam 
Gordon, Sept. 1780/ Letter from George Schneider to 
Leonard Morse, Sept. 1780/ Letter from Ralph Phil- 
lips to John Dalling, Oct. 1780 PRO 326/1 

E552 34/128: Letters to Jeffery Amherst from Brook 
Watson, Robert Pringle, George Grenville, George 
Germain, George Townshend, Thomas Hyde Page, Wil- 
liam Style, Lord North, Charles Jenkinson, John Ruth- 
erford, William Haviland, William Twiss, Lord Hills- 
borough, A. G. Haynes, Robert Boyd, Thomas Fau- 
quier, John Rowe, George Johnstone, Lockhart Gordon, 
Lord Sandwich, Robert Monckton, John Dalling, James 
Mark Prevost, and others, Nov. -Dec. 1780/ Letter 
from Amherst to Grenville, Nov. 1780/ Letter from 
John Parish to Richard Sollitt, Nov. 1780/ Letters to 
Leonard Morse from Alexander McKay and Benjamin 
Thompson, Dec. 1780/ Lists of promotions and other 
papers relating to military affairs, 1780/ Letters from 
John Maunsell to George Townshend, Dec. 1780 PRO 

E553 34/129: Papers relating to military affairs, 1781 
(partly printed)/ Letters to Jeffery Amherst from Wil- 
liam Haviland, Robert Monckton, Charles Jenkinson, 
William Congreve, Lord Hillsborough, Valentine Morris, 
George Grenville, James Cunningham, Patrick Graham, 
Gabriel Christie, George Williamson, Henry Phillips, 
William Style, Philip Stephens, William Hislop, John 
Rutherford, Alexander Mackay, John Travis, James 
Tindall, WiUiam Phillips, Sir James Caldwell, James 
Murray, Samuel Ray, Cadwallader Colden, Charles 
Grey, Francis MacKenzie Humberston, Lord Stormont, 
and others, Jan. 1781/ Letters to Leonard Morse from 
Benjamin)?) Roberts, William Knox, Hugh(?) Douglas, 
Benjamin Thompson, and Philip (?) Stephens, Jan. 
1781/ Letter from Lord Hillsborough to James Stuart, 
Jan. 1781/ Letter from Amherst to William Phillips, 
Jan. 1781/ Letter from Leonard Morse to John Bod- 
dington, Jan. 1781 PRO 327/1 

E554 34/130: Letters to Jeffery Amherst from Alexan- 
der Colquhoun, James Cunningham, Charles Jenkinson, 
Lord Stormont, Alexander Mackay, Lord Townshend, 
Gabriel Christie, Valentine Morris, Robert Montresor, 
George Grenville, Lord Mayor of London, Edward 
Goate, Herbert Whitfield, Christopher Wilson, Earl of 
Orford, Charles Rainsford, John Williamson, Sir 
Charles Gould, Lord Sandwich, Lord North, Lord Llgo- 
nier, Lockhart Gordon, Edward Mason, John Dalling, 
Benedict Chastanier, William Blackett, William Sorrell, 
James Mark Prevost, Lord Adam Gordon, Thomas De 
Burgh, Ferdinand of Brunswick, Augustine Prevost, 
James Bramham, George Scott, Robert Stanley, Rich- 
ard Veale, Robert Monckton, William Johnstone, Hugh 
Debbieg, Thomas Clavering, and others, Feb. 1781 
(E & F)/ Letters to Leonard Morse by W. Ph. Colyear 
Robertson, William Knox, Sir Stanier Porten, Richard 
Whyte, Thomas Hall, William Morris, Richard Bailey, 
John Powell, Abraham Tovey, and Alexander Shaw, Feb. 
1781/ Papers relating to military affairs, 1781/ Let- 
ters from Sir Henry Clinton to George Germain, Feb. 
1781/ Letter from Leonard Morse to Benjamin Thomp- 
son, Feb. 1781/ Letter from John Robinson to William 
Knox, Feb. 1781 PRO 327/2 

E555 34/131: Letter from George Germain to Sir Henry 
Clinton, Mar. 1781/ Letters to Jeffery Amherst from 
Lord Hillsborough, Alexander Mackay, William Phillips, 
Charles Jenkinson, Philip Stephens, Samuel Mostyn, 
Lord Orford, Thomas Hyde Page, Matthew Dixon, Thom- 
as James, John Vaughan, Thomas DeBurgh, Lord Ons- 
low, Gabriel Christie, William Ashe, Samuel Kemp- 
thorne, Matthew Cox, Lord Sandwich, Richard Veale, 
Sir Thomas Rumbold, Michael Whyte, Earl of March- 
mont. Thomas Shirley, Sir George Osborn, Lord Stor- 
mont, Charles Rainsford, Guy Carleton, Lord Barring- 
ton, John Reld, Lord North, James Nicholson, William 
Blackett, Stephen CottereU, Lord Germain, and others, 
Mar. 1781/ Papers relating to the East India Company, 
1753-1769/ Letter from Samuel Kempthorne to Sir Jo- 
seph Yorke, Mar. 1781 Letters to Leonard Morse 
from Philip Stephens, Samuel Townshend, Thomas Clav- 
ering, Anthony Haslam, Sir Stanier Porten, and John 
Campbell, Mar. 1781 PRO 328/1 

E556 34/132: Letters to Jeffery Amherst from Sir 

Charles Gould, Henry Seymour Conway, Charles Jenkin- 
son, Charles Lewis Mordaunt, Henry Dundas, Thomas(?) 
Hall, William Haviland, Philip Crespigny, Alexander 
Mackay, Lord Frederick Campbell, William Winter, 
Griffith Williams, Lord Hillsborough, Andrew Stuart, 
Matthew Dixon, William Lyon, Herbert Whitfield, Fran- 
cis MacKenzie, Gabriel Christie, Richard Bailey, Lord 
Orford, William Fawcett, Alexander Howe, Lord Corn- 
wallis, Michael Obins, William Medows, Lord Hard- 
wicke, John CaH, William Martin, John Dalling, 
William Roy, John Vaughan, Edward Smith, William 
Hislop, Abraham Tovey, Lord Salisbury, George Sutton, 
Duke of Northumberland, Jeffery Amherst H, William 
Tryon, Lord Adam Gordon, and others, Apr. 1781 (E & 
F)/ Papers relating to military affairs, 1781 (E & F) 
Letters to Leonard Morse from Lord Adam Gordon, 
Alexander Shaw, Alexander Campbell, Sir William 
Draper, Sir George Savile, and others, Apr. 1781 
Letter from Amherst to George III, Apr. 1781 Letter 
from Duke of Beaufort to James Rooke, Apr. 1781/ 
Letter from William Eden to Sir Stanier Porten. Apr. 
1781/ Letter from William (?) Dalrymple to the East 
India Company, Apr. 1781/ Copy of General Advertiser 
and Morning Intelligencer, Apr. 24, 1780 PRO 32S 2 

E557 34/133: Letters to Jeffery Amherst from G A 
Eliott, Lord Nugent Temple, William Arobrey, Alex- 
ander Mackay, C F Grevllle, John Vaughan, Lord 
Hillsborough, Charles Jenklnson, Wetwang March, Rob- 
ert T. Pine, Alexander Howe, Ralph (?) Abercromby, 
William Fawcett, Lord Adam Gordon, James Stuart, 
William Lacy, James Murray, Sir William James, John 
Watson, Gabriel Christie, William Tryon, Lord Salis- 
bury, John Dalling, Frederick George MacMaster, Earl 
of Pembroke, Samuel Townsend, William Haviland, Sir 
Charles Gould, Charles Rainsford, James Urquhart, 
Lord Oriord, Richard Veale, Henry Hope, James Hugo- 
nin, and others, May 1781 (E & F)/ Letters to Leonard 
Morse from Arthur Mair, James Hugonin, John Parish, 
Alexander Howe, Robert Boyd, Lord Adam Gordon, 
Sir Stanier Porten, Samuel Townsend, William Knox, 
James Parsons, and others, May 1781/ Letter from 
Thomas Monat to Alexander Mackay, May 1781 PRO 

E558 34/134: 12 letters to Jeffery Amherst from Wil- 
liam Haviland, June 1781/ Letters to Leonard Morse 
from Samuel Townsend, 1 ord Adam Gordon, Sir Stanier 
Porten, James Stuart, William Knox, John Archer, Ben- 
jamin Thompson, Thomas Hay, and others, June 1781/ 
Letters to Amherst from Lord Adam Gordon, Lord 
Stormont, James Stuart, Thomas Reeve, Charles Rains- 
ford, Duke of Argyll, William Fawcett, James Urquhart, 
Alexander Mackay, Edward Maxwell, John Dalling, 
George Lane Parker, John Cartwright, George F. Tuf- 
nell, Sir Watkin Williams Wynn, Thomas Hyde Page, 
Charles Jenkinson, Desmond Dumford, Knipe Gobbet, 
John Jackson, Thomas James, Henry Phillips, John 
Eden, Thomas Gage, James Preston, Lord Pembroke, 
Samuel Townsend, William Tryon, William Lacy, John 
Russell, Kenneth Mackenzie, Griffith Williams, Lord 
Napier, Duke of Dorset, Hugh Debbieg, Lord Hillsbor- 
ough, Thomas Poplett, George Brydges Rodney, George 
Garth, and others, June 1781 (E & F) PRO 329/2 

E559 34/135: Letters to Jeffery Amherst from Thomas 
Gage, Lord Orford, John Campbell, Thomas G. Browne, 
Lord Adam Gordon, Alexander Mackay, Samuel Cleve- 
land,Hugh Debbieg, James Urquhart, George Lane Park- 
er, Glynn Wynn, William Haviland, Joseph Wall, Lord 
Hillsborough, Lord Chancellor, Arthur Kinsley, William 
Draper, Richard Veale, James Bramham, William Aro- 
brey, WilllanrLacy, William Tryon, Philip Stephens, 
Lord Stormont, William Twiss, Lord^Hardwicke, 
George Forster Tufnell, George Williamson, Samuel 
Tovey, John Stewart, William Style, Francis Lascelles, 
Duke Ferdinand of Brunswick, Charles Gould, Thomas 
Hyde Page, Herbert Whitfield, Charles Wasser, George 
Hart, John Vaughan, Harry Gordon, William Wynne, 
James Wallace, George Schneider, Charles Jenkinson, 
G. A. Elliot, John Montagu Clarke, Augustine Prevost, 
Charles Grey, William Martin, William Medows, Thom- 
as C Everitt, Robert Monckton, Lord Charles Montagu, 
and others, July 1781 (E & F)/ Letters to Leonard 
Morse from Robert Rlddell, Samuel Townsend, Charles 
Rainsford, Kenneth Mackenzie, Samuel Mostyn, Harry 
Gordon, Lord Manchester, Thomas Hyde Page, Lord 
Bateman, and others, July 1781/ Letter from John Bod- 
dlngton to John Nicholson, July 1781/ Papers relating 
to military affairs, July 1781/ Letter from William 
Tryon to Mayor of Yarmouth, July 1781 PRO 330/1 

E560 34/136: Letters to Jeffery Amherst from John 
Vaughan, Gabriel Christie, John Campbell, Lord Hills- 
borough, Lord Townshend, Charles Jenkinson, John 
Downing, Charles Rainsford, 3r Guy Carleton, Augus- 
tine Prevost, Domenlco(?) Angelo, George Forster Tuf- 
nell, Stephen Cotterell, George Henry Lennox, John Bod 
dington, Sir Charles Gould, William James, Chairman 
of East India House, Richard Phlllipson, John Kenrick, 
Duke of Dorset, Watkin Lewes, John Drummond, Wil- 
liam Tryon, George Lane Parker, Alexander Mackay, 
Thomas Gage, C. DeLaunay, Charles Baillie, Lord 
Mayor of London, George Williamson, James Urquhart, 
George Grey, William Jolliffe, William Cooper, Wil- 
liam Style, Lord Beauchamp, Lord Sandwich, Joseph 
Brome, Lord Argyll, Lord Pembroke, William Havi- 
land, James Mark Prevost, Thomas Hyde Page, Wil- 
liam Martin, Arthur Holdsworth, Archibald Campbell, 
William Dalrymple, John Burgoyne, Lord Stormont, 
Francis Rodd, Lord Edgcumbe, Charles Henchman, 
George Germain, Lord Charles Spencer, Lord Napier, 
James Malcolm, Johr Dalling, and others , Aug. 1 781 
(E & F)/ Letters to Leonard Morse from Samuel Town- 
send, Lord Adam Gordon, Joseph Brome, Francis 
Whitworth, Robert Rlddell, Alexander Shaw, James 
Urquhart, and others, Aug. 1781/ Letter from David 
Ross to William Fawcett, Aug. 1781/ Papers relating 
to matters of ordnance PRO 330/2 

E561 34/137: 17 letters to Jeffery Amherst from Wil- 
liam Haviland, Sept. 1781/ Papers relating to military 
affairs, 1781/ Letters to Jeffery Amherst from Charles 
Lewis Mordaunt, G. A. Elliot, Lord Adam Gordon, 
Richard North, William Style, Samuel Mostyn, Thomas 
Hyde Page, George Lane Parker, John Cochran, Robert 
Monckton, Charles Rainsford, William Tryon, Lord 
Sandwich, Henry Prlngle, David Ross, William McCarm 
ick, George Forster Tufnell, Thomas Johnes, Griffith 
Williams, James Preston, George Henry Lennox, Fran- 
cis Rodd, Thomas Gage, George Scott, John Jackson, 
Lord Hillsborough, George Grenville, Lord Orford, 

George Harrington, John Reid, John Desborow, Charles 
Jenkinson, Lord Germain, William Stopford, Publius 
Emillus Irving, Charles Douglas, Richard Whyte, Lord 
Pembroke, Philip Stephens, James Cunningham, Samu- 
el Glbbs, Joseph Gorham, William Dalrymple, Lord 
Bateman, Kenneth Mackenzie, Sir Charles Gould, Lord 
North, Joseph Haslewood, Charles Watson Ward, Rob- 
ert Sandford, Hugh Debbieg, James Malcolm, John Dal- 
ling, and others, Sept. 1781 (E & F)/ Letters from Am- 
herst to John (?) Reid, Stopford, and Col. Rowley, Sept. 
1781/ Letters to Leonard Morse from Leonard Mun- 
nlngs, Lord Adam Gordon, John Walsh, and others, 
Sept. 1781 PRO 331/.1 

E562 34/138: 12 letters to Jeffery Amherst from Wil- 
liam Haviland. Oct. 1781/ Papers relating to military 
affiars, 1781/ Letters to Amherst from Thomas Gage, 
William Tryon, Charles Rainsford, George Harrington, 
John Dalrymple, Cox, Mair & Cox, William Peacocke, 
George Lane Parker, Richard Worsley, Robert Sand- 
ford, Griffith Williams, George Browne, John Godwin, 
John Drinkwater, Charles Lewis Mordaunt, Henry Prin- 
gle, Lord Poulett, Thomas Hyde Page, Arthur Vansit- 
tart, Hugh Debbieg, Lord Adam Gordon, George Mawby, 
Robert Monckton, Charles Stuart, William Style, Wil- 
liam Phillips, Samuel BalckweU, Duke of Northumber- 
land, Chairman of East India House, Matthew Dixon, 
Lord Townshend, Charles Jenkinson, James Urquhart, 
George Sutton, Loftus Anthony Tottenham, James Gil- 
bert, Lord Sheffield, Lord Pembroke, Thomas Keating, 
Henry Seymour Conway, Lord Orford, Forbes Macbean, 
William Twiss, Robert Hinde, Charles Grey, John Bur- 
goyne, James Francis Erskine, John Cooper, Joseph 
Brome, Frederick Haldimand, Duke of Beaufort, James 
West, George Savile, Alexander Walker, John Camp- 
bell, Lord Cork, Sir Charles Gould, George Grenville, 
Sir Alexander Purves, John Jackson, Sir William Drap- 
er, John Reid, David Ross, Robert Lumsdaine, Publius 
Emilius Irving, and others, Oct. 1781 (E & F)/ Letters 
to Leonard Morse from Samuel Townsend, William Knox, 
Samuel Wilks, Lord Sheffield, WiUlam Rowley, and 
others, Oct. 1781/ Letters from Lord Carlisle to Lord 
Hillsborough, Oct. 1781/ Letter from Alexander Mackay 
to Charles Jenkinson, Oct. 1781/ Letter from Amherst 
to James Francis Erskine, Oct. 1781 PRO 332/1 

E563 34/139: 13 letters to Jeffery Amherst from Wil- 
liam Haviland, Nov. 1781/ Letters to Amherst from 
Lord Hillsborough, Duke Ferdinand of Brunswick, 
George Lane Parker, James Francis Erskine, Cox, 
Mair & Cox, James Malcolm, Hugh Debbieg, Lord 
Adam Gordon, Francis Rodd, William Tryon, Simon 
Fraser, Sir Charles Gould, James Lowther, Arthur 
Kinsley, Baron Alvensleben, Henry (?) Bruen, Thomas 
Hyde Page, Robert Monckton, Sir Charles Farnaby, 
William Martin, Joseph Mendes Da Costa, William Dal- 
rymple, Sir William Draper, Henry Prlngle, James 
Murray, Benjamin Roberts, James Urquhart, Robert 
Murray Keith, Arthur Preston, James Pattison, Phil- 
lip Stephens, John McDoneU, Bernard Ratzer, Nathan- 
iel Cooke, James Baliour, Colin Campbell, Gabriel 
Christie, John Dalling, Archibald Campbell, George 
Garth, Lord Salisbury, John Storie, Alexander Adair, 
William Style, Charles Abraham Du Pasquier, Samuel 
Stanton, Alexander Dickson, Lord Pembroke, Henry 
Smith, Sir Thomas Wilson, Alexander Lennox, John 
Burgoyne, John Hamilton, Benjamin Piper, John Wil- 
liams, John Jackson, David Ross, Loftus Anthony 
Tottenham, Robert Robinson, John St. Leger, Lockhart 
Gordon, and others, Nov. 1781 (E & F)/ Papers relate 
ing to military affairs, 1781/ Letters from Amherst to 
Erskine and the King, Nov. 1781/ Letters to Leonard 
Morse from Robert Riddell, Francis Carleton, Harry 
Gordon, John Fisher, Lord Sheffield, Joseph Sharpe, 
Roberts, John Hale, Stephens, Samuel Mostyn, Henry 
Hope, Samuel Townsend, and others, Nov. 1781/ Let- 
ters from Lord Carlisle to Lord Hillsborough, Nov. 
1781/ Letter from Archibald Farrlngton to James Pat- 
tison, Nov. 1781/ Letter from William Eden to Charles 
Jenkinson, Nov. 1781/ King's spaech to Parliament and 
address in reply, Nov. 1781 PRO 332/2 

E564 34/140: Letters to Jeffery Amherst from Innkeep- 
ers of Woolwich, Stephen Cotterell, Charles Jenkinson, 
William Yorke, William Picton, William Kettle, James 
Francis Erskine, William Haviland, Ann Harris, Mau- 
rice Carr, Baron Alvensleben, William Knox, Samuel 
Townsend, John Whitefoord, Christian Ackermann, Fer- 
dinand, duke of Brunswick, Benjamin Stehelin, William 
Style, John Burgoyne, Samuel Stanton, Sir Archibald 
Campbell, Charles Abraham Du Pasquier, Cox, Mair 
& Cox, Henry Pringle, Philip Stephens, Agar Weetman, 
John Gibson, Alleyne Fitzherbert, John Reid, Charles 
Rainsford, William Fawcett, Lord Hardwicke, Duncan 
Urquhart, Lord Hillsborough, Matthew Cox, Robert 
Cunningham, and others, Dec. 1-14, 1781 (E & F)/ Pe- 
tition of Du Pasquier to the King/ Papers relating to 
military affairs, 1781/ Letters from Amherst to Er- 
skine and Lord Carlisle, Dec. 1781-Jan. 1782/ Letters 
to Leonard Morse from John Fisher, Robert Riddell, 
Samuel Townsend, Francis Carleton, and others, Dec. 1 
14, 1781/ Letter from Lord Carlisle to Lord Hillsbor- 
ough, Dec. 1781 PRO 333/1 

E565 34/141: Letters co Leonard Morse from William 
Knox, Alexander Mackay, Samuel Townsend, Secretary 
of East India House, Richard Bailey, Thomas Clayton, 
Samuel Wilks, and others, Dec. 15-31, 1781/ Letters 

to Jeffery Amherst from James Bramham, Gabriel 
Christie, Lord Sheffield, William Haviland, William 
Style, Charles Rainsford, William Roy, Lord Adam 
Gordon, William Reade, Richard Nash Young, Lord 
Townshend, John Whitfoord, Lord Balcarres, Thomas 
Wall, Charles Jenkinson, Duke of Beaufort, Richard 
Bailey, John St. Leger, Joseph F. W. Desbarres, 
George Henry Lennox, William Green, Bernard Ratzer, 
Jonas Watson, Preston Long, Lockhart Gordon, Samuel 
Townsend, Robert Sloper, Ann Leyborne, John Burgoyne, 
James Urquhart, Francis Carleton, William Rowley, 
Francis Heath, John Wood, Jeffery Amherst H, Robert 
Walters, Hunt Walsh, John Strutt, Alexander Walker, 
Samuel Mostyn, Nicholas Dobree, and others, Dec. 15- 
31, 1781 (E & F)/ Letter from Lord Carlisle to Lord 
Hillsborough, Dec. 1781/ Letter from Amherst to 
George m, Jan. 1782 PRO 333/2 

E566 34/142: Letters to Jeffery Amherst from John 
Godwin, Lord Hillsborough, Charles Jenkinson, James 
Pitcher, John Jackson, William Haviland, Charles 
Rainsford, John Boddington, John Burgoyne, Francis 
Lascelles, Charles Douglas, Charles Hall, John Whyte, 
Abraham Du Pasquier, Robert Skene, Daniel Morony, 
Thomas CoUins, Thomas Maude, Lord Adam Gordon, 
Philip Stephens, Lord North, Robert Adair, George 
Germain, Thomas Hall, Lord Carlisle, Andrew Stuart, 
John (?) Parish, Thomas Gamble, James Robertson, 
William Dalison, David Pryce, George McKenzie, 
George Grenville, William Green, and others, Jan. 
1782 (E & F)/ Letters to Leonard Morse from C. Mich- 
ell and Richard Baily, Jan. 1782/ Letters to Lord Hills- 
borough from Lord Carlisle, L. Sulivan, and William 
James, Jan. 1782/ Papers relating to a Court of Inquiry 
concerning recruiting held July 27, 1781 and to other 
military affairs, 1782/ Thomas Maude. Poems dedi- 
cated to Lord and Lady Amherst, 1782 PRO 334/1 

E567 34/143: Letters to Jeffery Amherst from James 
Murray, Henry Pringle, Lord Barrington, William 
Haviland, Hugh Debbieg, Charles Jenkinson, Abraham 
Du Pasquier, Charles Rainsford, Edward Madden, Sir 
William Draper, Thomas(?) Bruce, Sir John Burgoyne, 
W. Tod, John Crauford, William Peacocke, Lord Sand- 
wich, Lord North, John Wright, Andrew Edhouse, Lord 
HiUsborough, Edward Windus, John Drummond, Her- 
bert Jones, Griffith Williams, John Vaughan, Lord Stor- 
mont, Edward Fage, George Grenville, Samuel Kemp- 
thorn, Lord Fairfax, Earl of Orford, Charles Gould, 
Edward Mathew, Lord Hawke, John Godwin, Lord Town- 
shend, John Kenrick, Thomas Gregory, William Martin, 
Eyre Massey, Lord Shelburne, Charles James Fox, 
John Drouly, Philip Stephens, John Reid, Lord Rich- 
mond, John G. Griffin, James Francis Erskine, Thom- 
as Gage, and others, Feb. -Dec. 1782 (E & F)/ Letters 
to Lord Hillsborough from Murray and Pringle, Feb. - 
Mar. 1782/ Letters to Murray from Prlngle and Rains- 
ford, Feb. 1782/ Letters to Leonard Morse from W. 
Bethel Cox, Samuel Townsend, Amherst, John(?) Spot- 
tiswoode, and others, Feb. -Oct. 1762/ Letter from 
Amherst to Crauford, Feb. 1782/ Papers relating to 
military affairs, 1782 PRO 334/2 

E568 34/144: Papers relating to military affairs, 1771- 
1778/ Letters to Lord Barrington from R. Browne, 
Henry Thurloe Shadwell, William Howe, and Ross & 
Gray, Jan. 1772-June 1778/ Letters from R. Browne 
to Josias Paterson and Col. O'Hara, Jan. -Mar. 1772/ 
Letters from Lord Barrington to George Blount, Wil- 
liam Dalrymple, and William Pawlett, July 1772-Sept. 
1777/ Letters to Jeffery Amherst from James(?) Pri- 
dell, John Dalling, James Mark Prevost, Charles 
Cooke, Patrick Tonyn, Timothy Hlerliky, George Dun- 
bar, William Stiell, Henry Gladwin, Nicholas Dobree, 
John Burgoyne, Alexander Colquhoun, John Egerton, 
Sir William Draper, John Hale, Nicholas Boscawen, 
Gabriel Christie, Edward Nankener, R. Sloper, Wil- 
liam Harcourt, David Graeme, Thomas P. CUnton, 
Lord Robert Manners, John Reid, Samuel Pintard, 
Lewis Duff, David Calder, Richard Whitworth, WUliam 
Roberts, Thomas Hewitson, Thomas Dundas, Lord 
Lisburne, G. Martin Leake, Thomas Byron, Lord John 
Murray, Lord Dorset, William Morrice, Lord Manches- 
ter, Robert Robinson, Charles Menzies, John Macken- 
zie, Sir John Whitefoord, Henry Grey, James Cunning- 
ham, Edward Mason, Ralph Phillips, Robert Cunning- 
ham, Cox & Mair, Sir Thomas Wilson, James Meyrick, 
Sir Thomas Shirley, Mrs. Mary Wade, C. HorsfaU, 
James Abercromby, Francis Mackay, Lord Hope, Ar- 
thur Mair, Alexander Maitland, Robert Monckton, Hugh 
Debbieg, Alexander Duff, Sir John Mordaunt, James 
Gifford, Peter Bathurst, John I.lylne, Lord Dunmore, 
Henry Herbert, Lord Charles Greville Montagu, Thom- 
as Osbert Mordaunt, Lord Romney, Thomas Cecill 
MaunseU, Thomas Keating, William Hamilton, Schaw 
Grosett, Henry Maister, Ralph Milbanke, William 
Blakeney, Robert Hughes, James Carmichael Smyth, 
George Lane Parker, Stanhope Harvey, Noel Hill, 
David Davles, Thomas Dowdeswell, Henry Davics, Mat- 
thew Dixon, Sir John Moore, Thomas Willis, Archibald 
Dow, Lord Derby, William Henry Drayton, Thomas 
Meike, Charles Morgan, Jonathan Furlong, Dalrymple, 
Lord Barrington, Dudley Ackland, George Bastide, 
John mery Metham, Johr Halley 

John Mackley, Thomas Bickerton, John Desborow, Jo- 
seph Brome, William Dundas, Lord Devonshire, Gama- 
liel Milner, Lord Hertford, Alexander Buchanan, 
George Henry Lennox, John Money, Ross & Gray, 

Lewis Locke, B. Carpenter, John Waugh, Robert Boyd, 
William Rlchardaon, Lord Darlington, John Robins, 
James Johnston, John Pritchard, David Lindsay, Ed- 
ward Crosby, Edward Mason, Thomas Birch, Charles 
Crosbie, Augustine Prevost, Alexander Stewart, Simon 
Fraser, George Etherington, Lord Huntingdon, Ben 
Gordon, David Ogllvy, Alexander Grant, Lord Kingsale, 
William Morris, Edward Brereton, G. Morrison, Wil- 
liam McCarniick, William Hislop, Samuel Leslie, 
George Warde, V'llliam Amherst, Peter Craig, George 
Wade, J. Ross Mackye, Henry Dundas, John Maxwell, 
Duke of Atholl, Sir Joseph Yorke, John Harrison, 
Charles Bourke, Sir James A. Oughton, Duke of Mon- 
tagu, Archibald McNab, James Harris, John Weir, John 
Hall, Lord Cadogan, and others, Dec. 1777-June 1778 
(E & F)/ Letters to Leonard Morse from John Stanton, 
Arthur Rose, Sir Adam Williamson, Alexander Mackay, 
and Meyrick, Apr. -June 1778/ Letters to George in 
from Thomas Fraser, Byron, John Barlow, George But- 
ricke, and James Barber, Sept. 1777-June 1778/ Let- 
ter from Matthew Lewis to Richard Shadwell, Feb. 
1778/ Report regarding the failure of Burgoyne's ex- 
pedition, May 1778/ Letter from Augustine Prevost to 
Stiell, May 1778/ Letter from Morse to Dalrymple, 
June 1778 PRO 335/1 

E569 34/145: Letters to Jeffery Amherst from James 
Malcolm, William Mcintosh, James Rooke, Ross & 
Gray, Alexander Stewart, William Dalrymple, Robert 
Drummond, Lord Drummond, Lord Darlington, Thom- 
as Desaguliers, John Wogan, John Stanton, William 
Hislop, James Harris, Wenman Samwel, Hugh Debbieg, 
Roger Kellet, Samuel Leslie, William Pearse, Marga- 
ret Burton, Baron Ravensworth, George Henry Lennox, 
Thomas Osbert Mordaunt, James A. Oughton, Thomas 
De Grey, David Lindsay, Lord Robert Manners, Thom- 
as Dundas, Boardman Broomhead, James Cunningham, 
John Mordaunt, George Brydges Rodney, Cox & Mair, 
Lord North, James Foulis, Bigoe Armstrong, Lord 
Hardwicke, Paston Gould, Samuel MacKay, Hunt 
Walsh, Lord Fife, Walter Hovenden, James Mur- 
ray, Samuel Hadley, Mrs. Danby, James Meyrick, 
Lucius Ferdinand Cary, J. Webb Humphrey, Robert 
Sutherland, William Grant, George Llnd, Archibald 
McNab, Lord Frederick Campbell, Robert Monckton, 
Patrick Douglas, John Campbell, Thomas Walsh, James 
Dickinson, John(?) Maxwell, Archibald Erskine, Gabri- 
el(?) Christie, Lawrence Dundas, Francis Drake, Rich- 
ard Saunders, Lord Barrington, John Douglas, John 
Caulfeild, John Morris, John Eliord, Theodorus Van 
Teylingen, Lord Edgcumbe, James De Courcy, George 
Germain, Thomas Hill, James Flint, Thomas Edgar, 
John McDonell, David Ogllvy, John Reid, Sir John Seb- 
right, Lord Charles Montagu, William Picton, James 
Thomas, Henry Watson, Lord Manchester, Charles 
Tufnell, William Boothby, John Weir, Lord Hertford, 
James Harlngton, Thomas Byron, Michael Nickson, 
James Douglas, John Robinson, William Dick, William 
Pawlett, Francis Deake, Robert Boyd, Duke of Atholl, 
Francis Mackay, Lord Huntingdon, David Pryce, 
George Harrington, Justices of Peace of Kent, William 
Gordon, James Abercromby, Alexander Nicholson, 
John Burgoyne, James Cuthbert, Richard Atkinson, 
James Balfour, John Mylne, John B. Davis, Coningsby 
Selthorp, Henry Gladwin, George Forster Tufnell, 
Thomas Fostyde, Thomas Hare, Christian D'Oyly, 
Robert Wynne, Edward Worsley, John Cartwright, John 
Taylor, Joseph Dussaux, Francis Smedley, John Hope, 
Roger Morris, William ualisen, Lord Orford, Thomas 
Knight, Francis Heath, James Chauvel, Alexander 
Campbell, Herbert Jones, Lord Macdonald, Charles 
Ross, William Markham, Alexander Mackay, Lewis 
Duff, William Stiell, Henry Seymour Conway, Thomas 
Clarke, and others, July-Sept. 1778 (E & F)/ Letters 
to Leonard Morse from Philip Deane, Picton, Arthur 
Mair, Murray, Joseph Roch, and others, July- Sept. 
1778/ Papers relating to military affairs 1778/ Letters 
to Lord Barrington from Picton, Germain, Atholl, Thom 
as Johnes, and others, Aug. -Sept. 1778/ Letter from 
Thomas Holland to Sir John Sebright, Aug. 1778/ Let- 
ter from Lawrence Reynolds to Lord Sandwich, Aug. 
1778/ Letter from Matthias McNamara to Charles 
Jenklnson/ Letter from A. Baillie to Oughton, Sept. 
1778/ Letter from W. Phillips to the Adjutant General, 
Sept. 1778/ Letter from Thomas Clarke to Lt. Gen. 
Boyd, Sept. 1778 PRO 336/1 

E57U 34/146A: Letters and memorials to Jeffery Am- 
herst from Stanhope Harvey, John Gunning, Peter Craig, 
Francis Deake, David Harris, Alexander(?) Baillie, 
Lord Barrington, Alexander Hay, Cox & Mair, Joseph 
Smith Speer, Thomas Desbrisay, Sir Lawrence Dundas, 
John Mansel, Josias Paterson, George Mackenzie, Wil- 
liam Ogle, Lord Adam Gordon, Heary Maister, Charles 
Garth, James Pettlgrew, James Smyth Symes, Robert 
Read, Alexander Stewart, William Shewbridge, Ferdi- 
nand Lucius Cary, John Pigot, Lord Orford, George 
Ainslie, William Dick, John Millar, James A. Oughton, 
John Arbuthnot, George Osborn, Thomas Johnes, Wil- 
liam Scott, James Johnston, Samuel Leslie, George 
Etherington, Hunt Walsh, Thomas Stanley, William Dal- 
rymple, Sir John Mordaunt, Robert Douglas, James 
Fairfull, William Highmore, William(?) Brown, Wil- 
liam Colvill, William Jolliffe, Lord I othian, William 
Keppel, Lord Robert Manners, William Whiston, Ross& 
Gray, James DeLancey, Lord Chandos, Sir Edward 
Hughes, Lord Lisburne, Thomas Halley, William Pic- 

ton, Thomas Spencer Wilson, Edward Whitley, Hugh 
Owen, John Caulfeild, George Henry Lennox, John 
Crozier, Lord North, R. Peirson, Robert Drummond, 
Robert Adair, Thomas Knight, Lord Beauchamp, Lord 
Hardwicke, Benjamin(?) Roberts, Thomas Gwitside, 
Sir John Irvine, John Cassan, John Leland, J. A. Fitter, 
Charles Bourke, Henry Dundas, Charles McMurdo, 
Mrs. Judith Thompson, Harry Burrard, Philip( ?) Sher- 
ard, Fitter & Croasdaile, Richard) ?) Whitworth, Lord 
Denbigh, Lord Ligonier, Samuel Bathurst, John Pritch- 
ard, George Laughton, J Webb Humphrey, John Row, 
Anthony Haslam, William Dussaux, George Jeffreyson, 
Edward Scott, Mary Wade, John Waugh, Lord Darling 
ton, Lord Rawdon, James Barker, John Thomas Layard, 
Lady Leonora Urmston, William Boothby, Agar Weet- 
man, David Alexander Grant, Robert Campbell, William 
Evans, Lord Lauderdale, Sir Henry Clinton, Daniel 
Brick, James Pringle, James Pattison, David Ogilvie, 
Alexander Grant, William Cary, John Taylor, Lord 
Bateman, Richard Veale, Noel Hill, Thomas Dade, Hen- 
ry North, Charles Farrington, John Dickson, James 
Meyrick, Hugh Debbieg, Robert Monckton, Eyre Mas- 
sey, David Cairns, Charles Halkett, George Pochin, 
Boardman Bromhead, George Cowell, Abraham Tovey, 
Francis Gildart, James Malcolm, Alexander Bradshaw, 
Alexander Edwards, Stephen Watts, William Child, 
Charles Jenklnson, John Burgoyne, James Napier, Hugh 
Lord, Jordan Wren, Francis Rogers, Mrs. M. H. Fra- 
ser, Robert Boyd, and others, Nov. -Dec. 1778/ Regu- 
lations for standards, colors, clothing, etc. of march- 
ing regiments and cavalry, Dec. 1768/ Papers relating 
to military affairs, 1778/ Letters to Leonard Morse 
from Cox & Mair, Arthur Mair, Dalrymple, Barker, 
Millar, Bisshopp & BrummelL George Montgomery 
Metham, Lindsay, Meyrick, Trevor Hull, James Rob- 
ertson, Andrew Kirwan, Lord Barrington, James Rooke, 
William Knox, Allan McLean, Cairns, Alexander 
Mackay, Gabriel Christie, Dec. 1778/ Letter from 
Lord Barrington to William( ?) Phillips, Dec. 1778/ Let- 
ters to Joseph Dussaux from Sir Charles Gould and 
R. Peirson, Dec. 1778/ Letters to Lord Barrington 
from G E. Ellis, M. Fecton & Son, and Sir George 
Howard, Dec. 1778/ Letter from Alexander Howe to 
Robert Monckton, Dec. 1778 PRO 337/2 

E571 34/146B: Letters and memorials to Jeffery Am- 
herst from Edward Mason, C. Mawhood, Robert Monck- 
ton, Sir Henry Clinton, James A. Oughton, George Ragg, 
John Fitzwilliam, Henry Watson, Lord Hardwicke, John 
Humf rey, Edward Jenkins, Sir John Mordaunt, Lord 
Barrington, Marquis of Granby, Charles Cameron, 
John Gregor, George Warde, Lord Dorset, William 
Keppel, Thomas Meike, James Thomas, Jtmes Patti- 
son, John Watson, Robert Heath, T. Calcraft, Samuel 
Leslie, Forbes Macbean, Mrs. Elizabeth Torphichen, 
James Halls, Alexander Grant, William Sorrell, Bigoe 
Armstrong, James West, Duke of Beaufort, Simon Fra- 
ser, James Hewett, Matthias McNamara, Thomas Mor- 
gan, John Mylne, Hugh Debbieg, William Hislop, John 
Chadwick, Thomas Dundas, Lord Manchester, Thomas 
Poplett, Sir Joseph Yorke, Lewis Duff, Alexander Col- 
quhoun, Francis Heath, John Weir, Lord North, Luke 
Walsh, Lord Hope, Thomas Trigge, S. Gower, G. A. 
Eliott, Benjamin Gordon, D. Martin, James Meyrick, 
71111am Dalrymple, John Bull, William Brown, Walter 
Nugent, Moses Corbet, George LeHunte, James Cun- 
ningham, Cox & Mair, Ross & Gray, Samuel Slade, Ib- 
betson Harner, Alexander Howe, Jane Porter, Sebastian 
Hurschman, Archibald Montague Brown, Francois Pepin. 
Thomas Wilson, Sir Guy Carleton, John Arbuthnot, 
John Beckwith, John Campbell, Robert Hughes, William 
Gordon, George James Bruere, Craggs Nugent, James 
Murray, R. Peirson, Richard Atkinson, Herbert Whit- 
field, Alexander Hay, John Reid, Edward Brick, John 
Stanton, William Picton, 7,111iam Phillips, Mrs. Mary 
Wade, G»orge Henry Lennox, George Ross, Thomas 
Vaughan, T jCrd Charles Montagu, Allan Cameron, Thom- 
as Dade, William Ogle, Cadwallader Colden, Edward 
Urmston, Jonathan Furlong, Sir Lawrence Dundas, 
Philip Jennings Clerke, Garnet Loving, George Riggs, 
Mark Pictet, Alexander Purves, Roger Morris, 
George(?)Harrington, John Lawrence, Charles Crosbie, 
John Money, Robert Home, John Hallows, George Sa- 
vile, Lock Rollinson, Thomas Lawless, George Lane, 
Thomas Osbert Mordaunt, Thomas Riggs, John Leland, 
and others, Oct. -Nov. 1778 (E & F)/ Letters to Leon- 
ard Morse from George Bastide, Thomas DeGrey, 
Debbieg, Arthur Mair, Dundas, Edward Goate, Thomas, 
John Pigot, Eyre Massey, Picton, John Crane, Francis 
Mackay, John Johnston, Fraser, William Erskine, and 
others, Oct -Nov 1775/ Letter from William Agnew to 
Lord Geroain, Oct. 1778/ Distribution of North Ameri- 
can troops and other papers relating to military affairs, 
1778/ Letters to Lord Barrington from William Pilking- 
ton, Lord Hope, Kaye Mawer, Cox & Mair, and others, 
Oct. -Nov. 1778/ Memorials to George in from Benja- 
min Gordon and William Brown, Oct. 1778/ Letter from 
Thomas Dundas to Cox & Mair, Nov. 1778/ Letters to 
Matthew Lewis from Richard Shadwell and William Jack- 
son, Nov. 1778/ Letter from William Lacy to Sir Har- 
bord Harbord, Nov. 1778 PRO 337/1 

E572 34/147: Papers relating to ordnance, Jan. -Mar. 
1779/ Letters and memorials to Jeffery Amherst from 
Alexander Maltland, Arthur Holdsworth, Stuart Douglas, 
Duke of Northumberland, Cox & Mair, T. Calcraft, 
William Dalrymple, Hugh Debbieg, John Nodes, James 
Rooke, John Hare, William Walkingshaw, Lord Bar- 

rington, John Wood, William Haviland, Edward Haworth, 
Frederick Page, Robert Cunningham, Elizabeth Petley, 
L. Baugh, William Picton, John Mansel, George Ether- 
ington, Richard Veale, Francis Gildart, William Lush- 
ington, Thomas Lawless, Archibald Montague Brown, 
Thomas Fraser, Phllip(?) Sherard, William Pllklngton, 
Benjamin(?) Carpenter, William Robertson, William 
Cashell, Richard Combe, John Fitzwilliam, Lord Bate- 
man, George John Cooke, James ChauveL James A. 
Oughton, John Boddlngton, Alexander Ross, William 
Scott, John Mylne, Charles Jenklnson, Ross & Gray, 
Hunt Walsh, Lord Southwell, John Morton, James Gor- 
don, William Sorrell, Thomas Hill, William Belford, 
Lord Grafton, James Meyrick, William Child, Charles 
Hopewell, Richard Harte, Thomas Gilbert, Anthony 
Chasnier, Thos. Hall, Lord Ligonier, Edwin Lascelles, 
Maurice Johnson, George Germain, Charles Churchill, 
James Winter, Stephen Kemble, Andrew(?) Kirwan, 
Arthur Harris, William Harcourt, James Pattison, 
Mariscoe Frederick, Duke of Queensbury, George Pres- 
ton, Eyre Massey, John(?) Mordaunt, William Knox, 
Edward Jenkins, Alexander Edwards, Edward Hawkins, 
Daniel Magenise, George LeHunte, Lord Lauderdale, 
Scipio Carnac, Alexander Rigby, John Graham, Alex- 
ander Campbell, Richard Brooke, Lord William Gordon, 
Lord Pembroke, John Hope, Philip Stephens, Lord Or- 
ford, Lord Sondes, Lord Darlington, David Cairns, 
Lord Robert Morris, William Arobrey, Robert)?) Fair- 
fax, Thomas Danes, Walter Boswell, John Wrightson, 
Lewis Ray, WiUiam Wade, Lord Townshend, John Spen- 
cer, Lord Denbigh, William Kellet, Robert Laurie, 
Lord North, James Cunningham, John Jagnes, George 
Williamson, Jonathan Furlong, Lord Sandwich, Lord 
Cornwallis, George Baggs, John Deaken, John Crozier, 
Samuel Townsend, John McDonell, George Gordon, 
Humphrey Clarke, Robert Boyd, George Ainslie, David 
Lindsay, Otho Hamilton, Thomas Walpole, Allan Mac- 
lean, Lord Kingsale, John Dalrymple, Henry Hamilton, 
Alexander Stewart, Gabriel Christie, Lord Palmerston, 
Robert Kerr, John Boons, Guy Carleton, Archibald 
Blane, John Dalling, Thomas Clarke, John Lethbridge, 
Charles Frederick, John Clevland, Maurice Cane, John 
Gregor, Andrew Cathcart, Robert Adair, John Camp- 
bell, John Acklom, Lord Guilford, Andrew Despard, 
William Colvill, Lord Ravensworth, Thomas Shirley, 
Herbert Jones, Lord Robert Manners, James Wemyss, 
James Murray, David Roberts, Henry Ogilvy, James 
Mansfield Chadwick, Abraham Cyrus Gordon, Henry 
Pringle, Henry Yonge, Elizabeth Torphichen, John 
Macdonald, Henry Heron, John Archdeacon, George 
Henry Lennox, Alexander Duncan, Benjamin Stehelin, 
Sir Alexander Purves, Lord Ducie, William Bache, 
John Small, Thomas Dundas, Francis Edward Gwyn, 
James Barker, David Ogllvy, and others, Dec. 1778- 
Jan. 1779/ Letters to Leonard Morse from Meyrick, 
Arthur Mair, Morton, Cairns, Gilbert Townsend, Rob- 
ert Monckton, William Stiell, Harcourt, T. Calcraft, 
James Hugonin, Wemyss, Luke Walsh, Thomas Poplett, 
Christie, Hawkins, Henry Webb, Acklom, Francis Palm- 
er, Richard(?) Atkinson, Joseph(?) Wall, Fitter & 
Croasdaile, Richard Waite Cox, and others, Jan. 1779/ 
Memorial of Thomas Appleford Woolls to George m, 
Jan. 1779/ Letter from Richard Beacroft to W. Taylor, 
Oct. 1778/ Letters from Charles Jenklnson to Archi- 
bald Blane and Thomas Gage, Jan. 1779/ Letter from 
John Boddington to William Knox, Jan. 1779/ Letter 
from Oughton to Col. Drummond, Jan. 1779/ Letters 
from Leonard Morse to Thomas Poplett and Richard 
Waite Cox, Jan. 1779/ Letter from Cottrell Mercier 
to James Murray, Jan. 1779/ Letter from Cox & Mair 
to Charles Jenkinson, Jan. 1779/ Papers relating to 
military affairs, 1776-1779 PRO 338/1 

E573 34/148: Letters and memorials to Jeffery Amherst 
from Erasmus Brown, Charles N. G. Jadus, Turner 
Straubenzee, Lord Roxburgh, Sir Stanier Porten, Lord 
Frederick Cavendish, Charles Jenkinson, lord Orford, 
Anthony Wheelock, Lord Sandwich, Dudley Ackland, 
Lord Percy, Robert Robinson, George Henry Lennox, 
Duke of Chandos, James Murray, Thomas Gilbert, 
Lord Barrington, Eugene M. Gray, Harry(?) Gordon, 
James A. Oughton, Alexander Stewart, James St. Da- 
vid, Philip Sherard, Thomas Smeale, David Cunningham, 
WiUiam Smith, Achilles Preston, I ord Rochford, Wil- 
liam Hislop, John Smyth, William Roy, George Maddi- 
son, Paston Gould, Fitter & Croasdaile, Allan Maclean, 
William Faucitt, Maurice Cane, George Vaughan, Lu- 
cius Ferdinand Cary, Hugh Debbieg, John Morton, 
James Norcliffe, James Abercromby, Ross & Gray, 
Cox & Mair, George Leathes, John Amherst, Robert 
Monckton, Sir Edward Hughes, John Burgoyne, William 
Amherst, John Lethbridge, Augustus Smith, J. Webb 
Humphrey, James Rooke, Alexander Campbell, James 
Pringle, Matthias McNamara, T. Calcraft, William 
Tayler, William Gregory, George Sutton, Arthur Mair, 
George Ainslie, William Ogle Wallis, Thomas Dawson, 
Angus Macdonell, Adam Price, Lord Townshend, Thom- 
as Hall, Josias Taylor, Bigoe Armstrong, William 
Knox, John Dalrymple, Mrs. Margaret Burns, Hugh 
Owen, Sir Thomas Blomefield, Duke of Manchester, 
Bennett Cuthbertson, Lord Pembroke, Robert Adair, 
Lord Hardwicke, Lord Northumberland, Robert Skene, 
Lord Bateman, R. Peirson, Charles O Hara, John 
Crane, Lord Dorset, George Etherington, Lord North, 
James Fairfull, Charles Bourke, Francis Heath, Paul 
Orchard, Hunt Walsh, Mariscoe Frederick, Sir David 
Lindsay, Lord Charles Spencer, Henry Watson, Thom- 

as Poplett, Lord Robert Manners, William Beliord, 
J. Gilbert Cooper, George Lewis Hamilton, James 
Johnston, James Bramham, Sir Robert Laurie, Lord 
Lisburne, Thomas Smith, William Picton, John Cart- 
wright, James Meyrick, Mrs. Magdalen Sewart, John 
Hale, Bisshopp & Brummell, Lord Northington, James 
Wemyss, George Germain, Lord Bellamont, John Irv- 
ing, William Skyrme, Duke of Queensberry, William 
Maxwell, William Markham, Alexander Grant, William 
Pulteney, Lord Cork, George Warde, Lord Poulett, Sir 
John Mordaunt, William Morrice, James Cunningham, 
Robert Cunningham, A. Livingston, George John Cooke, 
Sir Edward Dering, Charles Hall, James T. Oswald, 
William Bulkeley, John Leland, Davie Cairns, Alexan- 
der Lumsden, Thomas Trigge, James Elliott, Alexan- 
der Rlgby, Robert Kingston, Charles Roberts, John 
Stanton, Sir Adam(?) Williamson, Baron von Kutzleben, 
Andrew(?) Frazer, Lord Coventry, George Schneider, 
Robert(?) Fairfax, Joseph Dewell, James Stuart, Wil- 
liam Hamilton, Hopeful Trigg, John Nairn, John Jacob, 
James Buttar, Thomas Maule, and others, Feb. 1779 
(E & F)/ Letters to Leonard Morse from Richard (?) 
Atkinson, Malr, Matthew Lewis, Henry Drummond, 
Picton, Thomas Hall, A. Gray, Fitter & Croasdalle, 
Jenkinson, Lindsay, William Jackson, Buttar, Luke 
Walsh, Sir George Wombwell, Henry Knight, Thomas 
Dundas, John Boddington, Andrew Cathcart, Francis 
Palmer, John Hope, Thomas DeGrey, Heath, William 
Hareourt, Rooke, William Wade, Sir Grey Cooper, Her- 
bert(?) Jones, Robert Marshall, Gilbert, Knox, Rob- 
ert Melville, John Deaken, John Fenwick, Sir George 
Osborn, and others, Jan. -Feb. 1779/ Letter from 
Thomas DeGrey to Lt. Col. McDonald, Feb. 1779/ Me- 
morials to George m from Pbilip(?) Skene and Thomas 
Klrkbank, Feb. 1779/ Letters to Jenkinson from Ross 
& Gray, John Freke, and George Fullerton, Feb. 1779/ 
Letter from James Campbell to Allan Maclean, Feb. 
1779/ Letter from Samuel Townsend to Mr. Roberts, 
Feb. 1779 PRO 339/1 

E574 34/149: Letters and memorials to Jeffery Am- 
herst from Thomas Dunbar, John Lumsden, Duncan 
Urquhart, John Nisbet, Thomas Ridcock, David Bolger, 
James Sutherland, Charles Stewart, Samuel Wood, 
Frederick Page, Lord Frederick Campbell, Robert 
Boyd, George Augustus Eliott, Robert Cunningham, 
James Meyrick, John Meyrick, Sir Robert Hamilton, 
James Murray, Stephen Buckle, Ross & Gray, William 
Gardiner, Harry(?) Gordon, Turner Straubenzee, Cox& 
Malr, James Darby, Lord Bellamont, James Cunning- 
ham, J. Johnston, John Morton, Char) es McMurdo, Alex- 
ander Stewart, John Wrightson, John Burgoyne, Thomas 
Fraser, George Lane Parker, Lord Percy, Sir David 
Lindsay, William Skinner, Charles Jenkinson, John 
Cassan, David Cairns, William Dalrymple, Thomas 
Shirley, Thomas Greenway, Richard R. Wilford, 
George Henry Lennox, John Taylor, Emmanuel Walton, 
Gabriel Christie, Jordan Wren, Thomas Walsh, Lord 
Germain, William Belford, George Warde, John Hall, 
Hugh Debbieg, Robert E. Fell, Joseph Dewell, Thomas 
De la Main, Richard Veale, Thomas Hall, James Patti- 
son, Lord Galloway, Sir John Mordaunt, Richard Tynel 
Balnes, Henry Watson, John Crauford, James A. 
Oughton, Thomas Harley, Robert Balrd, Lord Pem- 
broke, Francis Grant, Lord Hope, Hugh Campbell, 
James Flint, Lord Darlington, James Ross, William J. 
Shefflngton, Mrs. H Kempe, Jeremiah Hodges, David 
Pryce, Robert(?) Drummond, Robert Adair, Walter 
Shairp, James Watson, John Macdonald, Henry Heron, 
George Ross, Lord North, Lord Newborough, John 
Worsley, Lord Townshend, Robert Johnstone, Lord 
Barrington, Mackenzie Humberston, Stephen Fuller, 
Lord Robert Manners, Fitter & Croasdalle, Allan Mac- 
lean, Lord Antrim, William Hatsell, Cathcart Taylor, 
George Hawley, Thomas Smeale, George Williamson, 
Sir William Young, Thomas Dundas, L. Baugh, George 
Mackenzie, Richard Huck- Saunders, Denis McCarty, 
John Parslow, John Boddington, George Gledstanes, 
Edward Stopford, Earl of Fife, Hunt Walsh, John Hale, 
Francis Grant, William Shewbridge, Lord Orford, Fran- 
cis Heath, Thomas Stanley, George John Cooke, Lord 
Dartmouth, John Cllffe, William Bulkeley, Robert Mel- 
vill, Philip Skene, Galbralth Holmes, Thomas Win- 
tour, Duncan MacDougall, John Burton, William Stiell, 
Andrew De la Cour, William Arnott, William Gray, Sir 
Robert Laurie, Lord Adam Gordon, Henry Phillips, 
Charles Bourke, William Cary, John Quantock, Henry 
Smith, Robert Richards, George Wade, Lord Grafton, 
Lord Cholmondeley, Lord Cornwallis, Ann Campbell, 
Alexander Maitland, Lord Buckingham, Sir Alexander 
Purves, Thomas Gervals, James Malcolm, Lord De la 
Warr, John Douglas, Richard Whyte, Robert(?) Fair- 
fax, William Mabe, John Rutherford, Russell Manners, 
William Hareourt, William Elliot, Simon Fraser, Peter 
Smith, William Daniel, Edward Bell, Hector McNeill, 
Luke Walsh, Maurice Cane, and others, Mar. 1779/ 
Letters to Charles Jenkinson from Richard Ridley, Wil- 
liam MacLachlan, George Boscawen, Lord Buccleugh, 
and Lord Moray, Mar. 1779/ Letters to 1 eonard Morse 
from John Chadwlck, Robert Boyd, Alexander Mackay, 
Ross & Gray, Dalrymple, Lindsay, Christie, Charles 
Wolfran Cornwall, Thomas De Grey, William Skyrme, 
John(?) Leland, Hatsell, James Wemyss, Edward Jen- 
kins, Matthew Lewis, Henry Knight, Thomas Stanley, 
John(?) Acklom, Walton, Dundas, John Warburton, 
Alexander Campbell, Mariscoe Frederick, Henry Glad- 
win, William Fraser, William Hamilton, Maclean, 

Boscawen, James Hugonln, Thomas Warburton, Edward 
Hawkins, Thomas Gage, Philip Stephens, and others, 
Mar 1779/ Letter from Philip Skene to Philip Sherard, 
Mar. 1779/ Letter from Amherst to Lennox, Mar. 1779/ 
Papers relating to military affairs, 1779/ Letter from 
Thomas L. Richards to the Duke of Dorset, Mar. 1779/ 
Memorial from John Quantock to Lord Townshend, Mar. 
1779 PRO 340/1 

E575 34/150: Letters and memorials to Jeffery Amherst 
from Thomas Whlnyates, John Archer, Charles Sinclair, 
Thomas Gilbert, Thomas Cochran, Sir Thomas Wallace 
Dunlop, Joseph Smith Speer, Jonathan Mallet, John 
Mansel, Thomas Bland, George Augustus £liott, James 
Stuart, Lewis Drummond, R. Downes, Lord Powis, Cox 
& Malr, Duke of Atholl, Lord Macclesfield, David Alex- 
ander Grant, Lord Townshend, Walter Nugent, Francis 
Mackenzie Humberston, Ross & Gray, William Belford, 
Francis Gildart, James Pitcher, James Elliott, Lord 
Barrington, Lord Robert Manners, John Rutherford, 
Alexander Stewart, Peter Couture, William Cary, John 
Edwards, Robert Adair, John Delap Halliday, Thomas 
Ireland, Lord Orford, Duke of Leeds, Philip Golds- 
worthy, Charles Jenkinson, Lord Robert Bertie, Lord 
Beauchamp, Sir John Mordaunt, Duke of Malborough, 
David Cairns, Lord Charles Montagu, J. Johnston, 
Charles Henchman, William Cope, George Ainslle, 
Richard Whyte, Edward Burrow, James Grant, Lord 
Lisburne, John Hamilton, Richard Gardiner, George 
Henry Lennox, James Lowther, Philip Stephens, Clem- 
ent Newsam, Nell Stewart, Lord Adam Gordon, Mat- 
thias McNamara, George Etherington, Sir James A. 
Oughton, Thomas Hare, Anthony(?) St. Leger, Duke of 
Chandos, Sir Charles Frederick, Thomas Meike, Mon- 
tagu Agnew, Sir Alexander Purves, John Small, Cath- 
cart Taylor, Abraham Tovey, Robert Amory, Joseph 
Boardman, John Cliffe, William Adlam, James Johnston, 
James Flint, George Leathes, Lord Salisbury, Philip!?) 
Sherard, William Amherst, Thomas Trewren, James 
Barker, Charles Hamilton, Sir Grey Cooper, William 
Hareourt, John Barker, Lord Weymouth, Richard Saun- 
ders, Alexander Bradshaw, Richard Rose, Alexander 
Grant, Luke Martin, George Dawber, Lord Pembroke, 
L. Baugh, Adam Cunningham, William Bayard, William 
Elliott, William Cumberland Campbell, George MacKen- 
zie, Nicholas Lechmere, Valentine Morris, T. Calcraft, 
Thomas Turner, Francis Drouly, R. Peirson, James 
Wakeley, James Barber, Lord Lauderdale, Edwin Las- 
celles, Thomas Durell, Russell Manners, Sir David 
Lindsay, Duke of Grafton, Thomas Edgar, Paul Orchard, 
Mariscoe Frederick, William Faucitt, William Hislop, 
Joseph Brome, Benjamin Stehelln, Ralph B. Pettey, 
William Haviland, Turner Straubenzee, Thomas Tydd, 
Angus Macdonell, William Picton, Duke of Newcastle, 
Robert Robinson, William Blackett, George Lane Par- 
ker, William Lawrence, Robert Thomas, John Deaken, 
Francis Grant, William Leslie, George Rice, Thomas 
Wallace, Richard Ford, Thomas Dundas, Eyre Massey, 
Thomas HaU, John Quantock, John(?) Crauford, James 
Murray, Benjamin Carpenter, Harry Gordon, John 
McGregor, William Clowdesley, William Dussaux, John 
Weir, George Maddison, Joseph Dewell, Lord North, 
Sir William Musgrave, James Wemyss, Robert Bennet, 
Edmund Armstrong, and others, Apr. 1779/ Letters 
to Leonard Morse from Bland, John William Egerton, 
Elizabeth Mostyn, Richard Baily, Cairns, Stephens, 
Richard Phillipson, Alexander Mackay, Henry(?) Webb, 
Sir Richard Heron, Barker, Lord Denbigh, Samuel 
Townsend, Francis Marsh, Turner, James Meyrick, 
William Bulkeley, Ainslle, John Douglas, and others, 
Apr. 1779/ Papers relating to military affairs, 1779/ 
Letter from William Ruxton to Robert Adair, Apr. 1779/ 
Letter from Lady Elizabeth Torphichen to the Lord Ad- 
vocate, Apr. 1779/ Letter from Sir Thomas Heathcote 
to Charles Jenkinson, Apr. 1779/ Letter from John 
Maunsel to Samuel Townsend, Apr. 1779/ Letter from 
William Faucitt to Lord Weymouth, Apr. 1779/ Letter 
from Robert Bennet to the Duke of Argyll, Apr. 1779 
PRO 341/1 

E576 34/151: Letters and memorials to Jeffery Am- 
herst from William H. Birch, Beasley Baldwin, James 
Wilkie, John Robins, Henry Ogilvy, Bernard Shaw, Hum- 
phrey Clarke, John Tottenham, Loftus Anthony Totten- 
ham, Samuel Pole, Barnaby McNamara, James A. 
Oughton, Lord Carlisle, Lord Warwick, William Pulte- 
ney, William Phillips, Lord Barrington, Henry North, 
John Rutherford, Francis Heath, William Gardiner, 
George Henry Lennox, James Johnston, Lord Lothian, 
Sir Robert Laurie, William Draper, Richard Veale, 
John Jacob, William Child, Elihu Hall, William Belford, 
Cadwallader Colden, Andrew DelaCour, Samuel Leslie, 
Peter Boissier, George Scott, Charles Jenkinson, John 
Vaughan, John Cartwright, Lady Bathurst, Ross & Gray, 
J. Johnston, Charles Wolfran Cornwall, Henry Dundas, 
James McDuff, Henry Addison, James Stuart, Philip(?) 
Sherard, Sir Alexander Purves, John Rea, Lord Sand- 
wich, George Rice, Philip Webdell, Lord Northumber- 
land, Lord Weymouth, Alexander Stewart, Henry Yar- 
borough, John Douglas, George Leathes, Inhabitants of 
Ryegate, William Hareourt, Barrington Price, John 
Barker, Sir Henry Clinton, Lord Orford, Lord Gallo- 
way, Lord Derby, Edward Brereton, James DeCourcy, 
Stanhope Harvey, Richard Lambert, James Flint, Lord 
Darlington, William Skinner, Phillip Skene, Gavin 
Cochrane, Harry Gordon, William Long, Paul Orchard, 
Lord Townshend, Thomas Rlgge, David Prvce, Joseph 

Brome, Thomas Moncrieffe, Charles Henchman, 
George Morrison, Charles William Este, Joseph Venour, 
Christopher French, Philip Stephens, John(?) Hawk- 
shaw, Thomas Jones, John Weir, Studholme Hodgson, 
John Watson, Trotter Hill, John a. Leger, William 
Robertson, Thomas Baskerville, William Bayard, Wil- 
liam Picton, Lord Ducie, Edward Mason, James Mal- 
colm, Thomas Lawless, Archibald McNab, William 
Madox Richardson, Lord North, Adam Fergusson, John 
Roberts, Peter Perchard, Lord Adam Gordon, Robert 
Cunningham, Hans Sloane, Sir John Mordaunt, Lord 
Mulgrave, John (?) Pigot, Thomas Hall, John Leland, 
William(?) Style, George Wade, Jordan Wren, John F. 
Hesse, Lord Buccleugh, William Richard Rumbold, 
Baron Napier,- Thomas Osborne, William Gordon, Lord 
Cornwallis, John Money, Lord Clarendon, George Chal- 
mers, William Yorke, Lord Rivers, Marriot Arbuthnot, 
Hunt Walsh, Stuart Douglas, John Mylne, William Lacy, 
George Ainslie, James Meyrick, John Meyrick, George 
Gladstones, Lord Newhaven, James Lowther, Lady 
Francis Balrd, Thomas Roberts, Gray & Ogilvie, Lord 
Grafton, Lord Northington, William Dalrymple, Henry 
Seymour Conway, Cox & Main, G. A. Eliott, Sir Thomas 
Frankland, Charles Grey, Duke of Portland, George 
LeHunte, John Quantock, Ralph Phillips, Lockhart Gor- 
don, and others, May 1779/ Letters to Leonard Morse 
from Picton, John William Egerton, Thomasf?) Gilbert, 
Richard Phillipson, Vaughan, Barker, A. MaU, T. Cal- 
craft, John Cole, Sir Gilbert Elliot, Thomas Turner, 
Turner Straubenzee, Joseph Partridge, Charles Brath- 
waite, Sir Adam Williamson, William Jackson, John 
Parish, William Stewart, Philip Stephens, Matthew 
Lewis, Cyrus Trapaud, Henchman, Charles Bembridge, 
Samuel Townsend, Sir Stanier Porten, and others, May 
1779/ Letter from Mrs. Mary Russell to Lady Am- 
herst, May 1779/ Letter from Jenkinson to McDuff, 
May 1779/ Papers relating to military affairs, 1779/ 
Memorial of Murdoch Maclalne to George Germain, 
May 1779/ Letter from Samuel R. Billingsley to Lord 
Barrington, May 1779/ Letters to Lord Adam Gordon 
from Joshua Darwin and Joseph Cheney, May 1779 
PRO 348/1 

E577 34/152: Letters and memorials to Jeffery Am- 
herst from James Grant, Nassau Smith, James Cun- 
ningham, Edmond Vere, George John Cooke, William 
Belford, Montagu Burgoyne, Francis Gildart, Henry 
Watson, Emmanuel Walton, James Stuart, Elizabeth 
Pettey, Lord Pembroke, John Blair, Lord Bolingbroke, 
John Archer, Cox & Malr, Ross & Gray, Russell Man- 
ners, John Burgoyne, John Boddington, William Lacy, 
Lord Weymouth, Paulus AemiUus Irving, Nicholas 
Lechmere, Lord Sandwich, Robert Adair, Lord Fred- 
erick Campbell, Gray & Ogilvie, George Henry Lennox, 
John Trotter, William Dalrymple, William Twiss, 
James Malcolm, Sir David Lindsay, Alexander Mait- 
land, James A. Oughton, Thomas T. Brome, John 
Quantock, Duke of Hamilton, Welbore(?) Ellis, George 
A. Eliott, William Picton, Lord Adam Gordon, Sir John 
Mordaunt, John Hesse, Gabriel Christie, Lord Queens- 
berry, Duke of Argyll, Alexander Edwards, Thomas 
Trewren, Benjamin Stehelin, James Burgess, Thomas 
Fraser, William Haviland, George Lane Parker, Mark 
Pictet, Francis Heath, Francis Duffield, Richard Veale, 
Thomas Baskerville, Robert(?) Fairfax, John Jaques, 
Lord Buccleugh, Duke of Montagu, John Acklom, Liord 
Petre, James Lelghton, William Scott, George Dauber, 
Lord Dartmouth, W. Fawkener, Lord Hardwicke, 
James Johnston, James Murray, Archibald Campbell, 
T. Calcraft, George Johnston, Lord Derby, George 
WiUiamson, William Dalison, Lord North, Joseph 
Brome, Thomas Dundas, Duke of Manchester, James 
Riddell, R. Peirson, Lord Balcarres, Lord Harrington, 
Robert Raitt, Francis Wemyss, Lockhart Gordon, Mat- 
thew Dixon, Archibald Nisbet, John J. Butler, George 
Don, James Wilkie, Thomas Stanley, Lord Townshend, 
Lord Darlington, John Higgins, Duke of Grafton, Hen- 
ry Burgum, Lord Orford, Lucius Ferdinand Cary, Duke 
of Dorset, George Nangle, Edward Windus, Archibald 
Blane, James Dundas, George MacKenzie, George Ons- 
low, Philip Jennings Clerke, William SorreU, Henry 
Thurloe Shadwell, Charles Jenkinson, Richard(?) Whit- 
worth, James Poole, John George W. Perkins, Andrew 
Stuart, Lord Poulett, Wenman Samwell, John Sinclair, 
Thomas Keating, Archibald McNab, Robert Monckton, 
Lord Radnor, John Cassan, Joseph Vipond, Anthony(?) 
St. Leger, James Barbut, Simon Fraser, Meyrick 
Shawe, Henry Dundas, Harington Baudin, Sir William 
Draper, Williamf?) Brown, John Wharton, Hugh Owen, 
Stephen Salans, Wastel Brisco, Letitia Webber, James 
Meyrick, William Hislop, Lord 1 igonier, William Child, 
Anthony Isaacson, William Parsons, David(?) Pryce, 
Lord Cadogan, George LeHunte, Thomas Dawson, An- 
drew Lessly, Charles Grey, William Cashell, Hugh 
Bownall, Philip Webdell, Joseph Smith Speer, George 
Maddison, John Riky, Mark i/vpier, George Boyd, Sir 
Grey Cooper, Jesse Foot, Adam Fergusson, Richard 
Symes, Williamf?) Dick, William Cartwright, William 
Walkinshaw, David Scott, Thomas Garth, Alexander 
Small, John Mylne, Joseph Haslewood, WiUiam Dore, 
George Charleton, William Foot, John Gordon, Alex- 
ander Bradshaw, Richard Stevens, George Wade, and 
others, June 1779/ Letters to Leonard Morse from 
Adam Williamson, George Jackson, Peter Perchard, 
George Clavering, Lockhart Gordon, Sir David Lindsay, 
Ellis, Thomas Turner, Christie, Samuel Townsend, 
James Wemvss, Msyrick, Philip Skene, Sir James 

Wright, William Dalrymple, A. Gray, Hunt Walsh, 
James Sutherland, MacKenzie, James Johnston, James 
A. Shuttleworth, McNab, Edwards, Lord Harrington, 
and others, June 1779/ Letter from George Metham to 
Ross & Gray, June 1779/ Papers relating to military 
affairs, 1779/ Letter from Sir George Howard to 
Charles Jenkinson, June 1779/ Letter from Charles 
WUtworth to Thomas Davis, June 1779/ Letter from 
Norman MacLeod to Lord North, June 1779/ Letter from 
Hislop to Adam Williamson, June 1779 PRO 349/1 

E578 34/153, pt. 1: Letters and memorials to Jeffery 
Amherst from James Burne, William Picton, John White- 
foord, James A Oughton, George Williamson, Robert 
Kingston, Lewis Ray, Duke of Grafton, Lord Orford, 
Thomas Lamb, Charles Jenkinson, R. Peirson, Arthur 
Holdsworth, Hugh Debbieg, John Hall, William Pulteney, 
William Sorell, Sir Alexander Purves, George Henry 
Lennox, Stuart Douglas, William Belford, John St.Leger, 
Lord Winchilsea, Sir John Miller, Samuel Bathurst, 
Sir William Augustus Pitt, John George W. Perkins, 
Thomas Shed, Richard Gardiner, Thomas Tydd, Michael 
Bain, Andrew Cathcart, Lord Barrlngton, George Os- 
born, Robert Patrick, Scipio Carnac, William Highmore, 
William Horsfall, William Haviland, Lord Bellamont, 
John Egerton, George Lane Parker, Thomas Hyde Page, 
Thomas Meike, John Weeks Thompson, Alexander Grant, 
Fitter & Croasdalle, Russell(?) Manners, Richard B. 
Cox, Thomas Townshend, Robert A. Haly, Lord Adam 
Gordon, William Dalrymple, Alexander Mackay, Sir 
Grey Cooper, David Ingersoll, Lord Newhaven, John 
Russell, David Scott, J. Webb Humphrey, Gray & 
Ogilvie, Thomas Mulcaster, Eyre Massey, Thomas 
Keating, Thomas Egerton, William, Irving, Joseph 
Brome, Robert Lukin, Lord Berkeley, William Parsons, 
Richard Whltworth, Thomas Fitzherbert, Lachlin Leslie, 
William Hall, Lord John Murray, William Lacy, 
Charles Cooke, Lord Lauderdale, Rlchard(?) Johns, 
William Bulkeley, George Preston, Lucius Ferdinand 
Cary, Lord Onslow, William Price, Archibald Blane, 
Sir James Laroche, John G. Griffin, Sir Hlldebrand 
Oakes, William Shewbrldge, George Leathes, Thomas 
Baskerville, Lord Clarendon, William Roy, Hugh Per- 
ry, Valentine Rudd, Lord Poulett, Hunt Walsh, John 
Higgins, Lord Cadogan, Philip Skene, William Hislop, 
Patrick Ross, John Montresor, Benjamin Stehelin, Ross 
6 Gray, Sir David Lindsay, Henry Bowen Browne, Wil- 
liam Eden, Craggs, Nugent, William McCarmick, Lord 
Charles Montagu, George Wade, Wllliam(?) Brown, 
Richard Whyte, Andrew Anderson, Archibald K. Gordon, 
Sir John Mordaunt, Robert H. Elphinstone, William 
Gardiner, Humphrey Nixon, Richard Stevens, James 
Stuart, Lord Frederick Campbell, L ord North, Mey- 
rlck(?) Shawe, Lord Worsley, Lord Rockingham, Rich- 
ard Symes, John Quantock, John Grattan, William Giles, 
Robert Bath, Lord Argyll, Dudley Ackland, Turner 
Straubenzee, James Dundas, and others, July 1-16, 
1779/ Letters to Leonard Morse from William Chester, 
Arthur Mair, Thomas)?) Lister, Peter(?) Perchard, 
Miller, and others, July 1-16, 1779/ Papers relating 
to military affairs, 1779/ Letter from John Williams 
to Lord Weymouth, July 1779/ Letter from John Bur- 
goyne to Lord Buckingham, July 1779/ Letter from 
John McDonell to Lord North, July 1779/ Letter from 
William Parsons to Lord r'arrington, July 1779 PRO 

E579 34/153, pt. 2: Letters and memorials to Jeffery 
Amherst from Lucius Ferdinand Cary, Lord Falkland, 
Charles Heathcote, James Murray, Charles) ?) Robert- 
son, Edward Windus, Lord Rutland, John Rutherford, 
Lord Sandwich, Lord Rochford, George L. Parker, 
George Preston, Henry Watson, Sir David Lindsay, 
Francis Heath, Lord Oxford, Lord Poulett, Lord 
Winchilsea, Lord Frederick Campbell, David Graeme, 
Lord North, Robert Barry, Jr. , Emmanuel Walton, 
Benjamin Stehelin, J. Webb Humphrey, John Carruthers, 
Anthony(?) St. Leger, Thomas Lister, Hugh Montgom- 
ery, Lord Adam Gordon, Elihu Hall, Allan Maclean, 
Duke of Grafton, Nassau Smith, Benjamin)?) Roberts, 
William Fltzwilliam, Thomas DeGrey, John Money, 
Lord Aldborough, Joseph Brome, John Bullock, Wil- 
liam Sandford, William Harcourt, John A. Ivers, John 
S. Higgins, Cox & Mair, Arthur Beard, John Pigot, 
William Bullock, R. Peirson, John St. Leger, Henry 
Dundas, James Wemyss, Bolton Power, Sir William 
Arnott, J. Johnston, John Robinson, John Adams, Wil- 
liam Gardiner, Sir John Irvine, John Quantock, James 
A. Oughton, Hugh Debbieg, Matthias McNamara, Staats 
L. Morris, Lord Barrlngton, Thomas G. Browne, 
Thomas)?) Townshend, Robert Adair, Dudley Ackland, 
Ross & Gray, Craggs Nugent, John Hall, Sir William 
Innes, James Cunningham, Sir George Savile, Alexan- 
der Mackay, Charles Farrington, Duke of Manchester, 
Sir John Sebright, George H. Lennox, Sir Stanier Por- 
ten, James Meyrick, John Meyrick, Archibald McNab, 
George Leathes, Charles Jenkinson, Walter Bevan, Ed- 
ward Mason, Robert Skene, Robert Monckton, William 
Lacy, Henry(?) Webb, Philip Stephens, Elisabeth Reid, 
Lord Chesterfield, Archibald Campbell, Lord John Mur- 
ray, Lord Harrington, Richard Whyte, James Johnston, 
Flitter & Croasdalle, Letitia Webber, Charles Whltworth, 
John McDonell, John Gowan, Nathaniel Humphreys, 
Thomas Dilkes, George Rice, Nicholas Ball, Simon 
Fraser, Joshua Mayer, Robert Bertie, William Winter, 
James Robertson, Stuart Douglas, John Reid, William 
Brown, William Ferguson, Alexander Campbell, Bis- 

shopp & Brummell, Lord Argyll, John Watson, William 
Loftus, Gray & Ogilvie, John(?) Maxwell, Samuel Town- 
send, Charles O'Hara, Lord Klnnaird, Lord Cadogan, 
Roger Willington, William Clarkson, Henry North, 
Joslas Paterson, Lord Dartmouth, Abraham Tovey, 
Robert Prescott, Gabriel Christie, John Arbuthnot, 
Studholme(?) Hodgson, Isaac Heard, Samuel Stanton, 
Lord Pembroke, Paget Wall, Loftus Nunn, Lord Charles 
Montagu, John Campbell, John Nlcholls, William Rob- 
bins, Percival Haslam, and others, July 17-31, 1779/ 
Letter from Sebright to John Townson, July 1779/ Let- 
ters to Leonard Morse from Andrew Lyon, Walton, Nas- 
sau Smith, Samuel Leslie, DeGrey, James Dundas, Mat- 
thew(?) Lewis, James Meyrick, Douglas, Morris, Ack- 
land, John Willan, Alexander Bertram, and others, July 
1779/ Letter from John Boddington to John(?) Moore, 
Jan. 1779/ Papers relating to ordnance and other mili- 
tary affairs, 1779/ Letters to Jenkinson from Lord 
North and John Adams, July 1779 PRO 351/1 

E580 34/154: 13 letters to Jeffery Amherst from R. Peir- 
son, Aug. 1779/ Letters and memorials to Amherst 
from William Mackintosh, Richard Beacroft, Lord John 
Murray, John Thomson, Philip Skene, Sir William Eden, 
Lord North, Philip K. Ryley, Benjamin Lewis, Eyre 
Evans Crowe, James Cockburne, Thomas Calcraft, 
Staats L. Morris, Sir Richard Perrott, William Dore, 
Russell Manners, George Williamson, Francis Gildart, 
Boughey Skey, James Grant, Alexander Purves, Robert 
Agnew, Charles Jenkinson, Cox, Mair & Cox, Peter(?) 
Aylward, M. Coghill Savage, Duke of Northumberland, 
Lord Winchilsea, Lord Adam Gordon, Thomas Keating, 
William Gwyn, Duke of Beaufort, Lord Effingham, 
T. Milles Riddell, Alexander Maitland, Ross & Gray, 
Abraham C. Gordon, Michael Bain, William Yorke, 
William Chester, Lord Harrington, George F. Tufnell, 
David Pryce, Lord Dartmouth, John Wood, Sir John 
Mordaunt, William Roy, Stuart Douglas, Edward Bur- 
row, Sir John Miller, Michael Obins, Alexander Hay, 
Duke of Dorset, William MacGillivray, Alexander Ross, 
Andrew Crotty, Alexander Colquhoun, John Campbell, 
John Quantock, George H. Lennox, Thomas Bickerton, 
William Graham, Thomas Knight, Lucius F. Cary, Ed- 
ward Brereton, Mark Napier, George L. Parker, Thom- 
as Dallon, Lord Frederick Campbell, Thomas Willis, 
William Belford, Mark Page, Robert Cunningham, Alex- 
ander Campbell, John Money, Thomas Dawson, James 
Mountfort, Thomas Edwards, Francis Wemyss, Ed- 
ward Bell, George Morgan, John Rutherford, Meyrick 
Shawe, George LeHunte, Boardman Bromhead, Robert 
Monckton, James Meyrick, William Winter, James 
Halls, William Faucltt, Andrew Lyon, Thomas Adams, 
Thomas Fraser, Hlldebrand Oakes, George Marsh, 
itlchard Veale, Augustine Prevost, John Poison, Fran- 
cis Heath, William Style, William Picton, James A 
Oughton, Duke of Buckingham, Lord Brownlow, Benja- 
min Stehelin, David Ingersoll, Sir David Lindsay, 
Philip)?) Sherard, John B. Holroyd, John Parke, An- 
thony)?) St. Leger, Lord Plymouth, John Pigot, Sir 
John RiddelL Bigoe Armstrong, William Scott, John 
Butler, William Peacocke, Letitia Webber, William 
Stewart, Gray & Ogilvie, James Harington, Samuel 
Blackwell, William Evans, John a. Leger, Lord Bal- 
carres, Charles Marsh, Lord Cork, Thomas DeBurgh, 
James Murray, A Robinson Bowes, John Burgoyne, 
Lord Poulett, Robert Amory, Lord Scarborough, Scipio 
Carnac, Dudley Ackland, James Robertson, Robert)?) 
Drummond, Lord Charles Montagu, Joseph Brome, 
Lord Loudoun, James Malcolm, Joseph Hodgkinson, 
John Watson, Richard Whyte, William Butler, Charles 
Crosble, Henry Graeme, Edward Kendall, James John- 
son, Lord Pembroke, Thomas Ryves, James Urquhart, 
Duke of Richmond, William McCarmick, Lord Robert 
Manners, George Warde, James Riddell, William Pughe, 
Benjamin)?) Roberts, Adam Cunningham, Sir William 
Draper, Lore* Rivers, William Ferguson, Donald Monro, 
Thomas C. Dodd, Thomas Osborne, Robert Beatson, 
John Reid, John Boddington, Henry Hall, Thomas Eger- 
ton, James Nicholson, Robert Adair, Grace Lombard, 
Nathaniel Stent, Lord Hardwicke, William Skinner, 
John Whitefoord, William Dalrymple, James Dodd, Wil- 
liam Welstead, Robert Wylde, Lord Lauderdale, George 
Hawley, Thomas Green, Sir John Griffin, Samuel 
Mllchelson, Jr. , Lord Crosble, Andrew Cathcart, Whit- 
shed Keene, Wllloughby de Broke, Cyrus Trapaud, Hen- 
ry Addison, Frederick M. Sage, Loftus A. Tottenham, 
David Scott, Lord Rochford, James Gardiner, George 
Ainslle, Edward Windus, Richard Dawson, James John- 
ston, John Maxwell, Mrs. Anne Rutherford, Sir Stanier 
Porten, James Stuart, William Harcourt, John Mltche- 
son, William Pawlett, Robert Prescott, Moses Corbet, 
William Haviland, John Irving, and others, Aug. 1779/ 
Papers relating to military affairs, 1779/ Letter from 
David Smyth to Gen. Murray, Aug. 1779/ Letters to 
Leonard Morse from Tottenham, Keating, Edwards, 
Thomas Dundas, Blsshopp & Brummell, Samuel Town- 
send, Matthew Lewis, Ackland, DeGrey, Jenkinson, 
Whyte, Douglas, James Dundas, John Stoodly, Alexan- 
der Rigby, Porten, Lord Waldegrave, Lord Adam Gor- 
don, and others, Aug. 1779/ Letter from Amherst to 
Earl of Dartmouth, Aug. 1779/ Letters to Bigoe Arm- 
strong from Archibald Armstrong and Thomas Elling- 
ton, Aug. 1779/ Letter from Jenkinson to Lord Mac- 
leod, Aug. 1779 PRO 352/1 

E581 34/155: 12 letters to Jeffery Amherst from RPelr- 
son, Sept. 1779/ Letters and memorials to Amherst from 
George Sinclair, William Richardson, William Miles, 
Roger Stevenson, Matthrew Keugh, inhabitants of Pen- 
zance, Lord Queensberry, Elizabeth Browne, Dudley 
Ackland, John B. Holroyd, Hugh Debbieg, Duke of Graf- 
ton, William Harcourt, George F. Tufnell, Sir James 
A. Oughton, Lord Orford, Sir Robert Eden, Thomas 
Shirley, Sir James Cockburne, Simon Fraser, Lord 
Darlington, George L. Parker, Benjamin Stehelin, Lord 
Warwick, William Hall, William Picton, Lord Bateman, 
Thomas Fitzherbert, Peter Walsh, Charles Jenkinson. 
Lord North, Sir William Draper, Thomas Lister, Lord 
Adam Gordon, Lord Atholl, Lord Poulett, Thomas Eger- 
ton, Archibald Campbell, William Morris, Robert Cun- 
ningham, Lord Weymouth, Robert Adair, James Pattl- 
son, Sir John Mordaunt, Lord Harrington, Boardman 
Bromhead, Thomas Fletcher, John McColme, William 
Price, Gabriel Christie, Robert Raltt, Roger Aytown, 
Lord Plymouth, Lord Winchilsea, James Cunningham, 
John Maunsell, Lord Frederick Campbell, Lord Sand- 
wich, George Bruere, Michael Obins, Arthur Moles- 
worth, Lord John Murray, Richard Whyte, Thomas Os- 
borne, Stuart Douglas, John Taylor, John D. Lauzen, 
William Dalrymple, William Wade, Henry Watson, Duke 
of Portland, John Boddington, Duke of Argyll, Charles 
Crosble, Duke of Buccleugh, Alexander Stewart, Lord 
Napier, Adair & Bullock, James Nisbet, Robert Rogers, 
Frederick Haldimand, Matthew Lewis, Blsshopp & 
BrummeL George Bernard, James Robertson, William 
Haviland, Charles L. Mordaunt, Richard Gardiner, 
William Twiss, Forbes Macbean, Alexander Colquhoun, 
Thomas Keating, Lucius F. Cary, Thomas H. Page, 
John Crofton, Joseph Paterson, John St. Leger, Wil- 
liam Wrlghtson, Thomas Adams, Lord Townshend, 
Burgh Leighton, George L. Scott, Sir John Whitefoord, 
William McCarmick, William Dallson, George Dempster 
William Sorell, Robert Robinson, Francis Heath, Alex- 
ander Shand, Samuel Hadley, George Shllleto, Sir David 
Lindsay, Lancelot Baugh, Robert Wright, Benjamin S. 
Fulford, Joseph Hodgkinson, Turner Straubenzee, 
James Johnston, Duke of Dorset, John Rutherford, 
Charles Rainsford, William Bulkeley, Sir Thomas S. 
Wilson, Benjamin Lewis, Robert)?) Donkin, John Bur- 
goyne, John Upton, Saviour Luslgnan, William Griffin, 
Sir Robert Laurie, Adam Williamson, John Cooper, 
Joshua Nash, Alexander Maitland, John Stoodly, Jr. , 
Thomas C. Dodd, William Pawlett, John Parish, Lord 
Bellamont, Thomas Dundas, Loftus A. Tottenham, 
Archibald Armstrong, David Pryce, Lord Rivers, Rod- 
erick MacKenzie, Robert Monckton, Thomas Smelt, 
Edward Whitley, Sir Richard Sutton, Duke of Richmond, 
Thomas Dade, Anthony St. Leger, James Glfford, Gray 
& Ogilvie, Archibald Maclean, William Style, Philip 
Stephens, George H. Lennox, James Macklnnon, and 
others, Sept. 1779/ Letters to Leonard Morse from 
Arthur Mair, Boddington, John Lamb, Thomas Lawless, 
Simon Fraser, Ackland, Picton, Andrew Frazer, Cary, 
John St. Leger, Donald Macbrayne, Thomas Turner, 
Lord Adam Gordon, Gilbert Elliot, Whyte, Richard Bai- 
ley, Adair, James Dundas, Lewis, Lord Llsburne, and 
others, Sept. 1779/ Papers relating to military affairs, 
1779/ Letter from William Meulh to Thomas Calcraft, 
Sept. 1779/ Letter from William Sumpter to Sir Charles 
Frederick, Sept. 1779 PRO 353/1 

E582 34/156: 11 letters to Jeffery Amherst from R. 
Peirson, Oct. 1779/ Letters and memorials to Am- 
herst from Lord Winchilsea, Angus Fraser, John Gor- 
don, Hyacinth Crofton, Thomas Egerton, Sir Isaac 
Heard, Anthony St. Leger, Thomas Dundas, Richard 
Stevens, Mark Page, Claverlng Dowper, Lord Hard- 
wicke, Lord Adam Gordon, Lord Charles Spencer, 
David Cunningham, Henry Watson, Cox, Mair & Cox, 
James Grant, James Worsley, Lord Orford, Robert 
Robinson, Lord Richmond, Turner Straubenzee, Henry 
Addison, Alexander Campbell, William ColviUe, Wil- 
liam McCarmick, Boardman Bromhead, Gilbert Caide- 
cot, Thomas Calcraft, George L. Parker, William Style, 
Coulson Skottonec, John Poison, Matthew Quln, John 
Malcolm, Dame Elizabeth Pogee, James Meyrick, John 
Meyrick, Lord North, Robert Monckton, Charles Jen- 
kinson, Sir William Erskine, James Stuart, George 
Scott, Lucius F. Cary, Andrew Cathcart, George 
Dempster, Sir Alexander Purves, Loftus A. Tottenham, 
John Desborow, James Elliott, William Dalrymple, 
Robert)?) Drummond, Peter)?) Aylward, William Ba- 
yard, William Faucltt, Lord Courtown, Lord Clarendon, 
Joseph Brome, George Warde, Thomas Johnes, William 
Haviland, William Bulkeley, Francis Grant, John Stan- 
ton, Charles Grome, Thomas Keating, Charles Menxles, 
Lord Petre, Thomas Jones, Joseph Hodgkinson, Samuel 
Blackwell, Robert Kerr, William Browning, Lord Bate- 
man, William Roy, William Blakeney, Stuart Douglas, 
Yelverton Peyton, John Reid, William Hislop, William 
Pulteney, John Quantock, Anthony Isaacson, Lord Wey- 
mouth, Alexander Ross, Thomas Lister, James Mc- 
Dowall, Sir John Mordaunt, Lord Frederick Campbell, 
Scipio Carnac, George Sutton, Henry Graeme, Ibbetson 
Hamer, John Crofton, Lord Scarborough, John Mltche- 
son, John Jacques, Francis Balrd, George Bernard, 
Bourchler Wrey, Lord Beaufort, William Ferguson, 
John Maxwell, James Prlngle, John Rutherford, George 
Fead, Francis E. Gwyn, Charles O'Hara, R. Sloper, 
Arthur Klngsley, Sir Robert Laurie, James Murray, 

Lord Ducie, James Balfour, Montagu Agnew, Joseph 
Paterson, Henry Marshall, Thomas Snell, George Warde, 
Bourchier Molesworth, Philip Godfrey, Philip Stephens, 
Andrew Lyon, James Telfer, James A. Oughton, Cath- 
cart Taylor, Cotterell Mercier, Charles Medows, Thom- 
as Roberts, Sir John Sebright, Michael Obins, Alexander 
Hay, Lord Dorset, George Awbrey, Philip(?) Sherard, 
John Campbell, William Belford, Archibald Campbell, 
Duke of Buccleugh, William Graham, John Robinson, 
Francis Pelrson, John Osborn, Mark Napier, Robert 
H. Elphinstone, Beaumont Hotham, Forbes Macbean, 
Davies Toplady, Benjamin Stehelin, William Gardiner, 
William Cashell, Lord Poulett, William Pawlett, Wil- 
liam M. Richardson, John Higgins, George LeHunte, 
John Smith, Thomas Jones, Ross & Gray, Arthur Beard, 
Henry Pringle, Thomas Dade, Thomas Bickerton, Publi- 
us A. Irving, Andrew Cathcart, Francis Heath, Lord 
Grafton, PhiUipps Baggott, John Macpherson, Thomas 
Smeale, Thomas Dunbar, Alexander Maltland, Lawrence 
Campbell, Stephen Gualy, John Robinson, Lord George 
Germain, Lord Townshend, Robert Cunningham, Edward 
Thornton, James Malcolm, William Skinner, John Le- 
land, Sir Stanier Porten, Francis Mowatt, Thomas 
Maule, Stephen Collins, Hugh Debbieg, Duke of Argyll, 
and others, Oct. 1779/ Letters to Leonard Morse from 
James Meyrick, Thomas Fraser, James Dundas, Ed- 
ward Hawkins, McCarmick, Bisshopp & Brummell, Wil- 
liam Griffin, Richard Ball, Maxwell, Lord Chewton, 
Henry Gibbs, James Robinson, Richard Lumley, Por- 
ten, Dudley Ackland, Style, Thomas DeGrey, Heath, Ar- 
thur Molesworth, Lord Winchilsea, John Burgoyne, 
John Hamilton, Henry Webb, Joseph Smith Speer, John 
Cochran, Joseph(?) Boardman, George Grey, Lord 
Adam Gordon, Philip Skene, Ross & Gray, Sir David 
Lindsay, Robert Cunningham, Philip Goldsworthy, and 
others, Oct. 1779/ Papers relating to military affairs, 
Oct 1779/ Letters to Jenkinson from William Stewart, 
John Crauford, and John Leland, Oct. 1779/ Letter to 
Lord Germain from Archibald Campbell, Oct. 1779/ 
Letter from Jenkinson to Burgoyne, Oct. 1779/ Letter 
from Thomas Carleton to William Bisshopp, Oct, 1779/ 
Letter from Andrew Crlllon to Cox & Malr, Oct. 1779 
PRO 354/1 

E583 34/157: PRO 355/1 

E584 34/158: PRO 356/1 

E585 34/159: PRO 357/1 

E586 34/160: PRO 358/1 

E587 34/161: 21 letters to Jeffery Amherst from Wil- 
liam Havlland, Mar. 1780/ Letters and memorials to 
Amherst from Thomas Backhouse, Walter Ogilvy, 
James Lee, George Ramsay, George A. North, Philip 
Skene. Charles Le Bas, Edmund Phipps, William Par- 
sons, Susannah Greenwell, Ashton Lever, William Ful- 
larton, Lord Harrington, Charles Jenkinson, Alexander 
Donald, William Nisbett, Robert Hamilton, Lord Town- 
shend, Margaret Taylor, John De Bernlere, Harry 
Blunt, Hildebrand Oakes, F. MacKenzle Humberston, 
William Belford, Ross & Gray, John Jadus, James 
West, James Inglls, Cox, Malr & Cox, Alexander Shaw, 
Henry Robinson, Philip Godfrey, James Meyrick, John 
Meyrick, Lord Barrington. Henry Dundas, Alexander 
Grant, George Grenville, Richard Baily, Sir Charles 
Frederick, John G. Hobson, Sir David Lindsay, Rich- 
ard Veale, Henry Rooke, Charles Rainsford, Bigoe 
Armstrong, William McCarmick, Ambrose Russell, 
Michael Obins, Lord Cholmondeley, Thomas Fletcher, 
Harry P. Monck, William Maxwell, James Stuart, Loftus 
A. Tottenham, Simon Fraser, George Germain, Grey & 
Ogilvie, John Douglas, James Wormeley, Benjamin 
Stehelin, James Ballmer, George Grey, Alexander 
Mackay, John Mylne, David Ogilvy, Leonard Brown, 
Richard Whyte, Alexander Hay, Sir George Savtle, 
Samuel Townsend, Joshua M. Da Costa, George Wil- 
liamson, Henry Pringle, Lord Dalhousie, James John- 
ston, John Jacob, Charles Williamson, Lord Northum- 
berland, David Forsyth, John DalUng, George Godfrey, 
Alexander Colquhoun, James Murray, John Christie, 
William Sorell, George Garth, Joseph Wall, Alexander 
Stewart, Enoch Plummer, John Drinkwater, Alexander 
Phillpps, Lord North, John Leonard, Nathaniel Kirk- 
man, Henry S. Conway, George H. Lennox, Lord Roch- 
ford, Thomas Mulcaster, Bray & Fraser, John Parish, 
Robert Pigot, Boleyn Douglas, Henry Dering, James 
Elliott, Francis Geraty, George Fall, Lord Frederick 
Campbell, Richard Worsley, Richard Phillipson, Thom- 
as Roberts, Thomas Fowler, Denis Kelly, John Waugh, 
Luke Walsh, William Atkinson, Hugh Watson, Lord 
Falkland, Alexander Maltland, Hector McNeill, Baron 
von Kutzleben, Lord Rockingham, Benjamin Stewart, 
James Cunningham, Lord Queensberry, Thomas Simes, 
James Thomas, Mark(?) Page, Lord Darlington, Duke 
of Dorset, Charles(?) Farrington, John Ogilvy, James 
Dodd, Lord Sandwich, Grlffith(?) Williams, Alexander 
Ogilvie, Sir John Wodehouse, Daniel O'Meara, William 
Rigge, Thomas Foy, Bemslee Peters, Lord Marchmont, 
Lord Robert Bertie, Lord Pembroke, Archibald McNab, 
Nicholas Lechmere, George Smith, George A. Eliott, 
Henry Maister, William Pulteney, William Shewbridge, 
Lord Stormont, Thomas Croker, George Le Hunte, Lord 
Howe, Lord Brownlow, Sir Adam Fergusson, Lord Hun- 
tingdon, Hay MacDowall, William Blackett, Lord Lauder- 
dale, Ernst August de Hellfeld, Andrew Cathcart, John 
Harris, William Style, Lord Buccleugh, Henry Heming- 

ton, John Perryn, Lord Dartmouth, William Brigstocke, 
Lord Adam Gordon, William WaUdnshaw, Robert H. 
Elphinstone, William Hartnell, Gavin Cochrane, Her- 
bert Jones, James FitzGibbon, and others, Mar. 1780/ 
Letters to Leonard Morse from Thomas S. Wilson, 
Jones, James Meyrick, John Nodes, Thomas Mulcaster, 
Thomas De Grey, Rainsford, Sir Stanier Porten, 
Charles F. Wintour, George Shllleto, Richard Browne, 
Arthur Mair, Mackay, Matthew Lewis, Thomas Fraser, 
Robert Adair, James De Courcy, Nigel Kingscote, 
Richard Croker, Charles Menzies, Conway, J. Johnston, 
John Dalton, George Bolton, William Bulkeley, De Grey, 
Walter M. Cuninghame, Da Costa, Bisshop & Brummell, 
William Harcourt, James Hughes, William Ashe, Thom- 
as Brisbane, Ross & Gray, McCarmick, John Gore, 
Philip Stephens, Robert Cunningham, John Lamb, and 
others, Mar. 1780/ Letter from Mrs. Charlotte Soame 
to Jenkinson, Mar. 1780/ Letter from Hugh J. Hansard 
to Cox, Mair & Cox, Mar. 1780/ Letter from Henry W. 
Yeoman to Lord Fauconberg, Mar. 1780/ Letter from 
John Forbes to William Crowden, Mar. 1780/ Letter 
from George Bolton to George Hesse, Mar. 1780/ Let- 
ter from James Watson to Rainsford, Mar. 1780/ Let- 
ter from Ross & Gray to Lewis, Mar. 1780/ Papers 
relating to military affairs, 1780 PRO 359/1 

E588 34/1J2: 15 letters to Jeffery Amherst from Wil- 
liam Haviland, Apr. 1780/ Letters and memorials to 
Amherst from James Johnston, William T. Taylor, 
Robert Hamilton Lindsay, William Sotheby, Thomas 
Burton, William Courtenay, James Grant, John W. 
Lloyd, Jonathan Cope, Lord Harrington, Robert Adair, 
Joseph Lancaster, John Dalling, John Russell, Matthew 
Dixon, Richard Russell, Duke of Dorset, John Quantock, 
John Crauford, Cox, Malr & Cox, John Hayward Smith, 
Robert Agnew, William Levett, Gray & Ogilvie, Samuel 
Clare, John Boddington, Grey Cooper, Ross & Gray, 
Sir George Howard, Fitter & Croasdaile, Sir John Mor- 
daunt, Henry Strachey, Lord Falkland, Thomas Simes, 
George Swan, Cyrus Trapaud, James Fairfull, Henry 
Knight, Bemslee Peters, William Prevost, James Mey- 
rick, John Meyrick, Paulus A. Irving, Leonard Brown, 
William Ogle, John Bangor, Lord Beauchamp, Alex- 
ander Campbell, Robert Cunningham, William Fullar- 
ton, Alaxander Donald, Sir Adam Fergusson, Lord Dun- 
more, Lord Galloway, Lord Marchmont, William Style, 
Alexander Stewart, Scipio Carnac, Thomas Adams, 
Lord Hardwicke, James Laroche, Charles Jenkinson, 
James Watson, James Adlnston, Thomas Pownall, Thom- 
as Dade, Lord Adam Gordon, Philip Skene, Elizabeth 
Newton, James Langham, John Robinson, William Stew- 
art, Lord Oxford, David Pryce, Thomas Egerton, Lord 
Robert Bertie, George Williamson, Duke of Queensber- 
ry, John Rutherford, Harry P. Monck, Charles Rains- 
ford, Mackenzie Humberston, Lord Townshend, Adam 
Wood, Thomas Sankey, Lord Buccleugh, Alexander Crau- 
furd, George H. Lennox, Gabriel Christie, Moses Cor- 
bet, Nicholas Wittwar, Frederick Caldwell, Charles 
Green, Sir William Boothby, Duke of Beaufort George 
Garth, John Perryn, John Reid, Samuel Stanton, Nor- 
man MacLeod, George J. Cooke, Sir David Lindsay, 
John(?) Floyd, Thomas Belcher, Thomas Lister, Rich- 
ard Bendysho, William Knox, Robert Skene, Thomas 
Clarke, Cathcart Taylor, Lord Argyll, Francis Heath, 
William Harcourt, John Blair, August de Wrede, Wil- 
liam Sorell, Helena Preston, William Atkinson, Board- 
man Bromhead, Francis Lascelles, Alexander McLean, 
Alexander Shaw, Henry Rooke, James Grant, Paston 
Gould, Richard Combe, James Burne, Thomas Fletcher, 
Philip De la Mott, John Maxwell, Thomas Argyles, John 
Murray, Henry North, Thomas Poplett, Lord Darling- 
ton, James Hunter, George Children, George Osborn, 
Ann Harris, Peter(?) Bathurst, Charles Shipley, Nicho- 
las Lechmere, Edward F. Stanhope, Anthony Thompson, 
William Wray, Timothy Hierliky, John Lethbridge, 
Charles O'Hara, John Walsh, Benjamin Stehelin, Thom- 
as Keating, Richard Whyte, Thomas Burton, Andrew 
Lyon, Thomas S. Wilson, William Belford, Thomas 
Smeallie, George Gordon, William Faucitt, Charles F. 
Wintour, and others, Apr. 1780 (E & F)/ Papers relat- 
ing to Leonard Morse from Lord Dartmouth, John Fen- 
wick, Joseph Wall, Thomas De Grey, Haviland, Adair, 
Lord Charles Spencer, Richard Pembroke, Ross & Gray, 
James Meyrick, Arthur Malr, George Cartwright, 
George Le Hunte, James Rooke, John Waugh, Nigel 
Kingscote, Abraham Blick, Thomas Tyrwhitt, John G. 
Hobson, Alexander Mackay, John Hesse, William Wal- 
kinshaw, Sir Stanier Porten, Joshua M. Da Costa, An- 
drew Lyon, Charles Rainsford, Peters, Thomas Fau- 
quier, Henry Losack, Stanton, and others, Apr. 1780/ 
Letter from Alexander Campbell to William Ogel, Apr. 
1780/ Letter from Dalling to Ross & Gray, Apr. 1780/ 
Letter from Morse to Tyrwhitt, Apr. 1780/ Letter 
from G. Martin Leake to Thomas Keating, Apr. 1780/ 
Letter from John(?) Vaughan to Lord Townshend, Apr. 
1780/ Letter from Mackay to Hobson, Apr. 1780/ Let- 
ter from Donald McKay to Duke of Gordon, Apr. 1780/ 
Letter from John Macpherson to James Grant and Wil- 
liam Macpherson, Apr. 1780/ Letter from Richard 
Veale to the Board of Ordnance, Apr. 1780/ Letters 
from James Johnston to Cox, Malr & Cox and Capt 
Davis, Apr. 1780/ Letter from Michael Obins to Mar- 
quis of Lothian, Apr. 1780 PRO 360/1 

E589 34/163: 12 letters to Jeffery Amherst from Wil- 
liam Haviland, May 1780/ Letters and memorials to 
Amherst from Gilbert Hillock, Alexander Richardson. 

Lord Townshend, George Grenville, William Blakeney, 
Thomas Tyrwhitt, Cox, Mair & Cox, F. Mackenzie, 
Humberston, John Blair, David Pryce, John Boddington, 
George Schneider, Thomas Clarke, Thomas Hall, James 
Meyrick, John Meyrick, Thomas Greenup, Duke of Rich- 
mond, Herbert Jones, George H. Lennox, John Stanton, 
William Skinner, Lord Pembroke, Ross & Gray, William 
Kellet, Richard Veale, George Mills, Charles L. Mor- 
daunt, Lord North, Alexander Mackay, George Gordon, 
W. Brown, John Quantock, Sir John Mordaunt, Hugh 
Debbieg, William Fullarton, Sir Richard Worsley, Duke 
of Northumberland, Lord Orford, Frederick Caldwell, 
Sir David Lindsay, Lord Hertford, Lord Frederick 
Campbell, Robert Cunningham, Hugh Owen, George 
Charleton, William Belford, Benjamin Stehelin, Fran- 
cis Lascelles, George Grey, Cyrus Trapaud, Lord Dar- 
lington, Lord Adam Gordon, William Style, Lord New- 
borough, Robert Rogers, William Harcourt, William 
Peacocke, Lord Lauderdale, Sir Henry Clinton, Josias 
Paterson, Augustus Keppel, Donald Mackay, Charles F. 
Wintour, Richard Huck- Saunders, James West, Ann 
Macbean, James Abercromby, Lord Marchmont, Charles 
Morgan, John Walsh, Paston Gould, Anne Ruthe -ford, 
Benjamin Brown, John Peake, Lord George Germain, 
Hanry S. Conway, Charles Jenkinson, James Grant, 
Lord Poulett, Baron von Kutzleben, William McCarmick, 
George Garth, George Etherington, Lord Hillsborough, 
George Bernard, Alexander Symmer, James FitzGibbon, 
Lord Cornwallis, William Hartnell, E. John Collett, 
William Bureton, Matthew Dixon, Lawrence Reynolds, 
R. Peirson, Henry Fletcher, Duke of Buccleugh, Char- 
lotte Master, John B. Holroyd, Lord John Murray, Fred- 
erick Leaver, Lord William Gordon, Robert Amory, 
George Gunthorpe, Lord Rochford, Philip(?) Sherard, 
Fitter & Croasdaile, Duke of Argyll, Thomas Burton, 
Andrew Edhouse, John Rutherford, James Pringle, Ed- 
ward Hicks, Thomas Sankey, Studholme(?) Hodgson, 
Samuel Stanton, Adam Williamson, George Braden, 
Thomas Blano, Thomas Keating, Sir Hugh Palliser, Ed- 
ward Burrow, Mrs. C. Talbot, Thomas Smith, Sir 
Robert Laurie, Henry Crawford, William Ogle, John 
Pringle, Archibald McNab, Duke of Manchester, Wil- 
liam Roy, Francis McNamara, John James Graham, 
Maurice Carr, Simon Fraser, Charles Grey, Bisshopp 
& Brummell, John Desborow, Robert Digby, Robert(?) 
Elliot, Sir John Irvine, Michael Obins, John Spink, 
Paulus A. Irving, Frederick Booth, Cathcart Taylor, 
James E. Atwood, Harry Gordon, Sir George Savile, 
Thomas Brown, James Johnston, Philip Cross, F. Bur- 
goyne, Robert Monckton, Richard Wolfe, Herbert Whit- 
field, James Urguhart, Lord Sandwich, Richard Whyte, 
Thomas Lister, Lord Robert Manners, Nassau Smith, 
Lord Dartmouth, George L. Parker, William Laybourn, 
John(?) Parish, Samuel Cairncross, Normand Lamont, 
Charles Long, William Faucitt, Robert Hamilton, Ed- 
ward Mason, William Evans, Lord Shuldham, Philip(?) 
Skene, and others, May 1780/ Letters to Leonard Morae 
from Alexander Mackay, J. Webb Humphrey, Charles 
Rainsford, Taylor, George Gordon, Ross & Gray, Wil- 
liam Giles, John Burn, Thomas H. Page, Thomas Wil- 
lis, Robert Adair, Thomas De Grey, William Neligan, 
Lord Rochford, Arthur Mair, Thomas Calcraft, Thomas 
Dundas, James Meyrick, Monckton, Edward Turner, 
Lord Adam Gordon, Benjamin Roberts, Preston Long, 
Sir Stanier Porten, George Jones, William H. Higden, 
Fraser, Joshua M. Da Costa, Samuel Townsend, Syl- 
vester Muirson, Lascelles, Sir William James, Peter 
Michell, Haviland, Henry Losack, Philip Stephens, 
Thomas Nash, Joseph Wall, McCarmick, Maurice Lloyd, 
Trapaud, Henry Waller, Adair & Bullock, and others, 
May 1780/ Letter from James Barr to Richard Huck- 
Saunders, May 1780/ Letter from Sir John Mordaunt to 
Cox, Mair & Cox, May 1780/ Letter from Lord Har- 
rington to Arthur Mair, May 1780/ Letter from Alex- 
ander Mackay to Adam Drummond, May 1780/ Letter 
from William Fullarton to John Boddington, May 1780/ 
Letter from Anne Rutherford to Lady Amherst, May 
1780/ Letter from James and John Meyrick to Lt Har- 
rison, May 1780/ Papers relating to military affairs, 
1780/ Letter from Thomas Stelfox to Major Jones, May 
1780/ Letter from Paulus A. Irving to Arthur Mair, 
May 1780 PRO 361/1 

E590 34/164: 18 letters to Jeffery Amherst from Wil- 
liam Haviland, June 1780/ Letters and memorials to 
Amherst from George Mackenzie, Charles R. Mosley, 
Thomas Rudd, Henry S. Conway, Joseph S. Speer, Ross 
& Gray, Lord Pembroke, Edmund Waller, Thomas Keat- 
ing, George Charleton, Abraham Tovey, William Dal- 
rymple, Lord Rochford, Lord Beaufort, Lord Robert 
Manners, Fitter & Croasdaile, Henry Dundas, William 
Fullarton, Philip Sherard, Lord Dunmore, George Gren- 
ville, Thomas Bence, Charles Grey, Nlcolaus Ottendorf, 
Philip Godfrey, James Rooke, Albertina Godfrey, Fred- 
erick Leaver, William Ferguson, R Peirson, Lord Dar- 
lington, John Rutherford, Thomas Lister, John Oxford, 
Richard Baily, Samuel Stanton, John Dalling, Lord Buc- 
cleugh, Christian(?) Wells, Henry Fletcher, Boardman 
Bromhead, Lord Stormont, William Belford, Matthew 
Dixon, Thomas Desbrisay, Herbert Whitfield, Lord 
North, James Abercromby, William Style, Thomas Hall, 
Lord Orford, Marquis of Rockingham, William Staines, 
Richard Veale, Elizabeth Baillie, Hugh J. Hansard, 
Adair & Bullock, Edward(?) Burnell, Charles McKenzle, 
Moses Corbet, James Adinston, James Meyrick, John 
Meyrick, Anthony Thompson, John Graham, John 
Whitaker, Gavin Cochrane, George A. Eliott, Robert 

Cunningham, James Burn 3, James Hugonln, George 
Twisleton Ridsdalc, Thomas Musgrave, John Hlgglns, 
George Grey, Francis Heath, Lord Powis, Charles 
Jenklnson, James Wachs, James Grant, Robert Raitt, 
Matthias McNamara, William Hay, Robert Tipping, 
Elizabeth Magra, William Dalison, Thomas Calcraft, 
George Hastings, John Stanton, Samuel Clare, Lord 
Bellamont, Robert C. Bayley, Richard Whyte, Robert 
Monckton, William Graham, Lord Adam Gordon, Thom- 
as Wildon, William Morris, John Malcolm, Robert 
Vyner, Charles Rainsford, Mackenzie Humberston, 
Alexander Mackay, Thomas Fraser, Matthew Lewis, 
Philip Mercier, Thomas De Grey, Francis Duffleld, 
Thomas Simes, John Reid, Robert Wylde, Dugald Camp- 
bell, Lord Townshend, Lord Hillsborough, Charles(?) 
Combers, James Edwards, Edward Windus, Thomas 
James, and others, June 1780 (E & F)/ Memorial from 
Thomas Baskerville to R. Peirson, June 1780/ Letters 
to Leonard Morse from Thomas(?) Sankey, Samuel 
Townsend, Alexander Mackay, Thomas Fasbrook, Clare, 
Donald Moodie, Arthur Mair, Clement Newsam, John 
Leeke, Robert Adair, John Boddington, Ross & Gray, 
Rainsford, De Grey, Gray & Ogilvie, Staats L. Morris, 
Hansard, Joshua M. Da Costa, Joseph Hardy, Malcolm, 
Adair & Bullock, Richard Phillipson, John(?) Pigot, 
Jenklnson, Lewis, James Hughes, Normand Lamont, 
Thomas(?) Turner, Grenville, and others, June 1780/ 
Letter from Alexander Hamilton to Ross & Gray, June 
1780/ Letter from Gray & Ogilvie to Philip Godfrey, 
June 1780/ Papers relating to military affairs, 1780/ 
Letter from Johti Innes to Capt. Davies, June 1780/ Let- 
ters to Jenkinson from James Murray and Sir Henry 
Clinton, June 1780/ Letter from Boddington to De Grey, 
June 1780 PRO 362/1 

E591 34/165: 14 letters to Jeffery Amherst from Wil- 
liam Haviland, July 1780/ Letters and memorials to 
Amherst from Edward Speke, William H. Hamilton, Sir 
William Forbes, William Wilson, Ralph(?) Abercromby, 
Lord Darlington, Richard Veale, C. Moore, William 
Stuart, Robert Adair, Benjamin Stehelin, B. Lambert, 
Philip Jenkins, John Ker, George L. Parker, John 
Hamilton, Lord Townshend, George Williamson, Lord 
Adam Gordon, Lord Orford, Thomas Stelfox, Thomas 
Hobson, William WaUdnshaw, Moses Corbet, James 
Cunningham, George Gordon, James PatUson, Charles 
Jenkinson, Robert Cunningham, Richard Baily, John 
Robinson, William Fullarton, Lord Poulett, Daniel 
Mackay, Robert Monckton, Turner Straubenzee, Fran- 
cis Duffield, Lord Scarborough, James Fairfull, Wil- 
liam Webb, Philip Cross, Samuel Clare, William Thorn - 
kins, John Malcolm, Lord Shuldham, Charles Long, 
Richard Dawson, Joseph Haslewood, Lord Pembroke, 
Joseph S. Speer, Henry Barry, Richard Russell, Harry 
Gordon, Charles Middleton, John Tottenham, Charles 
McKenzie, James Dundas, R. Peirson, John Desborow, 
George Garth, Thomas Egerton, Hugh Debbieg, Thomas 
Corbin, John Barnaby, Alexander Mackay, Mariscoe 
Frederick, James Best, James Dodd, Charles Gould, 
William Harcourt, Thomas Hall, Samuel Cole, Francis 
Lascelles, John Maxwell, William Style, Scipio Carnac, 
James Abercromby, James Meyrick, John Meyrick, 
John Campbell, Joseph F. W. Desbarres, Elizabeth 
Newton, George Le Hunte, Lord Frederick Campbell, 
Sir Charles Frederick, Lord Robert Manners, Sir Allan 
Maclean, Simon Fraser, William Bulkeley, Mrs. Sarah 
Jackson, John Quantock, Thomas James, William Child, 
Edward Smith, Coulson Skottonec, John Higgins, James 
Riddell, Sir William Chambers, Lord North, Duke of 
Newcastle, John Harris, Elizabeth Carpenter, William 
Graham, Sir Stanier Porten, Gray & Ogilvie, John Gor- 
don, John Wharton, James M. Prevost, William Fraser, 
Fitter & Croasdalle, Sir Henry Clinton, Thomas Foy, 
John Dalling, Charles Grey, Charles Stuart, Cox, Mair, 
& Cox, George A. Eliott, Nathaniel Cooke, George Greg- 
ory, Thomas Croker, William Morris, and others, July, 
1780/ Papers relating to military affairs, 1780/ Let- 
ters to Leonard Morse from Malcolm, Baily, John Bull, 
Cathcart Taylor, Alexander Shaw, C. Wolseley, Rains- 
ford, Lewis, Nicolaus Ottendorf, George Grenville, 
Harry Gordon, Richard Atkinson, Baker J. Littlehales, 
Joshua M. Da Costa, Thomas(?) Green, Joseph Hardy, 
James Balfour, Debbieg, Staats L. Morris, Mackay, 
John Hamilton, John Lloyd, Sarah Jackson, Lord Ligo- 
nler, Trevor Hull, William Fraser, Lord Adam Gordon, 
William Knox, Philip Godfrey, and others, July 1780/ 
Letter from Robert Prescott to Adam Williamson, July 
1780/ Letter from Charles Jenkinson to Lord Beau- 
champ, July 1780/ Letter from Lord Ligonier to Ar- 
thur Mair, July 1780/ Letter from Lord John Murray 
to Mr. Anderson, July 1780/ Letter from John Parish 
to Capt. Davis, July 1780/ Letter from Morse to Otten- 
dorf, July 1780 PRO 362/2 

E592 34/166: PRO 363/1 

E593 34/167: PRO 363/2 

E594 34/168: PRO 365/1 

E595 34/169: Letters and memorials to Jeffery Amherst 
from Donald Macbean, George Tryon, Joseph Blenman, 
James Fenwick, Henry Wilson, John M. Clarke, John 
Rogerson, Wolseley, Charles Smith, Charles Walton, 
George Burns, Lord Frederick Campbell, William 
Bulkeley, John Storie, Charles Jenkinson, Bisshopp & 
Brummell, Duke of Atholl, George Morrison, Samuel 

Kempthorn, Thomas Bland, Alexander Mackay, Lord 
De la Warr, R. Peirson, Charles Rainsford, John 
Rutherford, Joseph Dussaux, Lord Lisburne, Gray & 
Ogilvie, Lord Robert Manners, Paulus A. Irving, Rob- 
ert Patrick, James Meyrick, John Meyrick, John Cart- 
wright, Lancelot Baugh, John Harris, Hugh Powell, 
Richard Baily, William Draper, Hamilton Graydon, Wil- 
liam A. Pitt, Henry Knight, Robert Adair, George Pres- 
ton, Joseph Gorham, John Dalling, Thomas Musgrave, 
Lord Adam Gordon, William Congreve, Francis Las- 
celles, Richard Lynoss, William Haviland, John Des- 
borow, Robert Amory, Thomas Haynes, Thomas James, 
John Murray, Cathcart Taylor, Lord North, Abraham 
Tovey, John Peck, Lord Townshend, Herbert Jones, 
Cox, Mair & Cox, William Knox, James Christie, Hugh 
Debbieg, Nathaniel Whitworth, Lord Southampton, Hen- 
ry Rooke, Richard Lumley, William Martin, Lord Scar- 
borough, Charles Gould, Thomas Fraser, Mrs. Mary 
Burns, Francis M. Humberston, Robert Robinson, Phil- 
ip Godfrey, James Murray, John Quantock, Norman 
MacLeod, Bidoe Armstrong, Benjamin C. Payne, John 
Ramsay, George H. Lennox, Robert Savile, Henry Dun- 
das, David Hay, William Skinner, Thomas Browne, 
James Gage, Colin Graham, Lord Hardwlcke, Lord 
Brownlow, Sir Grey Cooper, John Clarke, William 
Reade, Andrew Lyon, George Sutton, George L. Parker, 
Alexander Maitland, Robert Fairfax, Henry Knight, Bal 
Baldwin Leighton, Mrs. Mary Myrtilla Tesser, William 
Eden, William Cowden, Lord Rockingham, Stephen S 
Shinglewcod, Allan Maclean, William C. Campbell, Lord 
Rivers, Mark Napier, Gray & Collyer, Sir George Sa- 
vile, Joshua M. Da Costa, Thomas Burton, Charles 
Stuart, John Reid, William Pawlett, Richard Worsley, 
Samuel Townsend, George Crowe, William Blackett, 
Gray & Ogilvie, Philip Delacour, George Scott, James 
Scott, John Coxon, George Leatnes, Lord Dunmore, 
James Cunningham, Lord Beaufort, Thomas Harley, 
James Abercromby, Adair & Bullock, Sir Henry Clinton, 
James Edwards, Richard Millet, William Tremayne, 
George Tonkin, Edward Biddulph, William Style, Au- 
gustine Prevost, Lord Barrlngton, William Fullarton, 
William Stuart, George A. Eliott, Lord Sandwich, John 
Grant, Griffith Williams, Alexander Monypenny, Henry 
Ormsby, Richard Veale, Lord Dalhousle, Sir Thomas 
Musgrave, James Wemyss, George T. Ridsdale, Hugh 
Palliser, William Ogle, and others, Nov. 1780/ Let- 
ters to Leonard Morse from Rainsford, Townsend, 
George Harris, Hugh Edwards, John Lamb, Fullarton, 
John Harley, Knox, Richard Whyte, Christie, Sir Stanier 
Porten, Mackay, Robert Montresor, William Spencer, 
Thomas De Grey, Humberston, Baily, Ralph Milbanke, 
Payne, Bisshopp & Brummell, Adair, Adair & Bullock, 
Joseph Sharpe, and others, Nov. 1780/ Papers relating 
to military affairs, 1780/ Letters from Duke of Argyll 
to Gray & Ogilvie, Nov. 1780/ Memorial from John Al- 
len to King George m, Nov. 1780/ Letter from John 
Campbell to Irving, Nov. 1780/ Letter from John Gor- 
don to Dalling, Nov. 1780/ Letter from Dalling to George 
Garth, Nov. 1780/ Letter from Wemyss to Maj. Camp- 
bell, Nov. 1780/ Letter from Thomas Smart to Debbieg, 
Nov. 1780/ Letters to Mrs. Burns from Thomas Gage 
and Amherst, Nov. 1780/ Letter from Thomas Hall to 
Arthur Mair, Nov. 1780/ Letter from Anthony Haslam 
to Lt. Forbes, Nov. 1780/ Letter from Thomas Stelfox 
to Bisshopp & Brummell, Nov. 1780/ Letter from John 
Maunsell to Armstrong, Nov. 1780/ Memorial from 
Samuel Birch to Clinton, Nov. 1780/ Letter from John 
Smith to Edward Bisshopp, Nov. 1780/ Letter from 
William Belford to Williams, Nov. 1780 PRO 365/2 

E596 34/170: PRO 366/1 



PRO 367/1 



PRO 368/1 



PRO 368/2 



PRO 369/1 



PRO 370/1 



PRO 371/1 



PRO 371/2 



PRO 372/1 



PRO 372/2 



PRO 373/1 



PRO 374/1 



PRO 374/2 



PRO 375/1 



PRO 376/1 



PRO 376/2 



PRO 377/1 

E613 34/187: Lists of officers, disposition of troops, 
proposals for raising regiments, reports on military 
punishment, remarks on Hollandalse colony of Surinam, 

military circulars, accounts of military finances, lists 
of camps and regiments, division of England Into mili- 
tary districts, promotions, military regulations, mili- 
tary plans, and other miscellaneous military documents, 
1778-1782/ Letters from Jeffery Amherst to George 
m, John Burgoyne, William A. Pitt, Duke of Richmond, 
and John Vaughan/ Letter from Lord Weymouth to 
George J. Cooke PRO 377/2 

E614 34/188: Lists of promotions, leaves of absence, 
lists of camp equipage, military circulars, lists of mili- 
tary districts in England, marching orders, lists of of- 
ficers, disposition of troops, lists of. successions, routes 
of various regiments, monthly returns , and other mili- 
tary documents, some relating to the army in Nbrth 
America, 1778-1779/ Letter from William Howe to 
Lord Barrington, Mar. 1778/ Memorial of John Rob- 
ertson and Norman Macleod to Howe/ Letters and me- 
morials to Jeffery Amherst from Lord Robert Manners, 
James Chaloner, and Lord Barrlngton, Apr. -July 1778/ 
Letters from Amherst to Lord Barrlngton, Arthur Holds- 
worth, William Haviland, and others, Apr. 1778-Dec. 
1779/ Letter from Lord Barrlngton to Ross & Grey, 
Nov. 1778/ Report of Amherst to George m, Dec. 
1778/ Letter from George Williamson to Capt Bloom- 
field, Dec. 1778/ Petitions to George m from Dudley 
Ackland, James Ackland, James Dundas, William 
McCarmick, John Reid, Robert Aberdeen, James 
O'Donnell, Earl of Chesterfield, Richard Crewe, Wil- 
liams Parsons, Henry Webb, Seth Williams, John Cogh- 
lan, Richard Robinson, Earl of Wlnchilsea, James Bar- 
ber, Woodford Rice, and others, 1779 PRO 378/1 

E615 34/189: PRO 378/2 

E616 34/190: 19 letters from Jeffery Amherst to Sir 
David Lindsay, May 1778- Sept. 1779/ 17 letters from 
Amherst to R. Peirson, July-Nov. 1779/ 21 letters 
from Amherst to Charles Jenklnson, Sept -Dec. 1779/ 
Regulations for standards, guidons, clothing, etc. , of 
the cavalry, Dec. 1768/ Letters to Amherst from James 
M. Prevost, Nicholas Dobree, William Phillips, Sir 
Henry Clinton, Valentine Morris, William Skinner, 
Paulus A. Irving, William Twlss, Thomas Dundas, Jen- 
kinson, Sir David Lindsay, James Murray, Lord Mans- 
field, John Jenkinson, Peter Walsh, Sir Frederick Haldi- 
mand, Earl of Harrington, George A. Eliott, Joseph 
Yorke, Henry Prlngle, Matthew Powell, Robert Prescott, 
Gerrlt Fisher, and others, Jan. 1775- Dec. 1779/ Let- 
ter from George Germain to Lord Sandwich, Mar. 1778/ 
Letters from Amherst to Lord Barrington, Clinton. Dun- 
das, Duke of Manchester, Robert Monckton, John Bur- 
goyne, Lord Rawdon, William Plcton, James A. Oughton, 
Thomas Smeale, Henry S. Conway, Duke of Chandos, 
Charles Turner, Lord Weymouth, Lady Robert Manners, 
David Cairns, Adam Cunningham, Earl of Ossory, 
Charles Henchman, William Pulteney, Earl of Derby, 
Lord North, Lord Sandwich, Duke of Northumberland, 
Duke of Richmond, Skinner, the Lord Chancellor, Wil- 
liam Ferguson, Countess of De la Warr, Earl of Ash- 
burnham, William Haviland, Earl of Mansfield, Earl 
Waldegrave, Sir George Yonge, John Stoodly, Sir Wil- 
liam Draper, Lord Bateman, Earl of Harrington, Ar- 
chibald Campbell, Davies Toplady, William Ogle, Earl 
of Hillsborough, Richard Bayly, Brook Watson, George 
A. Eliott, Charles Rainsford, Lord Orford, Robert 
Pigot, Sir John Whltefoord, and others, May 1778-Dec. 
1779/ Papers relating to military affairs, 1778-1779/ 
Letters from Leonard Morse to Joseph Dussaux, Nicho- 
las Lechmere, Alexander Stewart, and Sir Grey Cooper, 
Oct 1778-Apr. 1779/ Parliamentary report, Nov. 17 74- 
Nov. 1778 (printed)/ Letter from Thomas Fraser to 
Leonard Morse, Mar. 1779/ Memorial from Murdoch 
Maclaine to George Germain/ Gazette extraordinaire de 
la Grenade, July 15, 1779 (printed)/ Letter from John 
Boddington to Matthew Dixon, July 1779/ Memorial of 
John Ruberg to Valentine Morris/ Letter from David 
Smyth to James Murray, Aug. 1779/ Letter from Sir 
Frederick Haldlmand to Charles Jenkinson, Oct 1779/ 
Memorial of Roger Pattown to John Dalling PRO 379/1 

E617 34/191: PRO 380/1 

E618 34/192: PRO 380/2 



PRO 381/1 



PRO 381/2 



PRO 382A/1 



PRO 382A/2 



pt. 1: PRO 382A/3 



pt. 2: PRO 382B/1 



PRO 383A/1 



PRO 383B/1 



PRO 389/1 



PRO 390/1 



PRO 391/1 



PRO 391/2 



PRO 391/3 



PRO 392/1 



PRO 392/2 



PRO 392/3 



PRO 392/4 



PRO 413/1 



PRO 413/2 



PRO 413/3 



PRO 413/4 



PRO 413/5 



PRO 393/1 



PRO 393/2 



PRO 393/3 

E644 34/219: PRO 394/1 

E645 34/220: PRO 394/2 

E646 34/221: PRO 394/3 

E647 34/222: PRO 395/1 

E648 34/223: PRO 396/1 

E649 34/224: PRO 396/2 

E650 34/225: PRO 397/1 

E651 34/226A: 17 letters from Jeffery Amherst to Thorn 
as Calcraft, Apr. -July, 1778/ 12 letters from Amherst 
to Lord Barrlngton, Apr. -Aug. 1778/ 16 letters from 
Amherst to George L. Parker, Apr. -Aug. 1778/ 13 let- 
ters from Amherst to Robert Monckton, May-Aug. 1778/ 
16 letters from Amherst to Lord Percy, May-Aug. 1778/ 
29 letters from Amherst to William Keppel, May-Aug. 
1778/ 22 letters from Amherst to R. Peirson, June-Aug, 
1778/ 19 letters from Amherst to George Warde, June- 
Aug. 1778/ Letters from Amherst to William Sorell, 
Lord Germain, William Faucltt, James A. Oughton, Mil- 
ward Smith, Sir Savid Lindsay, Peter Roberts, Paulus 
A. Irving, Lord Weymouth, Lord Sandwich, Alexander 
Duff, Francis McKay, James C. Smyth, John Robinson, 
Earl of Suffolk, William Dalrymple, James Chauvel, 
Jonathan Furlong, Gamaliel Milner, George M. Metham, 
Harry(?) Gordon, Earl of Hertford, Francis Grant, Sir 
William Boothby, Moses Corbet, Thomas Fortye, Alex- 
ander Buchanan, George J. Cooke, Humphrey Jones, 
John Mackley, John Halley, Sir Noah Thomas, Robert(?) 
Skene, Lord Beauchamp, George Wombwell, John(?) 
Robins, Lord Orford, Lord Sussex, Earl of Ossory, 
George Sutton, Cox & Mair, Lord Huntingdon, Duke of 
Manchester, William Lane, Simon Fraser, Alexander(?) 
Stewart, William(?) Richardson, Earl of Cholmondeley, 
Duke of Beaufort, Lt. Genl. Johnston, David Ogllvy, 
Edmund Eyre, Samuel Townsend, George Wade, Samuel 
Leslie, David Pryce, Duke of Buccleugh, Alexander 
Grant, J. Ross Mackye, Earl of Darlington, George H. 
Lennox, Sir John Griffin, Lord Klngsale, George Rice, 
Benjamin Carpenter, Thomas Dundas, Alexander Colqu- 
houn, Thomas Foy, John Dyke Aclund, Duke of Atholl, 
William Roy, Thomas H. Page, Anthony Renwlck, Ben- 
jamin Stehelin, Richard Veale, Staats L. Morris, Thom- 
as(?) Hall, Lord Newborough, Sir Henry Clinton, Jolut?) 
Rutherford, Lord Adam Gordon, Hugh Debbieg, George(?) 
Morrison, Lord Derby, James Harris, James(?) Mal- 
colm, Thomas Melke, Charles Gould, William Hislop, 
Robert Robinson, Thomas(?) Bruce, John Cotton, Wil- 
liam Skinner, Duke of Chandos, William Stiell, Lord 
Poulett, Roger Kellet, John Archer, Joseph Brome, 
George Williamson, Thomas Desaguliers, Lord Berke- 
ley, Lord Robert Manners, Thomas De Grey, Lord 
Ravensworth, Wenman Samwell, Lord Pembroke, Earl 
of Hardwicke, Boyle Walsingham, Charles Powell, John 
Fenwick, Duke of Argyll, Sir Bourchier Wrey, Edward 
Meux Worsley, Duke of Dorset, Lord Northumberland, 
Bigoe Armstrong, Lord North, Sir John Wodehouse, 
Paston Gould, George A. Eliott, Lucius F. Cary, Lord 
Macleod, John Wharton, Robert Drummond, John Dal- 
Ung, Henry S. Conway, Duke of Richmond, John Reid, 
Sir John Sebright, Alexander Wedderburn, and others, 
Mar. -Aug. 1778/ Papers relating to military affairs, 
1778/ Letter from Lord Barrington to Amherst, June 
1778/ Letters from Leonard Morse to Lord Berkeley, 
Fortye, Kellet, Townsend, Irving, Lord Hardwicke, 
Oughton, Lord Percy, and Williamson, June-Aug. 1778/ 
PRO 398/1 

E652 34/226B: PRO 398/2 

E653 34/227: 35 letters from Jeffery Amherst to Wil- 
liam Keppel, Aug. -Nov. 1778/ 12 letters from Amherst 
to Lord Barrington, Aug. -Nov. 1778/ 13 letters from 
Amherst to George L. Parker, Aug. -Nov. 1778/ 19 

letters from Amherst to Thomas Calcraft, Aug. -Nov. 
1778/ 16 letters from Amherst to R. Peirson, Aug. - 
Nov. 1778/ 11 letters from Amherst to James A. 
Oughton, Aug. -Nov. 1778/ 12 letters from Amherst to 
Robert Monckton, Aug. -Nov. 1778/ 12 letters from Am- 
herst to Paulus A. Irving, Sept. -Nov. 1778/ 17 letters 
from Amherst to Lord Percy, Sept. -Nov. 1778/ 14 let- 
ters from Amherst to George Warde, Sept. -Nov. 1778/ 
Letters from Amherst to William Picton, Sir Lawrence 
Dundas, James De Courcy, Staats L. Morris, Archi- 
bald Ersklne, William Dalrymple, J. Webb Humphrey, 
Lord George H. Lennox, R. Sloper, Lord Pembroke, 
Lord Oxford, Henry Watson, Lt. Genl. Johnston, Charles 
Wildbore, George A. Eliott, James Murray, James 
Abercromby, James Thomas, Lt. Col. Cunningham, 
John Smith, Duke of Manchester, Benjamin Stehelin, 
Lucius F. Cary, John Weir, Hugh Debbieg, William 
Skinner, William Pulteney, Sir William Boothby, Duke 
of Richmond, Thomas Byron, Lord Sandwich, Lord Wey- 
mouth, Lord North, Sir Henry Clinton, Lord Frederick 
Campbell, Sir John Irvine, Sir Hugh Williams, Thomas 
Desaguliers, Earl of Hertford, William Sorell, Thomas 
Reid, William Pawlett, Gabriel Christie, John(?) Camp- 
bell, Duke of Grafton, James(?) Malcolm, Duke of 
Atholl, George Meggs, Francis Mackay, Sir James Low- 
ther, Alexander(?) Stewart, Earl of Huntingdon, George 
m, Henry Penton, William Ogle, John Robinson, Charles 
Powell, William Congrave, William Hislop, John Darby, 
William Wheatley, Richard Hulse, Samuel Townsend, 
Joseph Brome, Duke of Chandos, Robert Vigior, Earl 
of Poulett, Earl of Hardwicke, Roger Aytoun, Edmund(?) 
Armstrong, William Dalison, Alexander Campbell, Lord 
Macleod, Lord Newborough, John Boddington, Richard 
Veale, Earl of Ossory, Lord Petre, William Fraser, 
Benjamin Langlois, Bishop of Salisbury, Sir Stanier 
Porten, Mayor of Salisbury, Joseph Dussaux, John 
Ward, Sir John Mordaunt, Duke of Dorset, Lewis Duffe, 
Sir Robert Boyd, Earl of Darlington, George William- 
son, Lord Mountstuart, Col. St. John, Major Home, 
John Gregor, James West, James Hewitt, Boardman, 
Bromhead, Samuel(?) Blackwell, John(?) Rutherford, 
Jordan Wren, Thomas Meike, Thomas Tydd, Alexander 
Colquhoun, Sir John Milne, Lord Bateman, Mayor of 
Winchester, Earl of Seaforth, Robert(?) Fairfax, Lord 
Beauchamp, John(?) Elford, Luke Walsh, William Roy, 
Jonathan Furlong, Countess of Gower, Kaye Mawer, 
Harry Gordon, Samuel Musgrave, Sir Guy Carleton, 
Thomas Hussey, Earl of Rochford, John Morris, Thom- 
as De Grey, Bigoe Armstrong, John(?) Cartwright, 
Robert(?) Hughes, Nicholas Dobree, Stuart Douglas, 
Lady Robert Manners, Richard Rudyerd, Lady Torphi- 
chen, Mrs. Mary Vaughan, Sir David Lindsay, William 
Wilkinson, Henry S. Conway, Lord Paget, Moses Cor- 
bet, Sir William Bishop, Alexander Peddieson, Charles 
Gould, John(?) Bland, Philip Stephens, Earl of Suffolk, 
Simon(?) Fraser, Lord Cholmondeley, John Burton, 
Lord Chancellor, Thomasf?) Bruce, George(?) Harring- 
ton, Sir Philip J. Clerke, George Rigg, Lord Sussex, 
John Radcllffe, Henry Wilmot, John Money, Lock Rol- 
linson, Mayor of Huntingdon, Sir George Savile, Edward 
Stanley, Alexander Purves, Thomas Trigge, Arthur 
Browne, Thomas Wilson, Lord Germain, Stanhope Har- 
vey, Alexander Hay, Lord Townshend, Alexander Wed- 
derburn, Lord Cranborne, Alexander Rigby, Francis 
Drake, and others, Aug. -Dec. 1778/ Letters from 
Leonard Morse to Lord Charles Montagu, James(?) 
Meyrick, Philip Stephens, Lord Berkeley, De Grey, 
Charles(?) Marsh, Murray, Cox & Mair, William Wil- 
kinson, Robert Mackenzie, George Nicholson, Lindsay 
Stehelin, John Mansell, Sir William Boothby, Debbieg, 
Walsh, Monckton, John Beckwith, Dalrymple, Lord 
Paget, Lord Percy, Anthony Todd, Edward Stanley, Pic- 
ton, Porten, Sir Grey Cooper, and others, Aug. -Nov. 
1778/ Letters to Amherst from engineers at Gravesend 
and Paulus A. Irving, Aug. -Sept. 1778 PRO 399/1 

E654 34/228: 14 letters from Jeffery Amherst to James 
A. Oughton, Dec. 1778-Feb. 1779/ 22 letters from Am- 
herst to Charles Jenklnson, Dec. 1778-Feb. 1779/ Let- 
ters from Amherst to John (?) Leland, A. Theodore 
Canon, David Harris, Lucius F. Cary, Lord Barrington, 
George Jackson, Lord Rivers, Peter Craig, George Os- 
borne, Daniel Jones, Thomas Johnes, George Pochin, 
John Mansel, Mayor of Winchester, Marquis of Granby, 
William Evelyn, Henry S. Conway, Knipe(?) Gobbet, 
Philip Goldsworthy, Sir Edward Hughes, Sir John Mor- 
daunt, William Keppel, John Burgoyne, Lord Polworth, 
Lt. Col. Warde, Lord William Gordon, Lord Macleod, 
Lord North, William Smith, Lord Chandos, John Gun- 
ning, Samuel Leslie, Thomas Desbrisay, Sir Lawrence 
Dundas, Lord Lisburne, William Brown, Hugh Owen, 
Benjamin Stehelin, Thomas Biggs, William Belford, 
George Williamson, Earl of Cholmondeley, Sir James 
Lowther, William Scott, Harry(?) Gordon, Thomas S. 
Wilson, John(?) Crozier, William Dalrymple, William 
Picton, Lord George H. Lennox, Mrs. Wade, Sir John 
Irwine, John Boddington, Robert Monckton, Sir David 
Lindsay, Maj. Genl. Cunningham, Lord Pembroke, Lord 
Lindores, Lord Beauchamp, Lord Orford, Thomas 
Gartside, Thomas Knight, Robert Drummond, Lord Per- 
cy, Benjamin Roberts, Charles Garth, Thomas Hussey, 
Lady Robert Manners, William A. Cunningham, William 
Jolliffe, John Robinson, Robert Boyd, Gavin Cochrane, 
Edward Brick, Philip Stephens, Joseph Wall, William 
Roy, Earl of Denbigh, Charles Burke, Joseph Dussaux, 
Charles McMurdo, Sir Harry Burrard, Richard Whit- 
worth, Henry Dundas, George Laughton, Sir William 
Bishop, Alexander Stewart, James Barker, James Cuth- 

bert, Samuel Bathurst, Richard Combe, Samuel Lee, 
John Lethbridge, Lord Darlington, Sir William Boothby, j 
James(?) Rooke, William(?) Taylor, William Cary, 
Earl of Ossory, Lord Germain, Cyrus Trapaud, Thomas' 
Calcraft, Jordan Wren, Sir Henry Clinton, Hugh Debbieg' 
Hugh Lord, Thomas Dade, Lord Bateman, Lord Hard- 
wicke, William Blackett, Henry North, William Evans, 
William Child, John Parr, James Amyatt, Edward Scott, 
Henry Pringle, Earl of Lauderdale, Noel Hill, Francis 
Gildart, Lord George Cavendish, James Murray, North- 
end Nicholls, John Waugh, Alexander Grant, Boardman 
Bromhead, Lord Robert Ker, Watkin Williams, Griffith 
Williams, Marquis of Carmarthen, James Malcolm, 
David A. Grant, Hugh Pigot, Alexander Maitland, Wil- 
liam Knox, Alexander Gray, Archibald M. Brown, 
John(?) Fitzwilliam, George J. Cooke, William Walkin- 
shaw, William Harcourt, Philipps Newton, Eyre Massey, 
Anthony Chamier, John Morton, Stuart Douglas, Dugald 
Campbell, Cadwallader Colden, Roger Morris, Andrew 
Stuart, Charles Churchill, William Fawkener, William 
William Cashell, Thomas(?) Bruce, Duke of Queens- 
berry, Edwin Lascelles, T. MauriceJohnson, John Cas- 
san, Daniel Magenise, John Nodes, Thomas Hill, Duke 
of Grafton, Alexander Edwards, Scipio Carnac, Richard 
Brooke, William Pilkington, Sir Guy Carleton, John 
Macdonald, Henry Heron, Lord Beaulieu, Lord Sand- 
wich, Lord Robert Manners, R. Peirson, James We- 
myss, Earl of Suffolk, Thomas Stelfox, Boyle Walsing- 
ham, George Cowell, Allan Maclean, Duke of Argyll, 
Turner Straubenzee, George A. Eliott, Thomas Wal- 
pole, Richard Veale, Lord Sondes, Lord Cornwallis, 
Sir John Dalrymple, John Wood, Robert Laurie, Wil- 
liam Phillips, John Clevland, John Hope, Bishop of Win- 
chester, Paulus A. Irving, Joshua Sharpe, Stephen 
Lushington, J. Ross Mackye, James Mansfield, Richard 
Harte, Joseph Brome, John Archdeacon, William His- 
lop, Peter King, B. Evelyn, John Smith Budgen, Abra- 
ham C. Gordon, John Gregor, Frederick Page, George(?) 
Awbrey, Lewis Ray, Archibald Blane, Lord Kingsale, 
George Le Hunte, Lord Ducie, William Colvill, Charles 
Halkett, Walter Boswell, Maurice Cane, Robert Robin- 
son, Alexander Purves, Lord Rochford, Earl of Clanri- 
carde, Sir Frederick Haldimand, Madam Justina Lampa 
diur, Valentine Jones, Sir Stanier Porten, Dudley Ack- 
land, Lord George Sutton, Augustus Smith, Thomas 
Dawson, Duke of Roxburgh, Thomas Smeale, George 
Maddison, Thomas Hall, George Leathes, Duke of North- 
umberland, Bishop of Durham, George L. Parker, Sir 
John Wodehouse, Paston Gould, Lord Weymouth, Robert 
Skene, and others, Dec. 1778-Feb. 1779/ Papers re- 
lating to military affairs, 1778-1779/ Letters from 
Leonard Morse to Danby Pickering, Thomas De Grey, 
John Edwards, Samuel Townsend, Keene Stables, Mac- 
lean, Stephens, Robert Adair, Mansel, James Meyrick, 
Ross & Gray, Lord Ker, David Cairns , James Balfour, 
James Hugonin, Edward Smith, Harcourt, Morrison 
Wemyss, Richard W. Cox, Lord Lennox, John Boone, 
Earl of Fauconberg, Humphrey Clark, Francis Heath, 
Boothby, Palmer, Richard Atkinson, George Vaughan, 
Jenkinson, Thomas Smeale, Alexander Campbell, Black- 
ett, Cane, Robert Marshall, and others, Dec. 1778-Feb. 
1779/ Memorial to Amherst from Josias Paterson/ Let- 
ters from William Amherst to Cane, Lt. Genl. Johnston, 
and Skene, Feb. 1779 PRO 399/2 

E655 34/229: 11 letters from Jeffery Amherst to Lord 
North, Feb. -May 1779/ 24 letters from Amherst to 
Charles Jenklnson, Feb. -May 1779/ 14 letters from 
Amherst to James A. Oughton, Feb. -May 1779/ Let- 
ters from Amherst to Duke of Northumberland , Earl 
Percy, Staats L. Morris, R. Peirson, Sir David Lind- 
say, George Warde, Lt. GenL Johnston, R. Sloper, 
Thomas Calcraft, George L. Parker, William Picton, 
Samuel Townsend, William Belford, Lord Charles Spen- 
cer, John Burgoyne, Duke of Dorset, William O. Wallis, 
Alexander Stewart, Sir Henry Clinton, Duke of Chandos, 
Archbishop of York, Duke of Queensberry, Henry S. 
Conway, George Wade, Earl of Panmure, George Ains- 
lie, George Garth, Robert Skene, John Cartwright, 
John(?) Leland, Lord Poulett, Paul Orchard, Sir John 
Wodehouse, John Hale, Earl of Cork, Harry(?) Gor- 
don, Earl of Lisburne, James Murray, Earl of Coven- 
try, Samuel Leslie, William Pulteney, George William- 
son, Earl of Bellamont, Robert Kingston, George J. 
Cooke, Earl of Sussex, Sir Frederick Haldimand, Lord 
George Germain, Lord Weymouth, Alexander Rigby, 
Thomas Greenway, Sir Robert Hamilton, Joseph Dewell, 
Lord George H. Lennox, Lt. Genl. Cunninghame, Wil- 
liam Skinner, Countess of Clarendon, John Millar, John 
Morton, David Cairns, Lord Townshend, Edward Sand- 
ford, Thomas Hall, Lord Macleod, Lord Orford, Baron 
Kutzleben, Jordan Wren, Turner Straubenzee, John Bod- 
dington, Alexander Mackay, John Crauford, Duke of 
Richmond, Thomas Shirley, Earl of Galloway, James 
Elliott, Charles McMurdo, Lord Cranburne, Lord Edg- 
cumbe, Duke of Roxburgh, Charles Turner, John Tay- 
lor, Sir John Mordaunt, Thomas Smeale, Lord Pem- 
broke, Major Flint, Thomas Harley, Lord Mountstuart, 
Earl of Darlington, Paulus A. Irving, John(?) Dalling, 
Francis Grant, Countess of Cavan, W. L Skeffington, 
Lord Newborough, Richard Huck- Saunders, Earl of 
Antrim, John Parslow, Charles Garth, David Pryce, 
Francis Lascelles, Lord Westmoreland, Lord Robert 
Bertie, Lt. Genl. Fitzroy, George A. Eliott, Lord 
Adam Gordon, Thomas F. M. Humberston, James Stew- 
art, John Burton, Earl of Fife, Lord Hope, William 
Hatsell, Lancelot Baugh, Allan Maclean, Mrs. Kempe 
Beverly, Stephen Kempe, Earl of Cholmondeley, Lady 

Robert Manners, William Cary, Lord Barrington, Rob- 
ert Richards, Lord Robert Manners, Bishop of Landaff, 
Francis E. Gwyn, Duke of Ancaster, Earl of Maccles- 
field, Alexander Purves, Evelyn Anderson, Lord De 
: la Warr, Maurice Cane, Francis Gildart, William Dan- 
iel, Richard Sutton, Hugh Debbieg, Lord Beauchamp, 
Duke of Leeds, George(?) Burvlll, John Rutherford, 
William Maxwell, Marquis of Graham, Lord Cornwallis, 
Lord Clanricarde, James Malcolm, John Cliffe, Lord 
Powis, Sir Grey Cooper, Duke of Marlborough, Lord 
Charles Montagu, Philip Stephens, Lady Newhaven, Lord 
Vaughan, Marquis of Rockingham, Charles Wildbore, 
Joseph Brome, Earl of Buckinghamshire, William Elliot, 
Hector McNeill, Edward Burrow, Charles Henchman, 
Clement Newsam, Adam Price, William Shewbridge, 
Lewis Drummond, Richard Gardiner, Thomas Melke, 
Archibald Blane, Lord Barriedale, William(?) Le Mar- 
chant, Lord Sandwich, Major Small, George Hawley, 
John Spencer, Montagu Agnew, Cathcart Taylor, George 
Leathes, Joseph Boardman, John Robinson, William 
Roberts, Robert Monckton, Sir Thomas Wallace, Wil- 
liam Buyard, John West, Edwin LasceUes, Luke Martin, 
Nicholas Lechmere, James Barker, Thomas(?) Dundas, 
Duke of Grafton, William Butler, William Style, James 
Ross, Thomas Turner, Thomas Edgar, Adam Cunning- 
ham, William Haviland, Earl of Lauderdale, Thomas 
Durell, Benjamin Carpenter, Sir William Musgrave, 
Bishop of Rochester, Robert Thomas, William Blackett, 
Sir John Floyd, Lord George Sutton, Joseph Dussaux, 
Sir William Draper, Earl of Carlisle, Earl of Upper 
Ossory, William Gardiner, William Lawrence, Marquis 
of Lothian, Eyre Massey, Ross & Gray, James Wemyss, 
and others, Feb. -May 1779/ Letters from Leonard 
Morse to Thomas Hall, Benjamin Stehelin, John(?) Dea- 
ken, Lechmere, Isaac Heard, Picton, William Knox, 
Valentine Jones, Francis Palmer, Brome, Stephens, 
Johnston, Wade, James Oswald, Sir Robert Laurie, 
Ross & Gray, Mrs. Magdalen Stewart, John Irving, 
Thomas Stott, Thomas Smith, Thomas Gilbert, Charles 
Hall, John Fenwick, James Cunningham, Thomas De 
Grey, Alexander Mackay, Henry Watson, Peirson, Wil- 
liam Gardiner, Percival Haslam, William M. Richard- 
son, John Boone, Staats L. Morris, Bishop of London, 
Bishop of Norwich, Sir Grey Cooper, John Lamb, Em- 
manuel Walton, Charles Garth, James Hugonin, Mat- 
thew Lewis, Davis Bolger, Cooke, Stephen Fuller, Cath- 
cart Taylor, Walter Shairp, Lord Barrington, Joseph 
S. Speer, Boddington, John W. Egerton, Sir Richard 
Heron, Richard Rose, Dundas, Robert Thomas, Alex- 
ander Grant, Lord Mulgrave, Thomas Turner, Lord Ox- 
ford, Thomas Tydd, and others, Feb. -May 1779/ Pa- 
pers relating to military affairs, 1779/ Letters from 
William Amherst to Laurie, Eari Percy, and others, 
Mar. 1779 PRO 400/1 

656 34/230: 11 letters from Jeffery Amherst to Lord 
Sandwich, May-July 1779/ 15 letters from Amherst to 
R. Peirson, May-July 1779/ 22 letters from Amherst to 
Charles Jenkinson, May-July 1779/ 14 letters from Am- 
herst to Lord North, May-July 1779/ 12 letters from 
Amherst to Sir David Lindsay, May-July 1779/ 14 letters 
from Amherst to George L. Parker, June -July 1779/ 
Letters from Amherst to Abraham Smith, Lord Wey - 
mouth, Richard Phillipson, Barrington Price, John Jacob, 
Henry Dundas, Samuel Leslie, William Child, Countess 
Bathurst, Earl of Warwick, William Leslie, Lancelot 
Baugh, Henry Ogilvy, Henry North, Lord Adam Gordon, 
Duke of Gordon, Duke of Grafton, John Cartwright, Mi- 
chael Bain, Philip WeLdell, William Pulteney, Lord 
Derby, William Belford, Alexander Stewart, Francis 
Heath, Lord Townshend, John Arbuthnot, Francis Craig, 
Sir Charles Frederick, Lord Cornwallis, Thomas Turn- 
er, John Weir, Studholme Hodgson, Bishop of Bangor, 
James A. Oughton, Lord Darlington, Sir Alexander Pur- 
ves, James Stuart, Lord Lennox, Turner Straubenzee, 
John (?) Watson, Henry Yarborough, John Hale, Thom- 
as Rigge, Paul Orchard, Lord Orford, John Hawkshaw, 
Charles W. Este, John Roberts, Trotter Hill, Robert 
Adair, Lady Robert Manners, Sir Grey Cooper, John 
Leland, George Morrison, William Bayard, Earl of 
Chesterfield, Earl of Bessborough, Earl of Carlisle, 
Lord Mulgrave, William Lacy, Christopher French, 
Thomas Osborne, David Pryce, Sir John Mordaunt, 
Thomas Baskerville, William Picton, James DeCourcy, 
William Long, T. Everard Balch, Sir Adam Fergusson, 
Samuel Billingsley, Duke of Buccleugh, Earl of Claren- 
don, Baron de Doernberg, Paulus A. Irving, Henry Budd, 
John G. Harris, Duke of Argyll, Harry (?) Gordon, Lord 
Newhaven, Robert Cunningham, Countess of Aylesbury, 
James Murray, Earl of Northington, Sir John Mylne, 
Earl of Buckinghamshire, Sir John Irvine, William 
Lushington, John Archer, Lord Frederick Campbell, 
Sir Henry Clinton, James Grant, George J. Cooke, 
William Roy, Samuel Townsend, Philip Stephens, Fran- 
cis Gildart, Duke of Beaufort, Lord Cholmondeley, Lord 
Rivers, Earl of Sussex, Earl of Winchilsea, Earl of 
Powis, Lord Cranborne, Duke of Devonshire, Duke of 
Dorset, Duke of Chandos, Lord Beauchamp, Lord Clive, 
Sir James Lowther, Sir George Savile, Henry Watson, 
Charles Grey, Henry S. Conway, Matthew Dixon, John 
Higgins, Gavin Cochrane, John McDonell, Welbore Ellis, 
Alexander Maitland, Duke of Hamilton, Alexander Gray, 
George Preston, George LeHunte, William Haviland, 
James (?) Pattison, Benjamin Stehelin, Dame Frances 
Baird, Lord Bolingbroke, Marquis of Rockingham, Earl 
of Ossory, John Boddington, Lord Petre, George Dauber, 
Earl of Ross, Archibald Campbell, Lord Hardwicke 

Benjamin Carpenter, Duke of Richmond, John Vaughan, 
Thomas Calcraft, Duke of Manchester, Earl of Harring- 
ton, Earl of Balcarres, Thomas Dundas, Sir William 
Draper, John Dalling, Lady Monson, Lord Chewton, 
George Williamson, William Hislop, Robert Raitt, Duke 
of Rutland, Russel Manners, James Leighton, Duke of 
Queensberry, Lord Percy, Earl of Eglintoun, Simon 
Fraser, Earl Poulett, Lord Pembroke, Alexander Mack- 
ay, Robert Monckton, Duke of Ancaster, Earl of Radnor, 
Roger (?) Morris, Earl Ligonier, C. Polhill, John G. 
Perkins, Lord Mountstuart, George Warde, William A. 
Pitt, William Walkinshaw, George Maddison, Lucius F. 
Cary, Sir Thomas Egerton, John Adams, Lewis Ray, 
Alexander Grant, William Irving, John Hall, Lord Mil- 
ford, Richard Whitworth, Andrew Cathcart, Hugh Perry, 
Matthew Goude, Earl of Rochford, Duke of Northumber- 
land, Hildebrand Oakes, Charles Heathcote, Eyre Mas- 
sey, Henry B. Browne, Lord Edgcumbe, Charles Turner, 
Richard Whyte, James Dundas, Sir Philip J. Clerke, 
Norman McLeod, Samuel Aislabie, William Parsons, 
Richard Stevens, Robert Haly, James Poole, Andrew 
Lessly, Archibald Blane, William Sorell, Hugh Owen, 
Alexander Mall, George Boyd, Wenman Samwell, Lock- 
hart Gordon, Sir John Miller, »Villiam Scott, Harring- 
ton Baudin, Thomas Keating, Lady Gower, Bishop of 
Durham, Sir James Riddel, Sir Stanier Porten, Alexan- 
der D. Bradshaw, Thomas Lister, Edward (?) Windus, 
William Skinner, and others, May-July 1779/ Letters 
from Leonard Morse to George Leathes, John Rea, 
Porten, Stephens, John Lamb, Charles Henchman, Mat- 
thew Lewis, Thomas Turner, James Sharpe, Oughton, 
William Landreth, Cox & Mair, Lindsay, Alexander Ed- 
wards, James Wright, William Brown, Bisshopp & 
Brummell, Picton, Loftus A. Tottenham, Preston, Josh- 
ua Sharpe, Alexander Gray, Earl of Harrington, and 
others, May-July 1779/ Papers relating to military 
affairs, 1779 PRO 400/2 

E657 34/231: 71 letters from Jeffery Amherst to 
Charles Jenkinson, July-Sept. 1779/ 11 letters from 
Amherst to Paulus A. Irving, July-Oct. 1779/ 14 let- 
lers from Amherst to Sir David Lindsay, July-Sept. 
1779/ 19 letters from Amherst to William Haviland, 
July-Oct. 1779/ 17 letters from Amherst to Lt. Gen. 
Johnston, July-Sept, 1779/ 18 letters from Amherst 
to Lord Adam Gordon, July-Sept. 1779/ 13 letters 
from Amherst to Sir Philip Stephens, July-Sept. 1779/ 
38 letters from Amherst to R. Peirson, July-Oct. 1779/ 
32 letters from Amherst to Lord North, July-Oct. 1779/ 
27 letters from Amherst to Robert Monckton, July-Oct. 
1779/ 16 letters from Amherst to James A. Oughton, 
July-Oct. 1779/ 23 letters from Amherst to George L. 
Parker, July-Oct. 1779/ 13 letters from Amherst to 
George Warde, July-Oct. 1779/ 24 letters from Amherst 
to Lord Weymouth, July-Oct. 1779/ Letters from Am- 
herst to Sir Thomas Egerton, Stuart Douglas, Michael 
Bain, Richard Gardiner, Joseph Haslewood, William 
Cashell, Archibald Blane, Earl of Fauconberg, Arthur 
Holdsworth, Jesse Foot, William Parsons, Edward (?) 
Windus, Francis Heath, John Higgins, George Charleton, 
John Gordon, Robert Barry, Thomas Harley, Henry 
Conran, Duke of Gordon, Dudley Ackland, Lucius F. 
Cary, Lord Frederick Campbell, Thomas Fasbrook, 
John S. Higgins, John Carruthers, Robert Bath, Sir John 
Griffin, Anthony Isaacson, John LeFever, William Lacy, 
William Gardiner, Sir Henry Clinton, Thomas Desbrisay, 
Lt. Gen. Fitzroy, John Bullock, John Duller, George 
LeHunte, Thomas Dawson, Earl of Clarendon, Marquis 
of Carmarthen, Robert D. Elphinstone, Vernon Hawley, 
Earl of Hertford, Bishop of Durham, Sir Adam Fergus- 
son, Bigoe Armstrong, Lord Cadogan, Duke of Argyll, 
Roger Kellet, William Giles, William Eden, William 
Foot, Richard Johns, Lady Hereford, Mrs. D. Fowke, 
William (?) Loftus, Thomas Dilkes, Earl of Rochford, 
William (?) Brown, Henry Dundas, Archibald, Campbell, 
James Dundas, Baker J. Littlehales, the Attorney Gen- 
eral, Earl of Effingham, Lord Dalrymple, Robert Adair, 
Gabriel Christie, Edward Bolton, Lord Robert Ker, Earl 
of Aldborough, Alexander Campbell, Earl of Harrington, 
Arthur Beard, Walter Beavan, Thomas Wilkes, John A. 
Ivers, Nathaniel Humphreys, John Biddulph, the Lord 
Chancellor, Earl of Chesterfield, Lady Anne Lindsay, 
Thomas Desaguliers, Charles F. Greville, Studholme 
Hodgson, Thomas Calcraft, iVilliam Furguson, Peter 
Aylward, Duke of Beaufort, Earl of Dartmouth, William 
Faucitt, David Graeme, John B. Holrovd, Duke of Dorset, 
Abraham C. Gordon, Thomas De Burgh, Sir Charles 
Frederick, John Boddington, Lord Beauchamp, Thomas 
Lister, Lord Robert Bertie , Alexander Colquhoun, 
Thomas Bickerton, Andrew Crotty, Henry S. Conway, 
Hugh Debbieg, Thomas Dalton, Williamf?) Dore, Thom- 
as Edwards, Simon Fraser, James Grant, William Grah- 
am, Matthew Keugh, Lord Brownlow, Thomas (?) Bruce, 
Earl of Clanricarde, Freheville Dyke, David Ingersoll, 
Andrew Lyon, Sir James Cockburne, James Halls, Sam- 
uel Blackwell, Boardman Bromhead, Thomas Knight, 
John Jervis, Arthur Blake, William Evans, William 
Gwyn, John Gowan, Lt. Col. Cunningham, John Pigot, 
William Winter, G. E. Ellis, Joseph Brome, Robert 
Cunningham, Joseph Hodgkinson, James Harrington, 
Lord George H. Lennox, Lord Edgcumbe, Robert Beat- 
son, Thomas De Grey, James Johnston, William Am- 
herst, Thomas Keating, William McCarmick, A. Robin- 
son Bowes, Lord Ashburnham, Lord Pelham, Earl of 
Buckingham, Eyre E. Crowe, Robert Drummond, Count- 
ess De la Warr, Whitshed Keene, Peter Howorth, Earl 
of Balcarres, Edward Burrow, Scipio Carnac, Thomas 

Elrington, William Harcourt, Benjamin Incledon, Count- 
ess of Clarendon, Lord Crosbie, Lady Greenwich, Lord 
Digby, Henry Hall, Earl of Lauderdale, Lord Willoughby 
de Broke, Sir George Cornwall, Sir Richard Symons, 
Sir William Draper, Matthew Dixon, James Dodd, Thom- 
as Clarke, Lord Lindores, Adam Drummond, William 
Blurton, Thomas Fletcher, Spencer Cowper, Duke of 
Grafton, Lord Darlington, Duke of Chandos, Thomas 
Lawless, John Bonjour, Stephen Cotterell, Thomas 
Fraser, Lord Bateman, James Gardiner, Roger Aytoun, 
James Nisbet, Robert Robinson, Philip Stephens, Sir 
George Younge, Thomas Osborne, Duke of Atholl, John 
Gaydon, Burgh Leighton, Lord Cranborne, George Demp- 
ster, Sir Robert Eden, Thomas Adams, William Blackett, 
Duke of Buccleugh, Lord Chewton, Adam Cunningham, 
Alexander Donaldson, Countess of Glencairn, Colin 
Campbell, William Hall, Lord Bellamont, Archibald 
Armstrong, Lord Bateman, Hugh Elliot, James Gilford, 
Lord Lisburne, William Erskine, Thomas Dundas, Will- 
iam Hislop, Thomas Dunbar, William Bulkeley, Thomas 
Jones, William Hurst, Thomas Maule, Matthew Ottley, 
M.Coghill Savage, John Williams, Charles Sinclair, Rich- 
Richard Grattan, John Crofton, Lancelot Baugh, James 
Murray, John Scott, Lord Petre, Lord Ducie, Francis 
Craig, Lord Berkeley, Gilbert Caldecot, Lord Courtown, 
David Cunningham, Lord Hardwicke, Lord DelaWarr, 
Lord Germain, William Browning, William Lowther, Lt. 
Col. Whyte, Sir John Miller, Lord Charles Montagu, 
Lord Newhaven, Lord Winchilsea, David Scott, Lord 
Ross, Lord Orford, John Sinclair, John Wharton, Rich- 
ard Stevens, George Wade, Earl Nugent, Duke of North- 
umberland, William Shewbridge, Meyrick Shaw, John 
Quantock, John Worsley, Philip Webdell, Hugh Owen, 
Lord John Murray, James A. Oughton, Bolton Power, 
George Preston, John G. Perkins, Sir Alexander Purves, 
Nassau Smith, Lord Townshend, Emmanuel Walton, Ben- 
jamin Stehelin, Humphrey Nixon, Sir George Osborn, Al- 
exander Maitland, Thomas Tydd, Alexander Mall, Lord 
Paget, James O'Connell, William Price, Patrick Ross, 
Matthias McNamara, William Stewart, William Sandford, 
Thomas Meike, Bishop of Worcester, John Walsh, Lord 
Onslow, Philpott Wolfe, Sir Stanier Porten, John Watson, 
Alexander Mackay, John Money, Sir George Savile, Lord 
Mountstuart, Lt. Col. Reid, Samuel Stanton, Robert Ske- 
ne, Henry North, Joshua Mauger, George Williamson, 
William Skinner, Robert Vyner, Valentine Morris, Will- 
Roy, George Morgan, Allan Maclean, Alexander Ross, 
Sir Richard Perrott, Sir Hugh Palliser, William Morton, 
Duke of Manchester, Alexander Stewart, John Ruther- 
ford, William MacGillivray, Michael Obins, Philip (?) 
Skene, Duke of Richmond, Alexander Wedderburn, Eyre 
Massey, Lord Milford, Sir John Mordaunt, Thomas Mon- 
crieffe, George Marsh, Mark Page, Sir Christopher 
Freise, Henry St. John, Ross & Gray, John Roberts, 
Joshua Sharpe, Earle of Plymouth, Laetitia Webber, 
James Riddell, Lord Pembroke, F. Wemyss, Earl of 
Scarborough, James Malcolm, Boughey Shey, Leonard 
Morse, William Mcintosh, Joshua Steele, Thomas Ryves, 
Charles L. Mordaunt, Earl Poulett, John Parke, Nathan- 
iel Stent, Lt. Gen. Vernon, George Morrison, David Wil- 
mot, James Stuart, John Maxwell, Lord Pelham, Lord 
Ashburnham, Lord Sandwich, James Nicholson, Sir John 
Whitefoord, Thomas Osborne, William Peacocke, Earl 
of Upper Ossory, Earl of Mansfield, William Pughe, Da- 
vid Scott, Lord Charles Spencer, Thomas H. Page, Sam- 
uel Mitchelson, Earl Waldegrave, Philip K. Ryley, Rob- 
ert Wylds, Lord Napier, Earl of Seaforth, Sir Hugh Will- 
iams, Roger Morris, Robert Raitt, Hans Stanley, Earl of 
Warwick, Robert Rogers, Duke of Queensberry, William 
Rowe, Lord Sandys, Josias Paterson, Humphrey Minchin, 
William Pulteney, Samuel W. Roberts, Duke of Portland, 
John Randolph, Justin Vulliamy, William Style, Turner 
Straubenzee, Lord Milford, Robert Wright, John Upton, 
Roderick Mackenzie, Boyle Walsingham, Archibald Mac- 
lean, Edward Wjitley, Marquis of Rockingham, George 
L. Scott, Charles (?) Medows, Lady Pryce, James Wors- 
ley, John MacGregor, Thomas Smelt, Henry Watson, 
Henry Seeley, John Shee, James Rooke, Lord Walling- 
ford, Robert Walker, Sir Charles K. Tynte, and others, 
July-Oct. 1779/ Letters from Morse to Matthew Lewis, 
Lord Berkeley, DeGrey, Heath, Egerton, John Bell, Lord 
Adam Gordon, LeHunte, Ellis, Calcraft, Faucitt, Henry 
Budd, Bisshopp & Brummell, Debbieg, Lord Chewton, 
John Willan, Alexander Rigby, Amherst, John Robinson, 
George L. Parker, William Winter, Stephens, John Stood- 
ly, Peirson, Porten, Sharpe, Morrison, Oughton, July- 
Oct. 1779/ Papers relating to military affairs, 1779 
PRO 401/1 

E658 34/232: 77 letters from Jeffery Amherst to 
Charles Jenkinson, Oct. 1779-Feb.l780/ 43 letters 
from Amherst to William Haviland, Oct. 1779-Feb. 1780/ 
12 letters from Amherst to Lord Weymouth, Oct. -Nov. 
1779/ 14 letters from Amherst to Lord George Germain, 
Oct. 1779-Jan. 1780/ 19 letters from Amherst to Lord 
Hillsborough, Nov. 1779-Feb. 1780/ 16 letters from Am- 
herst to Lord North, Nov. -Dec. 1779/ 16 letters from 
Amherst to R. Peirson, Oct. 1779-Jan. 1780/ Letters 
to Amherst from Lord Dudley & Ward, Thomas Johnes, 
William Faucitt, Lord Berkeley, Archibald Campbell, 
Sir Robert Laurie, Bigoe Armstrong, Dame Francis 
Baird, Lord Cranborne, Thomas Calcraft, Gabriel 
Christie, Henry Graeme, Thomas Jones, Anthony Isaac- 
son, John Lethbridge, Montagu Agnew, Duke of Beaufort, 
George Bernard, Major Bailour, Stuart Douglas, James 
(?) Elliott, Alexander Crauford, Thomas Elrington, Al- 

exander Hay, Arthur Kingsley, Duke of Dorset, Lord 
Frederick Campbell, Lord Adam Gordon, Sir John Floyd, 
Robert Kern, Andrew Lyon, Paulus A. Irving, Earl Cow- 
per, Lord Weymouth, Sir George Howard, Lt. Col. Dal- 
rymple. Lord Dalrymple, Duke of Chandos, Sir Beau- 
mont Hotham, Lord Edgcumbe, George Dauber, the Lord 
Chancellor, Stephen Fuller, Samuel Long, Richard Atkin- 
son, James Grant, William Cashell, George Awbrey, 
Phillips Baggott, Thomas (?) Bickerton, Duke of Bucc- 
leugh, Thomas DeGrey, Lt. Gen. Johnston, John (?) 
Lamb, William Graham, Andrew Cathcart, James Haigh- 
ton, Owen S. Brereton, Earl of Chatham, John (?) Hayter 
George LeHunte, Mr. & Mrs. John Leland, Hugh Debbieg, 
Thomas Keating, John B. Holroyd, William Lacy, Duke 
of Grafton, James (?) De Courcy, Stephen Gualy, Thom- 
as Hardyman, John S. Higgins, Lord Ligonier, Lord Fau- 
conberg, William Congreve, Robert (?) Cunningham, 
Lord George H. Lennox, Studholme Hodgson, Thomas 
Knight, Dudley (?) Ackland, Earl of Cholmondely, Sir 
Henry Clinton, Sir William Howe, William C. Campbell, 
Count von Nassau Dietz, William Jolliffe, William Gar- 
diner, Lucius F. Cary, Joseph Brome, William Hislop, 
Sir William Draper, Lt. Col. Home, Robert Monckton, 
Committee of Jamaica Merchants and Planters, Duke of 
Argyll, Walter Bevan, Sir William Douglas, Gray & Og- 
ilvie, Nicholas Lechmere, Moses Corbet, John (?) Croz- 
ier, William Evelyn, Thomas Dowdeswell, Robert Bellen- 
den, Sir David Lindsay, Maj. Gen. Gray, Lord Dartmouth, 
Lord Stormont, Lord Sandwich, George Godfrey, John 
Boddington, William Brodie, Peter Bathurst, John Dall- 
ing, William Dussaux, William Fauquier, William Har- 
court, George Eliott, George L. Hamilton, Gen. Lloyd, 
Richard (?) Baily, Cox & Mair, Stephen Collins, William 
Style, John Grattan, Edwin Lascelles, Francis Lascelles, 
Thomas Hall, Robert Adair, Sir Robert Hamilton, Sir 
Charles Frederick, Sir Charles Cox, Christopher 
French, Philip Cross, Lord Darlington, Sir Robert 
Boyd, Bisshopp & Brummell, Robert Lane, Earl of 
Hertford, Henry Knight, William H. J. Birch, Robert 
Douglas, Charles Grome, Mrs. Frances Hickes, Lord 
Henry Fitzgerald, Lord Ducie, Thomas Lister, Edmund 
Armstrong, the Lord Advocate, Thomas Dunbar, Lord 
Bathurst, James Crauford, Thomas Baskerville, Joseph 
S. Speer, John Hughington, Ligonier Chapman, Samuel 
Buxton, Fitzimmons Conyers, Patrick Moore, Benjamin 
Bloomfield, vVilliam Blair, Daniel Buston, George Doug- 
las, William Scott, Edward Crosby, John Baillie, Alex- 
ander Grant, William Allen, John Parr, Henry Losack, 
James Johnston, Rainsford Hall, Thomas Grenville, John 
Bland, Countess De la Warr, Benjamin Carpenter, Red- 
mond Kelly, William Harper, Thomas Fitzmaurice, Will- 
iam Blackett, Lord Chewton, Robert Kingston, Lord 
Chesterfield, Lord Harrington, Simon Fraser, William 
Laybourne, Sir Thomas Egerton, Michael Bain, Lord 
Hardwicke, Duke of Ancaster, James Barry, Charles 
Hall, Francis Heath, Countess of Gower, James Inglis, 
Lord Clive, Thomas Dundas, Sir John Griffin, Harry 
Gordon, James Bromhead, Mrs. Sarah Crosier, Thomas 
Bevan, Earl of Lauderdale, William Fergusson, Marquis 
of Carmarthen, William Fullarton, Charles Brathwaite, 
James Ballmer, Rowland Holt, Lord Boston, George 
Williamson, Sir John Mordaunt, Michael Obins, Lord 
Scarborough, R. Sloper, John Maxwell, Sir Yelverton, 
Peyton, George Riggs, Alexander Ross, Duke of Rich- 
mond, Charles Medows, Bourchier Molesworth, Charles 
O'Hara, John Rutherford, Thomas Smelt, Lord George 
Sutton, George Warde, Bourchier Wrey, James A. 
Oughton, Philip Stephens, John Robinson, Lord Mil- 
ford, Sir Christopher Freise, Henry Pringle, George 
L. Parker, Lord Charles Spencer, Gabriel Stewart, 
James Telfer, Henry Marshall, Cathcart Taylor, Wil- 
liam McCarmick, Russell Manners, James McDowal, 
Charles L. Mordaunt, Alexander Maitland, Benjamin 
Stehelin, Lord Orford, William Pawlett, Josias Pater- 
son, Joseph Roch, Col. Scott, William Skinner, Davies 
Toplady, William Ogle, Col. Smith, Edward Thornton, 
Sir Stanier Porten, Joseph Pinelli, James Murray, Col. 
St. Leger, James Malcolm, James Meyrick, Joshua 
Mauger, Thomas Maule, Bishop of Norwich, William 
Richardson, Antnony Renwick, John Smyth, Earl of 
Sussex, Maj. Stanton, Robert Stanley, James Stuart, 
Denis O'Kelly, George Morrison, Col. Tottenham, 
John Roberts, Earl of Marchmont, William Roy, Brooke 
Watson, William Sorell, Lord Napier, William Pulteney, 
Lord Pembroke, Sir James Marriott, David Ogilvie, 
Thomas Wintour, Capt. Lt. Quantock, John MacPherson, 
Henry S t . John, Hugh Montgomerie, Thomas Smeale, 
Sir John Lockhart Ross, James M. Prevost, Earl of 
Plymouth, John Vaughan, Philip Sherard, Earl Tanker- 
ville, Charles McMurdo, Alexander Stewart, William 
MacGillivray, Lord Townshend, Charles Rainsford, 
Bishop of Worcester, George Wade, Ross & Gray, John 
Meyrick, John Bigot, James Mountfort, Benjamin Pratt, 
August de Wrede, Roger ( ?) Morris, Lord John Murray, 
Hugh Owen, Jonathan Page, Duke of Northumberland, 
Charles Terrot, Sir Alexander Purves, James Sharpe, 
Lady Monson, Mrs. M.T. Oakes, Sir John Whitefoord, 
Sir Thomas Pye, Edward (?) Windus, Lord Milton, Thom- 
as (?) Turner, Hans Sloane, Griffith Williams, Sir John 
Wodehouse, Henry Watson, William Price, Alexander 
Mackay, Alexander Mall, Thomas Smeallie, Earl of Win- 
chester, Duke of Rutland, David Wilmot, Earl of Win- 
chilsea, Sir George Pocock, John Wright, Sir James 
Norcliffe, Charles (?) Roberts, John Sutherland, James 
Steen, Lord Poulett, Turner Straubenzee, James Redit, 
Henry Webb, Lord Sondes, James Moncrief, Charles F. 
Wintour. James McManus, Thomas Robson, Sir Cecil 

Wray, Robert Timperley, and others, Oct. 1779-Feb. 
1780/ Letters from Leonard Morse to Matthew Lewis, 
DeGrey, Lord Adam Gordon, Faucitt, Cunningham, Alex- 
ander Gray, Bisshopp & Brummell, Long, Cox & Mair, 
Lamb, Archibald Campbell, Cary, Adair, Baily, Henry 
Knight, Thomas Hall, William Knox, George (?) Ainslie, 
Straubenzee, John Stoodly, John (?) Spottiswoode, Port- 
en, Pinelli, Sorell, Arthur Mair, Alexander Rigby, Roy, 
Paul Orchard, John and James Meyrick, Henry Watson, 
Rainsford, Hugh Owen, Alexander Mackay, Williamson, 
John Ross, inhabitants of Scarborough, Toplady, and 
others, Oct. 1779-Feb. 1780/ Letters from William 
Brummell to Matthew Lewis, Feb. 1780 PRO402/1 

E659 34/233: 40 letters from Jeffery Amherst to Charles 
Jenkinson, Feb. -June 1780/ 21 letters from Amherst to 
Lord Hillsborough, Feb. -June 1780/ 11 letters from 
Amherst to Lord George Germain, Feb. -June 1780/ 37 
letters from Amherst to William Haviland, Feb. -June 
1780/ 12 letters from Amherst to William Belford, 
Mar. -June 1780/ Letters from Amherst to Duke of 
AtholL Henry S. Conway, Lady Mary Forbes, Duke of 
Argyll, Lord Carlisle, Ziachary Bayley, Thomas Hall, 
Robert(?) Hughes, fuuert Eden, William Hall, Andrew 
Cathcart, Col. Garth, Lord Ligonier, Paulus A. Irving, 
Lord Hardwicke, Lord Dalhousie, Harry(?) Gordon, 
David Dundas, Thomas Hutchins, Sir James Johnston, 
Charles Churchill, William Sorell, William Knox, Alex- 
ander Cunningham, Benjamin Green, Maj. Jones, Thom- 
as DeBurgh, Sir David Lindsay, Earl of Lauderdale, 
Mrs. S. Farquhar, Leonard Brown, Mathew Drakeford, 
Alexander Donald, John Boddington, Schaw Grosett, 
Lady Greenwich, George Grenville, Lord Fauconberg, 
Stephen Cotterell, Sir Charles Frederick, Lord Harring- 
ton, Ensign Jadus, Stuart Douglas, James Hugonin, Lord 
Hinton, Lord Edgcumbe, John Gloster, Hugh Debbieg, 
Countess of Gower, George Grey, William James, George 
Ainslie, William McCarmick, John be Berniere, 
Thomas De Grey, George Godfrey, Thomas Dade, 
Alexander Colquhoun, James Inglis, Thomas Knight, 
Lord Cholmondeley, Thomas Fletcher, Earl of Hunt- 
ingdon, James Elliott, Thomas Dunbar, Thomas (?) 
Jones, Lucius F. Cary, George A. Eliott, Alexander 
Hay, John (?) Dalling, Lt. Genl. Johnston, Matthew 
Dixon, John G. Hobson, Francis Geraty, George H. 
Lennox, Denis Kelly, Brig. Garth, Baron Kutzleben, 
Duke of Dorset, David Forsyth, Sir Henry Calder, 
Thomas Hay, John Gillan, Richard Edwards, Lord 
Darlington, John Dickson, Earl of Hopetoun, 
Boleyn(?), Douglas, Harrington Baudin, William Evans, 
Harry Blunt, Sir John Floyd, Lord Dartmouth, Hugh 
Lord, Lord Cranborne, Lord Falkland, Lord Robert 
Bertie, James Crauford, Robert Kingston, Sir Grey 
Cooper, Sir Adam Fergusson, Lord Adam Gordon, Wil- 
liam Fullarton, Lord Beauchamp, Lord Fielding, Rob- 
ert Elphinstone, Henry Knight, Duke of Beaufort, James 
Adinston, Lord Dunmore, Thomas(?) Green, George J. 
Cooke, Frederick Caldwell, Maj. Genl. Clarke, Fran- 
cis Lascelles, Charles Menzies, Philip De la Motte, An- 
drew Lyon, James Grant, Paston Gould, Henry Losack, 
Robert Hale, Countess Bathurst, William Harcourt, Sir 
William Cunningham, George Children, Thomas Hamp- 
den, Duke of Buccleugh, Samuel Blackwell, Earl of Up- 
per Ossory, John G. Harris, Robert Adair, William 
Amherst, George(?) Gordon, Thomas Jarret, John B. 
Holroyd, William Brown, William Hartnell, Thomas 
Burton, Mrs. Rutherford, Augustus Keppel, Lord Wil- 
liam Gordon, Alexander Gray, Lady Frances Burgoyne, 
John Vaughan, Robert Dlgby, Richard Ramsay, Charles 
Long, Sir Richard Worsley, Duke of Rutland, Robert 
Monckton, Lord Pembroke, William Style, Daniel 
O'Meara, Lord Robert Manners, Roger(?) Morris, Lord 
Orford, Earl Waldegrave, Joshua M. Da Costa, Col. 
Scott, Lord Stormont, R. Peirson, James Stuart, Lord 
John Murray, Charles Smith, George Swan, Lord North, 
Edward Thornton, Alexander Symmer, Mrs. Margaret 
Scott, George Williamson, Sir Hugh Williams, William 
Pulteney, William Stuart, Robert Vyner, Lord Poulett, 
Herbert Whitfield, Nassau Smith, Earl Marchmont, 
Hildebrand Oakes, Charles O'Hara, Marquis of Rocking- 
ham, Capt. Rooke, Alexander Mackay, Lord Sandwich, 
Maj. Stanton, James McManus, Lt. Col. Whyte, James 
West, Lt. Col. O'Carroll, Boyle Walsingham, John(?) 
Parish, Charles Roberts, Thomas Trigge, Alexander 
Philip, Michael Obins, Hugh Watson, Adam Wood, Hec- 
tor McNeill, Thomas Simes, Charles Medows, Robert 
Wright, Robert Prescott, Benjamin Stehelin, Lord Sea- 
forth, Richard Wolfe, Allen Maclean, Robert Rotton, 
Hector Maclean, George Schneider, Alexander(?) Shaw, 
Lord Powis, Lord Charles Spencer, Joseph Wall, Lord 
Ross, Sir Thomas Pye, Earl of Temple, Col. Mawhood, 
Richard Veale, John Perryn, David Ogilvie, Turner 
Straubenzee, John Rutherford, Lord Townshend, Sir 
John Mordaunt, T. B. Parkyns, James Watson, CoL 
Stanton, Alexander Stewart, Henry North, Philip(?) 
Skene, Norman Macleod, James Murray, Hay MacDowaU, 
Lady Plymouth, William Moore, Sir George Osborn, 
Thomas S. Wilson, Anthony Thompson, William Ogle, 
Samuel Townsend, Lady Sacksille, Edward F. Stan- 
hope, Eyre Massey, William Skinner, George L. Par- 
ker, Thomas Calcraft, Arthur Mair, Duke of Richmond, 
Matthew Dixon, Mrs. Helena Preston, John Campbell, 
George Gostling, George Mills, Charles Morgan, Thom- 
as Greenup, Lord Rochford, Sir Stanier Porten, George 
Bernard, Studholme Hodgson, William Peacocke, Wil- 
liam Brereton, Duke of Gordon, James Urquhart, Thom- 
as Edwards, Sir Philip Stephens, Charles Wlldbore, 

Mrs. Talbot, Cathcart Taylor, Sir William James, Sir 
John Pringle, Edward Burrow, Sir John Irvine, Sir 
George Savile, Benjamin Roberts, Duke of Manchester, 
Simon Fraser, George Campbell, Sir Robert Hamilton, 
Philip Cross, Thomas Lister, Francis Heath, Benjamin 
Ball, Charles Rainsford, Henry(?) St John, F. George 
Mulcaster, Moses Corbet, Charles Mackenzie, Arthur 
Molesworth, Robert Elliott, Alexander Maitland, Ed- 
aund Waller, James Burne, Sir Thomas Musgrave, John 
Banger, Robert Raitt, Countess of Sussex, James Bal- 
four, James Barker, Sylvester Muirson, George Thomp- 
son, and others, Feb. -June 1780/ Letters from Leonard 
Morse to George Hesse, Cox, Mair & Cox, William Hill, 
Richard Croker, Menzies, Daniel Brick, John Nodes, 
Richard Pembroke, George Bolton, Richara Hawkins, 
Thomas Dance, Ralph Gore, Nigel Klngscote, William 
H. Luttrell, Abraham Blick, W. H. Beckwith, Lister, 
Bisshopp & Brummell, Lindsay, Gray, Conway, Havi- 
land, John Bell, Harcourt, John Gordon, John Jacob, 
Anthony Isaacson, Lord Howe, George Cartwrlght, Heath, 
James Fairfull, Knox, Thomas Fauquier, Adair, DeGrey, 
Stephens, Mackay, Calcraft, George Morrison, Col. 
Stanton, Joshua Sharpe, Stehelin, Griffith Williams, 
Samuel Townsend, James Madden, Charles F. Wintour, 
George Shllleto, John Robinson, William Roy, McCar- 
mick, Style, Luke Walsh, Lord Charles Spencer, Lord 
Marchmont, Mair, William Walkinshaw, Rainsford, 
Sorell, Thomas Nash, Henry Waller, Thornton, Peter 
Michell, Lord Orford, Irving, Hugh J. Hansard, Samuel 
Clare, B. W. Harding, Cathcart Taylor, Matthew Lewis, 
Sir Francis Bassett, Staats L. Morris, Lt. Gen. John- 
ston, Sir John Sebright, Adair & Bullock, and others, 
Feb. -June 1780/ Letter from Charles Jenkinson to Lord 
Robert Bertie, Apr. 1780 PRO 403/1 

E660 34/234: 19 letters from Jeffery Amherst to Thom- 
as Twisleton, June-July, 1780/ Letters from Amherst 
to Lord Hillsborough, Duke of Queensberry, Sir George 
Savile, John Boddington, Lord Stormont, Sir Fletcher 
Norton, Alexander Wedderburn, Marquis of Rockingham, 
Lord Townshend, Lord North, Duke of Northumberland, 
Lord Mllbourne, Earl of Ashburnham, Charles Jenkin- 
son, Duke of Bolton, Henry S. Conway, William Belford, 
Lord Algernon Percy, Sir Richard Worsley, Bishop of 
St. David's, John Pownall, Lord Fauconberg, Thomas 
Thornton, Lord Mayor of London, John Allen, Thomas 
Wooldridge, George L. Scott, Hugh Debbieg, Nathaniel 
Thomas, Lord Adam Gordon, George L. Parker, R. 
Peirson, Robert Monckton, William Haviland, William 
Style, Thomas Calcraft, Westminster Military Society, 
Lord George Sutton, William Congreve, James Chauvel, 
Alexander Mackay, John Cotton, Thomas Harley, An- 
drew Carmichael, Thomas De Burgh, William Goulding, 
Robert Coffin, Bishop of Bath and Wells, Herbert Whit- 
field, Robert Raitt, Lord Chancellor, Lord President, 

A. Theodore Canon, James Wallace, James Mansfield, 
John Bligh, Lord George Germain, William Chamber- 
layne, Peter Holford, Brooke Watson, William Steven- 
son, James Robinson, Sir Philip J. Clerke, Peter Lon- 
ges, Governor of New River, and others, June-Dec. 
1780/ Letters from Leonard Morse to Boddington, John 
Walsh, Sir Philip Stephens, George Brown, Chamber- 
layne, Stephen Cotterell, Cotton, Debbieg, Samuel Strutt, 
Twisleton, Barnard Turner, and others, June-Sept. 1780/ 
Papers relating to military affairs, 1780/ Letter from 
William Amherst to Twisleton, June 1780 PRO 404/1 

E661 34/235: 47 letters from Jeffery Amherst to Charles 
Jenkinson, June-Nov. 1780/ 12 letters from Amherst to 
Lord George Germain, June-Dec. 1780/ 33 letters from 
Amherst to WiUiam Haviland, June-Dec. 1780/ 23 let- 
ters from Amherst to Robert Monckton, July-Dec. 1780/ 
22 letters from Amherst to R. Peirson, July-Nbv4780/ 
13 letters from Amherst to Lord Adam Gordon, July- 
Nov. 1780/ 13 letters from Amherst to Alexander Mac- 
kay, July-Dec. 1780/ 12 letters from Amherst to Lord 
Townshend, July-Dec. 1780/ 18 letters from Amherst 
to George L. Parker, July-Dec. 1780/ 14 letters from 
Amherst to Lord North, Aug. -Dec. 1780/ 11 letters 
from Amherst to Charles Rainsford, July- Dec. 1780/ 
15 letters from Amherst to William Style, July-Dec. 
1780/ Letters from Amherst to Sir William Lynch, 
Simon Fraser, Studholme Hodgson, James Grant, John 

B. Holroyd, Earl of Fauconberg, Robert C. Bayly, Earl 
of Bellamont, Thomas Calcraft, Thomas Simes, Dugald 
Campbell, John Vaughan, Lord Hillsborough, Sir Samuel 
Hood, James Campbell, Matthew Dixon, Thomas Hamp- 
den, Col. Skottowe, Daniel McKay, Thomas DeGrey, 
Lord Darlington, William Porrett, Thomas Haggltt, 
Joseph Haslewood, Harry Gordon, Lord Cadogan, Henry 
Barry, Lord LeDespencer, Sir Henry Clinton, James 
Fairfull, Lt. Genl. Cunningham, Lord Llsburne, Lord 
Orford, Sir Thomas Egerton, Earl of Fife, Earl of Buck- 
inghamshire, Moses Corbet, Paulus A. Irving, Sir 
Charles Frederick, Sir William Chambers, William 
Fraser, Countess of Egremont, Duke of Dorset, Joseph 
Brome, Thomas Croker, Lord Avergavenny, Arthur(?) 
Harris, George Godfrey, Thomas Foy, Henry S. Con- 
way, Col. Smith, Earl of Rockingham, Sir Frederick 
Haldimand, William Faucitt, Marquis of Lothian, Lord 
Frederick Campbell, Lord Ligonier, Lt. Gen. Johnston, 
Earl of Cholmondeley, William Fullarton, Lt. Col. Hum- 
berston, Peter Longes, Thomas Cochran, George Glad- 
stanes, Lt. Col. Cunningham, George Bernard, Thomas 
Dowdeswell, Sir Ralph Abercromby, Edward Hicks, 
Philip Mercier, Sir Hugh Palliser, Capt. Lt. Quantock, 
Mrs. Ann Macbean, Thomas Weldon, Robert Wylde, 

James Hugonin, Thomas Lister, Francis Heath, Charles 
L. Mordaunt, George Le Hunte, Boardman Bromhead, 
Scipio Carnac, John S. mggins, George T. Ridsdale, 
Stephen Cotterell, Samuel Blackwell, William Adam, 
Duke of Buccleugh, John Gibson, Brooke Watson, George 
Lampriere, Robert Mitford, George Herries, Duke of 
Atholl, John Ebers, Lt. Gov. Dawson, Alexander Dick- 
son, Lt. Col. Whyte, Allan Ramsay, Lord Edgcumbe, 
Cyrus Trapaud, John Forbes, William Knox, LordRoch- 
ford Lord inini.iore, David Murray, Thomas Dawson, 
John Jacob, Leonard Hammond, Lord Buckingham, Sir 
Stanier Porten, Earl of Seaforth, Benjamin Carpenter, 
James E. Powell, Sir Charles Gould, Barnard Turner, 
William Sorell, Gilbert Caldecot, John Tarleton, Mathew 
Drakeford, Edward Goote, Maj. Genl. Clarke, John W. 
Crawford, Roger Morris, Sir Christopher Freise, John(?) 
Bland, Hay McDowall, Lord John Murray, William 
Kettle, Sir Henry Hoghton, Capt. Grove, Sir James Mur- 
ray, Alexander Monypenny, Earl of Hardwicke, Alexan- 
der Maitland, Robert Hughes, Edward(?) Windus, Earl 
of Caithness, Lockhart Gordon, Thomas Armstrong, 
Henry Graeme, William Ogle, William Ferguson, Alex- 
ander Hay, Maj. Brown, Hugh Debbleg, Lord Sandwich, 
Earl of Westmoreland, Duke of Rutland, Augustus Kep- 
pel, Lt. Col. Lyon, Sir William A. Pitt, Lord Carlisle, 
George Preston, Henry St. John, Earl of Salisbury, 
Philip Godfrey, Sir John Blaquiere, Lord Cornwallis, 
Bryan Blundell, James M. Prevost, George Morrison, 
John Dalling, the Attorney General, Sir John Irvine, 
Alexander Murray, Earl of Lincoln, Lord Percy, Charles 
Medows, Thomas Haynes, John Cartwright, John Ruther- 
ford, Duke of Argyll, Joseph Dussaux, Thomas Brad- 
ridge, Samuel Zobel, William Read, John Clarke, 
Charles Garth, Frederick A. Wetherall, John M. Clarke, 
James Murray, John Burgoyne, Thomas Mellish, James 
Christie, Francis Craig, Sir Grey Cooper, Marquis of 
Rockingham, Sir George Savile, Thomas Burton, Thom- 
as Senman, John Watling, William Lane, Timothy Rus- 
sell, Thomas Keating, William Stuart, Lord Barring- 
ton, George Tonkin, Countess of Buckingham, James 
Rooke, Capt. Whitworth, Col. James, Sir Charles 
Frederick, Lord Milford, Lord Pembroke, A. A. Mac- 
Donald Furguson, Earl of Huntingdon, Lord Harrowby, 
William Belford, Robert Byner, John Bligh, Bernard 
Shaw, Earl of Scarborough, Lord Sussex, Duke of Man- 
chester, George Williamson, Herbert Whitfield, Joseph 
S. Speer, Duke of Gordon, Charles Mackenzie, Peter 
Michell, Charles Middleton, Lord Charles Montagu, 
Lord Beauchamp, Lord Robert Manners, James O'Con- 
nel, Richard Russell, Lord President, Duke of New- 
castle, James Best, Moses Northeast, James Dodd, 
Sir Allan Maclean, William Harcourt, Thomas Pilking- 
ton, Col. Scott, William Skinner, Sir James Riddell, 
Lord Stormont, John W. Thompson, Sir Robert Laurie, 
Lord Petre, Charles Stuart, Sir Adam Fergusson, John 
Graham, Lord Montfort, Earl of Darthmouth, Alexander 
Campbell, Sir William(?) Forbes, Richard Phillipson, 
James West, Lt. Col. Tovey, John Robinson, Lord 
Bateman, Lord Lewisham, John Campbell, Philip Yorke, 
Lord Newborough, George F. Hatton, Staats L. Morris, 
John Fuller, Hans Sloane, Sir Richard Worsley, Lord 
Robert Ker, Thomas McCarthy, Lord George Sutton, 
Lord Parker, Earl of Cork, George Morgan, Earl of 
Marchmont, Sir William Whitefoord, James Balfour, 
Lord Bathurst, Paul H. Ourry, Alexander Stewart, 
John Boddington, Duke of Grafton, William Peacocke, 
Duke of Northumberland, Lancelot Hilton, Sir Thomas 
Spencer Wilson, Earl of Temple, Lady Clavering, Sir 
John Sebright, Benjamin Stehelin, Donald Cameron, Hen- 
ry Lufanu, Earl of Ross, Philip(?) Skene, James(?) 
Urquhart, Lord Shuldham, Harris & Budd, Duke of Mon- 
tagu, William Amherst, Sir Alexander Purves, Thomas 
Fraser, Charles Watson, Lady Robert Manners, Vis- 
countess Middleton, St. John Neill, James Stuart, Mi- 
chael Obins, Leonard Brown, James Gardiner, George 
A. Eliot, Henry Knight, Sir Thomas Musgrave, Maj. 
Gen. Phillips, Paston Gould, John Harris, David(?) 
Ogilvy, Sir Ralph Milbanke, Lord Rivers, Norman 
Macleod, Lord Denbigh, Lord Brownlow, John Leland, 
William C. Campbell, George H. Lennox, Joshua M. 
Da Costa, John Elphinston, Robert Savile, Richard 
Ramsay, Sir Richard Sutton, Lord Macartney, Lord 
Clanricarde, Bamber Gascoyne, Lord Compton, Wil- 
liam Blackett, George Grant, Duke of Beaufort, Duchess 
of Gordon, St. John Prince, Colebrooke Nesbitt, 
Charles(?) Everitt, Alexander Christie, William Wilmot, 
Charles(?) Osborne, John Hare, Emmanuel Walton, 
George Cerjat, Thomas Bonham, Thomas Tiddiman, 
William Spencer, Sir James Lowther, Eyre Massey, 
James Gordon, Lord Dalhousie, Robert Douglas, Ed- 
ward S. Fraser, James Irwin, William Pawlett, Com- 
modore Johnstone, Sir David Lindsay, James Pettigrew, 
Alexander Mall, William Laybourne, Charles Lech- 
mere, Earl of Aldborough, George Gordon, Henry Orms- 
by, Lady Paget, Robert Home, John Macdonald, Lord 
Robert Bertie, M. Coghill Savage, Christopher Wilson, 
Lord Sheffield, Francis Stuart, Robert Raitt, Ingram 
Ball, John Cochrane, Samuel Townsend, Frederick La- 
fontaine, Temple West, Gordon Forbes, Thomas Back- 
house, and others, June-Dec. 1780/ Letters from Leon- 
ard Morse, to Rainsford, Matthew Lewis, John(?) Hamil 
ton, Cathcart Taylor, Caldecot, Harry Gordon, Mackay, 
Harcourt, Benjamin Langlois, William Fraser, John 
Rowe, Robert Adair, Haviland, Lt. Col. North, Bar- 
nard Turner, Francis Lascelles, Porten, George J. 
Cooke, Brome, Samuel Fairtlough, Purves, Anthony 
Todd, James Madden, John Desborow, Arthur Mair, 

Bisshopp & Brummell, Russell Manners, Hammond 
Knox, Lord Southampton, Thomas Farquier, Williamson, 
Gray, & Ogilvie, Sir Charles Gould, Joshua Sharpe, Con- 
way Shaw, John Pigot, Massey, Lt. Col. Whyte, Town- 
send, Joseph Hardy, Lord Paget, Trapaud, Sir Philip 
Stephens, Heath, Earl of Upper Ossory, Robinson, Mor- 
ris, Maitland, Thomas Bruce, Lord Napier, John Walsh, 
Thomas Sandow, John Pick, Redmond(?) KeUy, Lord 
Poulett, Arthur McLachlan, and others, June-Dec. 1780 
PRO 404/2 

E662 34/236: 52 letters from Jeffery Amherst to Charles 
Jenkinson, Jan. -May 1781/ 16 letters from Amherst to 
Robert Monckton, Jan. -Apr. 1781/ 36 letters from Am- 
herst to Earl of Hillsborough, Jan.-May, 1781/ 12 let- 
ters from Amherst to Thomas Hall, Jan.- Apr. 1781/ 19 
letters from Amherst to Lord North, Jan.-May 1781/ 23 
letters from Amherst to Alexander Mackay, Jan.-May 
1781/ 21 letters from Amherst to Paulus A. Irving, 
Jan. -Apr. 1781/ 18 letters from Amherst to William 
Haviland, Jan. -May 1781/ 11 letters from Amherst 
to Henry S. Conway, Feb. -May 1781/ 13 letters from 
Amherst to Lord Sandwich, Jan. -May 1781/ 11 letters 
from Leonard Morse to Sir Stanier Porten, Jan. -May 
1781/ Letters from Amherst to Eyre E. Crowe, John 
Campbell, William Millar, John Finley, James Watson, 
Robert Riddle, William Ashe, William Laybourne, Her- 
man Katenkamp, David Ross, J. Webb Humphrey, Wil- 
liam Style, Charles McMurdo, John Biddulph, Sir James 
Caldwell, James Urquhart, Edward(?j Windus, Lt. Col. 
Cunningham, Baron Kutzleben, Maj. Graham, Lord 
President, Lord John Murray, Charles Osborne, Col. 
Hodges, Thomas(?) Harley, Earl of Peterborough, 
Richard Phillipson, John Smyth, Isaac Heard, Thomas 
Dunbar, WiUiam Ferguson, John Worsley, Gray & Ogil- 
vie, Lord George H. Lennox, David Pryce, Herbert 
Whitfield, Earl of Cork, Edward Brereton, Lord Orford, 
Thomas De Burgh, Duke of Manchester, Forbes Macbean, 
Rowland, Hasletone, George Williamson, William Twiss, 
John G. Hobson, Joseph Gorham, Mrs. Crewe, Hugh 
Magenis, Charles Lumm, Sir Thomas W. Dunlop, Alex- 
ander Stewart, Thomas Dowdeswell, Welbore Ellis, 
Duke of Beaufort, John Rutherford, Lt. Col. Humbers- 
ton, Francis Heath, James Burne, Lord Darlington, 
Robert Macfarlane, Sir William Innes, William Gordon, 
John Dunlop, Valentine Morris, Lord Edgcumbe, John 
Travis, James Tindall, John Boddington, Lord Beau- 
champ, George Box, George LeHunte, Arthur Holdsworth, 
Sir Harry Burrard, William Chamberlayne, Lord Rivers, 
Sir Thomas S. Wilson, Edward Bell, Maj. Gen. Medows, 
Lord Fauconberg, William H. LuttrelL Francis Chateris, 
Francis Drake, Sir John Mylne, Sir William Boothby, 
Earl of Lincoln, Lord Germain, Moses Corbet, Col. 
Scott, Arthur Harris, Maj. Gen. Grey, Thomas Ed- 
wards, George A. Eliott, Col. Reld, Henry Losack, 
Russell Manners, Lt. Col. Tovey, Lt Col. Whyte, 
Earl of Huntingdon, Sir Frederick Cavc.iuish, Sir Hen- 
ry Clinton, George Rumbold, Sir Charles Frederick, 
William Weir, Joshua Roch, Christopher Aldworth, 
John Connor, William Hamilton, John Vaughan, Paul H. 
Ourry, Lord Dunmore, Sir William Draper, Lord Tem- 
ple, Thomas Lister, John Clarke, Capt. James Murray, 
Lt. Gen. Baugh, Lord Adam Gordon, Thomas Back- 
house, Lord Ligonier, Montagu Burgoyne, Dugald Camp- 
bell, James Abercromby, Thomas Parke, Henry B. 
Browne, Richard North, Hugh Dalrymple, Robert David- 
son, Alexander Walker, Owen O'Connor, Lord Torphich- 
en, William Walkinshaw, John Storie, Sir Eyre Coote, 
John Mackenzie, Robert Marshall, Samuel Mostyn.Rob- 
ert Brownrlgg, James Ballmer, Frederick A. Wetherail, 
Lord Pembroke, Duke of Argyll, Lord Hertford, Vis- 
count Dudley and Ward, Francis Smith, Charles Marsh, 
Simon Fraser, Norman Macleod, Mrs. Francis Smith, 
Lord Advocate of Scotland, Richard Baily , John Beck- 
with, James Edwards, William Giles, Sir Philip Ste- 
phens, George Gledstanes, Donald Cameron, John Dal- 
ling, Thomas Pitt, Thomas Bunbury, Duke of Dorset, 
Francis Grant, Thomas De Burgh, Robert Hickson, 
George Scott, Alexander Lennox, Robert Douglas, Ed- 
ward Sandford, Earl of Aldborough, William Fullarton, 
Robert Boyd, John Fraser, George Browne, Thomas 
McCarthy, Alexander Montgomery, Alexander Richard- 
son, William Cashell, Francis Wemyss, Sir James 
Langham, John Bevan, Emmanuel Hutchinson, Lt. Genl. 
Pomeroy, Hamilton Graydon, Lord Bulkeley, Henry 
Dundas, Col. Dixon, Sir Charles Douglas, John Des- 
borow, Henry Hope, James F. Erskine, George Warde, 
Thomas Dalton, William Harcourt, Stephen Fuller, An- 
drew Kirwan, Gervas Hall, William Blackett, George 
Morrison, Sir John Irvine, Edward Scott, William Win- 
ter, Lord Townshend, Love P. Jones, Lord Le Despen- 
cer, James Christie, William Gardiner, Lord South- 
ampton, James Campbell, Lord Vere, Lord Grantham, 
Richard Gardiner, John Burgoyne, William Congreve, 
Sir Guy Carleton, Henry Ormsby, William(?) Dalison, 
George Ainslie, Francis Lascelles, Sir John Wrottesley, 
WiUiam Sage, Lt. Gen. Johnston, Edwin Lascelles, Sir 
James Stuart, Charles Garth, Sir John Eden, Bishop 
of Durham, Samuel De Visme, William Knox. Juke of 
Queensberry, Sir John Floyd, St. John Prince, George 
Leathes, Hugh Debbieg, Lord Rochford, James Grant, 
Arthur Blake, Nicholas Dobree, Thomas Le Marchant, 
William nevTV'i r ^. Sir Charles Gould, Matthew Dixon 
James Fenwick, Sir Robert Hamilton, Smollett Camp- 
bell, Gilbert Waugh, Anthony Isaacson, William Suther- 
land, Sir Stanier Porten, Andrew Stuart, Duke of Gor- 
don, Lord Carlisle, Earl of Tankerville, William Lyon, 

Marquis of Rockingham, Duke of Leinster, William(?) 
Peacocke, James Elliott, Sir George Shuckburgh, Hen- 
ry Walton, Earl of Upper Ossory, Robert Rorison, Thom- 
as Jones, Henry Stlrke, Lord Temple, Thomas Cuming, 
William Roy, Studholme Hodgson, Sir Hildebrand, Oakes, 
Dr. Amory, Lady Mary Walker, Earl of Euston, Thom- 
as Hay, Duke of Hamilton, Daniel Ord, John Hamilton, 
William A. Pitt, Robert Skene, Sir Thomas Musgrave, 
Sir William Musgrave, Maj. Genl. Smith, Earl of Lau- 
derdale, Mrs. Margaret Scott, Earl of Seaforth, Wil- 
liam Scott, Andrew Cathcart, Maj. Robertson, William 
Tryon, John W. Crawford, Lord Colville, Maj. Genl. 
Prevost, Mrs. Elizabeth Griffith, Lt. Genl. James Mur- 
ray, Joseph Dussaux, Sir Charles Cocks, John Jacob, 
Lord Willoughby de Broke, Sir David Lindsay, Lt. Col. 
Dalrymple, Lord Kensington, Ingram Ball, Alexander 
Baillie, Earl of Inchiquin, Robert Robinson, Sir John 
Blaquiere, Duke of Northumberland, Turner Strauben- 
zee, Alexander Maitland, William Thomas, Lady Smythe, 
Richard Ramsay, Col. Stanton, James Malcolm, John 
Reynolds, John Phipps, John Williamson, Anthony Far- 
rington, John Jackson, Lord Poulett, Capt. Lt. Quan- 
tock, James Pettigrew, Lord Newborough, Lockhart 
Gordon, James Rooke, John Picton, Peter Aylward, 
Frederick G. Mulcaster, Charles Stuart, Charles Wil- 
liamson, William Reade, James Newman, Henry Knight, 
Bisshopp Si Brummell, Capt. Jones, Thomas S. Savary, 
Henry Dunn, John Dinely, David Scott, Sir Cecil Wray, 
Robert Adair, Lord Mayor of London, Benjamin Stehelin, 
Griffith Williams, Lord Stormont, Maj. Stuart, George 
T. Ridsdale, Mrs. Jane Wolfe, Allan Robinson, Myles 
Sandys, Mr. Morris, Philip Cross, Cornelius MacDo- 
nough, Sir Robert Pigot, Francis Craig, Earl of Maccles- 
field, Thomas Radcliffe, James Pampellone, Lord Ger- 
manston, John Parish, the Lord Chancellor, William So- 
rell, Henry St. John, Alexander Shaw, Blgoe Armstrong, 
James Vinour, Duke of Buccleugh, Alexander Donald, 
Lord Onslow, Cathcart Taylor, Sir Thomas Egerton, Sir 
Ralph Milbanke, John(?) Walsh, Earl of Galloway, Sir 
Richard Sutton, Sir Thomas Clavering, Patrick Ross, 
Randal Mac Donell, Samuel Hadley, Charles Rainsft -d, 
Lord Powis, Lord Salisbury, John(?) Roberts, Gilbert 
Caldecot, Sir Horace Mann, Henry Smith, Sir Alexan 
der Purves, Philip De la Motte, Benjamin Anderson, 
Robert Wylde, James Finlay, Robert Lambert, Edward 
Stopford, George L. Parker, Philip Crespigny, Martyn 
Founereau, William Carruthers, Earl of De la Warr, 
Vllllam Daniel, Alexander Symmer, Bishop of Worches- 
ter, Thomas Gage, Charles F. Wlntour, Col. James 
Murray, Lord Hardwicke, John Douglas, Thomas Cal- 
craft, Lord Digby, Duke of Ancaster, Duke of New- 
castle, Lord Gower, Earl of Coventry, Alexander Howe, 
Henry St. George Cole, Lady Salisbury, Sir William 
James, James Mountfort, Thomas Meike, Earl of March- 
mont, Lord George Sutton, Lorentz Greenholme, Thomas 
Jones, William Price, Hugh Sutherland, Sir Watkln Wil- 
liams, Wynn, Charles(?) Morgan, J. Feltham, Stephen 
Digby, Brooke Watson, Samuel Townsend, Scipio Carnac, 
Marquis of Lothian, Peniston Powney, Duke of Richmond, 
and others, Jan. -May 1781/ Letters from Morse to Bod- 
dington, James Symes, Kenneth Mackenzie, William 
Bain, Stlrke, Jonathan Anderson, Penwick, Love P. Jones, 
Wetherall, Alexander Mall, Abercromby, Pettigrew, 
Joshua Rooke, Picton Dugald Campbell, Crowe, John 
Campbell, Millar, James Watson, Robert Riddle, Lay- 
bourne, Humphrey, Dr. Amory, Adair, Harry Gordon, 
John Cooper, Philip Stephens, Thomas Bruce, Ramsay, 
Robert Franklin, Ashe, Gage, Lord Westmoreland, Mat- 
thew Lewis, Benjamin Thompson, John S. Higgins, John 
Lamb, Purves, Rumbold, John Powell, John Hare, Em- 
manuel Walton, George Cerjat, Thomas Bonham, Thom- 
as Tiddiman, William Spencer, Beckwith, William(?) 
Grey, Dalton, Hugo Meynell, William Payne, William 
Simson, Alexander Grey, Lt. Col. Humberston, Duke of 
Manchester, Duncan Campbell, Macleod, John Waugh, 
the Postmaster of Southampton, Charles Brathwaite, 
Jenkinson, Clavering, Henry Walton, Patrick Cannon, 
Lyde Brown, Charles Dobson, Edmund Probyn, Richard 
Kelsale, George Wade, John Pare, Robert Waugh, 
Burgh Leighton, Robert Andrews, George J. Riddeil. 
Cornelius Calley, Nathaniel Collyer, Thomas Mallie, 
Peter Serle, Roger Hayes, George Caesar Hopkinson, 
Ormsby Shaw, Osborne, Susanne Croker, Rorison, 
John(?) Bullock, William Fraser, Charles Everitt, 
John(?) Hume, William Pawlett, Henry Bowen Browne, 
Capt. Lt. Quantock, Earl of Galloway, F. Elwin, Rob- 
ert Douglas, Heath, Cox & Mair, Gray & Ogilvie, Powell 
& Cook, James Campbell, Hall, John Robinson, Thomas 
C. Dodd, Walterf?) Hovenden, Aldworth, William Scott, 
Col. Reid, Philip Godfrey, Benjamin(?) Roberts, Jo- 
seph Haslewood, Anthony Todd, Gould, Mackay, Town- 
send, Ersfine, Howe, Benjamin Green, Eden, Desborow, 
and others, Jan.May 1781/ Letter from William Amherst 
to Jeffery Amherst, Jan. 1781 PRO 405/1 

E663 34/237: 16 letters from Jeffery Amherst to Lord 
Pembroke, May-Oct. 1781/ 11 letters from Amherst 
to Charles Rainsford, May to Oct. 1781/ 67 letters 
from Amherst to William Haviland, May-Oct. 1781/ 
27 letters from Amhers l to Alexander Mackay, May- 
Oct. 1781/ 11 letters from Amherst to Lord George 
H. Lennox, May-Sept. 1781/ 25 letters from Amherst 
to Charles .TpnUnson, May-Oct. 1781/ 26 letters from 
Amherst to Paulus A. Irving, May-Oci. 1101/ xo let- 
ters from Amherst to William Tryon, May-Oct. 1781/ 
17 letters from Amherst to Thomas Calcraft, May-Oct. 
1781/ 39 letters from Amherst to Thomas Gage, May- 

Oct 1781/ 18 letters from Amherst to Lord Hillsbor- 
ough, June-Oct 1781/ 34 letters from Amherst to 
George L. Parker, June-Oct. 1781/ 20 letters from 
Amherst to Lord Adam Gordon, June-Oct. 1781/ 17 
letters from Amherst to Robert Monckton, May-Oct. 
1781/ 12 letters from Amherst to William Style, July- 
Oct. 1781/ Letters from Leonard Morse to Sir Robert 
Pigot, Sir Stanier Porten, Benjamin Greene, Samuel 
Townsend, George Cerjat, Samuel Mostyn, George F. 
Tufnell, Sir Charles Stuart, James Ballmer, Owen 
O'Connor, Sir Philip Stephens, George L. Parker, Lord 
Torphichen, William Chamberlayne, Lord Digby, Lord 
Adam Gordon, Charles(?) Mackenzie, Thomas C. Dodd, 
John Petley, Thomas C. Hardy, Henry Marshall, 
Charles Sinclair, Maurice Keating, WilUam Gardiner, 
WiUiam Knox, Thomas(?) Harley, Lt. Col. Whyte, Rains 
ford, John Boddington, Duke of Manchester, Lt. Col. 
Lumsdalne, Arthur Kinsley, John M. Clarke, Jenkinson, 
Edmund Probyn, John Pare, Joseph Brome, George Wil- 
liamson, Bisshopp & Brummell, Robert RiddeU, John 
Beckwith, William G. Child, Peter Michell, James 
Booraer, John(?) Hare, James(?) McGrath, Hugh Deb- 
bieg, George Morrison, Samuel Wilks, Sir Alexander 
Purves, Sir Joseph Mawbey, Lord Berkeley, Herzil Le 
Marchant, Thomas Day, Turner Straubenzee, Sir Grey 
Cooper, Duncan Campbell, Daniel Ord, John Powell, 
Thomas Mallie, Dudley Ackland, John S. Hlggins, Lord 
Fauconberg, Earl of Ossory, Philip Goldsworthy, 
George Hesse, Thomas Robinson, Duncan Urquhart, 
Robert Waugh, David Johnstone, Henry Grove, William 
Ogle, Thomas Baskerville, Gordon Forbes, Thomas 
Adams, Thomas Jones, Sir John Floyd, Charles Hench- 
man, Sir Thomas Egerton, Thomas Nash, John Leeke, 
William MacGillivray, George Browne, James Fenwick, 
Henry B. Browne, Simon Fraser, David Ross, Robert(?) 
Donkin, William Cashell, Robert W. Stone, WiUiam Har- 
court, Leonard Munnings, Samuel Gibbs, Chairman of 
East India Co. , Calcraft, John Murray, Richard Green, 
Haviland, Matthew Ottley, James Malcolm, Cox, Malr & 
Cox, Adair & Bullock, and others, May-Nov. 1781/ Let- 
ters from Amherst to Henry Hope, Lt. Gen. Jones, 
James Hugonin, Lord Townshend, Henry G. Schoen, 
Francis DuPont, Earl of Ailesbury, Sir William James, 
Lord North, Lt. Gen. Cunningham, Ann Stanton, Alex- 
ander Maitland, Philip Sherard, Sir John Blaquiere, 
George Meggs, Mrs. Mary Carver, Henry St. John, 
NetterviUe Blake, Lt. Browne, Robinson Thomas Saun- 
ders, Francis Carleton, William Foxlow, Mostyn, Thom- 
as Pilkington, Harris & Langston, Lord Stormont, Dodd, 
Robert Timperley, Earl of Sussex, Earl of Westmore- 
land, Sir John Sebright, Lord Ligonier, Morrison, Wil- 
liamson, Col. James, Sir Robert Hamilton, Sir William 
Andre, Sir Lucius H. O'Brien, John Jackson, Henry 
Maister, Boorder, Alexander Duncan, Lt. Col. Dal- 
rymple, Charles Marsh, William Carruthers, Earl of 
Clarendon, Thomas Hay, MacGrath, Sir John Vaughan, 
William Walkinshaw, John Robins, Higgins, William 
Rowley, WiUiam Lacy, George Hicks, James West, Sir 
John Eden, John RusseU, James Rooke, Lord Nugent 
John T. Amherst, John Leland, Lord Fauconberg, Earl 
of Huntingdon, Alexander Walker, Debbieg, Sir Henry 
Clinton, Glynn Wynn, Thomas Reeve, Richard Birnie, 
Lord CornwaUis, Robert Digby, Earl of Glendora, Lord 
Charles Spencer, Sir Thomas H. Page, Clarke, Ackland, 
Earl of Cholmondeley, Richard Veale, Maj. Gen. Smith, 
John Campbell, James Craufurd, David(?) Edgar, Angus 
Macdonnell, Mr. Lochee, Boddington, Mrs. Catherine 
Upton, Sir David Lindsay, WilUam Fisher, Henry S. Con 
way, Francis Lascelles, Charles Wasser, George Hart, 
Earl of Rochford, Duke of Devonshire, Gilbert Caldecot, 
WiUiam Reade, Munnings, Lt. Col. Napier, Ralph Gow- 
land, WiUiam(?) Wade, Eyre Massey, Andrew Laurie, 
Lord Beauchamp, Col. Sandford, William McCarmick, 
Earl of Temple, Richard PhilUpson, Samuel Blackwell, 
Lord Carlisle, Sir WiUiam Musgrave, Sir Paul PecheU, 
Duke of Queensberry, Bigoe Armstrong, Tufnell, Rich- 
ard North, Philip Mercier, Stephen(?) Cotterell, John 
Bevan, Sir WiUiam Draper, Griffith WiUiams, Sir 
Charles Stuart, Isaac Weldash, WiUiam LeMarchant, 
Sir Charles Frederick, Earl of Loudoun, Francis Craig, 
Lt. Col. Grey, Lt. Gen. James Murray, Lord John 
Murray, Duke of Montagu, Earl of Caithness, Benjamin 
Roberts, Earl Waldegrave, Joseph Dussaux, Archibald(? 
Gordon, George LeHunte, Michael Obins, Herbert Whit- 
field, Thomas Le Marchant, Benjamin Anderson, Chris- 
topher Aldworth, Robert Skene, Earl of Dalhousie, Sir 
H. Parker, Lord Napier, John Parr, Maj. Gen. Grey, 
Cox, Mair & Cox, Duke of Buccleugh, Egerton, William(?) 
Ferguson, Burgh Leighton, John(?)Shee, Peter(?) Ayl- 
ward, Arthur Holdsworth, Major Johnson, Col. Reid, 
Lord Sandwich, Duke of Rutland, Lord Germain. Col. 
Ross, WilUam Sorell, Lord Sheffield, AlexandeT Hay, 
Lord Barrington, Sir Francis Basset, Montagu Agnew, 
Sir Charles Thompson, Sir John Lindsay, Lord Hinchin- 
brook, George A. EUott, Henry Ormsby, Charles L. 
Mordaunt, David Ross, Sir John Burgoyne, Robert Sand 
ford, Floyd, Nash, Lewis Majendie, Jonathan Thomas, 
Beckwith, Child, William Walton, John FuUerton, Guy 
H. Crawford, Thomas J. Hinde, Adams, Gordon, Forbes, 
Thomas Jones, Sir George Savile, Lt. Col. Home, 
Thomas Slmes, John Bullock, WilUam Fawcett, George 
AinsUe, Lord Powis, Lord Colville, E dward Windus, 
Lt. Genl. Johnston, Lawrence SulUvan, Lord Rivers, 
Lord Cork Robert Burnett George Preston. Leonard 
Hammond, Sir Charles Gould, Cathcart Taylor, Earl of 
GaUoway, Stuart Douglas, Charles Churchill, Henry 
Sayer, John DalUng, Lord Hinton, Sir Richard Worsley, 

Lord Dartmouth, Paul Orchard, Lord Frederick Camp- 
beU, Samuel Zobel, Duke of Leinster, Staats L. Morris, 
Mawbey, Earl of Berkeley, George Warde, Lord South- 
ampton, Count Marazzani, Baron Dambach, Earl of 
Ross, Simon HalUday, Joseph Gilbert, Lord Poulett, 
Arthur Vansittart, Francis Heath, Ogle, Charles A. Du 
Pasquier, Purves, Gray & Ogilvie, Edward Sandford, 
Earl of Buckinghamshire, Brome, Thomas HalL James 
Gilbert, John Redman, Duke of Beaufort, Loftus Nunn, 
Henry Cecil, Count O'Rourke, Earl of Seafurth, Lord 
Macleod, Henry St. George Cole, Duke of Richmond, 
William Pawlett, David Pryce, Chairman of East India 
Co. , Townsend, Duke of Manchester, Mrs. Margaret 
Nairne, Sir John Irvine, Duke of Marlborough, Lord 
Orford, Richard Gore, Urquhart, John Cleveland, Sir 
Watkin W. Wynn, Duke of Dorset, Duke of Argyll, Thom- 
as Dunbar, William Grant, William Cowley, Alexander 
LesUe, WilUam Gardiner, Matthew Dixon, Mackenzie, 
Hugh(?) Dalrymple, Timothy Russell, James De Visme, 
Henry Stirke, John Storie, Stephens, WilUam ElUot, 
Lord Hardwicke, Myles Sandys, George Awbrey, Alex- 
ander Hall, Sir Robert Laurie, Mrs. Ann Worsley, 
James Mitchell, Lawrence Reynolds, Joshua Sharpe, 
WiUiam Wynne, James Wallace, Lord Porchester, Nicho- 
las Lechmere, Lord Compton, Lord CUve, Earl of Rad - 
nor, Sir John Whitefoord, Sir AUan Maclean, Lord Al- 
gernon Percy, Pigot, Lord Harrington, Gurgo(?) Freer, 
Sir Ralph Abercromby, John Kenrick, the Lord Presi- 
dent, the Lord Mayor of London, Lord Digby, WilUam 
Picton, Charles(?) Everltt, Leonard Brown, Lloyd Ken- 
yon, Francis Rodd, Alexander Campbell, WilUam Jol- 
liffe, Malcolm, Baron Eyre, George Gledstanes, Lord 
Elphinstone, Lord Mountstuart, Maj. EUis, Nathaniel 
Swaine, Harcourt, Thomas Johnes, Charles Long, Lord 
Edgcumbe, Rev. Bataille, Thomas Thomson, John(?) 
West, Knox, John Downing, John Quin, Thomas(?) Lis- 
ter, Lord Lewlsham, R. Sloper, Harley, John Edie, 
Lord Hertford, Jonas Watson, Archbishop of Canter- 
bury, John D. HaHiday, Herman Katenkamp, WiUiam 
Stopford, Daniel Morony, Mr. PhiUips, Lord Montfort, 
Marquis of Lothian, Lord Lindores, Simon Fraser, 
Lt. Col. Whyte, Lt. James Abercromby, Earl of Euston, 
WiUiam Blackett, John W. Crawford, Archibald Nisbet, 
George Schutz, John Godwin, WUUam Peacocke, James 
Fairfull, Lord Buckingham, Henry Losack, Duke of Rox- 
burgh, George Harrington, John Thomas, Grove, Sir 
Robert Murray Keith, Lord George Cavendish, Thomas 
Tydd, Luke Home, Lord George Sutton, Nicholas Do- 
bree, Joseph Haslewood, James Mure CampbeU, Thom- 
as Shirley, Patrick Tonyn, James Bramham, Arthur 
Preston, Gabriel Christie, John Read, Charles Ross, 
WilUam Green, George Scott, Charles O'Hara, John 
Roberts, Loftus A. Tottenham, Anthony St. Leger, 
James Stuart, Harry Trelawney, Archibald McNab, Pe- 
ter Bathurst, WilUam Roy, William Gordon, John Maun- 
seU, Robert Prescott, John(?) Cooper, Alexander Rig- 
by, John Waugh, Maj. Gen. Reid, Robert Hinds, John 
Crauford, Cashell, WilUam Roberts, James Hutton, 
John Whyte, Baron d'Alvensleben, Petley, and others, 
May-Nov. 1781/ Papers relating to military affairs, 
1781 PRO 406/1 

E664 34/238: 25 letters from Jeffery Amherst to Charles 
Jenkinson, Nov. 1781-Mar. 1782/ 30 letters from Am- 
herst to WiUiam Haviland, Nov. 1781-Mar. 1782/ Let- 
ters from Amherst to WiUiam Tryon, Thomas Calcraft, 
Earl of Harrington, Lord Sheffield, David Pryce, John 
Jackson, John Crauford, Sir Adam WiUlamson, John 
Campbell, John Dalling, Lord Orford, James Malcolm, 
Sir Thomas H. Page, Hugh Debbieg, Lord Hillsborough, 
Sir Charles Gould, Sir WiUiam A. Pitt, Charles Long, 
Russell Manners, Thomas Jones, Lord Sandwich, Earl 
of Macclesfield, Sir John Sebright, Robert Monckton, 
Francis(?) Rodd, Duke of Marlborough, Lord Pem- 
broke, Sir John Burgoyne, J. Webb Humphrey, Lord 
Vere, Maj. Gen. Pattison, PhiUp(?) Goldsworthy, Thom- 
as Gage, Robert Hinde, Paulus A. Irving, Col. Stanton, 
Duncan Urquhart, Matthew Dixon, Lord Pelham, Lt. Col. 
Dickson, Sir Robert Murray Keith, Lord KeUie, Dudley 
Ackland, Lord Adam Gordon, Joseph Gorham, Lord 
SaUsbury, John Storie, George S EUott, WilUam Style, 
Alexander Monypenny, Edward Lascelles, Maj. Gen. 
Reid, Sir Philip Stephens, Philip Affleck, Lt. Gen. 
Baugh, John(?) Parish, George Pochin, Charles (?) 
Everitt, Lord Germain, Sir Francis Basset, Baron 
d'Alvensleben, Francis Austen, Joseph Gilbert, Lord 
North, WilUam(?) Cowley, Major St. Leger, Lockhart 
Gordon, Maurice Cane, Sir John Whitefoord, WiUiam 
Kettle, Earl of Balcarres, James F. Erskine, Charles 
Rainsford, Sir Ralph Milbanke, Duke of Buccleugh, Nicho 
las Lechmere, Marquis of Rockingham, Charles A. Du 
Pasquier, Mrs. Ann Harris, Joseph Garnett, Charles 
Robinson, Lord Temple, John Leland, Lord Hardwicke, 
Thomas Stephens, Alexander Lennox, Robert Gibbon, 
George Bernard, Loftus A. Tottenham, WilUam NeUgan, 
WiUiam Roy, Lewis Ray, Lt. Col. Adams, John Cart- 
wright, Hugh Powell, John Poison, Henry Pringle, John 
Kearney, Sir Harry Burrard, Michael Obins, Ibbetson 
Hamar, the Lord Chancellor, Matthias McNamara, Fran- 
cis Heath, John Drinkwater, Stephen)? ) Kemble, Rich- 
ard N. Young, Thomas Hall, Maj. Gen. Smith, Francis 
Du Pont, Archibald Dow, Earl of Lauderdale, George(?) 
Ainslie, WiUiam Harcourt, Sir John Vaughan, Mrs. 
Elizabeth Griffith. John Whyte, Sir Jaces Murray /,'il 
liam CauUield, Lord Bulkeley, Charles Hall, Lt. Gen. 
Cunningham, Sir Thomas Egerton, Thomas Keating, 
Keith Stewart, Lord Rivers, Sir Henry CUnton, Theo- 

philus blakeney, William Peacocke, Alexander Howe, 
Sir James Johnston, Adam Drummond, WiUiam By- 
grave, Andrew Carmichael, PhiUp De la Motte, Francis 
Lascelles, Robert Adair, John Petley, Arthur Holds- 
worth, Alexander Forbes, William PhilUps, John Quinn, 
Thomas Bickerton, John Baily, John(?) Godwin, John 
Frith, Henry Sayer, Charles(?) Marsh, Sir George Os- 
born, Harry Gordon, John Boddington, Richard Stevens, 
Samuel Zobel, Edward Sandford, George Preston, Thom- 
as Lister, Andrew Stuart, Lord Herbert, Sir George 
Howard, Alexander Maitland, Bamber Gascoyne, All- 
Uam Sage, WiUiam Sorell, James Crawley, William 
DaUson, Col. Murray, Sir George Savile, Duke of Ar- 
gyU, Gregor Farquharson, Major Botet, Lord Robert 
Manners, Lord Carlisle, Lord Prevost, George Gren- 
ville, Lord Poulett, Gordon Forbes, Sir David Lindsay, 
James Ballmer, James Grant, Maj. Gen. Christie, Ed- 
mund Armstrong, George Walker, Earl of Ligonier, 
Stuart Douglas, WiUiam Gardiner, Sir WilUam Draper, 
John Desborow, Thomas Russell, Sir Robert Pigot, Rich- 
ard Jennings, AUan Maclean, Lord Frederick CampbeU, 
Welbore ElUs, Lord Powis, Thomas Bowlby, Sir Rich- 
ard Sutton, Sir Charles Farnaby, Duke of Queensberry, 
Robert Fraser, Herbert Jones, Staats L. Morris, E. 
George Mussle, Edward(?) Windus, Lord George Lennox, 
Charles Forbes, Alleyne Fitzherbert, Hugh Owen, John 
W. Thompson, Earl of Exeter, Lord CornwalUs, George 
Harrington, Charles Valiancy, Lord Fairfax, Joseph 
Brome, Lord Dartmouth, Lord Denbigh, John Foxlow, 
Prince of Waldeck, Lord Townshend, Lord John Murray, 
the Lord Advocate, John Kendrick, Lord Hawke, Andrew 
Cathcart, Lord Lewisham, Duke of Rutland, N. Fitz- 
gerald, Earl of Cholmondeley, Col. Smith, Prince Fred- 
erick, Lord Porchester, Henry S. Conway, Earl of Shel- 
burne, Charles J. Fox, John Waugh, Sir Adam Fergus- 
son, WilUam Reade, John T. Amherst, Lady Mary Camp- 
beU, Thomas Edwards, Lady St. John, PhiUp Godfrey, 
Duke of Richmond, and others, Nov. 1781-Mar. 1782/ 
Letters from Leonard Morse to Fitter & Croasdaile, 
Boddington, Joshua Sharpe, Francis Carleton, Sir PhiUp 
Stephens, Gray & Ogilvie, Herman Katenkamp, Hugh J. 
Hansard, James and John Meyrick, WUUam Cowden, 
NeUgan & Co. , Cox, Mair & Cox, Adair & Bullock, 
Alexander Mackay, George Johnston, John Campbell, 
George Morrison, TurnbuU & Co. , John MarshaU,Gren- 
ville, William Bain, Samuel Mostyn, Gordon Forbes, 
Harry Gordon, Adain , Bisshopp & Brummell, John(?) 
Lamb, William(?) Shewbridge, Powell & Cooke, James 
MacGrath, DalUng, Sir Adam WilUamson, M. Wilkin- 
son, and others, Nov. 1781-Mar. 1782 PRO 407/1 

E665 34/239: 40 letters from Jeffery Amherst to Wil- 
liam Haviland, Nov. 1781-Apr. 1782/ 13 letters from 
Amherst to Lord Hillsborough, Dec. 1781-Mar. 1782/ 
Letters from Leonard Morse to Stuart Douglas, Alexan- 
der Mackay, Leonard Hammond, Sir PhiUp Stephens, 
Sir John Burgoyne, Lord Sheffield, Sir John Irvine, 
Thomas Hardyman, James Barker, Lord Fauconberg, 
Sir StanierPorten, Peter Michell, John Strutt, Samuel 
Wilks, Sir Francis Basset, John Fisher, Josiah Birch, 
Lord Adam Gordon, John Robinson, WilUam Knox, Maj. 
Gen. Smith, John Boddington, George Morrison, Mat- 
thew Lewis, Joshua Sharpe, and others, Nov. 1781- 
Apr. 1782/ Letters from Amherst to George Vaughan, 
Earl of Ross, John Cartwright, George L. Parker, 
Robert Monckton, Maj. Commandant Dalrymple, 
Dudley Ackland, WiUiam Tryon, Burgoyne, Lt. Wal- 
ton, Sir Alexander Purves, Henry S. Conway, Charles 
Baillie, Lord Sheffield, Lt. Genl. Johnston, Simon 
Fraser, Duke of Queensberry, Earl of AUesbury, 
Henry Dunn, Lord Orford, Lord Charles Montagu, Lt. 
Northey, Hugh Debbieg, Arthur Kinsley, Lord Adam Gor- 
don, Sir James Lowther, Lord Fielding, Edward Sand- 
ford, Thomas HaU, Duke of Atholl, ChevaUer Behague, 
George Harrington, George A. EUott, R. Sloper, Lord 
Stormont, Lord Pelham, WilUam Gardiner, Lord Bar- 
rington, Paulus A. Irving, Charles Stewart, Thomas 
Calcraft, Sir Charles Farnaby, Thomas Browne, Charles 
Jenkinson, Thomas Robinson, George Preston, Thomas 
Corbin, Lord Townshend, Michael Obins, Thomas Pitts, 
Maj. Ellis, Henry Ormsby, Lord Hinchinbroke, Fran- 
cis Heath, Ferdinand of Brunswick, Lt Genl. Walsh, 
Lord North, Countess of Sussex, Maj. Genl. Mathew, 
John DalUng, WilUam Walkinshaw, John G. Harris, 
Lord Ribers, Lt. Col. Dundas, Dr. Smyth, WiUiam 
Fawcett, Col. Stanton, Valentine Morris, Earl of KeUie, 
Sir Thomas S. Wilson, Charles CampbeU, Henry Hope, 
James F. Erskine, Charles A. Du Pasquier, Mathew 
Dixon, WiUiam Dalrymple, John Leland, Edward Whit- 
by, Sir John Irvine, WiUiam Doyle, Edward Windus, 
Alexander Walker, WilUam Sage, PhiUp Godfrey, Mr. 
Debehague, Maj. Cashell, Lt. Col. Whyte, Sir John 
Vaughan, WilUam Style, Lord Hardwicke, Sir Joseph 
Mawbey, PhiUp Affleck, Sir Charles Gould, Sir Robert 
Hamilton, Arthur Holdsworth, WiUiam SoreU, Thomas! ?) 
Dade, WilUam Harcourt, Russell Manners, Richard 
PhilUpson, Stuart Douglas, John Gibson, James Fair- 
full, John HarUand, George F. Tufnell, Lord Germain, 
Thomas Gage, Maj. Genl. Pattison, Hugh Dalrymple, 
Sir Charles Stuart, WilUam Peacocke, Buston Long, 
James Rooke, Lord Dacre, Thomas Simes, Duke of 
Beaufort, George GrenviUe, Lord George H. Lennox, 
Francis Charteris, John Jackson, Mathew Cox, Sir 
uavid Lindsay, jo^epii Andfci'ovii, .....ii^ias i»bree, Ail- 
liam Roy, Duke of Northumberland, John Kortwright, 
Earl Percy, Thomas Grosvenor, John Wood, WiUiam 
Rowley, Sir John Sebright, Col. Smith, Capt MaU. Hen- 

ry Stirke, Alexander Maitland, James Wllkle, Stephen 
Watts, Earl of Balcarres, Philip Goldsworthy, Lord 
Sandwich, James Malcolm, Hugh Owen, John Godwin, 
John Baily, Lord Carlisle, Sir Brooke Watson, Lord 
Newhaven, William Reade, Mackay, Paul Sandby, Wat 
Tyler, William Yorke, Lord Herbert, John Parry, 
Thomas Maude, Herbert Whitfield, Philip De la Motte, 
William Ogle, Sir Jonathan Cope, William Sutherland, 
James Balfour, George Meggs, Lt. Col. Sir James Mur- 
ray, Morrison, Hugh Lord, William A. Pitt, Eyre Mas- 
sey, Leonard T. Holmes, John Jacob, Thomas Lister, 
Thomas Collins, David Morony, Stephens, Robert Doug- 
las, Lord Provost of Edinburgh, Lord Charles Spencer, 
Lt. Gov. Campbell, David Pryce, Colin Graham, Lord 
Southampton, William Tod, Richard Veale, Richard Topp 
Anthony L' Estrange, William Gainsforth, Henry Knight, 
Maj. Genl. Ross, Boddington, Earl of Sussex, Lt. Col. 
Campbell, John Craufurd, John Campbell, Sir William 
Desse, Lord Temple, John Wright, Lord Cornwallis, 
John D. Halliday, Archibald McNab, Lt. CoL Dickson, 
Thomas Symes, Edward Madden, Richard Symes, Patrick 
Miller, William MacGillivray, Adam Price, Archibald 
Dow, Robert Lumsdaine, Joseph Gorham, Sir John White- 
foord, Sir George Osborn, Alexander Baillie, Duke of 
Marlborough, Welbore(?) Ellis, Lord Loughborough, 
Thomas(?) Bruce, Samuel Kempthorne, Sir Hugh(?) 
Williams, James Pitcher, Andrew Edmonston, James 
West, John(?) Bonjour, Herbert Jones, John Desborow, 
John Clevland, Earl of Inchiquin, Earl of Darlington, 
John Riky, Alexander McPerson, Robert Gregg, Ber- 
nard Ratzer, Francis Lascelles, Robert Garden, John 
Parish, Committee of West India Planters and Mer- 
chants, Lord Hawke, John Adair, Neil McLean, Thomas 
Thompson, Alexander Lennox, George C. Abbot, Cox, 
Mair & Cox, Lord Powis, Chairman of East India Co. , 
James Wemyss, John T. Amherst, Lord Saye and Sele, 
Sir Charles Frederick, Duke of Argyll, Earl of Exeter, 
Sir John Johnston, Sir Allan Maclean, Hugh Powell, Sir 
William Howe, Angus MacAlister, Robert Boyd, and 
others, Nov. 1781-June 1782 PRO 407/2 

E666 34/240: Index to W. O. 34/237 and 34/238 PRO 

E667 34/241: Confidential letters from Jeffery Amherst 
to Lord North, William Haviland, Sir William Draper, 
William Picton, Robert Monckton, Archibald Campbell, 
Charles Rainsford, Lord Orford, Sir Robert Pigot, Earl 
of De la Warr, Henry S. Conway, Earl Waldegrave, 
Joshua Sharpe, John B. Holroyd, Earl of Pomfret, Duke 
of Northumberland, Matthew Dixon, Lt. Gen. Murray, 
Earl of Buckingham, Earl of Buckinghamshire, Earl of 
Sandwich, John Boddington, Lord George Germain, R. 
Peirson, Alexander Wedderburn, Charles Jenkinson, 
Jeffery Amherst H, James Robertson, Earl of Hills- 
borough, Sir John Vaughan, George Brydges Rodney, 
Studholme Hodgson, William Faucitt, John Robinson, 
and others, July 1779-May 1781/ Letters from Leonard 
Morse to Joshua Sharpe, John Robinson, and John G. 
Harris, Jan. 1780-Jan. 1781 PRO 408/2 

E668 34/242: Lists of officers, other military appoint- 
ments, regulations, records of court martial of Thom- 
as Wilkinson, military orders and other papers, 1778- 
1779 PRO 408/3 

E669 34/243: Order book, 1779 PRO 408/4 


34/244: Order book, 1780 PRO 408/5 

E671 34/245: List of persons to whom Jeffery Amher st 
wrote from Jan. 1-Apr. 15, 1782 with three bills for 
postage and paper PRO 408/6 

E672 34/246: Commissions recommended by Jeffery 
Amherst to the king, Apr. 10, 1778-Apr. 18, 17 80 
PRO 408/7 

E673 34/247: Commissions recommended by Jeffery 
Amherst to the king, Aug. 18, 1780-Mar. 25, 1782 
PRO 409/1 

E674 34/248: List of applications to Jeffery Amherst for 
commissions, c. 1778(?) PRO 409/2 

E675 34/249: List of applications to Jeffery Amherst for 
commissions, c. 1778(?) PRO 409/3 

E676 34/250: List of applications to Jeffery Amherst for 
commissions, c. 1778(?) PRO 410/1 

E677 34/260, pt. 1: PRO 410/2 

E678 34/260, pt. 2: PRO 411/1 

Leicester , Earls of. Library - 

E679 Catalog of deeds, vol. 1: Family deeds, General 
estate deeds, Holkham Camb 871/1 


-, vol. 2: Wells Camb 871/2 

E681 , vol. 3: Warham, Wighton, Quarles, 

Egmere, Burnham, North and South Creake, Compton 
Estate, Waterden, Dunton, Fulmodestone Camb 

E682 , vol. 4: TitUeshaU, Wellingham, Castle- 
acre, West Lexham, Massingham, Elmham 
Camb 872/1 


-, vol. 5: Longham Camb 872/2 

E684 , vol. 6: Bintry and Billingford Camb 


E685 Catalogue of miscellaneous deeds (temp. Henry 
D to 18th cent. ) belonging to the Earl of Leicester 
and now deposited at Holkham hall, Norfolk, 1890, 
nos. 1-1991 Camb 869/1 

E686 Catalogue of miscellaneous deeds (temp. Henry 
n to 18th cent. ) belonging to the Earl of Leicester 
and now deposited at Holkham hall, Norfolk, 1890, 
nos. 1992-3887 Camb 870/1 

E687 TittleshaU manor register, 1889 Camb 870/2 


E688 3: Gospels (Gr) Camb 827/1 

E689 4: Gospels (Gr) Camb 837/8 

E690 5: Gospels (Gr) Camb 838/1 

E691 6: Biblia, in 4 vols. Camb 868/1 

E692 7: Bible (L) Camb 832/1 

E693 8: Biblia Camb 852/1 

E694 9, vol. 1: Bible, Genesis-Kings (L) Camb 

E695 9, vol. 2: Bible, Kings-Daniel (L) Camb 825/2 

E696 9, vol. 3: Bible, Daniel -Apocalypse (L) Camb 

E697 13: Bible, ending with 1st Epistle of St. John 
(L) Camb 838/2 

E698 17: Gospels (L) Camb 839/1 

E699 18: Lectionarium evangeliorum Camb 839/2 j 

E700 19: Psalms (Gr)/ Horologium (Gr) Camb 828/1 

E701 22: Psalterium (Gr 6 L) Camb 827/4. 

E702 23: Psalterium Camb 839/3 

E703 24: Psalterium Camb 827/3 

E704 25: Psalterium with musical notation Camb 

E705 26: Psalterium Camb 831/1 

E706 32: Ordo Romanus/ Amalarius of Metz. Liber 
officiorum Camb 831/2 

E707 33: Joannes Belethus. Summa de ecclesiasti- 
cis officiis Camb 829/3 

E708 34: Missale Romanum with some musical 
notation Camb 826/2 

E709 35: Missale Romanum with musical notation 
Camb 831/3 

E710 39: Officia et lectiones totius anni Camb 837/1 

E7U 42: Officium B. V. Mariae Camb 837/2 

E712 43: Breviarium Camb 828/2 

E713 51: Athanasius, patriarch of Alexandria. 21 
treatises (Gr) Camb 834/1 

E714 52: Athanasius, patriarch of Alexandria, 
Michael Psellus, and other. Six treatises (Gr) 
Camb 829/1 

E715 55: Macarius, the elder, of Egypt. 57 homilies 
with 34 other treatises (Gr) Camb 829/4 

E716 56: Cyrillus, patriarch of Alexandria. Cate- 
cheses (Gr)/ Nicolaus Cabasilas. Homilies (Gr)/ 
Nilus, metropolitan of Rhodes. Homilies (Gr) 
Camb 829/5 

E717 57: Basilius. Commentary on Isaiah (Gr) 
Camb 830/1 

E718 58: Gregorius Nazianzenus. Sermons (Gr) 
Camb 833/3 

E719 59: Gregorius Nazianzenus. Questions and 
answers (Gr)/ Michael Psellus. Treatise (Gr)/ 
Astronomical treatise (Gr)/ Collection of canons 
with a commentary by Zonaras and other (Gr) 
Camb 833/4 

E720 60: Gregorius, bp. of Nyssa, Damascius, the 
Syrian, and Throphylactus Simocatta. Various 
treatises (Gr) Camb 829/2 

E721 61: Joannes Chrysostomus. Homilies on 
Genesis (Gr) Camb 833/1 

E722 62: Joannes Chrysostomus. Homilies on 
Gospel of Matthew (Gr) Camb 833/2 

E723 64: Joannes Chrysostomus. Homilies on the 
Gospel of John (Gr) Camb 864/3 

E724 65: Joannes Chrysostomus. Homilies on 
Gospel of John (Gr) Camb 846/1 

E725 67: Joannes Chrysostomus. 20 homilies (Gr) 

Camb 840/1 

E726 70: Joannes Chrysostomus. Sermo, Lat. tr. 
by William SeUyng/ Simon Islip. Speculum regis 
Edwardi m/ Domitius Veronensis. Epistola 
Jacobo CardinaU Papiensi/ Celsus Maffeus Verno. 
nensis. Dissuasoria ad Senatum Venetorum 
Camb 836/4 

E727 79: Joannes Climacus. Scala paradisi 
Camb 835/1 

E728 80: Anastasius H, Sinaita. Questions and 
answers (Gr)/ Other works of the Greek fathers 
(Gr) Camb 830/2 

E729 81: Anastasius II, Sinaita. Questions and 
answers (Gr)/ Other works of the Greek fathers 
(Gr) Camb 836/2 

E730 86: Vita S. Basilii junioris et canones quidam 
conciliorum (Gr) Camb 836/1 

E731 89, vols. 1, 2: Symeon Metaphrastes. Lives of 
Saints, in Greek Camb 842/3 

E732 89, vols. 3-4: Symeon Metaphrastes. Lives 
Saints, in Greek Camb 843/1 

E733 90: Lives of saints and homilies (Gr) Camb 

E734 95: Theological treatises (Gr) Camb 836/3 

E735 96: 35 homilies (Gr) Camb 835/2 

E736 97: Anastasius D, Sinaita and others. Various 
excerpts (Gr) Camb 837/3 

E737 103: Nicephorus Blemmydes, Michael Psellus, 
Nicomachus Gerasenus, Anatolius, bp. of Laodicea, 
and Prophyrius. Treatises (Gr) Camb 848/4 

E378 104: Theophylactus. Expositions of the four 
Gospels (Gr) Camb 852/2 

E739 122: Ambrosius. Hexaemeron; De Paradiso; 
Other works (L) Camb 857/1 

E740 129: Hieronymus. Vitae patrum Camb 847/1 

E741 150: Remigius of Auxerre. Expositio in 
Apocalypsin Camb 844/1 

E742 160: Ars moriendi Camb 856/3 

E743 164: Joannes Sancius. Summa Camb 862/3 

E744 166: Regimen animarum Camb 845/8 

E745 172: Synodicum (Gr) Camb 848/3 

E746 200, vol. 1: Giovanni Battista Rinuccini. De 
haeresis Anglicanae intrusione et progressu 
Camb 803/1 

E747 200, vol. 2: Giovanni Battista Rinuccini 

Camb 804/1 

E748 200, vols. 3 and 4, pt. 1: Giovanni Battista 
Rinuccini Camb 805/1 

E749 200, vols. 4 contd. , and 5, pt. 1: Giovanni 
Battista Rinuccini Camb 806/1 

E750 200, vol. 5 cont. , and 6: Giovanni Battista 
Rinuccini Camb 807/1 

E751 200, vols. 7 and 8 pt. 1: Giovanni Battista 
Rinuccini Camb 808/1 

E752 200, vol. 8 cont. : Giovanni Battista Rinuccini 

Camb 809/1 

E7S3 202: Giovanni Battista Rinuccini. De haeresis 
Anglicanae intrusione et progressu, vol. 2 (Partial 
transcript of 200 with additional material) Camb 

E754 206: Azzo of Bologna. Summa super Codicem 
Camb 856/2 

E755 209: Justinianus. Novellae constltutiones 
Camb 859/2 

E756 210: Expositio legum Romanarum ex constitu- 
tione imperiale promulgatarum Camb 858/2 

E757 211: Collectio institutiones ecclesiasticae, 
canonum et decretalium Camb 862/4 

E758 212: Codex legum Visigothorum Camb 863/1 

E759 226: Constitutiones provinciates ecclesiae 
Anglicanae Camb 834/3 

E760 227: John Lewys. Laws of the ancient Britons 
Camb 837/4 

E761 228: Verses (L)/ Law of Saxon kings and 
William I (L & F)/ Letters of bishops and papal 
bulls (L)/ Explanations of law terms/ Thomas 
Rudborne. Excerpts from Chronicle (L)/ Quota- 
tions from Caesar's Commentaries relating to the 
Druids and from Osbernus'Life of St. Edward/ Lists 
of Engli a h kings/ Matthew Parker. Genealogical 
table Ci F ench and English kings Camb 841/7 

E762 229: Magna Charta and statuta to 11 Henry VI 
Camb 809/3 

E763 232: Statutes of England from Magna Charta as 
enacted by Edward I to 11 Henry VII (L & F)/ Modus 
tenendi parliamentum/ Quis sit senescallus 
Anglicae et quid eius officium/ Abridgment of the 
Statutes/ Entries of births and deaths of people 
named Hollys temp. Henry VIII Camb 863/3 

E764 236: Registrum brevium Camb 811/1 

E765 237: Registrum brevium Camb 811/2 

E766 238: Registrum •brevium Camb 812/1 

E767 239: Registrum brevium Camb 812/2 

E768 242: Placita coronae a. 16 Edward I Camb 

E769 243: Placita coram judiciariis itinerantibus, 
• 1317-1345 Camb 813/2 

E770 244: Placita, 1307-1336 Camb 865/4 

E771 245: Placita, 1283-1321 Camb 847/2 

E772 246: Copies of papal, royal, and other charters, 
grants, and confirmations to the monastery of Kenil- 
worth (L) Camb 853/1 

E773 249, pt. 1: Sir Edward Coke. Legal collections 
Camb 813/3 

E774 249, cont.: Sir Edward Coke. Legal collections 
Camb 814/1 

E775 252: Sir Edward Coke. On tithes Camb 810/8 

E776 254: Sir Geoffrey Gilbert. Lectures on the 
statute of wills, 34 Henry Vm (F) Camb 819/1 

E777 262: Edward the Confessor. Charter granted 
to Church of St. Mary and St. Benedict at Ramsey 
Camb 841/8 

E778 263: Homerus. Batrachomyomachia (Gr); 
Iliad (Gr) Camb 859/3 

E779 289: Cyrillus, patriarch of Alexandria. 
Lexicon (Gr) Camb 848/1 

E780 290: Tracts and tables on astrology, geomancy, 
and geometry (Gr) Camb 851/3 

E781 291: Cleomedes. On meteors (Gr) Camb 844/7 

E782 292: 51 astronomical and philosophical 
treatises (Gr) Camb 845/1 

E783 293: Synesius, Timaeus Locrus, Plethon, and 
others. Treatises (Gr) Camb 845/2 

Vergilius. Opera Camb 863/2 
Vergilius. Opera Camb 864/4 
Vergilius. Aeneis, 1-8: Camb 844/6 







E787 309: Vergilius. Aeneis Camb 845/7 

E788 315: Map of the world/ Horatius Flaccus. Ars 
poetica et epistolae Camb 844/2 

E789 322: Ovidius Naso. Fasti; De Ponte epistola 
ad Brutum; De remedia; Tristia; De lombardo et 
lomaca; De IV elementis; Amores; Ibis/ Liber 
puellarum/ Ars amandi Camb 844/3 

E790 323: Ovidius Naso. Metamorphoses Camb 

E791 329: Ilias latina/ Statius. Thebais Camb 

E792 330: Statius. Thebais et Achilles Camb 

E793 340: Caesar. De bello Gallico Camb 851/1 

E794 344: Livius. Books 1-10, 21, 22: Camb 

E795 345: Livius. Books 1-10, 21, 22: Camb 


E796 346: Livius. Books 1-10: Camb 860/2 

E797 347: Livius. Books 1-10: Camb 859/1 

E798 350: Livius. Books 21-30: Camb 860/3 

E799 351: Livius. Books 21-30: Camb 861/1 

E800 352: Livius. Books 21-30: Camb 861/2 

E801 354: Livius. Books 31-40: Camb 866/1 

E802 355: Livius. Books 31-40: Camb 857/2 

E803 359: Tacitus. Annates et historiae Camb 866/2 

E804 364: Dictys Cretensis. Bellum Trojanum/ 
Appianus. Historiae/ Leonardo Bruni Aretino. 
Bellum Punicum, Carthaginense, Gallicum/ 
Quintus Curtius Rufus. Res gestae Alexandri Magni 
Camb 865/1 

E805 387: Cicero. Orationes in Catalinam IV; Pro 
Ligario; Pro rege Dejotaro; In Verrem oratio IV 
Camb 849/2 

E806 390: Seneca. Opera philoeophica et tragoediae 
Camb 849/3 

E807 397: Apuleius Madaurensis. De magia Camb 

E808 410: Isidorus. Chronicon; Etymologiae 
Camb 857/3 

E809 411: Aristoteles. Cathegoriae, Lat. tr. by 

Augustinus/ Sextus Julius Frontinus. Nomina lapidum 
finalium/ Marcus Junius Nipsus. De fluminis varia- 
tione, liber m/ s iculus Flaccus. De conditionibus 
agrorum, liber TV/ Boethius. Ars geometrica et 
arithmetica/ Euclides. Geometria, Lat. tr. by 
Beothius/ Sylvester n. De dissonantia arithmeticae 
et geometricae/ Adelboldus. De crassitudine 
sphaerae/ Geometrical treatises (L) Camb 840/2 

E810 419: Sedulius. Carmen Paschale Camb 841/1 

E811 422: Alanus de Insulis. Anticlaudianus 
Camb 841/2 

E812 424: Gautier de Chatillon. Alexandreis 
Camb 841/3 

E813 428: Petrarcha. Epistolae/ Cicero. Paradoxa/ 
Apuleius Madaurensis. De deo Socratis/ Fabula ex 
Platonis Republicae libro X Camb 864/2 

E814 436: Thomas Porter. Epigrammata Camb 

E815 446: Aristoteles. Ethica Camb 841/4 

E816 458: Secreta secretorum Camb 841/5 

E817 461: Victor, bp. of Vita. De persecutione Van- 
dalium ' Eusebius Pamphili. Historia ecclesias- 
tica, Lat. tr. by Rufinus/ Excerpta varia Camb 

E818 468: Simeon of Durham. De status Dunelmensis 
ecclesiae Camb 841/6 

E819 469: Guido delle Colonne. Bellum Trojaru 
Camb 844/4 

E820 496: Joannes Lucidus. Orationes IV Camb 

E821 513: Dante. Divina commedia Camb 862/1 

E822 514: Dante. Divina commedia Camb 865/2 

E823 530: Dante, n convivio Camb 864/1 

E824 540: Suetonius. 12 Caesars (I) Camb 865/3 

E825 541: Caesar. Commentaries, It. tr. by Pier 
Candido Decembrio Camb 862/2 

E826 660: Dialogue de Jesus Christ et de la duchesse 
de Bourgogne Camb 837/5 

E827 661: Scriptural quotations with commentary 
(L & F) Camb 837/7 

E828 662: Oraisons (F) Camb 841/9 

E829 663: Homilies on the Gospels, tr. into verse 
by Robert de Graham (F) Camb 860/1 

E830 667: Chaucer. Canterbury tales Camb 867/1 

E831 669: Chronicles of England to 1436 (Brut) 
Camb 849/1 

E832 670: Chronicles of England, to 1418 (Brut) 
Camb 867/3 

E833 671: Robert Fabyan. Chronicle, pt. 1: 
Camb 867/2 

E834 672: The Mirror, homilies on Gospels for 
Sundays/ Epistles and Gospels for the year 
Camb 858/1 

E835 673: Vocabularium (L & E) Verses on the 
vocabulary (L)/ Grammatical remarks, definitions, 
and rules in prose and verse (L)/ Short vocabulary 
(L) Camb 842/1 

E836 674: Noble book of cookery for a prince's 
household Camb 841/10 

E837 675: Passion of Christ with prayers and 

devotional exercises / Precepts in verse/ Treatise 
on temptation Camb 842/2 

E838 677: 154 historical tracts, maps, and documents 
mainly relating to England [Note: Divided - ff.l -184, 
ff. 184-530] Camb 814/2 and Camb 815/1 

E839 701: Camb 868/2 

E840 705: Geoffrey de Charny. Demands-pour la 
jouste, le tounoi et la guerre Camb 845/6 

E841 707: Nicholas Upton. De officio militari 
Camb 857/4 

E842 712: Lists and arms of English and Scotch 
nobility/ Descriptions of Scotland, England, and 
Wales/ Account of sovereigns and nobles of 
Germany, France, Rome, Italy and Spain/ Lists of 
various English officials Camb 819/2 

E843 715: Arms of Duke of Brabant with text (Fl) 
Camb 845/3 

E843 bis 716: Marche di Cavalli Camb 845/4 

E844 717: Documents concerning the family of Sir 
Christopher Hatton, 16th century [Note: Divided - 
ff. 1-228, ff. 229-321] Camb 816/6 and Camb 817/1 

E845 724: Household accounts of Sir Edward Coke, 
1596-1597 Camb 816/2 

E846 726: Papers and documents of the Coke family 
Camb 819/3 

E847 727, vol. 1: Original documents and papers of 
the Coke family, 15th- 18th centuries Camb 819/4 

E848 727, vol. 2: Original documents and papers of 
the Coke family, 15th-18th centuries Camb 820/1 

E849 728, vol. 1: Large collection of family papers 
of Coke of Holkham Camb 820/2 

E850 728, vol. 2-4: Collection of family papers of 
Coke of Holkham Camb 821/1-3 

E851 729: Household accounts of Sir Edward Coke, 
Nov. 5, 1698-Mar. 10, 1702 Camb 816/3 

E852 730: Account of moneys received for Thomas 
Coke by Abr. Thomas, 1721 Camb 816/4 

E853 731: Household accounts of Thomas Coke, 
1737 -1741 Camb 821/4 

E854 732B: Account book of Thomas Coke's expenses, 
1707-1718 Camb 817/2 

E855 733: T. Coke. Account book of his expenses 
abroad, 1712 Camb 868/3 

E856 734: Account book of Thomas Coke's expenses 
abroad, 1714-1718 Camb 816/5 

E857 735: Casey's accounts for Thomas Coke, 1718- 
1720 [Note: Divided - ff. 1-119, ff. 119-189] 
Camb 815/2 and Camb 816/1 

E858 736: Jarrett's accounts for Thomas Coke, 
1718-1720 Camb 817/3 

E859 737: Smith's journal-book of accounts of Thomas 
Coke, 1718-1727 Camb 817/4 

E860 738: Domestic accounts of Thomas Coke, 1719 
Camb 817/5 

E861 739: Casey's cash book for Thomas Coke, 
1721-1723 Camb 817/6 

E862 740: Norfolk's accounts of Thomas Coke, 1722- 
1723 Camb 817/7 

E863 741: Account of income of Thomas Coke from 
estates, etc. , 1718-1728 Camb 818/1 

E864 742: Marriage settlement, etc. , of Sir Thomas 
Coke Camb 818/3 

E865 743: Minutes of the meetings of the executors 
of Edward Coke, 1707-1714 Camb 818/2 

E866 744: Accounts of works of art bought in Rome 
by Matt. Brettingham, junior, 1746 Camb 818/4 

E867 747, vol. 1-2: Letters to Thomas William Coke 
from C. I. Fox, Earl Grey, Duke of Sussex, Leopold, 
king of the Belgians, etc. Camb 822/1-2 

E868 747, vol. 3: Letters to Thomas William Coke 
from Richard Rush, Christopher Hughes, Andrew 
Jackson and other prominent Americans Camb 

E869 752: Statuta ending 1330/ Registrum brevium 
Camb 823/2 

E870 753: Statuta, 1344-1388 Camb 823/3 

E871 754: Natura brevium, brevia placitata, etc. 
Camb 823/4 

E872 755: Treatise on pleading (F)/ Treatise on 
tenures (F)/ Natura brevium Camb 823/5 

E873 756: Statutes, ending 1483 Camb 824/1 

E874 758: Sir John Davies. Nosce teipsum 
Camb 845/5 

E875 764: Sir Edward Coke. Great book of con- 
veyances Camb 818/6 

E876 765: Holkham heirlooms Camb 818/5 

E877 767: Samuel Parr. Letters to Thomas William 
Coke, 1790-1824 Camb 823/6 

E878 770, vol. 1: William Roscoe. Catalogue of 
the MSS. in the library at Holkham, rev. and 
enlarged by Sir Frederic Madden Camb 853/2 

E879 770, vol. 2-4: WiUiam Roscoe Camb 854/1 

E880 770, vol. 5-7: WiUiam Roscoe Camb 855/1 

E881 770, vol. 8: William Roscoe Camb 856/1 


E882 Account of money spent abroad, 1712-18 
Camb 810/7 

E883 Mr. Cauldwell's account of the completion of 
the building, 1760-1766 Camb 810/6 

E884 Letters to Sir Edward Coke concerning Norfolk 
business from 1600 Camb 824/2 

E885 Estate accounts, 1679-1704 Camb 810/1 

E886 Estate accounts, inc. Beckhall account, 1711 
Camb 810/2 

E887 Inventory of furniture Camb 810/5, 3 

E888 Inventory of furniture (second copy) Camb 

E889 Inventory of furniture (second copy) Camb 
810/5, 1 

E890 Ledger book of M. Coke's account, ending 
Mar. 25, 1722 Camb 810/3 

E891 Lady Leicester jewels and furniture inventory 
Camb 810/4 

E892 Mss. deposited at the Victoria & Albert Museum, 
Kent: Drawings of the house. [Note: On Camb. 868, 
between the two mss. listed] Camb 868 

Court Rolls 

E893 Billingford court rolls, bundle 4, no. 123, 
1300-1400 Camb 435/13 

E894 , bundle 4, nos. 124-125, 1300-1400 Camb 


E895 , bundle 4, nos. 126-127, 1300-1400 Camb 


E896 , bundle 7, nos. 224-231, 1400-1500 Camb 


E897 , bundle 10, nos. 674-680, 1500-1600 

Camb 436/9-15 

E898 , bundle 7, nos.681-689, 1400-1500 Camb 


E899 , bundle 10, nos. 690-693, 1500-1600 

Camb 436/25-28 

E900 , bundle 10, no. 694, 1400-1500 Camb 


E901 , bundle 10, no. 695, 1500-1600 Camb 


E902 , bundle 14, nos. 970-973, 1600-1700 Camb 


E903 Burnham court roll, bundle 2, nos. 27-28, 
1400-1500 Camb 427/18-19 

E904 , bundle 3, nos. 43-45, 1400-1500 

Camb 427/27-29 

E905 , bundle 4, no. 50, 1500-1600 Camb 


E906 , bundle 6, nos. 91-99, 1500-1600 Camb 


E908 , bundle 8, no. 127, 1600-1700 Camb 


E909 , bundle 8, nos. 189-194, 1600-1700 

Camb 427/21-26 

E910 Castleacre court rolls, bundle 1, nos. 1-4 
Camb 432/10-13 









-, bundle 1, nos. 5-7 Camb 433/1-3 
-, bundle 3, no. 12, 1300-1400 Camb 

-, bundle 3, no. 14 Camb 431/30 

-, bundle 3, nos. 15-19, 1300-1400 Camb 

-, bundle 3, no. 20, 1300-1400 Camb 

-, bundle 3, no. 21, 1300-1400 Camb 

-, bundle 3, no. 22, 1300-1400 Camb 

E918 , bundle 3, no. 23, Pts. I-II, 1300-1400 

Camb 439/3-4 

E919 , bundle 3, nos. 24-26, 1300-1400 Camb 



bundle 3, no. 27 Camb 431/31 

E921 , bundle 5, nos. 33-41, 1400-1429 Camb 


E922 , bundle 6, nos. 42-48, 1430-1500 Camb 


E923 , bundle 8, nos. 62-63, 1500-1600 Camb 


E924 , bundle 8, nos. 64-67, 1500-1600 Camb 


E925 , bundle 10, nos. 107-110, 1600-1700 

Camb 436/35-38 

E926 , bundle 10, nos. 111-113, 1600-1700 

Camb 437/1-3 

E927 Creake court rolls, bundle 3, nos. 43-45, 1400- 
1500 Camb 427/27-29 

E928 , bundle 6, nos. 91-99, 1500-1600 Camb 


E929 , bundle 8, no. 127, 1600-1700 Camb 


E930 Dunton court rolls, bundle 2, nos. 2-10, 
1400-1500 Camb 429/21-29 

E931 , bundle 4, nos 46-48, 50, 1500-1600 

Camb 429/30-33 


-, bundle 4, no. 50, 1500-1600 Camb 430/1 

E933 , bundle 4, no. 51, 1500-1600 Camb 


E934 Elmham court rolls, bundle 5, nos. 107-109 
Camb 431/26-28 

E935 , bundle 7, nos. 140-147, 1600-1700 

Camb 431/18-25 

E936 Fulmodestone court rolls, bundle 1, nos. 1-7, 
1300-1400 Camb 428/2-8 

E937 , bundle 3, nos. 9-10, 1400-1500 Camb 


E938 , bundle 1, no. 11, 1300-1400 Camb 


E939 , bundle 3, nos. 12-13, 1400-1500 

Camb 428/12-13 

E940 , bundles, no. 16, 1500-1600 Camb 429/1 

E941 , bundle 5, nos. 17-18, 1500-1600 Camb 


E942 , bundle 5, no. 19, 1500-1600 Camb 429/2 

E943 , bundle 7, nos. 37-38, 1600-1700 Camb 


E944 Holkham Court Book, Liber A-llll, 1707-1744 
Camb 528/1 

E945 Holkham Court Book, Liber B-1112, 1747 
Camb 528/2 

E946 Court rolls, nos. 1-26 Camb 340/1-26 

E947 , nos. 27-30 Camb 523/1-4 

E948 , nos. 32-42 Camb 523/5-15 

E949 , nos. 44-45 Camb 523/16-17 

E950 , nos. 47-56 Camb 523/18-27 

E951 , nos. 58-63 Camb 523/28-33 

E952 , nos. 64-65 Camb 523/35-36 

E953 , no. 66 Camb 523/34 

E954 , no. 67(?) Camb 523/37 

E955 , nos 69-93 Camb 523/38-62 

E956 , nos. 94-155 Camb 391/1-62 

E957 , nos. 156-171 Camb 392/1-16 

E958 , bundle 3, no. 14, 1200-1300 Camb 


E959 , bundle 5, nos. 79-85, 1300-1400 Camb 


E960 , bundle 5, no. 85A, 1300-1400 Camb 


E961 , bundle 5, nos. 86-87, 1300-1400 Camb 


E962 , bundle 5, no. 87A, 1300-1400 Camb 


E963 , bundle 5, nos. 88-89, 1300-1400 

Camb 521/13-14 

E964 , bundle 5, no. 89A, 1300-1400 Camb 521/ 



bundle 5, no. 90 Camb 521/15 

E966 , bundle 5, nos. 91-97, 1300-1400 

Camb 521/17-23 

E967 , bundle 8, nos. 194-195, 1400-1500 

Camb 521/24-25 


-, bundle 8, no. 194A, 1400-1500 Camb 

E969 , bundle 8, no. 196, 1400-1500 Camb 


E970 , bundle 8, nos. 196A-B, 1400-1500 

Camb 420/3-4 

E971 , bundle 8, nos. 197-199, 1400-1500 

Camb 420/5-7 

E972 , bundle 8, nos. 199A-199A*, 1400-1500 

Camb 420/8-9 

E973 , bundle 8, no. 200, 1400-1500 Camb 


E974 , bundle 11, nos. 459-482, 1500-1600 

Camb 420/11-34 

E975 , bundle 18, no. 951, 1600-1700 Camb 


E976 , bundle 11(7), no. 952, 1500-1600 

Camb 420/36 

E977 , bundle 18, nos. 953-965, 1600-1700 

Camb 420/37-49 

E978 Longham court rolls, bundle 4, nos. 58-61, 
1300-1400 Camb 437/4-7 

E979 , bundle 6, nos. 180-187, 1400-1500 

Camb 437/8-15 

E980 , bundle 11, nos. 586-610, 1500-1600 

Camb 437/16-40 

E981 , bundle 12, nos. 687-692, 1600-1700 

Camb 437/41-46 

E982 , bundle 12, no. 693, 1600-1700 Camb 


E983 Masslngham court rolls, bundle 2, no. 4, 
Camb 429/20 

E984 , bundle 5, nos. 55-57, 1400-1500 Camb 


E985 , bundle 8, nos. 180-189, 1500-1600 

Camb 429/7-16 

E986 Tittleshall, bks. 1-2 Camb 522/1-2 

E987 , bks. 3-13 Camb 524/l-H 

E988 , bks. 14-29 Camb 541/1-16 

E989 , bks. 30-47 Camb 528/3-20 

E990 , bks. 48-54 Camb 525/1-7 

E991 , bk. 55 Camb 525/9 

E992 , bk. 57 Camb 525/24 

E993 , bk. 58 Camb 525/23 

E994 , bk. 59 Camb 525/22 

E995 , bk. 59* Camb 525/8 

E996 , bk. 60 Camb 525/21 

E997 , bk. 61 Camb 525/10 

E998 , bk, 62 Camb 525/20 

E999 , bks. 63-71 Camb 525/11-19 

E1000 Tittleshall court rolls, bundle 3, no. 11, 
1200-1300 Camb 430/2 

Fl , bundle 6, no. 39 Camb 430/7 

F2 Tittleshall, Cokesford, court rolls, bundle 6, 
no. 40, 1424-1483 Camb 430/8 

F3 Tittleshall, manors of Grymestone and Cokes- 
ford, court rolls, bundle 6, no. 41, 1439-1455 
Camb 430/9 

F4 Tittleshall, manor of Barwodehall, bundle 6, 
no. 42, 1458-1470 Camb 430/10 

F5 Tittleshall court rolls, bundle 6, no. 43 
Camb 430/11 

F6 Tittleshall, Nortons and Grenstein Hall, court 
rolls, bundle 6, no. 44, 1491-1518 Camb 430/12 

F7 Tittleshall court rolls, bundle 8, nos. 90-91, 
1500-1600 Camb 430/5-6 

F8 , bundle 10, no. 126, 1600-1700 Camb 430/4 

F9 , bundle « n no. 127, 1600-1700 Camb 


F10 Warham court books, bundle 22A, nos. 152A-B, 
1700-1800 Camb 433/4-5 

Fll , bundle 22A, no. 152C, 1700-1800 Camb 


F12 , bundle 26A, nos. 181A-D, 1800-1900 

Camb 434/2-5 

F13 Warham court rolls, "Turner's estate, " 
bundle 2, nos. 4-7, 1500-1600 Camb 434/6-9 

F14 , 'Turner's estate, " bundle 2, nos. 8-9, 

1500-1600 Camb 435/1-2 

F15 , "Turner's estate, " bundle 4, nos. 33-37, 

1600-1700 Camb 435/3-7 

F16 , "Turner's estate, " bundle 4, no. 37A, 

1600-1700 Camb 435/8 

F17 , "Turner's estate, " bundle 4, nos. 38-39, 

1600-1700, Camb 435/9-10 

F18 Wellingham court rolls, bundle 2, nos. 5-6, 1300- 
1400 Camb 440/5-6 

F19 , bundle 4, nos. 13-17, 1400-1500 

Camb 440/13-17 

F20 , bundle 6, no. 54, 1500-1600 Camb 440/18 

F21 , bundle 6, no. 54A, 1500-1600 Camb 


F22 , bundle 6, no. 55, 1500-1600 Camb 440/20 

F23 , bundle 6, no. 55A, 1500-1600 Camb 


F24 , bundle 6, nos. 56-59, 1500-1600 Camb 


F25 , bundle 8, nos. 77-82, 1600-1700 Camb 


F26 Wells court rolls, bundle 2, nos. 2-30, 1300 
1400 Camb 426/2-30 

F27 — , bundle 2, no. 31, 1300-1400 Camb 427/1 

F28 , bundle 2, nos. 32-47, 1300-1400 Camb 


F29 , bundle 4, nos. 54-57, 1400-1450 Camb 


F30 , bundle 4, no. 58, 1400-1450 Camb 424/1 

F31 , bundle 5, no. 59 Camb 422/5 

F32 , bundle 9 (?), no. 60, 1600-1700 Camb 


F33 , bundle 5, no. 61 Camb 422/6 

F34 , bundle 5, no. 62, 1450-1500 Camb 422/8 

F35 , bundle 7, no. 86, 1500-1600 Camb 423/1 

F36 , bundle 7, nos. 87-88, 1500-1600 Camb 


F37 , bundle 7, no. 89, 1500-1600 Camb 423/2 

F38 , bundle 9, no. 339, 1600-1700 Camb 421/4 

F39 , bundle 9, no. 340, 1600-1700 Camb 


F40 , bundle 9, no. 341, 1600-1700 Camb 


F41 , bundle 9, no. 342, 1600-1700 Camb 


F42 , bundle 9, no. 343, 1600-1700 Camb 


F43 , bundle 9, no. 344, 1600-1700 Camb 


F44 , bundle 9, no. 345, 1600-1700 Camb 


F45 , bundle 9, no. 346, 1600-1700 Camb 


F46 , bundle 9, no. 347-348, 1600-1700 Camb 


F47 , bundle 9, no. 349, 1600-1700 Camb 


F48 , bundle 9, no. 350, 1600-1700 Camb 


F49 , bundle 9, no. 351, 1600-1700 Camb 


F50 , bundle 9, no. 352, 1600-1700 Camb 


F51 , bundle 9, no. 353, 1600-1700 Camb 


F52 , bundle 9, no. 354, 1600-1700 Camb 


F53 , bundle 9, nos. 355-356, 1600-1700 Camb 


F54 , bundle 12, no. 942, 1645-1709 Camb 


F55 , bundle 12, no. 943-945, 1645-1709 Camb 


F56 ---, bundle 12, no. 946, 1708 Camb 425/4 

F57 , bundle 13, no. 947-952, 1710-1724 Camb 


F58 , bundle 13, no. 953, 1710-1724 Camb 


F59 , bundle 14, no. 954, 1725-1740 Camb 


F60 , bundle 14, no. 955, 1678-1727 Camb 


F61 , Index, bundle 14, no. 956, c. 1737 Camb 


F62 West Lexham court rolls, bundle 2, nos. 2-3, 
1300-1400 Camb 430/13-14 

F63 , bundle 4, nos. 5-16, 1400-1500 Camb 


F64 , bundle 7, nos. 52-61, 1500-1600 Camb 


F65 , bundle 7, no. 60A, 1500-1600 Camb 


F66 , bundle 7, nos. 61A-B, 1500-1600 Camb 


F67 , bundle 7, nos. 62-64, 1500-1600 Camb 


F68 , bundle 7, no. 63A, 1500-1600 Camb 431/7 

F69 , bundle 9, nos. 87-96, 1600-1700 Camb 


F70 Wlghton court rolls and books, bundle 7, nos. 
227-232, 1600-1700 Camb 427/40-45 

F71 Wighton court book, bundle 7, no. 233, 1669-1721 
Camb 428/1 


Lincoln Cathedral . Library . 


F72 134 (C. 5.10): Ambrosius. De mysteriis; De 
sacramentis/ Isidorus. Sermo de corpore et san- 
guine Christi In Pascha/ Fulbert of Chartres. Letters 
(L); Sermons (L)/ Augustinus. Contra Pelagianos et 
celestianos hereticos yppomnosticon/ Tractate on 
offices and mass (L) Camb 796/2, 1 

Middleton , Barons of. Library ( Bird sail House ) . 
No. 24, Yellow Tin Box 

F73 Order by Simon de Montfort, earl of Leicester, 
and Hugh le Despenser, justiciary of England, to 
the bishop of Coventry and Roger Leiburn to conduct 
in person Sir Edmund, the king's son, and the consta - 
ble of Dover Castle for the purpose of delivering that 
castle to the bishop of London, 1264 (L) A In 125/7 

F74 Thomas de Berkelee and Anthony de Lucy. Letter 
to [the warden of the East Marches (?)] giving an 
account of David de Bruce in Galloway [1342] (F) 
Aln 125/8 

F75 Identure recording a gift a gift by Sir Hugh 
Willoughby of a service-book to the church of 
Tiddeswall, July 22, 14 10 Aln 125/9 

F76 Letter of fraternity of Thomas Honyter of the 
Hospital of the Holy Trinity, Walsokyn, in favor of 
John Willoughby and his wife, Anne, 1505 (L) Aln 

F77 Letter of fraternity in favor of Sir Henry 
Willoughby and his wife granted by the prior pro- 
incial of the Carmelites in England, 1512 (L) 
Aln 125/11 

F78 Letter of fraternity of St. Mary's Guild, Boston, 
in favor of Thomas Willoughby and his wife (L) 
Aln 125/12 

F79 Elizabeth Smethwick. Letter to Sir John 
Willoughby, c. 1540 Aln 125/13 

F80 Marmion, servant of Elizabeth, countess of 
Shrewsbury. Letter to Sir Francis Willoughby 
concerning quarrels between the Countess and her 
husband and referring to the imprisonment of Mary, 
queen of Scots Aln 125/14 

F81 S ir Francis Willoughby. Epitaph on Henry 

Willoughby slain by the Norfolk rebels in 1549, c. 1575 
(E, Gr,L) Aln 125/15 

F82 Sir Francis Willoughby. Letter to his brother-in- 
law, Thomas Willoughby, July 24, 1584 Aln 125/16 

F83 John Adams. Letter to Sir Percival Willoughby, 
Aug. 31, 1588 Aln 126/1 

F84 "Newes from Spaine", 1618, giving an account of 
proceedings in Spain on the return of Gondomar from 
his embassy to England Aln 126/2 

F85 "Newes and relation after the Scottyshe and 
Englysh skirmyshe near Newcastle-upon-Tyne," 
1640 Aln 126/3 

F86 William Fitzwilliam, earl of Southampton. Fra- 
ment of a letter, c. 1520 Aln 126/4 

F87 Fragment of letter in handwriting of Abigail 
Willoughby, daughter of the founder Aln 126/5 

F88 Notes of christening of Francis Willoughby, 
1591, and of Elizabeth, his sister, 1588 Aln 126/6 

F89 Bond of Percival Willoughby upon his admission 
to Fumival's Inn, Feb 9, 1579 Aln 126/7 

F90 George (7) Medley. Fragment of a letter to Sir 
Francis Willoughby, 1566 Aln 126/8 

F91 Information against William Underne, rector of 
WoUaton, for gambling, etc. , c. 1560 Aln 126/9 

F92 Writings and papers about coal concerning Fos- 
brooke: project of carrying coal by water, 16th and 
17th centuries Aln 126/10 

F93 Life of St. Bridget from South English legendary 
Aln 126/11 

F94 Richard de Clare, earl of Gloucester. Letter 
agreeing to counsel and support Edward, the king's 
son, Mar. 14, 1259 (F) Aln 126/12 

F95 Notes of Plea Rolls, fragments of legal texts, etc. 
temp. Edward II Aln 126/13 

F96 Edward HI. Letters patent to yeoman, William 
de Eland, granting him Nottingham Castle and the 
bailiwick of Peverel forever (L) Aln 126/14 

F97 Inventory of goods of Sir Baldwin de Fryville, 
July 20, 1355 (F) Aln 126/15 

F98 Henry Beaufort, bp. of Winchester. Letter to 
William Filliol requesting him to confer upon the bis- 
hop's secretary the chapel of Wilkswood, July 6, 
1415 (F) Aln 126/16 

F99 Agreement made by the township of Wymanwold 
for the regulation of the common fields, c. 1425 Aln 

F100 Testament of Sir Hugh Willoughby, Sept. 15, 1443 
Aln 126/18 

F101 Will of Ralph Wenington, May 29, 1473 (L) 
Aln 126/19 

F102 Letters of fraternity of the Friars minor, 
Nottingham, Apr. * L47&.QU Mn 126/20 

F103 Grant of fraternity to Anne, Lady Clinton and 
Say, and Richard Willoughby, her husband, with the 
Friars Preachers at Derby, 1489 (L) Aln 126/21 

F104 Will of Thomas Thurland, esq. , of Gamston, 
Apr. 26, 1497 Aln 126/22 

F105 Grant by Brother John, abbot of Citeaux in 

Chalons to Sir Henry Willoughby and his wife in consi- 
deration of their love for Fountains in York, Sept. 18, 
1500 (L) Aln 126/23 

F106 Letter of fraternity of Thomas Norton, knight, 
master of Burton St. Lazars of Jerusalem in England 
in favor of Edward Whyte, 1506 (L) Aln 126/24 

F107 Papal indulgence granted to Henry Willoughby 
and others, 1521 (L) Aln 126/25 

F108 Will of Henry Willoughby, esq. , July 15, 1549 
Aln 126/26 

F109 Information against Sir Gylles Strangways, kt. , 
of certain of his misdemeanors done in Dorsetjhire, 
1539 (?) Aln 126/27 

F110 Letter to Lord Cobham, 1590, and other letters, 
1593, 1528 Aln 126/28 

Fill Montague Wood. Letters to his sister-in-law, 
Abigail Willoughby, complaining of the behavior of 
her sister, Frances, 1600 Aln 126/29 

F112 Bridget Willoughby. 2 letters to her husband, 
Sir Percival Willoughby, concerning their daughters, 
c. 1615 Aln 126/30 

F113 Miscellaneous papers of various dates Aln 

F114 Early charters, 12th and 13th centuries (L) 
Aln 135/6 

F115 Deeds, 1216-1272 (L) Aln 135/7 

F116 Lincolnshire deeds, 13th and 14th centuries (L) 
Aln 135/8 

Black Tin Box 

F117 Letter of the guardian of the Observant friars 
of Mount Sion creating Sir John Willoughby a knight of 
the Holy Sepulchre, Aug. 1, 1521 Aln 135/1 

F118 Inventory of household goods taken at Wollaton, 
1609 Aln 135/2 

F119 Cassandra Willoughby. An account of the 

Willoughbys of Wollaton taken out of old books, letters, 
etc. , in Sir Thomas Willoughby's study, 1702 
Aln 135/3 

Large Yellow Tin Trunk , no. 204 ( 281 ) 

F120 Copies of grants relating to Risely and Wollaton, 
c. 1500 (L) Aln 136/3 

F121 Building accounts of Wollaton Hall, 1582-1588 
Aln 136/4 

F122 Chartulary of Willoughby lands in Sutton Passeys 
and Wollaton (L) Aln 136/5 

F123 Summaries of the accounts of George Medley, 
Gabriel Barwycke, and John Hall, executors of the 
will of Henry Willoughby, for the 13 years ending 
at Christmas, 1561 Aln 137/1 

F124 Book of WoUaton accounts, 1522 Aln 137/2 

F125 Book of accounts, 1596 Aln 137/3 

F126 Chartulary of Willoughby lands of Cossal and 
Trowell (L) Aln 137/4 

F127 Chartulary of Willoughby lands in Lenton, Rad- 
ford, Gunthorp, Lowdham, and Sutton Passeys (L) 
Aln 137/5 

F128 Chartulary of Willoughby lands in Middleton, 
Cossington, and Wigtoft (E & L) Aln 137/6 

F129 George Medley. Accounts of legal and other ex- 
penses as guardian of the children of Henry Willoughby, 
1549-1562 Aln 137/7 

F130 Household accounts, 1542-1543 Aln 137/8 

F131 Book of Wollaton, accounts, 1522 Aln 138/1 

F132 Executors' book of foreign payments, accounts 
of sales of timber and bark, agricultural expenses, 
etc. , 1566 Aln 138/2 

F133 George Medley. Account, as guardian of Francis 
and Margaret Willoughby, of expenditure for their 
board, clothing, education, etc., 1550-1558 Aln 

F134 Book of extraordinary payments at Wollaton, 
1591 Aln 138/4 

F135 WoUaton book of husbandry, etc. , 1566 Aln 

F136 Weekly accounts, 1547-1548 Aln 138/6 

F137 Henry Averey, Book of h usbandry charges at 
WoUaton, 1566 Aln 138/7 

F138 Henry Marmion. Accounts for WoUaton, 1542- 
1543 Aln 138/8 

Small Bookcase in Passage 

F139 Francis WiUoughby and John Ray. Memoirs and 
observations taken out of old muniments etc. , found 
at WoUaton or Middleton Aln 127/1 

F140 Copy of wiU of Sir Thomas WiUoughby, 1641 
Aln 127/2 

F141 Extracts of household accounts of Henry, Lord 
de Grey of Codnor, 1304-1305 Aln 127/3 

F142 Francis WiUoughby. Catalog of the library 
Aln 127/4 

F143 AugustLnus. De conflicru vitiorum Aln 127/5 

F144 Robert de Gretham. Miroir or evangUes des 
domees Aln 127/6 

F145 William de Wadington. Manuel de peches, fi. 1-56 
Robert de Gretham. EvangUes des domees, f.57 to 
end Aln 127/7 

F146 Robert de Boron. Le petit Saint Graal Aln 

F147 De la dame escoUiee/ De iii comandemans or 
Des putains et des lecheors/ Baoul de Houdenc. Li 
dis; Del roi Artut/ Du vUain qui conquist Paradis par 
plait/ Marie de France. Fragment of De fabro et 
securi/ Benoft de Sainte-More. Romance of Troy 
(F)/ Gautier d' Arras. Ule et Galeron / Heldris de 
CornvaUe. Poem of the Arthurian cycle (F) / Lam- 
bert le Tort and Alexandre de Bernay. Gest Aali- 
xandre/ Gest d'laumont et (TAgoulant or Aspremont/ 
Fabliau on wishes granted to a good man and a cove- 
tous man (F) Gauters 11 Leus. Del fol vilain; De 
l'aventure d'Arderene or Du sot chevalier; De U 
vllains; De Connebert/ Gautier le Long. Li provance 
de femme or La veuve/ De Dieu et dou pescour 
Aln 128/2 

F148 John de Waldeby. Speculum vltae, Eng. tr. 
by William de Nissyngton Aln 128/3 

F149 Prayerbook (L) Aln 129/1 

F150 Bible, formerly of Durham cathedral, with pre- 
fatory epistle of St. Jerome (L), Kalendar Aln 129/2 

F151 Mlssale Romanum Aln 130/1 

F152 Evrard de Bethune. Extracts from Graecismus 
with glosses (L)/ Joannes de Garlandia (?). De peni- 
tentia with commentary (L)/ Alexandre de ViUedleu. 
Doctrinale with glosses (L)/ Serlo. De partlbus ora- 
tionibus (L) with glosses (F) / Radulphus de Longo 
Campo (?). Distinctiones/ Poem on Latin synonyms 
(L) Poem on Latin homonyms (L) ' DisUchs of Cato 
with glosses (L)/ Theodulus. Eclogue (L). Poem 
with glosses (L), Avianus. Fables with glosses (L), 
Maximianus. Elegies (L) with glosses (L & F)/ Sta- 
tins. AchlUeis/ Claudianus. De raptu Proserpine 
Aln 130/2 

F153 Statutes from 1 Edward m to 20 Henry VI (E) 
Aln 131/1 

F154 11 Items of miscellaneous material without 
designation Aln 131/2-11 

F155 16 items of miscellaneous material without 
designation Aln 132/1-16 

F156 Account of confirmation by CeolwuU I, king of 
Mercia, of land at Inkberrow to the monastery of 
Worcester, 821-823/ Ethelred. Grant to Oftfor, bp. 
of Worcester, of estate of Fladbury, 691-692 (L)/ 
Copy of endorsement of the preceding chapter by 
Ecgwine, bp. of Worcester, whereby he grants 
monastery of Fladbury to Adelhard, his prince, 
c. 693-717 (L)/ Coenwulf . Grant to Bp. Denebert and 
the monastery at Worcester of the pastus of 12 men 
pertaining to that city, 814 (L); Grant to Bp. Deneberht 
and the monastery at Worcester of land In Fladbury, 
798-821 (L)/ Offa. Grant to monastery at Bredon of 
land in Teddington, Washbourne, CoddeswaeUar, and 
Noritun, 780 (L)/ Beorhtwulf. Grant to monastery of 
Worcester of land in Stoltun, Washbourne, Kine- 

burgglngtun, Taterlngtun, and Codeswatlla, which he 
had taken from them unjustly, 840 (L) Aln 132/12 

F157 Lections on saints' lives with musical notation 
(L) Aln 132/13 

F158 Great seal of Henry VI Aln 132/14 

F159 Sir Francis Willoughby, the builder. Addresses, 
etc., at the Sessions Aln 132/15 

F160 Sherwood forest book in handwriting of William 
Easlngwold, town clerk of NotUngwold, town clerk of 
Nottingham, c. 1478-1506 Aln 136/1 

Small Box in Small Bookcase in Passage 

F161 An award made by the Earl of Essex that John 
Wood shall resign all his right to the manor of Steple 
to John Forster that there be an end to all action, 1469 
Aln 131/2 

F162 Henry H. Charter confirming to William de 
Mara and Lecla, his wife, land in Ashtead, Mitcham, 
Harlaxton, Londonthorpe, and Grantham, 1180-1183 
Aln 131)^ 

F163 Paper relating to matters between Newstead 
priory and Sir Hugh WUloughby, 1445 (7) (L)/ 
Richard WUloughby, son of Sir Hugh, allows his 
mother-in-law to enjoy Wollaton for life, 1448/ Queen 
Philippa. Letter acknowledging receipt from Ida Les- 
trange , her damsel , of certain crowns and other 
jewels, 1332 (F) Aln 131/4 

F164 Grant of John Hylston, prior at Lenton abbey, 
to Sir Henry Willoughby and his son, John, of the 
office of steward of their manor and fairs at Lenton, 
Nov. 17, 1498 (L) Aln 131/5 

F165 Deed of sale of 4 houses in handwriting of Sir 
Hugh WUloughby, the navigator, 1552 Aln 131/6 

F166 Abuses against the Scots [ 1617] Aln 131/7 

F167 Sir Francis Willoughby, naturalist Notes out 
of Stone, 17th cent. Aln 131/8 

F168 Panhekoe, sachem of Mohegan Indians. Copy of 
letter to Nicholas Hallam, July 14, 1703 Aln 131/9 

F169 Miscellaneous papers (L & E) Aln 131/10 

F170 Grants from Sir Philip Marmlon concerning lands 
In Mlddleton, late 13th cent. (L) Aln 131/11 

F171 Henry Vm. Letter to Sir Henry Willoughby 
orderl ng him to prepare for war as man y men as 
possible on his lands, etc., Sept 8, 1511 Aln 132/1 

F172 Henry Vm. Letter to Sir Henry Willoughby by 
appointing him a captain to raise and equip soldiers, 
nothwithstanding the Statute of retainers, Aug. 25, 
1518 Aln 132/2 

F173 Henry VTH. Commission to suppress riot In 
Coventry, Aug. 6, 1525 Aln 132/3 

F174 Queen Mary Tudor. Letter to provide 1 able 
man furnished with horse and armor to accompany 
the Marquess of Winchester, June 18, 1558 Aln 

F175 Charges against William Underlie, rector of 
Wollaton, for evil living, 1560 Aln 132/5 

F176 Queen Elizabeth. Orders to raise 300 soldiers, 
1578 Aln 132/6 

F177 Elizabeth Talbot, countess of Shrewsbury. Letter 
to Sir Francis WUloughby, May 8, 1594 Aln 132/7 

F178 Sir Thomas Walslngham. Letter to Samson 
Lennard, Thomas WUloughby, and Thomas Potter 
April. 10, 1596 Aln 132/8 

F179 Sir Perclval WUloughby. Letter to William 
CecU, Lord Burghley, June 2, 1597 Aln 132/9 

F180 Charges to entertain the queen at Wollaton, 1603 
Aln 132/10 

F181 The queens lets to Sir Francis KnoUys all 

Francis WUloughby 's lands being In ward, 1561 Aln 

Large Bookcase in Passage 

F182 Francis WUloughby, naturalist (?). Observations 
anatomical, Padua, 1663 Aln 132/16 

F183 Manuscript book, chiefly descriptions of games 
Aln 133/1 

F184 Gower. Confessio amantts; Traltte'; Quia 

unusqulsque; Carmen super multiplicl vlciorum pesti- 
lencla Aln 133/2 

F185 Chartulary of WUloughby lands In Gunthorpe and 
Lowdham, c. 1500 Aln 136/4 

F186 Thomas Field, abbot Register of abbey of 
Burton-on-Trent, 1474-1492 (L & E) Aln 135/5 

F187 No. 1: Identures, conveyances, letter of attor- 
ney, lease, grant, deeds, mortgage, 1613-1648, aU 
relative to the WUloughby estates Aln 124/1 

F188 No. 2: Various grants In reigns of Henry IV, 
Edward H, Edward VI, Elizabeth, James I, William 
and Mary, etc. , relative to manors of WoUaton and 
Sutton Passeys Aln 124/2 

F189 No. 2a: Queen Elizabeth. Confirmation to 
Francis WUloughby as to manors and lands in divers 
counties, Feb. 22, 1568 Aln 124/3 

F190 No. 2a: Inquisition post mortem: Sir Francis 
WUloughby whereby it appears he died seised in fee 
simple of divers manors and lands, Sept. 14, 1597 
Aln 124/4 

F191 No. 3: Grant to Francis WUloughby, esq. , of 
the mansion late belonging to the dissolved chantry 
of St. Anthony of WoUaton, 1562, together with other 
papers of like nature, temp. Elizabeth Aln 124/5 

F192 No. 4: License to found a chauntry at WoUaton, 
temp. Edw. IV and Henry VI, together with sundry 
papers, temp. Philip and Mary, Elizabeth, and 
James I Aln 124/6 

F193 No. 5: Bundle of expired leases, temp. Eliza- 
beth Aln 124/7 

F194 No. 6: Lady day rental, 1672 Aln 124/8 

F195 No. 7: Deeds, 1534-1667, relating to the W1U- 
oughbys Aln 124/9 

F196 No. 8: Settlements, fines, and indentures rela- 
tive to WoUaton, temp. Elizabeth and James I 
Aln 124/10 

F197 No. 15: Account of the possessions of Sir 
Francis WUloughby at the time of his death, c. 1665 
Aln 125/1 

F198 No. 32: Grant to Sir Thomas WUloughby to 
carry a sough through the king's manor of Lenton, 
1552 Aln 125/2 

F199 No. 33: Grant, 1623, feoffment and lease, 1679, 
exemplification, decree In chancery relating to a fee 
farm, 1664, aU at Radford Aln 125/3 

F200 No. 34: Conveyance: Sherwin to Sir Thomas 
WUloughby, Lenton, 1698 Aln 125/4 

F201 No. 38: Ancient deeds, rent roUs, etc. , rela- 
ting to the monastery at Lenton Aln 125/5 

F202 No. 236: Old deeds relating to Kingsbury, temp. 
Henry VII, Vm, Elizabeth, James I Aln 125/6 


F203 5, no. 164: Dorsetshire court rolls, temp. 
Edward HI, Elizabeth Aln 134/3 

F204 5, no. 160: Court roUs, Dorsetshire, temp. 
Henry VI (L) Aln 135/9 

F205 6(7), no. 163: Court roUs and other documents 
relating to Ightham, co. Kent, 1425-1635 Aln 134/1 

F206 6(?), no. 163: RoUs of hundred of Hoo, co. 
Kent, 1288-1289/ Papers relating to manors of 
SeUynge and of Chlddlngstone, co. Kent, 1464-1477, 
temp. Henry VH and Vm Aln 134/2 

F207 8, no. 204: Manuscript book containing forms of 
writs, precedents of actions, statutes, and other 
legal matters including 16 of Spylman's lectures, 
c.l520(E&F) Aln 136/2 

London . Royal CoUege of Music . 

F208 822, pt. I: 

traverso, and bass Misc 1/2 

"->natafor 2 flutes, 

F209 822, pt. 2: Henry PurceU (?) . Sonata for 2 
oboes, 2 violins, tenor and bass Misc 1/2 

F210 822, pt. 3: Orlando Gibbons. Fantazia of 4 
parts Misc 1/2 

F211 825: Henry Cooke. Songs, anthemns, etc. 
Misc 1/1 

F212 2039: R. Deering. Motets Misc 1/3 

F213 2093: Organ music Misc 1/4 

Singer, Dorothea (Waley ). 


F214 Hand-list of western scientific manuscripts in 
Great Britain and Ireland, dating from before the 
XVIth century: Anatomy Misc 16/3 

: Anatomy (cont. ); Arts and crafts; Aris- 
totle; Astrology Misc 17 

: Astrology (cont.); Bestiaries; Geography 

[ Note: Cards of the Astronomy section were des- 
troyed by enemy action. A rough reconstruction of 
this section has been made and follows the Index] 
Misc 18 

: Calendars; Charms and magic Misc 19 

: Charms and magic (cont); ChUdren; 

Computus; Cosmology Misc 20 

: Cosmology (cont); Diet; Fermentation 

and generation; Fevers; Gnomic; Gynaecology; 
Haematoscopy; Herbaria; Hospitals; Husbandry 
Misc 21 

Misc 22 

-: Husbandry (cont); Lapidaries; Marvels 

: Marvels (cont. ); Mathematics; Measures 

and weights; Medicine Misc 23 

: Medicine (cont); Melothesia; Music; Oph- 
thalmology and opUcs; PesUlence; Phlebotomy; 
Physics; Physiognomy Misc 24 

: Physiognomy (cont); Physiology; Prog- 
nostics; Pulses; Recipes Misc 25 

: Recipes (cont); Regimen; Science, 

General; Surgery Misc 26 

: Urine; Veterinary Misc 27/1 

: Astronomy [Note: A rough reconstruc- 
tion of this section made from the Index after the 
original was destroyed by enemy action] Misc 36/l 

Addenda and corrigenda Misc 36/2 

Index of names, places, and languages of the 
Hand-Ust of western scientific manuscrips in Great 
Britain and Ireland: A-Alet; Alex-Any; Aom-Az; 
B-Berm Misc 27/2 

: B-Berm (cont.); Bern-Brix; Bro-Cay; 

Cec-Col; Com -Dee; Deg-Edw Misc 28 

: Deg-Edw (cont.); Edwi-Exey; F-Fy; 

G-Glr; Gis-Guid; Girig-Hem Misc 29 

: Guig-Hem (cont); Hen-Hoi; Hom-Iw; 

J-Johannes, (F); Johannes, (G)-Johannes, (V); 
Johannes, (W)-Lat Misc 30 

: Johannes, (W)-Lat (cont); Lau-Lyv; 

M-Marr; Mars-Mil; Mln-Nlcholas, (H); Nicholas, 
(K)-0; P-Petrus, (H) Misc 31 

: p-Petrus, (H) (cont); Petrus, (J)-Po; 

Pr-Rhy; Rl-Ro; Ru-Sen; Sep-Spy; Sq-Theo Misc 32 

Index of the manuscripts of the Hand-Ust of the 
scientific mss . in the British Isles written before the 
16th century In Greek, Latin, and the vernaculars: 
Aberdeen, Blalrs CoUege— Edinburgh, New CoUege 
Misc 33 

: Edinburgh, Royal Observatory— Oxford, 

Bodleian, Add. Misc 34 

: Oxford, Bodleian, Ashmole — Sidney 

Young Misc 35/1 

Appendix to Index of manuscripts: Bodleian 
Ubrary, key to pressmarks Misc 35/2 

Index to catalogues of manuscripts In libraries 
in Great B ritaln and Ireland compUed for the Card 
hand-Ust of sd'^i ' - v "-' '- 1 Great Britain and 
Ireland Misc 35/3 

F215 Union academique Internationale. . . . Catalogue 
des manuscripts alchimlques grecs publle' sous la di- 

rectiondeJ. Bidez, F. Cumont, J. L. Helberg, et 

O. Lagercrantz En appendice les recettes alchl- 

miques du codex Holkhamicus edltees par Otto Lager- 
crantz. Bruxelles, M. Lamertin, 1924 (Printed) 
Misc 16/1 

F216 Singer, Dorothea (Waley). . . . Catalogue of Latin 
and vernacular alchemical manuscripts in Great 
Britain and Ireland, oating from before the XVI cen- 
tury. By Dorothea Waley Singer, assisted by Annie 

Anderson Brussels, M. Lamertin, 1928-31, 

3 vols. (Printed) Misc 16/2 

Smith, Vernon . 


F217 I: Letters to Joseph Smith, secretary to 

William Pitt, and other papers and accounts relating 
to Pitt's affairs, 1753-1806 Misc 67/1 

F218 D: Letters, chiefly to William Pitt, 1785-1796 
Misc 67/2 

Victoria and Albert Museum . Library . 


F219 Author catalog, first series, Books acquired 
before 1890: A -- Aspreno Misc 39/1 

: Asqulnl — Cottret Misc 39/2 

: Couailhac — Llndberg Misc 40A 

: Linde — Vignola Misc 41/1 

: Virgilius — Zwirner Misc 42/1 

F220 Subject Index, first series, Acquisitions to 1890: 
A — Architecture - Healthy construction of houses 
Misc 2 

Misc 3 

Architecture, Hindoo -- Artists, Swiss 

: Artists - Taillasson, J.J. — Bourbon, 

Mai son de Misc 4 

: Bourges cathedral — Churches - Lyme- 

Regis Misc 5 

: Churches See Mackarness, Rev. G. R. — 

Dictionary Misc 6 

: Dictionary — Archeologique dictionnaire 

de la Gaule — Engraving See British manufacturing 
industries Misc 7 

: Engraving See Brulliot, F. —Glass 

Work Misc 8 

: Glass windows — Innsbruck See Spiel- 
burg, Hans von Misc 9 

: Inquisition, Spanish — Mezzotinto 

scraping Misc 10 

Michael Angelo — Nyons Misc 11 
Oaks -- Portobello Misc 12 

Portrait painters, British — Ryan, 
Charles Misc 13 

: S — Topham Misc 14 

: Topography — Zuyder Zee Misc 15 

F221 Subject Index, second series, Acquisitions 
1904-1932: Architectural drawing — Book Illustra- 
tion [Note: This section, marked "Under Revision," 
is not in strict alphabetical order] Misc 18/2 

: Book Illustration - Australia -- Cokethor- 

pe Misc 43/1 

Misc 47/1 

Coins — Dove Misc 44/1 
Domazlice -- Enkhuysen Misc 45/1 
Enlart — Glzeh Misc 45/2 
Glackens — Ivories Misc 46/l_ 
Illuminated manuscripts — Juvenalis 

Kaaden — Lytton Misc 47/2 
London — Museums Misc 48/1 
Naarden -- Ozleworth Misc 49/1 
Painting -- Periodicals Misc 49/2 

: Peralta -- Prevost Misc 50/1 

: Prlapus -- Sauter Misc 50/2 

: Sasamon ~ Sales Misc 51/1 

: Space — Uzzano Misc 52/1 

: V -- Zwolle Misc 53/1 

F222 Subject Index, third series, Acquisitions, 
1933- : Aachen — Architecture [Note: Under 
revision] Misc 54/1 

Argamasilla — Bookselling Misc 55/l_ 

Boabdil -- Cohen Misc 56/1 

Coiffure — Esthonla Misc 57/1 

Engravers —Hanson Misc 58/1 

Hapsburg -- Jobbing printing Misc 59/1 

L — Morwenstow Misc 60/1 

Mosaics — Paintings Misc 61/1 

Pecchi — Saragossa Misc 62/l_ 

Saratov -- Trivulzlo Misc 63/1 

Trofa -- Zyw Misc 64/1 

F223 Periodical Index: Sections A-B, C-L, M-Z 
Misc 64/1 

F224 Catalog of books on festivals [Note: Under 
revision] Misc 66/1 

F225 Exhibition catalogs, London Misc 65/1 

F226 Exhibition catalogs, Great Britain [ Note: 
Under revision] Misc 65/2 

F227 Exhibition catalogs, Victoria and Albert museum 
[ Note: Under revision] Misc 65/3 

F228 Exhibition catalogs, Provincial galleries 
[Note: Under revision] Misc 65/4 

F229 Exhibition catalogs, colonial, foreign [Note: 
Under revision] Misc 65/5 

F230 Catalogs not included In General hand-list 
Misc 65/6 

F231 Sale catalogs [ Note: Under revision] Misc 

F232 Catalogs of collections, etc. [Note: Under 
revision] Misc 65/8 


Northumberland , Dukes of. Library ( Alnwick Castle ) . 


F233 1: Letters and papers, 1314-1563 Aln 1/2 

F234 1A: Laws of the marches of the Scottish border, 
1563 Aln 1/1 

F235 2: Enrolment book of grants, warrants, etc., 
Henry H to Edward VI, but chiefly temp. Henry VTH 
Aln 1/3 

F236 3: Letters and papers, 1564-1587 Aln 2/1 

F237 4: Examinations taken in a suit for the tithes of 
lands by Sir Henry Woddrington Aln 2/2 

F238 5: Letters and papers, 1588-1599 Aln 2/3 

F239 6: Letters and papers relating to affairs in 
Ireland, including the trial of Sir John Perrot, 1572- 
1592 Aln 3/1 

F240 7: Letters and papers, 1600-1607 Aln 3/2 

F241 8: Papers relating to military affairs, 1603 
Aln 4/1 

F242 9: Letters and papers, 1608-1611 Aln 4/2 

F243 9A: Book of grants and docquets, 1606-1633 
Aln 4/3 

F244 10: Letters and papers, including papers relat- 
ing to the woolen manufactures of the western counties, 
1612-1617 Aln 4/4 

F245 11: Book of His Majesty's offices, 1617 Aln 5/1 

F246 12: Letters and papers, 1618-1626 Aln 5/2 

F247 13: Letters and papers, 1627-1635 Aln 6/1 

F248 14: Letters and papers, including papers re- 
lating to naval matters, 1636-1639 Aln 6/2 

F249 15: Letters and papers, including papers re- 
lating to army affairs, 1640-1641 Aln 7/1 

F250 16: Letters and papers, 1642-1656 Aln 7/2 

F251 17: Copies of papers that passed between 
Charles I and Alexander Henderson relating to a 
religious controversy, May 29-July 3, 1646 Aln 7/3 

F252 18: Letters and papers, including papers about 
the bond debt of the Peers to the City Companies, 
1657-1663 Aln 8/1 


F257 23 

Letters and papers, 1664-1684 Aln 8/2 

, 1685-1696 Aln 9/1 

, 1697-1710 Aln 9/2 

, 1711-1734 Aln 10/1 

Lady Hertford. Letters to her mother, 1713- 

1724 Aln 11/1 

F258 24: Countess of Northumberland. Letters to her 
mother, 1727-1754 Aln 11/2 

F259 25: Letters and papers, 1730-1736 Aln 12/1 

F260 26: , 1737-1739 Aln 12/2 

F261 27: , 1740-1742 Aln 13/1 

F262 28: , 1743 Aln 14/1 

F263 29: , 1744 Aln 14/2 

F264 30: , 1745-1751 Aln 15/1 

F265 31: , 1752-1754 Aln 16/1 

F266 32: , 1755-1760 Aln 16/2 

F267 33: , 1761-1762 Aln 17/1 

F268 34: , Jan. -June 1763 Aln 17/2 

F269 35: , July-Sept. 1763 Aln 18/1 

F270 36: , Oct. -Dec. 1763 Aln 19/1 

F271 37: , Jan. -Mar. 1764 Aln 19/2 

F272 38: , Apr. -May 1764 Aln 20/1 

F273 39: , June-Sept. 1764 Aln 20/2 

F274 40: , Oct. -Dec. 1764 Aln 21/1 

F275 41A: , Jan. -Mar. 1765 Aln 21/2 

F276 41B: , Apr. -Aug. 1765 Aln 22/1 

F277 42: , 1763-1765 Aln 22/2 

F279 43: , 1766-1769 Aln 23/1 

F280 44: , 1770-1773 Aln 23/2 

F281 45: , 1774-1776 Aln 23/3 

F282 46: , 1777 Aln 23/4 

F283 47A: , Apr. -July 1778 Aln 24/1 

F284 47B: , Aug. -Dec. 1778 Aln 24/2 

F285 48: Letters and papers of the Percy family, 

1779 Aln 25/1 

F286 49: Letters, books, journal, etc. , relating to 
the American war, 1775-1779 Aln 25/2 

F287 50: Letters and papers relating to the American 

wai, July 1774-Dec, 1776 Aln 25/3 

F288 51 
F289 52 
F290 53 

, Jan. -Mar. 1777 Aln 26/1 

, Apr. 1777- July 1787 Aln 27/1 

Letters and papers, 1780-1781 Aln 27/2 























F302 65 

, 1782-1784 Aln 28/1 

, 1785-1786 Aln 28/2 

, 1787-1788 Aln 29/1 

, 1789-1795 Aln 29/2 

, 1796-1797 Aln 30/1 

, 1798-1799 Aln 30/2 

, 1800-1801 Aln 30/3 

, 1802-1803 Aln 31/1 

, 1804-1805 Aln 31/2 

, 1806 Aln 31/3 

, 1807-1808 Aln 32/1 

Letters and papers, being chiefly letters 
from John Fiott in Stockholm, 1808-1809 Aln 32/2 

Letters and papers, 1809-1811 Aln 33/1 

, 1812 Aln 34/1 

, 1813-1823 Aln 34/2 

, 1825-1847 Aln 35/1 

Letters and papers, chiefly relating to 
Ireland, 1828- Feb. 1829 Aln 36/1 

, Mar. -May 1829 Aln 36/2 

, June-Oct. 1829 Aln 37/1 

, Nov. 1829-Feb. 1830 Aln 38/1 

, Mar. -June 1830 Aln 39/1 

, July-Sept. 1830 Aln 39/2 

, Oct. 1830-Mar. 1831 Aln 40/1 

Letters and papers of the Percy family, 





















F314 77 

1742-1722 Aln 40/2 

F315 78: History of the Percy family/ Rhymes on 
kings of England/ Notice of John of Gaunt/ Signed 
bill for pardon of a Dr. Standyth/ Narrative of the 
translation of the remains of Robert de Montnyth, 
1246 Aln 54/5 

F316 79: William Peeris. Metrical history of the 
Percy family Aln 70/1 

F317 80: "The little pedigree roll of Percy and 
Vescy ending in 1460" Aln 70/2 

F318 81: Pedigree of Percy family Aln 70/3 

F319 82: Metrical history of the Percy family, 16th 
century Aln 42/5 

F320 82A: William Peeris. Dyscente of the Lorde 
Percy's 1489 Aln 55/2 

F321 83: William Peeris. Metrical history of the 
Percy family, 18th century Aln 55/3 

F322 86: History of Percy family/ Things necessary 
"to seate onesself in an habitation"/ Formulary of 
writs, bonds, convenants, etc. (L)/ Treatises on the 
Admiralty, and the office of Earl Marshall (E & L)/ 
Modus tenendi Parliamentum/ Things to be observed 
by those who have command of trained men/ Treatise 
on universal arithmetic/ On making pictures/ Le 
modele du cavallier/ Fragment of a commonplace book 
with verses Aln 44/3 

F322A 87A: Percy feodary of the Yorkshire estates, 
16th century Aln 55/4 

F323 88A: John Carvile. Survey of the Yorkshire 
estates of the Earl of Northumberland, 1607 Aln 55/5 

F324 89A: Prayer book of 7th Earl of Northumberland 
Aln 71/2 

F325 90B: Manors and lands of the Earls of North- 
umberland by an inquisition taken in 8 Carl, primo 
Aln 56/1 

F326 91A: Jewels and other stuff, late the Duke and 
Duchess of Somerset's, found at Syon, 1553 Aln 56/2 

F327 95: Collection of deeds, extracts, commissions, 
certificates, etc. , of the Norman branch of the Percy 
family, 1200-1846 Aln 122/1 

F328 97: Drafts of the accounts of the household and 
some of the manors belonging to Henry, Earl of 
Northumberland, 1484-1486 Aln 56/3 

F329 99: Northumberland household book, temp. 
Henry VIII Aln 74/5 

F330 100: Entry book of letters written to or by the 
Earl of Hertford, Feb. 1604-May 1606 Aln 50/1 

F331 101: Entry book of letters of Henry, Earl of 
Northumberland, and others, Nov. 1605-Mar. 1614 
Aln 50/2 

F332 102: Henry Percy, 9th earl of Northumberland. 
Instructions to his son, Algernon Percy, touching the 
management of his estates, officers, etc. , written 
during his confinement in the Tower, Nov. 1609 [1609- 
10] Aln 43/1 

F333 103: Inventories of plate belonging to the Earl of 
Northumberland, 1617-1622 Aln 54/1 

F334 105: "Abstract of the Earl of Northumberland, 
his commission, Feb. 1639" Aln 56/4 

F335 106: Private meditations of Lord Seymour given 
to his daughter, Frances, and willed by her to the 
Duke of Somerset, 1657 Aln 40/3 

F336 107: Simon Stone. Inventory of personal estate 
of Joscelin, Earl of Northumberland, 1671 Aln 72/6 

F337 109: Elizabeth Rowe. Letters and verses Aln 

F338 110: Elizabeth Rowe. Letters and verses, 1697- 
1734 Aln 41/2 

F339 111: Letters and verses between Lady Pomfret 
and Lady Hertford, 1738-1740 Aln 42/3 

F340 112: Letters and verses between Lady Hertford 
and Lady Pomfret, Sept. 1740-Jan. 1750 Aln 42/4 

F341 113: "Letters from and to Lord Beauchamp (and 
Mr. Sturrock) during his travels," 1742-1743 Aln 

F342 114: "Account of card money"/ Reflections 
occasioned by a discourse of the characters in a novel, 
The Princess of Cleve/ Lady Hertford. Compositions; 
Journal, Jan. -Mar. 1742/ Walter Bowman. Letters 
to Mr. Sturrock, June- Aug. 1749/ Verses/ Elizabeth 
Rowe. Verses Aln 41/4 

F343 119: Lady Hertford. History of the marriage 
of the Prince of Orange to the Princess Royal, 1734, 
with a few notes by her daughter, the Duchess of 
Northumberland Aln 42/1 

F344 120: Countess of Pomfret. Journal of a tour by 
Lord and Lady Pomfret and their daughter, Charlotte, 
through Florence, Rome, Venice, and Brussels, Mar. 
July 1741 Aln 42/2 

F345 129: Essay on the old song called Chevy Chace 
Aln 72/3 

F346 140: Algernon Percy, Earl of Beverley. Journal 
of a voyage to Tunis, Smyrna, Acre, Alexandria, 
Rhodes and other places, 1773 Aln 73/6 

F347 155B: Notes from Walpole's anecdotes of paint- 
ing, on some of the pictures at Syon, c. 1816 Aln 

F348 164: Extracts, receipts, etc., 17th- 18th 
centuries Aln 63/2 

F349 169A: Collection of passports, autograph letters, 
etc., 1662-1830 Aln 73/4 

F350 181: Visitation of the county of Northumberland, 
taken by Richard St. George, 1615/ Survey of baronies 
of Bywell and Bulbeck, 1571 Aln 57/6 

F351 187: John Schenk. References to coast defence, 
Mar. -Sept. 1795 Aln 73/3 

F352 445: Register of forms of writs (F)/ Legal 
notes (F)/ Ranulf de Glanville. De legibus et con- 
suetudinibus regni Angliae/ Ecclesiastical taxation of 
churches in deanery of Brok, 1276/ Fragments of a 
Book of homilies/ Memorandum of goods of W. de 
Colington, rector/ Miscellaneous verses and recipes 
Aln 43/2 

F353 446: Notes of cases during reigns of Edward I, II, 
and m (L) Aln 43/3 

F354 447: Creatio mundi, with pictures/ De naturis 
bestiarum, with pictures Aln 71/3 

F355 448: Biblia Latina S. Jeronimi Aln 70/5 

F356 454: Concordantia Latina Aln 71/1 

F357 456: Peter of Blois. Epistolae Aln 44/1 

F358 457: Copies of writs, commissions, letters 
patent, etc. , relating to various subjects but especial- 
ly to negotiations for treaties of peace with France and 
Scotland in reigns of Edward IV, Richard in, and 
Henry VII (L)/ Treatise of powers of the chancellor of 
England/ Table of the fines payable for writs, grants, 
and other letters patent Aln 50/3 

F359 457a: Version of Brut Chronicle, temp. Edward 
I to Richard H Aln 121/1 

F360 458: Copy of a notarial instrument exemplifying 
a bull of Pope Sextus IV confirming liberties and 
privileges to the Sisters of the Third Order of St. 
Francis de Poenitentia in Italy, 1497 Aln 54/6 

F361 459: Reception of Catherine of Arragon on her 
arrival in England to marry Prince Arthur, 1501 Aln 


F362 460: Bibill of geomancy Aln 62/3 

F363 461: Nova compendiariaque logicis forma tarn 
mathematicam quam formalitates amplectens Aln 68/2 

F364 462: Inquisitio post mortem Johannis Comitis 
Oxoniae magni, Oct. 1536 Aln 73/7 

F365 464: Erasmus. The sowdear of Christ Aln 43/4 

F366 466: George Cavendish. Life of Wolsey Aln 

F367 467: Historical tracts, including descriptions of 
ceremonies and heraldic collections, Edward IV to 
Mary Aln 44/2 

F368 468: Narratives of coronations, funerals, and 
other ceremonies and orders of the royal household 
and court Aln 63/1 

F369 469: J. C. (?) The lock of love/ R. S. Medita- 
tion of Psalm 51; Prayer/ Religious poems and 
prayers Aln 43/5 

F370 470: A writing master's text or copy book (F) 
Aln 70/4 

F371 472: De mundo et ejus partibus et eis quae ex 
ejus partibus generantur Aln 72/4 

F372 473: Treatises on logic, Aristotle, receipts, etc. 
(L & E) Aln 72/5 

F373 474: Sir John Davies. Nosce teipsum Aln 68/3 

F374 475: Sir Robert Catlin. Collection of papers, 
notes and reports of cases, precedents, statutes, 
inquisitions, attainders, etc. Aln 62/2 

F375 476: Treatise on Ireland with 6 maps Aln 69/5 

F376 477: Treatise addressed to Earls of East 

Friesland showing how towns and countries prospered 
where English merchants have been and how they 
decayed when the merchants left Aln 69/6 

F377 478: Papers relating to army and navy, 16th 
century Aln 68/4 

F378 479: Girolamo Frachetta. Idea of a book for the 
governments of state and war; On policy or reason of 
state; On policy or reason of war/ On the army and 
navy at Plymouth, temp. Eliz. Aln 69/7 

F379 480: "The error conceived [on the succession to 
the Crown] (out of the statute of Edward the Third, 
made in the twenty-fifth year of his raigne) by Serjeant 
Browne, and excellently confuted by Serjeant Fairfax, 
1594"/ Genealogy of kings and queens of England, 
1594 Aln 56/5 

F380 481: Baptista Boazio. Map of Cadiz, 1596/ Sir 
William Slingsby, Voyage to Cadiz, 1596 Aln 56/6 

F381 482: Primer (L) Aln 71/4 

F382 483: Primer (D) Aln 48/1 

F383 484: Primer (L) Aln 72/1 

F384 485: Primer (Fl) Ala 72/2 

F385 488: Primer (F) Aln 48/2 
F386 489: Primer (L) Aln 48/3 

F387 494: Primer (L) Aln 49/1 

F388 495: Primer (L) Aln 49/2 

F389 506: Royal letters, 1611-1682 Aln 46/2 

F390 507: Plays, vol. 1: The Wasp, a comical 
history; Frier Bacon (?) Aln 45/2 

F391 508: Plays, vol. 2: Chaunge is no robbery; 
Mahomet and his heaven; The faery chace; Forrest 
tragoedye in Vacunium; Two Oxford libells Aln 45/3 

F392 509: Plays, vol. 3: The cuck-queanes and the 
cuckolds errants; Arabia sitiens; Forrest pastorall; 
Forrest tragoedye in Vacunium; The aphrodysial; 
Necromantes; Booke of epigrammes; Two Oxford 
libells Aln 45/4 

F393 511: Notes on military subjects Aln 69/8 

F394 512: "Booke of memorialls of things belonging 
to the warre" Aln 75/1 

F395 513: Military treatises Aln 73/8 

F396 514: Sallustius Crispus. Jugurtha with 
annotations Aln 51/1 

F397 516: Cases decided in courts of law, 1591-1603 
Aln 64/1 

F398 517: Legal collection, 17th century Aln 56/7 

F399 518: Stemmata genealogica capitalium justi- 
ciariorum de Bancis utrisque, 1615 Aln 69/9 

F400 519: William Hudson. Treatise on the Star 
Chamber Aln 58/1 

F401 520: Treatise of wills and executors Aln 58/2 

F402 S21: Sir Charles Cornwallis. On the state of 
Spain, 1607/ Questions made at the holding of a court 
between the Lord Algernon Percy and Mr. Francis 
Powlton/ Treatises on finance/ Andrew Palmer. A 
project of moneys/ Batista Antonio. Discourse of 
the West Indies, 1596/ William Gamble. History of 
the Percy family/ List of prisoners In the Tower/ 
Letters and papers/ Sir Thomas Overbury. Obser- 
vations of the 17 provinces and of France/ Richard 
Ferrer. An account of heretics; Discourse of the 
great Mogul/ Sir Francis Vere. Journey of Cades/ 
Politia of the United Provinces Aln 54/2 

F403 522: A copy of the preceding manuscript omit- 
ting Overbury" s Observations and the Account of here - 
tics Aln 54/3 

F404 523: Book of all such privy seals for raising 
money in the city of London as were delivered to Sir 
John Swinner ton, collector, 1611-1612 Aln 54/4 

F405 524: Life and death of Prince Henry Aln 69/1 

F406 526: Francis Bacon. Speeches and letters Aln 

F407 527: Tom Tell Troath/ George Eglisham. 
Forerunner of revenge Aln 66/3 

F408 528: Observations political and civil, 17th 

century/ Lord Brooke (?). Five years of King James 
Aln 67/1 

F409 529: John Selden. England's epinomis Aln 

F410 530: John Selden. Privileges of the baronage 
of England when they sit in Parliament Aln 67/2 

F411 531-532: Sir Robert Cotton. Relation of pro- 
ceedings against ambassadors who have miscarried 
themselves, 1624; Discourses on office of Earl 
marshal, Lord steward, Lord high constable; Collec- 
tion of records relating to defence; Extracts out of 
the records of the Tower in regard to money/ Trea- 
tises on court of marshalsey and office of Steward of 
king's household Aln 67/3 

F412 533: Declaration of the office of the Lord Treas- 
surer of England and of all offices under him and of 
all such as have any way to do with the revenue of the 
Crown, 17th century Aln 59/1 

F413 535: Sir Isaac Wake. Letters to Lord Dorches- 
ter and others, Apr. 1631-Apr. 1632 Aln 57/1 

F414 536: Pietro Venerosi. Lettere Aln 59/2 

F415 537: Muster book of the trained soldiers in the 
county of Wilts, 1637 Aln 54/7 

F416 538: Letter to Charles I advising him not to 
quarrel with Parliament Aln 56/9 

F417 539: Remonstrance delivered to His Majestie 
not to proceed in examining his right to Impose with- 
out assent of Parliament Aln 62/1 

F418 540, 540A, 540B: Speeches made in the Parlia- 
ment held at Westminster, 1627, with the names of 
the members assembled there, 3 vols. Aln 59/3-5 

F419 540C: Most material passages in the second 
session of Parliament, 1628 Aln 59/6 

F420 541: Mr. Elsinge. Modus tenendi Parliamen- 
tum/ Sir Robert Cotton. Parliament at Westminster, 
1483/ Journal of proceedings in House of Commons, 
1592-1593/ Parliamentary proceedings, 1628 
Aln 68/1 

F421 542: Proceedings in Parliament, 1627-1628 
Aln 74/1 

F422 543: Pleas and demurrers of Parliament men 
committed to the Tower by King Charles, 1629 
Aln 74/2 

F423 544: Speeches and papers relating to the case 
against John Hampden for refusing to pay the assess- 
ment of ship-money, 1635-1639 Aln 65/1^ 

F424 545: Sir Henry Slingsby. Commentaries, 
1638-1648, as edited by Sir Walter Scott, 1806 
Aln 66/1 

F425 546: John Hodgson. Narrative of the civil wars 
and his own afflictions, 1642-1665 Aln 66/2 

F426 547: John Fitzjames. Entry book of letters, 
Oct. 1645-June 1647 Aln 51/3 

F427 548: , Aug. 1647 - Nov. 10. 1649 Aln 51/4 

F428 549: , Nov. 17, 1649 - Mar. 1652 Aln 52/1 

F429 550: , May 1653 - Sept. 1668 Aln 52/2 

F430 551: , Sept. 1654 - Sept. 1656 Aln 52/3 

F431 552: , Jan 1657 - Sept. 1662 Aln 52/4 

F432 553: , Dec. 1668 - June 1670 Aln 52/5 

F433 555: John Fitzjames. Commonplace book, 1640 
Aln 53/5 

F434 656: John Fitzjames. Commonplace book, 1640- 
1641 Aln 52/6 

F435 557: John and Sarah Fitzjames. Commonplace 
book 1641 Aln 53/1 

F436 558: Katherine Beale and Katherine Stephens. 
Miscellaneous receipts Aln 53/2 

F437 559: Eleonor Fitzjames. Miscellaneous re- 
ceipts, 1667 Aln 53/3 

F438 560: Medical and culinary receipts Aln 53/4 

F439 561: Metrical version of Psalms Aln 60/1 

F440 563: Henry Coventry. Letters, some in cipher, 
relative to affairs in the Netherlands, 1667 Aln 56/8 

F441 564: Viscount Weymouth. Notes of interviews, 
political notes, notes on Duchess of Somerset's 
death and will, etc. Aln 69/2 

F442 565: John Twining. Remarks on the history of 
Charles I, Oliver Cromwell, and Charles H Aln 69/3 

F443 566: Notes of journeys, 1679-1680 Aln 69/4 

F444 567: Address by Bishop of Oxford to the Univer- 
sity to require their subscription with reason for not 
subscribing Aln 50/4 

F445 568: Viscount Dumblan' s joynture on Viscountess 
Dumblan, June 1683 Aln 50/5 

F446 568A: Henry Serjeant. Journal, 1685-1686 
Aln 46/5 

F447 569: Duke of Buckingham and Normanby. 

Human um est errare, with the author's observations 
on the late abdication, 1688 Aln 57/7 

F448 570: Rules, orders, and instructions for the 
future government of the office of ordnance, 1683, 
1686/ Queen Anne. Orders for the officers of our 
works, 1705/ Instructions for the more regular pass - 
ing the accompts of the general letter office and post 
office and penny post office, 1703 Aln 62/4 

F449 571: Helnrich Khunrath. Ampitheatrum saplent- 
iae aetemae Aln 55/1 

F450 572: Thomas Vaughn (7). SapienUa veterum, 
with 67 figures Aln 67/2 

F451 574: Luigi Maria Cagniacci. Llbro per brevem: 
apprend e le discipline mattemat e , 1689/ Breve com- 
prendio p. la chiromanzia, with illustrations Aln 

F452 578: Dominic Mancini, S. J. Memoirs, 
1668-1725 (I) Aln 73/1 

F453 582: Treatise on chemistry, distilling, etc. 
(F) Aln 122/2 

F454 586: Chemical and astrological extracts (L) 
Aln 74/4 

F455 594: P. J. Faber and others. Extracts from 
books on chemistry (G) Aln 122/3 

F456 596: Sepher Rasiel, or Book of the angel of the 
secret Aln 122/4 

F457 597: Mytho-hermetlc dictionary, pt. 1 
Aln 123/1 

F458 598: Mytho-hermetlc dictionary, pt. 3 
Aln 61/2 

F459 599: Letter of a young lady, 1770/ Description 
of Paradise/ Commentary on Biblical passages/ 
Notes upon the names of God/ Treatise of the Cabba- 
la Aln 123/3 

F460 600: Theosophlc and cabalistic tracts, Eng. tr. 
by Fludd and others Aln 123/2 

F461 625-626: The naturalist's manual, vols. 1-2 
Aln 60/2 

F462 627-627A: The naturalist's manual, vol. 3, and 
additional volume Aln 61/1 

F463 637: Treatise of a case relating to the right of 
Impressing mariners for public service, 1743 Aln 

F464 638: Historical account of the trial between 
John Wilkes and the Earl of Halifax, 1769 Aln 56/11 

F465 639: The King vs. Edgecombe and others in the 
Court of King's Bench, Apr. 1796, relating to elec- 
tion of burgesses of Launceston Aln 73/5 

F466 640: Copies and extracts of establishments, 
regulations and orders since the hoisting of the 
English flag in Minorca, 1712-1738 Aln 57/5 

F467 641: John Wilson. Journal of transactions 

during the campaigns in the Netherlands and Germany. 
1694-1727 Aln 121/2 

F468 645: Memolre de la campagne en Portugal en 
1762 sous le Marechal General Comte de Llppe 
Aln 46/6 

F469 646: Charles Rainsford. Topographical re- 
marks upon the provinces of the Lower Belra and 
Alentejo, with the woods , positions, encampments, 
etc. , with a plan of defense in case Portugal should 
be attacked by the Spaniards, 1762 Aln 50/6 

F470 654: William Roy. Plan of defence in case of 
invasion on the coasts of Kent or Sussex Aln 56/10 

F471 666: Notes of proceedings, etc., in the House of 
Lords, Jan. 1748 - Apr. 1749 Aln 57/3 

F472 669(7): Commission Royale de medicine. .. sur 
1' exam en. .. du remede ante-venerien vegetal, 1765 
Aln 61/3 

F473 702: Sir James Leith. Memoir on the commer - 
cial intercourse between the United States and British 
West Indies Aln 57/4 

F474 703: Edward Pellew, viscount Exmouth. Letters 
and papers, Sept. 1805 - May 1806 Aln 75/3 

F475 704: "Journal de ce qui m' est arrive de plus 
marquant dans le voyage que j'al fait au quartler 
general de S.M. le Rol de Prusse le 2de Octobre, 
1806, et jours suivans" Aln 51/2 

F476 714: Notes on New South Wales with a statement 
of the area, stock, population, etc. , 1806 Aln 47/1 

F477 715: Observations on the horned cattle, sheep, 
and horses In New South Wales, 1810 Aln 47/2 

F478 716-717: John Norton. Journal of a voyage down 
the Ohio (1809- ), and an account of the five nations, 
etc. , with a vocabulary, 1816 Aln 47/3 

F479 720-721: White Watson. Memorabilia, vols. 1-2 
Aln 121/3 

F480 722-723: White Watson. Commonplace book 
and Index of memorabilia, vols. 1-2 Aln 121/4_ 

F481 725: Letters, 1631-1863 Aln 46/1 

F482 731: Peter Burrell. Letters to Robert Nelson, 
1677-1684 Aln 62/5 

F483 12 royal letters, 1570-1800 Aln 46/3 

Northumberland , Dukes of. Library ( Syon House) . 


F484 C. I. la: Account of William Stable, general 
receiver of rents of estates of Earl of Northumberland 
in county of York, 1519 Aln 86/1 

F485 C. I. lb: Accounts of Francis Fytton, receiver 
general of revenues, etc. , of the Earl's estates in 
Northumberland, Cumberland, York, and Somerset, 
etc., 1577-1580 Aln 86/2 

F486 C. I. lc: Note of all money received in His 
Lordship's lands, 1576-1577 Aln 86/3 

F487 C. I. Id: Accounts of Francis Fytton, 1586-1588 
Aln 86/4 

F488 C. I. le: Accont of rents and names of tenants, 
1586 Aln 86/5 

F489 C. I. If: Account of the rents taken by order of 
the Court of the Exchequer, 1587 Aln 86/6 

F490 C. I. lg: Account of fines unpaid, 1589 Aln 86/7 

F491 C. I. 2: Account of rents received, 1596 
Aln 86/8 

F492 C. I. 2a: Account of Sir H. Slingsby, His 
Lordship's receiver in Yorkshire, 1608-1610 Aln 

F493 C. I. 2b-g: Accounts of receivers general in 
northern parts, 1609-1619 Aln 86/9 

F494 C. I. 3a: Accounts and drafts, Mar. 1646-Sept. 
1670 Aln 86/10 and Aln 87/1 

F495 C. I. 3b: Receipts, accounts, and drafts by 
general receivers and auditors, 1652-1700 Aln 88/1 
and Aln 89/1 

F496 C. I. 3c-e: [Note: d not found] Aln 90/1 

F497 C. I. 3f-m: Receipts, accounts, and drafts by 
general receivers and auditors, 1652-1700 Aln 91/1 

F498 C. I. 4a-f: Accounts of disbursements for fees, 
repairs, etc., 1604-1678 Aln 91/2 

F499 C. I. 5a-f: Accounts relative to jointures, etc., 
charged on divers estates Aln 92/1 

F500 C. I. 6: Miscellaneous accounts Aln 93/1 

F501 C. I. 7a-d: Receipts of Earl of Northumberland, 
1531-1674 Aln 93/2 

F502 C. I. 8: Sundry accounts chiefly in the reigns of 
James I Aln 93/3 

F503 C. II. 1-3: Views of accounts of receipts in 
Northumberland in reigns of Elizabeth, James I, 
Charles I & n Aln 93/4 

F504 C. III. 1-9: Ingrossed accounts of receipts in 
reigns of Henry VI, Edward in, Henry VII, Henry 
Vm, Elizabeth, and James I Aln 93/5 

F505 C. IV. 1: Miscellaneous accounts of rents, fines, 
etc. , 16th century [Note: Target - C. IV. 1-5] Aln 

F506 C. IV. 3-5: Miscellaneous accounts of rents, 
fines, etc., 17th century Aln 94/2 

F507 C. V. la, 2a-c, 3a, 4a-b, 5a: Accounts of 
receivers in Tinmouth and Tinmouthshire, 1572-1651 
Aln 94/3 

F508 C. VI. 2, 4a-b: Bailiffs' accounts for Northum- 
berland in reigns of Edward IV, Henry VII, Henry Vin, 
Elizabeth, and James I Aln 94/4 

F509 C. VI. 4c, 5, 8-9: Bailiffs' accounts for Northum- 
berland in reigns of Edward IV, Henry VH, Henry VTTJ, 
Elizabeth, and James I Aln 95/1 

F510 C. VII. 1, 4: Views and abstracts of bailiffs' 
accounts for the county of Northumberland [Note: 
3 not found] Aln 95/2 

F511 C. VH. 4, cont. : Views and abstracts of bailiffs' 
accounts for county of Northumberland Aln 95/3 

F512 C. VEU. 1: Accounts of bailiffs in Northumber- 
land, 1443-1608 Aln 96/1 

F513 C. VHI. la: Account of Robert Archer, bailiff of 
Alnwick Castle, 1442-1444 Aln 79/7 

F514 C. Vtn. le: Account of William Cokke, bailiff of 
Alnwick Castle, 1449-1450 Aln 79/9 

F515 C. vm. If: Accounts of Matthew Bell, bailiff of 
Alnwick, and other accounts, 1470-1471 Aln 79/10 

F516 C. vm. lg: Account of Matthew Bell, praepositus 
of Alnwick Castle, and other accounts of reeves of the 
same place, 1472-1473 Aln 79/8 

F517 C. VTU. li: Accounts of John Carlton, bailiff of 
Alnwick, and of other officers, 1481-1482 Aln 79/11 

F518 C. Vm. 3-6: Account of bailiffs from Henry VTII 
to James I Aln 96/2 

F519 C. Vm. 6: Bailiffs' accounts for Prudhoe Castle, 
1474-1475 Aln 79/12 

F520 C. Vm. 9a (1-4): Views of accounts of bailiffs in 
reigns of Elizabeth and James I Aln 96/3 

F521 C. Vm. 9b-c: Accounts of Tinmouth hall-corn, 
1540/ Anchorage and groundage of ships, 1648/ Ac- 
count of wreck of the sea at Tinmouth, 1634 Aln 97/1 

F522 C. Vm. 9d-g: Accounts of Tinmouth lights/ 
Accounts of tithe of fish at Northshields, 1539-1600/ 
Accounts of Cullercoats Pier, 1767-1681/ General 
tithe account/ Account of Tinmouth Castle, 1594 Aln 

F523 C. Vm. 9h: Account for keeping two Frenchmen 
prisoners in Tinmouth Castle for stealing Queen of 
Scots' jewels, 1594 Aln 97/3 

F524 C. DC. la-g: General accounts of arrearages, 
1500-1670 Aln 97/4 

F525 C. X. la, 2a (1): Accounts of produce and expense 
of mines and quarries in Northumberland, 17th century 
Aln 97/5 

F526 C. XI. 1, 4: Accounts relative to woods and 
forests in Northumberland, 16th and 17th centuries 
Aln 98/1 

F527 E. I. 1-3: Feodal evidences and records/ Ex- 
tract from an ancient charter in the Tower Aln 98/2 

F528 E. I. 4-7: Papers relating to estate of Earl of 
Northumberland Aln 98/3 

F529 E. I. 8: Exemplification of a quietus of the Earl 
of Northumberland's debts to the king, 1521 Aln 99/1 

F530 E. I. 9: Papers relating to the Earl of Northum- 
berland's debts to the king Aln 99/2 

F531 E. I. 10: Inquisition relating to Thomas Percy, 
1537 Aln 99/3 

F532 E. I. 11: Exemplification of general livery 
granted to Henry, earl of Northumberland, and of all 
lands which the late Earl held on his death, 1543 Aln 

F533 E. I. 13: Exemplification of records of the 
Exchequer of 1383 and 1417 concerning the tenure of 
divers lands of the Earl of Northumberland Aln 99/5 

F534 E. I. 14a, 15-16, 16a: Inquisition on death of 
Earl Henry, 1585/ Indenture, 1586/ Special liberty 
granted to Earl of Northumberland, 1586 Aln 99/6 

F535 E. I. 21a, c-d: Schedules of evidences concern- 
ing estates Aln 99/7 

F536 E. n. 5-6, 8-9: Collection of feodal evidences 
Aln 99/8 

F537 E. m. lc, 2, 3a, 4-5, 6a: Feodal evidences and 
records Aln 99/9 

F538 E. m. 13: Inquisition, 1638 Aln 99/10 

F539 E. IV. la-c: Collection of feodal evidences Aln 

F540 E. IV. 2a-e: Copies of inquisitions Aln 100/2 

F541 E. IV. 3h-i: Sir Ralph Gray. Letter to Duke of 
Northumberland, 1592/ List of lands Sir Ralph Gray 
held at his death Aln 100/3 

F542 E. IV. 4-5: Feodal evidences concerning the ten 
towns in Cookdale/ Concordat of the roll of the court in 
an inquisition relating to Chatton, 1616 Aln 100/4 

F543 E. IV. 6a-b: Inquisition, 1559/ Lord Treasurer's 
award between Earl of Northumberland and W. Grey of 
wardship of Westwood's daughters, 1591 Aln 100/6 

F544 E. IV. 7a-b, 8, 9d, lOa-b, 11: Inquisitions and 
other papers Aln 100/5 

F545 E. V. la-b, 2a: Feodal evidences, 17th century 
Aln 100/7 

F546 E. VI. la-b: Collection of feodal evidences 
relating to Rothbury Aln 100/8 

F547 E. Vm. lb, c-d: Feodal evidences, 15th century 
Aln 100/9 

F548 E. DC. la-c, 3, 5: Feodal evidences Aln 100/10 

F549 E. X. la-c: Feodal evidences Aln 100/11 

F550 E. X. 2-3: Feodal evidences Aln 100-12 

F551 E. XI. Id, 2, 5a-c, 6: Copies of inquisitions 
Aln 100/13 

F552 E. XII. la-b: Feodal evidences relating to 
Tinmouth Aln 101/1 

F553 E. XH. 2: Extract from inquisition of tithes and 
coal mines in Tinmouth, 1632 Aln 101/2 

F554 E. XII. 3c: Allowances to Sir William Selby for 
gunners and servants at Tinmouth, 17th century Aln 

F555 E. XII. 4a-c: Papers relating to hall-corn and 
tithes at Tinmouth/ Copy of a petition to Queen Eliza- 
beth, 1594/ Papers relating to Tinmouth rectory/ 
Extracts Aln 101/4 

F556 E. XV. lc: Copy of an inquisition on death of 
Earl of Cornwall, 1299 Aln 101/5 

F557 E. XV. Id (1-2): Account of money impressed 
for making a river for use of Isleworth mills, 1538/ 
Title of Earl of Northumberland to the same Aln 101/6 

F558 E. XV. le: Extracts relative to possessions of 
the monastery of Syon, 1540-1542 Aln 101/7 

F559 E. XV. If: Records relating to Isleworth, Syon, 
1541 Aln 101/8 

F560 E. XV. lg: Papers relative to Syon Aln 101/9 

F561 E. XV. li: Extract of the grant to Lord Paget of 
Harmondsworth, 1597 Aln 101/10 

F562 E. XV. 2a-e: Papers relating to site of late 
monastery and mansion house of Syon Aln 101/11 

F563 E. XV. 3a-d: Papers relative to Isleworth mill, 
river, and bridges Aln 101/12 

F564 E. XV. 4a-c: Papers relating to roads, cause- 
ways, and footpaths within the manor of Isleworth Aln 

F565 E. XV. 5: Papers relating to woods and wastes in 
manor of Isleworth Aln 101/14 

F566 L. I. 1-3: Abstracts and drafts of fines assessed 
in Northumberland, 1587-1596, 1586-1594, 1587-1594, 
1598-1607 Aln 102/1 

F567 L. I. 4: Account of Tinmouth dimissions 21 Aug. 
1609 for seven years if His Lordship should so long live 
Aln 102/2 

F568 L. I. 5-6: Dimissions in Northumberland, 
Cumberland, Yorkshire, etc. , 1605, with an account 
of fines and minutes of leases, 1605/ Notes as to 
leases, 1608 Aln 102/3 

F569 L. II. 1: Books of contracts and compositions for 
leases, 1634-1651 Aln 102/4 

F570 L. II. 2: Original contracts and compositions, 
1655 Aln 102/5 

F571 L. n. 3a-b: Original contracts, 1656/ Memoran- 
dum of leases, 1658/ Composition for leases, 1660 
Aln 102/6 

F572 L. n. 4-5: Abstracts of compositions for leases, 
1661, 1673-1674 Aln 102/7 

F573 L. II. 6-7: Original contracts for leases, 1675- 
1687 Aln 103/1 

F574 L. m. 1: Books of inrollment of leases, 1606- 
1615 Aln 103/2 

F575 L. m. 2: Books of inrollment of leases, 1615- 
1617 Aln 103/3 

F576 L. m. 3: Book of inrollment of leases, 1619- 
1659/ Notes of leases, 1657-1658 Aln 104/1 

F577 L. III. 4-4a: Book of abstracts of leases, 1642- 
1666/ Account of leases, 1665 Aln 104/2 

F578 L. XIV. la: 
1597 Aln 104/3 

Abstract of leases, Isleworth, Syon, 

F579 O. I. la-h: Original warrants, etc., 1566-1649 
Aln 104/4 

F580 O. I. 2a: Henry Percy, 8th earl of Northumber- 
land. Letter about a cause to be tried at York between 
Her Majesty and Sir Henry Gate, 1579 Aln 105/2 

F581 O. I. 2a*: Henry Percy, 6th earl of Northumber- 
land. Copies of letters to Lord Cromwell and Cardinal 
Wolsey regarding his estates, 1537 Aln 105/1 

F582 O. I. 2b: Henry Percy, 9th earl of Northumber- 
land. Letter to William Stockdale touching the ward of 
Burgh of Dufforth Aln 105/3 

F583 O. I. 2c: Henry Percy, 9th earl of Northumber- 
land. Letters during his confinement in the Tower, 
1605-1613 Aln 105/4 

F584 O. I. 2d: Henry Percy, 9th earl of Northumber- 
land. Letter to Sir Wilfrid Lawson for money for 
marrying His Lordship's eldest daughter, 1609 
Aln 105/5 

F585 O. I. 2e: Earl of Northumberland. Letter from 
Rome relative to money for expenses Aln 105/6 

F586 O. I. 2f: Algernon Percy, 10th earl of Northum- 
berland. Letters to Mr. Potter, 1644-1646 Aln 105/7 

F587 O. I. 2g-h: Algernon Percy, 10th earl of Northum- 
berland. Letters to Mr. Potter relative to payment of 
debts, 1646 Aln 105/8 

F588 O. I. 2i: Algernon Percy, 10th earl of Northum- 
berland. Letter to his uncle, William Percy, relative 
to William Percy's exemption from the ordinance of 
Parliament, 1646 Aln 105/9 

F589 O. I. 2k-n: Algernon Percy, 10th earl of 
Northumberland. Letters to Mr. Champin and Mr. 
Scawen, 1660-1664 Aln 105/10 

F590 O. I. 2o: Algernon Percy, 10th earl of Northum- 
berland. Letters, 1666-1667 Aln 105/11 

F591 O. I. 2p: Charles Seymour, 6th duke of Somerset. 
Letters to his mother and others, 1662-1748 
Aln 105/12 

F592 O. II. la: Commission from the Earl of Northum- 
berland to Sir Cuthbert Collingwood and others to 
demise His Lordship's estates in Northumberland, 1585 
Aln 105/13 

F593 O. n. lb: Warrant from the Earl for felling trees, 
1589 Aln 105/14 

F594 O. n. lc: Precept from king's receiver to receive 
the Earl's rents for the king's use, 1612 Aln 105/15 

F595 O. n. 2a: Instructions to the wood ward, Robert 
Heline, relative to the spoils committee in His Lord- 
ship's woods, etc., 1594 Aln 105/16 

F596 O. n. 2b: Henry Percy, 9th earl of Northumber- 
land. Instructions relative to arrearages, 1603 Aln 

F597 O. II. 2c: Henry Percy, 9th earl of Northumber- 
land. Instructions relative to Tighall Mills, 1607 
Aln 105/18 

F598 O. m. la: Henry Percy, 8th earl of Northumber- 
land. Patent to Mr. Ingrham, toll keeper of West Park 
of Alnwick, 1535 Aln 105/19 

F599 O. m. lb: Henry Percy, 9th earl of Northumber- 
land. Appointment of burgesses of Alnwick to the 
bailiwick, 1593 Aln 105/20 

F600 O. HI. lc-d: Warrant to give notice to John 
Salkeld, assignee of Mr. Percy, of his lease of Hulne 
Park, etc. , 1608/ Warrant for letting Haysands, 1608 
Aln 105/21 

F601 O. m. le-f: Warrant to Whitehead and Delavale 
to survey Lesburg and Tighall Mills, etc. , 1608/ 

Warrant to George Gallon to deliver possession of two 
tenements in Chatton, 1609 Aln 105/22 

F602 O. ID. lg-i: Warrant to let Shipley Haugh and 
Smithybrook, 1609/ Appointment of William Armourer 
to be bailiff, 1633, 1667 Aln 105/23 

F603 O. HI. 2a: Henry Percy, 9th earl of Northumber- 
land. Letters to Mr. Orle relative to Haysands, 1607 
Aln 105/24 

F604 O. IV. la-d: Warrants, etc. , relative to Wark- 
worth, 1598-1619 Aln 105/25 

F605 O. V. la-b: Warrant to collect the rent called 
Bailiff Oat, 1607/ Warrant to examine into the paving 
stone of the Walbottle quarry, 1609 Aln 105/26 

F606 O. VI. la, VH. la-c: Appointment of Mr. Green 
as bailiff of Rothbury, 1654/ Warrants relating to 
Prudhoe and Horseley Wood, 1594, 1608/ Appointment 
of foreign bailiff at Prudhoe, 1663 Aln 106/1 

F607 O. Vin. la: Appointment of Fargus Storey to be 
bailiff of Beanley, 1634 Aln 106/2 

F608 O. X. la-e: Warrant, Charles Tate to quit BUly 
Mills, 1594/ Assignment of the office of bailiff of Cow- 
pon, 1597/ Warrant for viewing Tinmouth, 1616/ War- 
rant for re-entering into the salt pans at Northshiels, 
1637/ Deputation appointing Mr. Scott viewer at Tin- 
mouth, 1664 Aln 106/3 

F609 O. X. 2a-b: Henry Percy, 9th earl of Northumber- 
land. Letter to Mr. John Corville about money, 1608; 
Letter to Sir John Fenwick about the White Tower in 
Tinmouth Castle, 1616 Aln 106/4 

F610 O. XI. la-b: Algernon Percy, 10th earl of 

Northumberland. Two letters concerning the barony of 
Langley, 1667 Aln 106/5 

F611 O. XI. 2a: Thomas Percy, 7th earl of Northum- 
berland. Letter of attorney to take livery of Brenkburne, 
1559-1560 Aln 106/6 

F612 O. XH. la: Appointment of Mr. Bolderow to be 
bailiff for Syon, 1680 Aln 106/7 

F613 P. I. la-b, 2a-r, 3a-s, w, x: Copies of warrants, 
etc., 1581-1669 Aln 109/1 

F614 P. H. la-m, 2a-aa, 3a-m: Copies of warrants 
and letters, 1585-1670 Aln 110/1 

F615 P. m. la-1, 2a-d, f, 3a-g: Copies of warrants, 
remembrances, and letters, 1590-1649 Aln 110/2 

F616 P. IV. la, 2a-c, 3a: , 1590-1667 Aln 


F617 P. V. la-b, 2a-f, 3a-r: 

1591-1619 Aln 

F618 P. VI. 1-2, vn. la-b, LX. l-3a-d, f: , 

[no dates] Aln 110/5 

F619 P. X. la-k: Copies of warrants, etc., at 
Tinmouth, 1594-1650 Aln 110/6 

F620 P. X. 2a-p: Copies of remembrances and letters 
relative to coal mines, hall corn tithes, and tithe fish 
at Tinmouth, 1607-1654 Aln lll/l 

F621 P. X. 3a-i: Copies of letters, some relative to 
lights of Tinmouth Castle for the safety of Her Majesty's 
vessels, 1595-1695 Aln 111/2 

F622 P. XH. la, 3a: Copies of warrants and letters 
relative to estates in Middlesex, 1616, 1621 Aln 111/3 

F623 Q. H. 1: Certificate of Sir Henry Percy's com- 
missioners relating to Warkworth with an inventory 
thereof, 1574 Aln 85/5 

F624 Q. n. 2: Report of the carrying out of Henry 
Percy's instructions relating to Warkworth, 1574 Aln 

F625 Q. H. 3: Account of spoils and robberies com- 
mitted by the Scots, 1576 Aln 85/7 

F626 Q. U. 4_- Information relative to title of Earls 
of Northumberland to barony of Alnwick, 1592 Aln 

F627 0- n. 5: Papers relative to general affairs in 
Northumberland, 1592 Aln 85/9 

F628 Q. U. 6: Papers relative to the receivership of 
county of Northumberland, 1592 Aln 85/10 

F629 Q. n. 7: Papers relative to the wardship of 
Chipchase, 1592 Aln 85/11 

F630 Q. n. 8: Henry Percy, 9th earl of Northumber- 
land. Letter, May 6, 1593 Aln 85/12 

F631 Q. n. 9: Account of spoils committed by the 
Scots, 1593 [Note: Target • Q. H. 8] Aln 85/14 

F632 Q. n. 10: Papers relative to the spoils of Prud- 
hoe Woods, 1593 Aln 85/15 

F633 Q. U. 13: Letter concerning Alnwick, 1595 Aln 

F634 Q. U. 14: Papers relative to the tithe committee 
of Prudhoe, etc. , 1596 Aln 85/17 

F635 Q(?). H. 16, 17: Two letters relative to inroads 
made on tenants in revenge, 1595 [Note: Target - 
U. H. 16 and 17] Aln 85/18 

F636 Q(?). n. 18: Letter concerning tithe of fish and 
lead mines, 1595 [Note: Target = U. n. 18] Aln 

F637 Q(?). n. 20: Letter relative to money, 1595 
[Note: Target - U. H. 20] Aln 85/20 

F638 Q(?). U. 21: Thomas Percy. Letters, 1601 
[Note: Target - U. H. 21] Aln 85/21 

F639 Q. U. 22: Papers concerning the mines in 
Northumberland, 1602 Aln 85/22 

F640 Q. II. 23: Papers relative to lawsuits to be tried 
at Newcastle, 1602 Aln 85/23 

F641 Q. U. 66: Robert (?) Delavale. Letter describ- 
ing the ceremony with which the Earl of Dunbar kept St. 
George's feast at Berwick, 1609 Aln 120/1 

F642 Q. U. 102: Capt. Whitehead. Letter about a 
pirate seized at Alnmouth and an inventory of the 
pirate's goods, 1614 Aln 120/2 

F643 Q. II. 153: Letters relative to damage done at 
Alnwick Castle, Parliament troops wintering there, 
Cromwell at Alnwick, 1647-1650 Aln 120/3 

F644 Q. K. 4: Letter relative to inability of the 
tenants of Beanley to pay rent being plundered by the 
Borderers, 1648 Aln 120/4 

F645 Q. XU. 2b-c: Aln 120/5 


F646 R. I. le: Joseph Jincks. Petition for lease to 
set up a sword blade mill at Woorton Bridge, 1639 
Aln 106/8 

F647 R. n. 2a: Henry Harbottle. Petition to 9th Earl 
of Northumberland complaining that Mr. Thomas Percy 
had discharged him for no fault which was his utter 
ruin, 1603 Aln 106/9 

F648 R. n. 2b-e: Bailiff and burgesses of Alnwick. 
Petition to king to have their ancient charter renewed, 
to have a fair, and to have a free grammar school, 
1604/ Thomas Harbottle. Petition to the Earl of 
Northumberland respecting his brother's debts, 1605/ 
Burgesses of Alnwick. Petitions to Earl of Northum- 
berland, one for establishing a school at Alnwick, 1610 
Aln 106/10 

F649 R. n. 21: Tenants of Alnwick. Petition for aid 
for the loss of their houses by burning, 16-- (?) Aln 

F650 R. II. 2g: James Watson. Petition for renewal 
of lease, 1613 Aln 106/12 

F651 R. n. 2h: William BednaU. Petition Aln 106/13 

F652 R. II. 2i: John Butler. Petition to suppress the 
newly erected ovens, 1619 Aln 106/14 

F653 R. n. 2k-l: Petition for a lease and for a baili- 
wick at Alnwick Aln 106/15 

F654 R. H. 2m-n: Petitions concerning Alnwick market 
and Shambles Aln 106/16 

F655 R. U. 2o-q: Papers relating to Robert Clarke and 
charges against him Aln 106/17 

F656 R. n. 2r: Petition charging bailiff of Alnwick 
with having taken excessive tolls at Alnwick market 
Aln 106/18 

F657 R. U. 2s: Petition to elect a bailiff at Alnwick, 
1620 Aln 106/19 

F658 R. H. 2t: Petition recommending Rev. M. Morri- 
aey to the vicarage of Long Horseley, 1692 Aln 106/20 

F659 R. II. 3a-e: Petitions for lands, etc., 1604-1634 
Aln 106/21 

F660 R. II. 4a-c: Petitions for leases, for common 
pasture, to stay prosecution against them in the Star 
Chamber for having destroyed the inclosure, 1602, 
1613, 1614 Aln 106/22 

F661 R. II. 4d-f: Petitions for cottages; for a lease of 
rodd fishing at Alnemouth; for restitution of six oxen; 
for lease of Alnemouth coney warren, 1617 Aln 106/23 

F662 R. II. 5a-h, k: Petitions for redress of wrongs; 
for tithes to be paid in kind to the vicar; of an unjust 
claim of tithe hay by the vicar, etc., 1612-1618 Aln 

F663 R. n. 6a, 7a, 8a-b: Petitions for tenements and 
service, 1619 Aln 106/25 

F664 R. D. 9a-l: Petitions for leases, 1595-1619 Aln 

F665 R. II. lla-i: Petitions for leases and renewals, 
1604-1619 Aln 106/27 

F666 R. n. 13a, 14a-c, 15a: Petitions for leases, 
1612, 1618, 1661 Aln 106/28 

F667 R. II. 16a-f: Petitions for pieces of land; for a 
fire bote; to bore for coal; for a lease at Hulne Park, 
1611 Aln 106/29 

F668 R. II. 17a-f: Petitions for leases and renewals 
at Lesbury, 1611 Aln 106/30 

F669 R. II. 18a-h, m: Petitions for leases; for liberty 
of way; leave, and license to cut whinns; to have water; 
and to appoint a vicar at Longhampton, 1605, 1619, 1649 
Aln 106/31 

F670 R. n. 20a-b: Petitions concerning a lease at 
Newnham, 1618-1621 Aln 106/32 

F671 R. n. 22a: Petition from the tenants at Renning- 
ton concerning two loads of hay which they were 
required to bring to Alnwick Castle Aln 106/33 

F672 R. II. 23a-c: Petitions for tenements, 1592, etc. 
Aln 106/34 

F673 R. II. 24a-p: Petitions for redressof injuries; 
for leases; for relief against oppression; for protec- 
tion, etc., atShilbotle, 1612-1651 Aln 106/35 

F674 R. II. 25a, 26a, 27a-b, 28a-c, 29a-b, 30a: 
Petitions for leases; against wrongs received; for a 
mill at abated rent, 1591-1660 Aln 106/36 

F675 R. IH. la-c, 2a, 3a, 4a-b: Petitions relating to 
the barony of Warkworth, 1612-1636 Aln 107/1 

F676 R. IV. la-b: Petitions of the inhabitants of New- 
castle to Parliament for repairing the bridge at 
Corbridge Aln 107/2 

F677 R. V. la-m, 3a: Petitions relating to the Lord- 
ship of Rothbury, 1607-1638, also of Snitter Aln 107/3 

F678 R. VI. la-u, 2a: Petitions relating to the Lord- 
ship of Newburn, 1593-1650(7)/ Petition relating to 
Walbottle Aln 107/4 

F679 R. VH. la-k, 2a, 3a-c, 4a-b, 5a-b, d, 8a-d: 
Petitions relating to the barony of Prudhoe, 1602-1647, 
and of Barresford, 1619, also of Bartley, Hedley, 
Horseley, and Ovingham, 1608-1661 Aln 107/5 

F680 R. Vm, la-b: Petitions relating to the manor of 
Beanley, 1607-1620 Aln 107/6 

F681 R. DC. la: Petition relating to a lease in Tyndale, 
1614 Aln 107/7 

F682 R. X. la-q, r-u, 2a, 3a-b, 4a-g: Petitions 
relating to Tinmouth, 1595-1660, to Cowpon, to 
Earsden, to Shields, 1606-1654 Aln 107/8 

F683 R. XI. la: Petition for relief as to payment of 
arrears of rent at Isleworth, Syon, 1616 Aln 107/9 

F684 U. I. 1: Account of building and repairs at 
Petworth, 1574-1582 Aln 81/1 

F685 U. I. 1: Account of William Pullen at Petworth, 
1576 Aln 81/2 

F686 U. I. 1: Household accounts, 1575-1579 Aln 

F687 U. I. 1: Account for grain, peas, etc., 1576 
Aln 81/4 

F688 U. I. 1: Account of Thomas Stanley for wheat, 
wool, etc. , 1575 Aln 81/5 

F689 U. I. 1: Account of Thomas Stanley for meat, 
butter, eggs, etc., 1575-1579 Aln 81/6 

F690 U. I. 1: Accounts, 1576-1582 Aln 81/7 

F691 U. 1. 1: Household accounts of Thomas Stanley, 
steward at Petworth, 1582 Aln 81/8 

F692 U. I. 1: Account of household expense, 1585 
Aln 81/9 

F693 U. I. 1: Account of the household steward at 
Petworth relating to expenses for building and repair, 
1583 81/10 

F694 U. I. 1: Accounts relating to money allowances 
to the Earl's family Aln 81/11 

F695 U. I. 1: Accounts, 1585-1586 Aln 81/12 

F696 U. I. 1: Account of payments for hawks, hounds 
etc., 1586 Aln 81/13 

F697 U. I. 1: Account of payments for apparell, sta- 
bles, etc. , 1586 Aln 81/14 

F698 U. I. 1: Domestic accounts, Aug. 1585-Jan. 1586 
Aln 81/15 

F699 U. I. 1: Account of Francis Lucas, kitchen 
steward, Sept. 1585-Jan. 1586 Aln 81/16 

F700 U. I. 1: Account of Andrew Yonge as pursebearer, 
1586 Aln 81/17 

F701 U. I. 1: Account of Roger Thorpe, pursebearer, 
Sept. 1585-Nov. 1586 Aln 81/18 

F702 U. I. 1: Account of Francis Lucas, kitchen 
steward, Jan. 1586-Sept. 1587 Aln 81/19 

F703 U. I. 1: Account of Thomas Stanley, steward, 
Jan. 1586-Aug. 1587 Aln 81/20 

F704 U. I. 1: Account of Thomas Wycliffe, Feb. 1586- 
Feb. 1587 Aln 81/21 

F705 U. I. 1: Account of Thomas Stanley, June 1587- 
May 1589 Aln 81/22 

F706 U. I. 1: Account of Richard Stokes, kitchen clerk, 
Jan. 1587-May 1589 Aln 81/23 

F707 U. I. 1: Account of Henry Forest, pursebearer, 
Mar. 1587-Jan. 1588 Aln 81/24 

F708 U. I. 1: Account of Thomas Power, pursebearer, 
June 1587-July 1588 Aln 81/25 

F709 U. I. 1: Account of Thomas Stanley, steward, 
Feb. 1587-May 1589 Aln 81/26 

F710 U. I. 2: Account of Richard Stokes, kitchen 
clerk at Petworth, May 1590-May 1591 Aln 81/27 

F711 U. I. 2: Account of stewards of the household, 
May 1590-1591 Aln 81/28 

F712 U. I. 2: Account of Henry Forest for foreign 
payments, May 1590-1591 Aln 81/29 

F713 U. I. 2: Account of John Legge, pursebearer, 
Oct. 1590-May 1591 Aln 81/30 

F714 U. I. 2: Account of John Legge, purser of foreign 
payments, June 1591-Dec. 1592 Aln 81/31 

F715 U. I. 2: Account of George Dutton, payer, June 
1591-Sept. 1592 Aln 81/32 

F716 U. I. 2: Account of Richard Stokes, kitchen 
clerk, Feb. 1591 Aln 81/33 

F717 U. I. 2: Account of Thomas Kelton, 1592-1595 
Aln 81/34 

F718 U. I. 2. (1)7: Account of Henry Forest, July 
1592-Nov. 1594 Aln 81/35 

F719 U. I. 2: Account of Richard Stokes, kitchen 
clerke at Petworth, Feb. -Oct. 1592 Aln 81/36 

F720 U. I. 2: Book of payments, Mar. 1592-Mar. 
1594 Aln 81/37 

F721 U. I. 2: Account of Edward Frances, steward, 
Mar. 1594-Feb. 1595 Aln 81/38 

F722 U. I. 2: Account of Edward Frances, payer of 
foreign payments, Sept. 1593-Mar. 1594 Aln 81/39 

F723 U. I. 2: Account of John Darwell and Hugh Ken- 
rick, solicitor-attorney, 1595 Aln 81/40 

F724 U. I. 2: Account of Thomas Percy, payer of 
foreign expenses, 1594 Aln 81/41 

F725 U. I. 2: Account of Allan Kinge, steward, Mar. 
1594-Oct. 1595 Aln 81/42 

F726 U. I. 2: Account of William Wycliffe, 1595 
Aln 81/43 

F727 U. I. 2: Accounts of William and Francis 
Wycliffe, 1596 Aln 82/1 

F728 U. I. 2: Account of George Dutton, payer of 
foreign payments, Feb. 1590-May 1591 Aln 82/2 

F729 U. I. 2: Account of Francis Wycliffe, secretary, 
May 1596-Apr. 1598 Aln 82/3 

F730 U. I. 2: Accounts of William and Francis 
Wycliffe, 1596 Aln 82/4 

F731 U. I. 2: Account of Edward Francis, steward 
and payer of foreign payments, Feb. 1596-May 1598 
Aln 82/5 

F732 U. I. 2: Account of Francis Lucas, clerk of 
works, June 1588-Mar. 1589 Aln 82/6 

F733 U. I. 2: Account of Thomas Stanley, steward, 
May 1589-May 1590 Aln 82/7 

F734 U. I. 2: Account of Richard Stokes, clerk of 
kitchen, May 1589-May 1590 Aln 82/8 

F735 U. I. 2: Account of Roger Thorpe, payer of 
foreign payments, Dec. 1591-Feb. 1592 Aln 82/9 

F736 U. I. 2: Account of John Mortimer, steward, 
May 1590-Feb. 1591 Aln 82/10 

F737 U. I. 2: Account of Allan Kinge, steward, Feb. 
1592-Mar. 1594 Aln 82/11 

F738 U. I. 2: Account of Francis Wycliffe, secretary, 
vlar. 1596-Apr. 1598 Aln 82/12 

F739 U. I. 2: Accounts of payments, 1597-1598 Aln 

F740 U. I. 2: Accounts, 1592-1595 Aln 82/14 

F741 U. I. 2: Account of Robert Stapleton as payer of 
foreign payments, Feb. 1597-May 1598 Aln 82/15 

F742 U. I. 2: Account of Edward Francis, steward, 
Feb. 1598-1599 Aln 82/16 

F743 U. I. 2: Account of Mr. Porton, Feb. 20, 1598 
Aln 82/17 

F744 U. I. 2: Account of Edward Courtnall, pursebear- 
er, July 1598- Feb. 1599 Aln 82/18 

F745 U. I. 2: Accounts of officers of His Lordship's 
household, May 1598 Aln 82/19 

F746 U. I. 2: Accounts of Edward Hall, clerk of His 
Lordship's works at Petworth, June 1598- Feb. 1599 
Aln 82/20 

F747 U. I. 2: Account of William Wycliffe, steward, 
Feb. 1598 Aln 82/21 

F748 U. I 2: Book of accounts, 1598 Aln 82/22 

F749 U. I. 2: Account of Edward Francis, steward, 
May 1598- Feb. 1599 Aln 82/23 

F750 U. I. 2: Account of Edward Courtnall for foreign 
payments, Mar. 1598-June 1599 Aln 82/24 

F751 U. I. 2: Account of Christopher Ingram, clerk of 
works, Mar. 1599 Aln 82/25 

F752 U. I. 2: Account of Edward Hall, clerk of works 
at Petworth, Feb. 1598-Sept. 1599 Aln 82/26 

F753 U. I. 2: Account of Rauffe Burgoyne, gentleman 
of the horse, Apr. 1599-Feb. 1600 Aln 82/27 

F754 U. I. 2: Account of Thomas Wycliffe for foreign 
payments, June 1599-Feb. 1600 Aln 82/28 

F755 U. I. 2: Account of John Mortimer, steward, 
Aug. 1590-May 1591 Aln 82/29 

F756 U. I. 2: Account of Edmund Porton, disburser of 
foreign payments, Feb. 1599-Feb. 1600 Aln 82/30 

F757 U, I. 2: Payments for year, 1599 Aln 82/31 

F758 U. I. 3: Account of John Mose, yeoman of the 
horse, Jan. 1599-Mar. 1602 Aln 82/33 

F759 U. I. 3: Book of payments, 1600-1602 Aln 82/34 

F760 U. L 3: Account of Edward Francis, steward, 
Mar. 1600-1602 Aln 82/35 

F761 U. I. 3: Account of Thomas Wycliffe, payer of 
foreign payments, Feb. 1599-Mar. 1600 Aln 82/36 

F762 U. L 3(1): Account of Roche Church, disburser 
of foreign payments in England and the Low Countries, 
May 1600-Mar. 1602 Aln 83/1 

F763 U. I. 3(1): Account of Robert Delavale, purse- 
bearer, July, 1600-Mar. 1602 Aln 83/2 

F764 U. I. 3(1): Account of Raphe Burgoyne, gentle- 
man of the horse, Feb. 1599-Feb. 1601 Aln 83/3 

F765 U. I. 3(1): Account of Christopher Ingram, 
clerk of the works, Feb. 1599-Mar. 1602 Aln 83/4 

F766 U. I. 3 (1): Book of payments, 1602-1603 Aln 

F767 U. I. 3 (1): Account of Edmund Porton as foreign 
paymaster, Mar. 1603-Mar. 1604 Aln 83/6 

F768 U. I. 3(1): Account of Robert Delavale, gentle- 
man of the horse, Apr. 1603-Mar. 1604 Aln 83/7 

F769 U. I. 3(1): Account of Edmund Powton, steward, 
Feb. 1606- Feb. 1607 Aln 83/8 

F770 U.I. 3(1): Books of payments, 1607-1608 Aln 

F771 U. I. 3(1): Account of William Lucas, disburser 
of His Lordship's apparell, Feb. 1607-Feb. 1608 Aln 

F772 U. I. 3(1): Account of Edmund Powton, steward, 
Feb. 1608-Feb. 1609 Aln 83/11 

F773 U. I. 3 (1): General accounts, Feb. 1609- Feb. 
1610 Aln 83/12 

F774 U. I. 3 (1): Account of Christopher Ingram, Feb. 
1609- Feb. 1610 Aln 83/13 

F775 U. I. 3(1): Account of William Lucas, Feb. 1610- 
Mar. 1611 Aln 83/14 

F776 U. I. 3(2): Account of Roche Church, payer and 
disburser of foreign payments, Mar. -Dec. 1602 Aln 

F777 U. I. 3 (2) : Account of John Mose, yeoman of the 
horse, Mar. -Dec. 1602 Aln 83/16 

F778 U. I. 3 (2): Account of Edward Francis, steward, 
Mar. 1602-1603 Aln 83/17 

F779 U. I. 3(2): Account of Dudley Carleton, control- 
ler of the house, Sept. 1603-Mar. 1604 Aln 83/18 

F780 U. I. 3 (2): Account of Edmund Metcalfe, clerk 
of the kitchen, Mar. -June, 1603 Aln 83/19 

H781 U. I. 3 (2): Account of Christopher Ingram, 
clerk of the works, Mar. 1603-1604 Aln 83/20 

H782 U. I. 3 (2): Account of Gyles Greene as steward, 
Mar. 1603-1604 Aln 83/21 

H783 U. I. 3(2): Account of Henry Taylor, clerke of 
the kitchen, Mar. 1603-1604 Aln 83/22 

H784 U. I. 3(2): Book of payments, 1568 -1608 Aln 

H785 U. I. 3(2): Account of William Lucas, disburser 
of His Lordship's apparell, Feb. 1606-Mar. 1607 
Aln 83/24 

F786 U. I. 3(2): Account of Henry Taylor, clerke to 
the kitchen and disburser of foreign payments, Feb. 
1606-Feb. 1607 Aln 83/25 

F787 U. I. 3 (2): General accounts, Feb. 1608-Feb. 
1609 Aln 83/26 

F788 U. I. 3(2): Account of Henry Taylor, Clerke of 
the kitchen and disburser of foreign payments, Feb. 
1607-Feb. 1608 Aln 83/27 

F789 U. I. 3 (2) : General account of household 
expenses, Feb. 1607-Feb. 1608 Aln 83/28 

F790 U. I. 3(2): Account of John Hippesley, gentleman 
of the horse, Feb. 1608-1609 Aln 83/29 

F791 U. I. 3 (2) : Account of John Legge, who received 
the money of the sale of part of the manor house of 
Leconfield, co. York, 1608-1609 Aln 83/30 

F792 V. I. 3(2): Account of William Lucas, disburser 
of apparell, Feb. 1609- Feb. 1610 Aln 83/31 

F793 U. I. 3(2): Account of William Lucas, disburser 
of apparell, Feb. 1608-Feb. 1609 Aln 83/32 

F794 U. I. 3(2): Account of Henry Taylor, clerk of 
the kitchen, Feb. 1609-Feb. 1610 Aln 83/33 

F795 U. I. 3(2): Account of Thomas Fotherley, 
receiver of rents, etc. , Michaelmas, 1610- 
Michaelmas, 1611 Aln 83/34 

F796 U. I. 3(3): Book of payments, 1594-1596, 
1603 Aln 83/35 

F797 U. I. 3(3): Account of Edmund Powton, solicitor 
and foreign paymaster, Feb. 1599-Mar. 1602 Aln 

F798 U. I. 3(3): Account of Gyles Greene, foreign 
paymaster, July 1600-Apr. 1602 Aln 83/37 

F799 U. I. 3(3): Account of Edmund Powton, cofferer, 
solicitor, foreign paymaster, Mar. 1602- Mar. 1603 
Aln 83/38 

F800 U. I. 3(3): Account of Christopher Ingram, 
clerk of the works, Mar. 1602-Mar. 1603 Aln 83/39 

F801 U. I. 3(3): Account of Henry Taylor, foreign 
paymaster, Dec. 1602-Mar. 1603 Aln 83/40 

F802 U. I. 3(3): Account of Robert Delavale, gentle- 
man of the horse, Mar. 1602-Mar. 1603 Aln 83/41 

F803 U. I. 3(3): Account of William Lucas, dis- 
burser of apparell, Jan. 1603-Mar. 1604 Aln 83/42 

F804 U. I. 3(3): Book of payments, 1599-1604 Aln 

F805 U. I. 3(3): Book of payments, 1600-1603 Aln 

F806 U. I. 3(3): Account of John Hippesley, gentleman 
of the horse, Feb. 1606-Feb. 1607 Aln 84/2 

F807 U. I. 3(3): General abstract of eight general 
accounts of the household, 1607-1608 Aln 84/3 

F808 U. I. 3(3): Book of payments, Syon, 1607 Aln 


F809 U. I. 3(3): Account of John Hippseley, gentle- 
man of the horse, Feb. 1607-Jan. 1608 Aln 84/5 

F810 U. I. 3(3): Account of Christopher Ingram, 
paymaster, Feb. 1608-Feb. 1609 Aln 84/6 

F811 U. I. 3(3): Account of Christopher Ingram, 
master of works, gardens, and buildings at Syon, Apr. 
1608-Feb. 1609 Aln 84/7 

F812 U. I. 3(3): Account of Henry Taylor, clerk of the 
kitchen, Feb. 1608-Feb. 1609 Aln 84/8 

F813 U. I. 3 (3): Account of Edmund Powton, steward, 
Feb. 1609-Feb. 1610 Aln 84/9 

F814 U. I. 3 (3): Account of John Hippesley, gentleman 
of the horse, Feb. 1609-Feb. 1610 Aln 84/10 

F815 U. I. 3(3): Account of Thomas Cartwright, 
solicitor for the Earl's causes in law, Mar. 1609-Mar. 
1610 Aln 84/11 

F816 U. I. 4: Account of Thomas Fotherley, receiver 
of rents, etc., Michaelmas, 1610-Michaelmas, 1611 
Aln 84/12 

F817 U. I. 4: General accounts, Feb. 1610-Feb. 1611 
Aln 84/13 

F818 U. I. 4: Account of Thomas Burbage, disburser 
of apparell, Feb. 1610-1611 Aln 84/14 

F819 U. I. 4: Account of Henry Taylor, clerk of the 
kitchen and foreign paymaster, Feb. 1610-Feb. 1611 
Aln 84/15 

F820 U. I. 4: Account of Christopher Ingram, pay- 
master for building's and repairs at Syon and London, 
Feb. 1610-Feb. 1611 Aln 84/16 

F821 U. I. 4: Account of Robert Lloyde, disburser of 
books, etc., 1610-Feb. 1611 Aln 84/17 

F822 U. 1. 4: Account of John Hippesley, gentleman 
of the horse, Feb. 1610-Feb. 1611 Aln 84/18 

F823 U. I. 4: Account of Thomas Fotherley, attendant 
in the Earl's chamber, Feb. 1610-Feb. 1611 Aln 

F824 U. I. 4: Account of Edmund Powton, steward, 
etc., Feb. 1610-Feb. 1612 Aln 84/20 

F825 U. I. 4: Account of Thomas Fotherley, receiver 
of all rents, profits, etc., Michaelmas, 1610-1611 
Aln 84/21 

F826 U. I. 4: General accounts, Feb. 1610-Feb. 1611 
Aln 84/22 

F827 U. I. 4: Account of Thomas Burbage, disburser 
of apparell, Mar. 1610-1611 Aln 84/23 

F828 U. I. 4: Account of Henry Taylor, clerk of the 
kitchen, Feb. 1610-Feb. 1611 Aln 84/24 

F829 U. I. 4: Account of Christopher Ingram, pay- 
master of buildings and reparations at Syon and Lon- 
don, Feb. 1610-Feb. 1611 Aln 84/25 

F830 U. I. 4: Account of Robert Lloyde, disburser of 
books, etc., 1610-1611 Aln 84/26 

F831 U. I. 4: Account of John Hippesley, gentleman 
of the horse, Feb. 1610-Feb. 1611 Aln 84/27 

F832 U. I. 4: Account of Thomas Fotherley, dis- 
burser of foreign payments, Feb. 1610-Feb. 1611 

Aln 84/28 

F833 U. I. 4: Account of Edmund Powton, steward of 
the household, Feb. 1610-Feb. 1612 Aln 84/29 

F834 U. I. 4: Account of Bryan Sugden, disburser of 
apparell and necessaries, Feb. 1611-Feb. 1612 Aln 

F835 U. I. 4: Account of Christopher Ingram, pay- 
master of His Lordship's buildings and reparations at 
Syon and London, Feb. 1611-Feb. 1612 Aln 84/31 

F836 U. I. 4: Account of Robert Floode, disburser for 
tobacco, books, and other necessaries, Feb. 1611- 
Feb. 1612 Aln 84/32 

F837 U. I. 4: Account of Edmund Powton, steward of 
the household, Feb. 1611-Feb. 1612 Aln 84/33 

F838 U. I. 4: Account of Thomas Cartwright, solici- 
tor for the Earl's causes in law, Mar. 1611-Mar. 1612 
Aln 84/34 

F839 U. I. 4: Accounts of Henry Taylor, clerk of the 
kitchen, Feb. 1611-Feb. 1613 Aln 84/35-36 

F840 U. I. 4: Account of Bryan Sugden, disburser of 
apparell and necessaries, Feb. 1613-Aug. 1613 Aln 


F841 U. I. 4: Account of Edward Francis, receiver 
and disburser of payments, Feb. 1612-Feb. 1613 Aln 

F842 U. I. 4: Account of John Hippesley, gentleman 
of the horse, Feb. 1613-Feb. 1614 Aln 84/39 

F843 U. I. 4: Account of John Hippesley, gentleman of 
the horse, Feb. 1612-Feb. 1613 Aln 84/40 

F844 U. I. 4: Account of Henry Taylor, clerk of the 
kitchen, Feb. 1613-Feb. 1614 Aln 84/41 

F845 U. I. 4: General accounts of the household, Feb. 
1613-Feb. 1614 Aln 84/42 

F846 U. I. 4: Account of Robert Floode, disburser of 
apparell, Feb. -Aug. 1614 Aln 84/43 

F847 U. I. 4: Account of Edmund Powton, steward of 
the household, Feb. 1613-Feb. 1614 Aln 84/44 

F848 U. I. 4: Accounts of Edmund Powton, steward of 
the household, and others, Feb. 1613-Feb. 1614 Aln 

F849 U. I. 4: Account of Peter Dodsworth, Jan. 
1629-Jan. 1630 Aln 85/2 

F850 U. I. 5: General household accounts, 1631-1640 
Aln 112/17 

F851 U. I. 6: General household accounts, 1641-1686 
Aln 113/1 

F852 U. I. 7: Household bills, 1586 Aln 79/13 

F853 U. I. 8: Disbursements of accounts at Syon, 
1601-1606 Aln 114/1 

F854 U. I. 9: Bills for household provisions, latter 
part of 16th century Aln 82/32 

F855 U. I. 9: Household accounts of various dates 
Aln 114/2 

F856 U. I. 10: Receipts for board, wages, etc. , c. 
1606 Aln 114/3 

F857 U. I. 11: Army clothier's bill of an old date 
Aln 114/4 

F858 V. I. 12: Bill for necessaries bought for Mr. 
George Percy for his voyage to the West Indies, 1602 
Aln 114/5 

F859 U. 1. 13: Disbursements of Syon, 1604-1605 
Aln 115/1 

F860 U. I. 14: Tayler's bill, 1606 Aln 115/2 

F861 U. I. 14*: Sir Edward Fraunces. General 
disbursements, 1606 Aln 115/3 

F862 U. I, 15: View of repairs to be done at Warkworth 
Castle, 1614 Aln 115/4 

F863 U. I. 16: View of general disbursements by Mr. 
Champion, 1668-1669 Aln 115/5 

F864 U. I. 17: Disbursements for Northumberland 
House and Syon, 1682 Aln 115/6 

F865 U. I. 18: Estimates of divers works at Syon and 
other places in time of Charles I Aln 115/7 

F866 U. I. 19: Letters and receipts of Mr. Jas. 
Hoblon in the Duke of Somerset's account during his 
residence abroad, 1673-1678, and the like accounts of 
Peter Portfais being the travelling expenses Aln 115/8 

F867 U. I. 20: Accounts of the Countess Dowager of 
Northumberland and of Lady Elizabeth Percy, Countess 
Ogle, 1670-1702 Aln 115/9 

F868 U. I. 21: Cash book, 1695-1701 Aln 116/1 

F869 U. I. 43: Miscellaneous payments and disburse- 
ments at Syon and Northumberland House, 1667 Aln 

F870 U. I. 49: Some thoughts relating to the regula- 
tion of Lord Northumberland's household Aln 116/7 

F871 U. I. 50 (1): Housekeeping book at Syon for Lord 
Percy Aln 117/1 

F872 U. I. 50 (2): Book of disbursements for necessa- 
ries belonging to His Lordship's stable of horses at 
Syon and London, 1604 Aln 117/2 

F873 U. I. 50(3): William Lucas. Book of accounts 
for His Lordship's apparell, 1604-1605 Aln 117/3 

F874 U. I. 50 (4): Henry Taylor. Account as clerk of 
the kitchen, 1604-1605 Aln 117/4 

F875 U. I. 50 (4a): Household disbursements at Syon 
and Northumberland House, 1606-1607 Aln 117/5 

F876 U. I. 50 (5): William Lucas. Disbursements for 
apparell/ Robert Delavale. Account, 1605-1607 Aln 

F877 U. I. 50 (6): Mr. Lucas. Account, 1608 Aln 

F878 U. I. 50(7): Account of disbursements made for 
a Journey, 1672 Aln 117/8 

F879 U. I. 50(8): Mr. Scawen. Account of disburse- 
ments in France for the Countess of N